Sunday, January 19, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 19, 1890, Burlington, Iowa SF 5 PART THE BURLINGTON PAGES ESTABLISHED SUNDAY JANUARY Titles 15 CBHTS FKR Wi OPINIONS OF THE BEL1BIODS PBESS ON ffl FnUlT Anotlier Attack on the Sunday Paper The Great Seed of Capable Sunday School TeachersA New Re ligions The Christian Intelligencer Reformed says We believe the Christian con science is arousing to the danger and evil of the Sunday Already many apologize for taking Many take it from a constraint not altogether The publishers so manage the makeup of the Saturday and Mon day issues as to force those who would not lose even more than a days news to take the Sunday and we hope not very it will be teen that a paper without a Sunday giving all the presenting on Saturday or Monday special will pay better far than one issued seven times a We know no business venture of better pro mise for some of the struggling A Sabbath respecting morning even if not ostentatiously would be sure of a vast patronage from people who will not take a Sunday or if they do take do it with a protest and their Let it be demonstrated that all the news can be gotten from a six day and there is Christian conscience enough left in the community to give it a magnificent sup The Examiner Bays The most earnest supporters of the Sundav school feel most strongly that its weak point is the difficulty of having capable We remember hearing an elo quent speaker at a convention descant in glowing terms upon the ideal perfection of Bible study and expository preaching as neon in a uchool where scholars arc grouped about a teacher and each can bo individually the Ryatem fails tri fulfil the ideal because the ideal teacher is A pastor lately had occasion to take a class that had been taught for years by a leading man in hie He found them knowledge of the simplest Bible They had never heard of any Jo seph but the hueband of Their religious ideas were generally nebulous in the This was by no means an exceptional It could be paral leled in most Sunday The trouble is not easy to Volunteer touchers cannot be criticised and held to their work as salaried teach ers are in other The most in competent are the most self complacent It is the experience o pastors and super intendonts who have carried on teachers meetings that the teachers in greatest need of traning could seldom be induced to Some Sunday school special ists havu gone so fur as to advocate hir ing We do not believe the problem can be solved in that The Living Church E says A writer in the Churchman suggests a se lection of the most approved hymns to bo bound up with the prayer to Iho of with liberty to in any collection approved by the This would avoid the difficulties attending a official and a great liberty in the choice of hymns greater va riuty be With one quali wo are not sure but this plan would be feasible and We sec no good to limit the liberty of choice to such compilations as each bish op may approve for his diocese There is no such restriction in and there sorms to be no need of it there or American churchmen surely are antitled to as much liberty as English and they ought to be able to use it as We may still learn something from the old but we ought not to need to go there for an ob ject lesson in The Advance says Pier of has lately been speaking in He speaks of a remarkable movement that has broken out amonog the young men in Nebraska and and of an enthusiasm all over the north west which could only be compared in its intensity to a prairie and de clares that there arc students in the colleges of the Ucited States pre paring for the mission field It may be No doubt it ought to But we greatly fear the perforvid Pierson has allowed his wishes to run ahead of hie We have heard before of some thousands of students in our colleges pledged to foreign missions but some how they do not We would be willing to hoar loss about their enthu siastic pledges if we might see more proofs of the new quiesced in only because of a desire to seek and to pursue it by any hon orable measure of compromise that could be K is charged by members of the Pru dential committee that this pub lished as adopted by the Prudential and containing the phrase in this present reached after foil and candid consideration by all the members of the they cor dially was never truly adopted by the and does not express their unanimous It is asserted that this minnte was never read over in though at different times the different portions of it were and a written protest signed by two members cf the committee has been put on file at the missionary against its publication as a minute adopted jy the Storrs in a letter publish ed in the says of the min In one sense it is as has been that I wrote in both its In and a true it is not mine the first part nf it being ap plied to a different conclusion from what I had the last oart being shaped to express as carefully ana dis tinctly as possible the decision of in which except as an alterna tive to something more distinctly op posed to my I could not THE SOXG OF Sunday School Luke The Christian Leader says We understand our esteemed contem the is to De persuaded of the moral soundness and political sagacity of the method employed in the Elmira It is known as the method of the indeterminate That as the Advance instant a criminal is entered he is not so much doomed and damned as put on term of