Wednesday, January 1, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Hawk Eye on Wednesday, January 1, 1890

Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - January 1, 1890, Burlington, Iowa Fart ESTABLISHED K THE TRIP AROUND THE THE ON WHICH WE LITE OIJE1NG ME TWELYE MOSTHS Becorf of Which Chiefly Oancn the and of the Terretial Society and the Hatore Bnefly S HAS its I THK HAVYKKYK pre I its readers I with the annual i record of the I worlds itgivestlieevents A of twelve months i i in compact A perusal of the chronological record of this one year will nerve the double rfufpose of showing how rapid is the fight of time and now Imperfect is human memory reader will find many incidents re called that had already been As a the dates farther back than have been The most strik ing f nature of the chronology of the year 1889 in rcrord of disasters by Hood and lire UK most interesting feature of that of 1838 was the record of that of deaths of eminent persons The list of financial crimes for is rather more lengthy than and most of the Important matter that may be property classified under this head will be found in the columns that No attempt has bean made to record the great mass of crimes against human liftor such as are put down me given spare only because ni Home exceptional Interest mani fested tbe public the details of which were published In THK HAWKEVE at the time ol their FIRES AND luuhardstin Drug burnsd 1 Firedamp explosion in Spain 27 Destructive tornado felt at Pittsburg 33 killed at Heading And 14 at New suspension bridge at Niagara SaUroadaccident at McDonald of Michigan 7 sailors drowned hi alassbchusetta bay during Fire Iu Xoss 1 are man killed and 17 injured 0 acres burned 14 jieruons near by the collapse of a roUroad Steamer Nereid and British ship Eillochan ooUlded off Dungoneas both sunk SS link Steamer Glencoe collided with bark Largo Bay off Beacby Head and sunk 62 lives Drug homo of John Wyeth Philadel burned Boiler explosion wracked the Park Central 22 lives Tornado in Alabama caused loss of much property and or G in miuorn lulled by explosion hi Hyde col near Bark Josie Troop wracked on KortU coast captain and 10 of the crew V 11 girls killed by un explosion in a mining squib factory at Paasungcr train on Qroat Western at wrecked 10 ontheNorthna British manofwar Sultan wrecked ia tbe by sinking of Spanish Colliery disaster it Oolliery explosion at France 15 Bark of wrecked off tbe Virginia capes 14 lives Violent storms on the Chesapeake anil along the Atlantic torpedo boat foundered off Cherbourg 16 Report of loss of steamer with crew of 90 Spanish steamer collided with with stnamorVisayasudsunk 80 Kxrarsiun simmer Ocoteau foundered in JLalo Mttxico more than GO CMUuiii iiaikcl Countess ot Flanders mink in ilritish channel by Belgian mail Henrietta 15 Prairie Orvs destroyed property in Minmsotaaaa Fifty and 30 liven lost in the recent morn on Chesapeake Oaal pit explosion at New South i Wales Si U Stiamer of line seen lasting disabled 600 miles off tbe coast of Her passengers and crow were April ti by be staamer Catu uid taken tothe uiul grain elevator in rNew York dostroyco by ore Ions Railroad accident on Grand Trunk 18 Americans eoing to Washington Inaugural Centennial in Kew York 10 miners killed by an accident in Casca vYU Terrinc storms in VTaahuigton Tenitory and Several lost in Washington Fire in Quebec 700 houses burned worth of property Steamer Alaska foundered off Cape Twofrencn flshing isssutii lost 175 Drowning of persons by ftood ia at PodnaMi GaUda lives Great rainfall in toe Middle Atlantic particularly in the two Vir jCUiias and the District of Johns and several other unvm destroyed by theureakincotaflVun aereralrnniaaail Urea teat Mid millions ot dollars couroeilor Johnstown Great damage Violence IB ported M Much flimaiT A also reported to abippuarmnd in Great flre in Wash Tornado In Lewis and in Disastrous storm damage done to Itfe property in Kew Brooklyn New three churches burned by light ruined ofthe canal houses burned In which by a tornadocome y t TB killed in railway accident near 0 persons buried to thermnc the City ot Mexico 8 dead houses burned J Jives reported lost by i Destructive floods in Pennsylvania t Spofcane by flre Iocs to Great damage by