Tuesday, January 21, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Hawk Eye on Tuesday, January 21, 1890

Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 21, 1890, Burlington, Iowa V THE BUBWHGTON ESTABLISHED JANUABY i is CENTS m w EIOCaaTTC CliKB AT DEE ions IEOI the Strng arle te the HouseThat Democratfe lea Caaauea achocl tramter having life cost of etc Tfljg chapter coves one hundred and eigUeea all treudag with Tie virwe of the are cUly valuable Tha peaeots tteu j ift as given aai I they treat of mattirsrif I interest Coaiing thus j they nit to be cf value to the men who mate the The crai if Testimony of in MAYOR 101 OP CIHCMITI TESUffiS IS 1IE BALLS Bfcl CAEE sioner lurges a liarrj bv j tbe legislature f jr bii iucjesor aad tbat j special agents mny by tte csnxmiftcioDer tbos fre from j the expensive ail Jplin if deptrdng upnn ttc JHHJiiiing He altu ihfl Jecis 20 the atureto rlvje of the anxiety a y felt all day the Senate and HouseWorlds Fair Oklahoma BcsijiessCapital over CTATJ5 An which they have the onion labor man wai absent eaditaeemsthey were fearful lest he appear in the midst of the rollcau and declare the pti mido by them on name off and for Their reasons for the anxiety and fears lest Mr Ewart may show his independence and vote for Wilcoi ars well Ia G is eitnated in B warts a barb wire factory em playing over one hundred v rtually froaen out by the efforts of the asd Fred Iiehmans positinn ai attjrncy for IspciaitoTRE this gigantic con and his record I OsKAixtfei Jaa a corporation monopoly lawyer is Miners rapidly g to daylight and ia un doubtedly having iff The union labor and anlimonopoly ra if Bvart in hii own county are inuog to wake up and demand of their rpre eentativii that he no 1 vole fur a monopolist candidate There no that the are badly tc ircd on the run if wilt resort t any even to erdenvorirg to break a quorum in tha event t appears tbat wh is knuwn as a anti will be Bta the epe ieuse ctmmhtee invtEKgaUng the c b x fcrgtry met Ihia s for rej Mijor of wss on the btm dec d during the list vwj jenrt iae ectnty cuubtr alliwed last general asttmsly He recsmraeaii the setting of io be fin a tgi boli i mpt cctn ive bj lib en in the o snJ if the obsa cle in he w i fan s tive io InJior ad ugts a ihe OOIoosa parties caucus in the morning and tbe democrats arc making strenuous efforts to have every member of the Wot Fail 20 Iowa Sae in daiegae con venti m iu ibis Aocu delega B vttre i irbLt of ihe ttae ti tai iisdicg letVuvuns Atr B free aud JOJIE ndorttJ favoring h woulj eiirj f o purchase a iu The opti cibrkei ite sirze frro to ice wi hi a in of for pa meat c H cr 03 ha flst h A rtt Ju pvci fitirlobMg ih i Licey in livja in ijtr duciac i o lh cf th and nn pro dmc ail f w n a nrnt aa t o jlira wa5 of fl I Inueof n Wfctck i bill for tse prntr i lerrittiriB meeting will h d He lestified to receiviDg letters from various persons recommending Wosd for the position cf tmoke icspec 0 ce cf the letters wts from r nor who stated that he had prcmifed to ecdnrse Woods spplicatoa if be proriited him Furaker ceitsin pc liics about proniaect men Witness he hsd seen the risper on September when he me Governor Foraker in the when tie latter showed it to either tien or In tnsner to E question SB to ha wss gcisg tc do with the I the governor lad tsid that he goirg to do notnirjg wiih did rot suEfect the taper of a although i e WAS mucii surprised to see Shermaas He hsd bees a ia The iccnauies of Bat aad Witats said tnat Wood told him tbtt he had gotten tie paper from McLiina that it of no use tuat it hsd lapsed tan closa of the last and an other contract WAS beicg After tao election wstneib aaitd Wood how toaddreiatheiecateona w thepreildettta meoage the CJBtrol of Haasidan tobe uade to tins the electoral itia eoineiy of the Tbe power