Monday, December 24, 1894

Kokomo Daily Tribune

Location: Kokomo, Indiana

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Kokomo Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - December 24, 1894, Kokomo, Indiana THE KOKOMO ILY TWELFTH MONDAY DECEMBER PRICE TWO CENTS Be Merry and ber that good Clothing is a neverto beforgotten Our Suit will help to make Do not wear the garments of the by gone but modernize your manly form by introducing it to our AN What a present for your Let us show you the inexpensive articles appropriate for holiday Lei your dollars laugh to learn our price We clothe the boys to please the olc and the comfort the body and please the sight CLOTHING SHOE H Main RACE m KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly The many who live bet ter than others and enjoy ife with less by more promptly adapting the worlds best products to the needs of physical will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the Syrup of Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleas ant to the the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax ative effectually cleansing the dispelling headaches and fevers and permanently curing It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical because it acts on the Kid Liver and Bowels without weak ening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug gists in 50c and but it is man ufactured by the California Fig Syrup whose name is printed on every also the Syrup of and being well you will not accept any substitute if Armed of Whites and Blacks FactKucli HOWnTHIC DISEASESOF WOMEN AND CHILDREN A Office and residence 100 North Main Hours 10 to 12 1 to 3 p Sundays 4 to 6 dec 1m 1 dw MONEY TO Loans procured on moat favorable Privilege of partial We will take pleasure In answering ELLIOTT Southeast corner Public over Dar dw AND iwi o M F Y iTo Honey loaned wanting safe Invest Good Extensive experi Best of Room 1 Kennedy yl KOOMS WILSON of Hartfird of New York of London Paul 4 of ol A It is now eleven years since throat and spectacle began making regular visits to during which time he has permanently cured thousands of chronic cases from the severe to the most diffi aud successfully performed hundred of important and critical op erations for Cross Closure of Tear of the Ears and with a success that commends him to the fullest confidence of his He treats all medical and and prei gl especially for those difficult to tit with a to the best specialist in the United Charges for treatment great ly There can be no higher recognition of Huntsingerg ability than the fact that he is uoiy aud has been for several years a regularly commis sioned expert examining surgeon for the Pension Department for the Throat and the scien tific examination of the Eyes in ref erence to defective vision requiring Uuntfungcrs spectacles are the most comfortable and per fect sightgiving glasses Glass es made to special order to fit the eyes and face without extra Eyes tested free at Kirkpatricks of December 13 and At Rusniaville January Look for this ad every other DO YOU EXPECT To Become a Mother If then permit us to say that Pierces Favorite Prescrip tion is a tnie Mothers FOR IT MAKES Easy by preparing the system for parturi thus assisting Nature and shortening The painful ordeal of childbirth is robbed of its and the dangers thereof greatly to both motherand The penod of confinement is also greatly the mother strengthened and built and an abundant secretion of nourishment for the child Send 10 cents foralarge Book 168 giving all WORLDS DISPENSARY MEDICAL 663 Main PAINLESS FRED of says I read about Pierces Fa vorite Prescription being so good for a wo man so I got two bottles last and De cember I3th I had a twelve pound baby When I was confined was not sick in any I did not suffer any and when the child was born I walk ed into another room and went to I keep your Extract of SmartWeed on hand all the It was very cold weather and our room was very cold but I did not take any and never had any afterpain or any other It was all due to God and Pierces Fa vorite Prescription and Compound Extract of This is the eighth living child and the largest of them I suf fered everything that flesh could suffer with the other I always had a doctor and then he could not help me very but this tinle my mother and my husband were alone with My baby was only seven days old I got up and dressed and left my room and stayed up all IVORY 60AP SEVEN NEGROES NOW Conspiracy Said to to Kill White Legal Intel Terence With the Keen tive Are Irgiiig Cennatlon of seven negroes dead and an armed mob of whites and blacks in near proximity to each the outlook for a race war id this county is startling in its certain The excitement is the