Saturday, May 28, 1898

Fort Wayne Sentinel

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Page: 12

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Text Content of Page 12 of Fort Wayne Sentinel on Saturday, May 28, 1898

Fort Wayne Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1898, Fort Wayne, Indiana TheJIew York Store. Established 1860 CLEAN FLOOR MATTINGS. Thora's a >1, freshness ill OMr the hous, when the lion's ire eoNered iin'tiri' ind its i h'Miry thar direct v t .1 and Chn a Mrt'i ir'-i new t "vsM onii come TOJ. Hit') the t'l i ill" "i. Prices 12 l-2c up to 40c yd. SMI KDAY. MAY TELEPHONIES. Kooum Mo. ITS, Mo. SHIRT WAIST NEWS. Hint, uf M i- bright, v W.iisN or Suintn r Wash I'd Ope'ied for to choosn tro n for such >ml SV llu WAMHV.I iv, Mav 1 uli- 11 a i-'.ur in-iitrlit nil cumer tniii 'iit fresh NEWS NOTES. unl I) mi full front- AT 5OC. Wais's of t detachi ble en 1 irs AT 75c. dies 1'ercales and Madras Cloth lull froi'M AT Si. CO. if Imjorti-d Uinghams. French Dimities, lucks and TonN and WOMEN'S SUMMED DRESSES. Newly petto .ind .xkir s, made ol Organdies, m ami IV cits P.icca SI.25 up to S3.5O each. am, to Prof and Mrs Pluuia- daughter Bros will furnish tho mail camera with new caps Mrs Mirv Wilmington spent tho week frit-nds at Prospect William Mevpr, tho hatter, cilebrated Uis Inrthdavannnersary Mrs William Caps, iwe Miss Alice Tavlor, of K insas LVv, is isitiua her iiiotKcr n tl s <'U MIP -.vill proHiiliK- remain here all summer Mr and Mr- Cunningham and hildivn, of Xo 11 i Baker street, to whore the? will visit for a month with tnends Mi-s Haves, Mis< Montgomery and tho critu teachers ot the Model i training school, pave a birrcle party TUP I8lart street promptly Coke Daudrufl cure and Hair iJin t930a_ m headed by Wftyne Tonu% to cure dandnjf, Honors for the Soldier Ilerots Tent bani1 Following is the pro-, or money refunded, lu ounce bot- i gram to observed at North-; tic, price ?1 W Soil 1 y Gross Hirrv Knl MI, ot Ohio, in tin11 itv -Vritiv K I! Kininil' of Auburn IUOMX! business litre vt'Mor- dav flip Peiplos store will <losn at to pirk this afternoon, in Who lime Departed. innrlal i il< In iurt 1 ndcr tho Aiopliroof Col. r Walker t Hinp, Sims uf i Mptnrml dav and Decoration day more mipres- sivcntss this e-M than usual The n ition is at war with d foreign foe, and of of whom as members of the state military have gone to tho front as their f.ithers did m the durk s from 'i to t Hereto- fore those voung men havo taken side park A lire- i Stilt 4 hi 4 i It Pollens 14-tf In 1 1. M. Duu'v, of Bmftion, were m the city yesti-rday ,lames O'Connor, of Dallas, is of his brother, Birney O'Connor Mr n Uoutior will leave nf Mls lt> of Hunting- of MHS Mont- ClIINPll CHILD WRECKS. iKtioritit As w tho custom, coiuinittoes to perform the diitv of decorating the of soldiers of the various have been appointed. They are as follows following com- nnttoe wul meet at No (52 Chuton part in annual tribute to the gtreet Monday mornl May at mcmorv of the soldier dtad, and 6 30 oV.ioek] to decor their absence this year will bo