Saturday, January 18, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 18, 1890, Burlington, Iowa l THE BURLINGTON ESTABLISHED SATURDAY JANUARY THE SITUATION ffl THE LE6BLATDBE A DES Proceedings in Both ing in the Caucuses Review of tbe Legislative DBS the open ing of the house the following pairs wer announced Gardner with Estes and Smith with Estes is the firs democratic member who has been unabli to attend the All other member were The fifteenth roll call on temporary clerk was taken up and re suited in a vote of 48 to In the house were many prominent politicians of botl It was expected that in conse quence of the action of the senatorial caucus last there would be a break in the democratic but up to after fourteen ballots had been i had not There had been twentynine ballots in On motion of of the house adjournec until Both parties immediately wentinto This afternoon another pair was an nounced caused by the sickness of Filers of on the democratic Brown of paired wilh Imme diately after the pair being Dolbrook of a moved an adjournment until tomorrow to allow the conference committee time to The motion was lost and the thirtieth roll call was proceeded It 47 Van Bight other ballots were each resulting the same as the when of Franklin moved an Tbe aye and nay vote was cailnd for and of the voted with the republicans for Chairman Lane look the tally shoot from the reading clerk and read the vote to be a but the tally sheet of the tellers showed a vote of 40 to 48 for adjournment THE In the senate this morning a resolution adopted authorizing the secretary ot state to eeals to Lieutenant Governor Hull announced afi the committee on inauguration Sena tors Meservcy Ballirgall and Adjourned till 2 p next A V1KW OK THB Hltnatlon Noted by The Hpvclal Correepou toTm One had becomo apparent tliat there would be no change iu the house so the majority of members came to the conclusion that it would usrlcss to remain here and try to do somelhinR when there was nothing that could be At the ses sion yesterday Senator Woolson an nounced that the majority of the sena tors were in favor of adjourning over Sunday in order that they mipht go home and attend to business The resolution authorizing the assignment of aepe to reporters was quite M the secretary of tho senate had already performed that Your correspon dent can now be found either at senate desk 52 or house desk The membership of the committee on inaug uration is well made up with Senator 1 and Dodge and vBallingall as associate They Vill not hnyo an easy time of how as Ballingall said only a short time 4er adjournment We are into a n ddle We have to fight thcold fogy notion of precedent that the cere take place in the rotunda of tho capitol I want it to be hold in some other more suitable place and will work hard for There is no use in slick ing to one locali y and as we want to make this a specially notable in we want to get it away from the old There is no doubt that tho democracy will try tc make this in aucuration the most splendid held here for a long With the senate out of the way now all interest will be settled in the house which continues as stubbornly as Home hopes wore entertained this morning that there would be Rome change in the but the ballots taken proved the hope to be According to custom the members nf the par ties met in their separate caucus rooms and a few minutes before ten filed back into the house cham The dead ock begins to show its effects upon the They do not como in smiling each morning eager for the fray as at but appear with a bared yet determined expression countenance It is getting tiresome and come members influenced by more ennui will finally break ranks and help or ganize Said Representative Rue this morning I would like to get hold of some good honest re publican who wants to get a man in for assistant 1 would vote for his candidate all the way through and give him a permanent Thats the way I like to help men to AU we demo orate want is to get a democratic tem porary speaker in the chair so that we can do a little something in the way of Be need not hold the position any great leangth of and after he is there we can appoint a com mittee of two democrats and two repub then shake up in a bos the names of five republicans and five democrats and have one name and the man designated shall be tho fifth member of a committee to decide who shall be This method will bring abaut a ready solution of the Re presentative said in reply to this That seems fair but they wont do That just about expresses the Neither party wants to give in now as the strug gle has proceeded as far as it There is no use trying to speculate on how long it will as there is nothing in the actions or votes of the members to indicate any Although the pro ceedings in the house this morning were of a very monotonous character there were a large nuber of visitors both on the floor and in the Public in terest is all centered in the strange spec tacle of men working so desperately and with co much determination for party People come here and sit through the entire monotonous session