Friday, September 12, 1890

Alden Times

Location: Alden, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Alden Times on Friday, September 12, 1890

Alden Times (Newspaper) - September 12, 1890, Alden, Iowa BUSINESS DIRECTORY THE CHICAGO WORLD’S FAIR tot IU Ii KM Of ll,IWF* * A i hetns rang An I cwt.non* •»> * Al vjjM Itta liirpf Ii ii t, Kch-e* war* fljjriij TI jr Ma Aa am” g Ti.* air wa* fillet wubfUwliv 'rid tty the ■» re '*r VhI n'ar Ali i left n*> I'lMra for «adi)*M TliRta i.Jirld* WliitR Had IHought t« light I att forma aa •«<et a* f'n t’f which COUR* thought ll rt«a th*y t ugh - TJiua ah .wing tl.®ui»>iv®« its haw oruga ann »t lek I rig (Heelers j ‘HW- Sheee awn hoot* Ami halt a and root#, And tt>,.ly lh* old ■min I hr re a otau Ny ton* Ai. I lami a Uke tuna An't 'I Hr# Qiawli Mid MtM , Time a Inga aial aqutr la Auh (Telly air I a ' n<| rata and lf MSB kit Ulna. n.are'a tan I -..ran*® And rata ar I 'rains Theta a ’-et* a ridltw) Wa take a aea; f'iMin* laaia. Th® extraction of teeth in u*nsllvao-mrn pealed by a -dight flow of blood. which ordinarily cease* Imfor® tho patient |nit* th® dentist’* otVre. Where this lr ri t th® coos, or whcr® tho hemorrhage break* out afr®«h whoa medical I vie® it not at hand, it should Im borne in mind that th® first and n.o*t natural check ii tip clotting of th* 1 Mood in she cat tty, and this should not lr® disturb® I. ‘att % ant®r in IZoo-/ liouttrk **, cr. lf lr ll necessary to ritiR® th® mouth, bt it I ® don® "very carefully ... hr not to di-bwlge th* riot, if or .• in fcrmu.g. Where this do®* not on or, th® first reconr*# should l>® to an astringent, and tannin 1 *    ' ■ st f all lf thai im not at hand, finely pow®rad alum sa til answer Tor*, a cli. burnt mr . may l*e sprinkled over th® surface, or a little ball of Spider's w.’b, lightly pr®aa®d into the wo rid. may answer th® purjiose when oilier • ans fail, a,* this pe-t of every housekeeper is aa invaluable styptic. I.* addition to nom® of th®-*®, a com* preRA n..-tv I ® nee®* ary, and an article whi! ii will ariRw. r all purpose* mar las mad® for att emergency bv cutting a ' 'hnped lit i i s cork cif th® right •nRAt.mifl of* li’tru.,i i|i,i> An t gboati nf rhein* And fan -yf Bek I* win.trow*, torn! me inur flfw Ti I,Hie ult Ivra A ml the*®* |.«lai-R I wit. ti si Winona, 111., foal, Warranted 95 Pmr Cent. Fuel. SOCIETIES. DF Ah BU IN Live Stock itll .enAion . lo t I. over lh® wotuidetl Kin. rbi.s may Im lightly pressed into place bv the teeth of the other jaw, a* ! .a* it I* appl:< d a pl* dget of lint or similar dressing may properly be fitted to IIM carity, though often * th® eom* prcRR .lone will pro®# effectual. It is ti-cf ii, also, in A .rlirio.R, to maintain  'I 1 1 dtion of th® ; attent, cither sitting or Mending W arm foot baths ar* a1 • helpful. wi ll friction of tho • >w <-r limbs, to divert the blood from th® head is much a* practicable These iits ottons and suggestions at ply, of course, to Rtti h occasions a*, ye luirw ti calmant in the absence, or awaiting th® arrival, of th® family physn urn or th dentist. GRAIN, Seeds & Coal JU A HK J. WURST, Attorney end Conn*® I or et taw. Prompt *ttentloa *t« rn to*- ll® t on* rt» ®e p *r I tin % tin* ll* t* to re, Alden, lf er lit* vouaty, iowa. Heavy and Shelf Hardware 2 "IMM iud Tibia Citliry, Tinware & Woodenware, ta* I irs** I aag’ftnwdEvfocA ct M tHEjflHG STOVES i BAUGUS ll.