his imprisonment being for him self to determine in the deliberate exer cise of his own moral nature and man If he elects to which he is solicited and encouraged by the warden and sentence will end when there is good reason to believe the reform is This method works well in Would it not be a sound and safe method with the pris oners who go away into Written for Tax Last week we had the soprano of Mary and today the tenor of The prose of life could not be used to in troduce the Christ into the It was too Not only did men sing but we find that the multitude of the heavenly host led in the The gospel is the good news and was too startling to tell in the ordinary news generally has exciting head lines and sensational Earth hails Jesus with a We have a solo from Zacharias You remember that he wanted a sign from God that what was promised also should come true and the severe sign of deafness and dumb ness fell upon him for about nine Eight days after John was born the family were not agreed as to what his name should be and the rest were about to give as his fathers but the dumb man wrote on a tablet that hia name was From this time onward Zacharias was restored to hearing and and about the first thing he doce is to give us one of the songs of Toward spring all the birds begin to The air is full of From every house hilltop and even where you would see no you hear voice echoing These songsters have the inspiration of the spring of the year Here is if there is none in Rome bird like in his heart abandon toward was filled with the Holy Ghost and prophesied and among the things he said that the DaySpring sprine of day from on high was coming If anybody doubts Zacharias ability to let him read and meditate on his holy classics Everything he said came It is true But could not go to any knowledge proclaimed at the date of Zacharias that has not rotted even to the Where is the wise Where is the disputer of this world of his day Where is tie the the chem the the the the the moral phil the the the world of religionists Where are their works and ways They have perished as by a Their light is gone They have old as doth a But the song of Zacharias is fresh and new and true as when God has visited and redeemed his peo He has raised up a horn of salva tion through the house of John came in the power and spirit of Elias to prepare the Jesus ac cording to the promise made unto the We are delivered from our en in We do serve God no fear perfect love Christianity is the them that sit in in the region and shadow of and it guides individual and natural life into the ways of How could a illiterate Gallilean like Zacharias utter such a song for cen turies in advance of of hie own knowledge How could with all human probabilities against him How could he ring his way into the un seen future Has not here God chosen the weak things to confound the mighty The foolish the things that are not to bring to naught the things that are God has a mighty testimony He allowed all supposed wisdom of knowledge by him that was gathered up to the age of to vanish so that all who were not smitten with judicial blindness or some other might see the glorious light of God by comparison of the human rushlight with the Christian illumination that was to But Mary and Zacharias song was a duet that was to be the harbinger and first notes of the immense tidal wave of Christian song that now reverberates through the Christian and laves both the shores of time and eternity in our AMOS THEY LACl THE FEB7ECT fflBPITALITY OP THE UHHL Wakeman Contrasts Some of His Experiences in Ireland and Brittany Characteristics of the Breton Peasant Several weeks wandering in Brittany has made characteristic of the Breton folk very plain and clear to They are not a hospitable I think they repre sent an oppoaite extreme in this particu lar to the kindly In all my wan derings among the lowly of many lands I was never before refused food and shelter and if they were ever proffered and charged or if a slight gift of coin dextrously placed among the chil dren was it was always as if more through casts it great light to darkness and Safe Is one which is guaranteed to bring you satisfactory or in case of a return of purchase On this safe plan you can buy from our ad vertised druggist a bottle of Kings New Discovery for It is guaranteed to bring relief in every when used for any affection of lungs or such as inflamation of the whooping It is pleasant and agreeable to perfectly and always can be de pended Trial bottles free at Hen rys drug KWTOB WASBTKGTON POST The ver The trouble over the case of Covell in the American Board is mounting to a greatheight So careful and responsi ble an authority as the Christian Union says Since the explosion which has followed the knowledge of Aldens endeavor to set aside the conciliatory policy resolved upon at New a circular letter has been sent out by a member of the prudential com mittee to a considerable number of daily including the and Advertiser of and the Republican and Union of This letter correctly states that Alden is not the author of of the but though possibly mechanically correct in stating that it was written by does him an injustice in The minnte made up of two drafted by Starrs at different eafl for different with BO design into me sion of the Lords prayer used by the Swedenborgian Church is not to be as cribed to a more careful reading of the original