paying close attention and expecting on every roll call to hear a change and have some result brougt But all are for nothing of the hind is likely to This moining it was quite bard to keep the necessary order during the roll and the cl frequently bad to rap for more order onthe floor and in the The house eeemed determined this morn ing to go on with roll calls until the end was The fifteenth was the be and the constant wai laptop without change till the twenty Luke and the leaders of the had a abort conference along about the but nothing It was nothing but roll calle sea oclock until the tints of ad journment at Under the new sys of seatiags tbe two parties dose watch oa representatives mixed in with the oppo cite so that any schemethat ma be tried is sure to be found out and th information concerning it given at once to the opposite The watch is very Besides members ar constantly patroling the lobby to try tc detect any weakness or attempt to spring a surprise worked up by the party lead era on the When adjournmen was taken at it was with a feeling of relief that the members filed off to their respective L DEMOCRATIC riawtC BrvaKlBC Deadlock Not BpcoUl to THB DBS democrats this afternoon made the following pro position to the look ing toward the settlement of the It provided that the Drefent who are e made regular temporary Thai n the permanent organization the demo crats be given the the republi cans the chief and the remainder of the offices be divided equally that the democrats be given the chairmen of the committees on Euppresion of appropriations and The republican caucus will act upon it in the but no hopes are entertained of its A talk with leading republicans to night revealed that the proposition would ie rejected promptly by the caucue n the The democrats want too much and it appears their claims for a fur compromise are notably Both parties are determined to have the Epeak and as both are firm in their de mands there is no prospect whatever for Senator Allison was a visitor on the oor of the house today and wag warm y received by the republican THK CAUCUS FOTUBK That Btpobllcan PTIMJMCU arc peolal to THX DEB republican enatorial caucus was a great topic of iscusBion this The republi an members of the house and senate feeling much better and considered ie prospects much brighter with the question disposed So long s that remained unsettled the Lad something to work but now the epublicans are all lined up on every uastion of and their line onsiderably overshadows the demo ratic The felling among them is lat now the senatorial question is def nitely settled by every member having n caucus expressed himself in favor of there need be no fears of apy and that the seeing ie bold front put wijl have to weak n ere Some of the expressions of pinion were about follows Representative hink the democrats appear as if an ve was knocked cut this bat unanimous vote last night will help s greatly to organize the Representative ou know as well as I do that theYe was ndoubtedly some opposition to ut there was so little that the few merc ers did not care to show I hope the ouse will soon get organized and get to Senator a grand endorsement and one of hich any man would be The emocrats had hoped that by delay op osition could be brought but now s the matter is finally settled they can o nothing and we hope soon to see the ouse Representative ope the action of last night will aid us organizing the but can tell bet er as we see things open up this morn Representative republican action last night completely nocks the wind out of the evcral of them have eaid to me looks like you fellows will organize ie house Senator result ast night was as I expected it would be nd is perfectly satisfactory to Vhat WSB most surprising about it was ie unanimity with which the nomina on was The republicans are to ave the senator and Allison is bout as good a man as they could put n the Representative esult was just as I expected it would hat fipeech of Allisons was all put Allison has become such an dept at speechmaking and acting that e can readily adapt himself to any oc There is no doubt in every ounty in the state an abler republican tan but he has got a hold upon is place and will keep Sinator cau us last night did a very wise and peace ul thing in nominating Senator Allison s they did Undoubtedly this action ill greatly influence the organization of he house and help to settle the wai fine compliment to Senator Al Senator action f the caucus was all that could have een There was no t may have no influence upon the or the democrats may eay that now Al son is the republicans will ave to give in to organize the house and ect The general conclusion would be that he republicans are jubilant and while the democrats do not look very indly or favorably upon the action of ast JOHN WKBB n COBBtye 6ett TalrtrFlve pedal to Tm the Clinton who shot McCausland of this county last while the latter was defending his house against an attempted was to ay sentenced by Judge Waterman to urtyflve years in the Febbs attorney attempted no Tie evidence was conclusive and Webb