Friday, June 6, 1890

Alden Times

Location: Alden, Iowa

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Alden Times (Newspaper) - June 6, 1890, Alden, Iowa VOLUME XUI. ALDEN IOWA, FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1890. IfUMBER 11. 8USlNE880imECT0flY LOAfiae om m ooim. cmmem-atntm� mmt jhoal !  k a. tntr mUUIAlt LDTRKIIA!! Omwm-tm tit- �Oool laaadtotdr ftor iMralafl MnlsM. M. � OBDBOB-Itov. J. W. Pomth, PMtur. �mMM mn aaater � U o-elMi . m. Mi HAOUNT LOpOB, No. IN. A. r � A. M.. I. . ALOIN LtlRART AND RRAOINQ BOOM-b BsymoBd BalldlBS Ofwo ry darua "-t Lam* T�rlor, BKrturr. I lOM- AIiOBN LODOS, No. SM. I. O. O. P.-MMli upnr u)Daa. no. m. a. o. n. w.-mmu t DItofi BaU. NwbIu taMUa�� mmhA aad UM TOMiUr nnliiii* ol ouk month. All tUHloa mnalMra wn coidUllr lavIM to M-�HM. C. Hogm. M. W.; J. 'AimliiMaa, B� DIBIOO TiODODK. No. m. K. of P.-MmII) tho Am sad Uilrd TawOmr Tanlnni ol laaitt la VUmft Hall. Vli vara Mtoom*. M. J. rvaar, K. ol H. ud a roaar, C. 0. V. �. ||AU J. PCRRT, Altanwy aad Ceaaaolar at latw. rroaot attention rtventoootlact'oot. Ofllea n�r Ottar < Hruwu'a titom. Aldan, HHPUn iiouav, lowa. _^ ^ P. rBISBUe, M. D. AldM loMb OBco oTw iMtlnCi Budwan T. J. BIOS, BABBSR ANDMRDRS ra. I�aa mU Btaamtblp tickata. aad �aa Mot yvnr trtesds or Mitd Ui�n. Atwan r�ad7 to �ifa laflBiaatton. T. J. SICK. AJdao, I*. J. A. BUTTON, ALDEV, IOWA, lotar? Pniilic, Real Estate, loan ram loaaa netotiaiad on Iob� or abon tlia�at low rata* of iBtareat. A, lari* Ual ol improTad and anlmproTad 'itoraala. J k�n mmf la _______r ilwlr HekMa. _______ fMI____ nut. ntunui. mnm. ini itn. NOTARY PUBUC fum and Town Piopertj BAITK OF ALDEN, mx BBIMAIX ft 801, . Mdan. Nartfin Oountv, Iowa. I aOMNBE MHIfiHT tad SOLO. iLvmber, .ME hotuynl kitttn of iiratty inlitM W. rmk not nor ncorn. ulr; Ol MTthW bU*ii� tb. uraktatl till. I.: Loadnc ou tU� oorn.r. Wo do not wait uaonf tbii gr�t. Nor with th* nil. Komnr. But wlf and l�u avail nur Loaflng ou tlM conMr. Soma lun snhanoa In wtUrllitg anuc, Hnni. CMk It In a -bom." �lr; Yot eacb Jo/ will auuoy ur oluy nut luaBng on tha camdr. Waaovjr notanoitwr't lot. Woilraa<l no nian'a acuru. air; Wr'll)�.. our day In lilli. awar I/oaflnv uu tlis coraar. NOHTII KlUILaUN*, WU. MU, BA\TEK'8 DILEMMA. buid, ft* diiflilMMl tha Mibjaet. tad Tm hM� tka* farttor appaal �M oaalaaa. 'It's ralbar too bad," gramblad Mr. BatUr, a� havalkad hoatato bli hnmbl* lodflait. * Bat It'a ao um talkiag to hl� beat eriekal, aad ba doMa't know a bat from a bidL* And with a kaarjr baart ba triad to raaiga bimaalf to tka iaaviubla. Bat two daya Iktat a clrennwtaBca oo-oorrad which aatiralv roalad Tom'* virta-oni raiolalioai. A letlar arrired at tha revaraad Raatlanan'a lodginga which waa coaehad ia Iba (ollowiaf Unai^ HRATaroTB Hal.!.. iMDi.bln. I)i'.ABt.aT Tom-Wa ara aotuallr conilna to town I Ouljf for two day., tbna�n. and wa ara Kuln�( to Lord'i to aw tbauiateb. Uncln baa gov a diag tlwra, Blook B. Of courM I iball nam forglra yon If you don't coma and � lua; WaduaMlajr aftarnoon wa no to e�Mi tn .tay witb tba CblTartona, lo Ibli It our only chanoa ofuieatlng. Do eoniaI In torrlbla baatn. Voora lovingly, AI.KK. From tha foregolDa it may ba gatberad that Mill Alica Baatboote and Tom Bai-tat wara on tolarabljr inttmata tarma. Aa a mattar of (aet, thay bad baan aogacad for lii monlhi, daring which tlma they Terr raraly Bat. Uaxter'a paopla wore wall oir, and ba had a Tary rich ancle, amona whoaa poMaaaiona waa an axeeU lent family liring, doitinad in tha futura for Tom and hia bride. Bat the anela waa a item aad coaaciantioni Kantlemao, aud he waadatarminad, before he definitely agraad to gire Tom the racancy-when it ooeurrad^to