or to higher Swed enborg abstracted from his grosser absolutely visited the celes tial and has left upon record his observations and And not he the great Spiritualist was more than once and left us vivid descriptions of the unseen Read and yon will discover that there are several It is also within the knowledge of the writer that the heavens have been visited by persons of lesser and that distinct intimations of the conditions subsisting in the supernal spheres have been con vexed to less favored The law of gravitation is not more unchaaUenge able than the veritableness of such facts as I set Justice of the was confined with something akin to shame that bitter poverty prevented a full expression of the generous wish within the And in what whole tender and even aggres sive hospitality is there everywhere With delusions and with de vices and with finesse and mon strous lies you are wheedled inside to the Irish and plied with cead mille faille an hundred thou sand welcomes if there is not enough left in and about the woebegone place to grow healthy hair on the wailing cabin Bless their generous how aggressive they sometimes become I shall never forget two instances among countless others where Irisn hospitality was illustrated to me with startling and ludicrous I had passed the night with a peasant farmer in the region of Conamara be tween Toombeola and Rounstone His a weazened but remarkably spry old was living with They were pitiably and I could see that the scante ntertainment I had got was a sore tax upon their slender On ae is the Conamara cus my hnst and the little old man set OIK with me some miles upon the each insisting on carrying some one of my and full of the truest friendliness and warning me against this pitfall or and Above that I kape an aisy eye on the murtherin until the moment of parting when their goodness and poverty so touched me I could could not resist the risk of and while shaking the little old fathers I managed to leave a halfcrown within With a whoop you could have heard a mile the old fellow sprang three feet into the He flung the money at my feet and his hat and coat came In an instant he was dancing around delivering sundry taps and cufflogs that cracked and rung and per force placing me in a condition of the liveliest While dodging and par I gave utterance to the blandest But they were of no Fight I Fight I Wholly on defense with the old whom I soon tired the son took up the depositing his jacket upon the road and spitting upon his hands and them together with a terrible I must own they both fought and with many kindly injunctions and warnings and we had it there on the old stone road the dust hid the spectacle from the rest of But I was the best bestfed man though ashamed to say bested the two of them until tears of admiration ran down their generous and shrill and pathetic torrents of oratory thanked me for the added entertainment I had given while Luck go wid yez and Gods blessings on yez reached me aa far as I could hear along the pleasant But I offered no Irish peasant money for his hospitality after In the other experience I was not so I was tramping down the Boyne from Navan to ancient Dioghedo by the Full of loitering and revery I had paused at a canal lock beside one of those lovely Boyne cabins set like a bit of cameo against the emerald of firs and onyx of black cliffs across the Boyne stood the ruins of the De Lacy castle of a picturesque old The whole place is always instinct with olden and from the mossy wheel That Uasnmir plays neath Id Dunmoe An ancient sound doth While leaning on the old lock and drink ing in the beauties of the a tall gaunt Irish woman appeared in the door of the I must come in and rest by the she I thanked her but as I felt I must hasten It was a long walk to and I wanted to get the evening train for Bel Surely I would step in and have a sup of I would move Then the old woman came out and con fronted A whole column of this would not hold her blarney ings and wheedlings to induce me to honor her by partaking of her But I withstood them bade her good luck and and started down the toll In a twinkling the old dame was beside In another instant her lively leg had described a semicircle that would have done honor to a Cornwall My own legs went spinning into the and my like that of poor sank like a plummet within the When I arose there stood the old wom her face filled with kindly and anx ious She clutched me drag ged me to the bank lifted me out a easily as though I had been a household cat carried me into her cabin and set me before a cheery peat and for two mortal while drying me filled my body with food and my mem ory with such evidences of Irish hospi tality as I can never I missed my train at Drogheda but I learned at the lock on the Boyne to never refuse proffered hospitality in Tou will never have anything of the sort to learn in Call at a road side cottage here and ask for shelter and food for the and the whole family will crowd into the door to obstruct your Then they will silently and sullenlv look you Whither from Whither bound If a they are lest your appearance belie your ability to pay bat the lugubrious transaction once and a few sou scattered among the which are imme diately snatched away and hidden in the farmers strong the atmosphere suddenly Yon are the guest All innkeeping suavity and attention of Paris itself are yours and until you every goal in