Thursday, January 16, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 16, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE WK ESTABLISHED THURSDAY JANUARY CENTS PKK W NO SIGNS OF ITS BEINS BROKEN FOB SOMETIME GovernorElect Boies Goes Home Un is Being Done Among the Senate and ilonse BpMrta to THB DES scene ia the house chamber this morning was veiy Just before time to be called to order there was a buzz of ex citement among the leaders of the two brought about by the fact that nil members were not Daring the night two more republican members were almost disabled by and an additional cot was brought in for of was able to sit but of had to lie still on his cot and hie attendant was very for his of was not present at the open BO a messenger had to be sent for On the democratic side there was one so filibustering on that side was neceesury The democrats were very much excited over the lact that one nf the could not be found and Chairman Dunn wae very much excited over the while they had several hacks running hither and the gentleman himself appeared on the scene and they took good care not to show their anxiety on his account to the guutleman The demo crats an straining every neive to hold the independents in line und are bating all their iiopes of success on being able to keep un Kood terms with these neces sary Outwardly they express the greatest confidence and brag a great but in the secret caucuses of the few faithful in whose charge matters have Jbeen a feeling of alarm and dread of uiBBBlur is plainly In fact they arc rither oveidoing the matter in their attentions to our good in dependent friends and at least two of uro going to Bucrifice tneir in There wan a great desire on the part of the njemliCTB 10 their seats perma ncntly and tliie furnished an ex cellent opportunity on the part nf the republicans to delay rcJl call till all their members were The matter was discussed for about half an hjur and then declared out of order when all the republicans were The two roll calls showed no feigns of weakening on either li and it is difficult to say how long the deadlock will The resolution in regard to pair ing was very good and both sides said it should have been adopted The sight of men being carried in on cots in order that the party may be sustained ifc one that is moving to tay the and the fight can be carried on by means of pairing as well as by actual The resolution in full was as follOWH It is hereby mutually agreed upon be tween the receptivfc committees therefor autuunzed vhat if any member of either party shivll become so ceriously ill that would endanger if he thould attend the gesiinn the and a curt ficatc of a regularly iirscticlng physician be prorluciid certifying that in Bis opinion such is thn or if any member of either pnry be called away by sick nets nf a character in his fam ily or death then in either case a member of the opposition se lected by the committee in charge of such party shall pair with euch sick member or one so calltd awsy upon all questions of orcarxition in the N E L B ifier tbe ncj umment both parties went into caucus to try to reach some BC lution of the problem From of opinion on bVih nidee the opinion prevalent in that ihe is liable to continue for a good whi ej The dispatch which was sent from Oeriar to the Leder with reference to Juiifo Hothrock leaving Cedar to enter the ranvos for United Suites senator and that Senator Smith would nol in such an event enter the republi can caucuti ie without any foundation cf fact Judge Kjthrock is a member of the supreme court which moots here lliifl coming and conns here to attend to his judicial duties So far as Senaicr Hmith is he IB u warm admirer of Senator Allison and tUso a un mher of republican caucus committee cf the The Leader of DiB M that a senatorial caucus will lie held this but there is 10 truth in tiio report as dtfimite arrange ments hive as yet nol been al though the matter is under LAKltAiBJEK Schaffer and John were appointed a committee to prepare a constitution to that the association can ask for m state appropriation to assist in carrying on its The work of holding farmers in stitutes has been carried on for yean without further aid than voluntary con which have been found in good speakers being unwilling to devote their time and pay their own expenses unless Bo it is said unless aid from some source ii forthcoming this valued and important work will have to be H of was elected pres ident B of vice presi dent George Van of secretary and John of Fair a New DBS of tee Battle Creek Adventists is in the to gether with committee appointed to locate the now college of the seventhday Adventists The college is to be the regular institution of that church for cine including and the locating committee consists of one member for each of the nine They are very favorably disposed toward Des but a committee of four business men of is on the ground with an offer to donate the grounds and and Des Moines may not feel disposed to do as well emitted In