Friday, January 26, 1894

Ackley World

Location: Ackley, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Ackley World on Friday, January 26, 1894

Ackley World (Newspaper) - January 26, 1894, Ackley, Iowa jI I U 1 JANUARY THE A0KLEY IMMtLlSHKii EVKUY BY SO Uue In 1C not paid In wrt nt Die Post Olllco usseoomlcliuss mull LOCAL cents Ibr live Inos or Klvu cents per line lor excess of five ACKLEY IOST OPKN Week Pays Sundays to COUNTY County Auditor Clerk of Treasurer Sheriff llecorrter of County Attorney County Surveyor Stout Crockett Moil John Moylan S KdKiiiKloh Miirsh Ward Getliemn T Clmnpltt liny Fin ever u IHnud of Carpenter Joseph CITY Mayor Roberts KaclielholTor Treiusurer A Stock Assessor Ncurniin llarahal Qcorgo Dart STATED Bvannellcal Services every Sunday nt 11 and Salttmth school at rjafholic every VO niiiHs at Second muss nt lit 7 M Presbyterian every Sali hiith nt II and school at Ilistor Ireiicliiiis every siiblmtli at m p m S i sji ut Gould Liistor EviuinelUal Services nviry at 10 Sunday school at J Fountain regular meetings in Iliill on Monday evening on or before lull W T No nttcts on Hiitturtiiv evenlni ot eatU week at Odd Modern Woodman of ftccnliir and aJ Thursday iilisht In eHeli A E Koaular meeting Kundiiy of at ff Hope Crolx every Tuesday evening at Diiitlis and Uuuiol T sidles Aid society of the church JJ meets Wednesday siiiilmontlily T adles Aid society of the Jernuni EvtuiKelt JJ cnl tntcts Thuisilnv Julius Luriles Aid society ot Presbyterian meets on Thursday vrun lloosevelt ft nkley society meets TlmrsUsiy Liulios Aid society of tlic Kvuntrulieal Luth eiUin church meets young Ladles Sodality o I meets once u MugKiu Addie BUSINESS Physician and Oiltce up MIILHS iu tne Ackcrinuii west All calls day or niKht promptly tpcscial attention given to diseases of women sine general Notury Kusil Kslsue uncl Insurance Oilicu over Jiggers Imrmws Justice oftlio pcaifi njid Agent conveyuiiuiiiK ilono uud Lands bought luccl Ollice in thu Nyc ImildiiiKi Aclacy liiiuluato ijutona Pliysluliin uiul Of tki1 IKIUSU south of tint IrcshytiMiiui SCALES Attorney itt IIIKI Of on sfcoiid limnitvar Ituiik Will ijruutliie in nil tlii Stute titl itfloral X tlurticy ul mill Miinis i spiiliilty uf niiittcrs ami uivjluiinx k Iaistuus iVhcre in is my metr bciiiium pipe asked McnmyeU Jjjs library it is replied M him a darkcolor You know 1 know how youd been trying to color it and Yd about and o oiliiy I went to work and painted i wiih oils and a little J kiw youd be glad1 Its he u slight con gested lungs or Mvcre One j I I f in the recently remodel ed Weber building I will open to the public a complete stock of goods consisting of and Fresh Having bought directly from manufactur ers at cash all my old customers and as many new ones are cordially invit ed to investigate and examine mj well se lected Ladies are E First door west of Beckers r it v in l Having bought kie Francis stock of Shoes and Rubber Goods I am now prepared to give my patrons bargains in the shoe line never before heard of in the and a call at my store w ill con vince you that I can give you bargains in the shoe pecially in winter f fC ff Unifs thr cioik IIHS Tin stniS peep i A civ Oil nilIlitMiMiimrs A Minnil of tiiiiirlilnj In city mid vttliigi H lid town Tim children SLIT jroiiia to Im With footsteps swiri or f sires Brav or Hy tww Hurt i Miecu tliey All rolled In of And mirli wllliii Imikwiml ttlt Culls cheerily liooil n when in need of a 113 f liirg in my we are sure please The Effect of PrizeFights on Alexander the president of the Hoys and Girls Na tional Home Employment and a philanthropic lender in move ments looking to the welfare of the youth of the has sent to the governor of Florida a letter present ing another phase of tinmischief tanking character of The Harmful influence of pugilistic cn wmtcrs is by no means bounded in its operation by the ropes of the i A long experience with boys in all asses and stations has convinced Hogeland that every such light the direct inspiration of countless ijiitirrois and The effect of lime novels of the vicious kind upon uie boy reader has been amply prov jl in the records of scores of con Exactly the slnio rule holds good concerning the which boys must inevita bly hear under discussion at every slitot That their minds Khnuld become inllumcd by an ambi liwi AS vicious aa of the prizc themselves is only a inituriil It is easy to believe HogelandM assertion that a no prizelight is immediately fol low by an increase in the number of and knockdowns among boyi II is not for the welfare of the nor merely for ood name of that to resolution to prevent this vicious and demoralizing Hcc Of Litercst to A decision of interest to all Iowa newspaper nnd especially to publishers of ollieial county pa has been handed down by Towner of Uie Third i M u I nt i U r noldmg court at The point stock exchange of if Sklll l chicken and you are thief steal from your employer and you are an embezzler stenl the mid you ire a de faulter rob your competitor Adams who on presentation of his bill to tho board of supervisors for publication of the last olllcial election ballot was refused the rate of per square on the plea Hint that the ballot did not come under the head of legal printing as provider by Suit was institut ed to recover the lawful the attorneys for the county filed a de murrer and Judge Towner