Sunday, May 8, 1994

Kokomo Tribune

Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Page: 126

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Text Content of Page 126 of Kokomo Tribune on Sunday, May 8, 1994

Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - May 8, 1994, Kokomo, Indiana LYNN MINTON REPORTS FRESH VOICES Boys dont complain Ive been looking at all the stuff girls write to you about boys and usually its some complaint Why do boys do this Why do boys do that Blah blah blah Now think about this How many letters do you get where boys are complaining about girlsl Very few And what do we see around us If you see a guy and a girl together and the guy does one single solitary thing wrong the girl throws a temper tantrum as a show for the general public Not all the vast Boys do often make fun of the way a girl looks and they might even go so far as to call her a name But that is about it But if a guy has done something to irritate a girl the entire day she will be like Oh my God what a JERK How insensitive What a dork Etc And sometimes a girl will start crying for no apparent reason She will put her hands to her face and slowly walk over to her friends Then suddenly her friends start calling you a jerk Do you have any idea what is going on and what you possibly could have done No Some girls are very tough to negotiate with Once they have gotten themselves stuck to a point they hold onto it even if it is wrong This can get a guy angry at the girl I know all girls are not like this Its just that some of the things girls do really get many guys frustrated And since you rarely get mail from guys complaining about girls I thought it was time for a 14 Needham What teenagers ask their parents You recently had a column where teens said what they would like to ask their parents For example Are you glad you had me Do you still have a sex life Are you proud of me Heres what is really asked in my house Whens dinner Whats for dinner Can I borrow the car Can I have some money Can I stay out later Why do you get irritated when Im on the phone at 2 in the morning