storms in the vest sev eral hundrwl peoplerendered homeless by floods in great storm on the AtlouLjc elides and floods In province of Ja pan fire at Port destroying elevator and three 1SS persons buneo by earthqualres at Kuen on the Kussian Bew aspotsmaal of South civil Aztbxfflfc of made dark net Heniy consul generalat TTmnhiln John ot causal at Birmingham Thomas at Distzict of Coamv at at made am St Beverly Tucker and Lew Wallace appointed1 speSil envoys to Hayti appoinuneatt afterwords Keteon appointed adjotaiit general of United States Ehode appawt ed commissioner of Indian Calvin Brioe elected chairmaaof the na tional Democratic committee Prohibition defeated in William Chandler elected UnUed senator from New Ehode Island repealed John of appointed mitiMur a In In I struct for tie SiDoctlaborewstnickat king of deposed by hisbody guards and bis brother niadii i FleoryHusaon ffll tomdaafir rot tSeEnightsot Oliver aged HooeH by RsnUin theXaiqnii formerJytte Forest fires in Montana towns de CO miners killed by an explosion in a 155 persons 800 injured and large amount of property destroyed at by explosion of Great damage along the New Jersey coast by high Many lives lost and great damage sustained by shipping 40 lost at Delaware Breakwater Destructive flre in firemen Landslide ui Quebec killed several people and destroyed a number of houses 25 bodies Boilrood at Palatine on the B Railroad accident in Italy GO Cyclone did much damage on the Campeachy coast 34 vessels MkiUedandBO injured in a railroad accident near Steamboat blown np on tttelfftaiarippi river SCTPT iMirriraumn in pie and destroyed much Bates house in ludianapolis Besidence of Clem Stndebaker at South burned Tataages Brooklyn Tabernacle by 6 killed and 2 injured by an accident on an in clined railroad at 58 minere killed by an explosion in an Survivors of the wrecked steamer Sarnmore It was stated that the boats crew sustained life by 88 lives lost by the Kinking of the British ship from Calcutta to women and girls caught under falling wall of carpet works 6 bodies fire in American ship Cheeseborough wrecked in the offthe coast of Japan 19ofthe CPBW Hundreds of cattle and sheep perished in se vere snow storm in New and at least t cowboys frozen to Si Ijlirbslost by wrecking ofa tag on coast of fire at German bark Germania wrecked at Long captain and 10 saQoi flre In Several lives 14 killed by a colliery ffrpkirion in Minn t Tribune building de stroyed by fire 8 or 10 lives 7 lives lost in the Philadelphia Mouougahela 12 persons killed in a theatre panic atJohns Disastrous fiood in the Sacramento River val POLITICS IN THE UNITED Congress reconvened after the West Virginia supreme court quashedamo Uon to prevent the legislature from declar ing a vote that elects on the face of the Deadlock broken in Weaver having made an agreement with the Wolcott elected to the United States a ate by the legislature of Colorado Anthony Biggins by that of and Senators of and of Senator of Senators of New of of North of In the senate the substitute for the Mills bill passed by a party Wasbburn elected to United States sen ate by the Minnesota legislature Senators of gnnaag and of re elected to the TJuited Staies Senator Berry reelected from Britisli extradition treaty rejected by the sen Consul General SewellatSaiuoa President Cleveland submitted to congress proposal to renew the Samoan comcrenceand the proiiocols in tbe Civil Service Cacsnisdcri v Edgenon re moved by President Harrison and alorton officially declared elected president and vice president ot tbeCnited House voted u New Mexico from t be territorial bill and to admit the two Da Washington and Gitman Alanoon appointed UnuadStaLes sen ator from New Commercial treaty between Japan and the United States Senator Eenna reelected from West President Cleveland approved the bill creating four new President Harrison of States minister to Spain Swift to Japan consul general to West Virginia supreme court decided that the faOnre of the legislature to declare result of Jate election rendered office vacant and en titled Governor Wflson to the place tall the result be legally Prohibition defeated in New of appointed United States minister to Italy of rflfrwK minister to governor of Louis Wolfley made governor of made