Saturday, April 21, 1883

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Hawk Eye on Saturday, April 21, 1883

Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - April 21, 1883, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON rABUSHEDJ 1883 SATURDAY WYMAN AND FOURTH CAR PETS pr GOiH CHOICEST LAKGEST Our SpringStyles vlH invtock and we are prepared to EUOW the Finest Assortment in the Northwest in e the productions of the brat many of the derigns being confined eiclusirely to irniture and Wall 1 I K inducements on billR of Carpets and dlclpweow lake No Mistake THIS SEASON ABOVE ALL OTHERS YOU WILL BE WELL PAID TO GO TO L Baab FOB YOUR LOTHING AND TAILORING A glum display of itylen will satiny UNPRKDJnDICKD olKerrer that in SPRING Hml iLthc yba that will suit all aud ut IMU fT 1M EIHATK Hiid wear ctmsists of a lame and varied Stock of Boys IClnldnn1 ituimuK wlinb we nfliTtti thusf giwd material and AOTring uui that our price will leas thaii coma and see LOVES Framed fine Childrens and Sunday School BIRTHDAY and WEDDING BLANK BOOKS ail kinds from the full bound Demi Ledgers and Journals smallest Pass LETTER Books BoKh and Bankers Leather Tin Lock Notarial Gummed Siring Todd GOLD PENS the Fine Leather Card Cases and Cigar Poker Fine Playing Whitt Reicard Koyes1 JAMES BURLINGTON RICE WHOLESALE AND RKTAIL 117 WORTH MAIN Ladies are especially invited to call and examine our stock and and can rest asrered of iwinir tieated aconrtims SMITH SEGNER Wholesale 109 ATSTB 111 VALLEY Special Attention Given llaudling PUKE FINK TEAS and CHOICE C iFFEi EASTERN PRICES DUPLICATED AT ALL TIMES IT GORHAMS OJfB BLOCK THE DEPOT AND BOA BURLINGTON JAMES WHOLESALE MANUFACTURER OF DEALER IN oreign 207 to 213 NOfiTH FIFTH NOTICE i Parties buyiuj Crackers or Confectionery of their wholepale gro should panioular to specify SMITHERS OR INFERIOR GOODS MAY BE They can be had fresh end with less breakage on stick candies than Wds from other Quality guaranteed equal to any the market All mail orders will have prompt and careful Dont mv when you want goods I will fill all orders sent All gooda daliveredto depot free ctfcharga LOOK JK A Rare Chance IS Real Estate GET A HOME CHEAP When You The of the Estate of the late HKSBV W STARK desiring up its will OFFER Full during the lays snc at EXJ KGIIELY LOW UATES upoli K anioiint of very de tirable real property belonging Ui said AMONG THE REST 100 LOTS InthSouthern and Western of tlie all suitable for Residence and many amongtbe most eligible ia the For ternu and particulars apply to J05A 210 Jefferson Or STA 315 North Third aprldlic WALL PAPER AND Window Shades AT Maura Wilsons BOOK 215 JEFFERSON We are BOT receiving Spriiipr Stock o the aboTi which comprises The latest ALL NBW old a ock Artwtic uiMi compatcnt MAURO Successors to WESLET jtftort anli Advertisements under suitable headings m serted in this column at the Imp rates for the Ant 1O far each liuertlon READ Real Estate WA two men act s at Ray Plow uian of iroo t habits to care of a horse and cow ami do garden compute tunraecirl also a girl to 4o cenrral Refeences aurlJ Alison Also day at Sixth lew day boarders at M12 Washington aprietl WAS OF mm WAN place as Hurl Have bad eight years experience in furniture and under taking b K CHCO of Olniw KII Maniif ctorne IV VV ANitll A l hollneWork no west romer 1 iir JnipiirLitt Pine LilllES exclusively for nprMf i entirely new MTMOR 1 The examination of witnesses starjoute trial took fonr speeches of the attorneys will take The reading of the judges in structions are liable to last couple o f Now in view of these how long ought the jury to sit The Omaha one of the strongest Tildenpapers in the says of his that it is all nonsense and Decided if not very Congressman Cults is getting better his physicians hope that he will survive present severe The democratic free trade journals are copying with great fidelity the speeches made at the Iroquis Club banquet at Chi but are very careful not to say any thing about the remarks of Carter Harri although they were the most sensible oration made We shall wait and see if the Des Moines which publishing the proceedings at banquet as a serial will not do Harrisom What has become of the new comet which was discovered about two months und promised to appear by this time in nnvsual brilliancy Booths European tour is little less Shan a continuous The commissioner of charities of New York took two hundred and fifty of the citys poor and unfortunate to Bariums sh ow last Monday which of course the young and enjoyed huge There is true policy in To give the p oor a bright hour to look back apom ia cheerless is a good deal to The Roman poor knew what thay when they cried Ponem et Bread and plays Dakota news that Sittimg Bmll was converted to the1 Catholic faith and it is announced that he and about four hun dred ot the tribe will be received into the church on june At least i igainst three of the Men ar rested tor connection with the dynamite the English government is establishing