a Coal Mine DES employed in the Christy coal five meles southeast of this was killed by being crushed between the timbers of the main landing and the cog in tbe coal shaft early yesterday He was in charge of the pumps and had made several trips up and down and this time attempted to get off the cage at the first bat was caught and his head was bally lie was about thirty years old and his wife teaching school at Grand Junction Francle Murphye Good Wav erly temperance crusade has closed so far as Francis Murphy is Murphy has addreseed the people on twelve different occasions with marvel ous having secured over one thousand signers to his Consid ering the stronc antitemperance feeling that prevailed here prior to Mur phys coming this can be considered one cf the crowning victories in his temper auce l 10 THE H The Farmers In stitute opcmed a two days session here this merging Lowing a fair attendance from surrounding points notwithstand ing the The day was occupied by an address of welcome by Mayor Pat terson and a general discussion on profit able George Van of lectured before the convention this Pardoned by tbe DES William of Cedar who was nonvicted seven years ago of murder and is now serving life ha been pardon ed by the governor on the ground that he should have been convicted of man slaughter instead of The par den is to take effect April fiUHLJHM DEAD HE SDDDEILY SDCCUBS TO II ATTACI OFGH1PPSEDIOH11 His Death a Terrible Shock to Many Friends and Belatires The Deadly Malady Contracted at a Party Siren by His 15 Blaine the examiner of claims in the state de partment and the eldest son of Tames G secretary of died at the family residence ot 820 oclock this evening of acute superin duced by an attack of la He had been ill only a few days and the death is a sudden and severe shook to an unusually large circle of who were uot aware he was dangerously ill until this while the family are protrasted with He was not fuel ing well all last week and Friday he be came much worse and was compelled to take to his The secretary gave a dinner party Monday night to a number of prominent in official society and Walker Blaine was then feeling so much better he eat up for some time chatting with the guests and afterwards walked about the He contracted additional cold which quickly settled on his lungs and develuped into acute pneumonia last night This morning his condition was eo alarming all the immediate relatives of the family were hastily summoned home by He was delirious most of the day with an exceedingly high temperature and painfully labored res Walker Blaine graduated from Yale college in 1876 studying re ceived his diploma from Columbia col New in 1878 In while Garfield was on bis he sent for Walker Blaine and appointed him third assistant secretary of saying he ap preciated his ability and desired to show sarvinR in this capacity very acceptably f jr ueeriy a He was appointed on the Alabama claims be served with great credit from 1882 to On the advent of the present administration he was appointed solicitor of the slate de a position which he has also filled with great credit and President and Harrison called soon after Blaine B death and vice president and Mor ton came soon Justices Harlan and of the supreme most of the members of the Maine dele Representative Hill and many others well known in official and social life also No arrangements tor the funeral will be made until Fatal DES tbe Des Mrrincs find Fort Dodge roundhouse yes terday morning a serious accident hap which may result fatally to one of the Patrick a aped about who was caught between the doors and an engine and badly cruthnd GENERAL IOWA THB the ttnrprlelBK Action cl Special lo Tin DBS MOINKS 15 Farmers Alliance held a business mcetirp All shades of political opinion wen the most being democrats and union lsror men They adopted a resolution de nouncing the school linok trust favoring the election of Governor Lsrra bae as Tbe 1 utter resolution rermrtod and adopted after protests by many A committee was sent lo Governor who said he would decline the office that he would have not with them but it would have been indiscreet There is general sur prise at the alliance entering The local alliance have had no knowl edge nf it except those that took part in the political The party is not large in the Every demo crat voted fcr the political move and the republicans as far as voted against The secretary and ex President Sleinlze are opposed to the the A remonstrance will be prepared by the republicans of the al liance the democratic candidate for labor fig ured extensively in the A eovarnor Larrabee Sota Free Cheeter Special to TBS DBS most re markable pardon case that has ever been before the chief executive closed yetter day when Chester Tnraey stepped from Anamosa prison a free his pardon having been made out and signed by Governor Larrabee on Tues The Turner case baa a remarkable Growing out of it and circumstances surrounding its Governor Larrabee was indicted last February and atood trial