Wednesday, January 22, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 22, 1890, Burlington, Iowa f J THE BIJBLINGTON ESTABLISHED 1839 WEDNESDAY JANUAKY 15 CENTS PER Wi THE flBHT FOB THE WORLDS EXPOSITION COMMENCES IK churns and washing machines which teen invented from time to The model room is one of the most wonder ful and indescribably educational places in the Calls up His Resolution Beldens Chicago Men Make Fight General Wash ington News and special committee on the worlds fair held Us first meeting this All of the Members wore present except patch and Springer called up his resolution providing that the shall proceed neit Thursday to Be a site for a fair by ballot and it was discussed for an Springer ibrged the importance of speedy action on the He held that by its notion on the Cannon resolution last Jweck the house had virtually decided the matter must be settled as early aa pos nible and that the committee was practi caUy under instructions and was as much bound by them as if they bad been He argued that the house could move in that matter until it had first settled where the fair was to be llitt also declared in favor of the immediate selection of a site by the coupe Bud pointed out how delay jeopardized the chances of the He that the committee on foreign had been working for Rome time OD fiiir bills and had practi nally ul preliminary arrange All of the rteultB of their work uould ho made uoc of by this committee but tbjiMto should be first agreed Jpflwer thought that the date fited for baliiiinc on the Buriuger resolution was n litlie win He tuggested Ilie TOM bo reported providing for iclmtr the iioiifu next one hour antf half tjcinr allowed for the presentiilion uf the ciainiE of each city IMIUH followed balloting on Tues Mr lieldnn at thiR jinint expressed H ilouil RH to whether any fair could be held in I Htm It iboulil be first settled thai Iovorument would give aid to a fair before atlnrnpl was made to se Idol This brought the Washington to the 1 iur with a strong fey cionttndtri hat to adopt Bel course would result in combining THE Mat ten CraeenlBC the pre sented a memorial from the board of mis sions of the African Methodist Epiacopal Zion church of in favor of the Blair educational and wked to have it printed in the Harris Blair also presented numerous other memorials of the same all of which were laid on the On motion of the bill passed some days ago authorizing the construc tion of a bridge across the Missouri river at a point between the county of Douglass or the county of in Ne and the county of Pottawat tomie in was recalled from the house and a motion entered to reconsider the vote by which it was He explained that by a mistake an amendment had been omitted forbidding the location of the bridge within a third of a mile of any existing A bill adversely reported January 16 from the census to ascertain what percentage of people own their own the number of farms under mortgage and the amount was taken from the calendar in order to give Berry who introduced the bill an opportunity to state the grounds of his opposition to the report and why the bill should be referring to the statement made by Berry as to eastern manu facturers loaning money to western and southern farmers at large rates of inter took occasion to say that the idea that eastern manufacturers bad accumu lated lartre profits and were loaning money to farmers was an entire Berry varied Eomewhat hie original statement and said the trust companies and corporations in New York and New England had representatives in all the southern and western states trying to Inan money to farmers on farm mort Hale chairman of the census com mittee stated that there no hostility on the part of the committee to the pro posed but in every suggestion to enlarge the scope of the census the committee was confronted with the d auger of putting in such new work as would the and instead of being made a distinct and swiftly tsfeen it would run over years and and the committee was desirous to prevent that Hale stated that a great and valuable body of substantial in formation on the question was now be of tLc othtr contending cities against ing obtained by the superintendent of which must rely upon gov ernment financial Beldens idea wan that a historical celebration should held in to bo followed a year later by worlds The chair mans attention was here called to the language of the resolulion under which Die coinmitteo was appointed by the Breaker for a worlds fair in and the poiui was made thai the committee had no anc could deal with no proposition lhat did not concern a fair to bu held in that of offered a resolution that tie Springer resolution providing for balloting by the house next Tues day be referred to R subcommitte of three with instructions to report at the next committee Subse quently the motion was modified so as to mate the chairman of the full com mittee also chairman of tlio subcommit tee and to have it next Springer that it this motion was defeated he would move to modify his proposition so as to have debate in the house next Monday and balloting Tuesday as suggested by of New Yoj The members took alarm at as it apparently the object of the Chicagoans to get the chair man to vote and show his The Chicagoans had calculated an Mr Flower voting with them in support of his own This would leave the remaining