at T 0 t iuw at ijiuUunwoou lnB Wm, Donald, .1 N Wm Memorial 1'rt'ifld this Mooro, John t-olulay, J. Kyin, F year under tho nusp'ies of (VI K S (Miller, .1 AIoiMt, C Frost, Walker Camp, s n-. of Ynttntns, ISauer, H T H H AIcMaknn, C and overy jrppiritmn Ehimui, A i wroe, A for n fittn of the Blv, S St.mfoiil MasfluUl, C for Xew York city tomorrow The commencement exercises of the Wwtminitor will held on Juno 5, (i, 7 and P Dr MotTat will preach the baccalaureate Mtrmon Mrs Janios A. Armstrong and son, Donald, who have been the guests of Mr and Van Pernne, left of tlic most Divine traits m mankind is the love for and care of tho little folks To furnish them good nourishing foixl is to supply rliB wherewith to build the httle bodies into healthy and sturdy men and women Parents who thought lessly gu o coffee to growing chil- dren wil! see the day when they would give anything on earth to be rid of the regret for the weakness and frequent sick spells of the chil- dren, caused by the alkaloids ot cof- fee (.tne the children Postum Food Coftoe, the famous food drink, which goes directly to nourish and strengthen1 child or adult, and when in after days, you glory in their nation's soli inn tr'mtn to of its defenders have jiono tu the last long bivni'ic The following is the executive F C lose E M (tay T Gellor, A II. Dousjall. C. Grit, wold, J W Haden, F W Keel, C Fyke, H U J E Uorlett committee of tho bus i Frank Alderumn, J. Lombard, J had the preparn'ii us in chirrf T IM Kerser, A 11 Waltors, J. W W B'nir, chain-mi, El C Close, j Vordcrmark, A B. McCordy, 0 secretary, Edwin Britker trenxurer, Bncker, P (t W Al E H BooLwaHtir, I N Charles Crousp alter Cljso, L O Anderson iind .1 H.ltT yesterday for Yellow Ohio, I strength and ability, you can re- for a visit member with pride that your mtPl- I hgenco and caro about tho food and f torn Keofor has been awarde.1 drmfc m Made the the contract to cut ftnd set ill the sfnrjv nnd fheT Me curbing to be placed by tho Atcatraz, u Carele8s Cons ruction company along tho n to nottri8hlllg streets to be paved hqmd tho guest of her a ant, Mrs A Ri The parson who found the collar- Lwg, leaves tola? for Indianapolis, Ptto Saturday evening is known where S'IP v ill remain ire returning a days, Dr A H .Shatter, of Huntmgton, w is in Fort Wayne yesterday Tne doctor nnd wife expect to go to Derver, Col m a few days to at- tend the national medical mopting. They will leave Hunting June 4 Mrs Elizabeth Nmdo, who has been very ill at tho hoinu of her daughter, Mrs T J Dills, m Po- mona, Cal hus passed the crisis of thQ disease and is on tbo road to re- covery Dr Dills will next Tuesdav for this city The Yoang Ladies society of Zion Lutheran church an entertain- To avoid trouble please return to 150 Madison street Members of Summit City Lodge No. I7O, P. A. M., are requested to meet at the Masonic Temple Sunday noon to participate in the funeral of our deceased brother, John Slater, who will be burled at Heller's Corners. J. W. McCAUSLAND, fifli There'll Conic a Time When you will want your Ofirpets Aloysius Kloinreithert, of