ad made ample corroborating confes So nothing was asked but the leniency of the Webb was o have been sentenced tomorrow ut became fearful of mob violence at ie hands of the people and received sentence a day earlier at his own request is closely related to wealthy and aristo cratic people at Clinton but he got no telp from his vie has uovm LAtreHB AT VatliesT romantic runaway wedding with interesting de velopments occurred recently at small town thirty miles north of Water on a branch of the Illinois welltodo young business man residing at nameu loiaing returned to Nashua after sev eral years absence to claim bis bride in the person of tbe only daughter of William a wealthy citizen of Waite has long objected to the pro poaednnionof nil daughter to young MjamgU UIUUU Hicl J chiefly because Ike latter wsc the young man arrived in Kashas fet was SPeedfly singled out by sad Ms two atsl Andrews rafBeed and they ivs him alarrlbte They rocddItonbtlcsshaTS left is sad a The Marderer Arreeteel at Haette and TaaeB to Dee DBS the fourteenyearold boy shot by Edward aged at last died after lying in an unconscious state for several The Doupherty boy after roming about the stopping at farm houses for five re urned Wednesday night to where ie was brought to this city at nidnight and locked up in the county ail on a charge of murderous which will not be changed to Dougherty said he had been at 3o protests his saying he did did not know the pistol was He old one person that he said to Suppose you were a millionaire and I a and ointed the pistol at him anpulled the and that he was surprised when t went Dougherty is a tough char and was only three months since eleased from the reform where he was sent for stealing whisky from a wholesale druggist of this Save Birth to prominent ocal physician reports a case in which William living three miles west of gave tirth on Tuesday f this week to two girls and me the combined weight of which was twentyone all living and loing Twenty one months bafore he woman gave birth to making five children in less than two Combined with other abnormal omplications it was a very interesting especially to the medical Want admin strator of the estate of Louis de hss instituted a suit against F Koechling for the recovery of alleged ridges to the estate of the deceased hrough Burrells which resulted rom a gunshot wound inflicted Decem ier 10 by the The deceased eft a wife and six and his es ae is alleged to be damaged in the sum f Nashua in a covered carriage aad sen word by a friend to hie who join ed him at his hotel A justice was sum moned and the marriage was consum They took tbe evening train and a large concourse of admiring friends assembled at the depot to see them safely started on their The father was dumbfounded when he heard of the but the verdict of the brothers is not for they re turned to their at some distance from after their assault on An leaving word with the eld gentle man to telephone them in the event ol Andrews The mothers sympa thies are said to be with the VICTIM Daclarod FORT It will be re membered that H of Fort failed a few vears aeo with his lock mortgaged up to the eyes in favor he mother and other relatives of The United States court has ust declared the mortgages void and de ided in favor of the claims of the credi ors on the John ecretary of the was one of the ttorneys for the The Btvcr mt peclal to Jan The river was almost closed here last evening but to ay is wide open again and running with iroken All immediate fear of a water famine is over as the rise has car ied the gauge more than a foot above ow water Icemen here are pre aring to ship in their stock for the com ng season from the A Union Depot DBS It ia announced iiat all the railroads entering this city ave agreed to unite and build a union It is understood that it will be ocated south of the court house and ex end from Fifthto Sixth Four een railroads will run trains into this union May the A dispatch avs that Frank son of Dr lorrison of a democratic member f the is very ill of la nd the latter haa been sent This may break the IOWA A knitting factory is one of the possi ilities of future location at Fort Madi C Cunsell was found dead in his ied at Farley Thursday He ved Sixty volumes of choice books have een added to the library in the state orticultural roams at Des Moines dur ng the past few Some of the new ooks are very rare and are a very valu ble addition ts the The Davenport water company will xtend its supply pipe to the channel of tie It will terminate in an elbow which will turn it down stream a few eet so that all the direct drift of objec ionable matter into the inlet will be The expense of the improve ment willcost There are now three different parties guring on the Oskaloosa street railway and the ordinance granting the ranchise will be passed by the council ext Monday The city needs uis improvement and will soon enjoy The Jenkins Hay Rake and Stacker the first manufactory secured y Fort Madisons recently organized citizens will goon begin op The following officers have een elected Morrison ice Gibson Charles Peters