of th e gnvennunt oTer the tians hed been sparingly extucised in tae Ko poiiticil parly could nave before the to cuter on a political campaign with a plank in iu platform clsimiDg the right to exeicite cintrol over tbe electiors ia the the meatsge of tha president had ccr tained no syllable in favor cf free ani honest except as to the sup pression of the votes of the colored peo ple in the Tiere was no evidence otfore the counfry of any men He presented some cltcticn staiia tics from aifftieot to prove that Tne silent voter ii iccreasisg ia every section of Chandler sul there wascueciti zen of Florida who might te termed a sLent Thai man wss Jhn a colored ci iza of Maduon coun ia Osteber having botn at Jaccsoivitle a witceat coccerniog political outrages was kiikd his return to Madison conntj bj democrata of that ccuaty on account of the testimcey he Ha alo reminded PECof o her polititicil rn and outrages in ckpresaed his belief thai the lections in tvcr the ntm oranie one cf 1876 were peaceful aid quiet in New Kcgland IE waa net surprising there was some irrezulsrititt hea because Senaor Caaccler had been the Grnii ti tLe EO mi nt O Chaf a jc f r a b i H ri n n Bi i bia c r i 1 W 4 hJ I cnits o i Li H K A It lir fUo i Jan 20 the house was called tj urder promptly at two the interest io the proceedings j was plainly manifoatfld by the jarge i itw crowds on the fl tor and ia the gtlleiei WATSISLO L After tbe ftllowirg Baioin uf uni pairs were announced Bjcmand i Mitohnll Diytinauvi Do8i Eves Mr K it lil and of KIH Young Fluid nn i of H jopurs and Huaeli of Wiaite and 8hiple of and Staele nf Ouhuq aid Walden Towasand and letder of the brought forth the wiiicb democrats had been cojiniduisg siicj aafollowF as it hppesra that tho two parties are cquVly d led in ibe con p of the momujr of tliit boude and it is very reHirkbo hnt an eirr per manent m suoul 1 bu eTeccd so tho legilioiate of tho oeBsion may be pusUutl nl tberf ire tUa lowing plan of comprmUc it tcdore bv the m Tjibsra to solva thi difficulties ibu orgit ija i n deancsts t winririw their nonninoe fur umiponry fp ak ir and clerk and ajree io lha ot repuh licftn officers cf five to be named by Hoitl tumporrr r and confirm d by tho c immiite on c c to th names enered on tho list mud eeoretary of sae and now ud TO Call in this etch of whom shall be enitlfd ta act nn1 v it on all questions iiRil tte eUpr tnanently d nnd hnphiii be deciriort hy a n j rtv such he tbe n t tt lj i I o sent nn the p neat of ibe have theiclit to mme the sn tho rhf ocrk hn rem i ing offlocrs vnfiions to hi q laly j divided Between tbe two partiei j rvpiiMirtauB t tVit first ch ice of tbe BthTdi c i and to choose Itrp tue da j to choope Oiic d on t z and aiiori rrlc ti b on mr j ii lUe h of a rum i mittewchosen by iv rertiiM c m tn Damn IM for h ir n if they wisii and p iv bewtiutl tte shall frftTin miieeo as in the m Btvonth te of and cimniu 11 m t H r mn t hv pvtv nctip to toer and un sng Lukti nji the PHTI f the TPrriVi 1 d Iran noiti hat tt q if OP Ut1 be thn1 there bud n tie vHa on r vt lock on the The republicans wee willni ious to c mn 11 R c mprmifo n twtet porary a would Ht ho nrnpr Imp nobmit K rvirn promise whuhshoid 10 the they wlebed to dlipaae of tie present difficulty anil pro ceed to Hr Hnlbr wk offred to vitfl for republic in clerk if the repuWcvnn would vote for a demrraMc for npublicanR ww nnt caught aanntng and tbe rl call pro with frequent motions tu ad Joan interspersed ell through wrnch failed to The first mU call the Ixmyfltth in nil re pnblicarj 40 democrat During the ejctythird rail of caused considerable ro rat tion by giving some reasons in to partisan ones why cnuldntvate for both of wtiorj werabe Lehman was a probable for Halted States ena or such person ahould hsve of meting the roll of elttton