the cottage puts every other duty aside to minister unto your wants and com fort A Breton peasant farmeri home is one of the strangest compounds of filth and cleanliness to be found in the whole There is nat a cabin in all Ire land so embedded in dirt as is every Bre ton farm The pig roots before the and haunts at will within the same peaceful atmosphere as the household at night Goats and fowls are on precisely the same footing as all other members of the family as to oc cupancy of the and the don key or horse looks calmly in upon all the household proceedings from its lean and breathes content upon you from its open manger above your box bed In winter and summer the walls of the cottage form convenient stalls for other if the farmer possesses or steam with the fumes of piles of decay ing To the farmer these bring hie and it is more preciously cared for than his wife or Numberless farmhomes I have visited were scarcely accessible through a nar row isle to the the only windows being boarded up and covered over with the vile stuff that it guarded and none go might be better to Upon shoai giving her limp and lifeless form grotesqueness but never pictnresqueness and interest Yon have seen the halffed donkey at it caught a moment far rest ipreadiUlegsfor support and dropits flead upon old breast That is one can give of this Standing before Millets who have never seen its people What ition the artist has put in it womans posture I tell hat drawn with infinite realism the universal posture of these dumb and sodden the endless legacy of bru tal dolor and EDSAB even shrewd enough to demand your No tickctofleave man wfll nor they Finally assured you are none of they set about bargaining for the last POU they can wring from The food you are to get to the very color of the coffee is set powerfully against your Their own their bewildering number of the lonely road to the nearest village the fact that at the next cottage they would probably murder yon u well as take yon in an and much Bore is set forth to make your bargain a hard toothless ohlpwant hag this is piled all garbage and refuse from the scanty until the place has the appearance of a western dugout with its entrance through a hole in the hill and the smoke from the fireplace ascending through a hole cut higher up along the The floor within is the bare worn by feet and baked by fire to the consistency of asphalt It is kept swept clean and smooth by tre mendous osier brooms which perform like service in the adjoining pig pen and cow There is but one and all the cooking for man and for the wise Breton farmer as much pains with the food of his animals as he demands for his done within in and upon huge brass and iron utensils that would be difficult for you or I to Above each fireplace will be found curiously carved many I have seen being marvels in hand and colorful pictures of the or the sta lions of the sacred There is but one A table of some hard wood is built on four huge posts driven into the and in this table will be found permanent carved out of the which answers as receptacles for Into these the smoking contents of the casserole are and the fam ily fingers fish for the and the family mouths suck up the of the daily etuve or Black bread sops up what cannot be and varied by occasional draughts of with still less frequent mugs of black form the Breton peasants constant Vegetables are sparingly These are boiled for the cow and the pig for every earthly possibility in food beyond that which will sustain human life must go into something which can be sold and increase the family Along the sides of the walls will be found a most curious collection of bur eaus and strong or It is not unusual to find in the lowliest of Breton and standing in state upon the bare and dressers of the richest woods and in most won del fill carvings of the sixteenth and seventeenth One old piece which I found in a peasants home near Carnac was made in the fifteenth and its makers name and the date were cut in wood as a part of the splendid floriture carved in the two outer This bureau must have weighed four hundred to five hun dred and would have been worth as many dollars at a collectors in Boston or New The locks on all these pieces of furniture are immense in made by and huge drophan dles are of handwrought I know of no country whose peasantry are so singularly rich in ancient It is prized as but the owners of many of these venerable objects claim that the most of these rare pieces orig inally came from the old castles or ma nors now in ruin and At one or the of the average Breton home are a half dozen of the universal box Hanging from the to be lowered at and raised by are two or three or cradles called in which the infants are stowed away at the only care they ever seem to Near the beds are various strong boxes with huge These contain pro the farmers hoard of and they will also serve as Near the table already is another table of huge timbers but lesser On this stands an osier cover as large and looking precisely the ancient willow beehive of our own A cord runs from this to a ring in a and thence to a peg in the within reach of the house wifes The first time I saw this affair swung creaking into the air I was Its office is to cover the Breton family But what a loaf it is From two to three feet across and from eight to ten inches Hunks are hacked off as hunger and so ravenous is these peasants