first antotaot p mliimrin Phelps and George commissionezs CotbeSa moan conference at Senator Chaoe of W of aamedfor min ister to Jforway Sweden fjamnri JL of Tnirdrtrr tothe Sett commissioner of consul to ward Scbnyler tote state at U taryjt Grant named minister to Austria Jiew made consul general to Miles Seymour nominated for governor Washington James Tamer of ada so BV Frands EWai mbnr aad Benjamin 1 Jtnmt rHalstead ADen Thom dlke George Lorim Jo to the Hawaiian OeorjsB of to Paraguay and Uruguay of to beconsul gen eral at St of New appointed min ister to Frederick Douglass appointed mimstrr HaytL madechief of the oureau or engraving Charles JoanFormcaCCatl the wafl known operatic NATURES DARK late caaUer of the 8av Savings Hew short nts azent in jndiaiiapoQs of the Clayton at secretary of the American f sJdentof theUannteU i company ie of X shot to death by who gave himself ordered onriiiiiraittf c withdraw prodamaUon la Apia Panama Canal company partiaUy disclosed beforetho Ml CL badly broken upm Figott disappeared after ronfosing to forgmg suit against The Timei French ministry decided to suppress the Pa triotic league because of to action in Hgar teller of City National confessed to embeotement of resident of first National bank of bulldozed out of of made ter to Servia Greece of consul general to Berlin of Ehode to Borne Eu gene of New consul general to of commw sioner of anfl superintendeat of coast of appointed mm ister to the Argentine Bank of disappeared Professor William Harris appointed om wiflj missioner of of appointed a t Numerous arrests of men in ber of the interstate commerce charged with complicity in the nmr I 1 der of Thomas of appointed I 1 Three Bald Enobber murderers hangedat United States niniujr to the United jj of Bolivia Guard ot United States Paymaster Wham Pension Commissiooer Tanner resigned resr shot down by robbers in Artauca ijnailon I of appointed Discovery of the body of Irish sionef of the general land in a catch basin in CineaKO in such a way as to indicate Elections in Worth and South Dakota and MoaK The Leslie Carter divorce can in Chicago de Tbe Bepubllcans carried the first two cided against Carter In the last named tbe result was reported hi the Merchants1 very Prohibition won in Da ijooal New Prohibition defeated in Green Banm appointed United States commissioner of Commodore Bomsay appointed chief of the bureau of John Field appointed postmaster at Philadel 8L Postmaster made public an order fixing government telegraph ratei for the current official State canvassing board of Montana gave thft stale to the save in the case of of IHhin arrested the governor senate tie house snjan Krwtogeries m publican Maybrick found guiUy of murdering her Elections held in the various states for state sentenced to be hanged on the SL Gilbert Pierce elected Unitod States senator perhTFlackof New Tortresigned as grand from North I J sachem ot Tammany hafl became of the scandal of his frandatast divorce from his Flack divorce in Kew York Judge a of shot by Dep uty United States Neagle at La while Justice N of the United States supreme Justice Field arrested for complicity in the Terry kfllmg released shortly Eben railroad president in New sentenced to 14 yean1 imprisonment for overissue of Kgott cmnmttxid fa of Servia abdicated in favor of hit Germans recaptured Bagarimyoaaddefaitef the with great a Bank of France advanced franca tc meetwithdrawol of deposits of tneComptoh King John of Abyssinia and his generab lolled at Xetermineh hi a with th Times finished its case before the Parnell del Burke indicted far the Croain rJane WhtteUnj hanged in Phfla two ciVor the murder of her husband and Dawaow acquitted of the murder of Cronin ar murdereni of in Cronin extradited at First session of the Fiftyfirst congress begna Thfmng of made speaker of I the bouse tbe blind I Democratic elected of the David Brewer appointed associate justice the supnme court ot the United Senator of reelected presid pro Speaker Beed appointed McKinley chairl THE HAND OF In Owen only the famous raid at Harpers aged In New Helen wife aged Alexander HcQIlL ol In Di primi her broken In New Jane PooUner E of John agad ML In Hong Ralph admiral United States aged In Kew John presid the Kew York College of Physicians