for that fflje eeetad tern fjr the time biincthr head body hu would be eietther fitting oroDT to put thit unflor tbe control or directtosiof a wan currently reported to In tte pav nf snob a nioopoly as the Wsehbum ft Moen Wire s1 VIELD ajoat that fomd paerr wanted what parer Wilsess said AVor d ictw that it whg as to iha psper hsd Wood rpHrd that hs ididnt knew what parer Halsteadhad Hat therj were three or four hit he did not know par WBS aftrgery or Con Wood tx aiced thst aa there many clqies ia congress it was to have tbtea fjur tiiaru g m the game as tiee cliqueR wouJd Lave to do with tach BO i tb s f ji rihi y fir ht amet totni ills been to n d iree d prileat c niny BU p it It ihe Bi ra her t uni lint ie Vi n t in tbe R i ty Mr S c i fua of iy hi r dir 1 d rutr To dv j io siy firt U c fell d av rt s ocTi 1 fo t 1 M m i i i uijil ISI h nte efl g if K n nal K nm wa i 1 S ClTV Ji Guy ge o i i Ii ra n C i isa Jesairr S H to mitethe lossiag is d Atoottttr C k d Oo if 2 thiii Kr who tet fijd Siturday jtt B vrij wss recalled ssd in tf Ltr Woods visit io Wailing nni he gJt httera frcm Wood aVmui a psint cumon in wbica oTior Campbll was to bs and hij c record of all ft Oeic acii gun ihe iitit been issuett to Huqiics thrC q lartcrs asijjntd to J E rf Hariiltoc a a a came back Wahiii acd HI INTO r liuics hs i a Oce Sunlay nvjrnio l a and hi ceeirid much ti t rt fiiu CsnvWl HDQ Ire oil foci of Witmsa ucdtr 3 u d rter to Hihtcil WtierS He rcirastion pubiisleii Wood H kttor tn Tom eavirff c i t lit he was a Efcuni ted cauld r fin s see prieia ard sfkfd bf th ii J t ih m to rut b o Jiincs on t c WM d hjraktr hart ca d him ho UdoigKnd thisa a jtrnog tn hillit box bill sjf thit John R He L v n at the f it bill out rf his pocket nlrsood 5 a ci others we ir cr tskJ Wood hsd 4r f c is put i Msfsid r el about Be kj UP t f aicut ht 0 i D n Sx it S3 it f r JM b Tunir aikti wu t lie 1 a sd witcM rep i Fnrhkir d lii eOo w ibc Jtfey htd Kicvgjii i j cii wtre iu or i i ij ft pdr ii vvojj irhe as arp j M bc ti gt oci I replied iu tiie Ue F r lie pspsr to use rici j heji qntttrs thought For 1 in tao BtRe j itt d ia Fibs f ice itt3g him 1 f r j if i Le bsd sc Be Usoigtii itic govern T itr to ki ow tow o i npsr Uttoil him hj gotten v i but ii wtuM ro stand i d EO qjteti its Wtre hsii totten as t what of he tovcruLT wanted aLd had filled tte th i r I t I dapsrtmektKot only is Walkers death irreparable 1013 to fatter VWf greatly attached UIL the discaarge of hu duties M tec retary estate fiiaine founrl him an aaestast Wtcse place it win ha 1 had ihe corfl jence Of hu f to a degree which naturally ncr ne ttje could asd was thui ablffto relitve the tecretary of a lints arnoant of burdecscme work which tii now npon The Blaire family certainly tare reason to bs6Sd ats wihn the psst month Bline has a brother and Bltif e a and in addition came the recent deah of Walker BLMce and ihe pretsnt dargernus iilcesa of a brother cf BKIfOEM IH tavijb Ccmvttltc OB i ttat house comiLiiiea on reform in the rjvil servicx met today to hear arguments on rof elation recently by Reprt rges ihe anti bill introduced by Representative ofTetnet to repeal the civiJ law snd resuae aad improve cUtsify and properly apportion Use cffi ces tnd eaiployts in ha public service ti Swart spcke reciticg the charges which prorrpudiis Tre ia substance are that one CaiEprjtll s brother inUw cf Camaissioncr The allusion to bis crurs in FtorMa it 18T6 was taisa uo by Ciiardier who de the charge he had ttea ap proached tbe chairmen of tbe can board and hed promised that if he state Was for the rajority of the returning board would te taken care cf Ingalls said he would not spesk upon this but win address the suate oa the Butler biil Amocg the petitions presented ard rs ered were the folio wing Frcm the American Federation