New Haven, with an accident while at work m the l.toti'ty at that plucc yoiterdny that will cripple him for life lu some manner hit, hand caught in one tho machines and four fingers were cut off He was brought to this city and taken to the St Joseph hospital, whore he attended by Dr W H Myers Miss Caroline Colvm, of the High school corps of instructors, has been honored. Colvm has jest been notified that she has been given a fellowship m the University of Pennsylvania, located m Philadel- phia The fellowship is for three years and besides the opportunity for study, has the additional gratu- ity of funds with which to defray expenses No teaching is connected with the work. Miss Colvin has tho degree of A. B and will work for Ph. D Under the caption, "We Could Use the Yonngstown Tele- gram says "Fred Cooke, who last year managed the Fort Wayne team for a time, has been released and 'tis said on account of the frigidity that existed between tho ex manager and Manager o'Meara Cooke is a faist fielder and there is not a better, stronger throwing arm in the Inter- state leange than his, He has al- ways been a timelj hitter and ono of those never sjy die players, who are always in the game to win He would certainly mako a valuable ad- dition to the lot al team and 'tis said he can be secured Strawberries Sc Quart This Af- ternoon. At 1 o'clock this afternoon we re- ceived, via express, fresh lot Bice, fancy Illinois Berries, down to 8c irt Large Pme Apple-, each California Apricots, KC dozen Fresh Peas, to Wax Beans, licqt. Jjargo Cucutii1x.'iN, for lOc Florida Tomatoes, lOc Ib IjafKO Now Potiitnps, .J5c peck. Witr.E FRUT Hot SB MONEY TO LOAN On real estate or personal security. C. F. PFEIFFER, Rooms Bass Blk. ztf Hcst itj Hour, Wi.0 Micliljjnn Potatoes, cleaned Send them to the Zimmer 'Phone 496 ineut for their msmbors last even- Carpet Cleaning Co ins? at their hall on Torce street After the entertainment supper was served in three courses-, to which the ladies did ample justice. The Daughters of Workmen wul give an entertainment at K of P. hail, on East Birrv street, nezt Tuesday evening The program will be under tho nnnagemont of Willets and will no donbt pleise. A short dance program will follow Golden money's worth. Sbeodtf GENTLEMEN. You all appreciate nicely made and trimmed clothes. Yon feel bet- ter m them. We can satisfy you. ait5 THIEVE BROS Tailors. ICE CREAM SOCIAL, By the Young People's So- ciety of the St. John's Re- formed church, cor. Wash- ington and Webster Sts., Monday evening. All are cordially invited. Ask your grocer for Colden Rio and take no other. Aotive. To the ofTisera and members cf Kekionga council, No 9J, National Union The funeral of onr late friend, John Slater, will occur tomorrow, Sunday, May 29th, at 13 -30 o'clock from the residence, 19C Fairfield avenue. 