Friday, July 15, 1898

Fort Wayne Sentinel

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of Fort Wayne Sentinel on Friday, July 15, 1898

Fort Wayne Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - July 15, 1898, Fort Wayne, Indiana L Muslin Underwear Selling! Ulwlin Underwear galf, thnreV SATIIO pricr-s to think of-s.inw tJmwvT kuy ohwp. Compared with home-mud.', nu3ht they're better maiic. MiUln l.y sowurs nnd y Pteam sale Hindi's garment in tha I'hetnisn, (.'orsi't ('..v.'M iirnl wBoior suaseB bowns, Btirta and Drawers. No enumeration ot neeeuBMy. Every garment is sold below value. _ pretty drees for a child for small price. Soino or? lingham, Madras, some all white, trimmed ami plain, Mil this way. 7Be and 86c Dresses we reduce to 48c. 1.50 and 81.98 Dresses we reduce to 98c. Llnel> Jackets ard havn bflon solliiw n< f J.M and up to each, we bunt-h itt ono low CARPET SAUE GOES ON. yon have a floor to rscoror.uow or in the quarter to tho cost be saved at this sale A liberal price cutting goes through tho out in- stock of Carpets. 1'ortiew, Linoleums, and Upholstery Goods. Handkerchiefs for Women. holding bij; bargain in Embroidered Hamikor- chiefs, all fast edges, and pretty, li'V, and L'tx ilanJkuri'hk'f.-, sell 7c apiece or 4 for :'Jo. Delineators, free sheets and Btitterict patterns for August nro r.t hand. jNote reduced prices on patterns. We are still giving oil painting free on evfry i1.'purchase and up- wards. Mr. Winks the talented artist will remain few ilnvs yet with ns. Those having cards and paintings selected must get thorn" this week. 1'nrry hus gone to Koine City lor outing. MNS Ulnr.clio CouUPr iiui'st nl'.ru'k. M'lftcr Ciirl HMWJI, of is visiting Drown Cnopcr. KJ. Tiernoy, of joined his family at Home City lust evou- iag. J. II. Cassannvii lias returned to alter ii r-hiTt YKlt in tins city. Mrs. C, K, Kairiic'il and daughter Alii'O have gone) to Dayton, is n Chest- nut, lor Wo Moan to sa.v There In No on Our Stifrar f i ters. Great Annual Clearance Sale Files on Our Butter Cheese The Rurode Dry Goods Co. Big Shirt Waist Deal. One hundred and fifteen dozen Ladies' Fine "Fashion" Shirt Waists, bought from H. manufacturer, 40 W. Main street, for on the dollar. They come in the choicest styles of Lawns, Percales, Organdies, Madras and Corded novelties. The style and workmanship is perfect. To be placed on sale today and Saturday at Shirt Waist prices, quality considered, never before known. LADIES' PERCALE WAISTS. About 10 dozen neat and pretty would be good' Price I5c. FRIDAY, JULY !i TELEPHONES. Ha. 173. BdltoHml BDOBU Ho, 000. Trinprraturr, THE SESTISRI.V. thornio meter reg- isters ns follows; 9 a. m......................... sv 13 noon........................ 97 1 p, m.........................100 m......................... 3p, m......................... 9h Tlie CnicAoo, July Indiana: Fair tonight and Saturday; vari- able utyles, well made, value at ___ TABLE NO. i. LADIE6' WAISTS AT 25c. Over 25 dozen Fine Percale and Madras Waists, stylish patterns, fnll blouse frontc. detachable collars and cuffs, same Waists at the beginning of the season for __ Pries 25c. TABLE LADIES' WAISTS AT 39c. 25 dozen of the Finest Pattern Percale and Madras shown this season, extra full fronts, detachable collars, new hack, would cellent values at 7Sc, be ex- TABLE NO. AT 49c. ,50 dozen Waists in full Percale, Batines, Madras and Corded Novel- ties, beautifully made, full fronts, plaited backs, same Waists have been sold in the city 10 days ago for NOW IS THE TIME And here is the place to buy sum- mer waen goods. THEY MULT GO. 50 pieces summer cloths, in cream and black grounds, a regular Jic fabric, Price per yd. yards figured dimities, formerly sold for lOc and Full standard light prints. Price 2Xc per yd. 25c Summer Corsets, I9c. Ladies' Vests, worth IOc, for 5c. 50c Outing Shirts lor L'9c. ALL WOOL (extra super) Ingrain Carpets, 40C per RESPECTFULLY, ABDILL TAFT. West Berry Street. NEWS NOTES. Mr. and Mm. S. K. Blair have re- turned from f he east. Mrs. C. I. Iliddlo is tho guest of her sen in Buffalo, X. Y. Mrs. Geoige Crosby is the guest of relatives ia Effinghatn. 