Mc Cray R ADKLINA FATTI A MaxIcaB Kaltor Sent to Jail for SaylBt Hank Talaaa of CITY OF The El a newspaper published in this recently published articles defama tory of Madame Adelina who is creating such a seusttion An im mediate suit was brought and the editor ent to The affair has created much indignation among the many warm ad mirers of the fair Of health and strength renewed aad of eaw sod comfort follows the use of Syrup of si it sets in harmony with nature to effectually cleanse the system when costive or For tale m 50c and by aU regard to the reported floods ia this ragjoa dis patches to the Journal from White Wa bash and Little Wabssh indicate these rivers are all faffing The low ands are all covered bat ao reports of serious damage are at Oarmi proper has not been but the negro settlement ia a hollow opposite Carmi hss been About seventy five families residing there escaped in safety with their effects to No one can witness the sufferings of the without feelings of extreme pity for these BuHe Syrup is the FoTStaegtheaiag the digestive Mosacjyas aad rehabffitatiag there is sto better At all drer IGONTBE IEIBERS REfRBEFTHB THE COiPETDW CITIES ACUTELY AT WOEL A Special Worlds Fair Committee Ap pointed by the HouseThe Okla homa Town Site Ballot Box the home McKMey called up his motion to tsble the motion to reconsider the vote by which the house yesterday refused to substitute the resolutions reported by the committee on rules as amended by the adoption of the Cannon resolution for the original resolution referred to the The motion to table the motion to re consider was agreed 144 The question then recurred on the adoption of the original follows That a select committee of nine to be called the worlds fair shall be appointed by the to which shall be referred all matters relating to the proposed cele bration of the four hundredth anniver sary of ttfe discovery of or the worlds fair of The resolution was 141 of changed his vote from the negative to the affirma in order to enter a motion to recon Springer said he only desired that the committee should be instructed to re port next week to the house a plan by which the location might be As it now stood the committee would be authorized to select the He withdrew his motion to stat ing that he would trust to the fairness of committee and of the of New introduced New Yorks worlds fair and it will be refered to the special committee when of New offered a resolution increasing the membership of hat committee from nine to Referred to the committee on of introduced a bill granting pensions to exsoldiers and sailors incapaciated for the performance of manual of introduced a bill o extend trade and commerce of the United and to provide for full re ciprocity between the United States and The house then went into committee of the whole on the bill to provide for site entries in The 3rst section of the bill authorizes the sec retary of the interior to appoint three commissioners for esch portion of public ands settled upon and occupied as a town site co more than two whom shall be members of the same political whose duty it shall be whenever called on by any occupants of such town site and money for the en ry of such town site is to en ter at the proper land office at a mini mum the land so settled and occu pied not exceeding onehalf section for iach town in trust for the several use and benefit of the occupants according to their respective of New offered an amendment providing for the appoint inatead of an indefinate number of com nittees of four boards to consist of three committees throe boards for eastern and one for western land dis Perkins believed at least five oards should be provided of South doubted hether five boards would be of while he was n favor of having the question said the people in the town of Oklahoma ought to come to some sort of arrange ment which would greatly reduce work of the While he would err on the side of he did not think that the house should be of offered a sub stitute for the first section devolving upoi the local land officers under rules and regulations prescribed by the secre ary of the duties proposed to e performed by the Baker modified the amendment so as not to provide for the appointment of not more than five to consist of bree commissioners each and as modi led it was agreed Holmans substi ute was The second section of the bill author zes the commissioners to do whatever maybe necessary to execute in good aith and justice the provisions of this act Section three authorizes the secretary of the interior to prescribe the rules and regulations to govern the commissioners and to make it the duty of the commis sioners to determine all controversiers arising between Culbertson moved an amendment providing the claim of any for ay town site or lot Lshall be deemed nvalid if such person entered the ter ritory or took possession of a town cite or lot in advance of the date fixed by the presidents Tarsney offered a substitute for his amendment providing when it shall be shown by satisfactory evidence the claimant was at noon on the 23 of a United States