Friday, February 7, 1890

Alden Times

Location: Alden, Iowa

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Alden Times (Newspaper) - February 7, 1890, Alden, Iowa VOLUME XII. ALDEN IOWA, FRIDAY, KEBHl ARY 7, 189 �y �t U ooloefc �. m. ud m.�m. ci�m mwum lo o-clook m. rary Habbath, Prayer iii�tlii( twj Tactday ad Tburiday �tsiiIbsi. � ' �oontiu. BADIANT LODOR. No. IHO, A. F. * A. M., will mMl In ncular cammuolrat ion on tlin Friday malnii o� or Iwrora t b<i full moon, at Ma-sale Hall. Aldra, Iowa. V|iltlD< drailirrn ar* otdlally IDTllad to attand. H. ],. I'larce W. M.; a. 1*. Crockat, Beeratary.  At.DBS- MBRART AND RBADINd tUKIU-IB Uaymoud Halldlng. Open erery day and' *vnulnit, Hunday eiceiited. Yearly lubiicrlii. flimn. mm... M,�. Y. K. Furry. Preeldvul; Hlaa Iiotllii Taylor, H�creUry. AIJ)KM lAmoE, No. W). I. O.b.P.-MeeU very Wadserday evt-nlnx at L'tley't HalL VlaUInt lirethrva are CTirdlnlly tuviud toal-*aad. K M. Jouen, Hecreury. ALDEN LOnnr.. No IC1. A. O. V. W.-MeeU t Utiey'i Hall. lURalar inciitlngn lecoDil and laat Tneedav evviilriKfl of i^ncb uiontb. All vtelUns DUDibera are rordlally iOTlted to at-�md. E. C. KoBcra, M. W.; J. TouilinaoD, ! TCr DUar k Brown'* Htoi�, Aldso. Bardlo Douaty. Iowa. P P. FKISBIK, M. D. Fkyalelaa and Snrsaon, AMrn Iowa. Office over Kt�tlns� natilwan T 9 BABBIB AND HAIRDRESSER. 4*ra 'rrrpor1, lit. I U ALL EASTEKN I'OIMS. Passengers Can Save FHOM HOURS TO GHICA60 AID POINTS ON THIS LINE BT T.'.KINO THIS SHORT ROUTE. The I'lirrarl Tlilnt in Fura, H'lilrli ,Ara Nuw Miii'li Wum r<ir lla�aratl ii-(Jill> Iren'e I'rslly r'n.lumaa-^Tlia lii(cnluua Uatire of a Fair Ki|iia.lrlauiia. Iiir.w Toam coaaMPONnrxcK i UfAiE i� an aocea-ioD of JBiintiData ou tlio femluina promeimila iifi tha wliilor wntiaa, and a now maiiDoriaiii of llio girli ia to Uit. onnl a muff, Ihrnil the bnudu in the pocket* of a jacket, nud wiilk with bowa and HhoitlderH thi'owD book. That in a faabiou not to bo conimendeil, of I'ourne, und Ih only clirouicled aaapieca ot riowK. A n-olU formed (lf{iira in a clo<io, clolb jacket, with a biinoli of lloworH in.stead of fur aa a frontal em-bo 11 i h b niu n t, a-^ Kbowu ill tb� initial piolnro, iiioy be ad-mirjible in o �ny, but it looks ralber toJ KSKortivu ond forward. Fbr i� DowiKloyx wont for dccorsUdu ill ciliix wliere tbo teinnvratnte dooHu't dictate it for wnriiilh, und lo it ih aa well to give BOtriu ruIcK of uood toHte conocru-ingit. Pronounced bloiidcH NbouM wi-ar �caUkin; blo(Tk-buire ' dce[i iu tbe poll. Fur in alwavR pretty iu winter and far moic suitable for bull-room war than llowira, when tbu snow ia ou ibo (^oiind and tUo froKt on tbu wiiidow-pttuDK ih uiakiuK cvou Ibo nrtincial rosoH look uippod and witbercnl. Tliero ii a kinil of inornlit.T in driHH. and auilability in all tbiDK''- If llowern are voni ut all in February tUcy abou'd bo tboso tbat are natnrally proi'urablf iu wiut.r. The fur orunmcutu h� much iu vogue tbia winter entirely prevent any ditiiinution iu thu cont of dreasoa. notwitbstaudiiiK tbt< aiiu-plicity of tlie Htyles adopted for these fur-triuiined costiiuicK, ;i ainuilicity ibit reijuireH all the accuracy and perteciiou of cut niitl \vorkiunu-.bip ttiat iniirk the tttilor-niadu dre-.i4. No I'm ia too luatly or beautiful for Ibe purpnue, lint faabiou fnvora aonie few iiiuda aljove olbora. lieavcr ranka Crhl, Mack nalrakbaii fol-loWK. aud black Kilurinu fox ia alnioat uipially populor. I wua writiuK of au increase of janiiti-ueaa iu fair pedeatriana aa obber^ed in tbe alreela, aud a faithful portrait iu evi-dani'e ia preaented iu the aecoud pii-lnre The frirl waa uot luucb if anv mole tbun Bweet aixteeii-or shall we call her "lart" aixteeu, owinR to what we mit^hl alau term ber "(jalliia" nir-and folks turued to look twice at ber. A nniipio hat, or cap, waa ftatened to one aide of her head, her hair fell looav, uud her whole makeup waa eicaaairely pictureuqao. Need I add that ahe waa a aonbrette actreaa? Hut ercu our ipiieter women of faabioii might well reform their millinery. Tbe prcseiil liouuet, which li oul; no ornament und not a coraring, ia utterly iiu- CONNECTIONS AT ELDORA JCXCTHIN with tb.