8. Me AFP, W. 8. UCTMULL, President. Secretary. Strong, rich, Colden Rio. fragrant" 28eodtf IHF The various services luuh will bo held aro >is follows Snnduv, May '.'9, at 10 id a m Memorial >-prvices at Plymouth Con- gregational church Kov J S ,M lit 2 p m Memoi is! n isi-s at the uliso Templu Monday, May 30, at 10 00 .1 m Memorial exercises at north side soldiers' monument Monday, Muy ".0, at 2 30 p m Official observance of Memorial Day at Linden wood Af 11 .s AIC TSMPI E The usual memorial services wil: be held Sunday afternoon, at o'clock, at the Masonic Temple The program as follows President of tlir (apt tt if Geltir 1'residm Audion? I J luhntton IiitrCKlnctt Au In 111 -vlt i M j Mil1- I Shi rni in TLt> "-li. i> in In 11 (M Dtn Hlue 51 lit liimrtct 1 1'hir H i iv r. rl h t Frnim til (I i "Our Hoj- Ki-v k Z.irtman iriutlsln Hittle Hi nn In IM I HiV V W if tlic Reiml l i Oar Mint HOT M I lutmto Ltiitirsou J S n Quart Halhrget Audiunco L Omc- 6 irtel Adu Seme- v N i Hen in I OF MiRCH The day parade wil take place as usual m the afternoon moving frotu the place of formation promptly at 1 ''JO The, it is expected, will be ono of the mosi imposing ever wii in Fort Wayne One feature of the parnde will be significantly couspicuois by its ab sence. The military companies oi Foit Wayne, w iu.iive.ilways here- tofore borne such a prominent part in honoring tho heroes of the late war, are absent. They are off them- selves to war, but the veterans with they have marched on so many of these annual occasions wil remember them m thc'r soldier hearts. Following is tho formation of the parade CHIEF M UiblT 0 Edwin Knck r ASSIsTAM M (i tt U mjdcn api. F Platoon of Poll ill nnilcltd hj tu-ill FIK9T I8I1S Form on Berrj union itj Bind, Hibcraian apt J E ForJ 1 ort Wayne drays llap'iat ortordia Form 01 l DIV1SIOS. resting no FOR RENT. House, 39 Douglas ave nue, all modern improve ments; also house at 18 McClellan street, eight rooms. House No.4OKillea street, on monthly pay ments; a bargain. Apply to 37 Douglas avenue. Have you tried it Colden Rio. t'Seodtf HBRB, 11f w the manj excep lonal bargains to be ha 1 II nis? summer kitchen irfiotl burn i d ImJ tl m m Ago atid (all lot -imitli Rlroet HMI-.O i '-tni-nor storxi full !c ti i i htuldiiiff witli t ntcn lititift rfHims HiKir tftirxjl nmdition on wc-t sidf ol illu i i -troet Hu i f 7 full Int a; KH! birn nn Haflttin jinn torj n f rriidencp Lots oil u-tf-r avpimo Itnnion E many cthfr pUr-r-dt your GIVE ME AN OFFER. I> yf n nut to sell' your pi-oprrt toi-iili wiiJi mr HOc Xow (iirnss Butter, lOc BflSt Shoulders, Hams. Oc ChoiM Kmokod Itacon, MC it> llicti, Ic Ib Sun Dn-d J" Ib. nlifomi i Raisins, I" Id itita l ira m fiians m Tiintto SmT, 3 II. IK !Wow Alaska Red Salmon, lOc car. Ch-nnine (ieorgia Bmk Codfish, Qa Jti Wnmc Fuurr G. W. BOERGER, "0 Plnic f iraiirp Public to louiftn m rtsr cnrity OIWD efninffs 76 Calhoun St. Phone W2 nan. MONEY! HntMnr io Josn nn Kurm t1ltf Hwd KftHtd nf iutfrept hftVf tbf mandf on hand to eloss Inaui OHM. TkeJ. FScbdlUuS ?4 r-TH 77 Loaf Block. K K H.TT rit, Port WnfiM. Ind. Dyspepsia, 'IwprOrnhBr ti i rftii <viy H OTIC r4m OK I I Jj'OK UFA i >nd ill eh Dltor- i (rally I ic m il In inuo No W Mm RK1T f irni.hcrt with Of r viltontboiml, all mixlnrn v ion miiuDihM tit a) A, o' Bn-r Rnrr Commnrdjii It. klirman, by Llnu! Wm mid ClfMC ttn noTpr.t k o 1 M Baud FirinWliuil I mimiiitleil'lij W. U Mrfftlf Sloti I 1> d A K, (timgnanded HsperEdtall f .flu r i' Dtti Harrer Hitn fol. E WHlko-l nrnpNo S VIS (i n" imM bj nt Camp'il, I ilim Liyioi (ommandod In S Hi cli Ofli- H (I Anth uy i .71 d A K, (01 11 indod lif 1) Olhrc r "I Ui i buj A K Mc( nnlj. r irriaw nil! form o-i IJftrr strwt. tooth of IVr.