Friday, July 18, 1890

Alden Times

Location: Alden, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Alden Times on Friday, July 18, 1890

Alden Times (Newspaper) - July 18, 1890, Alden, Iowa r /• ♦ VOLUME XIII. ALDEN IOWA, FRIDAY, JULY CHURCHU. ■I- Warn*** Mch ■ d»y Holi-ml M Hat. I ^conawjtdkTtnKALCKV flabt.alk kl ll •'flack a. 12 rn -•rr1o*» M(h RAI.bath avmi ng O.    Ii Ii p««tar OKURA!! M. n CrTTOtfm ft*e*la*.A #»*.ry IIT *1 IO 30 oolock a rn Pro* bing ruff ct lif r H ,nd»T finn.Ut Ha hoot ii H in. mrf Rand bf rr«r«r lusting #v»ry TbunJAy • Tining at 7 o clock. <1 uh mam i.trmERvw cnuhra w#rri<>A» •r»rv* NiMiMl »t Ii'll od.-ok A rn HtinlAf ■etifM trntuwlUtAlf After rn atng Mirleei, ti r, C BVT UCB Rat. J W Fourth, Palter •or'I *• rury Hun Aor At ti o'clawk aw And •t a up TO UIam meeting At    ai •WTT Abit• th Prater meetiiiK ivory rue* ley M-i I utire lAf •vintage SOCIETIES. it tor int honor. No, m, a. f a a m. ■•Iii meet in reg OAT MOMnaatcAttaa OU the FTO Ae> *'>eng im or Ufnr* lim full moon, At Wa •ani - Hah a; Un, Iowa Vining brethren at* Cl ml Aly int i te«t ta Attend. N. L. Piero* th ll » VV < picket. Secretory. AI,PBS I.(BR I HY ANI) IIPAMNO ROO Iglu lee va >nd Building Open every iley Ani •mning. bul tey • Kiita.l. teeriy euhAcrln Mont v cent a. Mu. F R furry PreeiJent . Mlee I ai tile Taylor, NtcreUry. AIAiKN I.ODOK Mo. HW. I. O O P Mwta •eery Wedn-cley erenlne- et Utley* Heil ▼letting tiyethren ere . serially Hoi t-l to At tcnj. It U. Janet, Hee ret Ary ALDEN Lotto R Na 189. A. O. V. W Veeu At Ut l«y e Hell Iteguler mailing* ••cond end lid "'tee lev er»nin*!e of ce.-h man th AU el»ltin< rn ><in ber* er- cor JI Ally intitei to Alton J E «; Roger*. ll W , J. TouiltHAoa, Re OurU. r PI KIO') LO XVII) E, No J I. K. of P Meeting* the fire* en 1 third Tne*.Uy emnnce of amah ai otb In Utley* lieu. \ Kiting Kill .BU et-• et* we; rue SI J, I caat, C. C, P. E Punny, h uf H Abit HL SIMPSON & COUSIIl, ——DEALERS Grain, Live Stock, COAL*, ALDEN, •    -    IOWA. GHOST OK LONE ROUE.IJT • low An t iiiiw*.nr. I tree I four big br >wfi ,.ynt '■ ten. pMWtMAt til Ihi ‘•-Aiiiali r‘e cleg. It Is T'HII ti,. I ram Vnung fvllnl Who be* Vow. I the glint: i. And a* hi* if i nt olm Slowly pl'*! tbs fr.itw wey. UOLOSSI s nK RHODE'. ti Mill Il e III Uh '•ITT tit the lilgentlr Plgure It lluiiilr«H| ami tiny feel High. In I nil sell Pa ae I Ila me, Meatroyeil lay An fartkqnekA X ITinot)a, IU., Coal, Warranted 96 hv OdL PlMla PETER WUST DEALER IM - JI A Kit J. PC EET, Attorney en A ronnarlnr at IMW. P-—®; t Attention et > rn to. Ile i on* O.Ten per I ta €i • k 11 roe ii* bt*.rn, Alden, ll.nbu doubly, love. Live Stock, GRAIN, Seeds & Coat. ALDEN, IOWA. F. Alien ■I. ne. FRI ad : p., m n PkyeitUa anil Sargeun, OfBoe oror K.,1 n, » ll at I war* WILLIAM KHA TIVO. Dwale* in Heavy and Shelf Hartfwars, T. J. rick, z==sm Pocket aal Table (Miry, BARBER AND HAIRDRESSER, Tinware & Woodenware, tba I afreet Abd An eat dock cg 3001 a HEATING STOVES A BANGS A jam fir .tab*mal Hiram.h, r I Ama emf Oar-wee In turn wee Ce., af f'rrrpart, IU. I o*n et ii -‘tewmihlp t cbwtg, an I mn tirinf fo i fil"n4*i r e* nil them Alway* reedy to fire info ta lUoa. T. J. KICK, Ai ion. la. In the market. J. A. BUTTON, ALDEN, IOWA, Notary Public, Real Estate, Lear O WILLIAM KF. ATI WO, Aldan. lei CHICA60, IOWA AND DAKOTA IJS IN I AND— HANCE AGENT. Farm liana negniia'A I on long r ehor' ti DIA at i.