- Cbic.-.kc and NorlhwesKrn llaihvny for Taiiii. Cily, Odar Hapida, lliut("/ii. CiiiciiKo. Milwaukee. I)f� Moiiu-.s, l.'onucil HlulJs, St. Paul, Minneupolli and ull poiiila it Uakola, Nt<braska, Kiuita!! and the Wcat. ELDORA with ihr Ccniiul lowu Hallway for points North und South. IOWA FALLH with the B., C. R. & N. nd IIUdoIi Central Ku.IwHya, for Waterloo, Dubuque, Fort L)u ifi girla wear tham aa wall aa onr babiae, we �honld all admire tham, and tar greater comfort and fewer eolda would be the re-anlt. Daapite all the protaata made againat tho wboleaala alaaghtar ot briliiunt-plumagad bird* for dm* pnrpoaeH, taata-lOoaoDgani paraiat in bringing forward faatkem for trimming*, and womoo cou-titiw to w*m lham. Not oootaut with doraiag hat* wttk hammlng-biida, they an bow making in NawYork adtire veala for bodlcaa of th* gay, brUllant plnmago oC tkaaa b�o�Ufol littU owatatM. Tb* fMtkan aia itaagod in variona paltamH, tad, theofh' lb* oalon are vivid, their t&BBadonad mo doUghlfnllv �,riMl and BieportiMaMly as|iMnv�, ba\lb*ir eaai-UBM* �U1 aooo ba ovarcoao or ratfcar to-nanaiva BhatUatoa (or tho bnmMing-Mrd'o tMtMm wttl dovhtoaa bo f oiiSd thBtwiUaalM  afloioMlygood affect for iko maiortty g( vnt bl* evidance tbat h* waa going to lit dowit and roll over. "Help, halp,* tbe girl cried, ibowing for tb* Orit tint* any fright. It wM no pala and poetic yonog roan who reiponded, but a burly park policeman, who aaid, aa he aeir-ed tbo now iqnatted horae by tb* rein: *Oet off, miaa. Why don't you set offr" She aeamed alrongly fixed in tho anddle, aud even when ahe and the borae both lay flat, ahe waa inaeparablo from bor aeat. "Are yon glued faatV" tbe officer aaked aa beta|{gvd ut her atma. 'No-not glued," aba gaaped; 'only buttoned on! .\ud Indeed ahe waa. Iieteriuined not to bo thrown liy lier apirited ateed, ahe had deviaed a acbnino of faaleninv; beraelt to the aaddle. Itut hereafter abe wiU use it ouly on a lioree that cnvorta without lying down. Nobody tbinka of olijccling to the at-moat jauutinoaa in little uirin co'^tumea, aud more nod more the miniature bellea become veritable dolla for their mother* lo decorate and embelliah. The eiamiile* given ill tbo laat two en(;raviuga ahow that Kate (iroensway atylea have gone out of high Togno. although atill Keen frciiueutly, and tbiit there ia a revival of aaabeK. It ia modiiih now to let your yoiiujj^tor.h' hair fall looaoly, with au air of diaordor. yel with the euda curloil carefully enough, too. The light, aeparate, candlu-muldy curia of onr luotbere' i>arly yoara are uot in favor, nnr ia iho baro forehead which naed to be admired as an eviileuce of precocitv any longer toon with ^really "atjliali" girli. The hair hangK'in a toaaed baug io the eyobrowK, and m an ontaprond muaa over the shonl-ilern. .Vo matter bow much thla may of- TIIEY LEFT A RFJCORD. THK I'lAMA IIIKIf I'RKHKNno TO Tills C'UtlNTKV ITKNTt-KIKN A�0. OiM (liillliie. uf Iba Anliuai (ii-itveii un Ntolia �,y |-li iil<<lan. tVhu I'rereticl tlia Nfiaiilanla - Ke.enililNiira Uelwaaii llie FuiiMiiia Maii-Falar" ami Ihs Chllileria or Cyiiriia and Aala .Vllnor. HE .State of Illinoia poaaeaaad, until within a few yenra, tbe aolo frail lii^mo-rial in eilatence that the fanion* I'huui-� iaiiM v la 11 ed tlim land iu tho mod remote Hiitiipiity. There are inauy oii. jecla made by tbe I'oruviniia anil Mii-icaui. prior tn tbe arrival of the Span-^ lurda whicli .s b ii w tracoa'of I'b'inician iuhjiiraiion. but Iberu ia nothing from (Irceiilund to tlio llonnit of l.'apo Horn which the wilrlc.I conjoct-nre can ultribulo to the I'h'-uici.iua aaie tbe pina.i bird. 