111. Mrs. Mary Weidner and daughter Mia left- today for Winonn. Martha Murray, of New York, is visiting in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Stowart have returned from n visit in Chicago. Miss Carrie Glenn is the guest of Miss Besaio Klein in Huntington. Mrs. F, G. Snydcr nnd daughter, Kathcrine, are visiting in Ply- mouth. Miss Mande Whcolock, of Leo, is the guest of Wheelock. her aunt, Mrs. K. K. Miss Daisy Reaber has returned onting at Lake Pickled Herring, Caviar, Cervelat and Salami Sausage. Dill Pickles. Mustard. Cider Vinegar and Wheat Vinegar. AT J. G. STRODEL, 13 Harrison Street. ROME CITY Return 50c. Every Sunday A. M. We have Money to Loan on Farm and City Heal Estate, at 6, 51-2 and 6 per cent. Interest. Loans closed at once. TEJ. F.SCBELL WAX AKP INTSniERT CO, M, IT. 2H Mid 40 PIXLET-MOG ntOCK. 495. Offim fl [LOANS TO Salaried People. (UdlM' or on tholr own namot. i, IKK mm. from a month's Muiinkuckeo. iliss Jjfiontino Woolsey, of Snn- dusky, Ohio, is the guest of Mrs. Louis Diethor. Mrs. S. M. E'ostor and Miss Alice and Miss Maud Harrison leavo to- morrow for Omaha. Air. and Mrs. .lay McCracken will leavo tomorrow for an extended trip through Colorado, Mrs. J. D, of Buffalo, N. Y., is ia the city visiting her nephow, James E. Lonergan, Mrs. James Smith has accompan- ied her sister, Mrs. Esther Taylor, to Chicago for a few days' visit. Miss Mata Elson, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Roths- schild, has gone to Ijong Branch. Mian Mary Meyers has returned to Columbia Cily, after a pleasant visit with relatives and friendf here. Mrs. Dan Myers and daughter, of Decatur, Ind., spent yesterday in the city tlw guests of Mrs. Kobert Harding, The many friends of John Dos- well will be to hear that he i? improving in health. Mr. Doswoll is at Wankosha, Wis. Miss Hattie and Master Ross, Miss Alida Baldork and Miss Emily Williams laavo this week for an onting at Rome City. The Methodists of the city will picnic at Swinney park Thursday, July 21. They will start from tho Wayne street church at 10 a. m. Charles Mayors left for Nohnmnj, Ohio, today to attend the f unr'nil of his father-in-lnw. John who died at that place Wednesday mom- ing. Htmtinjiton Herald: R. o. Thompson, of the Wabash rnilwny! was down from Fort Wavno (hip morning, Ankod ns to thn rumor of his candidacy for secrotary of state, Mr, Thompson said he had no such purpose. He had received very gratifying offers of support from many sources throughout tho state, but his affairs wore in eurti a shnpp as to make it Impossible for him to become a candidate this year." A crowd of lovers of the dance wnnt to Rome City last ovcning at 7 o'clorfc, returning about midnight. The affair was under tho of tho of T., which was enough to insure itn nocinl in pverv way. Mr. and Mrs. Will RsHzc, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Rwlall were among the chsperonn, nnd the Fort Wayne colony Rt the little resort displayed their approving counte- nanoes during the evening. in spite of the heat in the city yestor- day, it was cool enough near the lake to trip the waits and two step, and not many "gat out'' the numbers. K. Heiieh. 1M. Cnnipbell, of Marian,, has bflen visitint; Charlie jr., for a few <Liys, is now tho guot of Lung. Mrs. Ct. A. Trieftnr has rnturnrd to her hfttno in Chicago, ftftcr a of four weeks with friends in this city. JiJromo ixml CInude .Matthews Br- bilyn, sons of Auditor L. .1. Qobilya, havo gone to Defiance, (ihio, for a two weeks' visit. Tho C. T, took an outing to Swinney park ycstcnlny afternoon. A large number were present and an interesting session was held. Mr. and Mrs, Hulmnann daughter, Miss Myrtle, iind Mlssw Venie and Mivroie Marcnmann, of Cincinnati, Httondfd tho hoff wedding. Hny of Toledo, will return to Fort Wayne to accept a position in the Stapleford music store. Mr. t-tnith wai formerly employed at the Baldwin store in this city, A very enjoyable party was given Wednesday evening by Miss Frances Shuckman in honor of her guest, Miss Kittie Xulfer, of (Jliinigo. Progressive pedro was the gaaio of the evening and at 11 o'clock dainty refreshments wore served. Mr. and Mrs, H. A, Darnell, while ritling on East Main street car 115 thH rnorBinir, lost- a pocket- booi: iiitaiahiR ovur Tho puree found by Conductor Cary, who im- mediately relumed it to the own- ers, who offered the honest man H reward, which he refused. At