a very strong case and evidence ia sn ch that these Galla Willson and Whitehead will un doubtedly be i over Exclusive tirri lorv Can ailv a LAIilES UMiKRUAUMEXT 78 Maik i boirilerif handy to Splendid IHru and t5 for Tornado Policies in Home Scratc JI1HN to have their brief and ar printed M The Haweye Job OfBce 3ttistaction No defective work stationerc Jit Hawseyi atch conveniet and for rtainpleft and Samples of three to stationers for IS cents Tne Hawk Bur tt reader of THE HAWKKKTB to u 8 the Hawkeye nindflr for economical and oouvenieut by mail ttlted in consecutive order The Rawkeye tf PennSjlvaniu has f iliowed the example of Its legislature has voted down the proposition tor a constitutional We iurt received a Ireflhiut of Anhemer A Buschs EXPORT AND BUDWEISER in Quarts and These Beers are known to be THE BEST FOR FAMILY Selid in your Order by or Vlenhone No d Iliey will prompt MATHES GROSS to IIKA IIENN BERG Wholesale Dealers in S AND LIQUORS 292 NORTH MAIN and Liquors aHvavs on Orders the Conntry MCOSH CO Fifty Different Styles of arbellzed Slate OYSTERS The hest hrands in the by tlte or served in every nt the PALACE GRIMES THE OSLT RKST tUBAST IN Our mens department is perfect in every and presents to yentlemen of oil a splendid xssortmeri from which to selrci a well made and suit or Here a person with a slender purse can clothe himself respectably and well for or folks of easier means will feel quite economical when they learn our range of and as for the boy we arc for them this and we want tarents and guardians to investigate our laimsfor a superior article in boys and We tcill satisfy you as to he icearrcsistiny of the fnbriiy xed in building the garments 30 they uid stand the jFot Teleplione Also a Full Lile of Peerless and other COAL Wtute Sand Etc Satvar Pipe Fire Etc Market Fourth ON BURLINGTON AND K RES Furnished with or without F 911 S Sixth treet aprlThithnia Olt e iHiii 5il Nortb near desirable Now for June the first and the great It would have been a consummation de voutly to be if that new hotel of ours could have been finished by the time of the grand Bugs and mosquitos and the cheerful flies are beginning to annoy patient Bob Ingersoll will make the longest and most flowery speech in the great After he gets folks will tor moment that Dorsey and Brady are two little with pretty TOIt Twostory In irk 8 with jrai a d plrasnnl locution only four blocks from union Inquire of HU Jefferson F OR office rnoii alao desk In at Erie and Nurth Shore 211 Third apllSiltf FR RENT tl rooms in nice new niuliililrcn 4 IOOIHH on second an1 i rooms on ijirl2d w bv I RliV n mid 1ark in and Market 17OK niicl s h Denmark il Tliirtcenth 8 to Rormh aprzhllm L fi idRS 12 buiMiiiE 2 FOli mi i him I near Wil txrha tor Tirms S OTT Stll the whole suitable for aritpnintf r or on S i barcain Minneapolis has not only got the biggest electric light bui hiw alao riiised saloon licenses to fifteen hundred The annual cattle stle3 the United States are reported to amount to fit for a M o I1 is fur Call m the pll5iMni t 4UJ Vje 0 Hi UiniU of toi 4 oruilt aill on H4 Miirktt i for i Printed at The dtf erv at Voe KawKeve job If At last the deadlock in the Illinois le gislature is by the republicans abandoning the idea of seating Last weeks failures hare again increas ed in not less than 205 being re Among the number were sosue of5 large General Crook says that the Ariaona pa pers are and th it the Apaches are not nearly so had as Kerr one of the attorneys of the continued to enter tain the interested and the spec tators at tlta star route K i will nnl fin Clothiers and JEFFERSON AND FOURTH STS AMERICABUEAKFAST received tbe hi at Aw rest ami Kxclllivel or iarefnliy lv fows aie of and Will IK OAT ev hiillei iin llnstnittil price AMERICAN jhH ierr Hla u iTjiEYT sinus T time icai estate in mar24t Job Printine nf all kinds at The Hawkeye and tf u m i ot se the Haw keye loll me tiill i in the n KII the ip iii tinij to cty and have TVI in tit bietVen cunlt the flrat TiuwiUy M SB examine the Oniers uv tf i i he finef liiw of I ni init nt the ins IRttl isco rtlionhl vari If l ASK FiJK Tlw WKS MTIT 83 Slurray Sold by leading At br DOSAlIUEand KOEPF 4 Burlington t w be paid iijxtn living at tjiij T t I t this A reward reward HI Under will be reward by IcaTing Mine tt Uuwkeje uffica Boh Tngersoll has spoken at the grave of another friend as his speech was very fine and is beins extensively copied by the But it U also somewhat of a reflection of his former funeral speeches the thoughts are the same and they are clad in very According to the New Tork Commercial the Keely motor is a The Com mrrriiil is respectfully reminded that the first of April has past oratj lime Carter H irrisons spech is a great sen Onlv the democratic editors have not yet heard It is n Belted thai it wond be a grace ful and popular thing to send Bard to represent this nation at the cronatioe of the The YaleHarvard boat rmaewill taka place June

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