> neitt rctdnyoD IJcrrj ns in Cimtt Hoa H P VlHrar. n Btemon, rhiplam T 1 JuliiKiiti vpt At1 in fiorjBlll Cnpt W f (roller not t. H Ktv t. E Frnmc V H, rawford. apt. T. W III tir apt Ed low Miw Main 1 Oellrr Mn- Ornco Smith, Mm May Howc Drc'iratm itizeDx in am IRCR Assistant niaHhai.i of the are expected to report at the Ave line hotel at 1 o'clock p m sharp. The parade will move promptly at 1 .iO p m. west cm Berry street to Eockhill north on Rockhill street to Main street, thence vest on Main street to Unden wood ceme- tery. AT LINMfcWoOO CFMETKftY The ceremonies at Lindenwood cemetery will begin at 2 :10 o'clock Following 19 the program to be ob served- Prmdwit i f I c H P Vli'-rcr i at fMiotuph in Honor o( th< I n ktiontt t ilkirdin r. haphun fnpt irt.fornixr "till fort it> Bund AT NORTH KIM. SOLMERH VOVl MKKT. An appropriate program has been arranged for Monday forenoon at the soldiers' monument in North- park. The exerciser there will at 10 a m. and it fc the desire of the committee to make the ob- one of the featorei of the day. A cordial invitotioa to ex- tended to all their CuuUiw to citizens in general W iltentf those serrlcos. The pronrtoa drich J. V Hiler, E Anderson L-m Millor, J Henry, W McClel Ian, W. V Myers bt John's and Prarie Grove Gem following committee meet at No (Jlmton stree at." a m nixl proceed to the abovi stated cemeteries and perform thi services of decorating' Theodore Geller Brower, Charles Felts. William Bijshoff, J. Mos- hpiiiier Cnthohc following c iiiimntpo meet Monday morn iug at 7 o'clock at No B2 Clinton street Patnc Ryan, Dennis Mono han, Charles Dolan. Lutheran committee consisting of Captain Charles Reese and Harry Current will perform those services at 7 a. m. MOISKIHd bERVKES. All soldier organisations and their auxiliaries are requested to meot a their rooms at 9. o'clock Snndav morning; and proceec to Plymouth Congregational chnrch nifimonnl services will be held. Thev will attend services Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, a the Masonic Temple, whore beats will be reserved for them. Ask your grocer for Golden Rio Packard Coffee, Money to Loan! EASY TERMS. STRICTLY PRIVATE, j Loans made on household goodM, boisos, wagons and other personal propwrty on a EASY PAYMENT PLAN." Give us a call, No trouble to explain. INDIAN4 LOAN CO, Boom 3 Arcmdc. 