>w rate* of teU—ee?. A iuv*i Uet of improved and unimproved laude for *al«. Shortest, Quietest aud Oily Direct Lice BETWEEN ALOES, IOWA FALLS, FLOOK. AM) < HILADO, 9ILWACKEB AMI ALL EASTERS FOISTS. PERFUMES ..'.Hit ii Cray* 'n » SMUT ai SHU. T - '*ri»iT r * * is r el ta lur* and Meting *ea)|ty •T ti - fart i . ha** rn* !" term r*i*t>r*tee eng lets I t’.niresleeverf ehere Ttrjr ere ytetmrrrA •    it')«*1 for t h •: r i hnre • irgauea end nn«*ei Ann *»■ * -    Apt I to your ilmggitl far Ursae tad MI *41 tbet n riel. . It RICKSECKER'S TOOTH POWDER fn»tn ' J yirtiftounfwi lh# finht l*o»<l*P I* |E<f ii    r    ran    iwtI. ow«pI bf*tU ES«1 nifay fiaaid tuj it I try if ;«a »r# sui alr»#4f b«i*c ll- RICKSECKER'S FICE P0W0ER lantlm th* hlfkr*! 4adore*Meant evert mh-ra. Tke n »t f ' ae. >«t la <l*»«ir lerlelUe,powder made Jae ii i • and y a *414 uaelteleara mo. RJCKSCCildl, PHF UMH, HW TOIL Passengers Can Save FROM 2 HOURS TO S BETWEEN CHICAGO AHO POINTS ON THIS IHE BT TAElNd THIS SHORT ROUTE. .•14. Al U Ifs. IU BR SHI) . KI s N. I w writing tm-Iv • hart I vrmng if ao«l dfi*|iiH*ii in to d chiM! iW|i *igfe. I ;ra‘«L Han ' I in j*i a*IiiI'.g, riiare * flu. r.i<.r?iiiiH iwidsr. I ll tx* It ielatir.. pr. aant’v " °    'l*'h    tit.-    niur .irif p»t>f>r' Dish t ria Wholt* Don Burning minp *%ma ta wu ii a tong. j.r. i*n't th w I 'ibm A htfla r. Ilao -tho nutti •T? a iii.iii.j C timu Xt.xl n«WAjm|)Pt tMdiPBrii/aa hii Pt|>Ir ^ W In*, w! h!‘* tfaa n.dtfr *M»star! What M )» lf.' (MKV of \ marie*. * T t ag .iii lo in I ara \ * u >*p, it i* in Iii.* war Winn, Vimr I ref >. r I»fn*' out "Itll ii > T Ii rat pf Limon, the forthwith rt».» f. thp con elusion that *he wa* in*|iir. *1. anti bogan |)a-*».. n ng the attorn! tratarrnty* of the Whole ivintry with liar rh • ani leal mONon," “Oh, *h*t‘* all proper ’' Hut •«ha< Jilin t atop thorp him it One pvaning I want ii tup. k4**-i tiar, a.skad if (linier a in v. .ii ti tig ail hogan • he wm •- HK Colouiii of Hima la** w a* so c allo.1 (to distingiu Ii it from / /y''’" lur c<'lo 0.1 Jig Wo* by rome t* writ. rn to hav»» nutn — 1    l**-r**.l ni t one hun* w hi, !. i’lring tho «1 ax * of ;t. -Mr .orrn t b|>rea>t » Ab l oar r 1 )f fer-off w..| I..tiJ. 1 Include nu ii» ban fie* * . a mil *». U the Im*I if f ,>.| for -Uea *.» wai’er from th* .an.Ja ran *atiatr ie tar, I* iiM* . a raefin ma ulI I Alrrr.'AU Win* ■ Must ha)» been exB*tx>rftting,* T sabl in a v)i. loling t .no. "Exaaiw*rating' Ye* You hit the needle f«op in th. optic. And she went ; pompt-ntv. u. re not up in tho .Sun. 4 ii- tho capital of tilt ’City of Iilan.l ti.-ally callet bird in tho Hat • ■ the world, an lie Blin, tho d*-; ■ n: ade of brii" *, i nj to lia- c bi- of An'they grow together cl ."I Hound the Im. kl>*{ • . laax rful Ina While Tint. tin. lait > M.n* tean.«•* H!*n*| a«.i.l bim In arua e Ile a ml ted ** * Sietr i*.