aged frt In Oeirge aged In Francis solicitor of state aged fia In Centennial French Revolution celebrated al Versailles and elsewhere blank cartridge shot at President Paris exposition of captured Port at Prince and declared himself Wissuian some of their Samoan ajreement signed in 2Si Trouble at Delagoa The Portu Hiw the order theDonuBloBeouBcaof mmisten the portfolio of rjCwars and cordaiSjafm of poor ism no Losses sustauiedtby collapse of the coppe ring amount to News that Pasha had routed der i I Boulan Sir John HarrlnaaMrBslosd ttepi the Domhlinn hmiwfl of miniitetsafaUal News of the Sareoan hurricane American ships Vandalia andTren and German ships Olga Adta I sUBPCTirtfd beached American loss cf officersanc The United Staiat 4S men 9 omcers and Afau Trial Boulanger begun m Weldon extradition bin passed in Canadiat ste New York i Bear Admiral Walkerfor a KnropeaBC The United States Boston for DRY PLATES FOR Evolution Im Indian Tmrnrnf I of Chief Indians who visit Washington nlmoat defeat Arabsand destroyed invariably come to haVe tteir pictowa said the photographer who most of this copper colored over there on tha iu lay see a rather interertinj up part of the road and fired upon an BeritiS of portraits ffluBtratillg the erote Engiish j yon of the red man in the matter at Egyptians killing 500 and from his primitive capturing a like number Egyptian f to the hkeness of the newest London Portugal decided to accept arbitration in the i fashion The first as TOO Deiagoa bay represents him in aboriginal togs In the next he has on a pair of the first white mans garment adopted by the He wears the trousers with his ordinary tribe costume in other in cluding aaia shown in the third it ocean to him to add a waistcoat andbOed The feathers and beads disappear at this and Lo goes about in his shirt feeling very enlightened year in U we die for oMd RobertRiy Hamilton stabbed In Kew Mary Louise editor pers aged Ia Isaiah jn aged i In New John In In Stanley justice United States L John Henry In Michel Eugene aged I In John interior under In iry to leper colony at In B Xew 2L In Kew Sebastian president of In Sew aged In Lime man Democratic In Carl i In Count De Bussian aged k In Hai States aged In Kew I in iJbe queen of the reigning aged In New ADen Thomdike B to aged la gooth dumb and JGXK1 In Leonard aged 6L John aged In Henry president ot abroad In aged Kin f Treaty of peace concluded between Mulaafn Farnell withdrew from the Paraell commie Belgium voted for the new Congo BP The Duke of Fife and Princess daugh ter of the Prince of French elections Boulongists Insurrection in Honolulu quelled by govern ment and a baseball player who pitched hand grenades filled with dyna mite among the The senate court found Henri EocfaeCort and Count Dillon gnHtyof con spiracy and sentenced them to be deported to some fortified SOL ExKing Malietoa reported returned to Legitime left having accepted Hyppo Decided that tWCra sfesO be tried Beginning of the Cronintrial Reinhold Blade Bart of captured at Douglass Ax of rolibed by its Firmof Campbent of wrecked by forgeriem of tbe junior who Deputy Marshal Keagle released in his own Eva HamDton found sen tenced to Sew Jersey aiata at Trot for two 2L belonging to the United States Express company atolen in a package at IndictmenB ordered against SheriC of New and his son Civil Jos ticeKonatl and Referee for and Raymond for sabomation of per jury in fraudulent divorce Ten jurymeB in the New stood for two tor Jury was a Chicago head embezzled from his extreasurer of charged wtth and indicted for misappropri ating state funds to tbe extent of and announced his intention of ie turning to America and clearing his repu venue cutter Bwh seized two sealers ik Behring between the Famellites and caused by the government Irish university Peters recallad from Africa by the German government He refused to obey the sum Halietoa returned to power in Ger man support withdrawn from News of Navassa riots The Galena of tbe United States navy ordered to protect American lives and property on the French elections resulted in favor if the Re hue several new elections were declared who had started for Amer ica from was obliged to leave thi Teutonic at QueenstowB and ncnm SL Rank Bowman shot and killed by expuonshef