three members present be sides the chairman in opposition and compel him to vote to break the and it was not regarded as desirable that the chairman should be considered at this early So when Franks resolution wan the two Chicago men found themselves alone in opposition and it no the chairman wae in structed to appoint a sub committee to consider the Springer resolution and re port next Thursday when the committee will meet Later the subcorn mittee was selected as follows Chairmen Chandler and Hitt and The committee decided to hear no oral arguments respecting the site rf the Then the committee instructed the chair man Io ask for permission to ait during the sessions of the house and ailj iiirned until Thursday TBS IAXJCMX the census Reagan argued in favor of the Vest spoke of the abnormal de piession of the agricultural interests in the country evidenced by the fact that c rn is bringing now to its producers in Missouri and Kansas only from thirteen and fourteen cents a and wheat from forty to fifty while coal costs them twenty cents per The far ming coal community had the oonviction that the legislation was largely responsi ble for the exhisting He was authorized to make tile that the superintendent had written a letter to his colleagce Cockrell that the cen sus supervisors would belong to the re publican party that the preference would be given them in every Under that state of the who could blame him if he asked that congress soould make mandatory on the superin tendent the duty to give information which the bill required He was not willing to trust to the discretion or judg ment of the superintendent of a duty which ought to he accurately and honestly the rales cf the next house it would not become necessary to reenact The suggestion which has been nude that the matter is under conclusive control of the bpeakeris at thii very moment receiving a negative because an appeal is pending in this case as it has in many All decisions from the chair which are made under proper circumstance and in good faith are subject to revision by a major ity of the Consequently there is and cannot any arbitrary control of this body against its The present occupant cf the chair has fre quently ordered since the begin ning of this and is not unwilling to do so tut the question has now come up as a question of and whatever the personal wishes of the occupant of the chair might he wai obliged to decide in accordance with what he re gards as the unmistakably parliamentary law of the All parliamentary laws mutt be made on the supposition that the man elected to preside must be an honest honestly performing his It Had been suggested also that the speaker on a question of ordering the yeas and mis and if the tellers can be ordered that miscount may be Bat it is necessary in order to have tellers to have one fifth of the quorum demanding them and under a rule of the last house the speaker must count that there the speaker is a counting officer and any supposition that he would betray his du y is not a supposition on which par liamentary law is or the rules of the last Finding the parliament ary law to be as I conceive it to be that a division may be had whereby the speaker may make a count first by sound of voice and second by members arising in their and that his record may be corrected under the constitutional right by yeas and I have been compelled to make the decision I have Cannon moved to lay the appeal on the Hills raised a point of order that parliamentary law recognized no such The speaker overruled the point of order and submitted Cannons It was agreed nays 136 The question then recurred on Blands motion to amend the journal and it was nays The journal was then of offered a resolu tion directing the committee on judiciary to report within one week whether the late sergeantatarms was a disbursing officer and if so to report a bill providing for the payment of the salaries to mem bers The following bills were introduced and referred By Thurston of the cre ation of an agricultural commission to investigate the causes of the present de pressed state of agricultural By Dorsey of the secretary of the treasury to reduce the reserve The following is the text of the measure That the secretary of the treasury is hereby authorized to reduce the reserve fund now held in the treasury for the redemption of United States and that he be PilCKT THEY POT ON A BOLD FROHT BUT ABE WEAK BEMUD THE the Causes Them Much Bec ord as a Monopolist Attorney is Also Terj Special to THE DBS ing the bold front put on by the demo crats before the public today behind the scenes there is present a feeling of great insecurity and Every move of the republicans is watched closely and all the pressure the party can bring to bear is being to keep Ewart in line with Besides this several demo cratic members from the strong monop oly districts are hearing from their con stituents on Lehmans record as a monopoly The announce ment of his connection with the WashbumMoen company is having its The democrats are consequently somewhat panicky and antimonopolis tic and advise strongly his withdrawal Rumors are current that this will be the democratic program although what will be substituted cannot be learned The republicans in caucus today discussed the situation and all expressed a determination not to surrender their The re publicans claim the democrats