of Libor in favor cf the Blair education bill in favor of a emce pension law to sll surviving EO diers of the late war for the repeal cf limitation on arrears of pensions for he frie coinage of silwr for a to prohibit fpecn aliois in grain and olhtr arm Araong the tills reported from com and placed on the calendar wtre he followiag To provide for the of the state of Wyoming into the anloa to rrovido a temporary govern ment for Spcoaer cffertd a resolution which was iistrusting the eecteiary of the interior to iif rm the terate whether it is true that ladiacs withic be juiisdiction of LiPuinte ia aroia a f destimtiorj aad if so to suggest a mode of adequate On moion of Spooaer a bill increasing o 820COOOO tbe of tbs public uild nij So Milwaukee aad approprisl 00 was Oa moi m it Wasaburn a bill to con Micneapolis a subport cf entry td delivery ia tae collection district of lira was passed After an tzecuiive tho cesate dj knowing the abcve facts promoted Iba said clerks had ben appointed wiifccu fximinstion whaever tbat the la tas been utterly disrccarcedin other Houck acyocited his bill to repgl ths law end to improve he servie hy s cew nieUod of editor of the Wastiigtin Post said lha hid bstn ptblished cos ibi cause ie beinved teem true sad cculd r purs f be v ITS m TEE BLQCliBE ON THE WESTHH E31BS A vm SEBIGOS Komtram wen iakonorl dtettegnisbtd and Express Trains All Passenger StackSnow Diifts from Eight to Twenty Feet Deep Hails HAS snow blockade oajhe Central Pacific in the inijy of TrbsVee and Emigraat Gap las becoxe very Sicce Tues day last EO eastern overland train has able to reach a point further west hm At present esstbound rasss are at Coif ax and Shsdy At Truckee the depth of ncwracges from efght to drifts cf The rsilrosd company has sveralhuidredmenat work shoveling The plow was only able o go a Eile cat it stuck with ten rjgints wore cslled to the ae and after eeveril hours hard them tut so retu Cuts on tha west road are drifis fifteen to thirty feet A plof wih nve engines waa oa ba road tkirtysix hours trsiag to reach as eight miles from The whole crow relumed on having tdoiieci tha as they became with Another plow ita loconimives fctartecl oat to tha to but before hey txd rue two niiics they wtre ae ureJy ssd tia enow falling sck oa they faai in both di and dwehnpoo Saint touched feelingly Ha half of himself and camnaaiaaa for tha graat honor accorded Commendatore Bald prominent who for twenty years has been the seeretmrj of a wealthy charitable hat ab to report that tte British warship Mslabarriow at been agronad waa bady her collision with the French bill Wp JNlfflE They Their War to Hones Flange the subsidy to the Bast African q larRrl at Hotels by Yesterdi after Tbe speaker piiued tae woild s lair tt cf Misaa of o of New f Miseouri ol Iiiico f MUsouri of Weil Ed Fi or New On thp of the fsir le ttsids follow For Liuis nd Fl wcr for Wabi g d Chairman Cjssrijcr is actory to all cantendiDg panics a ne not cotrmittd to the interests of anj articular of offertd a latiun fr tha payment nf de iis iu the t je Tan following bills arrd resDlutians wer introduced fefcrrtd iafnrroi e ce to bo ji dirflatti iojs faiures imposing a eje rn J I IV S l iii u Ik 1 Ap pc ti ir td iuM h ii tit t iu Piri i JvMSS tv t govc jr F Kii tti1 tij the piper TO with tie Cinrticat draughts w te PSW D tracisi thj signalling ioid hiiu that was Rd showed hw to txplaiajd to him si cUily FlOCX Jalll B b itlD M Le ws rtlenstd on pcnriini f lie jn atd inst tan j ir d an v s put ia Jiidgr of the RE in ableuTKa as it is fvei that he Hs boarlsniea tre gocd lor ttc MBonnt of tie wib rcl ihi wssnotntm is trat the partr to gii u t j Governor Forskcr kajw at tnce is afor the nf M Phsrsnn 8 rckbridge Diii ocra i coxaiifee aid nnka thsm gv w ud 8 rns ine sfter Kr of action wouid