Friday, January 10, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 10, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE lUBUN ESTABLISHED FRIDAY JANUARY Puci 15 CKMTS rat THE FATHEB OF THE HOUSE BREATHES HIE LAST AT Skelcli of His Pn Ways and Means Tariff Mem bers at Judge William of died at oclock this At his bedside were MB his sons William Eel and Stanton and Private Secretary He wai unconscious at the last ae he had been at intervals daring the last two His remains will be buried in Laurel Hill The imme diate cause of Judge Kelleys death wac intestinal catarrh brought on by a cold contracted during Christmas For some he had been an al most constant sufferer from a cancerous growth on the side of his face which was removed about six years ago by a surgical Belief thus was only The funeral services here will take place in the hall of the house of representatives on Saturday Judge Kelley was born in Phila April who is sacking British M well as government protection against the white ruffians of North Car olina who assaulted him and his wife on December The dis patch also says that an investigation has been made in Wade Very likely BO inch outrage should have been dis covered Wade as the Holly Springs where Joiner lived is situ ated in Randolph Joiner has brought with him the minntec of the Methodist church showing his record as a minister in North Caro lina since 1869 According to the Meth odist church he has been transferred al most every year to a different pariah and only for the last few mouths has he had charge of the Stout chapel at Holly Joiner is will known in and if the Raleigh paper would take the time to investigate it would find out that the friends of Joiner and members of the church at North took up a collection to send him to Wash ington to place his case before the author The counsel at is now investigating the case for the British and as noon as the re port is made Sir Julian Pauncefote will let in the Joiner and bis wife had a most satisfactory interview with the British minister this afternoon in regard to their VICB PKMIDKST AND MORTONS Vice President and Morton gave a dinner this evening in honor of Presi dent and Mrs A He was elected attorney general of Pennsylvania in and in 1846 was elected judge of the court of common pleas of In 1880 he was a delegate to tne national republican and in the same year was elected to where he has served continuously ever He has served in the lower house longer than any other and for this reason is often called the father of the He has for many years been known as Pig Iron MANY WANT Xuinr Hearing ot Maauae Committee Goeetp The ways and moans committee listened again this morning to several f as to their needs in the way of Several paper makers were also John of an importing wood pulp company of New wanted the duty on wood pulp representing an Ameri can THE1B IMPORTANT COHYERTiOI H GEESS AT DES IOWA The following Iowa have been granted Original Corning William Montour James Union Dayton WilUam Osage Edwin Resolutions Adopted and Officers Coming Legislature Serious Case of Blood DEB prohibition convention met this of Hardin was elected of secretary of as sistant secretary of recording The resolu tions adopted declare We congratulate the friends of temperance in Iowa that the Eighth state convention meets after so successful experience with the pres ent prohibitory We congratu late our neighboring states on the form ation of an interstate temperance asso ciation North and South Dakota are coming into the union free from the legalized saloon New or its chief who insists on the dis charge of duty by insubordinate officers of the state the and other state temperance organizations on past political favor who have opposed him are not on deck so It is expected that Senator Allison wfll arrive Seme effective work has been done in his behalf and the statement comes from a reliable source that Senators Garnett and Finn have given up any opposition they might have had and both win vote for DBS have been arriving all The speakership contest is being conducted but all the candidates are not here The senate will probably have a great contest in choosing its officers because so many want The democrats began to come in No canvau is being made among them for the speak shipor any other It is perhaps a little early to but from indica tions it would seem the republicans with the help of one independent would or ganize the AT asked for the existing Several representatives of the leather interests wanted the duty on wool or materially re duced or Representatives of button manufactur ers wanted protection on horn and other hard R Liedman of New speakiag on the button said Bohemia is the curse of this country so far as manufactures are con The people there live like cattle and work for almost dont they come over horcl good many of them They arc treated like dogs there and wlion they como here they become labor and our Mr spend most of their time here then in reforming Governor vote the demo cratic ticket dont thev of them James of New on behalf of the fur hat manufacturers askod for increased The duty proponed in the senate bill would be in sufficient and the business is threatened with extinction owing to theKnglish and Belgian THE Be Fall Back 1m Hta Ckalr Mar Washington correspondent of the Pittsburg times and other western jour died