are in the as while voting with has never entered a democratic caucus and claims he is not bound by any action of At the proper time the republicans will make the democrats crack the party whip on the floor of the house and demonstrate whether there are two parties as the democrats or as the republicans property is assessed in one county on the bases 01 twothirds of its aad in other counties on the basis of onehalf or onethird or In conse quence the of the state auditor ol property valuations are quite Other subjects of special interest to audi tors win be discussed at the and it is thought that there will be enough work before the convention to keep it busy for two or three days ACfllTHODSEmUNG i SOU OF THE LATE JUDGE DEVID TEERT SHOT SHOT HIS Another Caee of Didnt Know It i Special to Tn a few miles east of this Stephen Radne shot and iaitantly killed Henry Telschan last night The young men were room mates aid fast having worked togetherfor a year aa Radne owned an old revolver and had proposed to Tel Echan to trade for it when the latter said me look at it again and I will tell you what I will As Radne handed him the weapon muzzle first it was actidently the ball strik ing his friend square in the killing him Telschan was eighteen years old and Hadke twenty both bright young industrious and well liked by The sad accident has cast a gloom ever the entire It is another case of didnt know it was A PiUUUAB hereby authorized and directed to apply the some to the payment of the public The house then as a commit tee of the the Oklahoma town site but no progress was made and the committee after which the house MUST SHOW 1HKIR A KlpBbllean Flan Ibmt Will Co Democrats to DBS 21 general talk tonight points toward a break in the deadlock iomorrow by the republi can side giving the democrats the tem porary organization on a fair basis and make the condition plain that the list of members as now made up by the sec retary of state is to be the permanent list of the This is to guard against the democratic claim that several representatives districts are not constitutionally formed and the members therefrom should be In all propositions from the democratic side the right to make this move has been reserved without particu lar attention being drawn to This move on the part of the republicans is said to be intended to make the demo crats show what their real intentions are in the LEGISLATIVE An Inclltntlon ihml Looking ATlrr BHdlr Spwlfcl to TUB HAWK 21 I was commissioner of says Congress man of we were crowded and hampered in our work for lack of ronm iu which transact busi but it is a great dial worse now The government is negligent of its own interests and giiilty almost of criminal for allowing the patent office to become to unwieldy and almost by reason of lack of space Butterworth has been a member of congress nlmost ever since he let the patent but he has not taken any active step for the interests of that great bureau until we should not criticize his but rather con gretulate him at last for having taken up the There is no abler champion of any online upon the floor of the house he is now chairman of the com mittee on patients and must be heard and he will too It is one hundred years since the pat ent office was continued Butterworth It is today the only selfsustaining bureau of the govern The great interior department building watt originally intended for the patent but it now shelters the offices of the commissioner of the general land the secretary and assistant secretaries and other departmental offi aa well as the patent It is a magnificent but totally inade quatc to hold the earth Butterworth has not yet signified hip intentions in but it is under stood that he will introduce and press for passage a bill for the erection of a commodious and convenient building for the patent office a building which will be devoted entirely to the patent business of the If this shall be the outcome of his work Butterworth will not only serve his country but individual inventors evrvwhere will praise If you ever come to go and see the model room of the patent There are curiosities enough in it tn keep you studying and guessing for 1 a life in glass cases which are piled upon each other all around the great are the inventions of Americana since the foundation of the This patent office was tablished one hundred Tears upon the recommendation of George Washing ton that celebrated Virginia gentleman to wkose genius we owe BO IB tke model room are inventions of dynamite and manner of weapons of offense and In another apartment you will thing ia the way iaventioas 4m Crom a common akiff or tke J I Bpooner said he believed Por ter was eminently adapted for the discharge of the duties of his posi He went on to argue that mort gages were not always a signal of dis tress they often indicated energy and vihor and and a desire to ob tain more after further the bill went over without action till tomor The senate then passed the follow ing Senate bill to create offices of sur veryor general fnr the states South Da kota and North Dakota senate joint res olution granting authority for the re moval of Apache Indian prisoners and their families from Alabama and Fort Indian After an executive session the senate A Warm Arcnment Over the Qnee just previous to Bland moved that house adjourn and on discussion the speaker