* « f •. rror. And ct1a*l. *Yl bat d on mean W bat tale Ie tin* yer tellin 1 SS tiere alay ' Iii Kilo*! lf ti ” ‘Ah, Tom. you lout.? (bt' >* ry * I'ri..I /. in. lh wort!;? boe! *1<U’. (aaa Iou-' Hock a’ iii la ^b», Ab .OU ll aural. *«e th* gh Tam*, toll me all i V> bat bae hi* i M'h.. a (.layin lr .leat to ea*«> you i r a * iller* * Bevor ti I /toke gravel, uh * TI* ennui poor I t ai. t rest <«*v in .)*JU? It I *bl|t done ’ » U|*in you '■a* men r ia ’ ck alout it .* bi■> !.■ ivl e I *| .*nt na tbs d- A I onovmriv NOTARY PUBLIC, Bul Estate, Coflectln ani Immia AGENT. ALDEN.....IOWA. CONNECTIONS AT ELMIRA JUM TIONi with the Chicago and .Northwestern Railway for Ti City. Ceder Rapid*. (Hinton, Chi Milwaukee, De* Moinea, Council HluH*. Mi Paul, Minncnpoli* anil all point* In Dakota. Nebraska, Kansa* and the West FOB ULI AMD MBVT. en    a    en    _    ELMIRA    with tho Central Iowa Rail* Farm and Town Property w »y h>>u North and south IOWA FALLS with the B., C. R A N. an i Illinois Central Railway*, for ^Vat«^ loo. Dubuque, Fort Dodge and Sioux City For all intention about Freight or I’aeeanger Rate* apply to our local agent! or addre-* tho General Freight and Pa*-aenger Agent at Eldora, Iowa. BANK OF ALDEN, BSV J. BIRDSALL A SON Alden, Hardin Countv, Iowa. JOHN PORTER, Or rn’I Mamat/rr, W. a. PORTER, a. r eed r. a. CHANGE BOUGHT and SOLO. t'•lied!on* made a Mppdalty i*ag] • Lawn ms Real Fe tat a. ROBERT HOLMES, Lumber, Brick. Cement and Lime ■PERFUMES —Maoa taoM Flow Baa ut ti* — LAND OF FLOWERS I DOUSSAN’S Sweat South •at**,N***■>!>* Tip Bmtrnm ■AON m cum. ITI BCS MHS I MMS MMT I UNMIS I SHAMI IMPOLA It MIK I KOKM SOMMKTI mmm ^ ok wvaSiyi wpHi »wr Usifeh. FtCClOl A I * »• *M** ***!■mm mal imam HWA* eduee matt*. G3Sfa* Aetoa^  -  .    .    gMMMAA    FMMMl    tljt—ll    ML mw w Mg I AS    Stew     -    -    - ww - - - -  - -    MVSNNRi    WNB -And ycitj nae.I .'I talk if •, t. r iii*. nravMt ..ah Arouud I aukln t fa... b.-i all »bi‘.< ! .-lier. An’ tx.fora it eland ii. .:? . .rn lim A ’ --Al of mar ■ v i -..r i jMig through.UK tiff ikon ber Vt bleb maria In* ll . .«! •■t i «bu i l»r. Aud ult. Oilwl Iau ll..rd I'arr •I ll tall you What twd /«klel. I'm i min' l**rk unit ww'k 111 pea. I ama Hock at iii Iii «U*, An thn ghual * a <jnatal*nee re-li {* Ttwo «|iake Again th* alb ii y "•lh, thai will ba groat fun, (fir. da*iii?a hi* >« rn Cal < >>ur*g* VV a .ball *raa thi* bra re mao t ii I* But Turn. ti e merry tanm*ter VV lib hie • jdrlt uu.l iii a. -I '"•'•I ilia-, ba It ma i .it .I • ii They ebnald na tho *|- • iud • • . . , On tho bank* of H*i ifioh* na, W Ii. • a til • rift-r niali.'i a ii III And thedarkeomo fur.*! brAu.-noe 'fro** the wat -r *bA.|.i* i » u I n.rm!. VV I, , b. lo tar' How ' b' TU. oak To the« Tom • (a * Na 4 rf Thy • in J-i,*    . hill .• • lf I. .ti-I loet ii tar mot Ah . I aho iii N-.w I A * > I 1.1* ') « Ho * ii.-Cli A-! VV hi (a ti A- .ba Tea* • •(aa. ie full of etrang. - . ..n.a 'min UUU. b* fun aid he. r -I J ti ft % bride aa* raftare echo I rid of da'ii l Ilk’ f • I eeloe* th., lov. » a* bn I- no 4 bt‘tiara, - Anil i reel Ago t I til-:, an the ebon v , . Iv., k • tlir/v Ii : I Aft, bu' KAI bt The if the d wa* tty of -ant in in th* Lula*, a pupil if lppu» It wa* JO cuImta ive bacn jrd) fact high, uy alN>ut .