Saturday, May 27, 1911

Logansport Pharos Tribune

Location: Logansport, Indiana

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Logansport Pharos Tribune on Saturday, May 27, 1911

Logansport Pharos (Newspaper) - May 27, 1911, Logansport, Indiana WEATHER FORECAST probably showers cooler Sunday and THE PI TEMPERATURETODAY 77 12 nooa 93 7 a m bpm 97 PRICE TWO CENTS SATURDAY EVENING MAY 2 OFF FORjURQPE ExPresidents Entourage In cludes Family and Officials MADERO TELLS OF ABDICATION ofDissatisfaction Mani fested Among Soldiers Wro Cling to Their Fighters Rather Than to TheirStatesmen EH Widow of Railroad Magnate Who Will Build University THINK Mexico City May General Por firio Diaz with his wife and children a number of men prominent in the fillcnadmlnistriition andofficials of The Mnxicrai railway have lt1t the city for Vera Crux The for mer president who resipecrirom of fice so recently is on his way to Eu rope The railway company provided a special train for the general mcL hi party Today General IMaz his wife and family and probably some of the retirtnK officials who accompanied him the steamship Ypiranga and sail immediately for Havana At Ha vana it is announced toere the party take passage and sail Cor Haa tamler Spain where it is said Jen eral Diaz will spend the rest oL days Madero Issues a Manifesto El Paso Tex May lranciscc l Madero issued a mantfesio renoimc lug tils title of president of the pro visional government and explaining the peaceterms reached between him self and the federals He expresses the utmost confidence in the good faith of Francisco DC la Barra while he holds the ofllce or tem porary of Mexico and says the Insurrocto troops arc at the dis posal of Do La Barra in restoring peace in Mexico explains that ho did not hold out for all that he and his party de ctorcd for at San Luis Potosi last No vomber when they demanded that all governors must be swept aside be cause ho had a chance to get peace by accepting one more thiin half tho govbrnorBbips ami he considered this since the resig nations oL iBiaz and Corralwere1 also promised and now elections arc to 1m hold Madero was asUccl if he would an nounce his caiKlidacy for the presi dency of Mexico and he said he would not that such a thing was not con sidered proper in his country out his friends would advance his name at tuo proper time There isan undercurrent of dissatis faction among the rebel army even that part of it in Juarez as is shown in a sent by the fight General Orozco and Colonel informing them that the faith of the men is in their military leaders and not In their provisional presdetut nor in DC La Barra The soldiers also suggest thaf it should be their right to select the presidential candi date at the coming ejection Effort is being made to restore tele graph and railroad communication south to Chihuahua anaMexico City so that Madero can go on to Menco Citv and join De La Barra in his work Madero has set no date for departing The legislature of Chihuahua has been summoned byMiguel Aluunada governor who will resign and present the name of Abrarn Gonzales pro visional governor for the position No trouble has been reported regarding installing of ihsurrecto governorsin other than Coahuila Thero iViadero ordered soldiersto take thecapital BeliefIs Widespread among United States Senators MIGHT FORESTALL AN INQUIRY Evidence Dug Up that Was Not Intro duced in First Investigation and Personnel of Senate Is Changed Considerably AVIATION RACEjrp VEDR1NE Frenchman Lands In Madnd Having Left Paris May 21 Ved rlne the French the Spanishcapltal tto first contestant to complete the third stage ofthe Paris to Madnd aviation race He covered the distance of 140 miles DenverMadiWand Burgos in two hours andfortyfive minutes Gilbert and Garros arestill stalled themountain fastnesses and it is not pi0babletliat theywillbe able to finish within thetime limit mm PLAYS FOUDELAY for Postponement of When McNamaras Must Plead GARIBALDI AND CSfiZCO Fighters to Whom Soldiers Cling Rather Than to Madero ILLINOIS FULL OFSTALEDRUGS TO FOUND GREAT D Finest Institution of Learning in World Projected Mrs E H Harriman Is to Build Unl versityon Pacific Coast as Monu ment to Husband Washington May Wil Jiam Lorimer of Illinois willtry to forestall a second investigation of the charges of corruption in connection with his election by rcsisning is tho belief that is now widespread among the United