declared the mo tion Bland thereupon demanded tellers and according to the Record this morning the speaker replied There is no provision for There was no record of this fact made in the journal and this morning Bland moved to have the journal amended The speaker stated he had made his reply in an interrogative form and the gentleman from Missouri had seemingly acquiesced in The chair was informed that such details were not inserted in the The chair submitted Blands motion to amed the journal and on a division de clared the motion lost by a vote of 88 to 95 Bland demanded The speaker inquired whether the gentleman from Missouri had discovered any ground why tellers should be ap The chair last night had sug gnsted he would like to have attention called to any provision regarding Bland said he had demanded tellers under the general practice of the The speaker declined to entertain the demand for Bland demanded the yeas and and almost at the same moment appealed from the decision of the The speaker said the appeal came rather but he would entertain A long snd heated debate then began which lasted three of of of and others argued a vote by tellers was as much a part of parliamentary law as a motion to Mills said it was the only vote by which the house could correct a decision of the and if the house did not have the right to this vote the speaker became a mere When the speaker refused to permit the house to have tell ers to verify his count he simply refused to allow tke house to say whether his de cision right or wrong should of of Pennsyl and others upheld the Carlisle inquired what redress a member had against a wrong count by Apache president has sent to the senate the report made by General Crook and Lieutenant Howard upon the condition of the Apache pris oners at Mount Vernon Ala The president recommends that provision be made for the location of these Indians upon lindi in Indian Ter The senate made the following confir mations Marcus collector of internal revenue for the district of Min nesota George of to be first auditor of the Fish ers nomination has been hung up in the committee on finances becauie of certain charges made against him but the com mittee today unanimously decided that there were no reasons why he shouldnt be confirmed and so reported to the sen ate this afternoon with the result A committee from the was before the house committee on invalid pensions in the interest of pen sion They advocated the enactment of a disability pension bill and also the passage of a service pension A Toronto dispatch today stated that a Canadian newspaper had been secretly before the republican members of the committee on relations with ana had influenced them in opposition to the commercial union in order to force Hena tor Hale said the story was sensational and The republican members of the committee heard no one in a secret Senator another member of the also denied the A dispatch from says exSenator Riddleberger is very low and his case is considered hopeless by The senate passed a bill today to cre ate the of surveyor general for the states of North and South WASHIHGTON HMUTT U DtamtaMtf Iron yo Change la DES morning a few changes were made in It had been expected that Ewart would be present and break the but he remained paired with The first roll tne sixtysecond and so re suited in a democrat re ceiving Wilcox republican Two more ballots resulted the same Seven more ballots resulted iu a and after taking the the on motion of adjourned till tomorrow morning at ten The republicans met in caucus imme diately after TEE In the senate this afternoon bills were introdnced as follows By FennProvidinn for bank examin ers and the payment of fees thereof also providing for the establishment of a board of school book commissioners and to provide for furnishing text books for common By provide for printing and distributing of ballots and to regu late This is the democratic Australian ballot Also a bill to recognize and establish labor Objection was made by Gatch to the introduction of more bills on the ground that they must be acted upon by the gen eral and that was not in actual existence as Lieutenant Governor Hull ruled that as president of the senate he would rec oguize any senator who desired to intro duce a saying the senators were per fectly able to judge for themselves whether their actions were proper or On motion of Meservey the senate ad the speaker if he could not have the yeas and Tke konse in absence of tke conventional rules established by itself was to be governed by general parlia mentary law as modified by rules hereto fore In submitting an appeal to the the speaker tke chair had always been unable to see kow it is possible for ahousewkickkas passed out of exist ence to bind by rules and regulations Phil of New chief of tne middle division of the pension was today dismissed by Secretary H of was imme diately appointed to the SECRETARY PROCTOR It was rumored here this morninr that the cabinet proposed to take cognizance of the insult recently offered to Secretary Proctor at be cause of his refusal to take official ne tice of the death of Jefferson Davis It was stated the citizens of that place draped federal buildings in mourning in honor of Davis and placed the flag at They theu stuffed an old suit of clothes and labelled it of War and suspended the effigy from a rope stretched