suddenly at his home Wednes day night of Martin was at the capital in usual good health After dining with his wife at home in the and while laugh ing over his immunity from la Martin suddenly fell back in his chair unconscious and expired within an Martin leaves a the daugh ter of Congressman of New and an infant AN ALARMINO DEATH NEW grippe is spreading in this city as is by yesterdays mortality which records 250 deaths up to is the largest number known in the nistory of the health de partment in twentyfour years during a winter and more than in any summer month since July when 351 deaths 66 of which were from sun Four of yesterdays deaths were due directly to 60 dide from 42 from consump tion and 26 from their judicious and communities where noble and the law has been nullified and cheering progress towards its We hold it the preemi nent duty of the members of the conven tion and all the friends of temperance at home and in the state to concenti ate their persons efforts to the reform of intem perance and the prevention of intemper and to labor earnestly until all in stitutions of society are absolutely and permanently freed from its influence in every The governments are formed for the protection of and property and to secure the blessings of civil and religious liberty and whatso ever is destructive of them is essentially a Experience has demonstrated beyond reasonable COTCBBD WITH A Peculiar COM of Bleed From Ceml Special to THI A peculiar case of bloodpoisoning has developed in this three weeks ago a lady who is bcventynine years left the top of her testing stove ajar when she went to She was living alone and had filled up the stove just before The result was The neighbors not seeing her as usual stirring about through the broke into the house about 4 oclock and found her un able to move or Thus she had lain all night and and the doctor said she would have been dead before It poisoned her blood and she has broken out in Her flesh is very sore all and she is confined to her bed and will probably never get well as her strength is failing every A OF Sarlona Wrick of Frelcht Tralna at Special to THI i HORRIBLE Fill FOOnTEEH WOiHEM DIDWMED BDBSffflft ffl A Overwhelmed by the Boshing Torrents They Miserably Perished A Accident in Sew York Other most appall ing accident known here in many years occurred this evening about six o about one hundred yards from the Kentucky used in the construction of the new bridge between Louisville and JeffersonviUa suddenly gave way and the workmen employed in it were either drowned or crushed to death by stone and At the pumping station the workmen were looking for the men in the caisson put off in their boats leaving for the niRbtthey suddenly SAW LOW DARE STRUCTURE DISAP PEAR in the dashing white The life saving station was immediately notified and three crews were manned and pulled to the scene of the Word was also sent to the police and a Equad was at once ordered to the ground to aid in the work af the recovery The site of the bridge is at1 the upper end of the city just below Towhead Within an hour from THE DISAPPEARANCE OP THE CAISSON Three thousand people were on the shore straining their eyes trying to see some thing of the Dozens of heard of such a case and I am unable to fully diagnose The growth may have bean caused by excess in eat ing or The affection is entirely of the no abnormal develop ment being discernable above tne I think he is suffering from in the by an obstruction of the bfle duct from the liver and this causes him to remain in a comatose or sleepy WITH TOE of Bailey at ROCK Bailey Daven port died this evening of He was a son of CoL George the pioneer who was He was the sixth mayor of Rock Island and presi dent of the Peoples National GCITKACS ITBFHKvr controversy and sale of that the manufacture intoxicating liquors aa a The MBBaeBeepone vice presi dent laid before the senate a communica tion from the attorney general in re Hponso to the resolution adopted by the senate in which the attorney general states that no oral or have been given to District Attorney Chambers on the subject of the amist of No communication sayB the attorney general has been sent by the department of justice to the dis trict attorney of Indiana nor has any boon received from him directly or indi rectly with reference to the BKICB Caueme M COLUMBUS democrat members of the legislature convened in caucus this evening for the purpose of selecting a candidate to be voted on for United States senator to succeed Henry S There were numerous rumors of efforts to form a combination during the all of which The caucus was called to order at and the roll call showed seventythree of the seventyseven members forty being necessary to a choice in the Representative of Shelby presented the name of Calvin it being received with loud Representative Hagger ty presented the name of John and Renresentative Forbes that of John Several other names were The first ballot resulted Brice Thomas McMahon Baker Hunt Neal Seney McSweeny Geddes Outhwaite The name of Hunt was withdrawn and the second ballot resulted Brice Thomas McMahon Baker Seney Outhwaite Monott on behalf of Thomas moved that the nomination be made which was agreed to with a whirl and much Be Dtaanpaan ae Behlad a nephew of the assassin of Pres ident has disappeared and his whereabouts are He was sec retary of