Statessenators Mr Lorimer isin Chicago lo ono in authority to speak for Mm is pre pared to say what We will do But there is a pretty well settledconvic tion in the senate that if the senator from Illinois submits his title to his seat in the senate to the second test of an investigation he will forfeit the The sentiment in favor of a reopen inc of the Lorimer case is now pracx unanimous It is predicted that there will not be a single votein oppositionlo ordering a secondin vestigation Senator Lorimers chances ot retiain in his seat are jeopardized notonly In tho new evidence that has turned factthatthe senate materially changed HERETIC HIS OWN Dr Wm D Grant inAssembly When Decision Is Announced WANTS TO LOOK UP STATUTES Two Prominent Los Angeles Attor neys Are Retained for Defense Grand Jury Resumes Hear ing Witnesses SUSPENDED FBDMSMNISTRY Must Remain Out ofPulplt Until Hi Renounces His Errors and Prom ises No Longer to Propagate Such Teachings up taut by the personnel has ters to New York May American says this morning that Mrs Edward II Harriman Americas richest worn an is to be the founder of a great university a glorious monument to the memory of her in the west It became known that Mrs Hum man casting about for some meansoil her great fortune in a way that would be of benefit to the people ofthe country had decided upon the establishment of an institution of learning as affording thebest medium for such disbursement jJer plans are not fully developed bui in a wntrtiye way she liasdecided to found a universitythat will be sec ond to none in the country in point of curriculum and endowment Millions as needed will DO supplied from the Harriman estate to make this the greatest educational enter prise in the world The institution will be called the Edward K Ham roan university Speculationas to the exact location ol the Harriman university favors southern California has not divulged her plans inthis re spect except to say that the institu tion will be on the Pacific coast IND1ANADOUBLE TRAGEDY since the former vote vindicating him talton It Is almost certain vote were taken today upon the was if a sub tin to Harvey Moon Kills Constable Cousin Near Clayton and MONON ROAD ISF1NED Had Kept Telegraph Operators Work Over Le0al Hours at Indianapolis May27Judgments have been rendered against tlie Monon railway byJudge Anderson in federaV court on com plaintof DistrictAttorney Charles Miller that the company in November and December 1909 and June 1910 had violated the law against telegraph operators on duty for more than nine hours consecu Thoitwo complaints against thecom pany charged violations of the law at MononDelphi Rensellaer and Sonth Hammond A penaltyof on the first Kiragraph1 of each action was imposed and a penaltyof each of the other offenses The Monon inits answer admitted that the charges were true Clayton Iml May27 Harvey Moon shot and killed Oliver Wilhoit a constable from Danville and thou went across fields about a ciuavter of a mile to tho home of George Buldock and shot Mrs Buldock who was stand ing Jn tho kitchen with her little five yearold daughter The bullet passed through the heart killing her instant ly Mr Buldock was Moons cousin Wilhoit had a writ of ejectment for Moon and was at the hitters homere moving tho furniturewhen Moon at tackedthe constable Moon obtained possession of Wilhoits revolver dur ing the scuffle and turned it on its owner firing three shots Air took effect Themotive for the crimes seems to have been the trouble on account of bad feeling aroused by a love affair of Bovoral years standing Moon was in love with Mrs Buldocks sister and his attentions were opposed by Mrs Buldock TMOMASTJRYAN is ILL Condition Following an Operation Is Considered Grave New York May Thomas For tune Ryan traction magnate is seri ously ill m Ins home No Fifth avenue this cit On last he and while it was said at his home he was doing record of the Lorimer case as mittedto the firstinvestigation tho senator would be ousted But the second investigation is cer make some of Senator Lori close friends and political man agers uncomfortable The Lorimer case was before the senate almost all day but it was no concluded Senator LaFollctto occu med most of the time in concluding a speech that occupied a part of three airs Mr LmPolletteadvocated aspe cal committee to investigate thei case He gave amend his otit the names of the committee h proposed