across the street be tween tke federal building and structure It is the subject was not even mentioned at to days and further that His not likely to receive any official considera tion unless it is established that the fed eral omcekolders participated in the KKXOTAU TOn BHOBTAfiB Of Secretary through special agents of tke interior for some time past has been investigating tke accounts of a large number of re of public moneys in different parts of tke A number of ac counts kave been found and in these oases vigorous action will be Upon tke recneiiaeadattoa of tke secre tary tke president kas made tke folio w R Senator Dodxee Labor Day to THI Das 21 of introduced two bills in the senate The first one is in re gard to the Austialian ballot system and includes all the Montana law on that The other was a bill recogniz ing Labor Day and will be favorably re ceived by the working people of the It is given in full aa follows A For an act to recognize and establish Labor being the second day of Sep as a legal Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of That the second day of September be recognized and established as Labor Day and the same shall be a legal In the event the second day of September falls on a then in that case the Saturday before shall be a legal Smlt far Breach ol Promiee for Which There le No Special to TOM Jan peculiar case has just come to light by the mar riage of Seven years Ago a young widow consulted her attorney in regard to the marriage of a certain Reed told her not to do so because he wanted her As Reeds wife was in poor health and not ex pected to live very the widow took him up and but con trary to all the invalid wife lasted seven The widow expected Read to fulfill his promise but he married another girl and now the one who waited wants Unfortunately for her there is no law covering the AXMlle TrmtMr letter from of breeder and trainer of prince of trotting and his stable com panion says I wish I could say I expected Allerton to lower the four year old record this but I as he improves very slowly from an in jury received at Des Moines last and it now looks as if it would be neces sary to give him a years Williams new balloonshaped track presumed to be the fastest in the is laid out on as beautiful piece of ground as one could find The big turn lays toward the Going up the back stretch there is just the least perceptible upward At the turn the track becomes as level as a parlor and the way home is as much down as the backstretch is The Independ ence Driving Park association offers 000 for six days racing the last week of The purses that closed Jan uary 1 filled and those to close Feb ruary will do even Supreme Court Special to THI DBS following decisions were filed in the supreme court today Stoddard et Montgomery district Abraham Jacob Linn district John Shelby district Christian Meier Thomas Clayton district John et et Chickasaw district The Sapreme Court DBS docket of the January term of the supreme which begins next is well loaded down with but only a few of them are One of the most interesting cases is the appeal of convicted of the murder of Kingsley at The suit begun against the governor for republishing an article re flecting upon Turneys character is still in the The casa is also on the January docket of the supreme court on an appeal of the attorney for the The abstract printed is quite Fneaen aad state convention of the Farmers Alliance and delegates of the Knights of Labor will meet in the labor union hall of this city February 11 and The president of the Farmers Alliance will be chair man of the It is expected that three hundred delegat js will be here to talk over a political alliance between the farmers and not to form into a third party but to select the best of each of the candidates of the old par ties on the separate Two Others Seriously Wounded A LongStanding Feud That Ends in Woodpeckers Jaybirds A tragedy was enacted in the court house here today in which Kyle a nephew of the late Judge David was instantly killed and two men badly The killing was the outcome of the Fort Bend which resulted sometime ago in such a bloody battle between the citizens of Some months ago who was tax assessor of Fort Bend and a member of what is known as the woodpecker had soma difficulty with three Gibson all members of the jay bird One of the Gibson brothers was killed by Kyle When the case came up for Teriy got a change of venua to Onlveston county aa did also Judge who ii charged with the murder of a negro woman during the Richmond which it is claimed was incited by Shortly after ten oclock this morning Kyle his Captain Terry of Judge Judge Doctor Gale and some others entered the court As Terry turned toward the stairway a shot was fired and Terry fell There was a moments lull and then four or five shots were fired from different Judge of Fort Bend and Henry of were seriously Witnesses say three men were naming them as Vol Gibson who killed Terry and whose brother Terry had Dan Ragsdale and young Mitch of the Immediately after the shooting six arrests were in cluding Vol It was evident the intention was to kill Weston and Parker as well as the two latter because they were MAOK A GOOD Omaha broke in two near Druid This being discovered the engineer im mediately increased his speed to keep out of the way of the rear Tke suburban train had stopped at the