a local building and loan asso ciation and it is alleged he is short in his account to the extent of He is a son of George Scovffle whose wife was a sister of Off a Special to THB out hunting James acci dentally shot off a part or nig left He thought he heard some loose shot in his gun and holding up the pointing the muzzle downward and held his hand under to catch the supposed loose when the gun was accidentally dis The communication ordered HO THIS FOR A LIITIVE OJJKI Baby eirl Tkraa MoBtha Old nd Leee Thma Two printed and referred to the committee on After the transaction of some unim portant bueinesB the senate went into sucret session and then adjourned till to OONOKBSSIONAL a meeting of the senate committee on Indian affairs the reply of Commissioner Mor gan to charges filed against him by Father director of the Oath olic board of was pre sented and At the conclusion of the discusssion which followed the committee by a vote of 6 to 1 ordered the nomination of Thomas Morgan to be Indian commissioner and Dor chester to be superintendent of Indian schools to be reported favorably to the Among the confirmations to day were the following R of Louis iana minister to the Argentine Repub lic Clark of minister and consul general to Denmark of New commissioner of navigation Samuel of commissioner of customs Richard of the District of Co JT consul general to Ottawa of rolicitor of the treasury chief justice of the supreme court of i Indian Fort North Dakota p of Osagc Indian Michael Wisconsin Benjamin White Min nesota Robert Omaha and Winnebago Corning Correction A Lake City Avoca Columbus Junction John Swallow and residing in Buck near the corporation have the small eat baby ever seen in this It is nearly three months is a girl and weighs but one and threequarter pounds its leneth is just twelve When born its weight was one and onehalf It is perfectly formed in every and is as healthy as ordinary babies Its mother has been sick ever since ite and the child has to be kept near a warm stove constantly to keep it beverage and the establishment and keeping of places of resort where in toxicating liquors are so sold and per sons are induced to acquire the habit of drinking is destructive of life and is a direct and prolific cause of pauper insanity and crime and the states should declare the same to be a crime and prescribe such punishment as will effectually eradicate the The sov ereignty of the state of Iowa and of a right ought extend to every township and school We are opposed to disintegration of its it is not consistent with the dignity of the state or its right of administration of justice to recognize that an act shall be criminal in one part of the state and legal in Local nullification of the law furnishes no reason for its repeal but should be met by prompt en forcement and the enactment of all leg illation to secure the Crime should never be We regard all de vices of local option or high license as mere subterfuges for the toleration of crime and are unalterably opposed to the It is not the purpose of this con vention to organize a political party or create an organization in the interest of any party or but we recognize the fact that legal pi ohibition can only be secured and enforced through the legisla tures and officers chosen by the and we further declare that it is not only the privilege but the duty of every citizen favoring prohibition to make his and power felt and recognized at the The present prohibitory law was enacted in obedience to the demands of the people and has proved a blessing wherever it has been faithf ally We are opposed to any repeal or impair ment of the same We are confident that the people of Iowa by a large ma jority are still in favor of the law and we have confidence that the twenty third general assembly will not repeal or impair its efficiency and we deem it both due to ourselves and to all whom it may concern to declare our continued confidence and support can only be re tained by the truthful maintenance and enforcement of this Congress is asked to amend the interstate commerce law so as to prohibit the importa tion of liquors into prohibition states except in conformity with state regula tions also to amend the internal revenue law so as to prohibit the sale of revenue stamps to liquor dealers in prohibition Two freight trains came together here The eastbound train wag sidetracked and the switch was thrown just as the fast freight came around the The latter train literally climbed on top of the The fireman and engineer The former was uninjured but the latter is crippled Wreckage was scattered over the track for hun dreds of Passenger trains are sent around by a temporary Kllcn Foatar DES The executive committe of the Iowa Womans Chris tian Temperance Union met here yester day and adopted resolutions opposing any measure looking to the repeal of the prohibitory law or the weakening of any of its provisions indorsing the action of the Iowa delegation at the national Womans Christian Temperance Union convention at Chicago in its withdrawal from that body indorsing the efforts of Senator Wilson and Congressman Kerr to amend the interstate commerce law in the interest of prohibition and the moralsuasion efforts of Francis Pmrdona Special to DBS Governor Larra bee pardoned George who was committed to the penitentiary boats spot and were where