appetite that a loaf of thissize lasts the average fami ly no more than two But out of these surroundings and conditions come to the pardon and the clean est and brightest peasantfolk your eyes ever Though every drop of water is brought from the roadside or village in brown ewers upon young womens enough is brought to souse the youngsters often and and man or woman of the Breton farm fam ily knows no sense of shame in bathing before the fireplace and your own won dering if the set time for body scrubbing happens to arrive while you are billeted with the The huge brasses upon the rare old furniture in every Breton home are constantly pol ished to a dazzling Cleanliness of person is a part ef the Bretons Every cook ing utensil ia scrubbed and scrubbed The pains taken with butter and cheese would astonish even a Mohawk Valley While the outer work aday clothing may shine with greese or grain added weight and substance from layers of the undergarments are scrupu lously clean and And you can not find a bed in all Brittany whose linen is not as fresh as a bed of violets and white as a bank of newly fallen At home the Breton peasant is a cmummtm When you make your trip to that per petual and delightful Cali or if you intend visiting interest ing and newly developed Mexico or the winter retorts of take the Mis Kansas and Texas The railway sells round trip tickets to Texas and having long limits and stopovers enroute at very low Among the many in ducements the railway of fers to the intending Mexico or California traveler are the following Its lines through the states of Old and New Arizona and thus insuring during the winter sea quick time without delays and ideal summer All those who have traveled and all those who have not appreciate the many advantages and conveniences to be found in the celebrated Pullman Buffet Sleep ing Cars which are run on all trains of the thus insuring to all a comfortable and pleasant The attention of each and every travel ing salesman is called to the field offered for the disposal of his goods in so that by taking the railway and reaching its principal a profit able trip is bound to be For tickets via or general information regard ing call upon your nearest agent or address Gaston General Pas senger and Ticket MEMORIES THE OLD MORION The Bise and Fall of Mormonism at SamTooThe Temple and the Pub lic of the BDITOB HAWKETB Dear Sir The article below has been published in the Chicago Jan and something similar in the As the common oil of eucalyptus re ferred to is only fit for mechanical pur poses vid Berlin Clinische Wochens chrif and causes dangerous disappointments when substituted for volatile produced from the I am entrusted with the request of asking you to reprint the with or without this in guidance of the medical Yours of writes It surprises me that in no public reuort reference is made to the pure volatile eucalyptus as a cure of the which has become epidemic in Europe And recently in a good many parts of the United This was employed by director of the medi cal clinic of the university at Greifs with the beat in hay ca tarrhal affections of the nasal mucous membrane and the deeper lying mucous membrane of the trachea and lecturer on pharmacol ogy at the University of speaks likewise in the highest terms of the virtues of that drug in the complaints During my stay in where the use of pure volatile eucalyptus extract the volatile oil of the leaves has become I took particular inter est in its The article there universally in favor is manufactured at and exported to all parts of the It must not be con founded with the common terebinthinous eucalyptus oil or wood tant states send to Nauvoo for their Much of it ia A visit to this quiet city would inter est the lover of He must needs fall into good once having secured a kindly and intelligent may spend a day most the pleasantly hi WbM Belldra of J DM Tbls We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by taking Halls Catarrh CHENEY the have known Cheney for the last 15 and be lieve him perfectly honorable in all busi ness transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by their WEST Wholesale KHJNAN Wholesale YAK Cashier Toledo Na tional Halls Catarrh Cure is taken acting directly upon the blood and mu cous surfaces of the 75c per Sold by all Special Correspondence of THS ing all that has been true and of Mormon ascendency and decline in there yet remains an unwrit ten history of much that would interest and instruct the It is not the in tention of your correspondent to give in detail the history of Mormonism at Nau voo or in Hancock That may be the duty of some future Joseph with possibly one or two founded the religion of Mormonism in New York state in about In the ten years that en sued a large following had been and in 1833 with the main body of his moved to A colony was also formed at where a temple was erect a bank and a town built For many reasons the Mormons were fin ally dtiven from Ohio and in 1839 and the entire body came to Hancock IB this locat ing at this which was then known as Here it was determined to build a mighty great place of gather ing to Here the temple and other sacred buildings were to be erected and the work of the last days was to How nearly and perfectly were these plans carried out is told by the most indifferent A costing in toil and treasure over one million of was Many really fine and substantial build