Thursday, June 9, 1870

Kokomo Tribune

Location: Kokomo, Indiana

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Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - June 9, 1870, Kokomo, Indiana KOKOMO KOKOMO, INDIANA. TRIB'U NE. THURSDAY, JUNE'S. 1870. NO i-" AT KOKOMO. IND. OFFICK IN TJl I B U N E B1J11J3 ING, Ornrr Miilb ry'mul Hiilroad Streets. TiiH.ns or For Ouc Year in If Hot Pnld In Advance............... or One .npuco ofono week {I ;-'and '60 touts for cadi additional insertion fortlirea weeks. TTOHXJSY AT I, A ivn NOTARY ri'i.uc. W, Office over Howard Drug Store, KOKOMO, FND. I I I isch II SO S 200' 1 HOI) I US 5110 8 00 DO 5 00 A 00 8 00 10 00 11 00 12 00 2') 00 t A 00 (i 00 T 00 8 00 12 00 lo 00 23 00 00 00 7 00 a oo 10 00 15 00 13 00 JO 00 n 10 00 12 00 15 00 20 00 2J 00 ID 00 4 j 00 60 OOJ 1600 1800 2000 Helen tti lln Kxecllciicy, If'irernnr ru- be. Uin A.igmu.SU.. lion Jl. M asliingtun, I) C J ATTORNfiV AT A.Nfc CL1IU AOKhT, KOKOMO, INDIANA. 1000 0000 11000 Xtol. 1 c'jt. At tlio above rates, adrortiaauicnld must Uku thu run of llio piper. Fur elioico locations liiu'ier ralMS will charged. pur b'liuro furoaoli tu tliu jiarly ptiblixliinx :tivm--cr !tt_thu, rates nAinotl luLlv il ntlcnlion giipn to ColleclioiiH. unJ irnlof ami UuHnliansliii..- Alap prosecutes, siicct-Bsrully, all clinics ol L-laima agamat the Cloverumenl. over American KTITOJS (.Hico. iru j.ii'ulirtlieJ in iiows. MarriAges i.vtioii parties who roml a paid- for TuiuUSK m- urWd aa Haws whan the purtioa purl inJ parcol of faiinlioi who ilun't jvy for Ilia I'ribunu, uao dollar ir.uit aicoiupcnr Hit- nutke It will nut ba iniarlud. Comoiiinicatiom to proinulo pmalo interoHl p liJ forut tho retftilar ailroi tiding rates. Adrortlsouients, tliL- tuinibvr of inser- tions dejlrod IH roar It IM! nntho copy.uillbocnii lined until out, anil clmrgeil rites. Editorial nolicoi 15 con Is !ur I'uo. Hellions and Cilucsliomil application at tlio oflloc. may bt) for >1 lower raws. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, KOKOJIO. IN'D. Office OQiioaile Hniiie. .Vorlh-neit coruer Public .Sqii iro.. J w. Atloinoy ab Law nntl Nohuy Public. Kokomo, Tnd. Oflico North sido I'nblic K.iu.ire in the nllico onntrly occupied bj- nenaell. Will praclice in all the CoiirUof UIB Sl.ilo. Spe- Conneclud with tlio Tribiiiiu Olliiu it nom [otibiflif JepnrUnoiil. all aav, us lliere in in IhoSlnla. Puntori, Onrdi, Illanks, Circulate, can bd otocntoil spuodilir und bunuti- fullr. Kurthlaki.idof work (fASIl MUST AOCOMI'ANV ,YM. OKIiKKS. Ad.lri'si to TIIK TlimUNK. KOKOMO. IN1J. OFFICIAL DIRECTORY. anil jillontion tn collections mid AdmiiiHlratiir. Kxccutor nnil vul ol -if >s. RKUORDUK OK 1JOWA140 COUNTY, KOKOMO, nT Will urilc iinJ Murjgugt't.ti "if in Ro il Ilslato will liml _u to ,i tholr mlvnnlaco to cKllon inc. C. Let', o'lener talk of noUo Jitdj. A ml rarer of the bad ones, A ud about our Lippy J.vl, A n. 1 llio stJ onf Wi nerc iml made to fret and AnJ when cnerslreps tu it; hjppinesH n sUnJioj; br This lift; ii ntiat we il I.L-l'd finJ llio sunnj side of men. Orbs bolicveriio it; A light there iu to every soul Thai taken (lie pains lo nin il. Oh! there's a glunib'mig good in ill, And we pcrcliUDce may wnle ll, Our Imuda contain llio magic vtanii-- life in nliat we nuku it. Then litre's lotlioac nhoao Ini i Shed joy and lijjhl about them! TbanVa bo to Ilicm for counlK-na Viiineb.igocs, once :t lul tribe, now number in Wis- coiiiiii; 150 in iliunesotii; in Xohiaskn. in all, The Mcnomiiiecs, strong, arc liiMVisconsiiij where there arc Oncidab aud -100 Stockbridgcs. The y.'ici and another once strong tribe, nru located, S-l in Mis- souri, Gu-1 iu Kansas, ,unl in Io- wa. Of the Soiiiinoles, remain in i''loiidn, nnd 2.i03ate in (he Indian Ten! lory. The riicrokees, in Hie Indiait Ter- ritoiv, number which, with in Norlh Caiolinn, are nil tlwt renmin of that Iribc. The the Choclaws, and the Chickttsawa, are all in the same Territory. These pcoplr have adop- ted civilized lutbits, and are prosper- ous. The Dcla wares and Shawnees, I per rent ou Delinquent taxo.s, Liecnte, ftll SOUIPPS. Polls, Kines, Ifayot-'b docket. Gravel road tax on 220 760 soo The Committee also recommended a one per cent lnv on nil propoity for general purpohes and 10 renhon for gravel load purposcii and n to meet school bonds, if Reports eoiicuired in. noAiin HEALTH. This Hoard called Ihc of Council to lha privy back ot Dr. Wilson's property, rear of millinei shop, lo that on Ixnvih propetty, to S. S. Wilson's pig-pen, to I ho hog- pen on Rodkey'j to tho privy back of store, to nm- iiiug north, oust of Clinton, to