'JhiM remarkable object, Kaya tbe Chicago Tiii'f romaius of this ^nlpl.ired form uoliou., tbo fashionable mother ia ob- to re,,,y the iuve�t,gatiou of some trained durate. It hhould be nieutioue.l, too. that ar''b"ologihl for there can be but little the renewed nae of big-bowed ribbon doubt that it wjisoue of thoae polyform BBsbea ,� niao iu.lulged in by girl* who 1 symbols which the I'ln. mciona left among ore aa big uK their molbera. For such ! bo peoples whom lliey visiled It be-maidena. at pretentious portiea. tbo'AI-,, louga to tbo same order as tbe chimera of hulian" gown in making a great stir iu tbe world of faabiou, fur in atyle it ia nni-vcisilly becoiniu;,'. Tbe iiecnliarity con-aisla in the fad that the full-tlowiug akiit ia made without any foutnlatloii whatever, while Ibe front o( tbe skirl ia Illi; MAN-i;\TKU . The parting of her hair leavea u triangular patch ou tbe top of hitr head, with oue point at tbe forehead, which ia n high one. The aide-locka thna Kcjiarated abu haa maaaed into two bunche* of outstanding curia, which hide lier eara and eucroach upon ber templea lo the comers of her eye*. Tha top lock she haa tied iu^ a cra/.y-fan pattern, upright and Japaneae-lookiug. .About her brow and poaaing through tbo aide curia ahe haa bound a chain clasped with a jewel jnat belonr the ceuter of her for*-heod. itig curriuga ahow, although tho little ears from which they bang am hidden. Her dreas-fioek. abe called it -ia cuttrom jnat over the round of the shoulder airtight acroaa tbe cheat und back. The ehorl aleevea are puffed out co far tbat the outline of aleeve ia not followed by the broad wbile rultle that aeta ont from tbe edge of tbe uenk, so thia ruffle paaaes horizontally acroaa her figure frou the raffle mikaa a atill longer horizontal from Ibe tip of one puff lo tbe other, .luat to look at Mica IHi'J' From Iba waiat up abe look* like a very ornate baby'a baaket with a wide fiill over the lop, aad n very large biby oitfing therein. Ah. but Ibe akirt. It ia what yon call fnll, and It ia what you call plain. It juat jauntily aota ont over what you call l.ydia and (lyprus, the sphinx of Ktruria, (ireece, aud llgypt, the wiuged mun-beaded bull of Aaayria. tbe hiiumu-headed liarp of olil Ireland, tho griliina of Kuropo, .\Kia. ami iiortliern Africa, the -eutanrs of tbu iireeks and tbo ancient I'icta. aud the wyverna of tbe heraldry of uorthoni Kuropc. " It wna," the archil ologisi cxcluima with bitter grief, "onr ouly |>olyforin monator, our ouly oue; it waa in n perfect atata of proser^atiou, anil a^iilundering brute of a naval otlicer niade'tt a target for gunnery practice, nil, inexpli le folly! Ob, irremediable loas!" Fortiiuat.'ly it has been thoroughly described by a gentleman wlin' s<-ema to have beeu perfectly competent for the task, and who iiiideiatooil its r.-nl charnc-. ter. .1. II. Milea, of Miles Station. III., made a drawiug of it. which ia preaeute.l here, and uccoinpauied this with a wrilteu description, obvionsly of the moat authentic kind. Ilowrote: "I first saw it in I.'