result of the murder of Joseph one of the most substantial farmers of Brooks Seven negroes lives wore taken yes terday aud hist night to pay the penalty aud this seems to be only the beginning of the An Associated Press corre spondent visited the scene of action and found a posse of UOO covering a space of about five The largest crowd was congregated a mile and a half from Isoms consisting of 100 armed to the teeth and about half a mile further on there was a mob of uegr es about the same armed vvith Winchester clubs aud everything else conceivable waiting for the white mob to come onto Connpiracy to Kill White It has been discovered that a number of negroes had conspired to kill every mau that was in the posse that arrested Jerry Jeffreth for the killing of a few weeks and thatthe killing of Isom was the commence ment to carry out this awful What the outcome of this will be in the next 24 hours cannot be M o action has been taken to stop the mobs so Captain fatherinlaw of is doing all iu his power to prevent further trouble and is sending all over tlie country for conservative men to come and assist him in prevail ing on the mob to cease ATTEMPTED A Georeia Mob to Take a Negro Murderer From Will iam speaker of the Georgia and Judge William Eve of the county court have finished addresses t a mob of 300 citizens that are gathera around the county jail with the iiiten tion of lynching Jake It is believed that better counsel has pre vailed and there will be no assault on the Saturday night Wiggins killed a negro named Audersou Williams across the river in A posse o police surrounded his house in the uppe part of Augusta and broke in the door Wiggins opened fire on the officers wit one iu each Detective Joe Murray was shot in the head and is dy ing at the Policeman Stringe was also shot in the head and can prob ablv not Policeman Wren was shot iu the John a spec was shot in the region of the heart and died in less than an The negro but a little later was At 9 oclock the crowd at the jail had increased to There is no leader and it is not thought that any attempt will be made to enter the The sheriff and mayor vow that there shall be no lynching in Rail by French band of headed by Jim French aud Cherokee made a raid Saturday night on the town of about 25 miles north of here on the Kansas and Arkansas valley Station Agent stepping out on the platform of the found him self covered with four He was marched through the and compelled to open tho The robbers got about After getting the con tents of the safe they marched the agent mounted and rode It was feared they would rob the passen ger which was but it pulled in Awaiting Arrest For Stone is at his home awaiting arrest upon a charge of having murdered two defenseless women in He says he is He was lately employed in Buffalo and explains his presence in Jamestown on the night of the murder by saying that the train on which he was euroute to Chicago stopped at that city and he was obliged to wait several hours for another Stone at once surrendered and Chicago police in formed him that they were awaiting in structions by pending which he was BEST FOR THE PROCTER GAMBLE CINTL To Those Afflicted With Diseased Eyes Do not wait and suRer with Come and have them My treatment la I do not use blue Htone or as other occullsts do regard less of pain or afUr Treat all Dis eases of the Eye with mild and have been successful where many eminent occullsts have and In no case have In jured an I have treated the Eye with urequalled success In Indlanaand Illlnos for forty I can cure any cura ble case Diseased Eyes in a remarkably short time remove granulations in two also Scums and without pain to the Children can be cured without pain or I am prepared to care for all my old or blind or In my own day and I will give you satisfactory guarantee by way of trial or personal All letters promptly Examination and consultation Office and CANFIE1 Ml Main DmSdw HOYTS FIRE IN A hlMrru Iturneil During t lie Absence of fire occurred ast night iu the iiutocrupUHl by Charles Both Cornwall aud lus ife was away from their home at the three Ihildivu being left sonic unaccountable way the fire the first intimation of it being ivhen Jane Hiuistnif an elderly woman living across the hall heard the Children She opened the oor of the Cornwall flat and smoke oiled almost smothering She saw a smoking bundle on the floor and it proved to be one of the little Peking it she ran screaming to the Cornwall was returning rorn the grocery store saw ler neighbor with tlie burning iumediately behind Hausen was an older her clothes in Cornwall grabbed the aby from the woman and ran down the Some one on the street threw j coat around the child and extinguished ihe Aboutr a block