the hog-pen in Hint alley, hog-prn back of Clinton a No lln: thcic, jnniune piles on Busby's and Jfavi- IJ'.H jiroperlv, privy on John Den- netl's property, oil kni'shalTs piop- ei 1) and (he two south ot it, ou Alfred Johnson's property, pi ivy on lot north of C'. Sharp's, two east of Walkqr's ou Main street, thai west' of Scott's stable, that north of LeaV mill, tlml ou Dr. Buck'o property, on Dinavics property, two junl south of Moore's woollen mill. Hcsides those, Iliis Hoard called st- tenlion to variousotlicr smaller mat- ters and Immediate nclloii dercd. The Board of report- ed no ohaugos, no onn having ap- peared to ask change. The following in dm :uuouiit of taxable properly in Ihe city: Porfconnl, 00 Ueal Estnte, asse Jiblea on Ihc picture, and Mark Twain addresticd them, saying: "Boys you will recite no lessons from the books to-day.' 1 willspareyou that drudgery. determined that you bhdll rneilou lesson ftomthispictuie.. "NowlVil- naid he, addrc.ssiiig the oldest nnd most inlelligontioy in tho claw, whnt ilo-'yottiiiulerstaiid by this allegorical The boy Williams eyed with a confident glare, and stickling Ins lingers through his hair proudly replied, "It's a great angel earn-in" not had access to the road list.) Of all this Hat, counting in the aggre gate some McDowell account- ed lo the Council for oxi.v sii DOL- not "about collected in aa staled by his His term of office continued until tho annual election in May, On the 22d of May the delinquent Commissioner ivas ordered by the Council to make his report and sot- tlemcut; the City Clerk notified him of this order. Again, on tho 15th of Juno, the Council ordered him to re- port; this time ha was notified by the City Marshal. McDowell fitif- ingto report and entirely disregard- I From till Ingenioui Intention. Tho eyes of one of tho. brethren at Cal vnrv Church were rcceull v closed The trick was done by a Dutchman. The brother had a house to rent. It was located opposite lo a grave- yard. The brother refused lo rent it to a person having children. As the Dutchman had no less than thirteen of these expensive blcasings, ho was' slight! sscd. Being himself two young saints with haloes ftrounS their heads up into the sky, without n Mark Twain sUiggcrecl back to .1 sent snd exclaimed sorrowfully and angrily "Williams, how could you Imvemnde such a mistake? Thai be- ing living toward Ihe mountain is the Angel of Destiny, and thodc arc two naughty boys who, for their bad eon- duet, are to be plunged into (lie cav- erns of tho binning mountain. And, Williams, instead of haloes Ihulr heads lhat which you sec ia hair standing up injiflriglitat their impen- ding And Williams'and the other boys said, "Oh? oh! Mark 1 wain iPtircd fiom (he Sundftj- school, and wcnl with some other innocents abiotd. The Antiquity of Man. Dr. Pnge, of Edinbitrg, recently delivered a lecture in the Uniiariah church, Glasgow, on Ihe subject of ihe-'Aitliquily of Man." Promising at Ihc outset of his lecture that he would den] willi his subject entirely from sccintiflc standpoint, he ic- m.itkod thai (here were tow sources of evidencerogaiding man'i- tinfiqnl-; monnnicti- tal, and geologicnl. The evidence supplied by Ihc liisl tliree, he con- tended, was unreliable. Tho lecturer Illustrated at loiiylh how thegeolc- gisl, cvnininiiirr pent mouses, sheil mounds, hike silU, river drifts, an 1 cnne earths, and Uudmg at certain deplhii nud in certain DRUG STORES. UAJtiVALL, SCOTTON CO., cuniUiitlv on h.imU a full stoc' Mlilu oCdicl'iiliHc Sii ICO-KZOJVCO, I3ST.D now reduced to u small nlliliutcd with Ihe Chprokecs. The Kicksipoos, and iindotlcs all reside in Kansns, and number, collectively, nbont '1'hc Oiiinhns, 1.020; Pit 2.- 308:, 228, 6ttoi> 410, reside in A'cbruskn: nnd the Qunpnws, Pc- oiiu-.. ApiicliL-s, and scvciitl mixed bunds of various tribes, all not ex- ceeding live in the Indian Ter- riloiy. The largest tiibos, not civil- in the Indian Tcrriloiy, are Ihc Ciiniiinchcs, Arnpulioes, Chcyciiucs, nud Wichilas, other Ar- iipjihoca live in iMontana. The Sioux arc variou slvdividccl; 970 Siintec Slonxnre in t'he Indiif 'I'olal, 00 -he Hog ordi usurp and another for atreol iniprovementa were pass- ed and appear in our advertising lhat he on (lie Obstetri- and Surgeons.' INDIANA. Drug Storo of ,v PJOfewlou to treatment of PSrOlDlSEASK3. 