on a charge criminal libel in the Polk county court and was In the campaign of 1887 the eaaa played a prominent part in the election ot tbe governor and daring the put three years many hundreds of columns in the news paper of the state have bean devoted to consideration of the caae and the appli cation Jor Captain Sam the well known Mississippi river died at Davenport Captain postmaster at and a prominent Grand Army died Monday Joseph D the boy who was shot at HaBtie Fiiday made a state ment to the tffect that Edward Dougher ty shot him because he refused to give him a chew of Dougherty is still at largo and has not been seen or heard of since the There are but slight hopes of Dixons The ath Dan rVir over twentv five years city editor of the Boston died of pneumonia this aged forty seven Judge Lee Logan died In March 1888 he was appointed associate justice of the supreme nourtof ST L Dud vice president of the St Paul atd Duluth railroad died this aged Tbe Vtralnla 15 legislature convened st noon to decide the gubernatorial Tnree repub lican senators are absent on account as is also one member of the and two democratic members have not yet This leaves the democrats a majority of three on joint but it is understood that the dem ocrats are not disposed to push matters at this Brleai Election joint session of the legislature today formally de clared Ctlvia Brice elected to the United States senate amid much enthusi Brice mule a brief speech in ac knowledgement and presented to the Senator Turple In Fitvor of BecoKntzlHKfkeBcpablleof Brazil some pleminary the senate took up Morgans recognizing the united states of Brazil as a free inde pendent and sovereign and Turpie proceeded to mske a speech in support of He said he had voted the reference of the resolution because he thought delay occasioned by reference wholly 3o favored immediate recognition of the republic of He was not one of those who entertained the opinion that congress was bound by the aciicm or nonaction of the executive or of the state department about such matters as the recognition of a new especially a new Congress might cooperate with those The he of the admicisra tration toward the new republic of Bra zil was one of strict neutrality and supine There was not in the message of the president a word of sympathy or encouragement to the revo lutionary As to the dints suggestion of awaiting popular assent to the change of government in Turpie said a revolution was not the first but the list There was always a popular as sent before a revolution became flagrant and The assumption in the presidents message that the revolution ary government of Brazil had bean estab lished with or sganst the assent of the people disclosed the real attitude of the administration towards the new govern It approached very nearly the condition of covert It even partly but very a sneer at the sovereignty of the republic of Brazil The time had come when the existence and authority of the republic of Brazil could be no longer controverted in It could be controverted only by The ch sir man of the committee on foreign rela tions Sherman had told the tenate it should wait and inspect the new consti tution of The United was not concerned to know what were the particular provisions that The president of the United States had been long known as a the word in a larger and better but Turpie feared in this The president was a very much belated re publican on the case of Brazil even Mr Blaine seemed to limp and linger in the rear of He contrasted the delay in the recognition of the republic of France in 1870 by Washburne un der instruction of President He bill permitting member to sue ia the court of It was nays a motion to recon cider was entered by who had voted in the negative in order to enable him to make a The motion was promptly and a vote was secured ordering the bill appropriating To 000 to reimburse the members for their lost to be en grossed and read the third This having been done demanded a reading of the engrossed but the speaker held that under the general par liamentary law this was not The vote was then taken on the bill and it was defeatedyeas nays 142 as follows Anderson of Miniiui Boat Buck snan New Csndler of Gaudier of Massa Clarke of Clark of Colbertson Pennsyl Hender son of Hill Hooker Keip of Kinsey Milli Mjore of New Mutch ONeil of ONeil of Pennsylva Owens of Ban of Reed of Sny Stewart of Ver Thay lor of Joseph Thom Townsend of Townsend of Van Walker of Massa Wheeler of Wick Williams of Voder Allen of An derson of Breckinridge of Brekinridge of Buchanan of Vir Chip Cheadle Cooper of Colberson of Cum DnUi Geis Gronye Henderson of Kerr of La Lester of Lester of Mau Martin of Martin of In Martin of Mc Mo McMil Moore of FULL DETAILS OF THE DBTIESSDB CO DQT AT Tl HOWVL Popular Preacher Lost Hit Idle Wkfle Being Initiated Into the Mysteries of the Opinions of distressing accident which happened in tail city daring the progress of the cere monies of the royal arch degrees of Ma has thrown the city of