«i’Hr at ( nae In I’otnt. There w is a funny incident out in ode of our in dlect ial tuburim, which dnl note mr to help the Christian scions# do. trim*. The on-arr* nos rut in tliia wic a [ nm anent expositions of th® ii.H ill:.....f Christian science was invited bv a numb®r of ladle- in one of the suburbs w in had ti.*, ome mtere-ted in thew® deetrme® end went®*! an authoritative et t o,ition .lf thorn, to .-ome out at.d talk on the subject. Hhe cairn , and ! ('gnu her addr. »•* in a small lecture room. “I.adi ’s," -he aid. “I wish to im* pros* ti J* >r: your in i nils tho fact that nothing < ii ts as if up pear-* to uh to • inst. Ail matt r ut ann al; it la a • I I . '..iii, • hid!’ic! Hat mn. Nothing is ...alter—all is mind Ami this truth docs not 'ij j ly un rd; to rhat it culled ■,, a ii *1 it pl ®'oi . • a lh.* more .j In.ary things a1**ut us ar** as much hailnrioutiona as so I ailed dis. ane. I will give an illustration. •Whtordar I whh t»i gaged in housework, and I had occasion to cut up and prepaid a number of quince®. Now, • oil all know flow terribly quinces are 'ipjawed to stain and blacken th® hands. For day’ and days. under th® old thought, I ha.® Worn u. on my lingers the dark stat! s mad® by paring quinces. Well, as I worked over tho o juin.-. s yesterday, | aring, I nattering, handlii g them. I thought:    How- f.-»l-iah, now, to siipjMnse that thens unreal, unsubstantial, nonexisting things silo lid tam my ban Is ’ and I resolved J that they should not -tain mr hat,de, and that I would not l.s.k it my finger* I until my work was over aud then would ! find them perfectly dean. Well, la-■ rite®, not only did I par® and quarter j tho<« quince*, but after I had inn* , pieta! them I had occasion to out ami ' prepare a nniaberof tomatoes, and nu know how dreadful the; are anppo od j to lie. I oared rn.'.-tomato®*, cut them and sliced them, handling them fred all th*’ tune; win I wan all don® with I*'th I rinsed my md* arni looked at them, and the* v. ,* perfectly cl. an and w hit®, wijh not a -fin nj OU them." When th® “scientist" had readied the *tage of the tomato®* the women of the audience began to 1. ok wonder ingly and aiginfieantl at one another, and when sn® announced the miracle, handkerchief* were stuffed into months all over the Ii' hall, and cheat* were he*ling with suppressed laughter lining in col adorable part housewives the tallies w that in the nature oi mere material things the juice of t uiatoe* will wash away anil utterlv r« move th® stain of any other fruit whet* soever, and that after cutting up tomatoes not a vestige of the uudace stain (Muld have 1k>®h left u]s>;i the woman s hands. Christian *ci®nc or no t hiis-t'an scieticw —Bait Urn Tran*< i j.f, ObaniRil m Thslr Own On tbs* Fourth of July, after the air-*hip ascension had probed a failure, a man approached 1‘ C. < 'anpbaU, th* inventor, and said "Mr Caiwpbdl, that was an excellent ase®! -t >u. allow me to ct pros* mv ap) r®« fatton of it," % d he ti p sited a k*® y in Mr. tam pis'll * liaml. \Tr. Campbell gravely thanked him, aud a se*\iud man cam® up aud a cut through