cross ing aad was just pulling out when the engineer discovered the freight rapidly He opened wide the throttle of his hoping to get out of the way but the wheels iild around on the track and in an instant the freight dashed into the rear of the paaienger FAVORS BALLOT THE CQJDIT1H OF THE OWffl PACIFIC 8REAT One Passenger in the Imprisoned Trains Dies of La Towns Entirely Cat Off From the Ontaide Aebett atHtaaly Adveoaue ef the inaug ural message was sent to the legislature Governor Leon Abbett comes out strongly in favor of ballot The syateoi whichhe strongly commends provides for the registration of every voter the absolute secrecy of the ballot with the prohibition of the use of any precinct whenever the courts shall be satisfied that the electors for any reason have been deprived of a fair opportunity to express their choice at the ballot box the right of nomination bypetition a limitation of the amount which may be legally spent in or for any and j declaring the election void should this amount be exceeded by any candidate or any person acting for or in his behalf the publication by every candidate of an itemized statement under oath of all moneys expended at such election by him or with his and failure so to rendering the election KAILKO4D SAN pecti are that the great Two MaeKcd Men Stop m Train In California and Bob the Xxpreee south bound passenger train was stopped this morn ing by two masked men seven miles north of here They climbed over the tender and compelled the engineer and fireman to stop the train and leave The robbers then compelled the ex pressman to open his door when they robbed the car of the money iu it which is thought to be several thousand dollars A tramp stealing a ride was mistaken for a trainman and shot in the He was brought here and may No trace of the A BKUTAL A Complaint With the Inter etnta Commerce Kem of Kemble flour and grain of has filed with tile interstate commerce commission a complaint against the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad and the Boston and Albany Railroad The com plainant alleges that shippers of grain and flour from Chicago are charged un just discriminating THB ATCHISON TRUST shares of Atchison stock were repre sented at todays modified fiveyear trust Levi Wade and William Roche were chosen new The trust indenture is modified so that any vacancies in the trust shall be filled by the trustees aa a INJUN GOT the house wkiek was to come into Tke recent dedaioM bytkeapaakar kad ban to tke effect that tke rales of tke last house didBOt becasaetke ntes of tke present 1 VhecMrfc usable torn tkey 151 of tke of alleged to tke United and to private indi vidnals abort more Sterling LABBABBK8 The eovemore Laet state Paper Will be a BrleK DM Considerable interest is being felt in Governor Larra bees message to the which will be delivered as soon as a permanent organization is It will be his last state paper and some of his friends expect that it will stir up the animals for one fierce The contents of the message have not been made but it known that it will be very K will treat of 100 different topics and al ready coven sixty pages of typewnter and isnt yet quite Tne governor wfll point with pride to the completion of some of the reforms he be particularly the railroad ques It is expected he wfll recommend additional legislation espe cially in the line of authorizing the rail road commissioners to fix joint possibly he wffl recommend the re duction of passenger rates to two cents a But his message wfll be chiefly devoted to the review of the condition and tffairs of the various state institu It can be said to Governor Lana bees credit that no governor has given more careful aad faithful attention to at Davils North Franc ekortace abort Charles at alleged Abort toothers who kave foond akott wfll ncobablv within mfaw A arm He has made a aU frequently and giving Con to their management and them atten eondition UUB llrell MMMMaHW I He tke needs of each and is at aU times prepared to act intelligently on all matters relating to A OSU1 terr DBS catt kat beea The State Special to Tarn DBS State Hor ticultural society is in session here to day with a good This morn ing was devoted to hearing of reports from the second and third After dinner the first thing was reports of followed by reperts from the rest of the districts in regard to various topics of interest to the This evening three papers were The meeting of the society will continue till Thursday A uebtore Special to TR EAGLE Miller died this morning at his home in Clarion from the effects of morphine He had been making his home in Eagle Grove and had succeeded iu becoming indebted to most of his ac His suicide is probably the result of temporary that is at least the charitable A Trial Stepped by the Grip WEST jury men in the Rosier murder trial are being attacked one after another with the and the trial is being postponed from day to Jurymen Fritz and Oberkirtt are now sick The evi dence is all in and the attorneys are ready to make their The evidence has been damaging to the SenMmr McCoy is slightly better than perature pulse He part of tke His condition is stall with some hopes of Of health and strength renewed acd of comfort follows the use of as it acts in harmony with A Kentueay Offleer Killed and Hie Wile Badly a Wyandotte county was murdered and his wife desperately wounded