Hunting ton into general and by no clan of the community is Johnsons fate more regretted than by the secret fraternity whose ceremonies closed the revereag gentlemans useful Johnson was pastor of one of the largest congregations in and out side of his immediate flock was also held in the highest In the face of THE 0BIAT AHD UNBiVBCTKD SOBBOW which has befallen the the mem bers have torn aside as far as possible the veil the mysteries of the and explained fully the de tails attending the The build ing was built specially for Masonic In the third floor is the lodge room One feature of the ritual occurs in what is known as the dark This is an apartment on the third It is about eight feet wide and twenty feet At one end is a and at the other a opening into the lodge room which is lighted with elec In the middle of the little room is a threefoot trap which OPENS ISTO A It has a depth of some thirteen In the ceiilng of the dark room is a to which is fastened a double block and The first block is close to the while the second is near the floor and directly over the A rope seveneighths of an inch thick passes three times over the top It is at tached to a ring above the second the end being wrapped around similar to a hangmana Beneath the lower block hangs a short through the end of which is passed a short stick or Owen of Sherman Stewart of Stewart of Stone of btone of Taylor of Turner of Tur ner of New Wal ker of Wheeler of Williams of Il Wilson of Wilson of Wilson of Wilson of West and A motion to reconsider ana a motion to lay that motion on the table was en of rising to a question of read circular issued by tbe National Cheese and Eggs asso c charging him wilh having intro duced a bill for the abolition of the tax on He said he had been one of thoee who had been most inter ested the usage of what was known aa the oleomargarine He had intrp euced no such bill as was referred to in the circular and could conceive of no reason why such a circular should be sent throughout the The charge was without Qtuelioii of Other Silver The house committee on weigets and measures called upon Secretary Windom this moming and discussed informally the question of silver The sec retary informed the committee that he was preparing a bill on that subject em bodying the features of the plan outlined This stick is straddled by the can his legs hanging on either while he clutches the block with hands and holds himself in He is then lowered into the vault by the members of the who have hold of the other end of the which gener ally lies loosely piled upon the The ceremony at this point is symbolic of the search in the BCIS3 of KING SOLOMONS The vault represents the ruins and the candidate one of a party making a The block and tackle had been in constant use by the Huntington Lodge for over three There had never been any thing to arouse the slighest sus picion of its In the paraphernalia and furnish ings of the lodge room were the finest and most complete of any in the The initiation began last Friday even It was about 10 oclock when the dark room was reached and arrange ments for the final ceremony com mencedOne of the members had de scended into the vault and made the usual preparations There were six or seven members taking part in the cere mony besides the two THB 8CBNK WAS A WETBD ONB On the windowsill rested an oil whose flickering light threw fanciful shadows on the walls of the dark The door at the other end was and the rays from the electric light The vault looked like a yawning Neither of the candidates was Both could see every thing that was going and perfectly understood the workings of the machinery by which they were to descend into the Johnson was a wellbuilt weighing some one hundred and eighty He had seated himself astraddle the and caught the block with his hands Suddenly there was a whirring The end of the rope was seen to JEBK LOOSE FBOM THB BINS above the In some most probably fom the long and constant the lope had been gradually becoming loosened and and John sons heavv weight detached it The end flew toward the and there was a sudden relaxation of the en tire Johnson disap and an instant later wan heard the dull sound with which he struck the hard floor of the thirteen feet The members standing about the teHigant and large r part of the com munity acquits tie lodge of any Johnson came to Huntington a little over year ago from where he waa paator of a He has living there a brother and to whom he requested that his remains be He was about 40 years of and had been a widower for some A peculiarly sad feature ia that he wss to have been married February 130k next to a prominent young lady of Cat and all arrangements for the nuptials had been The physicians pronounced the im mediate cause of Johnsons death failure of the due to shock and internal The Masons suggested the advisability of a post mortem to de termine the exact extent and character of the but the friends of the de ceased expressed some and it was not Examination of the re mains showed that there