light flying about over the the caisson danced to had stood and fro at Madison from February 1887 for a Shelby county in term of ten years for the crime of robbery the pardon to lakeeffect January He also suspended sentence in the caae of of Benton and of fined and respectively for stealing intoxicating Scarlet at fever lias broken out among the children of Qarfleltl about four miles northwest of Several cases are re and up to the present time one death has The physicians say it is the most malignant and liable to prove a The schools have been closed on account of the A ret Slock Special to THE ROCK annual ex hibition of the Linn County Poultry Pet Stock association opened at the opera house to The number of entries is much rreater than last year at this time and a very successful show is A Creamery Special to THB Creston board of trade in conjunction with the leading farmers in Union county have decided to build a creamery and cheese factory to be operated on an extensive scale in the blue grass region this THE STATE IN with them but there was no trace of the massive structure of stone and tim It was soon known that only four of the eighteen men who were at work at the time of the accident had THE William 40 years John 28 years 36 of Hyde Frank native of New Jersey Pat Phila delphia Hender Kentucky Monroe Kentucky Kentucky Thomas aged Kentucky Joseph aged Kentucky Hamilton aged Henderson Thomas aged twenty Henderson Frank aged Henderson Robert aged The last man out of the caisson was Frank He was barely saved by a man named who dragged him from where he was caught waist deep in the Abe one of the says he stood nearest the iron ladder by which they got in and HE EEABD A RUMBLING and there was a rush of air almost at the same He jumped up the rungs of the followed by the other They had hardly got clear of the caisson when the water burst through the man hole knocking them into the river where they were picked Haddix says he saw Morris who was climbing next be low swiftly drawn under by the sand and heard his cries for help but could do The caisson is not wrecked as at first supposed but has settled down in the bed of the stream completely filled with sand and The pumping station is KlBB AlfoMO Dying illness of the in fant king has assumed a most alarming At midnight his condition was regarded as Bishop through out the country are ordered to offer prayers for his SECOND AUDALIEET1I80F TEE1UJM1S HESS A GoeeBy Body of AWe Country Editors literary Laat Evening hy Senator Mathews Davidsons Spatial to Tn second annual meeting of the Military Tract j Press association is being held in this This association was founded by Thomas of the Bushnell and one or two other bright young and it was their idea that the meetings should be of a literary and business The chief ob ject of the is to get together and exchange experiences tending to the mutual benefit of publish ers and There are within the scopiaof the Mil itary Tract hundreds of country news and their editors are noted for industry and Their constant aim is not only to better their own financial condition in all honorable but to elevate and strengthen the tone of the provincial press of the It is that these jour nalists have some common idea as to business not only for their own protection from deadbeat concerns but as a means of bettering their Of course the different subjects pertain ing to country newspaper work will be discussed fully and ably at the session to The gracious people of Monmouth respondent at suggested that act the dispute land print accept any the British Brfniater has of Portugese minister otforaigB the last note of SaBsbarr to the affairs in eluded with opnialoBof ing in the notcywfll proaalMt factory to the BrMak tion of has been issued1 Journal is the suit j by Captain i its commenta upon with suit for a c British warships ever i waters is here now a war of the same nationalit ly The excitement oeoseiOBBC by the presence of sjvt speculation ia rife concerning fhttohjijsA of the ia reported Zanzibar that Rear Admiral mantels consisting of will laQ ton fora secret Butler com dealers in mantels and failed today for to The assets amount Dear Special to THI authori ties of Monmouth deny that plagerism has been practiced by any of the college students in oratorical contests and that such a report is Of health and strength renewed and of ease and comfort follows the use of Syrup of as it acts in harmony with nature to effectually cleanse the system when costive or For sale in 50c and by all lending Gospel Work Special to THI cele brated of I Bowling is holding a I protracted meeting at the Christian the house filled to its ut most capacity every evening He is as sisted by the popular and very efficient Ross has resigned his pastorship of the Christian church and with his in valid wife contemplates making his fu ture home at Spokane Wherever he goes the best wishes of the town fol low White Risser expect to put up a large elevator the is held to moments MINOS FOREIGN RIODB dercee just promulgated separation of church and guana tees religions liberty and con tinues the life stipends granted under ministerial oriaw The queen conraltei the hard at work to the bodies reached clearing the way but none will There seems to ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE of those caught within for any The negroes who be