Saturday, May 7, 1881

Daviess County Democrat

Location: Washington, Indiana

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daviess County Democrat on Saturday, May 7, 1881

Daviess County Democrat (Newspaper) - May 7, 1881, Washington, Indiana THE I IIMIS H Mxirr w IP Ufeitel Maxor of Indiiu i oils Tut lav nun til hi an tnket bompjileeU 1 I Pemqcratic ior of xxilimni golden opinions press f tbt uuntri or his in Ux n I morihh im inn it from tli b H still 1 Ux Mil IM t recent rti rh ri ux 1 b the Chu limes fim ill i irts 11 the W e t the xxlnit jr3ieit is 1 better than xx i n Inontll liii MI tsbuikwirl ill ui promising for i fair xield B Eiiii IIT xvasion Tflibd i fllr tht third M ivor ol Ai He rm is an Iiidtrtilde Dtmoirit and w is mlortdhx tht 1 pulluans Dxttpt the Major tlit 1 ir Dtm jcratit nominccK wtrt tltoted one thousmd dolhrs jier ai mini xx as thepnte j lid bj thu I o Unas nrs Itpirtmint under ten 1 ratlx b managtmtiit to in urc tht trmsftr of in uuptx mid pouth bieklmd torth otue i between H Touts and S 1 ml bx nXer I i milhhcd Vsstssor terms o fLni new eitj olhtcrs liuxt ane all exicn tht mil are installed into ollitt Jhe Clerl Ir mirti unl A ax meutt on tlio fust day 01 aitkt I Tin umgntion frum IrtliuU 1 ist xe Ir in meie i e is l ol ih thcset 4 t left for tJmtied states onulution of JiaUnd is now but i frutnn oxtr lue million Hit this limntLd at more hip 100060 mestlx to m li few xtirs will bt pftnlx of Ian 1 in Itelaud for hunting pnrjiosd tre it advantage possessid bx the Iiijltefl Sthttsoxer the tounfnes of lu i is that our smation w Mich we iliavt no need fur standing artmts Ihat stcritof oW xery rapi 1 ail Va icemc it In most of tht it sUtts wTtlie old xxorll axerx hrni iroportnn iitht able bodied men arp tiheii from lill prjlijetixe pursuits for the bt t jials ijf their hxes alid put mlo armies tyholuc on the produto of the toll it Othefs i THe Stur I ItJmube tlllit the jmhlio xttll lit ill Hit bm an 1 orx r ustil i r tin st ir rnitti win llesen 1 in Hlnoke Ihtpre s Hhoiildkec to itjtlnt is not the ri Suit It sltohlil bo harpi d m in seison itnloutof stason until the are punished The indtpcn lint ptssj in thni xxrrk flu New rtnnefloiit hjuartlj on tht nnitttr i If tharges tnu this stnr route i business is as bad as tbe administration htlioYi 8 it to be m Ir Bradx 4thtn the pa e for these men is m tan Bhliibrioui nndxxtllconiluctidjiul Thor hhould be no matters in th of sucli n crime as njpeirs t Imxebien perpotrated h the stir rout Tlio men xrho liuxe lone tin sjiould be nerxe 1 as 1 Ixjt all censure liktwibfi fiiH ujran tli wnifimonious and hvpocntuat lulmulis ttition of Mr Hajes ixho permittt iuth i ring i 1 l The Man Who Carried Indiana fctnator Dor of tlit Republi Can Gommitleeptht man ho t irrit man xxbo bandied the 3toiHc hjap has fallen m character i imputation in position How far tin distinguished Kepjibhcanrastalh isf illtn how loxx lie fallen it is neccs narx to read dcyelojimonLi bn life of jriine to Jmd out It is jitrbii s tj credit of the countrj sthi that it is jiot oftei Mayor Ogdoli Reelectiep by an Increased Ofliiociajii Clcjk null And Solid Democitatic II Large Dejnocratio Gainsj Generally in the vujiiwui v UUIII3 UCMCI Town Electlions In the Stite Die ik tit n in an iwusil ill uimbirotxott Lit was OJJ nn nj Ire w ilds i folljiws it on 1 i 1 hi I 1 or M uf r m l Xott in tin ul 1 OS m iji hth till il 1 ami Id i VOtlXlll