‘JOO talent a. reckon inonay nowa-tw. Im year*' work wa* arljr moustpr, which with all Its grandeur wa* dastiue*! ti vi-r;.* short career. Fifty *i\* iller it* coupletion, in toe year J_l H C according to Pi::, tin*’gigantic ciublcmatic tigur?* wa* thruwu duu n by in earth juaka. The C'>!o**u *f'«Hl at the entrance to the harlmr. w;th each of it* mighty fact im -ailid *ton. foundation* .hip* in full sail pan-iag aud re pa'-mg between the gig int ic eg*. Uelaperre, th- hi* tori UL *a that it V*,*. not erected at th < eutrar to the iiariior, a* *tat«*l by Pliny, ii it that it *ti»*l on an op. n *paca near th» Pa-ha’- *•-: iglel. Still another writ* - i * that it wa* c.-.irucfed during eigd of the Emperor V. *jia-:an, ■*!.<1 'aal after tie- Inland of 11 ho. it-* had been o.nquered by th,* Caliph < >th-nu»u. in the -.eve-itll ceiiturv of our •r.4 :> wa* fn... n down and th" metal -“ihi to a Jew who trnn*port« Syria, a « ara ■ an of '.'NO earn. I* ne -ary t • carry hi* purchaee on ui th? wiadi' g VtydoAr Ma ’bro I rn TIU After hr the hou-o. I . *tAir? hall > ic fol •trull until ii'witune. rn ti atm i leaving tho up- t Ada dot ▼ rwii. *Ki I t, I rd a tug : ai An I pti oat bAu Until — I Heil When I went home at half pa*t twelve that night, my wife mot me with i lr iwn and hi**•*! fiercely Out of my sigh: • wilt, I «A4, seek ?bee en itb.-i thin liar, brwaottlek—thor* I* thou laggard: - iguem! ? ill :h o. ,t uy lawn mg of Hem I* my u ifrail br, Run uh, r*. raAnt h    i r 1 u (a t im ' That made me mad. Naturally Ye., vi I •Thi* my ca* uiA lim d it to he Cg Hit rin.olh -ai, ;».i , iiMiuntatn brow , 4n?t    by    ot”. c ntKy «Hh tb*»* Ult »• >p »i*n J,• n• “She *;ud ’Well, we—will “Did that rented) Y en, t JI rn )rning, igam How ?• ‘ You - .- rn- lr., i order. a;..I I begged h patch under ti -ff aud -I the d? , W ne! eft! I nay t ii* over 'Wa if I I AC UU* . J- Ct?’ • he began her w hi tail* d w ere I put rh; out of I little ,t tired ii *1? ad ■la « children’* . i ii i liber ba . an i- ■ 'bile their grand*:!. i'* iiibi the party ut * ll-tan*, ton Int.i . ■ ald Uiiib illuitil. * id* "Ah, y. * my - I**’ time I walk I. WU. ce tie at* at* a* af r* aaa to omaa* avail I* lite (wk. au aba A Im rwtouKevl 4 evil Ltwiw. eiuvamt Mi *A.»a. Ma. Im* vewti Im i!*u I Aud t^vkua, la wa aavwb** at Wa a .Ut --------1    Ifiaaa    Ut    »    .av ob Wa *uuti«A4 tM«aAu v .iv. w* am Jlweva.od i.u* TI* (Uke k.u*ly ti* UM due Au e HUL it tialni liv* eau* av tm »•. I AkekdoA ikka, i Ama* *uA Ikwft hi Wm. A MWA*, etatay Woke «(vee a aal lev **i«iki«A I el Jaw « kea* ae* We av** « **.» l)i*tr*i>.. Iw.i .’lien *at on u lmnch in I bion Square to enjoy rent aud *un*hine one at either aud of the I hi ooh. One wa* api'Ereutly well fed and well to do. The other had apparently at aked i n all and gone down with the crash I »r the ti ret ti vc minute* .-.ut a word ice HjKiken Then tile hard ;it man •• tun/* the ob*ervati<ci. “ritte day.” The other noddi*l About five re Ute* lu'er hard up rani irk?*! “ Foil ige connugont." A .*«><*mii nod The i.\let ii un cdr thr**> minuto.