and would ask to choos tlie members of the committee by bal Senator Bailey addressed the sen ate in favor of a reinvestgation Speakins for the senators who votei with him to validate thetitle of Sena atcr Lorimer to his seat Senator Ba ley declared that itwasbecause o the new evidence that he audhis con ferrees were ready to reopen the case Oithe record in the former case tlie stil believed Mr Lorhner wasentitle to his seat Senator Borah advocate the LaFollette resolution HUBBARD AFTER FACTS Wants to Know All About Special Committee Headed by Hadley May a resolu tionintroduced Representative Hobbardi of IowaPresident Tatt is re quested to furnish the house with all facts relating to the issuance of rail road stocksand bonds obtained bj the special committee appointed by the president upon the authorization of the SixtyFirst congress Arthur 1 Hadley president of was Atlantic City May Jon of any kind among the 000 com missioners m thePresbyterian geaer keptdown by careful Ullssiomry work ofthe leaders when the judicial cornmission made the ol icial annouriccraenitqfflndlns Dr WiO iam D Grant of Northumberland presbytery guilty of heresy Instead of the expectedstrife for days as fearedby themenat tie head ofaffairs prayerfulsilence ensued with tho adoptionofthe courts de cision which carriedrecommendatloii oC leniency andsuspension from the exercise of the office of the ministry until he malces remirctaition of his errorsand satlsnedhis own presby Los Angeles May 27Clarence Darrow made his first moveas chief Counsel for the defense of the McNa mara brothers charged with murder end participating in dynamiting plots vhen lieconferred with Judge Walter Bordwell regarding a postponement ot when the brothers will be re quired to plead Darrow toldJudge Bordwell that he desired to familiarize himself with the California statutes bearing on the crimes charged against tlie defendants before they plead June 1 had been set as the date for them toplead to the indictments re turned but Judge Bordwellwill pass upon an oral petition from the defense for timefor pleading Joseph Scott former president ot No Protection Tor People Says A Hanby lories MEDICINES NOT INSPECTED Factories Turning OutLarge Quantl tiesof Harmful Nostrums That Can Be Sold In the State Under Present Law IOV51J1L fcj the chamber of commerce and one 01 tro prominent attorneys of Los andLeCompte Davis also An a local bar geles prominent member of the were retained by thedefense as as sociate counsel Their entry into the case occasioned considerable surprise The defense has five attorneys tery that he would nolonger propagate such teachings Dr Grant wasin assembly and heaid his own fausv He over the unexpected heart broken decision Clarence Darrow Leo M Rappaport Tob Harriman nominated a few days aeo as Socialist nominee for mayor of Los Angeles Joseph Scott and Compte Davis When the grand Jury resumed session the corridor was filled Le its with police officers detectives and women called to testify Bert Conners one accused in connection with 0 1011 by American Press Association NFoiTPROSECUTION Wickersham Replies to Senator Pomerenes Resolution Answer Not Mean Necessarily That Standard Officials Will Not Be of the men the Hall of reversesthat given by the Northum berland presbytery some time ago Ho Icff Atlantic City for Philadelphia In an interviewho said isihallclearly stateldiy Tie own presbyterywhen theproper time comes just beginning to realize the terrible truth of thecom nvissions verdict There is noenmity in my heart for them Tbey dM their duty as they saw it the same as I have always triedto do in inimsenng to mv charge Myregret foithe painful affair is entirely sincere God and my friends are with me in their sym pathy the attempt to destroy Records was before the jury again DEFENSEATTACKS CRAWFORD Statt Pnnter putedinTmportant Particular Columbus 0 May 27In the Nye bribery case the defense introduced other witnesses toimpeach the char acter of B A Crawford state printer who declares that Nyc solicited a bribe of from him to support the Kimball gerrymander bill In a general way it may be the force of this impeachment testl mony was broken In one important particular how ever the evidencegiven by Crawford dissipated Crawford bad said Obtained Fraudulently from Illinois Farmer Iron Mining Proposition So Attrac tively Presented that Victim Sunk It chairman of the commission Mr Hubbard high