1 timt T1? of Mich and olhor ii Xo. 12, North sidu 1'nblic .Squaco, Knkomo, lnil., Mrtun- fflctnrcr Don lor in SaJJlea 'ami Huniesi. Iliorj-Uiinp in this lino crtii liail mj xliori on aatvaaoiinblo Iciinsnd nt nnv [wmt in this part ol'llie Slnto. Tri milling-, Kxecuted nontlv ami iiroinutlv. Kopairmp ilono to onlor. I.. It. Dcc.'JI. ISM. I11IJ.IS. HARDWARE. A- Wholesale Dealers In Territory, and 11 bands, nunibcrii arc in Dakota. Tho Assiii1- boines, number -l.MW thu Blackfe Nation, incliidiiijj the Bloods sit Picjjnns, Ihe Cros lies, i 700 Ariukarecs, Crows, 3.95 Ifciiinocks and Shoshoncs, Wyoming, in Idaho, and in fjlah. A number of small Iribi nuinboringfrom 100 to 500, nro sctji ,M.OWU toi od over JfontaiHi and Idaho. Tn Ules number in Utah, "1C111 Colorado, in Xcvada, and 500 in Xew In Mci ciialom- co, thcic are Xitvajoes (sen, Or 7.000 I'uebloo, and M.. Apaches. There Indians all quiet, nud tractable, ccpt the Apaches, niimbcring who arc always on the The Indians in California me ....i able and Thoie t Indians iu Oregon and kcPt in-jiiigton, who arc divided inlo sloie. ny tribes, of which the Shuslas, Hi-. docs, Snakes, Watcoes, Yakani The School iJouid, Messrs. S. G. Moore, A. II. Plongl-.o and E. F. White, reported ihc purchase of ground on which had been paid for n school housr In the 4th Ward, that they Imd advertised for bids and ilial the lowcsl responsible bid is thai Iho county lieftsuier has In his hnnde that there is to be provided to pay for house nnd grounds and they ask in view of seats snd apparatus that 1 be provided by (he Council. v JRcccivcd, put iiDon record and ic- Koscnthal, cast of Court lion il and will find out tlm true. Dwamiah, Colvilles and Molds j Ihc most numerous. The HARDWARE, CUTLERY, d-C 12S SOUTH SlERiniAN STRKKT, ISAAC ROLL, TUOMA3 V. KIVSLK JOHN B. SLK.S N. I INDFAXAPOLTS. 1XD. JONATHAN OOVA1T, LICENSED AUCTIONEER, Una liad many Icnil sales in psrt of tho county on "ill st- itblo Hoslilunco 7 ddrcss, Ivokomo. of tbocitv P. 0 wu. n. SMITH. Kokomo, l.ouilon S.11ITI1 .V HOLLOtTELL, AUCTIONEKBS. Will illeutl prouwtly to Public Silas where in Ibis or acljounnp counlios. Poit ad Jru-iM IW- any- Mrs.. A. OAVIS, DRESSMAKEE, liJiesof Koknmo thai slie ia nf phin fiiicy rooms on complete the F1'1 accmn- Thc Indian populfttion, buowilluw. the eountrt 'M yonrt ago, has uca! _ away. Xotwilhstnnding large additions received by out-Ac- quisition of Texas, New Mexico, Cal- ilbniiii.and Alaska, tho present Indi- an population docs not exceed that oflSla. This shows how rapidly these people are fading away. The decline of those (ribcs which have adopted the habits and custom? of life, niul Avho have become Christianized, is slow, but il is regu- lar ami certain. Tho wilder tribes, and those which are ulvllUcd, to tho extent of learning and practising the white man's vices, are wasting away verv rapidly. Many tribes, which, half a century ago, weic known by their strength and savage skill iu warfare, arc no longer recognized on the list of tribes, or exist only iu a few old f.iuiilies, which live on the national bounty. Leaving out the Alaska Indians, the whole number of able-bodied waniors, of all the ti ibcs, can hardly exceed To these must be added, however, in war, about half as many wo- men, who tight as dcsporntplyj us cruelly, as the men. Said one student to another, wham he caught swinging- a scyth? moat lustily in'a field "bC-Sfout, grass "Frank, what makes yon work fora living? A fellow with your talents nnd abilities should not be caught engaged in hard labor. I mean to sjotHiy living by my wits." "Well, Bill, vou can work'wHh'-dnHer tools than 1 was the reply. traces of say, invasion of .Great Britain, and still at greater depths evidences of the c.vistcnco of man, in the shape of lUjpuc inen and computing tho rate of the growth of the peat moss mounds, and the lake deposits, could show Hint Western Europe was inhabited by :i white race the same us our or six thousund yenrs But in the upper drifU ant! In tin; cnvc o.iilicr and older hsvc been found of a pic-cxisling race, aud even of a race pre-existing (Hut of the Mongolian nml i emcmbrring that in all probability the Western and Southern Asia, and the higher paito of Ethiopia, were inhabited long be- fore man appealed in Western Eu- rope, and having regard to the refci- cncos which could be safely drawn from ethnology, the slowness of the growth of language, of the distribu- tion of the race, niul of the progress of civilisation, they eonld tiaoe man's intiqnily lo a veiy remote period in- back ao me twenty or thirty thousand years. In Ihe lecturer urgucd that more extended ideas of space nnd time, suggested by astronomy aud geology, must necessarily lend to more exalted notions and higher con- ceptions of the God of time and space. ____ then directed the City Attorney to commence suit against him. In com- pliance with