deputy or United States officer or or prior to that in Ok lohoma representing himself to be such officer or if it is shown the claimant en tered the territory in violation of the c proclamation such claimant shall not have a right to prove op or mrchase any town site or lot Pending the committee rose and the house adjourned until one o1 clack enabling the members to attend the funeral of Walker ler and The result of the contest is that a special committee of nine members will be appointed to be called a worlds fair It may choose a site if it seems but it is more probable that the determination of that question will be relegated to the At the special meeting of the censts committee on territories to Chair I 6 senate committee on patents today instrcted Senator Platt to report favorably the bfll known as the Chace International Copy right bill which was pending before con gress last Consideration of the nomiootion of Thomas Morgan to be Indian commis was posponed until next The boose committee oa weights and measures will give s hear ng to the advocates on free coinage oa Monday next The marble statue of President Gar recently imported at Hew and intended to form part of the Oarfleld memorial now In progress of construction st wffl be admitted to free A favorable report was today ordered by the house committee oa military affairs on the bOl to authorise the presi dent to confer the brevet rank upon officers of the srmy for gallant services i the Indian The house committee oa elections to day heard arguments by counsel ia the contested elacttaa ease of Feetherstoae Great interest was takea ia the upon the worlds fair ia the house The their awa ia Bast man Platt was instructed to recommending the passsge of bills to make s state of Wyoming and to organise a territorial form of government for Ok The committee inas much as there ia a case now panding be fore the supreme court involving the constitutionality of such a test oath as is required by the adopted by the people of affecting the Mor the bill for the tdmiision of Idaho as a state should not be acted upon definitely until the supreme court rules upon the question Representative of Massachu addressed the house committee on commerce today in advocacy of his one for the entire repeal of the inter state commerce law and the other for the repeal of the long and short haul and antipooling At the cabinet meeting to day Secre tary Windom submitted a draft of the bill prepared by himself in regard to the coinage of and it received the ap proval of the president and most of the The bill will probably be in troduced in the house by of Iowa on 8XCRXTABT BLAINB VKBT FATAL 1 CHICAGO TESHBDLE HAM DISHES BID ill Feire taat He will Never Set Over of Favorite condition of Secretory Elaine is exciting the appre hension of his who fear that he will never recover from the blow caused by the loss of his son The sec retary has proxysms of grief and it is with great difficulty that he can restrain For the last few yean Walker has been so invaluable to him that his death leaves the secretary almost dis Elaine was not a man who attended to and these he had been in the habit of leaving entirely to who had in his hands all the loose ends of his fathers business and knew just what was going on and what mat ters the secretary desired to c insider and take There is nobody now to take his as Emmons is in business and James G is not settled enough to be trusted with important business of any THK Foraaer Ttlle tae Com Waat He Aboat The committee investigating the Ohio bollot box forgery cases held a session this morning and heard further statements from exGovernor He con sumed the entire morning reading letters and telegrams which passed between himself and Woods and the other parties relative to the ballot boxes and the bill affecting it in The bulk of letters which were received by him from Woods were to urge him Foraker to press the appointment of Woods for smoke inspector at Cincinnati in return for the alleged facts given Foraker by Woods with reference to the ballot box Foraker testified that he had been informed that Woods character was but that Woods in answer to his in quiries on the subject stated that the re ports grew out of the fact that he had once arrested and but that the arrest was because of his attack on a mm who had insulted his and he Woods plead guilty and received a fine of 85 Foraker testified that he obtained from Woods a sample which tie exhibited during some of his speeches in Ohio and which was the one referred to by the bill supported by Campbell in Foraker testified that he iad not furnished Woods any money as an equivalent for his information or for any other The committee then adjourned until to when Foraker s hearing will be WASHINGTON Ban Wnu Chief Feaeloa Bureaa Commissioner f pensions ttaum has gent a letter to Secretary requesting the removal From office of Henry of New chief of the middle division in the pension on the ground that the efficiency of the bureau wmld be pro moted On April during Corporal Tanners Phil lips pension was rerated and in For this reason