^'i:!, and aincethat datu bare seen it iiiauy huudreda of times before it was deslroyed diiriug tbo late civil war. I must auy that it ia a miatake for any one lo aay that' it waa painted ou the rocka. It waa not paiuteil on thu rocka, nor waa there a ilrop of paint uaed iu ita cooalruction. Tbe bird, if bird it wna. waa cut or ibis-eled or picked into the solid rock of the bluff, but how or by whom 1 know not. Ita body waa that of a lion, ita head aud homa that of a deer, and ita wiuga that of a bird, la theie anything about this that looks like a horrible man-eater.' I do uot believu that anch an animal ever existid. 1 deny that ita existence ia compatible with-uatural laws, aud 1 aasert that tbe piasa bird was made by aome race well acquainted with aoulpture to commemorate the uoblo deada of  some great jior-Kouage of ancient timea. " Ilamanity ia indebted to Father Mar-pielte for ita first knowledge of the man- boulder to aboiVdfer, while "the "idg"eTf ', /l^' ynM. ;....v, - "i.'ii I________ -' daaoription of it in IiIjJ, from which an eogravlkig waa made iu I'aria. Ur. Milea made hia drawiug on tbe apot, but tbe French picture which ia ber* praaeutad waa uafa*rei< int� the world iiuder condition* that mad* it diibloaa. Tbe good father described it from memory, having learnad all the Indian tradiliona about it, and being influenced very much by thoae tinditiona. The engraver made it aa frightful aa he oould in order to ba in-t*r�ating. Thna between the two waa evolved aa object which, aa any oue can detect, never eonld have been leolplnred, which perbapa aecount* for tb* paraiat- boop*. aud it i* aUghtly b*U-ahaped. It atppo jnat in lima to ehow a wee pair of , n*^* of Ibo belief tbat it waa a paialod white alippored feel, bound over Ibe in. , jmMI*- Maninelte'a idea ot it waa tbat tfpraA iilKiat tho anUea with ribbon. UhadUiabeadof abaar, tbo bona of au M >(. Um body of a aab or a draaou. or litUo faof^ota; I'll be boond! Over------'---' iJkw ban luaa are drawn -Bamhaidt ftovaa. Hot eatlod Batnbardt then, ot Far b* it floBi ma to apaak of ;.�goI Aad Iba paep* araand IkM abadpw h*r eya*, and tba forobMi Mop* gliBHMriagfw t^o �gM- intaStpaM. Evarjf yboodavd*. tbe nBtiar ii^. , �U1 iMk tc Mi^vAirt,' aomolbtaui wttb aealee, and obaoiVtog*, wltk;a*|lo'* claw*. Tha tail waa Uly foot loim. aoUad oavaral tiaao rooad the b�dy, and taraUnatvd in a no paiallaUaai to U bavo taU Tbo mtkod, and porbapa Ur. MUaa auw I boaaaiatakmla aaapoalM tbatib ____ tb* bona fido laUr^aUoa.. '__ >i�wU*Bd .nwwoaaiatowbiah ateoat ovary ob� �|>iMBUoa M�K�W��bopaiatlaffiJltll�ebb*fa ai^. aateS � Ito faMoa HaaiUon *aao. vklah �aa MB.Iorii. tm*^V�9m dUiiftboXUoiMaio England, tt never reaebad ila mai tion, for tba veaaal fonad*rad, and - famon* vaaa repoaa* la *aaM dark. fathomed cava of the Maditerranaaa. M rat it waa anppoaad thai the lioa'a tfl[.,i; waa aimply drawn with an exaggoratiaadC ' ita ainnouaneaa, but *oma one who aia* tmated thi* view uireftiliy laaiiBW' what wa* thongbt to be th* knot of llon'a tail and found tbat a acala ot diMi ' covered th* eye of tbe anake. V�f dainty waahing repealed tba mouth al*i^ aud it became apparent tbat tbe dragaat^ pait of the chimera waa not fonnidabi^- ivi'iU4M>: (iinir.H.v. and did uot nlTer any special danger ts. tha hiro Bellcropbon iinou hi.i praueiitg I'cgaaus. 