ings for the use of Joseph Smith and his apostles were built almost in a Almost twenty thousand devoted people had gathered at this beautiful spot on the With one in one faith bound and they labored to build up a mighty And had it not been through the treachery and rascality of their leaders these many times in number might now be living rulers and each over a great As might be the advent of so many people into the state and county gave them a power politically that was courted by unscrupulous cliques of both Even the state legislature granted the Mormons a special charter for their Favors both social and political were extended to Possibly the Mormons as a mass would have been content to live quietly in their beautiful city holding themselves amenable to the laws of their But so long they had followed Joseph Smith through trials and they were yet blind enough to follow his mandates in the new as in other they came to On June their prophet was slain by an angry mob in a jail at Soon afterwards they went to war against the state and municipal Finally they were driven from the beautiful city they had The torch of vengeance was applied to their and upon another smouldering pyres told the pitiful story of On the bleak Iowa in the chill of innocent women and children while starving and heartbroken men looked across the rolling waters at the smoulder ing ruinsof their A few years thereafter the all that was left to tell the story of former THAT IS THE WAY 1 SKAT UTM1L ODTRA8E IS TREATED A Political Paul Pioneer A most extraordinary exercise of the appointive function took place at Madi Governor appointed Robert Sie to succeed the late Judge Stewart on the circuit The leading candidate for office was to secure whose appointment Siebecker was putting forth his best endeavors at the very time he himself was made the recipient of Governor Hoards Have all the old established political customs and traditions in Wisconsin gone drunk Fenny Foud It is foolish to save the little that Sozodont and suffer what will re sult in bad teeth and large payments to Place a bottle of it on the toilet use five drops only of it every time after cleanse the and show your mother whOe eyeing yon croons to her hunband a running ore of objections to the a few of which set has cheated the down to your face at wretch that and certainly no lees tham the thief of Bretoa hones who was caught and last korse fair at They are shrewd and they and sodden The only exception is in the master of the house who gravely stands about and while puffing his slender is ever a quiet but effective driver of his family of wDling The wife and and especially the wife and ceaseleesly drudge with the almost in conceivable bitterness of manual labor about the home or in the They beasts of burden No re spect or consideration is ever shown the of Omee married ever a is a pathetic proverb among them and there are no beautiful Texas is that fellow who comes see you every evening is a gintleman who is en gaged to me but Im of telling him not to come here any He talks to About whom About mum he says you are the most beautiful lady in the He doesnt seem to be such a bad man after all I guess yon can let him call once in Merit We desire to say to our that for year we have been selling Kings New Discovery for Kings New Life Bucklins Arnica Salve and Electric and have never handled remedies that sell as or that have given such generalsatisfac We do not hesitate to guarantee them evejr and we stand ready to refund the purchase if satisfactory results do not follow their These remedieihave won thengreat popularity surely on thier Hothing it thought of a coil of rope on shipboard until tome oae It lays over the and then all the passengers want to IM Orleans was burned by the hand of lome unknown Thia epoch in the history of Nauvoo was followed by but one more In 1849 a body of Icarian French communists settled at They purchased the temple site and built a and made some pretentious to rebuilding the almost destroyed The proved to be a and the main body of Icarians sold put and went Those who remained es tablished an industry which it may be is a very large and profit able Of the cultivation of grapes and making of wine short reference is to be There are yet remaining in this place a few buildings erected by the Mormons in the early has not dealt gently with The old Mansion house stands sheer upon the waters to a casual looks to be a unfinished It was origin ally intended to be a magnificent but ere this design was carried out the prophets untimely the Mormon and the hasty hegira from Nauvoo of the prevented the comple tion of this and other contemplated struc Those buildings of note yet but in a dilapitated the tithing the Masonic the mansion residences of many of the and some other houses of less The temple site is now occupied by a When the Mormons fled from the city they took with them all sacred insignia pertaining to the The huge baptismal fount which rested on the backs of twelve gilded carved from Italian wasutterly Relics of this magnificent piece of with other portions of the dismantled are in possession of several of the older The heads of several of the oxen ornament the stone entrances to wine cellars that are located in and about the Reputable and intelligent pioneers of Nauvoo have impartedto your corres pondent reminiszences concerning early Mormon that furnishes sufficient material