away the crazed mother was stopped with the in its clothes still smoking and both were badly No one knew that another child was but after the ire was extinguished the charred re mains were Ciop Failures Cause Omit Institution STOLE THE POOR TESTIMONIALS Fulton The Medicine Dear would say to you that I have suffered with Piles for 12 and afterhav 1 of Pile Remedies Ing tried almost all kind without any I was Induced to try your valuable Pile and found to my satisfac tion before 1 had used one tube I was nearly I can heartily recommend it to any one suffering with Yours very dw Fight Over a Curd fatally shot Clark during a dispute about a dollar in a card game last The negro was shot five receiving two balls in the left one in the right one in the hip and one in the left thigh James also took a liauc in the melee and stabbed Cornell twice in the Frederick aud Lovejoy es Was It Retribution Me Dowell county Charles Buffalo was shoi and killed by a prominen coal Three years ago Bnffali killed an Englishman within a few yardi of the spot where he met his death yes Hotel SAN Hot Sulphur Wells hotel and natatorinn near this was destroyed by tire yes Several guests had narrow es capes and none saved any of their per sonal Loss Kicked to Nozeck waa kicked to death last night by flv drunken No Frauds IJueartlied by Commit tee In Sioux Sioux citi zens committee investigating county boodliug has made another sensational The committe has been working on warrants of aud finds forgeries by in war rants having been fraudulently Even the poor fund was shamefully There are about 75 forgeries in ranging from to They have been brought to light by the most careful examination aud will be easily tlie committees counsel Vtteil a of a fatal affray come from Cherokee Thomas it is had been discussing the character of Green Brooks too Brooks and armed with started to call upon The latter had a double barreled shotgun and fired on Green Brooks received a wound which caused The son is probably fa tally All are prominent Train Robber Charles train has been sentenced to 10 years in the Jones and throe other men held up a Northern Pacific train at Grey in eastern Montana in The other three were killed in the chase for their Jones was once sentenced to be Cut a Police viciously assaulted Police Officer James Crumley who was arresting The officer was horribly slashed with a knife across the face and one cut miss ing the jugular vein by a hails Fortyeight stitches were required to sew up the Crumley will re Rose was Old Soldier Dies a of the military was ilaced on the cars in this city by two un known women and became so ill before IB reached his destination that the am inlauce was called aud he died before ic could get to the It was snp Hsed to be a case of but an autopsy by the coroner revealed the fact hat the death was from heart Arrented For arrested here on a telegram from the iurt Dexter company of New has xpressed his willingness to return there without extradition Jacob sou admits he is the man but lenies he took of the companys money as Operahoutte village of Watsoiitown was visited by a fire yesterday which seriously threatened the entire As it it de stroyed the four a large livery Fausts general store and many out The loss is estimated at upon which there is A Canadian new gas well recently sunk here was tested Its pressure was found to be 440 pounds to the square notwith standing a large leak on account of im perfect capping of the Its daily capacity will be several million cubic DeathBed chief clerk of the Joliet and Eastern died at the Wellington hotel yesterday afternoon of aneurism of the A particularly sad feature of the demise was the deathbed marriage of the deceased to Miss Ollie Hopewell of Gold and Silver SAN bien nial report of the state mineralogists shows that the the gold product is largely from the quartz The gold product of 1893 was and the silver making a total of MANY PERSONS BAREFOOTED Clothing la So Scant That Should the Weather Turn Cold Many Will Freeze to One Stream of Water In Perklim anil Two Children Found Dead In a suf fering among the inhabitants of the droughtblasted part of in cluding threefourths of the residents of five is becoming more intense and immediate steps alone can prevent many deaths by Many families have not enough provis ions in their homos for one weeks sus and no money to purchase the necessities of merchants having carried them to the full extent of their The sufferers cannot obtain em and should the weather turn very cold many will freeze to as it is a fact that many are barefooted and have scarcely sufficient clothing to cover their Children Almost The marshal of this place 12 miles from children without and their pantaloons were so ragged