2nd Floor. tar. 00 MEYER CYCLE CO., 38 Harrifum ''iiMdnca HI BopHiriLg1 50 and Upward nil Hitd see m c n (Wnmff HI I BI ML.r For cast off Clothes. Ptease notify me by postal card and I will call. 5. Fielubleat, 76 Barr St. THE ABSTRACT OFFICE. COCIT STE2ET. Abstract of Titles. Mortgage Loans. Robison Park The Pride of Port Wayne. Vaudeville Company. SHOWS FREE SEATS. Colden Rio is the best coffee for the money sold. Try it. 28eoltf Miss Liaukor's closing reception and exhibition of fancy dances in will be given on Friday June 3d, at 7-30 o clock 10 nml 12 West Wayne street, former pupils are invited to atten< further notice 27.28.80-: OPENING GAMES, Robison Park League. Spy Rnns vs Keystones. Rifles va. First gumc railed nt 1 -15. Concert Afternoon and Evening After tho s' ow at Band Stand in grove. Mu-io by Park Orchea. tra. Boating, Bathing, Fishing Cafe and many other attractions. A FEW POINTERS. Best lOc can. Fancy Lemons, 20c dozen. Granulated Soar, fie StddmrdA C 5ft. 1 t. CAMXH. Fi.r Sale. hushels choice Michigan potatoes Nice large white stock Wholesale and retail iS-tf A KALBACRER. High Quality; Moderate Rio. We offer honest bargain? in al grades of Wall Paper. Inspect our elaborate stock, which cannot fa! to plensn HEINE ISRAEL, 7-tf 123 Broadway. MONEY TO LOAN On city property at 6 pe cent. Interest. Schrader A Wilson. 7 Court St. Sort Neat and nobby are the and a perfect fit guaranteed, in on spring Miits G. Mercian Tailor, TO E Main street. lltt Forget-Me-NotM, conceit and danoa by Wayne band a Broadway theatre May 30 and 31 Tickets, including ice cream, oonts. 26-28-JO GRAND OPENING. Joe W. Bell will show .the finest line of Carriages eve shown In Fort Wayne This afternoon and eventaj Everybody invited. tor sale. The Young Men's Christian asso- ciation bnildmg and lot 40x100 feet Price Inquire or write k W E CLAPHAM, Pros., 27ti 22-23 Pixley.Long EBERSOLE PIANO Stnctljr High-tirade. Frank B. Long Sole 34 B. Berry St. Fort Wayne Investigate Neither blown in th bottle, nor burned in th propw pliws ip tl Ixxil s 1 1330 Main I2.'t Mam. -iS Mum. Adams C. C. Ahlerameyer Wm. American Bill File Co. lies. Kea. B Mam. Biohtel Samuel R. 1016 Mam Banning Oarma Dr. Mrs. 812 Main. Silver Main. Bantu Jcaeph 103 Mam Baxter Tannon 473 Mam. Benton D. L. 1165 Maio. Berghoff August 1'Ji Main. Boerger G. W H4l.i Mam. Booster Fred U. sm Honth. Bradley K A lis South. Brandt D. Mam. Brown W A. CSS Mam. Btmck Co Main. Buxton A. J.; M 0. Calvin Dig, Cherry W. Y Chwholm <b Miner Cox P. E Craw E. L. Deenng Harveatec.Ca-'' Diamond Adolph 33 Wain. 11'? Mam, 300 Main. 190 Mara. 773 Main 342 Main. 1314 Main. 121 Sonth. Doyle D. 983 Mam. Dreibelbiss Rob'tiB. 804 Main 1163 Main. 1019 Mam. 1116 Main. 178 Main. Eckels W. J. Ehinger Fred Everett W. E. Fowler Harry Fort Wayne Trngt Co. i 311 E. Lewis Cor Winch Pioneer Cor. Nelson RFB. 152 E Saloon Calhoun Res. Room 3, Arcade Blk Machinists 72 Ban Drags. 332 W. Main Rea. 467 E Washington Real TOCalbotm lies. 164 Griffith Res. 33 W. Williams Bee. Cor. John Creighton Res. 384 W. Main Grocery 119 E. Lewis Kes. 260 E. Lewis Res. 71 W. Wayne Ues. 37 Madison Saloon 3 E. Main Plnmher Cor. Berry A Harrison Res. 99 Harrison Office 61 63 E. Res. 99 K Wayne Raa 319 E. Creighton Rea. 79 W. Jefferson 117 Casa 350 Clinton Res. 60 Huffman Res 175 Madison Office Cor. Main Court 853 South. Catherine Mrs. 1159 Main. Oifford Clark 1374 Main. Glawwr Frank 10G1 Main. Goaentino P. 768 Main. C. F. 770 Main Greensfelder