laa what tho young gan-tlamaa waa mada of, Aoil tbii waa why Baitar had baan lent to help Mr. Straightway in tba Eait End, why he worked �o hard in the pariih, and why he waa ao daiparataly anxious to iland high in hii vicat'a opinion. Whan Tom road tha letter lii) firat im-pulie, nnelariaal though it may a wai to naa Itiong language. But . . alrainad bimielf and fell to thinking over tba Tktioua maaaa of aacapinftbi. diitiea, A freib appail to Ur. Htraiglitway ba knew to be hopalau. That worthy aacetio did not only look upon cricket iti a friv. oloua waata of time, but be wan a strong advocate of tha celibacy of thn r\�raj. HE BoT. Thomas Uax-tar was a curate of tba muscular, energetic type, whisb, fortunately for the church, ia turned out not un-fraqoently by our universities and public Hchools. lie was a big, briMd-sbonldered yonng man, who, be-aides dlstinguialiiag himself greatly both on the river and in tha cricket flald, bad taken a vary respectable degree, for be waa by no moans afraid of hard work of any description. 8uch men often make capital nuraona, and Tom waa hardly leas energetic ia hia Sariah work than ba bad been iu very liferent spherea of action nt Eton and Oxford. But there were limit, to )lr. Baxter's endurance; he liked an occasional holiday, and this waa the only point npon which' he and bia vicar, the Rev. Heptimoa Straightway, ware not entirely agrtad. TbeUev. Saptimaawaa au, aad took a aavara and gloomy view of tha plaaaurea of Ufa. Ha worked terribly bard in aa East-end parish, knew nothing and cated laaa alioat outdoor sports, or. in fael, abont any form of amaaemant, and fully axpaetad his ourates to follow nn-haaitatiagly in tha aitramaly narrow and taap path np which ha lad tbem. Hence it eama to pasa that Mr. Straightway ax-parianead conaidarabla difficalty in finding curataa after his own heart; tha loanti BMn wore eontinoaliy laaving blm for laai ardnoiM dntiai, aad the Tlcar'a opioioa of hnaan aatura in ganaral, and f the vonnger ganeratioa of cnratea in partionlar, aleadlly giaw woraa. In Tom Uaatar, howavar, ba really thoaght ha poisaased a troaanra, and tba danger of workiag a wiMing horaa to daath never so much as entered into bia bead. Poor Tom did his vary boat to latisfy Mr. Straigbtway'N reqalrauiants, for ha realty reapaolad tba man and valued immensely bis good opinion, but. as hat already iHian iadicatad, be could not help appear, t he ra Moreover, byjnerely asking uim, ami tliiH* be cor- Icagiag that bia luparior would enter Uttia maia into bii own barmieaa liking for ooeaaional laUaf and aympalbiia with bia paaaioa for rowing aad all that was eouaatad with atblattoi. At tba liaM I write of Iba oriekat sea-on waa ia fall awing, bat Tom'a datlas bad nal only ptaraalad bia troa play, tag ia a atngia aialab. but a�aa fiwa look, lag on at ana a fov baaia ^d to spend aa mncb time there si. ha poaiibtv could. Ha knew, of courae, ttiat ba would be car-tain to meet any numlMr of bis old frienda, ana that the whole proceedlug waa extremaly riakv, but he consoled bimaalf with the thonght that as Mr. Straightway raialv if ever went into social of any lort, aa wai not at all likely to hear aaythU� about it. Bo ha an-aooncad hlmialT iu tha pavilion and waited tha beginning of the play with plaisarabta Impatience. The Heatbcotaa were all antbuiiastie cricketer*, and ba oountod on tbair appearance by I'i o'elook at tha lataat Tba Mleb commaacad in dna cooraa, but upon it� Tarying fortaaea it ia not naoaiaary to dwell. Tha Heatbcotaa alao antivad, and Tom at once took np a ibailion on tha drag by tba aide of Miaa kUea, tba warmth of wboia greeting at ooaa apaadlly baniskad all feara and qnalma