they scarcely covered their A mother and her two children were found dead in their little cabin this It is supposed the mother had been confined to her bed by sickness and she aud her little ones had starved to The stomachs of the children were opened and not a trace of food could be There is not a stream of water in Pur kins county nor a living Wells run from ift to 200 the majority be ing 150 to 200 feet The if raises good crops if it bakes into a solid The road and much of the prairies resemble so hard packed and smooth are Well diggers say that the soil is a solid mass 150 tVet so hard that picks have to be used to loosen Over this smooth surface the never ceasing winds blow from every They an filled with minute sand particles and are almost BURGLARS Drink by fkiie of the Ganff Betrayed ring leaders iu the gang of masked burglars who a ago beat and bound and at the point of torture secured tlie which David and Sarah Slocmii had laid up for a rainy have leen They are Frank a farmer living within two miles from the scene of the robbery Ralph Vauasler anil Jeremiah The conspiracy seems to have been put up by Anderson and Jasey in the Anderson was there on a sentence for larceny and met who was in for some minor of Anderson knew about Slocums also that he had called in his In less than two weeks after the pair were out of jail with four met at the Anderson rendezvous uid carried out one of the most daring iind successful burglaries in the history of crime in this Caseys fond ness for his cups looscnud his lisarmed his secrotivoncss anil gave the clew which resulted in the rapture of the HORRIBLE Wife Shut by Bazar The bazar owned by who carried a stock of dry was almost totally ruined by fire and water last and the Mur phy OShaughnessey in which it was is badly Broke Through the An derson and Andrew while skating on the lake broke through the ice and were CARRIAGE WITHOUT An Electric Carriage on the Streets ol Kansas City Causes KANSAS horseless carriage went skimming along the smooth asphalt of Fourteenth in the vicinity of Cherry street filling Mother Shiptous prophecy thai Carriages without horses shall and terrifying negroes who saw sparks and apparently sulphurous flames issu ing from under The vehicle was electric carriage of Kansas City inven tion and manufacture and is the only one in the United Tlie machin worked A speed of 11 miles an hour was The carriage was about the size of ai ordinary One seat holding three persons faces the front and an other one that will accommodate a simi lar number faces the The carriage can make short The stor age batteries will run the uuichiiu about seven or eight The car riage weighs about Negro NEW George a desperate was lynched at the slaughterhouse lelow this city last He had a difficulty with some and sayng he would not be went off and got a shotgun aud a bag of Constable Gurr came up aud tried to arrest him and the negro escaped to a burn from which he fired into the crowd which wound ing the constable and half a dozen oth The barn was burned aud the negro forced into the open where he was shot and then dragged to a tree and Murdered For Two Dug Henderson and Frank Jeffrey were ar rested last night at charged with the murder of James They both confessed to having committed the crime and are now lodged in jail at Towle was on his way to a village eight miles south of this where he intended to spend the holidays with his He had only about on his House Klowii Jp With small vacant cottage in Springwell owned by Charles was blown tip with dynamite and almost completely de Frost resides in a house ad All the windows iu his house were shattered by the concussion and the pictures and other movables were thrown to the James Loy and Charles Browning have been arrested charged charged with the Two Indiana wife and 6yearold son of Yrellow asub chief of the were found in an iso lated spot Wednesday terrible When last seen they were being fol lowed by John a graduate of the Carlisle and Thunder a lieutenant of Lance was arrested and tells a story implicating himself and Thunder il Two Children Drunken VAMIII most horrible tragedy evor perpetrated in this city occurred resulting in the death of two if not throe George Frodorick a laborer in the employ of the Canadian Pacific rail has boon a resident here for til past two years living with his wife and five For some time past ho has been drinking He returned home lato Satuiilay night and going up stairs he woke his tolling her that her end had and before she was half awake he shot her in the Then the little 3yearold Violetwas killed in a similar Nineyear old Mildred was also The two boys wen awakened by the shooting anil living the alarm to the Tho tiend then ran into the street anil