A. i 288 South. Unnkler John Res. 188 W. Creighton Res. Clay Res. 195 Banna Commission Honae Tin Iron Works Broker Boa. 39 Harrison 132 Calhonn 19 Arcade Blk 34Leith 488 Mam. Harris Miudo 298 Main. Hams Allen H M D. 1187 Main. Hartraau Jacob 1250 Main. D. L. Harding 259 South. Hayes D. E. 180 Sonth. Heine Fred C. 36? Booth. Hegerfeld Bros. 1177 Main. Howes James C. Main. Hollenbacker L. C. Mam. Hooser David 6tS Main. Earns S. A. 301 Main. Earns E. A. South. Kemp M. W. 319 South. Kensdll Geo 1262 Main. King Henry 1146 Main. KoehlmgerGustavA. 717 Main. Kreibaum Fred 23-i Main. Knnlz Goo. W Res. Ro-i. Res. Res. Meat Market Res. Res. Res. 349 E. Washington 366 414 B. Wayne 179 W. Washington 280 W. DeWaM 139 Wallace; B. Creighton 142 E. 141 Francis 200 Meti Pianos, etc. Res. Res Res. Res. Wall Paper, etc. 27 W. Main 82 W. 49 jndiaoa 269 E. Jefferson 10 Riverside 92 Ban Harness Saddlery 11 Harrison V. S. Res. Res. Res. 258 Main. Langtry W. C26 Main. Larmonr L. B. 183 LarwillO. IK.) Sonth. Lan Thomas 208 Main. Lehman Book Store 1287 Main Lo Sage Ten Brook H, W. Res. 610 Main. Lonllemann Henry' 920 Main. Llbbing L. J. 105H Main. Upes J M. Beg. 32'J Booth. Lltt G. O. 1151 Mam. Long F. B. 120, l Mam. Loesch Geo. H. 493 Malloy Francis 941 Main. Markey Bros. 366 South. McCracken J. K. 1123 Main. Mcllvalna Wm. 068 Main. Meyer Stock 792 Ham. Meese Babcock 1211 Main. Melsheimer S. 714 Main. Meyer Henry W.' 912 Mam. Moeleriog Wm. L. 272 South. Nickolk F. U Harrison 21 W. Crelghtoa 437 Calhonn 81 Oalhonn 114 Columbia Ave Res. 33 Madison Second Hand Store 39 F. G Fulton 7 Cottage Ave 34 B. Berry 52 W. Washington. 13 and 14 Arcade Qrooly 8fr- 28 Maple Ave 1267 Main. Oppenheimer A. Bes. 1174 Main. Parson J. J. fies Main. ParrW. D. Her 843 Mam. Pickerell Lillian Mrs. Hot. 963 Mam. Powell Sherman T. Rev. Bes. 255 Main. Purmann A. A. 196 South. Rahe Aug. Reed John J. Main. Rolling Moinhart Reineka F. J. ReldJ L Hiedel J. M E. Riedel .T M. E. Rippe Henry Rttter Catherine Rodgerg Dcllia Miss Ryan James A tawyer Grocory Grocery 108 Calhonn Harrison 179 W. Jeffvrson 100 E. Wayne 396 8. CUntOB 54 W. Berry 213 W. Main 19S W. Wayne 117 E. Wayne Caw Trl-BtateBlk 1218 Main 938 Main. 867 Alain. 1217 Main. 877 Main. 223 Main. L160 Mam. L7T7 Main. BM. Architect Kes. Moat Market South. Pcboele Henry 1003 Main Soberer Henry Mayor Main. Sohiok M. F.; M D. 1279 Main. KMIng P. F. 640 Main Sites E F 690 Main Sites K P. 1097 Main. Smoot-< Ed. 889 Main. Bomors W. M 178 Honth. Speece T P. 687 Main. Spiegel F. C. Mrs. 150 Main. S'eln Chan F. A, 400 South. Stock Paul 894 Main. Stonder J. H. 8A1 Main. Taft Jas 285 Sonth. Tibbies Fran's E. 181 fflnln. Tomilson W. J. Com. Honse Grocery Res. Res. Grooory Dentist 48K.I W. Mlia 119 B. Mute BomyAve. 23.25 Schmitz GrisW'dd Am SiWeOt 2, Tri-StiteBlk. Harrison A Columbia E ColamHK 4008. HintUI 123 Av0. J 51 Wanhinittoii BW. KM. Km Ma Res ZOB W. SO W. Tblnl 326 W. Jdferaon 484HwtiMlt 87 HflMtta Ate. 9.55 Main, loi Main. Van Fleet, R. A. Ver ViOin 3. 6. W South. WoibelFrfd 164 Main., 191 Booth. WiMtii BtHtJM 181 WWIH Oor. Broil SMW.11 trw.i i