Secretary Noble some weeks later requested him to be declined to and no further action has since been taken until it is to the pressure which was brought to bear in Phillips behalf by members of congress and It is believed Phillips dismissal will be soon followed by others whose pensions were and several others will be re duced in rank and SON FBOGBB88IVE A delegation of Oneida Indians from northern Wisconsin called at the Indian Bureau today and presented a petition asking for a a suspension of the work of allotting lands to members of their tribe until they can fully hear the views of the Indians upon the allotment scheme The commissioner declined to order the suspension and expressed the opinion that the delegation represented only the nonprogressive members of the WALKXB ELAINES The arrangements for the funeral of Walker Blaine wen completed There will be no services at the A abort prayer will be offered and only the intimate friends of the family and the president and members of the cabinet are expected to be The services at the Church of the Covenant will also be brief and very The pallbearers se lected are William assistant secretary of state John Serellon Marcellus Loring and William Change of monthly ir hot are cored by Miles Fret samples at Wines drag Junes Kenard better known ai The defeated Reddy of in a fight to a flniih here early this morning in the thirtyfifth Both ing in the thirty badly Free aampleaof Bestorativ Nervine at Wines drag Cnrei Sespless Isaiah and Chmdee Dot wen hanged here this aft ernoon for tke murder of Praetorins oear BthaL who they waylaid end to data OK the tat day of list x of tho wUHT of ft How of the net aadtaafaskaf A Kesmber of People Killed Outright and a Kutber Seriously Wounded Wreck Takes Fire Other At this evening as the Glendale accommodation bound for Cincinnati was leaving the station near College Bin a Chi cago vestibnled train ran into the rear of the There were three passenger cars on the Glendale containing about seventyfive The locomotive of the Chicago vesti baled train ran halfway through the rear car of the piling the passenger cars in a heap and setting them on At the present writing four persons have been taken out dead from the The wounded are now on their way to this where they will be taken to the The number of fatalities and con sidering the completeness of the wreck and the number of is report ed to be comparatively Several of the persons rescued are fatally wound Bob the baggage master of the vestibuled is badly hurt and died shortly after being placed in a patrol The body of John Wil superintendent of the Metropolitan Life Insurance has been identified as one of those who were barned The engineer of the vesti buled train is seriously THE DBAO AND INJURED Superintendent arrived in this city from the secene of the wreck at midnight says John of Cin Conductor Witherbee and an unknown woman were the only ones killed James the bag gage who was terribly and William a have died at the hospital since being brought to the making the number of fatalities The engineer and fire man of SI were terribly as was also a boy name unknown from They are in the It is claimed that no other persons were seriously lajared la CoJlfeloa The Hanni ble and Joe and Rock Island passen ger trains collided here this several passengers on the latter train were They are Frank Trim Kansas and Joseph Gal of Both were in jured Killed IB On the Kansas Fort Scott and about three miles east of a freight train with fifty loaded cars was The fireman was instantly killed and the engineer and two brake men were seriously Tomr The limited west bound on the Pea nsylvania struck and killed Edward aged 17 Michael aged and Mrs Kate Stock house their married at Mowells ville near here last Acetaeatallr Sidney a nephew of Sidney of New accidentally shot and killed him self while out hunting Killed fey B Banting The bursting of a converter in the Illinois Steel Companys works this evening killed one man and badly injured four THB TIKE A Iioee at which is be lieved to have started in the lower floor in Coburn building this morning spread with remarkable rapid ity to the upper The building is of four stories Co burn are boot and shoe dealers and the firms adjoining are dealers in leather and shoe The fire was confined to the Claflin building and at ten oclock was gotten under Considerable damage was done to the adjoining buildings by Estimate of the loss made by an instrance expert places it between fifty and seventyfive thousand insurance is A PHXNOMINAL Haaand Fifty Batkeli of Cera BalMd Nxw most phe nominal yield of corn ever produced in has been awarded a prize of offered by the American Agricul for the largest crop of shelled corn grown on one acre in The crop was within a fraction of two hundred and fiftyfive green which shrunk to two hundred and thirty nine bushels when kiln and when chemically contained two hundred and seventeen The South Carolina state board of agriculture doubled the making the award in This crop was grown by of Marlboro South It is nearly twice as large as the greatest au thenticated crop