throw himself in front of a but tho mntorman pulled up time to reone turning him over to the Supported coroner is investigating a case that is likely to de volop into a An unknown man was found beside the Lake Shore rail road trade it the foot of Case avenue Saturday night with a hole in his heaf which apiviirs to have boon made with a coupling pin or a There is iioth ing about tho man which would disclose his Murderer MofNT Foster was arrested here Saturday charged with the murder of Arthur L The prisoner has been taken to Taylorvillo and placed in He had Binnions clothes on when arrested Foster i also believed to be the uiur deror of Henry who was fount near Mmi body found north of this city lias been identi lied as that of James of Harris Tho circumstances indicat that two men participated in the crime It is supposed the imin had about 01 his person when A man ha been arrested on Killr tho was killed a Function City last night by Town Mar shal Rowsry wus tho last of athor and sven all of whom die with their Imots Shot a aged being out of work and crawled into the attic at and shot hinuelf Notoriout Thief Robert alias James a uotori ovs has escaped from the county jail The discovery was not made for several OConnor is wel known to officers in large cities as a clever allround thief aud has done service at Jodet and No clew to the prisoner has beeu Killed a Drunken Wit shot and killed Tom Pnckett in drunken row a few miles west of here last The murder was the resul Of an old Pncketts body ha four in one piercing his heart ordt boon received from General Mai iger Dickinson of tho Union Pacific t close the shops in this city indefinite at the ond of tho About HO me will be employed Kobbcil an Old Frida ivening Patrick SO years ol near this was assaulted an Ho hit Iteward For LAKE cit council offers a reward of for eac burglar convicted of entering a house This action anil an addition to the police force have stopped depreda Temperature Ticket a special election hold here Saturday the entire temperance ticket was showers in north ern south Highest of all in Ieavening Power Latest U Govt Report Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURB POLICEMAN IBHhi INDIANA i loli of Miii and Hoys Make It Lively For llie crushed in i A I and Kimleilriim diami TWO ARRESTS WERE A hmli catfd at William Hutloii diifl linmr MIMI Wiis by M t Khiii Kiitukliiti luiil ui r in rvijniro am orui itant fur In bv Knnle Murderer ton if th Appointed anil Iteatii UK AUrajat iilt An Iltrtrli railway To run frmn I i wood to Indianapolis hctii votid a bidy uf liy 1Uasant son was unfiict between tlie police and a mob several hundred boys anii men Christian hill ytsterday afternoon vhich came very near resulting serioiis A prisoner was Uikiii from Patrol iian Johnson by tile crowd and the ofii was thrown kicked and who had a ringer vhile trying to drive back and atrolman Newt who arrived was struck in Hut two rrests hav binit but mopwill After tinlight was over ami peace lad been nsrortd Thomas Kane an William Burden were Til ormer was slated for re sisting an officer and assault and hat and tinlafttr for interfering with an SEVKN NEW CURRENCY f An VKAKS IN A Hnrpthicf Is SistrEiglit Age anil OO CHIIWN illet lias sentenced Charles an old to seven years in tlie He says that his home is at where he lias a aud that he has followed horse stealing for 40 He worked northern Indi western Illinois and Fourteen horses recently stolen have been found and He is years old and rather He re sembles an honest a role he has successfully played for many From statements made by himself it is believed he has stolen at least 2011 He had previously served oue year in Illinois HankT n MeaMU rv With New cashier of tlie Xatiuial State bank of this a member of the ex ecutive committe of the Illinois State Bankers iias formulated a currency scheme which Inbelieves is superior to the Baltimore plan and which has received the indorsement of a number of able financiers in the Illi uois State Bankers His i plan is as follows Hiiiin fiindinic and treasury bv ininir worth per rent bonds fur banking j Allow to inrriney to the par value iif tliti tax on their Allow banks with unimpaired capital to issue an additional Ju per cent of circu lation secnred bv their Ipon this added iurremy levy a tax of 1 per cent per annum fur t lie average time it is iu cirun This Jn per cent of circulation in cap ital will give the necessary elasticity to onr currency system needed in times uf stringency ol the money With tinproceeds of sale of retire a like amount of greenbacks and treasury w bich are a constant men ace to the credit of the IOMM New PEOPLE Heavy storms are reported on the A Chicago alderman lias been charged with accepting