for more than one Drop ping the question of that is to have shown its serpentlike head plainly under the revelations of Joseph we may speak of the Sons of mysterious band of Danetas who really existed and were sworn to obey the cruel commands of Smith and his chosen Of their deeds much hai been It is said that there were several subterranean passages leading from the temple and from Smith resi dence to of safety without the city limits to be used by the propher in case of sudden danger from attack or ar Many stories are told in connection with the hegera of the Mormons from Nsuvoo of bievezy and devotion the part of the No doubt many an unwritten romance Hes at the tongues end of the few rugged pio neers who heard the trials of early Mor days in Nauvoo and lived through leharrowiig scenes of the past few f sen of There are yet a few Mormons in Nsn jo sad a number in Hsmcock While still clinging to the Worldwide One would scarcely expect to find a South African chief worthy the names of hero and Christian gentleman yet one of the principal rulers in has fairly earned titles The wagons need not be watched said one of the Border Police to a traveler We crossed into Khames country last and none of his people will take away For Khame as a the same sterling integrity which distinguishes him as a He was born about says a writer in Murrays and was the legal heir of of Early in life Khame was converted to and soon became the victim of his fathers Having re fused to assist in the celebration of cer tain heathen he incurred Sekhome s who vented it first by com manding him to take another The young chief and though for ten years the struggle went he was al ways loyal to whom he had mar ried for I refuse on account of the Word o f was his constant Lay upon me the hardest tasks you can think as triala of but do not ask me to take another Treachery and plotting on his fathers part were met by Khames unfailing self restraint and filial One night an attempt was made to murder him in his and this so incensed the tribe that they revolted in his and Sek home was compelled to Khame sent for and respectfully restored to him his making only the stipulation that the question of a second marriage should be At another the chief awoke to find fires built in his and wizards dancing chanting curses for his Some remnant of the old faith may have made him but lie quietly put on his magic flames and dispersed the Then the feeling sure that he had been be begged him to invoke the pow ers of evil and spread counter spells upon his promising that they would support him in The Word of God forbids me to curse any said least of my own Then came persecutions so many and bitter that he was obliged to with his fellow to the Here he was besieged for two and after trying to poison the spring from which they contrived to cut off their water supply entirely for eight Khame ordered his men not to and sent back a horse which had been taken from his after prolonged the old chief and Khame succeeded Since that he has ruled his peo ple with wisdom and A great part of his revenue is spent in improving their althougn he does not forbid the continuance of harmless heathen his influence is great and unceasing in favor of Chris He has put down the use of strong and prevented traders from bringing it into his and has for bidden accusations of and the killing of children bom weak or de It is said that even his foreign affairs are regulated by a policy dictated by the Sermon on the When actually obliged to defeat a small band of trouble some refugees in the he ceased fighting as soon as their strong hold had been and sent them an offer of wagons for the women and chil dren in their journey over the when two driven away from the country for valid forced By the Befreseitatives of the Sovtk at Washington WheEcjoy the Fntits of the ef the Colored Oorreroondenoe of John of is one of the wit tiest members of the house of represen Here is one of his stories com cerning southern outrages It is not he that the negro doea not have a chance to vote and have his vote counted as cast There never has bees any intimidation of negro voters in my On the we do all that we can toget them to the polls aid in duce them to They are generally ignorant and have no idea of dates and They forget when election day and where the ballot boxes arc In order to help then rstnesa ber we plant cannons at each polling place the night before election and off several rounds to let the know that there is to be a fair elec tion on the and it is an actual fact that even then they prefer spending their election days inthe swamps rather than at the Fellow the abuse of the tive by the elimination of the votes of over a million hai be come no longer a matter of grave consid eration at the national capitol but is be come a byword and The are given to as in the recent case at if tksr come to the they will oe snut down like dogs and they do not Bach black voter sees before hut the spectre form of poor Print of Judge and of other republi cans white and black seeing those spectres hovering over every voting they dare not risk their and hencs remain It is a matter of common long past the stage of rumor or repaired that the negro vote in the south is This the should legislation which will cut down the rep resentation in congress from that Only voters should be Do you know that the state of Georgia cait only votes to elect ten