of eoaaoienoa tioni bis breaat. Notbtag, ia tact, eoald have bean mora parfael than Mr. BisMr'a happlnasa up to tha lanebaoa interval. Bia aUntorian wall bll' or -well bowlad" oould be b�ard one bnndiad yaida away. Ua elapnad bia baada, itaaipad, aad wa*ad bia bat Ilka tba vsriMt aehoolboy, and Haawkila ba waa unramlttlng la hia at-linlioa to .tba girl of bia baait Two ^eloak atenak. Tbo ball raag for lanob. aad tba oeaa. �aalaof M^ Haatbeoto'a diag praparad Ita tba anbatMittal aiaal wblch Ioibm aa proMtaanl a Mataro �( Iba twagraal �alabaa at LaHI'a. ttai kf M laaoaa daaalaa4Maalm�a�lHta. ifr. Mroltht. pael bis rnrala's prnxi lighl was tha oaly hopa. ^Oood graoioni, 'foml" cried Misa AUaa. " w hat on aaitb to tba matter? torn took as whito as a ihaet." I don't faal very wall, dear. Eteaaa �ana minutok* itaiumared Ur. Baxtar, And be roae hurriedly, aptetting bis plata. and Jampad to tho ground. Jnit aa ba raschaa tarra flraa ha saw the elaiiyman sbakiag hands wMh hit friend on ibe box-Mat; ne waa turning toward Mr. Beatbcota'e drag; in anotber second dataetlon wonld follow. Tom glanced banladly round, the door of the drag waa open and no ona wm looking. He accordingly plunged iu head foremoat, ihni tba door, and to make aaauraoea donbly aoia, pulled up the wooden blind. Than be breathed mors freely. But what on Mrth woald the Haathewtae tbbikr A confederate was absolutely aecaisiry. Tba Heatbi otas' fsmiW butler. Mr. Binns, wM an old friend of Tom's aad might h� railed upon. Baiter aapied Uinns epaning a liottle of cbampaoBe and at* traded bis attentioo as noiaeleiily M possible. 'BinuM!* he whispered, in great Mi la-tlon, "please say to Hiss Alice that I am not wall, and that I h^ve gone to take a walk, to bathe my bead-say anything, Biana-bnt for meroy'a sake don't let her know that I'm in hera. Don't let auybody know. You won't tell, will you?" he con-tlnnad, piteously. Mr. Binna thought that Tom waa off hia bead, bat hia iuipaaaiva face betrayed uo surprise. 'Certainly, air. Any other mesa^e? *Ko! that will do-and, Binna, come back hero at once; I want you to dosomo-thiagelse." Tftsair " Tha message caused some little surprise aud much svmpathy. 'Poor fellowt' said Hisi Alice; 'it all comas from working ao bard iu tbone terrible uluiiis, and never takiug a boli-dajr.- When Bina.i ratnraed, Toni asksd in Ihe name agitated whispar: "Did you notice a tall, tbin gentleman -a clerijymaa-standing lie^iide the drag iuat now?" Yasdir." "Do you see him now?" 'Veasir," Htid Biuns, almost whirtperini;, 'he's a-atanding close here " "Ooo-l gracious'." murmured Tom. 'Look bero! come aud tell wben bo'i gone." And Tom pulled up the other woodeu blind half-way and cowered on the lloor among tbe cusbioua aud duat-cloaka. It wu terribly hot and stuffy, but he dared not move uutil Binns returned, and that per>iouai(� waa absent for no ies'4 tbau half an hour by Tom'x watch. Tbe captive waa 1,'rowtug defiperato, when at last a welcome face appeared at the window above tho blin'l. 'Mr. Baiter, air," wiiinpored Biuus, 'the clerical gout, Hir: be* ou tbo roof of our draK-" "You ilout say so!" grjJiueil Tom. *Ue IS indeed, sir. He anii ma.>iter seam vary thick; tbev're talking over old Cambridge times. I never waited ou him l>efore, air." "i)f course," said tbe curate in despair. "I hoi) it now. (.>ld jSeptimuswasat 0am-briiltie, ao was Uoatbcote. Tbey are old friends. How in tbe uaine of protideuca am I to get out of this? 1 aar, Binns. do yoti know I must stop bore until be goes. You wilt keep it dark-now won't you?" 