this direction a rom- phiint was jllcd In Iho Circuit Court charging McDow- ell with retaining in his possession bolon-jiug to the city. The caso wag docketed for tho apriug term, 1869, and was continued from timo to time until dismissed recently for the alleged reason that tho ofli'- cinl bond could not bo found, and by the advice of the dcfendmit's attor- ney, who is slso City Solicitor. This is tho "record which spcako." It speaks loudly of Democratic official corruption, and we mo aurpiiscd to find ovDit H partisan tVIend huso enough to attempt an apology for It. Republican. The Sabbath. The Christian Union (Henry Ward Uecclior'8 paper) answers in it's lead- er some queries on "Tho Sabbath Question." Wo quolo one paragraph The Sabbath Is not primarily a day of worship. It is a day or1 rest. It was so under the Jewish law. It is or should be so still. And of rost- days we have all too few in Ameri- ca. We ucod more holiday few- er; we work too much, iiol loo lit- tle. We need one day in seven is nol too lav aside our work, and to-east oil' our ciue. Tlio Blablc-keepor will (ell you that they would rut her close their doora ou Sunday than But man has liigh needs. All tlie week our life ll pulls us downward despite ourselves. Wo live in masquerade. Our tiuo cluir- nclors nro hidden. We know each other only in out eattlily relation- ships; as rich or poor, as "scholars or unlearned, us merchants, artisaiuyui- thors, editors, Inn-yois, doctors. need occasionally to lay oil1 our con- ventional disguises, to know each other as men, as tho sons of God, as we shall know each other on llio judgment day. need lo consid- er what shall be llio outcome ot our voystgo, lo stop long enough to take- observations, rcckou up our log, and make as it were it new We need to get out of tho dust, and racket, and confusion of this lowoi v nonplu a memberof the church, it" was im- possible for him to lie. As no church members ever yet lied, our Teutonic friend did ihc best came Quaker over the brother. When making application for the house, he look.with him his entire tribe of'ol- ive branches. Ho turned them oil nto tho grave-yard to play. He hen opened up a negotiation for the occupancy of (he premises. "You know tho VHi-y. "Yah, I knosvdcr termu.'' "And you're satisfied wiUi theia'f" "Satisfied? Yah." "You havo no bo u u< i UH i cnme as near lo a chuckle as to a sob) isli all over derc in dttt graveyard." The Dutchman nndiy pointed across etrcot. "Poor fahl the Calvary brother; "verv sorry for you. the Icnse, and here's "tho key." week Ihc CnlvMi-y btothtr called for his rent. lie found one youngster raring thro ugh the hall- way, with the cat hanichscd lo it fry- ing-pan, wlilln nnother drum- ming "Shoo Kly" oil tho bftiiiilsterit pair of poljito-masheis. Kan- cyhis feelings I XevijMper Sulei! Il luigbl save publishers and sub of newspapers some little trouble If the latter nerc uonverianl with the following rules relating to newspapers. 1. who do not prow notice to the contrary are considered aa wishing to continue their 2. If subicriberi order the dia- COntiuuAUce of thoir periodicals, the uuy continue lo send them until all are paid, 3. If subscribers auglucl or re- fuse lo Ulce Ihoir periodicals from tho W wlilcb they directed ther are hold reapousibla until they have Nettled their bill and ordered them 4. If subscribers move to olW places without Informing thu pnb- lithera, and Ibe poriodicaU aont to the former direction, llioy aro held rcapoudiblc. Them Good Cld Due. How I do long (oisro in ,t while) lor (hem good old Thorn daze whon there more I'll u in 'M cents tlmn tlnirn li now in 7 dollars and a half. Them when H man mnvrluil H) Ibs of wo'iiuu, and limn 9 lln (awl told) of cnnything else. How i dew loiig for thorn good old when cdcktislniii in what men did welf. Them whon dckoiid were as itustoroas hoss itiinistcrs preached to men's liisle-nl of their pockotf. Thorn whon polytickw was Ihe exception niul honesty "tho rool'O. Them when lap doigs and wet nurses vriint known, mill when brown bread nnd bnkcd gooso untdo a good dinner. i'heni when a itiiin who wmn't WHS watched, and when wim- men spun yarn (o nil stoc-ckingj. How i do long for Ihc good old when now oud then .t gal baby was called Jet-mini and a boy want spilt if he w.ts nnmotl Jcrrv-inior. And yc who linvi Iricd" the I'eth- ersand fuss, of life, Imvo the codlisli of we.tlth wilhont ituck under yurc cum beuoatli this tree and long for mi hour with me for the good old when men wero (o be focN and men wero afr.iitl lo be. Ilirts. N'. B. Thu used to m.tke milk punch In Ilioso dHys thai