was not the slighest external mark or WHAT HA4ON3 The fatal accident in the Hnntington lodge caused a great deal of comment among Masons It was all the more sur prising as none of them had ever heard of a serious accident while the roval arch degree was being One who has taken the very highest degree in the Masonic was seen yesterday and stated he had read the account of the affair with much is no reason why accidents should occur in any of the he provided proper precautions are As for I generally in quire very particularly about the candi and when a fellow tells me he is feeling nervous I look out for Of course a candidate has got to keep his head about If he loses some thing may The particular thing in the present case is that there is less danger about the royal arch degree than any of the It is the easiest of all as easy as to carry a of course in carrying a hod youve got to keep a cool head or youll fall from the As far as my memory goes there 1 have been some half a dozen FATAi ACCIDENTS TO CANDIDATES While being initiated in the various de I have never heard of any in the royal arch degree except that at Hunt They mostly occurred in the third or masters which you might term the most exciting of The of is from nervous and it is always best to find out if the candidate has ever been threatened with heart trouble The last case I can recall occurred some six or seven years A candidate in Pennsyl vania lodge was taking the mas tors degree when he suddenly fell to the and when picked up tie was A sudden aervous shock had affected his heart and caused Of there had to be an examina tion and the coroner investigated the I dont remember whether there PISTOL TRI86Q LOCK PIETISTS i by refusing to meet Jackson the sum named He said to a reporter Out he would fight Jackson forWOUNfc The Poker PUya a a Bloaiy Affray Between Two Gt iaens of fountain Other Criminal BoeoialtoTaai a late hour this afternoon news comes from the little inland town of Fountain twelve mflea northeast of that Den nis Hobart and Hamilton resi dents of the place had a most brutal fight the result of an old Duffy and Hobart met and after a few words Hobart drew a revolver and held it to Duffys breast for a full minute try ing to discharge the Hobart finally low ered the revolver when it waa discharged doing no Duffy then struck Ho bart a terrible blow upon the head with a poker and the two men A bloody handtohand conflict en sued and Daffy gave his assail ant a terrific It is said the men were separated and got to fighting when Duffy com pelled Hobart to beg for In a few minutes Hobart recommenced the quarrel and Daffy again gave him a ter rible Three bloody rounds and who is said not to be the has put Hobart under the doctors THB wt OrAen M SAK Judge Shat in the superior court ren dered a decision in the Sharon case hich virtually ends that famous litiga The principal point in the present controversy was on the demurrer to an answer made by the Sharon In this answer they incnrf orated the decree of the United States circuit couit by which an alleged marriage contract between William Sharon and Sarah Althea Hill was declared a for gery and ordered Judge Hhafter held this decree of the United court was in force in all the courts and that the contract has no legal ex He ordered the Sharon case postponed general pat senger agents of western roads met to day to consider the request of easteim lines that eastbound be in serted in the rate sheets of After good of discussion it was agreed that differential fares named by the roada leading eastward from Blopmington and Chicago be adapted for basing purposes and that a supplement to venous rate sheets be issued to take effect February these dif ferential RAlXJIOAl miJTSWUl DBS railroad commissioners this morning received a complaint from Isaac Callender and Weinber against the Burling ton and Quincy rail The say they engaged refrigerator can to ship potatoes from and had purchased the potatoes ready to when the company refused to furnish the necessary thereby causing to the peti ioners of 9400 and damaging their business to the extent of for which they now seek In the matter of the citizens of asking that a Y be made connecting the Milwaukee and St Paul and the Chicago and Northwestern a that tBe request wan granted and a Y lo 15 President Reynolds of the Des Moines and North ern which is at present being widened from narrow to standard gauge between Boone and Des says that the road would be built this season to Webster when it would give the Illinois Central an opportunity to get into Des It will also probably ba built to Mason City and connect the Manitoba The widening of the road will also let the Milwaukee road into Des Moines belter shape than at Boone people are jubilant over the extension of the as it promisee to triple the output nf coal in this sec tion and will develop this was a formal inquest or The Ma influence ia that community was and my impression ia that the matter was finally smoothed over and nothing came of Very little