be oondemntd by the MOfte Mkteclt aU molting in Vie republicans held a abort esnww not n of tkeibuwndf Jto ftmor Jivici iu Grit rouo heard tie try of a babe tt UsfroEtdor a of aid on cpejitg the doer au u a old to ie clotbte rtqnetticjt the take caVfjf tae caild he OB Wit iis fonble ty R titbly Mr will fend tbf l tome i n in oily I3e is not in m pof to He went dowa i tjld Hastesd all about it 1 That srenUenaa did not jiim He brought out the photc i graphic sd wittesa showed him i U w be hbd the names Hsheid j iskcd him if ha had written thsMcPhrr son esd Stockbridse eignatares v when he hal replied tbat he Hii jajtfcojj for it Taere was BO to the irLich was watUB ia 6 f e lie hand Von TIATF Jaa aUu tbtie tots bfta ijued amocg i t George J cf a lawyer atd patent laid he tad kcava Wood for about tir ard iad out pvrnu for Is asked witness to draw up ths brx cootrset to the wUca would help pint to ha plaoa as sraoks Wciad wroe out flre or sx pages Sid winss to shape ii up for h m ind it type written J r Wo 3d ame in Giverror waattd the piper Witbecs pit it in After lie witzeu emw Word who had no intention ot luiog the psper that that j Wlj o intended to prtvet the wtich to tae tbe UUMC interesttd in tbe ectod tome ISA SBr Snoe Ms retari bis If itioi o warn tot tht letter snatched tke1 rr thsa denial was ia 10 B Csfg of Nirth r g tre vsvs sd means c o b tbe labor of ciprocity between vhs United aric Cipger of th treaacry cotes and o silver Secretary Wicdfrns By resolnton tbat oc tbe S3 i the cieik suall call the roil of ami each shsil indicate hi3 choice f r lb 1 cati m of woilds If LO placa ic ceived arcsjirity of all tee votes tbe roll stall bj lepestrd uatil one receives a msj ui y of all tha writes The been lecfived ih committee shiil sppoint a bill ncaiiGg the fair at tbe place wbih bill shall be and be considered from day to diy uatil di posed of rsferred to the special commit tee of West The Wstirutm worlds fair bill By ff bf requeg ap prcpsmliog OJO f jr of a monument to tte tegro soldiers salors cf the late of a rsco lution prcviding for ths dbposal of the funds foundin tbe cf the late ccr geot at arms The house then irent into a comaittee of the whole on the Oklahoma town b II Action wu taken on several sec tions asd others passed over The committee rose and DuanelL frcm tbs cnmmittf e on the eleventh rooorted back tha senate bill increasing the minimum compegation rf tte super of ceuoa frcm 1500 toil COO M Blt of from thecommii tee oa foreign sff reported bick vari wnrldafair bih and they were re ferred to the committee of thst then ad j mrnei HVDIT Kefaara to Frem offlon WiSEiseTON 2i A PH cf tfew cMf of tee miudie iivision in the pension whore n wss recently demiriJed bj the corcraissiOFer of has writ ten the coismifionor Hletter froia which tiie foilowiog extracts are maae I adeems thai yon will not deny that inia is not of your own tut proiupUd by the secretary of tho in I rcust respecfuJIy decline to aid so plsce my nrck in a posi tion for tae axe of tha executioner TV ho j 1st now is busily engigcd in corn work begun on the PKOBR of myself anc others tVir q isrter of s Century ego on the southern bittle of the best aen in ihts r fflca re thai the action ia my case in with the evidertsi on fila in the Why docs not the aecrfeiary of the inferior tive rxe an to difend m oith by tes iffiony what I now He would rever have Veil the pjwer fce rices Presilent Hirrisoi would never have bad the power o put him where he if my snd myself ia the sae of NewYnik lad not litored to noa Meet be cid in Missouri last fiL 11 pa d bye to this oiBce I nuionbledly shRil sonn us tfce sx can I ehtl go tisnk fill that for a brief sresion at least I have had a chance to tetva my reedy comrades ia this place 1 onfsB thst aa I ann I have to up aH ibe I p as I late