liiuiily Josh to' Cute p the odlc.e or'icmovintf and leaving them'uucmlled for, U primi fatot ideoce, of fl. Any who reeiiveji a UH of er Lai unlnreil il or not, held in law to bo life, up into the clear oxygen of a highoij purer atmosphere. Wo need to stand at tbo gate of heaven, and get a glimpse ot (lie eternal world, of the heavenly host, and oi' Him who stands in the midst ofMieni, mid who is the inspiration ofthcir songa. We need this day of rest and gladness; itia the best and most bacred legacy our fathers IMVC left tu, and ho who seelt, to take it from America is America's worst foe. It is not a bur- den, not a bondftgo its sanctity rents not on hiw it, ia ft day of liberty, of commemoration, of emancipation, and Use-Iran emancipator, and it is more truly and sacredly observed where il most partakes of the joyous freedom of the gospel, where 'it is kept, not because a law commands it, but becatiBC Ihe heait for H. TRICKY 10 YS. Tlie Aetna Mower, sold b Norton Son, haidware (let ifain street, is .1 beauty and.t ty. It is said to he just diet! MEDICAL NOTICE Health Giving Wine- Some time since Mi. A. S IMssaic, N. J., picscnlcd us bottle of his I3oil Ciane Wi our turn, e presented il to i who was in Iccblc lieallliJ giving the wine :i few tri1 friend assures us he derived benefits from iN use. We many invalidi in this tity :i Spcer's 1'oit Gr.ipe Wine same benciicial results. keep il. Drug rcw.ird is the proprietor of I Jr. Pi or Gol'lcn Medic il foi u medicine that will oi it C. C. .V.. mile and mile 45 .76 rods which at a amounts to A request for additional pay to the Deputy Marshal was t eferred. ACCOU.STS ALLOWr.D. J. F. Elliott, making tax list, W. A.Bceks, E. A. Moore, Assessing city, Browu evergreens in Cemetery, J. H. Wadman, boarding pris- J. A. James, 10 ilnya work at Cemetery, J. A. iu bonds Qonvavted at 1 per cent, J. A. Haggard, for as chairman of fire commit- tee gome years ago, Adjourned. 17.20 20.00 '5.00 The Congregation at a church Iu Mtsjison, Ga., were startled ou Sunday week by a colored man try- lug to cut bia throat with a jack-kuife. The would-be suicide iaid he was driveu to the act by the inordinate length of (he terinon. There are liquor and lieu- w- loons in 5T4w York city. Au Old Writer on "The Girli." In the present day, when women take no thought ot their dicss, uever complain of their condition, and al- together preserve such a modest re- tirement, it is pleasant not only to mark Ihe improvement which'has taken place in their habits, but also the increased system shown for their wrongs and sorrojvs, since Burton, In his "Anatomy of made the following unjustifiable horrible revelations: Why do they decorate themselves with' artificial flowers, the" various-colors of herbs, needlework of exquisite skill, quaint and perfume thoir persons, wear inestimable riches, riches in precious stoiios, crown themselves with gold and silver, use coronets and tiaras of various fashions, deck them- selves witJi pendants, bracelets, ear- rings, chains, girdles, pins, spangles, embroideries, shadows rib- ftdoee, versicolor, ribbando? Why do they make such glaring shows with their scarfs, feathers, fans, furs, masks, laces, Ufl'anlct-, ruffs, frills, calls, cufl's, damasks, velvets, lissets, cloth of tissue? Such seU ting up with flacks, straightening with whalebone, why in it but as stdav net catcheth larks, lo make young ones itoon under them. And when ther are disappointed tliey dissolve into leara, which they wipe away like sweat; weep wilh "one eve, laugh with the other, or as children weep and cry, they can do both together; audosmuch pity of a woman weepiug as a goose barefoot. One Week fram my Diaree- The Oldeit Several of ,6ur "exchanges claim that there ia residing lit their locality the oldest Mason in Indiana. If we are not mistaken the oldest Maaon in [udiana at this time, is Gen. N. D. Grover, of this city. General Gro- ver was made n Mason in December, 1S15, at a time.wlieii thv Stale of Indiana Terrlion'- He was made'a memberof Union Lodge No. 3, Madison, Gen. G. therefore, beeu a Maoou for fifty-live He is one of the throe living Maions who In the of tin; Grand Lodge of Indiana, fiflv- three years ago. At present Gen. 6. ia a member of Tiplou Lodge 5fo 23, of this City, and is now in Lh 73th year. He fair ,to live many more and Is among our most respect- ed citizens, having beeua reiidenl of this cit) Pharos. since f Mr. biolber of the landscape painter.tried 10 photograph a group of Cbiuameu iu Califoruii recently. He brought his to" bear, but soon as he tba cloth thsCeleatials fled in terror. ur Bii