ever before The 1500 awarded for the largest yield of wheat laat year goes to Henry Bur of Salt Lake for a yield of eighty bushels on one MTJBDBBKD BY THZIB A WemaB CnJldreB Bad ma niac mother shot three of her children early yesterday morning at their home on the bank on Cannon five miles from forced a third to take a large and probably fatal dose of carbolic and then attempted to end her own wretched existence by swallowing half a teacupful of the Two of the children are the other two are likely to and it is hardly possible that the mother can The woman ia James Ta Bur lington aad Northern road issued a so tice today last on January 20 it would reduce the MconddaH rate from St Paul and Minneapolis to Chicago to a cat of ft from the present quotations made by an of the on account of tha alleged scent cnti bywveral com The Omaha and Wifcontia Cen tral roads have already announced that they win meat the rat The Burlington road abo leaned a notice that commenc ing Jaaoary 20 tha fintclcsa rate toSt Louie win be KAKUS Agent Burlington aad that the Weeat I Sty to the Attorn sbo goes WaSXEBR FRBKIHT At a meeting of the western freight association today it wai agreed to confine the cot In cattle ratee to shipments from Kansas Citr and intermediate The Omaha roads decided to maintain the 25 cent rate from Omaha to and to preserve the present standard of ratee in This seems to be viola tion of the provision of the interstate commerce law which prohibits dMCTimy nation against The arrange ment wiQ compel Omaha shippers to pay double the amount charged Kansas City shipners for the same A com mittee often was appointed to adjust intermediate rates between Kansas City and Chicago on a basis of the twelve and onehalf cent MTLLIONAIKK ABB or New Croeeee Dark Asa 3aule died this aged He was president f a patent medicine Saule had large interests in western He was tha founder of the Saule college at Dodge City1 and owner and president of the First National bank He also owned more than half of the town of which became the coun ty seat of Gray county after a violent struggle with the residents of Soule was worth ISAAC LESKM OF QUINCT wife of Isaac died at her aome in this city this Lesem has been prominent in charitable work for many AN ASTRONOMER DEAD The noted Professor is COMMODORE OF Commodore Joseph Bartine died aged FOTJULT mortgage foreclose The two answers comprise a The Body ef BUnlng Girl A Iover Suipeeloaed Edna Wilson a pretty girl aged mysteriously A young stockman named McOomb went away about the same time and as he had been paying the girl attention against her mothers wishes it was suppose they had McComb soon how and denied Soon after Me Comb sold his ranch and left for parts Monday laat the new owner of the ranch discovered the which had been buried under the floor of a cabin in an unfrequented part of the which was positively identified as that of the missing There was a bullet hole through her skull and it is now believed McComb murdered A fund has been raised to employ detectives to hunt him THB MINSK Propomd Coaeolldatlon of tbe Pro Kreeelve Union and the el question of the future of the coal miners of West Indiana and Illinois with reference to the pro posed reorganization and consolidation of the National Progressive Union and Knights of Labor ia about to be settled The operators seen today say the posed consolidation ia the best action the miners can It will have the effect of an end to the internation al disagreements and fights against each Beyond this it is the assertion of the operators that they will get them in the convention to arrange a thing they could not do under the present A CLAJBVOYAMT WmrraaU Inncd for Her Amet a Charge of the First National bank obtained new warrants against Madame a charging her with the forgery of a note for The bank is out on three notes aggregating that which are all believed to be The woman ia known to have received at least by her transactions in notes supposed to be forged dnrrs tie past SPARKS OF Four negroeo of the Karoo tribe arrived in New York from Liberia They are to be educated at Father convfcted of assault and sentenced to be has been granted a new trial by the supreme court of North Governor of has fixed as the day for execution of Thomas OBrien at Lexing ton for the murder of Bettie The journeymen stonecutters of Buf f alo have announced to the employers that they will enforce the eighthour day July It is expected that the demand will be The Reading terminal which gives the Reading railroad the right to build an elevated railroad into the center of Phil adelphia to Arch was signed by the mayor Will a butcher at Middles a desperate was shot and instantly killed Wednesday night by Deputy Sheriff and Acting City Marshal Roger Williams while resist ing A bill has been Introduced in the New York legislature for an electrical com mission to have supervision of tele graph and telephone all electric and all motor and subway corpor A tract of acres of timber land has been sold by Gale ft of to of The land lies in the town of Highmarket This is one of the largest land sales