'Moat certaiuly, air," said tbe sympathetic butler. "Wou't you have soma luucb, sir'/ Nobody will know.' Tom amilad in hia misery at tbe idea. After all. why ahouldn t be> 'Well, Binna, I really tbin'. ipiwared to return witb a hnga plateful of col>l pie, a bottle of chaiupagne. and soma Htraw-berriea. 'Thank ye, Binna," said Tom, grata-fullv; "now go away and dou't come back till'tbe clergyman baa gono. Wbew' Now hot it ia!" It waa hot aud no mial.\k4. On acoicblng day tbe interior ol i ilrai;. with Ihe winoowi ibul, is about >, agieeable a resling-placa at Ihe Black Hole. Tom could not let the blinds down, so he drank atumblarof iced champagne, wbicb made him much warmer than before, though it well at ho eoald. for ba mm  big *�a aad tba apAM waa email, an<t bydOgioM ha flnishad tha botllci 'If oMy T b�l a weed," be leflMlad; 'bavan't amokatf Car Bonlba, it iMma yM�.' Ami growing bold evan to rMklaMniai ha bunted la the pockota of tba olbar man'a orercoaM till ho found a cigar-oaM; Whan ha haA Bt a cigar bo fall comparativaly tteaae. It WU vary hoi, ba thought, bnt a'peaea-fol feeling ttolo over him^tha hum of tho-crowd gravfaintarand fainter, the shout*' of applaiua aora distant; aven tha ham-merlng of atkks and umbrelis an th*' drag within aix inehei of hii head oaaiad to annoy him. He pnlled' at his cigtr taas anargetieally. Soon it fell from hit lips Md the Rev. Thomu Baxter sLipka* j lieacaf ally m � child. He was awakened by a rough shake , and a shoot in his ear of 'Hi, wake np!" | Betumtng to wml-oonsciousness he tn-diatinctly heard axclamationa of "ShamO'-full- 'Diaaasthigt" 'Who would have thought it?* And then a familiar voiea said in somewhat qusvaring acoenli: Leave him to ma, papa. I moat Hea him alone.' Tom pulled himaelf together ith a jerk, opened bis heavy ayea, and found himself coofrontod by Ulee Alice Hcathcote, who stood with flusbod cbMka and indignint ezpreasion at tbe door of the drag. 'Are jrau awake, air." ahe inquired, with elaborate aternness. 'Awaka! yas. why not, dear?' stammered Mr. Baxter. Then what is tba meaning of this? You leave me baora ago and say you don't feel well, and hare I find yon sound asleep wben the play ik over for the day, and w* have been aending aU over tha ground for you. And in your ihirt alcevea, too." '(iood graciooa! I bag yoar pardon. I forgot.' And, blaihing acutlet', tbe on* rate huddled on bit coat. flmnc IOWA. UL, Coal, Oeat. And they all aay that yon are drank," aba cootinned, with a half sob. 'Oh, Tom, it'a shameful," Live Stocky QRAIN, Seeds & (Ma AlaDKN* lOIMo inspired bim to imile at bis poeiiiou. Hit stiff oollar was growing )imp, aud his heavy black garments began to grow in-auppottytle. "wonder if I dare to take my coat off.'" be asked bimulf. The mental ooawar waa 'Ya*,* and be procudad to do so. Tbsu-hefoll batter, fiuishad tha plate of jplt, and bad another tumbler of (bam-paaue. "I feel bait iaclined to go out and face bim," retlected Tom, bat hit heart failed him. He piled the dual-cloaks, coala, aud umbrallu in ona corner aud triad to maka bimaalf comfortable. I'laaaully, however, tbe match wu Tsaumed, and then hie real anffering ba-lau. Tom had never eaduiad sucb lor-lurs. Load app|aoN traqoeatly brake aaia; ibeuts of 'Well IKill hawladl- kit!' -Wall caoghll" and aora waddaning atan than _Ja. Uar* wMadMpbwbof __,_____ia tba aottf arawd or a dlatlaot- baadiUaalabalMliaf, wblob laid bia " ~ MkM aaoilti^ criaia of ot goaa. 1 osar tbabaU-4rawa iVMOl " Drank!' cried Mr. Baxter, indignantly. I ahould like to meat anybody who sayii that I'm drunki Let me explain, darling. I'll coma out now." And then he caught sight of biu vioac again and shrank back, saying: U that man never going?" What man?' .uked Mias Alice, with iniDalience. "Baally, Tom, you must be msd to-dav." 