sitckera foz break- fast. Suckert) and passidges are the 2 luxuries ov life iho other limiry is easy boots. Awoke with a aploiidid hedake, caused by drinking loo much walor Ihe evening previously and go- iu to bed at nine o'clock precisely. Breakfasted on the butt end of a'eaa- sidge and fell like a dorg. Jlekollected of ask- ing a man In ifcseeory if beans was sure krop In his parts. He sed they wnz "az certain a icvolver." Itc- flekted on the danger of karrying conccrtlcd Itekollected agin ov bein in Xu Hampshire during a severe bno atorm, nnd innocentlv enough remarked that I never see cimy thing like it, and was told by one ov the barroom boarders that it wasn't nothin; he had licc.i it fall over a thousand foot. I, "a thousand feet on" a level sed he, "a thousand feet fiom on hi." I rellekted how it tor sum folks to lio stud tell 'the (ruth at the same time. Kekolckled once more ov bcin on lied river, in and seen a huge piece ov frame work by Iho side- ol Ihe road inquired ov a private citizen who was leading a blind mul by 1 ov his ears, whut the frame work mout be. lie sed it was a big fiddle, and Ink 3 yoke ov oxen lo draw Ihe bow, and they had to haw and gee to change the tune. Re- Heeled on that passage ov tho poet which -'man is fearfully atid won- derfully suid tliort the remark might apply lo fiddles in Arksimw without apiliug the remark. Friday. Visited my washwoman and blotved her up for sewing ruffles and luks on the bottom of my draw- ers. She was thunderstruck at riral, but explained the mystery by saying she had sent me, br mis'tak'e, a "pair that belonged to I blushed like bilcd lobsters, and told that she must be more keerful about such things, I might have been ruined for life. Writ this diaree for the week from mtinry, and I am oat 11 fled I've got a good1 niemcry. Reflected mpou the vanity of human, wishes, refleked how often I'd wished to be rich, and how leldom my withes bad been gratified. Resolvt'd in the lure upt to wish for eunything until had it 3 and sou how t liked it. A loving eouple thtt lived la a neighborhood called pre- cinct. Peoria county, were very anr- ious lo get married, bul they" eonld not fiuu a miuiiter who had been li- cepjcd, nor a Justice who had com- missioned to marry people.- They filially met with a justice who eon- eluded to set them agoing, and gave them the folio w.iug certifies It ''To the world, greeting Know ye that John Smyth and Peggy Myers are hereby certified to go together and do as old folks does anywhere in Coperas prtcincl, and when nTy'VfouV mission cowiei 1 am to marry 'em good, and daU'em bict to kiver mc- ddtnti." Thcie.ire two leaves that.11 e uisct- ly nlikc. Xo two faces arc similnr in .ippcarancc and expression Ofcouiso (hero arc bovs a- like. Itut then theie may be'made general divisions. It is our ob- ject now lo spcnk of tricky hoys. While everybody tho'honest, frank boy, evon he IIIHV be mischievous, for he Always tells Ihe truth and acknowledges whatever ho has done whether bad or good, Uic moat provoking and meanest of Alt persons or thiugs is a tricky boy. You can never depend on him. So oftet has he deceived you, thai, even if he lolls you tho truth, you arc apl to think il a t'nhehood.' He is the bo who skulks away from school am goes lo the r.icek. When )iin parent think he is at Sunday School he ii more likclj ill some mischief in aqni pail ot town or in tho Whatever ho do.cs in the way o work Is onlr half done, lie tiae to be watched all thu time or he Ie do- ing wrong. Send him, in a an errand unct just as likely ah uot, I he meets any other boyc of his kind he will go to play and forget the er- rand. He robs bird's nullfi green fruit, destroys the choicest llowors, rolls his trowscrs up to his cliews tobacco or smokes tells vulgar btoriffl and uso1 nasty language. Boys, if some of you bitre BIIJT of these hiibils, lop them otfntoncc. Don't be tricky. If you do wrong thing con foss il. It you Htfroc lo do a good thing or d pi oprr thing do it and do it, well. He frank, hon- est, industrious; lcnve oil' all bad habile, and then :tll good people will forgot your funks soon nud you grow up to be honored nnd good rneii. Junior. H. 0. a Honey Lender. It would be generally thought tliat Horace Greeloy, with all hia shrewd- ness, e.irly struggles and worldly ex pciiencc, would be one of Ihc most difficult men for irresponsible per- sons to borrow money of. Uiit (he very contrary is true. HU good- he.irtcdncss tmil indiiJereiioo to mat- ters rtiianciiil make him M cApitulsub jccl for swindlers. I doubt if (here is a profowonal monty-boriowcr in New York who