'riie diacoveriea of Oen. Di Ceanobaiat I'yprua gave to tbt> world aiiotbsr repr�-sentatiou of the chimera in which tbo I aerpentine character of the liou'a tailio -' abaoliitely iinniiKtukable. aa will bo aeaa by the drawing. The coil is anmethiag; which coufd not be found iu a aeuutn*-caudal appeudnge of a tinu. aud tba anakiness of tho end la obriotia. TUa tiiuiing of a genuine -hitnera wan a .and blow to a a.'Uool of tbinkeri who li�VO been endeaioting ;o explttiu everrtbioc ny reforoncea to Uiiturul objecla, an-l 'i-ko claimed thai the polyform uiou>t,-r wac only au einggirutiou of a apsciil kiud of hou tbat once existed iu Minor. Humau beings have u goitre, a liorriblo swelling in tliii neck, and if n lion goitre tbeu the awelliug might have lieaa taken by tbe unsopbisticala i shcphonlc of I.ycia for a anppbmeiit.iry goal'a bcod. Hut tbft aer|.eui. iuslond n( 11 tail, did not admit of any naturalistic uvpla> uutioD, aud tho chimera is now u.lmitt iiiion of all exporta. Tiffany of Now York declared that ia them all the processes known to modem gold-workiug were employed, and wiib exquisite dexterity. It is lo bo remarkeil that tbe legauda at Ibe Indian tribea duelling ou tho Miiiaia-ainpt about the piasu bird were eXQkctly the aame as the legenda ot the Greeu concerning' tho chimera. L'ntil Heller-ophon put a atop to its evil career, tba latter luouater babavod precisely as tha piaaa is nqwrted to have dona, sometimac caiTying off a fat cow. somoliuies a tough ' agricultiiriBt, sometimes condescending la tTitle with >tu appetite by bolting a baby. Tbe (ireeks. too. aecribetl to tbe sphiui: a moat reprobenHible foudnos.i for bniuaa lleab. which she gnitilicd iu a polite aud cultured fnabion. She iuvited people to call upon ber, and aaked them conun-ilrnms, aud if they could uot answer cor-, rectly she alo them up. iKdipua, th* Tnrauian. paid a viait to her cave, and answered ber quealious correctly, wherft-npon she fell into bis power, and be slaw ber with hia darta, all of which was mailo tbe.aubject of a noble picture by tl>c French painter, Ingrea. Notwithitand-ing the wnight of Greek tradition, there can be no doubt that with tbe Egviitiatt* the sphinx waa the aymbol of royalty. aud with the Htniriaui it was a faithttf guartlian of the lonib. Nor ia there aay adequate reason for donbtiug that til. polyforma were symbolical, aud tbat n� rupreeeutatiou wna intendiid of jtty man. aterwhataoever. Nor is there a single polyform that ia not fonml upon objedc known to be I'hieuician, although they are alio found In tbu moat diverae place*. Weslrni JonrnalUm. \V�> have Im-cii in town t>ul;.- ten dayn, and already oiii warm friends, Splog Mngin. tli?t veteran mixer of tlio-wlial*-iii-tlie-dark suliipn, intiinate.t that it ia time for uh to uliaek tip aud give our scoro oil luH IxKiks a liliglit. Wo woiiU. like to iii(|uiri> if thi.s is tliu usual prao-tieo in tliia ivmiiuiinity? Woliuvu JoiM tlio-w'hole-iii-tho-dark honor to inibtba at its bar tho greater iiortioii of tiy> oUxir that w�' liavo ali.sorlxHl .since oar arrival. It tet{uiroa inajiiratioa to flfc onoto illiimiuatA aud enlightou a aam-muuity: if K|>lo^ Magin Ueaitate* t* mi]i|ily tli� itiapiriug elixir, we aball either trauafi^r miri>atrouageaud Mta-rato onr synti'm nlMewhBre,._,or__we ahaH'cltHdiiJo to illuminate and an-lighttm tho couiiuiuiity. Wo ci-rtainiy will not Hnbniit to litiiig hulldu/.vd b.r Mr. Splog Magin'a iliiua or evon *r�-uuyislby hin liiiitH. We are ileHtiint* of wealth; hut wu ure h eled with gilt-etlgi'd dignity, liiiil wit will. luaiulaia our dignity uiitnrui.shoU.-A>�if Ai^ rerti.ier. _ _ Wby Are Hotel Coaka SoUTloa Fat! "Did you aver wonder why moat (lOokH litH rtnaliy 'i" asked the ubof of � wull-knowu hotel. "Well, I have  theory that ia held by many paopla t* lie oorreut. Tlioir untiviul amoant of flasb ia owkmbtMUy due to the ab-aondion thioiigh tbo nootrila, monik, atia iiorita ot tbo skiu of tbo aioaaa, �� wl�tov�r yoa.fM it, df (mmI �Ud^ i� hoiug cooko4. Tho mau or Mho, day aftor day, Uvea in an piim pomaatod with savory oi ooaUBf iood aoon bagina to fok VUak Uia om Mid youll Bgr