'Why. tbo clergyman, Alice, dear; do you know who he iaV" 'Of coarse I do. It's Mr. ar,tysot e'rsou-in fact, tbe only atrange thing about bim is that about twenty people have miatakeu bim for your man-Mr. know. Are tbey at all alike/" "Ve.1. tbey are-rather," gaaped Tom, scarcely kuowiug whether ho stood on his bead or heels. "Come aud introduce bim to me, darling. I'll make it all right ith voui'father." And be did; but it will be soma timo I>efora be heara the lust of that oriekat match._______________ The Funnp|.Sha|m>d Cloud. When tlie colonel reai'Iicd home the hour was Jate, or early, rather. Tho ooloiipr.s wife, who excu.'tes none of the foibleo which men inculcate, met the colonel with a free/.iog look. TIio colonel, who is ti.iuallv akillfully iii-Vfptive, 'lost his bead" whou he saw UlH wife's face. Wife- "What made you so lute?" Coloi\el (after enibarra��ing Uestta-tiou)-"I wan detained." What detained vou';" "Tell you what's" a fact:. Yesterday evening a fuuncl-aha[ioii etoud caoie along aiul l>I�w me against a wall- '(ijainst a wall-ami the doctor worked five hours in trying to bring me around alt right." ".\ (unuel-tihaiied dond'!'" "Yea." "Are yoxi sure it wa-s acloud?" "Courae I am." "I iliiln't know. I thongUt that i>rol)-ably it was clearer tbau a cloud. Oh, yen, now I see! A man took the thing that looked like a funnel put tbe Bmall end of it into a luttle aud|)OUred Home-thing into it. Thoee funuol-.thaiied cloudH are very daiigt-rous. Tliey throw men walU aud not infre-iiuputly throw them ou tlie ground." iCThero you go! suspicions womau I ever saw. (iot no sympathy; man work.s liimseU to death and womau BU.tpei'tH him. Never Haw the like iu my life. Haven't taken a drink in three wewkn. Never saw the like in my life. Nobody to nympatluze with me. I'sed to thiuk you cared something for ine. Now I "know you don't. Never ha^ the like iu my life. Haven't taken a diink in three weeks." "I didn't aay that you -had been drinki:: ;" "No, l>ut you might b-h well. Keep hinting around. Never saw the tike in my life. NoIkmIv to Hyni|>ahize with me. Useil to thiuL you ntml Nome-thing for me, V>ul now I kuo* you dou't." "If vow haven't Ixjeu drinking anything why itt it yqu are ao drunk?" "Wlio'a uo drunk "You arw." "Tliero you go I Never saw the like iu my lid). Nu (or a mau to try to do anything when hU wifo u agiiinal him. " Well, 1 must g� to U>J now. Never saw Ihe likeiaajy lifa." -.IrAuu-taw 'tiMVtlar. WZIXZA] Hsny nt SMI Unware & Woodeawan^ coQiiHEATfflasnm t WIIXIAK mm, mk m mm 8IiiirtEtf�8iiicteitail(UnMUIi ISDCHICAfM^MILWA AKD AU. lASffEBS FOIHTSa Passengers Can Save rami HOmSTO caicm m naft a � ur BT tabro THIS SHORT BOOTB. COHHEGTIOVB AT ELDORA JOBCTIOH witb I___ and NorthwMtctn RaUtray far City, Cedar Ranida. Clinton. . MirwaokM, Dm Moinea. CaaacU Bli St. Paul, MinaMpolia and aB pointo IB Dakota. Nebruka. Kansas aad the Wan ELDOBA witb tbe Central Iowa Railway for pointa North and South. IOWA PALLS with the B., C. R A K. and IlUnoU Central RaUwaya, for WalM-too, Dubuque, Fort Dodga aad Bioaa j City. For all iaforation abont Praight Of ! Paawoger Rates, apply to oar tocaTaflpib I or addrMi tbe tieneril PMgbt aad^W-I lenger Agaat a Bldora, Iowa. iiOHMt__... - Hpring Pettad Daugbler---Mamma, 1 �a� auokt a iMAUtiful set ot diamuuda duwa lawu at tilouaking Co^Nt ttita mom-iaal And tba* ara uiarka^l only >i.3i)0. rS aara papik wUl 1^ theiuTfor um it yaa aay so. t Do^ig Mateiua-Xlhal, your papa tlaw ilat aanaot V> 'aU butiitMu nil ftllolllay, Ytiu'U bava bt watt aflac ba kaa OMHprataiaa^ witb bU taittbin, U ^ mU Ibaw tor yga wlMwaatw^lMr waaaaaala in Ji^aa ' vUl V� tawa wMM�k ��ia\ Ik, DOUSSAirS SwiilSiMlh kiMt a |wa�Ml