be the escaped say John m The state board of health hat received from the Ohio board a formal complaint in the matter of the shipment to Zaneeville of the corpse of a daughter of Henry who died It ia charged that the body was marked not that the cause of death was given as heart failure that the body was exposed at as a re there have been four deaths from diphtheria The Illinois board is to make an LOOK OUT FOB TViHUB The i state board of health by the New York board of the recent arrival in that city of the Eteamer Weeteraland with ill cases of ty phus fever on The passengers have acattered over the A list of the steerage passengers was inclosed that the oriSn of the disease may be traced should any of them spread the dis ease in except to such as are authorized by the state The action of Senator Wilson and Congressman Kerrin in this direction is In view of the fearful destruction of loss of wealth and injury to the morals and the well being of the people by the sale and use of intoxicating liquors congress is asked to appoint a commission to thoroughly investigate the question and pub lish for the information of the people reports of the facts The failure of certain public specifically charged with the enforce ment of the prohibitory law to properly perform their is Governor Larrabee is warmly commend ed for the fair and consistent position taken by him in our prohibitory laws while holdingthe office he now The state central committee this after noon elected the following officers chairman sec retary The matter of policy of the committee was referred to the executive committee con sisting besides the above officers of Clinton and At the evening session addresses were made by exSenator Gov ernor exSenator Hutchison and other prominent This closed the Sunday night the depot at Defieniak Springs was broken into and the United States mail poaches There are eighteen prisoners now con fined in the Mills county fifteen of whom are awaiting trial for applying a coat of tar and feathers to a school teacher near The Modoc Democratic of Keo the gang had them dig too deep before letting the caisson settle and the digging was too close to the shoe of the Just before the accident Knox gave some order to the keeper in charge of the upper door to tile He opened this door and the compressed air which kept out the river rushed out letting in the The men say they were working in ugly quick sand at the The caisson was about forty feet by twenty and built of tim bers twelve inches A FAST TJBAIN Sevan Demollelud mud Much Valuable Mall westbound fast mail on the Union Pacific was de railed at this morn Two mail a baggage an express and two sleepers were destroyed by Thirtytwo pouches of registered mail were One man was slightly The loss on mail mat ter cannot be High JUceaee I The New York Evening Post has a letter from Pittsburg complaining of the evil effects of high license in that town About this it very sensibly It amounts merelv to a showing that ex treme high license works precisely as prohibition Neither one is desir since both engender lead to more or less open disregard of courage rather than diminish intoxica and promote black mail among public It is not so much the size of the license fee which has caused the harm in Pittsburg as the limiting of the number of fees The new as interpreted by the local reduced the number of saloons from to 200 a sinele This amounted to virtual prohibition in many portions of the and the remit was the eatablisnment of almost innum erable places for illicit in led to the levying of blackmail as the price for continuing the business un the account reads much like those which are frequently published of the situation in the cities of kindly filled Liederkranz hall with their presents this It wasa sym pathetic and appreciative one characteristic of the renonned culture of the Maple Honorable Burl mayor of the opened the ex ercises with an address of welcome characteristically elequent and appropri As approperately felicitious was the response by editor of the Lewiston Tom of the Bushnell and president of the Keithsburg Gay of Cartiage then read the fol lowing original poem THE The daya ate and the ace aa the tireleai Printing and pasting and foldingthe sheet That mirrors lour tooughts and com are these newborn dayi As the subtle fluid that over plays Along the from shore to Whisperingits A wonderful quickly As swiftly so soon tis For the days are and the times are The deeda of men no rushingpast Like an army Out on the bosom of The dead longlive the The cable shouts in Its Thus works the tireless Buildingfair oitiea from the TelUng the world what the world has Finishingprojects scarce Mouldingthought and guiding hands Of the rich ana poor In many while watchers Ita midnight vigils Where death la To one sure purpose closely aealed The hero of the press is No matter if the bloodstained ground la strewn with while walling cries Torture the fetid battle To thoae who watch and to those who pray The story comos at break of But wara are wars of The pen la mightier than the sword 1 To ploughaharea beat the mating Midst bum of engines and clash of The ballots fall like whitening anow Coming alike from friend and While watching over The press doth note and count their fall Keen li the brain and brave the heart Of each true soldier in this art art of arts Tla a mighty sphere