Sunday night by a band of ruffians who broke into the A neighbor passing found the front door had been broken On the bed welter ing in their blood lay Long and his The formers body was riddled with bullets and life was The latter had a ghastly wound in her face and was Her wounds are thought to be Friends of the murdered man believe a gang of desperadoes against whom he had warrants for moon shining committed the Others be lieve it is merely a continuation of the Hatfleld McCoy feud as the victim is re lated to the former BAOGJtD XHK A Bold Bobbery by Two Thlevee In when the streets in the neighborhood were two men walked up to Walkers diamond store on Notre Dame street and tied the doors together with a Then they rushed to the plate glass show window and smashed it with a heavy One swept almost every piece of diamond jewelry into a while the other snatched a tray of diamond The only occupant of the store was Walker He attempted to open the but finding it he rushed behind the counter and began firing through the but the thieves had made The thief with a tray of rings in his possession was cap tured after a sharp but the other escaped with the bag of which are valued at between and HAD A GOOD TiaSJK A FegUletle Performance at Denver that Broke ap In n fight this after noon between Ed of this city and of was more an ex hibition of blood than The fighters slashed at each other regardless all The referee had his clothes nearly torn off him in pulling the men apart in his endeavor to keep them from breaking the In the seventh round the friends of the principles quar the ropes were broken down and the fight became general among the four hundred sports Masterson seeing serious trouble would result jump ed into the ring and hurried Kessler and Smith into a car and the affair broke up in a miserable Trenble Teued by If ne groes employed in saw mills here struck but week for ten hours and more Two went to work at Kennedy mill yes Last night one of them was The negroes at work are alarmed and the whites fear The governor has been telegraphed to and a local militia company is under Alleged Cmelty at Journal this afternoon publishes a sensational inter view with sateen year old Leroy a recent inmate of the State Institution for tke blind at alleging cruel treatment of inmates by Superin tendent Phillips and his Ont by the band of eight hundred Indians on Peters re serve a few miles out of is being wiped The Indians are afflcted with la grippe in its most severe form and being without proper medial they quickly succumb to the which in most cases develops into lung Seventyfive per cent of them are down with the epidemic and if speedy action is not taken by the authorities in the way of sending physi cians few will THK OBIT AT Special to THB The grippe doesnt let go The spread of the malady is probably checked to some ex and naw cases are appearing with lees but the old ones are in creasing in virulence and there are many serious Patients having passed the acute do not recover as they but linger weak and lan guid and in danger of a relapse for a long Several deaths have occurred already and more are THE FIRST FATAL FORT funeral of Mias Sarah the first victim to the occurs this Miss Coulee had been ill but three days and her sudden death was a great shock to the TWO 8CHOOPTKB8 pros blockade on the Central Pacific will be cleared to night or There is now three feet of snow on the ground at while at Cisco the country is covered to a depth of over fifteen feet on a level and in drifts the snow ia three or four times as Last evening the Central Pacific opened the road to five dead engines near Cham pion The rotary plow was pushed by eleven engines aad the snow was thrown fifty feet on either aide of One hundred and fifty snow shovellers engaged in digging a trench were surprised and completely buried by snow from the They were badly scared but the only injuries sustained was a Heavy slides and drifts are reported between Truckee and A rotary plow ia clearing the road to Blue Canyon and during the night ia expected to clear the track to the two imprisoned passen ger trains between Blue Canyon and Over one thousand snowshovel lers and workmen e on the mountains tonight Truckee is cut off from all communication with the outside but this ia true of all mining and other towns is the A passenger named Sanford died of superinduced by an at tack of la grippe and was buried by men on snow shoes at Truckee it being impossible to break a road to the Most of the passengers in the two trains near Blue Canyon were well provided for Among eastern passengers on the imprisoned trains are E Illinois Maple Illinois Mias Brendall At Dutch Flat many houses have been crushed by but no lives Snow shoes are the only means of getting The damage to fruit trees will be Should the snow go off with a rain the damage to the val ley will be In addition to the imprisoned trains near Blue two east bound pns sengar trains are snowed in near Shady Railroad people are doing every thing possible to the passengers comfortable John the New York newspaper man who ijame out to meet Nellie Btv in San Francisco and escort aer to New York was caught in the He made the journey from Blue Canyon to Alto on snow shoes and then rode on an engine to Sacramento where he arrived this morning and took a special traim to meet Mias Bly at Lath On the Oregon