a mooting of the board of trus- tees of the Allen County Orphans" home, hold Tuesday afternoon, a vote of thanks was tendered the Fort Wayne Consolidated Street- railway, ftlao Louis Heilbroner, amusement manager, for the cour- tesies extended the childron of the home at the recent picnic at Robi- son Park. Dr. K. K. Wheelock has sold his pacing mare to Oscar Wobrock. The sale was a conditional coin. If the horse conlJ not go in 2 ;1'0, yester- day, the sale was to bo considered off, and if the mare cannot go n mile in less than :15 before the season closoa, tho doctor is to for- feit The mare turned the mile track at tho Driving park yesterday Tho people of Fort Wayne showed their patriotism and willingness to help Uncle Sam whip the Spaniards by subscribing for almost tiOU.OOO o'. tho war bonds, Almost oco-half of these bonds were subscribed for by persons who could only buy loss than worth, demonstrating that even the less wealthy aro will- ing to take a chance on Uncle Sam's promise to pay, especially when he needs the money to whip some sneaking foreign country with. TV, not forget the auction sale of bicycles tomorrow all day in the Trentman block. 411 Host City Flour Down to Barrel. Large Missouri Ntw Potatoes Down to 70c rtucliel. Large New Onions Down Teck. Pngar Cured Hams, 9c Ih. Best Sugar Cnrad Shoulders and Picnic Best Sugar Cured Bacon, Da Choine Smoked Bacon, tost Couutrv Butter, Ifio. Fresh Country Eggn, He, Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, lie can. Louisiana Hico, ;r ft. Now Sun Drifxl I'cnfhM, 4c m. Good New California Raisin. WHITE FRUIT HOUSE. Boo II. J. Ash's cost-sale refriger- ator add. in nnotocr column. A'o FliPH on Our Moat Counters. No I'lies on Our Meat Itlooks.! No Flics on Our Cnkfi or Fruit i i at Tin: OUOCEKV. There is scarcely n fly in our storo for we havo put in one hundred nnd sixty fret of a now stylo fan makes on" hundred por minute, wtiich nnt only out all the llios, bat Ointabllshey tlie fact that the (irent- cjt and largest nnd lightest ami cleanest ami cheapest is also the cnolost grocery store in Fort Wayne. Now lor -ioni? tcrniiimtinfr prices. Tiit-re has Ix-cn quito n ilpdino in wheat and wo propose to follow tho market right dawn ard sell you Fort Wayne, tho very best winter wheat flour made, nt bbl. Rock Crewk Mills Favorite Brand, next best, bbl. Early Ohio Potatoes, ripe and S3c bnsliel. Fine Sugar Cared Hams down to 9C Picnic Hams down to fiJic Iti. Breakfast Bacon, 9c; Boston Bacon. ress .eui t f mm 00 up to and Childnm's fast black ceaiiiless Hose, IOc. Watches, eadi. Base Kail (ilovcs, Mitts, Hits nnd lUlls. Cro- 7jo and Do your trading at Kane's. WATERMELON OX ICE received a carload of the largest and finwt- Goorgia Watw- rnolons brought to thn city this sea- son. See thetn sell. Everybody buying them at- TIIK NEW KFVKTOXF, m St. TO THE CONSUMERS OF WATER. The supply of water today is not adequate to the con- sumption and for the tection of the city we ask every property owner nnd consumer to stop all unnec- essary waste, and use only so much water as is abso- lutely necessary. By Order Trustees Water Works. FRUITS. Blarkberrries, Blaok Eaf-pborries, Red Raspberries, Whortleberries, GoopRberries, Plums, Now Apples, PeaciiBs and Pine Apples. Prices low as the lowest at THE NEW KKYHTOSE, 239 and Calhoun street. Negligee Less Than Cost, 50 nnd 75o grades now go at 42c. ti.oo grade DOW go at 73c. grade now go at GLOBE DISKOLCTIOR SALE, A. K. Hurst trrri Teller.. I ili'itn i There is a Time For Everything! And THIS is The time to he BOTHERED WITH Flies and Mosquitos. Better prepare for them before your house is full. Call and examine our line of Screen Doors and Windows At The Lowest For On Eaay paments Or exchange for improved city property. 39 lota on Spy Ron Are. Inquire BARNETT, Agt. Also Lawn Mowers Garden Tools. and Jl, B. K. NolL A. Hflclm, In Brnddwric, W. F. 4f) J. KriDlj. 44 n. W. Hmiuvn. A4 M W. T tiid TicketR most be Mured m Pfciffer Schlatter, 38 (irtd 10 E. Colnmbta St. GREAT EXPLOSION. OAWIBR. WlfMLttrillMMI Money to Loanl TCiriHS. STRICTLY PRIVATE. Loang on household goods, honaa, wagons and property (m BASY PATMIOT PLAN." Givew No trouble to explain. MWTiAiE LiiK CH, Vlwr, THE ABSTRACT Abstract of WSTS HH.IIN HIM. r 61 1W