publici ty was given to the Another prominent Mason was seen who declared that there was no reason for accident ia any of the and especially in those attending the taking of the royal arch In there was no real necessity for the deep In many of the lodges the candi dates merely walk into a which did equally as aa the ceremony was entirely The greatest offense that could be committed in a lodge room would be to do something which would make light of the proceedings or detract from their Whenever accidents no effort waa made to conceal the manner in which they It would be use The man wss and then the law officers stepped The worse thing in such an event that Masons could do would be to claim the victim died in the elevator or and bind them selves with an oath to swear to the false The facts be bound to come out some Had such things been the Masonic order could not have lived as long as it In his long experience he could remember but one Daring the ceremonies at the Scottish Rite cathedral one of the par but not a had broken his leg by jumping from the FAKMLEK8 The BxanUnatlon of n Pin Inrltlee rule has been issued by Judge Gresham in the federal court rr quiring the officers of the Van Bakkelen company to submit to ex amination before the master in This order grows out of certain discov eries made by Thomas re ceiver of the who alleged that Van the senior dropped between and of the firms money on the board of The receiver also found an item of 000 credited to bills receivable it was was an amount due from saloonkeepers for a certain brand of in the booming of Findlay of New are said to National Convention In Seealoei national con vention of the AfroAmerican leagues was called to order this morning with delegates present from twentyone and the District of But the delegates from Illinois more than out numbered all the editor of the of New waa chosen temporary After the appointment of secretaries the remainder nf the session was given to the appoint ment of standing THJS eoraa Had Condition Prodneed by Chronic State of is a rumor here that the czar hag gone owing to the chronic state of fear in which he liven and the events of the part three He is said to be in a condition of the deepest deapbndency and insists that hisdeath ia drawing It is also al leged that he is ia the habit of Boothing his nerves with VQKKIGTX have spent ia Van Bakkelen party to the the The company was a We are coming Father Abraham 000 more to Indorse the good and effec tive qualities of Bulls Cough Syrup in every case of As a cure for chapped and chafed hands nothing equals the celebrated Sal vation For sale by all Price only 25 cents a Tovrn business portion of with the exception of a small was burned last The town is on a branch of the Illinois Central railroad and has about a thousand Sick headache is readily cured by Hoods which tonesand regulates the and an LooKlnc Oat For Hie I wish you would be particularly careful about your pre scriptions this Fm always as f ul as especially particular not to use arsenic by mistake when yon are putting up quinine trust that my regard for hu man life would prevent me making a stupid all very aa far as it but I see by this mornings paper that arsenic is way and we dont want to waste OM Iowa Aa df tIMr ot We want the not want to plunge into tha butbecauae we want to and plant good aaad tilisted the delay in the recognition had not already lead to a very serious mis construction of the ulterior motives and intentions of the United States govern The resolution went over without further Sherman introduced a bill to provide for a permanent national bank circulation Chandler offered a resolution which was referred to the committee on contingent expenses instructing the cimmittee on immigration to investigate the various laws of the United States and of the several states relative to im migration also to investigate the work ing of contracts made by the secretary of the The senate then took up the calendar and passed the following senate bills Relating to homestead entries in the In dian To anthoriza the con struction of a bridge across the Missouri river within one mile of the mouth of the Kansas Appropriating 000 for the purchase of a site and the erection of a building at Washington for a hag of THZ Tne BUI Bauanorae the Leeare ky Delalennon home re sumed theconsideration of the report of the special committee on the Bflcot de of argued in favor of the majority report for an appropria tion to reimburse the members for their lost of Caton of nod Il abwsupported port his annual report which he expected to have ready for submission to congress by next It is understood that of will intreduce the bill in the The Russian extradition treaty was re committed to the committee on foreign The republican members of the house committee on in session this morn received a note from Carlise stating that he was prevented from attending by The consideration of a code ofrules was resumed and some changes of minor importance were but the subject was not