I And we are aoldiera gathered We may not man a monster gun That sounds the advent of each But In the ranks we nght the fight That makes glad morning of the The press engine for the good or ill But I for the countrys weat And the woe of be it great or smalL Beady to answer the pleading call Of right or the Justice Its shield and truth ita Hail to the press of these daya new Hail to ita might in the dawning moral Maine under a prohibitory tite may be restricted by legal Appe enact copy of the pro posed extradition treaty between the United States and Great Britain has been received by the minister of The of the proposed treaty is in cVntrast to Hie treaty of which consists only of four If the MonticeUo Manchester S Ida Wilton Junction Xssa Waverly Council Bluffs Vinton Tnar Nevada What OheerTililton N Shenandoah AJta Jonathan Liberty to bring Canada under its pro in ofgxida Ellis recovering worth of i Porte Storm Uke John 8 Tolado Fansand Oadaton defraud the ant with the firm gem OtyofrtUnaaiwdr THI of tke Dee Melaiea The Special DM hotel cor ridars present quite an annimated scene this About seventyfive mem bers are on the a large majority of thgm being The interest centers in the fight for the it is generally conceeded that the re publicans will organise the house and on good grounds claim the assistance of two independent Bias Wilson of Can county is the growing favorite for the Luke is a aacond Dobson and Walden all have friends who claim the chances are still in their Jerry a wen known miner and representative of and a political organizer u a for assistant clerk of the house aid stands good There twice the number of awHcanta for eachpoti tion in senate to those in CtaviB of Wapaflo and or Cal hewn are making many friends enthusiastically celebrated the an niversary of the New Orleans battle won by Andrew Jackson over the British January Keokuk wants a new Vice President Stone and General Man ager of that were in that city Tuesday and now Keokuk is hope Alice a little girl who was taken by a farmer near Muscatine to was most cruelly left in the cold on the streets of this city to seek shelter for a few nights The Council Bluffs and Omaha Motor and Bridge company has boon obliged to pay a firm of Washington attorneys for lobbying the bill granting its franchisethrough A water famine at Keokuk is threat The water works supply pipe has scarcely enough water over it to create a and should the river fall lower the supply will be cut The roller skating craze has revived at Fort The opera house has been turned over to those suffering from the Fort Madison is also afflicted with likewise the A female minstrel troupe which played to baldheaded houses in the small towns in this about two months on was fined NBW appalling dis aster occurred in Brooklyn this The heavy winds of last night shook the new Presbyterian church at Throop ave nue to its and at this morning of the walls fell with a crash on a threestory frame building adjoining and brought with it death and The ruined building was tenanted by the Mott and Purdy famil They numbered nine Five of them are reported but it cannot be abolished by A Norwalk father to I would like to give my son a chance in your printing What can the boy do at first he couldnt do anything more than edit your paper and take general charge of the mechanical but later when he learns hell be handy to have around to wash keep lamp chimneys clean and sift Killed ey FaUlac pile of timber in Higbee Peters lumber yard toppled over on four workmen this John Thompson and Andrew Johnson were crushed to John Perry and John Lindquist each had a leg one of the men killed was married just a week A MODHTAIK OF A cue of Obealtr M CM TELEORAPB Baltimore has developed an oyster trust that threatens to annihilate any firm that denies its Lawler retail dry jtoods merchants of confessed judg ment Wednesday for a missionary evan was chloroformed and robbed of in a hotel at Cincinnati Tuesday Recorder Smyth of New York re ceived an anonymous letter saying that a convict named Hahn intended to aaiasi nate general traffic manager i Senator Milton of the Ur bana then delivered the address ot the His theme was that of and he invested it with many new and rare The address was eloquent and was listened to with the closest I Tomorrow the association will hold I interesting sessions at the Hotel Rich An has been At the morning session a permanent organization will be effected and adoption of constitution also report of and the following editors will read papers Astoria Argus Colchester Inde pendent Monmouth Re view Abingdon Enterprise Lewistown Democrat Macomb THE The of Monmouth tendered a magnificent banquet to the association at the Tremont house An elegant supper was During the evening the following toasts were given Our responded to by Robert Grier City of responded to by Taylor Our Industries responded to by George Other toasts were given and responded to by Tom Simpson and Tomorrow the editors wilt be shown over the 7OBKI6Bf Tfce FelltteaU atnaxle M various political preparing for Canovas del Castillo and of the two Peter foe 1889 yielded to the pope than The legacies bequeathed to the pope during the year amount to Lincoln haa returned from his son being out ot Slgftta IB and Cady forsMt write from Europe to Brownell of that city giving aa inter esting account of sights in