sustained the Judge Towner ruled that nothing except notices relating to matters di rectly connected with the court such as original sheriff ad ministrators come nn ler the head of legal notices in a proper application of the With reference to the ruling the Adams bounty Frca Press says Tits rulirg places the publication such notices asthe olticial to and you are or a Napoleon of wreck i road and gather it in mrl area a ruilroiwl system and you are a railroad conduct a negotiation by nliicha nation plunders ti wcnk nation of tJioiisands HJJOH thousands of square miles of territory and mukcs the weak nation pay millions of money in demnity for the wrong i suffer and yon are a the times arc out of ttolirr ious A number of my said a man of moderate appear to be getting on bravely in making Among thorn is my friend the 7Jc used U drive a single horse o a plain black but now he drives piir vof horses to a wagon that is as plain tax proclamation forau evel to be but ivlmh ictice of on is more mm jominon love with advertising as far iu and perfect in A friend told me tho following story In the western part of Massachusetts a man had a fine stock a farm for rais ing cows and JJulafcw weeks ago a lire broke out in the and burned not only the building and the but most of the animals After the fire the owner walked oycr the It was a sad sight to see the charred bodies of his fine Jersey eows and his highspirited to nothing of lite money lost with But at the end of the barn he saw a sight which touched him more than all the There sat an old black Me wondered that she did not move head o look at him as he came near but lie thought she must be ile poked her with his to his the wing which he touched foil into then he knew that she had been burned to But out from under her ciune a faint little and pushing her aside with his cane the man do you think ten little live yellow chickens The poor lien had sacrificed her own life Lo save and had held her place in lire as lasabianca held his on the burning deckThat sight toucii td the man more than everything elie svifu he hail to own that his eyes grew a little more moist than prosperity it never worries uie that my Iriomlthc nurchnnt dol from my Ilu tor to tin of niy friend the cndcrtd prosperity t is relates to that it The notices hiat and 1 ml JJHUI his tl like notices nevor liavo 1111 finy oilier head than if we are correctly in the legality of so never has been questioned be The plaintill holds all to be published y aw are legal notices and lias given lotlce of an appeal front the dccision if the the eljangc vhich tiiis ruling every newspaper in the it vould prove far harmful to hose who have legal notices pub tovae rs r f i h The person who s t aotioc tho lbtf I would like t few There arc over two hundred persons in this count nig sinners and crooked and 611 published want to I t lm He requires iiauls ff the such an wxafctnts as will insure a No doubt the lawmakers in tltc price to be paid for printing legav j notices took into consideration the jare that mistbc exercised in order to siivh publication in ner that Wiulii bo free from In publishing the notices unJlcr the Iules that would ajjply to errois would certainly exist iu some of which might wholly invali date them making tho transaction un pleasant for the publishers as well as their Sioux City uiicfele f of fori0fl of a If a nickle it would total of ten dollars this This repeated every week UK7 would A isnt worth a nieklc isnt worth a person that will Le the preacher or tho is 0 ol dor die The idea that the eily coajpelicd to use for milk tickets is favor with many of Jliat the cardbonnl tickets now in a means of disoas The latest novelty it is C1 a Theses a sewing school startel a l8 lUuly from family to fenement house jieighlJorJiood in one UoUler of nil kinds A of the large i lie school meets exauuna on morning from 10 to i milk bi a Physician It is opened with singing anil a little i discovering speecli from the young lady who acts scarict fever bacteria as The most Atul WUM on the I the mi J checks fUHigntel and disinfected time or after having been of them conic very willing and are required only to bring clean They show great apti tude in learning how to put on patches and replace missing where The lea iHwdi worth or every o lui City in 5 JOE mailer how things go lite always the nabobs who own ruilroads doujt think imvlhini of riinnin over a pfiyr mans and he main wiio can uilord to own a horsn I tlywn the poor fellow on a bicyi And on tin bicycle rum dotni lit nr thjp less to Thats j the man who walks stumbles j Ihi poor who on Thills the Ami the on ciutche i most of IPS time juniiniug his sticks down on Its a Badly quntly one of ln0Bt MtoM things to Severul aggravated have lately oeeuned at the hs u who pital of the of men who mimHIiei As a hist resort hives llcss Iswji on ujindiiig Am Agiiew liuid haiii fat with great j umixhes tu exaunl Two large iylinders of liucon I cried u eoltred pwldicv i were forced into the nostrils y e ri tlic ceased at is a viry simjilc remwly nnd one which should be of in the j After slaying at home ai 1 taking boarders pay ing or gratuitous i ing the exposition taking their annual vneatiojjs t i Vou you J V Wiy3 Home of them no doubt have i r diea already their relatives io a chewt protector more glad to see them now ihey were to see their reliaives 15i stem jlobe