* thi* tim., when the •{waker inquired . “Think you could auh a cheek for me ?" A thud iiihL It wa* .aa fir a min• Ute and a hall before lie s'lttinned “It would be a great fiver " The other put hi* I uid ait., in? {HH’ket b it Im it remaiu The hn 1 up man vt ae now breath) g in an n Ct led ma .uer, but beheld bin. *eif back for ti fly »(H.-*Xlilil bef,Cl he said “It * a iiuvil olieek nile fin a qnar tor ' The vtlher niter..ted a quarter la hi* finger* auvl looked up to aav 'Might havtv had ll tlftueii taiuutva ago." “Rut I wa* all Had of working yon L>o taal I’ve Im*, " over ut Jai aey for thro** nioulha. aud thev to.* all lh* boat bi owl of ut# (hare NY by *tr I got eo al lait thai PU get to a bourn* al , .andinghi and wait for the farmer to , get up iii the morning tv ask him if I alight sleet, uwtj* r hie Al law eUok lh* iViuung uighl At one plav* they Vera threw week* eau drug me kl jail k» ti** ‘U * a. aud ll tov A tow two day* lo ut ak* ap ary uaad to bleak out aud two uwtv to dig through lh* wall LU avam he all right egarn By aaa I weak ill h* able to aah tow Am * ivdlai •»choak Wa mg Wu ewvuda UU*** * Nu* fo* I hoi tam tat* Urn aa H N%'oudk af Maw , t et k a • aal Ut t ha. baku (MN leaura *14, had • ca**e hi* -adla,.a*ag ewgrFpiMm awd W kaa ha ira*! lait A *.*< aagaak ; wait al tOiam* burnut ai kl . a. (I law da, while akh atm, I ha* will, mw Ig ha Jiap.*- - at a«g vg« ( y.veewUw ti*am Ut aka*UU How ( ibl«Kram« %r#» N#n( « Although an iv . in cable in in fart a telegraph line, it i- *o differently con-airncted tlmt the rub-* for working land Hue- arc limo t entirely di* \N ith the tir*t loug cable* gr- wt lifficultie* w. re encouDtered in sending through then* a current of electricity of sufficient {vower to record the menage* rapidly. The method* for jrerooiniug these difficulties, and rn use at present, arc described aa follow.* Key8 w hich, when depressed, tran*-i. it jsisitive aud negative current* are employed at the sending station in connection with the regulation battery I he current of the battery do?** not pa.** directly into the cable, bat into a condenser, which phase* :t into the • nbiuarme hue. Tin-, greatly mcreaae* the force of the current u«*><L and *erve* to cat off interfering ground currents I Ii** iu*tr;iment tirst employed in receiving cwbl?*grama wa* a redacting galv anoinetei I lion the magnet of thi* iii'trumeut is carried a small curved mirror. A lam}) i- placed b. fore the mirror and behind a *cre*-n, in which there l* a v. -lit. I lashes of light moving acron- this slit a* the needle moved from loft to right indited to the trained eye* of the o)>er- ■f>b, far ti; i I *• ,o • J tort ATI r I VV Ut-- ra-liAic I f • v t AO *■ ' by In . > .tat * ue ma! Of Just then th-* ,i    -d; i pink md wiutc vi*', c ,.f lemutv apneared ;{M)U the th: '.hold iud bi gati •HawjWBin. aiotti r ie mc lay. Ami—* It tkat is the cam noaiit*! Bet;; vuuu my sight. . r- (. ie : to {say a: J vanished fr < hanging th* Motto. ! nwt mon are oftea Aroused to per->rm noble dee«l* ;n tinitvs of gn*at pnblic e.vigeucy by noble ventimeota forcibly i‘\{)r?*-sed it v fai t of general ic cep tan ce Patrick Henry's fervid n pi-tvl 'I ii\?