quote from the Gate City We were delighted with people seemed the most comfortably off of any nation we A welltodo comfortable with flowers and nice big nice cattle well cared good hotels and fat good good neatness and At the risk of boring let me give you one days trip from Amsterdam fc Island of where the people have retained the dress and habits of fif teenth century without any A most charming drive for an hour and a half over the best of hy avenues of most beautiful along side of the windmills in profu and the oddest and quaint est the majority ot cases the house and barn under same the people and the liv ing in the same finally came to the village of of the quaintest places where we took a fish boat manned hy five and an Hours tail brought na to I wish I could give yon some conception of the appearance of the sailors More ludicrous looking saen you never saw wooden shoes with how to the knees and the most immense bag gy trousers As the old skipper stood at the helm in the my wife calculated his trousers would measure four and onehalf feet across the The people on the island number twelve wmdYed and live by fishing en tirely not a farm or even a garden in the They have a few sheep and The island is covered with water in the winter and the only means tha in habitants have of communicating with each other is by boat or on the houses are on piles or raised earth to keep them out of the mostly with one room in which in the cows and live with the yet everything is as clean and neat as a There is not a stove or a chimney on There is a hole in the center of of the floor and in the hoe an iron pot in which peat is A pot ia sus pended by a cord from the roof over pot which can be raised and lowered hy The roof tapers to a point and that roof the fishing is a patient in ward 3 at the Cook County hospital who weighs over three hundred and who at the time of his admission to that institution was almost starved to not having tasted food for five the Union Pacific railroad is the coming Appeals favoring onsly in at family has been the elevenyear committed ana his name is Ven At San Fransisco Classent son of a He ran away from school and feared The explosion of a stationary engine in Blakes near Dnnmore Tues day caused the death of one and fatally injared another Amia d I the two foremoetpiecdeitial candidate Colonel Morales Bermudes and Bo tha up in and the fish are hung up to be smoked and cured as we use That is reason there are no smoke becomes unendurable they a string which opens a trap door in roof and lets the smoke out The wo men have a long flaxen curl hanging to their waist from each their head they wear bangs in front BSJeE the rest of the head is covered with and the rest of the drees very quaint They never leave the island for service or anything I inquired1 what they did for livelihood the re ply they I said suppose one should be unfortunate as not to get and was told that never Instead of pictures on walls of their walls dec orated with crockery and position and wealth of the family indicated by the quality and quantity of the Some of the furniture is very old and riously carved the beds are bunks along the walls like the berths in a which are concealed ty curtainsin front OB our return we stopped at of Broek the cleanest village ia Holla where we e model dairy wl they made Schiedam Thawi twentysix cows under with the Each cow had her tsmt tied over apully to keep ft from bang soiled when she lay The had to walk through stable from their sitting and living room to their yet everything r could the third and each member MO for an indecent exposure of Brakeman Hall is held criminally re sponsible by the grand jury of Dnbnque eownty for the collision on the St Pan and Kansas City road at Dnran gosome weeks which caused the death of Conductor Berr He is in jail at President Furrow of the State Farmers ever His death Last Saturday hie neighbors first noticed the terrible condition he was AUhat time almost had eaten nothing for five days and was too weak He had bean liv ing aloneHis case is oae of the most remarkable on records of of on the hospital character are records of the county alliance U urging people of the ttate I two months ago the M wv to write their senators and wffl certainly hie death VannaaconM for one or more of the hffls BOW being ear what cause of hia trouble whence she was taken oat The agents of the schooner Douglass hound to Philadelphia from Poget Sound with a valuable cargo of alto which was reported lost at sea with afl doubt the report The school board haa I He also took aa authorized the hiring ojf a gkjrtsof gas are published Colonel Ber who is the official rep resents the He is generally re spected on account of honorable career and valor during the late interna tional and crvfl when he fought by the of General helping him I to restore peace to the Bo see is tbe choice of the civilian He was the minister of the late President Pedro and subsequently preei1 walk off dent of the General Canevaros is stm notwithstanding his withdrawal from introduced into to prohibit The growth view ot Ma chances ot aa proof of the hi ism and Hia due principally to hie i chOdran living on the out1 city to the nearest public I the carryaUIsto Terror in the boy were vou bad didnt gafi I did not That e then WheTe the if

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