I II W II on 1 mill 111 in tin 11 bid leiXifi the Ijii t ijilt in jil ml 11 lilml i I 01 Clitl 1 liniiu 1 rtriinre in the 1 K it iln tin iSeconi Ibis city last n t in t 1 bn ami in n Ibe IkIt in life had 11 iMh an 1 120 HI the Tor1 Mughal I xotm in th I irsl 0 in hi lhai 1 m the 1int 1 m tin II lor with lo and 1 Brow u Second stir Joliii t HijO in tlib llinl MI die Second qnd is 111 and 11 i Tuesdax Tht tutil ehxidtel lirst 270 received u stumd Imriill JI itbe tin xitt L1 ClOllll ixtd JOl nml OS illhtiilicr rot endit u Sci md milts Jl m tb that an ex of tl e Utilted stilt s thief itxxoule be still more lo its credit if joxcrn inent punished its tluex ts w Iiencx er tile j xrtrc ppprthended m tht omnubSion ol flenses lo the tountrx it t Uorhcj has been known s Benjitor of the United and us otic t the Itadeis of the Kopubhtan Hi is now the ctrttarj at the National Committee that pirtj nmi ittttr Ihs tlettidn of tiarfkild and Arthur jiarlj posed before him in almost myiplmnt attitude to knon xxtmt aflitc he xxould dtitn to attept iii return for bm eminent serxicis in n Republican tnuirt h lie put the crown from him lit xould haxc of he hellion lu tonttnt tp serxC in tile i as a pnxiite iolditr He how jisk ont fiixor out pittrj h as ed th it he might namt the VssisUim Pohtni Isttr Gem i il It t rcquibt for it man to make it xvas a monstrous llni mil mudt bj Dorsey for Dorsej was in the Star berxict mil it was 1 therefore for pecuman xvelfare that he Bhoul Icontn 1 the second Assistant fostniifetir Onlj i fc woeksafco this man Dorbtj was on tbt top lie public ui populanlx VjSneakint liepubbtau villain t loath Republic ih leper schooled m He publican methodsto Hetiin and mam tool power he drexx around him men of prominence m the KtpubhcW pirtx xvhb indorsed his methods his resourced applauded his skill and as if thesu things xxcie not enough Oitx 1 an qlitted him in tliecoininerciahnttroiwhs ol the country Dorsej hid cirrild Indi nnn Dorsey hid elected GarfitUl Dor serhad saxcd tjie 1 tpubhcan Dorsey ft as entitled to Jill tin honors that part could bestoxx leaders of th Republican party sajs tlio Timct kncxv that Dortoy xxas a rascal and that ho xxaB in politics to inake nioncj Ihex 4i not hoxvcxer to tuirlloj Turn as tin in the lafo Presidential con test Hecxeu Bupcrcwtea Jewell ind handled the cnmpaipn fund by aiid oonetnt of Mr Arthur the leaders knexv tiat Dor sey was a made no difjeronto xxitlituom The leadtm ol the Repub party knew that the Nexx Orlems Returning Board xxiis made up of but they wero pniploxyl o put Hues mplljcc ttnd haxrc bedn jewardcl for the work of pefjurx Republican leaders do not hesitate to utilize ulhuiu to aid thun nor do tbtx lieifitote to rewird thdm after tin Wlo performed Number Uox le h mij Nunibi r Ilx ill s mjtj Ltimbirk 0 Lnon s 111 01 Browns iifoj mix 1 I pui tiist 1 1 itn t l 1 Heii 180 inijorityj Siiond iS n 1 Treasl i for tl Asso Id 1 tl lol nT 1 il IhildUui fiimil 1 1 lltu IJiiiinu its ijietid tbi i e m5 htib fir Vsse sor I i 111 N hi feeln t we tell vpn so The Conji i is bpli llj ijemofilitic lliere iiji nbunliuce of a done i t un0 the i itn int fight on ind Opt ndt nt tin But few iruhk Uf in to hi seen on thcatreets the day or ni Iritz Hew Is just as proud as though he hid live hundred imijiTntv It xxill bv oljBtiud jiiat iii of Councilmeik tint ran ticket It ixould hi it jn for t oti tW to jftthfj wouldiitit V deiil of 