congress while the state of Wisconsin casting is only entitled to nine There is the infamy of this southern outrage It not only outrages the black citizen of the but it outrages the white citizen of the The vote of a Mississippi democrat is worth eight times as much as the vote of a Wisconsin The same ratio and proportion exists all over the The white people of the north who have indifferently and listlessly looked upon the outrages whick have been perpetrated upon the negroes of the will be less than men if they do not resent and remedy the out rages which makes a southern vote so much more valuable than a If the negroes are not to be al lowed to they should not lie ed in the census as their way Khame sent under a strong and kindly to the British authorities to be dealt instead of inflicting upon them the summary justice usually expected from the hands of a native In all the affairs of public and he has proved himself a thor ough Christian and a blameless they are quiet and peaceable citizei the eager stranger wffl find the city only a sleeping Andrew formerly president of Cornell is mentioned as the successor of the late Henry Pier son in the Board of Henrik Ibsen has a favorite seat in a Munich restaurant If he finds it occu pied he walks up and shaking his fists at the Ibsen has a very hot John Watts son of the fam ous Phil has resigned as inspector general of the National of New on the staff of Queen Victoria haa made a baronet of Sir Albert who recently enter tained the Shah of Persia magnificently in London His enemies say that he should be Baron Stanley long ago received the freedom of the City of but not the golden casket in which the parchment ia con That will be presented to him on his return this Talmage ia to be welcomed home upon his about February by a great public meeting in the Brooklyn Academy of over which the May or will be asked to It ia claimed that no officer in the United States Navy has participated in a greater number of battles than Rear Admiral Melancthcm He served in the Mexican and the civil Sims who is now has sus pended hia farewell tour through Eng land on account of This pop ular Ejglish tenor has now been making farewell by actual for twenty Cyrus Field is now three score and tea years but still in active business His first employment WM at errand boy for Stewart at a His duties required him to open and sweep out the The Heber Newton told his congregation Sunday that a distinguished rector once said To be successful in the ministry in New York requires some what of the grace of but alio a lit tle spice of the devil Admiral who was a midship man on the Shannon when she fought the Chesapeake off has Just recov ered from the although 99 yean of A disease that knock out centenarian is not entitled to exTreasurer of the United now 90 years of writes from that he is sorely He ia almost Be sayi Can just see with great effort to but cant see to read my own writ Henry whose fox statue of Farragut ceptod by has received gold for his works from the of Boumamia aad severe art mad from the King of cross of the Legion of Whoever sits in the gallery of the house or must notice the dispro portion in For example The state of Texas which casts votes elected eleven and there they sit in the house while the same with only votes hae two exconfederates in the The state of Iowa has only eleven representa tives in the and two yet that state cast votes for congress The same parallel may be drawn between the various and the pro portion will always be even worse than the comparison between Iowa and Texas in the white democratic vote is quite The theme to which I desired to call especial was the flip pant manner in which southern are spoken right under the dome of the where the Goddess of Lib erty looks down upon the hollow mock ery of The illegally and uncon stitutionally elected representatives from southern now say boldly that they do not intend to allow the negroes to How long will the people of the loyal states permit these things to be The Southern people assert that I have accepted all of the results of but they have says Congress man of Iowa One of the remits of the war that the negro shall vote and have his vote Until that constitutional right is conceded to the negro ia the it will be useless for the people lately in releUlon to say that they accept the results of the freedom and enfranchisement of The the slaves constituted the principle rsenlte of the and these results sooner or be accepted The bill nf Senator advocat ing the exportation and expatriation of the meets only with While it is conceded that the of the negroes might be better or some other portion of Afttov it is nonsense to suppose that then if eew constitutional means of sending i outof the country without their e Every negro in America is ee free Senator The majority of are better for theyi either sword or musket against the fleff of the Union never acted the rebel or The trouble ia not wftfc the negro in the south but with Morgan and other murderous like unto SMITH A certain cure for Chromic Sore Salt Scald Chronic Fever Prairie Sore eed It to cool cases have and Hndrcfeof icuredbyitafteraUotlsny M and treatment had hone for bv Irate German to stream who stepped on hie in B3 Mine I know mine feet VM but dot longs to The beet salve ia the tare sett chapped and an shin or BO isguaraateeiito

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