disposed Carlisle has signified his intention to vote with the speaker in favor of the proposition to create a special commit tee on the worlds a majority of the committee on rules is thus secured and a report will be made to the house trap and holding the rope were almost Lait Day of tne Semloa arthaae iBtereetfug Special to THI Hancock county farmers institute closed its ses sion hare this An interesting discussion on The Science of Breeding was one of the chief John Ztngree spoke concerning The Tariff from the Farmers Re ports from various sources showed that depredations from rats and field mice have been very Tae fruit outlook is good and little is felt for buds on account of the mild Xna AbteonndMx Treaenrer of Bltoy County Kaneae In the sheriff of Riley arrived in this city this morning to take charge of James the absconding treas urer of that county who was arrested here today on board of the City of The exact amount of his shortage is A year ago a shortage in his accounts was suspected and suit was brought to have the books investigated but he won the Six months later a second suit was entered and resulted in a mandamus to compel him to show his Hearing of the Fortney locked the vault in which the company funds were kept and avoided the sheriff by going to He re tvrned four months ago and it is claimed robbed the vault and again skipped out FABALTZBDfY THE Their cries brought the rest of the at the first The ways and means committee de Hew York city lost two once anot Himself deadyand ex the omnipotent and that effort to keep faTored HempnflTs may be worthy of the to refer matter to a court McRaedid not believe the Special to fcoBMihooUdiagneeitaelf by mating of laid on Ue today sent to the senate the noMtnatinn reference of the whole nut Hdaon Martin aa poataUMter at cided to have no more public hearings after although interested par ties may file written statements concern ing industries which have been heard A favorable report has been or dered on the Breckinridge calling upon the secretary of the treasury for a statement of German tariff duties with an including the Austrian and other European Tbe naval board of policy appointed to formulate a plan for building a navy commensurate with the dignity and power of the nation in their report to the secretary of the navy recommend the construction of ninetytwo vessels of different types and sizes which win together with their maintenance during the fourteen BZJOICKD WITH Dakota i of Ita Wret The first bffl patted by the legislature of South Dakota reached the governor this It was senate bin entitled An act to provide for refunding the outstanding indebtedness of the state of South Both houses adjourned for five minutes to celebrate the After loud cheering paryer was caBed for and the two honiM in joint neemnly bowed their herds while ferrent prayer wna by the asking that thiiflnt act of the new commonwealth ba by lodge to the One coil of the rope still remained over the upper With it a gentleman was lowered into the Lights were brought and the unfortunate preacher was found lying on his side at full He had struck onhis left Johnson was not but his deep groaning showed he was suffering the most intense A ladder was lowered into the with he waa en abled to slowly mount until ready hands could DBAW OP THB He was carried to a stretcher and the doctor While awaiting their coming Johnson described his ex In the brief moment while he was falling his whole he seemed to be patting in review before For nearly two hours Johnson ay in the lodge The attending physicians examined but could de lect no outward sign of This ed them to pronounce his condition as not Still he continued to complain of the most agonizing especially about the lower part of the spine and He was borne to the Methodist parsonage where he All that night and the next morning he continued perfectly He re peated the which he had nven as he lay in the lodge UQUDIATEJjY AFTBB THX that he held the members entirely blame for his in juries had resulted purely Crom unforeseen and unavoidable acci dent Although suffering almost unbear able Johnson calmly declared he was resigned to his and that he felt the supreme satisfaction of a Chris tian ready and anxious to meet his The scene waa a very effecting sev eral of the members being moved M It waa resolved to attempt to make no secret of the manner in which Johnson met his but rather to irive tneznOatt possible publicity to the detaDain order that no censure might rest on the About three oclock Saturday after Tbe MyerGtlmore eightround zlove contest between Billy Myer and Harry Gilmore drew four thousand people to Battery D During the fifth and when the fighting was becom ing very the police interfered and stopped the Myer had the best of it up to that A PleaelnaSenee Of health and strength renewed and of ease and comfort follows the use of Syrup of as it acts in harmony with nature to effectually cleanse the system when costive or For sale in SOc and bnttles bv all leading Bevrlevce for Tobler