1 rm t xvork m tlit blood lust brought to Cirtlt xtlx swapped Ix frnJndsof other cliiididites on the Reptbliutn Did the 12ulyf Dorsej Star Uqute dis closuns h ixf miithm0 to do with the Donotrmc in tins city The Republicans missed it made up u Ijtl et xxithout having upon 3t i rpptisentiiixo of tbt laboring element Ihcn n few illeyed iJetuocrats who professed dis Uisfiction xvlth itkit and xmt surt it biatcn i u low n 1 ijiu t ni iru lins I i illht Inlt forHxitt i llh now utj Dinidu itii imriH om inlttfi in nudest p in I tint llis tin M ttnc imifllx it il out il iim all tbi erulif ml thej b tinri nil jiit tn ajfx sin non4insij toll 1 riiiil otlu r I l 4 I I XII Itx tunJiiiil Jftnotherjjitercsting from Montana Wages and the CqsS df Living Mines 2 and Mining StXfcy Below r M h riot tllif jsili iijxwtistd to m t firlul jo mateij li Jf Kritt I ik Iiiisf iiliin r I win rt im 1 Is Juki 1 oirtl irt HMX sei ari intitltd liHVtr md if nol toll opcmja toMliihti Con i Ul nij m hi H of uiir t xx In ndt mr i tlj thej h 11 n it in tm t rut t oim n ui 1 i ltd bun i 11 thaii is IH rullA ib ul iiil l ui h I 1811 M v kiioun m pijilancr as xi i MS j ntntiH I i Utj Ifpiiuiji entirt UP n tjii u Imitx Iln ip sbujiit 1 H i is KJlj At jlliti n li It 5 week orjtxvo In n 1 lltll ititiNt intbcicitvaiid I probably whlf be lli proportion of tin city js limnd int mining ire enrolled ii bo I xxlullltliR in HI tin nuinbir undor Iti i dint lj 1 mil n Jif side cif n loxv nut i nj i i forttflnll of rjie main oftht 1 it I an tlie tin bi renninillLin hiiB mrxi rliis some iiottlf if jlutti arid hut loutf Htt roid njp on can not Ire toldjimlil the roiifl is but I tliht it xvilj not miss liutte IIow bver ji mis af pood lib A is be sjjyjiiK though ntigfit would to jiroatlly ruchicei bv oitnMiK xxithju ifnilllii distance 1 rtvdiW fioni Clii Dillon tie ffom U to M to XI Ufll AI I I ij liutttMias a Ocmointii moguuv Miiut which ilbOissiidsSiJixetklx and is the leading pipit in tht terri tory also a Itepubliein tlio tjfntirMvHiHiiiii i enterprise month old but wiflrhir prospect of Until tin be tike stuJi dispittehos as thex cin fififn the Moi tana telegraph cnmplnx is ilsou paper published hdtirazv tVHloxv who is the 1 stotk tbi tiliwn and of thi friternhv lu He Ins grtfat propen sity lr getting up nttt nami4vfor bis I lirst 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rinks and wejk lirep set tlc Dtmccratici ticket everl eaten tlwx vxcro prepared 1 tolsa u IJiqy nipt feel very Thsaxeraee 1 pAblleah ie First xxatd xx ui 14 in th u0 jiin 1 ni the Thud DtriotratJt mijmt ItJ Perhaps Ijjraifi to and Jcrfj thatlhc lift irpd to tingy I told y now itj m i 5 II n thu rifroiMs and tin Ducottiu or W thei nusi UUitteil In In flforitt uhn li Mor r Millit I out 111 ljuSu ami h m lit DJ Uiuptopl I I fit PIXIOCI u H eoriut 11 hi is y It rbwxi les m the first Jlondttx xtirs tlnn i pc nlitttjdi tit qE Romlhj hoj h n rs ftile ro ids H itlim Jil I 1 HIM and juLhiul s Hi MOi i the clettti tn x ih iiirnKlud JSi to to tii to her Hi I idriod n 7j to lie 10c buyets1 innst lit iii t s i m juilejo of bitwein he vt ttji Keiits very ijijijli or ITX in iiiisNiintJibr iijh as I hntifci i suKJIliroom Vvttb a a 11 01 il md jpiiifj a inoiitll niiMinVali nblc upiju ichtiptumiili lilt hirli iHiins In litbiipal Htroets uitxux tl tin nuttsulli u nth posted to the IlKWif Lilttt is Nirin 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