doesn't owe Greeley Homethitig. Every beggar snd ad- venturer who gels below Fourleenth btreet gravitates lo the Tribune of- lice to see the editor-in-chief, and Hie vision Is rarelv had without to the journalist. _ Since the Tribune was nral estab- lished, ll. G. luis loaned, In Biiiall sums not leu lhan which nearly if iioUjiiilc one-third of all he la Jf I remember rightly, Greeley hag stated that out of the' hundreds of who have borrowed of him, not one has ever returned a loan. He to hare turned a new leaf of late, yet it ia impossible for him 'to keep his purse strings Sometime after he had formed rcFolulion to ceate lending, Coruell- via Vanderbilt, Jr., borrowed of him', and owes it to this, as he will to his dying York L'J- Itf. Ooiag to Hatch it. We do not know whether any bod) has or bus not printed the story which how u rcrlaln tfonlal btild-headcd gunllonmn, in Paris one day, went to tho Zoolojrlr- tiiutlciiH. The weslhflr WHK warm .tnd ho htiil ilown on tt bunch. Pres- ently ho fell iiblccp, and ho u us nroun- ed by a slrungo fecli'iiff of w.irmlh on (he hi-tiii. An Infitdmtod ohlrirh liiid coinu Hlong, nnd hN head for an t-gg. vtlllcil ilown with n detoniiliiiilion to hutch il, or nit (hero forever. Our friend yelled for help until keeper cm tie mid led mill ItWrtJ (O its Ait tlo'i't have a of sense, hut n rfl'lliitl kind would know boiler Ihan to etl with >nuther person ho is ub- iu nervous force. The ab- will go to sleep and rest nil night, while llto eliminator will be tumbling and tossing, and nervous, ami up in the mor- ning frclfal, poovish faulNlmlliig hntl discouraged. No two persons. no matter who uro, should ha- bitunlly Ibjjclhcr. One will t'onud n hi) osl Undeceptirenew of Mature. Nature never deceives Us. Tho i'ncks, (lie mountains, thy sirennis, always spcuk the MIIIIC lAiiguage, A bhowor of mow may hido the vet-, dsnt wood1, in Spilng; a thinulw. storm mny render the blue limpirt hlronms fonl-iiid liirhulenl; but 'cfU nro r.nv mid u few hours, of ;it moj.1 it few days, the, iiourees of beinily are renoVatctl. ml nHiure -id'onlx' not continued (rnlus of miHt'orliinc.s nnd miseries, such depend on i-oiiHlItulion of ImmaiiJ.iy; hopes forever blighted in the bud; no full ot life, beiuil) promlbi-, tiiki-n from us In Ihe prime of youth. Her fruits, are all balmy ami nwftel: of those blighted ones 10 "0111111011 In the HiV of mnn, nnd .10 like Iho faldwl apple, of (lie Ih-nd .Sr-a, iVesh und beitudftil to (he sight, when tasted, full of bliternessiind 30, Miss Anna Dick- one uccublorj, stepping and n thrill woman rol- One evening, President Lincoln, when weary after the many duties of day, was called to the reeep- liou room lo tee Mr. Speed, then At- torney General. The latter had called lo introduce a, friend and weary look of the at once began to apologize for uptitiff him. ''I am very ifr. sorry, Mr. dent, to disturb you." 'lie repljexl, "you remind tne of SL story of Henry Ward Beecher. One Sun- as he was goiug lo jireaeh he saw some- boys playinu marble ou the ilreeL He stopped and looked at them hard. he said (fm i tcart why in don't you mn'f' auswer- ed the boys. If you arc did yon come 'f suid illBCIII, UH forward lo the footlights and ti'HumtiHiMHg a lectori! frith a lotly flight, of '-Why T' p.iusetl, luMea of tht Iftl uTer queiliou, "Why was I Aud again alie paused, that ilnu might be made her liuarvra, bufure ahu an- ovui '-Why was I liwMiV" a-jkud once more, IN lorn-Ling ami uluiott paiiiful au- when a wivked boy in thegal- sliwnlud, "I gire il up HIT. Uoberl Itobinaon, once a of Whilellolil, the an. faroriiu hyinn com mencing, -Cuing Tliuu Fount uf It wai) wiilteu iu hit uarty life. A.-lerwardi lie beCiiue irreligious and ll U Ihnl ono tlay, while in a Uily, Hot knowing who he was culled altcHtiuti lu lliii hymn In book ah A wan leading, lie uuduavoied lu cunversmion When reverted lu tlictsuhjeot lie burst into tears, ami naiil, "Mailatn! I am the unhappy ttian who wrote that hymn and I would givua llionstind wos-lds te onjor lOisllnifi I tliuu had." A reporter In Boston, Investiga- ting for his renders how "the other hull" of the world lives, found the followingcitsein H IciiiMiiciil house occupied by the laboring poor: Ai! old, but decent looking wo- IIIHH daid she supported herself and Iwo children of a dcceaitcd nihtcr bv making She ed by the children and another wo- mun in this employment, MIU! the four combined were able to earn per Wceittu per day each. This amount fed ami clothed them, and paid Ihe rent of their two roonn, Alter pay- ing rent, they have wecklv about to food, clothing, fuel, light