and Charlie two of the eight murderers sentenced to be hanged were reprieved by the preai dent today until January Minor The large dry goods store of at was damaged More Day Brtadna to Xvldenee ef day brings to light more frauds in theDeimel Brothers All night long law yers and expert bookkeepers were at work and a partial statement of the re sult was made in Judge Collins1 court this Attorney Mayer stated that the insolvents had removed a num ber of pages from their inserting others for them that the firm before the day of failure had shipped away several carloads of machinery and Re ceiver Helmer resigned his Jo seph Ddmelwas arrested this morning on a capias issued out of the federal court yesterday and was at once taken before Judge There it was shown he was under orders from the state court to appear before the master in chancery and make answer concerning the same mat It that the detention of Deimel would under circum stances be in the nature of contempt of process of the state Deimel was re leased from SPORTS I Akettere of the anlllvan Kllrnta to ba Nmv Hard Jim William Mike Donovan and Mike who were arrested for participation in the tn tvftlSullivanKUrafn fight in 10 were brought before the recorder to ar Crawl noon na conadooa from the powerful drugs administered to alleviate nis intense He Hagered in this condition until one oclock Sunday when he peacefully paaaad thnacddant TELEGRAHPIC One thousand three hundred and fifty Tour foreigners landed in New York The steamer Menlmore on January 8 passed an iceberg onefourth of a mile long and 300 feet Striken at the naQ factory of the Brooke Irorn Penn sylvania have retained to The Erie Railroad company is dis charging employes owing to paralysis of the coal trade caused by mild The New Jersey which convened raised Governor Ab botts salary to a The new steamer which ar rived at Hew York had her decks washed and two lifeboats smashed ghe sailed by two John AHen tried to pass confederate bffls on a blind peanutseller in Kew having bean killed himself with The black meatles are raging at Forde in epidemic and Mforal deaths nave already Over one hundred caaea are reported in Hoffan tumoled into the cellar of Ua broke Inspector Byrnes had received extradi tion papers from Albany this Recorder Bmythe refused to admit the men to bail on the extradition claiming there was no law empowering him to do Their counsel othen took the case before Judge in the superior and he also refused to ace on the question of Be set the hearing the habeas corpoadown for Friday Bovolutlonlete Arrnted at one oclock thin morning the police arrested seventy per sons who were parading the streets and shouting Down with FOB CATHOLIC pope has issued an encyclical which sets forth the prin ciples which shall guide the Catholica in in their relations toward the It says they must obey when count doet not entail disobedience to divine In countries where the state op poses Catholicism the Catholics mail combat the enemy but must not tie church to any political PLOTTING W ia re ceived here that the Spanish pretender who is now at is plotting for an uprising iu EARTHQtJAJta earthquake shocks were felt in Corinthia last night During the performance at a theater in Klagenfurt at the time of the a false alarm of fire waa raised and the mdience became panicstricken and Nobody was BMTNB BZY HAS A Bey has had a relapse and ia now in a critical condi Minor Voreian Artalo bankers with houses in Faria and Madrid have been declared bank Their liabilities are extensive ery of Turkish priority bonds and 1 can national bank shares has occn The securities were stolen while transit from Paris to ana JLTreor An important They acton the stomach and bowels througk the A new They speedily cure bad tor lid piles and Splen did for women and Small 30 dosea for 88 Samples free at Wines drug The Deadly NEW after noon the boiler of steam shovel uaad jy the Pittsburg and Lake Brie railway in excavating ac Paunsylvaniav Wesley of a repairer of boilers and who had just waa fatally hurt and died in a few Thirteen men were more or less lerloualy nonV but none in the Yon ci joy a good nights rest and retain IB the family by keeping Bollaj Syrup in the At once popular and efficacious it nta come to stay We mean Laxadon Oft speciflcfor maiMioF ii imftiej Price only 35 Shaun Rhae J3 I HIUi A Bin has decided the Mianiaippi raqulai tion mini He revokes the warranu for Harding and but de that Cleary and Butler moat ba tekam to Mississippi in pursuance of Lowrya Thn JohnaW Harding and affl davita showing they in no manner aided or abetted the priie bat simply witneajed it Hta for warded theaa affldavite to Governor towry submitting the fortnelat tera consideration whether bittelight on Un extradition of theaa Weak ayea aid in Ayers n tknttvaadexpeb ntt ajUiai Trf ABlownjanvni coBmitted suicide last night by Into the hia body it ia supposed man CHaon of Acertain cureforCaronie Salt BaadV rererSore boana ibrsaln br

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