me fant thai I ED I Jeavo bthinii me liundrfds in this office who did ifceir keeo our ents io I wLo iu the if qasrier cf a cettury ago diti tlir brst my comrades eiigiult for or the BCXNn rDRCUASB The heavy purchase of bonds io neariv CCO requited io the of trtasury fenpiui to U 420 CO Tie scrttary of tbe fitcijeii to thr four per bonds aa til t arlaer n IOWA PENSIONS Tbfl f oftinsr 1 wa pcTisiona rt Or gital Mo YbieOk Etuu H FiVmoi t E SI Emneifburi1 Tieo F Iei Sljim 1 Rtrhvd Irutl G Kncxilit B Jacits 15 R acn Icrease KewKir George 0 Uson Citj Geane The prefideat in appoinfed Msr cus ccllactor rf iaferrjal rev ecue fir thn district of Wi TBR AMEH7CAN COLCMZiTIOW 20 third aaiimrssrj of the Atneiicsn Got society waa keld bf ra last uteh Edward a negro froia Jj made addresin which favored return to Africa of tae CTG fciiraad su ports tte blockaded trains at wed the citarud pjr ware agaii fiiliag clock siie is i iiiiiiroad declare tic present ttsvi s aud largest they itrcd for over tea The relay sSects tho mail no eaftitra mail re iching tcia last Tee Western cociiany a lage f cs of men in the mourjttin clearing wires of lines in Sam plats are pniirtly under fron tha cold tuibcra c ises of influnzi aru The situation is equally on the and Ortgou ia the pars of thia Tee which lifs htro Tuesday evan iog is still at The 5hoTeera who were working Dunsmur reMirnid after eight boura Oaa engine waa brought tn hut ths otters are snowtd in withoutflre or ho of the Pdcflc annoucce that thy fipect to huve the road open to rth and east SAN FEAKCISCO snow blotkide on tha Central Poafic and azan Ijfies Aill Hoavy BDOWB falliag anci there are to seven f ifct of suow on the level track and much of ths has been changed to which rtaiste tbe Sjvera snow the heaviest on coast and 250 men sra at frcm both sides cf toe Filimore thinka the blockade will be by to Concerning the Central Pjcfl blockade he said tbcre waa a slender chiEce that trains wrud move hy morning Since uot a siotle mail been re 1 the Cdiitral route To ight pisenger trains sre stuck at Gip in the where the is feet on the Ton Urge scow nlowaarc at work with 20 some R i ust thenhas been R heavy snow the Union liues be HaatiDpioc and There no through trains for nearly a company passed its second reading in reichatag Herr here attacked the measure aad demanded tbat the government forbid tbe employ ment of coolies bv the VJnfraahen one of the leaders of the clericsl petty ia the is The pope has sent blessing to 20 editors cf the pjblif hed in thin city have con voked a meeting to promote the scheme for obtaining subscriptions for the na tional A emity occurred oa the Hiatinfppl rhv near by whidk ftwr Toung man of this place lost last Saturday Kliaer 3ilaa Charles Wilion andAteMe allot this he a a two horse wagon to attend Whenatapoat river called slough orniBemHea north of Boiliogtom ttejr becaas unmanageable and nachei over aa embankment onto tha Tlle and the entire party wars SAtLBOAD Union traet will 20 Adams of tae Uaion Facfii started today for Cuba no eastern Ft H nry BUI Wiumtonm Jam 30 Secretary Win dttmliucciDpleted tte bill essbwlfiag tbe tilrer measure proposed ia an nual aad U will be pn soiled in botii braccbw of esagttm thia probablj The may be regarded aa u adBiaistfation b entitled A Wl anthortiag IBB rf Jailce K Orlow Rliciior general of he 6t panrcnt of died here Sunday of catanhal rf he in ha dity sixth Chapman was tacVd with tha giippa two week and to aa old of the kidneys and led to his Biller cvli wentKer accompanied bevvy and nff snow Five or six trains boh sail wist have bfen block aded siiewhero between Dallas aart Biker 7h3 cmpany has been p fi open the aai i u h thit tbe flret west bound wilj this city tomor row No trstDB arrived Port land from Bw or for tha point fpr nearly wsf k 20 anow