ever made in New York A certain philanthropist buys a large quantity of Bulls Cough Syrup every winter and gives it to the poor suf fering from coughs and There is not a case of neuralgia which cannot be at once relieved by die use of Salvation At all drug Pries only 25 cents a SlavlB CaallMgee NEW Slsvia cables from London to the Police Ga zette challenging Sullivan to fight for s purse of a London prize ring ia Anmrio or Europe or he will fight with small Police Ga zette for a at theCaU fornia club provided the dab wffl add s purse to the Hoi was executed ia the jafl yard here today for the murder of Madsr aline colored oaRo vember executive committee has arranged forthededka ttnn nfllie flsrflnlil inmsnrlcT ni Tlenots tioa A geaersl invitattoa is to Knights aad othec codetiesaaddtiMacmceasrat OF WttEinWIES PAIADE THE 9TJEEB OF English nags PahUcly Britain Urged to a More Coaeflt atory Policy Toward Porta of md sailors are parading the de nouncing There an hundreds of adhesions to the cial plan of campaign received from the owners of machine building The iteamship companies have transferred their contracts for coal and iron to Bel The Englishmen employed by the gov ernment are given the alternative of dis missal or English flags have been bought aad publicly bnraedia severs WANT A If ORB CONCILIATOaV residents la this city who have been victims of the public animosity occasioned by the atti tude of England toward pro pose to appoint a deputation to wait oa Liord Salisbury to urge that Great Bri ain adopt a more conciliatory The feeling toward England is very bit Many English employes of Portu guese houses have been Several of the leasing English commer cial houses of this city and Oporto are preparing a protest against the English 1 hay regard the dispatch of British menofwar to Portuguese waters as harmful to their SALI3BUBY SPOILS Portuguese correspondence has been published in the blue The commenting upon the says they confirm the opinion that Salisbury had spoiled a very strong case by undue Qis dispatches insult Gomes by implying disbelief in Gomes i Victoria I alarm has ieen occasioned here by the rumor that the queen is ill at Osborne with the influ The fact that the news has been sept back accentuates the general un easiness which is naturally increased by the knowledge that her majesty hss suf fered much recently from rheumatic Her health for many weeks past has been anything but THB PANAMA president of the committee which is studying the ca nal works in an interview said the com mittee had found the condition of the works and plant extremely He denies the statement that the com five members of which are is or has been in any way influenced by the De Leeseps The committee is composed of twelve who have no connection with or interest in either the Panama or Suez When return to Paris a final report will be made as to whether the comple pletion of the canal under the conditions conceded by Colombia in 1878 is consid ered POBTTJSAL COMFLAIKB Figaro says that Portugal has complained to Prince Bis marck that Great Britain has violated the Berlin She therefore asks that a conference be convoked to discuss the African DOM PBDBOS condition of ex Emperor Dom Pedro on his arrival here yesterday aroused the deepest He has greatly aged and appeals to be broken down both in mind sad He now expects to remain here through the FATAL BOILSB boiler explosion at hilled tout persons and injured s great PBINCK AMADKO duke of a brother of the sad for merly king of has the ABGBNTINE BEPUBLICS Naw consul general of Argentine Republic ia New haa made public a of the formal proclamation issued by his government in reorganization of the newlyestablished republic of Castle cssr has approved the project to construct a railway on the shore of Black sea from Novorossisk 17 hat telegraphed from Zanzibar that in conse quence of the amnesty recently thousands of pardoned Arabs are flock ing to the coast hundred grain porters on the north sooth docks have struck for an advance ia wages aad as a result the grain trsfflcoa these docks is st a Rios Mansel a liberal member of the is In point of service Tolbot was the oldest member of the having sst uninterruptedly for sixty trouble ia the Cbarleroi district has broken oat i The miners became involved ia adiccwte as to the method of executing tha ease cession granted them by the ers and again went on a rseexrat addressed to thai governor offHoseow hss been issued by the Hissssjesty says As wejenter I pray Got that the develcpement of this countrys Internal resources may be undisturbed amid the peace which is universally ds sired sad which brings happiness to all I news has been received of terrible mortatitp among the natives ia the f smiae resultingfrost lack of raia dar ing the The flghttsf OsmaaDicaa Ml Omdunasa for Slatia Bey that the reports of death of tftt tary debate this ia reply to the speech fioat aaMmberfbrCSosspsoivdai taoee who favored Vailed 8taUe sad referred ticsadBehriagsca questtoa at thegnviirssisBMartgsrd to of assraatHswI Jswat

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