of near 3SL Cronin jury caabier ot the Conabob ational bank defaulter Cronins missburdoUiea and jnstromeati found in a sewer at SL Swope and OaL Goodlos killed each other in aa affray at toe post at Hannah RSouttwcrUi snot Stepona Pat a wen known Brooatyn mndiffled Mortgage forgeries in of the Onal Western land Fund unearthed u to tbe it arms of United Stateshooseof repra sesuSHE defsottedhi John OMB ilil waa hanged in fat Verdict m theCronm In Cadatu Xary Holyoke LIB Bew ot Yale i widowotl JaCa Oardiner LABOR Street reacaedliatiraentaeQiicagoi andQniBcyraQroadaBd ita tied up m LlOLFr tie up in Kew declared o Atber Janna Beballots to France confirmed Republican vic Princess of and the crown prince of Constantine married at Marriage of Prince Hatzfeldt to Miss Clara Huntington News of the massacre of Peters and most of his African exploring party Close of the Pans Prince Albert Victor arrived in Revolution in Brazil a republic succeeded the emperor and Dom Pedro sailed for The Antislavery conference began its sessions in Wissman word that Stanley arrived at 130 miles Draft of an Irish bill submitted toacommittee of the Fngltsh cabinet by Balfour and for some time before the coat is put as you see in the fourth collar and cuffs and silk hat are and Lo sprouts out very likely into a regular howling swell on the Piccadilly An Indian dude is a sight for men and All the portraits in this series seem to be of the same Yes that is Chief Sorrowful of the who are the most elabor ately dressed of all Indians in their na tive The pictures were taken of him at By the Chief Bushy of the Cherokee na was here a and seeing him the at WiEards I afriend ivho was named Van if he would bke to be intro x said Van yon dont mean to say that handHnnnifr dneeed and distinguished looking man burst upon my English horrible As midnights holy tbe steam whiatiw for oa botK of Manhattan Island jonwft to with the tmkllng of chimes the nraymg of street the hoarse cries of marchina a f and of certain other gilded friends of my loaded to the brim with blew flab horns and saluted always with resolution the approach ot the raw I must confess to my American raadsn that we have nothing like this ta Eng I have been accused of claiming too orach in the way of auperiority of England in criticising American lift but I am free toacknowledge that Amer ica surpasses us in the celebration of New Years THK EATT5O AND While I am in this mood of confession let me add that we English people aw fond of good eating and drinking there having just returned from clow and critical visits to the various royal spreads prepared by the New York land lords for their I must say that I am filled not only with amaiyment but with admiration at such bonndleM hos Some of my readers may think that I have returned filled with some thine but I can assure them thatl made my rounds before these gorgeooa spectacles of culinary artrwefe in was very canons to the crowds which came merely coming as avant couriers of tliuaa came laterin tbe day to Aadtonckcdltat The president of Nicaraugua signed treaty ot union between the Central American repub lics Costa Bica alone remains in the 41 Stanley and Emin Pasha Bagamoyo on the East African Emin Pasha fen from a window at Bagamoyo and received serious a Henry MStanley arrived at Dom Pedro reached 400 employes of the Louvre m with fever the gprearia burg to and Louis Ruchonnttt elected president of Swtt f SPORTING MATTERS OF Cambridge won the boat race with a The Hamball players w in New Tork from their trip round yacht Valkyrie laanchedi outran Procter iaott at laoisrilafcy Doke of Portlands f Bjrnrd defeated by Tale in boat SBttiaa octatrd Karain at over thereis an Indian ha comes let ma in troduce my Van Happy to meet Van Charmed to have the privOefaoC knowing Aad hope youl excuse the remark are arent I trust responded tha of Indian territory andoneof the very rich men of that lightened and iprosperooB Arid are all the Indiana of tribe as civilized as yoonelf asked you an Here ia a own Arii the draw item tba pocket of his coat a photogiapif that tbcra wen many that it only upon if eriat Bomthat Xew York ladfaa portunity of visiting the rooms of New apend ao may nave had to largeanninber ptooearion PoaBihtyttty iasemariontol fsOirr ol f