time thai a report froto thecommission was submitted HOT WEATHER IN ST LOUIS One Death and Dozen Prostrations WhenHeafGoes to 99 WEATHER FOREGASTV wsinn to increasingcloudiness probably showers andcooler tomorrow moder ate Illinois Pair coatinueflwarm to day showers and cooler tonrorrownight moderato southerly Tliunderstorms and cooler today nicely it understood1 his condition is grave I Plans havo been made lor hisre from the summei lieat of this cltj to the cooler clime of England Minnesota Men Win at Tennis J Adams and j J Armstrong representing the TJni venitv of Minnesota tennis texia came to and brilliant match irom Ted Whitney 14 and Arthur Sueetber 13 Prison f ora iModel Youth HI May 27 TVtay who wus a model youth bv day and committed daatng burglaiies bj Anight was sen tern ed to the pena teptiaTr He vae convicted St Louis May By registering 94 degrees the thermometer in the povernment weather bureau recorded the hottest May day here inthe his tory ofrthe bureau whichwas estab lished in While the bureau ther mometer nearly above tho bheet level vas touching 94 the mer curyon the street level also agovern ment instrument inched 99 A dozen heat prostrations and onft devtli resulted from the heat Up to Fiidflj the rainfall for Alai has been 70 inches Unless there is more rain ii the remaining days Ma will set a new dr record since 1S3S Lawyen to Defend Holiday Greenfield Ind May 27 Holi day of Wilkinson has employed Utornejs to defend lolin Holiday w his vite wice while she was con a m this city m regard a suit for divorce Mrs Holi is expected to recover from her ounds to Green Donates Collection of Dallas Tex May 27 T3 K R Green son ot Jta Green ol York has donated to the Dal Tiis pnvate 6Uection books consistiBK of Iliteen St Louis May B Don aldson former clergyman and later a mine promoter was found guilty on a charge of obtaining to Mis souri under false pretensesby ajury in Judge Eugene McQulllins court and sentenced tothreeyears in penitentiary ivas charged with selling in the Mississippi Valley Iron and Furnacecompanyto James H Downs afarmerofAssumption 111 t beirg allegedthe land owned by re ironcompany was incumbered at the time tfiVtransactiontook place Downs said he sunlc 7S700 alto getherinDonaldteonsiron mining proposition The rest ofthe moneyhay ingbeen transferred in Illinois lie couldnot sueto recoverit in Missouri Tliereasonie was led to buy the stock Downstestified was because Donaldson had promisedto marryhis daughter Mrs Ora Belle He said Donaldson told him he T 35 mar ned but had arranged for a divorce m order to become the husband o MrsRidgely CONVICTMENACES GOVERNOR James on Parole Invades Resl dence of Michigan Executive Sault Ste WariP Mich May 27 residence of Governor Osborn was invaded Monday nlgW by James Athers a paroled conMct who threat ened he goveinor with violence in case he was not granted an absolute parnon The storv was made public today by tho arrest Of Others He became so insistent and It was uecessarj for the to use force In getting rid of him hat Representative Nyehad cometo office and finding him out had left his chief 115 demitv Crawford to Nichols testified that this but that DivNye and talked jn the latters Washington May Gen eral Wickersham replied to Senator Pomerenes resolution directinghim to report to the senate whether any action has been taken to prosecute criminally the officials Standard Hisreply says 3 No action has been taken to crim inaily prosecute any officers of tho Standard Oil company 2 No action ispending to the end that any officers ofthe Standard Oi company criminally prose cutcd Attorney GeneralWickersham ex Uvis does not meair necos sarilythatthe officers of theStand ardOil company are not to be prosc cuted for violations of the Shermar antitrust law Hesays it means taa he answers calegcricallytlie question asked in the resolution and nothing more Storm Ravages Durham N C Durham NC May cyclonic etorm struck Durliam wrecked the Vcnable Tobacco factoryblew down every trolley wire set onfire and de stroyedthe Chatham Hosiery corn knitting mills burned out half telephone system and wrecked street car The damage ex Washington May Is no protection for the people of Illinois from rraudulentand deleterious diugs and medicines so long asthey ire man ufactured and sold withinthe state accordingto A Hanby Jones the Illi nois food commissioner wbO is to con ererice here with federal and