road the passenger trains bound to and from Portland are still stuck in the deep snows the Sis kiyou TRAIHB THROUGH TO first through train for the past week arrived here this evening at five oclock over the Union Pacific line from the About two hundred and fifty passengers arrived on the first also a large quantity of baggage and Another train ar rived at six oclock with more passengers and Two more trains are due in the The blockade is broken and unless a storm follows the company will be able to keep the road The blockade on the Southern Pacific re mains Tem rested well and Syrup of nature to when costive or r cleanse the system For sale in 50c aad botHas bran Special to photogra phers of tke state met here today aad perfected a state of which is giren out aa tke pronumon of the interest of Three Offlcere and Twenty Mem are SAN were received today by the steamer Oceanica that a Russian government schooner seized the otter hunting schooner Rose on the first of November near Robin Island for and putting a prize crew of six men started for During the night the Rose went ashore and was One of the Russian sailors and seven of the crew of the Rose were picked up and the government steamer started for Failing to reach fears are entertained for her safe and later a report was received that the schooner had been wrecked near Cape and her crew of three officers and twenty together with the men picked up from the wreck of the were all The Deadly terday a horse touched with his nose an iron poat to which he was hitched and immediately fell like a Thomas who tried to raise the fell dead on touching and Thomas who went to Dawsons received a severe An electric wire had sagged upon an iron rod ex tending from the building to the iron 3oat to which the hone was dins distributing the fatal current The sorse was not The GtoneTrotter Arrlvee at and la Bneedlast New Torhwude SAN steamer with Miss Nellie Bly among its arrived here at this Miss Bly was taken off by tug as soon as the steamer entered thai harbor and conveyed at once to where she boarded a special train which was in waiting and alerted on the over land via the Southern Pacific and the Atlantic and Pacific jury in the celebrated WelchErwin libel case disagreed and were discharged OSM Mmm Killed and a Hi issued for tke anwial county to January Inanity at of snbur bam trains on the belt line division of the Missouri Pacific occurred about oclock this instantly William a local democratic tianl deputy county treas was injured internally Harvey and asaan named Yandevinter werabad Iv probably fatally Anker and Frank Church had their legs Two brothers named railroad shop were very seriously one receiving a fractured several other were more or cTtinii broken end was badly ibnrban train was twenty BUB softens tke wind cote and is Mllla SAN of the California Athletic club last night postponed the fight between Jack Demp sey and Bill of to February Dempsey being The fight between Patsy of and Danny of 8t was postponed to February being unable to reach there on ImOavnUd by Cenl NBW Lockwood aa found unconscious last evening in his suffering from suffocation by gas from a Beside him lay dead bis Loekwocd was taken to the hospital where every effort was made to bring him but he died this morning A Saeeeeefnl Soeclal to Tn successful merchants carnival was given in Whit mans hall here this evening under tke auspices of theladies of the Presbyterian A fine display was made and was witnessed by huge delegations of ciiMBS from the neighboring AN OLD TIMERS He Okjaata to the statement That Beeehwood Treee Grow in Ha CormepOBdence of Tn DALLAS hereof was not a little surprised at statement in the article on coon hunt in Illinois recently printed hi THB HAW Era that there were beechwood tzeaftl Hancock hereof has been a resident of oil cock for over fifty years was bonti heavily beechtimbered county r but has never seen any of that kind three grown in old this county ia mostly some timber on the eastern Hne Crooked a number of canroe are located along that WBBB SOX BneBUne The best salve in the world tor salt fever chilblains corns and all akin aad posi tively cures or ao pay It is guaranteed to Mrfnet aal or money itiifmetioa 35 cents per artAWl With HJa 6r Oor ley and his three children perished in a flrelastnightGorley died in tke flames while making a tktrd attempt to ran km children from the burning State of Irving has of the bank amount nominally to MM 000 The That 1 tohen In the Btver Special to Tn grams sent out from here i that four young men who were OB i way to a Saturday been tumbled the river by fract horses aad to a mistake in nearly all now reported that some twelve BMBI in the wagon and that they i out by tke wagon going over i ment et the side of the road aodj of them named Elmer fell d head and was instantly the c escaping with more or less severe t Snw YOBBY the New York agent of at land and real estate offices are at ted MicideHlonday by shooting 1 He lived wttk kit wife te a t residence at Port Ta Hennas been for last DamoBhadbsM Marlon bofise in this received a telegram fraaaj Blaiae tke land eompai aotiniac a i should kave for It ia unabte to par tka financial troubles Ayers Jake it witk perfect i the str vitaliM tke ieaesi has foogpTaeeoV keedoftonie have dosed br SrdB ateknynjialle

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