blockade ia ihe wtvt and i one of the 1 Not only has a irce jmpO5fibe on the western of Central snd Northern roids but telesraph iqnal aod every through b dtrsrn oa both cf tiese only mt RUB cf romaiuni catioa Trith the coast ia the itdirect rcute of the Southern Pacific and the Viiurne r bisiaf si transirted is rieses isrily Wsst ingion Hnd Oregin sre shut off Iron comrauiiicii n with tie with alittlezgzvg and tLia wire gees down these two aortb wiRern states will ba farther away frfm New York taan so far as n is sre cot running anrl the snow bocksda resdera it imposdble for the telegraph orcfs o the scecea of breaks repairers are nnwtd np alhaf a dczan pcitts in the wtst and ia liitle prospect o re uritil the mistered ths Western U advises thia morning are thit tiie EECW ii stiil failia tbrougbout west EO tha ia by no mesns encouraging A BiOUUT oa a three vacation be will bs sccoropaired by Director officers of the Uaicn Pacific say tha ten jear contract with the Northwestern will THE C ft P QCE The county at torney or this contty this in name of the state attorney a enit on behaf of the atate bosrd of railroad commissioners Milwaukee and 8t railroad to compel them to comply with the decision of the and to Hwiteh cars of shipped from bv the Niagva Fnel over the Kansas City road to a lime kiln to tell the The body off Freed been recovererl and dilligat search ia being made for the othete tat it is feared they have been awtptdowm the Both horaea were ato The asd tragedy hasL caat shide of glocm over this eua K IN aa steamboat Katie Tioosd fat the wns sunk last Bight near EUynes thirtyfive mltte by elision with a bwge in tow of the sfeaboat JosJe frcm Sif fl i wer river to Four of the K ne Robbies deck crew arV and are undoubtedly WAST THKTB CASK c at su SpeoMt to Tn of the meet appalling in the unale of Putnam county occurred eatlythh morning about five north of thia Luther new two story reiiderca caught and before a very aged and two of DKS In the case of I418 children conld mahe thrftr the Diveoport ia which the railvoad commissioners appear sa plsin and the Rock Island and Burling Cedar Rapids and Northern as in tha Polk county district tbe attorney for tbe railroad today filed a asking for a transfer of the case from the state to the United States court for the southern dia trict of on the ground that the acts of fhe twentyaacond general assem under the order are in violation of the constitution of tho United States the order compels making of contract relation and compela tha doing of business between the roada contrary ty business and be cause it compels them to their ia a ia not desired The order also interferes with the United States THB NOBTHWOOD Ia the North wood the Iowa Cen tral road files a petition saying they are successors the grantees or assignees of the Oentr 1 Iowa and ash thejcase to be transferred to the United stating the owners are of Illi Aa The will of the late Judge Knickerbocker was filed today in tho probate disposing of two hue dred thousand fifteon thousand dollars cf which is left to two children of his deceased siater Bowman of Iowa and his brother Knickerbocker of A den M n jury ccuaty each receiving a Jury Ths Cronin Jury wera called in Judge Hor tons cout this 8 Trnde appeared t3 reprntnt John who is said to be sick ia On this account Trade 8tid he would ash for Almost every one of tbe defendants waa represented by a differ All of the defendaats except Gra bam were present in court After the bearing cf the the Judge post poned the caie until February Just how the flre originated has not been 20 A bridge bting constructed over the Miami river at Oregoni t Station fell tall moraing William Dcbond waa hilled andften other men were more or le seriously none IBS TiHJ TBra BMtaeu PorUoi Ifm B Jan 20 portion of the village