and other neceisury ai licles, for four persona. Sumepeople will tind thi. following (Joiiuuilnmi: "Why dot-x Prof, llotikiiih hair- lo loach Ih'u boys Hi'ciuiHii ho hear them talk about niulllplylng Itttiliwla." Mr. Hopkins N n Van- clidntonn Km Dumoniitlc ilckr-l, for Ihcolllcc Pnli- lie limtiiictlun. Do J-QII sou Iho point to tho Junior. "1 beseech of noi (o go lo thN Hiiiil u (pinker huly to hrr son, .'in "Dm I do lo lljfhl, inollicr; am going as a medicid mtin aurolv llioro ii no hitrm In "Wi'lf, replied the old ludy, with u braining look of love loyally In her Iheii, If ll muHt bo so; ami If (hoc Ilinh Ihnl thi-o killfjinore Ihani Ilicc cures I ndvlso Ilioologo ovortothc rcbelK." Gyprlau Ukea In hand the missed of his third t-eiTtu'- a 3 Are you not afmld thai when you from the dead your Maker will tot know you'( and that he will sliul vou out of heaven with this strouyrc- kfc: "You are uoue of iny work; you hive riot inv linage you have stained your stin with iKlglfytii" Irugs your iiair IB adulterated H-ith lye; your face ia dltfguieed .with 'ajithood your figure is transform- d your looV it rAritngt; you have inhaled the red-colored eyfes of the old and having; been decked out bv your enemy, you burn him." l''or drinking gin mill; in a bar-room on the Sitbbnth day In company with Iwo newspaper re- porters and ncglcoling to itHk a sing over Hit-, cefreshmenl, the United 1'reshytcry Ibiinit Itcv. (.'hurlesH. Smytli, of the Klevcntli slrcct Presbytcrlnn guilt v, and bcnlcnvcd him lo be rcnnkntl. The revei-ftitd sinner matle a of his guilt, jironiiHCil to "walk ciiciiinspeutly in (hi) and received (he censure from Ihc lipsofltev. Kr. Harper with bowed lie.'ul and penitent mien. A follow whose countenance Vav homely enough to scare the 'old was giving home extra llourlKhcii in H public house, where ho waft etl bv a Yankee, who askod him "Didn't you full inlo it brook wliPii you was "What tlo you mean, yon imperil- nenl didii'l menu nolhiii', only you have such mi all llred crooked inoudi, I thought us how you liill'd In thc'biook when you was a boy, and your mollirr hung von by Ihe mouth to In a ccrlain parish in Now Kng- land, in old woiunn WHH accustomed lo entertain Die ministcra preaching in the place. One day H minister at (he door lo be provided for. The good wo- man hesitated and Deemed not to take him In. Sit id the minis- ter, "You mutt reiiicnibcr the Scrip- tures, 'He not forgetful to entertain HlrHiigerfi; for (hereby sonic have dii- tcrlaiiiL'd ungelh "You need not say wiu the rnply, "for no nngel would over come to with a quid of tobacco in big mouHi." A cr.'ib-hciided boy having been brought before thu court as a wli- new, the following colloquy entiled: "Where do you n.iid the Judge. "Live with my mother." your mollirr "Shclifcswlili fiither." he live 'f "He lives with the old folks.'' "Where do tlie> "They live Ml lib "H'hero iu Ituindcr is their ,roared the Judge. where I'm' said the boy, bin tongue in a'corner of his check, and iloA-ly rlosing one eye on Hie Judge. the wilncbs out and led him lo he evidently not nn- dcrstuud thu iit'tui the Judge. "YonVi think the boy, going toward llic door, "If I was lo give )ou a once." Two left their country hbiiie (o their forlunex in the city.' "I nIm11 see luck will Ao for faaid one, "I xhall nee what labor can do for said the other. the better lo depeficT'itp.-. on, luck or labor'( Let us A, Luck in always v.'nfling for xpme- to'tum up. Txibor will lum up JL old MaasachuaetU deceased, was once e til led u question opoir points of perUtoiug to his denomination. A'iHi a. great deal of his -'Don't tell uie I'm nistakcn. I kuowall akoutCongre- for myson baa taken the Globe, for A traveler.who denutndftd bUiruuk at the Baltimore depot before all oth- ers, aud vrat told by the Irish bag- thai, be must wait "uru, turned utwn Ihe -DIOK- tr with, "You'ni an linpudcut which he of (ranks replied "An' th, ye are a uioulcey, and It's a. great thai, when wt two neve made ina'de ao lllipluuif, o.tluil ye could bare blasted U-niik under yer now all time." Luck abed wishing. Jjitbor jumps up aiisix o'clock, aud with busy pen or ringing hamin'er, lays the fouiida'llon of a.cowpetence. Luck whines; labor Luck relief on labor on thunder. _, Luck ilides dowu to Indolence. Which lively lo do most for you, A puU an to the con- vt-xi'y of the earth was lately by on' canal In Englaiid, Hli'ivc the water, at the Imir w.'iy and tten; ing frouj lo it fouud iliatllie cinter peured (if 6 fek' higher" thai either end wiog r exteot'outhe on a ipace

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