* rue '..lierty or give nu* uh doubtless vtirr**d man a patriot to brave ti ? jut* while -tnv:ng lot th** other. But there are nvnv worthy ova of pra. ii. al minds to w bom sentiment is if little v ilue ii compart on with pr*?s-mt advantage, md V4;th wh<»m the dr - * arge of doty a mat ter-of fact affair, to Ie- parch*-*! writ w? l;*tle lf sacri: c as poi..*ib!e Michael Fink.a reaidci . of -he aasL'-c shore if Maryland, by ac. up*-ti4,o U»tti a farmer and a ti di??rniau, was enrolled, Hu rig the war-of l^U, the local rndula, and ellen not ,    .    -    .    nee*l>*i for a, vivo service » .*, with his aivr th*- I-iters :u th" fie sage Ix-viig I mughlior*. p.-rtuktted to -eoiaut at r ausnut’ed.    I    boOM engaged a the pursuit of a hve- tki »    «>(    re„,ding mea-    Uh,ssl    W boa the Brit!*!, rt.wt at dor sanes WW* found I*, tai    the    eyesight of    ad off    sI Michael’*,    and    'hreateued the operate severely    a    few years’Jibe bombardment of    the    town, the work ott.n rendering ;k.-rn ahu. st. if I tuilitia were b act ii lilied *50 assembl* not totally, blind Ba**<gai/iut the I fur it* defensci .ait that there mu*4    tie    souiethiiig    J The    .ffiotve whose    d Uy    it wa* ta wn>ng with such a cistern, tov auloi» | uotifv die w *m»>rw cam* to Piakrnda aw am**ai ikwwM) ha akre w I 4 set aIaxiI repairing the defect, which re«ulte«l in perftH'tuvg the *v phoa gui vanouwtar, which tkevs all but . i|*w scd.d all other receiving day twee. la the syphon receiver tho . isuta of the uvwsiiw ai** revxinied by uioaua of ink spurted front a. due tube this tub** is attiu bed to a cod * us {lend**! between two tiled) aAagtteta, which swing* to the sight ut twit as the pulsation* paaathrough it lh** a*pUoo gwlvatiouieUM ae a giewt is not hwivl an the ev«*w, aud e vb? >> the ope! Aku to re.-et*w. mu* h uaone tapidls than with Ute eld cla.h t<g •Miser - okd* >* l\tyt a Am! W.14M. va, r V.| VA ii A. v U.Ida a arew lo he. aweekltegvia ah Alva ha ai A he* lAsJ,' hum* im* luke lh# killhibm    nu«.»,.«k vedl t tUnj hag aal lwgiu pia • I ag with the 4.1.1 . * qW> l * *Wto ikkky* «»*)hna»« khu Rgaktaaik * a 4a» va ahi, t MKI * * •v * I* a* a» twin, VOV* k ..a    14a Jaa ■ •kvUtlWU WW*s* Ma 4    .    .    >•    SU    lh***    * weld is? i I* p*a," with >4*. (va awe wall, I « Hi eat Had gw* ana ai bouse an * Jay wheu he wa* absent, liHiking AftiH the titherin the ('hop tank liner As he euuid uot bv fed low, J tvi hie pl*?-* of f*bo* at thaTv luev the .di.cea i ii for Died the timber ut AU s (MAUMtic wife that Michael wan nwevied at tins front, aud she, with great xidig ii alk)!, al the laVMUiM* of the •antei a *4s*i by the Brttiah, av? ired the ait'.Mf ‘-hat bec hushauj would tie found a1 the post vd duty JU the da* foil*.wing bn* lulitru hv?ote “•he theu w >«i lo work kl a* ai Bah! Min4aet a i ai ut ui c, aud na ak • him p*« wm ah iuai iud au a{>{.IMAI aims ae {*1* ai hie Vt hen he el .rued houa> nett da* Mn ha**! • «vm>*I ttuau hie tankful wife like .ail to ai ma and bv Lu wa, pro awaked ■ lib his uni to. IV* His bee! vuuk had iev*H*wd a iWrou I* I*, 114.4 Alw WI. aud look th# ha k *d the .vat wa# •tits bed ill plow.!I,auk he. a 4. a the Mot tat, "V u tua y so I walk ' Mn haw! sg»,d«i like ,-eokko litn-u. 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