th* sam® proceedi ig aud aaa folk*wed by a thirst Then the* all vnjoved a hearty laugh Fh* inventor calmly looked al the three cetin* and re marked "Wall ma can see that I have wine cento aud l>efore I gl<« in I atli con tun* veu that I have txiueid-• latde * rile trio were to imnreeaesi with hie reply that the" Afsdogised for thai. rudeness and etprvss*d their bs lief In turn Unfaiu Fgpgagg, Iii • a tim* to >*#v vs sal * to kuow people thmvstghls AjAtf fnr .VrIImmI A/s4sHSA*ip Tx** nwt ■aaa hwiinsRs* I v., «/ #Wp»r«. JU. r e«n I ‘-feertvKlp crkrt* an I cen Kw * yr. ,f    is s r anni thy*, .Alwa>i«.a*aay ie r*» lafofui.itii.o. T. J. RICK. A. ton. la. J. A, BUTTON, ALDE*, IOWA Notary Punic, Real Estate, laar —.am®— INHPItANt K AGENT. Slortest, Coiclest att! Only Direct Lute ■KTwuur A LU FN*, IOWA FALLH, KI. im KA, AXD CHICAGO, MILWAITCEfi AND ALL EANTEHN POINTS. Farm loan* n*eoda:e-1 on long r ahon tim a. al low rat®* of Interest. A tars* Ital t-f improvesl and unimproved landa for aal®. ll PERFUMES ■ a stifiss .a cazibi a gaum e situ. I Arr# TSfl*tjr,#t^tiUH# *A >n **4 last in# Af I bs. I cif urn** luhtr'a tiiA-J* ibm) .#!ahf»wd m»4 »•?%    I their .el® es or ? • h»ff flit J |Af#f« rrHfi * ■ ffirf I.tolfvir th*' - r I Ii n» •* • dati-t and kBmm I I •«<*#( rvr eg Apii; i. J ' at al a tai taw UUMM «a»4 **i Ai. U<«l lair Ulm I. RICKSECKER'S TOOTH POWDER IlETW KEX A HU* Ktv.1 Hor.v-i ar IVrlv^r, He had Wen driving a horse*car for four years, and had got a Utile bit more wary-looking every day. “I can t stand it any longer,'’ h® *- a jd at last “I ain’t a going U> ba • anv more women hading fault aud cl ai min jr they didn’t have courteous treatment * fhi ® was a worn it/ landing ort th^ next <>onier. Instead of th.• customary ''Hide, ma'am? ' he ate] jtod hi* hor*®*, di luonntetl from hi* pereb. and going tow aud th® curbstone, lifted hi* hat and inquired: 'Do *.*ti prop.*.© maki g -m» of this vehicle to day “Sir ” she said in of Moonish* I* l*r>rot»lj I r’.ii.,imv) lh* flo*vl l -*l*r la rove In * ll jfii»f*«*»»st . »n IMO* •»**! hr»*o* »n I njtij |L..j Sa; >1,.I lr, lf, a ara aa* »lr»»d, aam* ll. RICKSECKER'S FACE POWDER S#>'#tr#« th** jbt«r(>##t |f»4»Yr«#m**nt rr#rT    Til# *0 «f r??e.flTti ft* bv IfNatl F (ft *    JKI • d#f IMtoh#. Mf It utir* AM fU« Will UMI it NJ tufty •. (HIO. RJCIItCKH, PERFUHER, HIW NOHL Wti*r« f. i. r chan I i a * ■ a .’lull, t' U’tic al ria ut c*rrI.a .nj War* llic *.* ai; I cr tit, Ma* I.inn* aul al.aft dory italian. 'Iller•< * > I* fro- i spa a, Aal Hut. - t.x> .lain And lr’ilia a I art* froi . ark I. Tiler*- s’ . i mu spice. < ar 'Ina rn And vel.ii.. fr .-ta Y •    irs BT TAKER# THIS SHOUT ROUTE, IL Her. OZtOOKarZTV NOTARY PUBLIC, Heal Estate, CoDectioi sui Imma AGENT. ALDEN.....IOWA. Farm find Town Property ro» KAUI ako auom CONNECTIONS AT KI. UU IC A JIM HON with th® Chicago and Northwest* rn Hallway for Tao;* City Cedar Rapid* Clinton, ChimgA, Milw aukee I)ea Jfoinet, ( ouncll Hlufia, St Ptul. Mlnneap'di* and all point* In DakotA Nehrajtka, Kau- a and the Weat FLIKIKA with tho Central Iowa Railway for point* North and South. ION A FA LLS with the B . C. R AN. and lllm -it Centnl Railway*, for 'Yater I**®, Dubuque Fort Dodrv and Stott* City b «r alt inforation *f«vut Freight oi Pa**engr r lute* apply t» our local agend cr addr*»» the t* neral Freight and Faa-Vtiger Agent at Eld- ra, Iowa JOHN PORTCH. W. S. PORTH, tMm I New if re.    «.    g. ml P. A. Them a Green (and And I’.ra;.', I, And til kill, a , *. frail. ! iaago * Thar*.a Jai va u aa Aint ( hi DOS'- I? a* And blade* fr* I., ar Paula Bewildered I Hot urn w®ui I Ar To reel my *-,<•» la ,luu2b*r , Hut when I *t*-i> Am onward aa* i t Rf paopto wlth< ut uumt-r. Anauwt HOW I. m Than ar* l*ef -Al reach me tither nn>:;< ti; fieri inaaal,* . I And rlflrd on®* To aetll* uatl’Riv '*■ *;!**. Her® I tm. a of Iii *• And alc Ii* red mine And taunt** lo reed a arr , Here la*! Mr alg.M. To my deligh 1 Free lur*. I. of Maut aud gra* J “Do you wi?h to* in thi* hor*©-. . ar ' If s.y, I will gladly . soort vim to it. pro. -lr® vc a <..■ and hand yo sr fare to the conductor. I aim to BANK OF ALDE? BUU. BIRDSALL A SOB. Aldan, Hardin Countv, Iowa. **\Vb , I oc'*t L*"xrd such inijH'rti* HenceV sh* stammered. “Idul \nteml ri.litig on • .ar <ar. but I hall cir* tainly unit for the revt r.e And you: may % complaint from me at tho •uperinteudent’i office ooacerning your conduct, dr.” He remounted the *»t< »»I and pulled hi* h it d 'Wli over his ey*-- •• ba. . t uo Us® t<• ddup I” was all he -aul. - rFay/imyfou /’rid. r ut WATloxa. lh* dignity ,.f oat iou* , And hillier -tray And cs    I    stay — The pe>-|>ltt of all stations, The Hugs afar, At I,.in* who jar A (kl clash in kingly trouble. Her* with I baar dana Ars Uke 11 * mal. a Two ts y • Uiey'rv aleeitfn^ doubla. Th* aaU. >US come I rom every ty*ine I j at*an i-tot, car. and carriage; I be birt 4 swain. Hit girl th® asitia, And it. ss hound up In marriage. flat* l usaiana are And the Tartar Her* i»raa»k and I»uu-h uoiled , H*r>- hnvllahuKn I Ort African KsjolM ai*! are deligliUsi. Her® Kw I ag sud' Jut, 11** f>t n.4iina». »®o I.ii*- IU- Mici'taa* I lost*. I** ill thrit*.    I yr* I s. u    ^!»* WHI* varus ct gfco>i aug ban she*. -PERFUMES EXCHANGE BOUGHT and SOLO. iM UjrtChiDtf Rh**lad. T#ftrh#rt i»n<l    \ That “excellent th . in woman" — and rn tu.k'i ai-o, w he t in the ac hoi *1-the “ge-itle" '"leo. tl"Ugh not tit*, en.*univ -sufi“ cr “Iou." ia a in* Ana of grac® to teache and taught alike. I ®w t* acher* realize how accurately their a ain or Ions rn influence eau )•© measured bt the juulity • f the tone 11^ hich they talk. There in no excuse t *r the hart I, -harp. r&aping tone hq cunam.*u *s to l*c usually reckoned one ai the chariu-te.istics ..f a “scho«>l* rn* am " »-•#<* ii. the ’«ol»i®*l ruoui of among the 1 "st unruly < hildtvii. The I** »l "iJBiii* Miiulibns rn rant ur d"ca not hold gwnd in *u- h a ca*®. Scream* lug aud •boating at children is to m ike di mi ns even of little angel-, and they must l*e angelic, indeed, who eau cg-.apt* suc-h transformation The teach* et -I.* .Hilt know how to tuak® diet iud* uest serve in place id' force, to the end of sparing lier own throat and the nerves f her pupils /.lidos*’ ifuwie Juurttal LANO OF FLOWERS I DOUSSAN’S Ce! I ar tie es Made a ipertaJt; —THUS IS Ut — Lumber, Bnek, Cement and Lima As article rn a •cieutitie palier tells "how to prevent railr»Md accident a." Another way is to abolish the railroads and travel by water.