a bribe of The Pickwick Hub building at New Or leans has been turned into a New York bankers have commenced pro ceedings to test the constitutionality of the income tax Chicago Civic Federation lias started a movement to establish the merit system ol public There has been a heavy fall of along the Oregon division of the Souther Pacific It is lii inches deep a some Traffic blocked KxPolice Sergeant Clark of York is dead from nervutls supposed U have been caused by thepolici Superintendent Byrnes and Inspei Tor Williams are to testify before the committee The Western Commercial Hociation met in Louis Tne association paid death losses dni ing the Governor Flower has dismissed the iieg lectofduty charges against District At torney A collision on the London and North western caused the death of 19 and injured tiO othi Fire destroyed feet of lumber owned by Watson Son at Tonawanda yesterday and valued at to He Made by the iovrrnor This terms of a number of Metropolitan police com missioners expire in a few days and Governor Matthews will probably make the new appointments the com ing week in the cities of Terre South Michigan New Albany ami The commissioners re tiring are mostly the Republican mem bers of the respective Hums at the London labor addressed an enthusiastic meeting in Tomlinson hall Saturday His address re lated largely to tlie attitude working men should assume in political and gov ernmental He urged the break ing up of monopoly control in munici pal and a strong appeal for the destruction of the spoils ICiibbfil ami after ransacking the house of William went to his bedroom and beat him while His cries awoke his and before she could re alize the situation Wahls head was hor ribly beaten by a blunt instrument in the hands of one of the Wahls injuries are thought Tlie robbers Mine working in the Lofton and a man named in the Star ity were both badly injured by fall ing rock and At the Star City mine an accident which wrecked the two cages came near causing the death of the engineer and Ail I Mil a fell out of bed in such a war as to break her It is the presumption that she became en tangled in tue lied clothing iu such man ner that in attempting to get out of bee she striking her head on the lietl From Hln comes from that Henry Harris who was badly wounded in a fight with tramps in a Baltimore and Ohio boxeiir two weeks is A halfdozen bullets were taken out of his head Murderers still at A Young Two aged 7 aud sons of Ed and George engaged iu j quarrel on their way home from school the older boy stabbing the younger witl a killing him families are Shooting Affray at shoot ing scrape occurred here in which Mark Martin shot Mort Crane in the left side above the The men had been playing Martin is in Remarkable of Some of the Citi zens of an Ohio NKW of this place are greatly excited over the doings of a man calling himself Profes sor Rock claiming to le a He came here about a week His first lecture was attended by about 100 of New Riegles best and his pow ers upon them were forcibly demon Many of the villagers who had ittended Professor Rocks lectures have een standing upon the streets excitedly laraiiguing The speakers previously had scarcely known an emo The religiously inclined were de picting the present and Much sympathy was expressed for lominiek a well known resident of New walked to Tiffin in a uypnotic Kscape of a Jew one of worst desperadoes in tlie Indian was sentenced to be iauged next Friday for the murder of Tom Fiuold and his sou in the Cherokee has esciipd from the Woodward Two or three hundred offi cers and citizens of Woodward and vi cinity are searching for but ho will probably get as it is certain that uis friends from the Indian country aided his Suicide From aged 22 and well was arrested on an indictment charging gambliu z on Sunday and was jailed after a desperate but unsuccessful effort to When Jailor Reidy went to Gordons cell to carry a blanket he found him hanging to a bir by his sus penders with his hands tied behind Mortification over his arrest was the was a small attendance and but little interest in the proceeding of congress Ill tlie house tlie principal feature was a renewal of the debate on the currency Bryan of Nebraska making the principal opposing the at the close of which the house adjourned until No business of im portance was transacted in the which also adjourned until Inisriii III the hundred aud fifty persons at FreiburgSaxony were stricken with arsenical poisoning after eating rolls from a certain One child has Awarded Highest CREAM RAKING POWWR MOST PERFECT A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Free from Alum or any other adulterant 40 YEARS THE

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