of fif teen miles north ot this was de stroyed by flre early Pun day including a office and a with Tht loai fa esti mated at between and partly covered by HOURS nnnnxo AT btabes of Parks were by flre early Sunday Nine a cow and a large amount of graia anti hay were The flre is thought have been of incondiary Toe low waa A FTRB AT SOTTX Sioux Jan 20 f the Bilherhorn packing property of the Union Stock Turds burned with all the contents thia morn 903 000 covered by A BABH B0RSBD Birly Jail Thirteen pris oners broke here last night by iog throueh heavy bva The work was by Diaiela and two sife one cf those who escaped was being held for attempted The others were and coifldenca Henry held for escaped with the bat the being cold he returned and gave himself up t j the all at The otherfrare w Ma 20 Philadel phia and Raading cfflcisls aiy onleas there is a decided improvement ia the coal trade every colliery ownel bvthe corapaay as well as those of individual operators will close Over one third of all the collieries have already shut down These employ about eight thousand OfBaialasay that ofnwenty thousand coal in the eleven thousand sll loaded are now lying along the Tfclr tJiial writer of the vfitjrdity at his home ia this ciy cf in Nxs ti day thai ths deaths from itfliernforths twentylour hoars to Tan grippe is waging a war ia this and arJJ icest Jfo or cues are re portedThen have been two from scarlet fever ia Cirthsga in the past two There h BO epidemic asd co fear of plvsieisnt reeommiided Ayera Old nd yontg take it It cleaufs tbe strengthens the and Popular ezper ieoeehMloegpiaeed this mecldne at head of tonic Analleaiirttaincressa capital of eompaoy thrty mea were prostrated by dg the groncdrear grave was ccVirtd Tbectfflawaa npset aad the body rolled Tte Polandtn were rented by a posso of Anthony X L snd Joseph Bnick were fatally in The ricgleadera of the riot wen arrested and tie oody anally to IHB Jan ernraent Aiding she powers unwilling to mediate between Poring 1 Eurlai eoacendsg the Irrritoiy in will suborn to fuu da under white ttthe it will try to ccmdiiate Poitagoaae public parting to give the OIL a gigantic counterfeiting business laid to hiva baen carried on by certain persocs in It that these indivlduels haeniihia the pait two years coined five million of our silver doilara and after them across the have of them with a profit to telveaof twentyeight the dol Knaey has am answer in the Thoaapeca mandamnp cage todiy In which he ad mits the of Thomptoaa and the cf the cf which Thompeoa to a hot Me npasareasonfaraotbeniagThomBeea acertifieatefcrBileegeead salary that no appropriation bees aaadev The eaee will he argaed Of strength comfort ay morning flre destroyed the barn of a with nine a several tleigha and come hay It ia snpposed to the woth of an THE VTJLCAN IRON The Vulcan were burned UPHBXD JHK Tbat can Jra 20 In tbe test case to dav Judge Ocesham upheld 8 aad 9 of the interstate suit was again is the Shore railroad by Keenan yerds eostmisaion merchanU Tbe rait road relying on nsige made an over charge in freight tqtiel toaneicetsof 2000 pounds because country shippers and commission men to comofy with com pwys rule to weigh the freight with the stock j ards aprsctira which means adding forty pounds head ostensibly to covet te Ihttihippers contend that weight charged shnuld be actoal weight before tha forty pounds per head allowed for shrinkage if Judge QreehM decided thai overcharge could be re covered uader the iatersUte 20 1 pretidant of Trios one of the wealthiest frsrimrioee north aaAot and killed this avenSfby aad of the ntcit prominent and ular Georgia Bad long cherishtd ill wiB Holmte for tome busincie matterl twees and had frcoavatlr tin 1 to Holmes tha in company with two

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