oilier state food authorities Patent medicine factories in Illinois make aud place on the market vast quantities of nostrumswaich aic not oaly harmful to the liealtU but swindle ntlic pretention of curesborne upon their labels says Mr Jones Yet so long as they arc uot shared out of the state they cannot be sup pressed under any Illinois law Only when they enter into interstate com merce are they liable to seizure ty0io federal government aaditbeumanu facturers made subject to prosecution and punishment next legislature ought to pass a law placing drugs and medicines un der the state foodact said Mr Jones There are hundreds otdaug stores in Illinois in which the drugs havo been onthe shelves from twenty to panys the see him was an error Crawford had office over the gerrymander bill There was no mention of money Nichols said but Dr had declared that if Adams county where Crawford llvea was to be takencare of in the bill bis own Pike county also should be cared every reeds Nolives were lost Minister Berteaux Burled Paris May With imposing cere monies such as France has not seen since the funeral of Min ister of War Henri Maurice Berteaux was buried General Francois Goiran accepted minister of war made vacant by death thirty years Suchdrugs are unfit for use There is absolutely no inspection of drugs KEEP DEATH A SECRET Zion City Citizens Ghouls WouldStealJames Curries Body WaukegariIliMaj tlvat Sboals woultfstcaltHc body and hold it for ransom ledfollowers of Wilbur Glenn Voliva at Zion City to conceal ilie factor the death of amillionaire James Currie Springs Tex for nearly aweek or until alburglar proof steel vault could beinstalled at tho Zion City cemetery Currie owned 45000 acres m and an expensive borne in Zion City where ho bad lived for the last two months with his wife and two children as a member of tlie Zion church He died Monday and beyond themere fllinsof adeatli certificate no informa tion of the death out till the body was buriedintlie steel vault GRIST OF NEW LAWS Governor Dcncen Affixes HIS Signs ture toSeveral Enactments Springfiela 111 May 273overnor Deneenhas signed the following bills Permittingthe paymentof a reward for the arrestofkidnapers appropri ating the pay of thepfflcers ployesof diegeneralassembly LYNCH OKLAHOMANEGROES Woman and Son Had Shot Officer Searching Their Home Okla May v27New9 was received here lynchingof NTS and her eighteenyeirflld sonat Okenwi Okla An armed battereddown thedoor oftlie county Jail bound and Vagged Jailer Lawrence Payne took the two negroes to theCanadian river x liiing them to a while seaachng theNelson home for some stolen The womanand her son were arrestedandconfessed that they had deliberately laid a plot to kill Loney RESULTS FOR THE FANS NATIONAL LEAGUE W L W Ii 2213 629St L 15 1C 2314 622 Gin1516 13 638 Brook13 23 20 15 Bos 92S RV Cincinnati10 2 OOO 9 Clarke Pct NT Phil Chi Pitts six bridge Two George weeks ago was EhdadSptaa WS Storrt I Chicagowas aXraraed by tho Penn ama Academy ot Ptoe Am the Ed mund prize Cor sculp NAB SEVEN GUN MEN Arrests Are in Connection with Chica go Labor War Murder Chicago May alleged gun men suspected by the police of being able to throw some light on the lulling of Butch Gentleman an al leged victim of Chicago s labor war taken into custody by detectives of the Central detail Inspector Hunt declared ho would put the men through a rigid crosseiamlnation The arrests came after four days or wonder on tie part ot the public aa to why activity of detectives was not be gan earlier Left EMUS W Va Mav report of of the estate of Senator S B Eiklns shows that the senator 025103 04 j Pittsburg Smith and and Brooklyn Boston Barger and tiamt 5 1 Curtis and iGra Wil jnetteParK district miners clinics insurance creating a building v v laws commission for thecommitteeexpenses eral assembly geologicalsurvey tlie state toryr ordinary normal th W normalanditief s the farmers Edwardsville Mstorical onument PHiladelphia 0010000203 6 4 9 3 10100102 Burns A3evander and Dooin mond Mattnev son Myers and Wilson AMERICAN LEAGUE Det Phil CM No games W LPct 29 9 763 N Y 17 16 19 15 559 16 22 531 529 IT 15 18 16 Wash 12 22 SL L 12 25 Col X C Mil AMERICAN ASSOCIATION W LPct 23 14 622 22 15 595 St 22 15 595 21 20 512 Tndi near his him One Jil tA i i hKsoiateetii At 5 At Louisville Louisville C Mil waukee I t At 1 City 6 At Indianapolis

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