Saturday, March 19, 1842

Fort Wayne Sentinel

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Text Content of Page 1 of Fort Wayne Sentinel on Saturday, March 19, 1842

Fort Wayne Sentinel (Newspaper) - March 19, 1842, Fort Wayne, Indiana I'fllmon, a 'Jtm.cgst of co, Suite tt estimated at oil, j.o.1 Sr lie lintarig aloni 656 S20 Ii, Illmuu llie rood ,3 be grad.J hul lUiAdmnirril ll 19 [n bo continued from he c ol IndmiJa m Vnndahn arMiancoof 00 miles Of 30 havo bern gm- THOMAS T1GAR AT-WE FORT WAV.ME SATURDAY, MARCH 19. 1842 We lar 10 trriunaDin, ilerc n a fcelm- lu lie lur Hi. ol'll MM oflbe un. far Per THE MUSE: i" Hiall marine Tho I'ollomng i. an Mlraci from rd Lil n financial operation, 01 i I ,s ,o ll in diifiun. ol our ULr Ion b ,i JlC. Ill exillallg. lul. bond-, llr i brii ,01 bolide ol our ,1 PIOIOII IbirL is probability of r.ionrj qlii III it in mloy lie guilty mil nolaiioU I law, have ...nil ul UK. VMuts And JMJ U Jilll'S G in J. li.AUIUS. S ,0111 Y (II 0 ,-HONlinL II Ssl. II BIUGIII p. J Her in COIIIII...MOII ivilli Ilii- Our sl......I'ubflun ij I'lm >vu do deny, bul iv a-lt ,tlint lliu circtimaltrncM In win, h ih, .urtound. I bLloro UIFt aru unit1, inn.d One half. ofll.L nhulu oo.nbLr JU, "''I' U..1 lull wit. -.....ui I, IHngt uod d IFAig- cotuil -OINl Illvc -IIILO IDII.cJ Ibt "r.y !Jol Ihosii o lie il Ibeinof Iho and tlitlr roc, 's tic rrmuvfil and tullcijt ur tin einimin Her iif rniin llul better nil is Iliu following i horn nnurihV. Whig, HIL scan, Ihu system n of ila.niaiiaiieirf -K Ibcfle, liappy bour-, Tlioi eamo'in blesl 'it A U for cnll d Lovo Ooirc Aud said lliej.'d ne'er DK: Mar, duclomrv, I A YJOM I'll' s 81 illllll-'jl A 'A'' GOllM CAKK''orjiJi...n Committcr ,VL n.ld so, in. Uo.rJ'ol 1 An bU chlleren' Ibiy rl a I eloqoenee el fhistrucli.iii, wi-n, I.....nd Iho voles did. and are noi be miiTjn ( Ihal acoouni for a violation of U r.liL Moris Hi, pmy l old ibidicliLo -Anolhur class of our tmrtv win for lliu.liill, V.-CH, ,j, lla'.uly HIIL-S of ,vorl Lonsiruind bur ,r MIII loll, to have opposfd if Wlillld have- b, ll Tllhy llll rcumHlanecs which people had been led In- pub- uliuii ur .bib hava I loro tlu.y bad ivo.k-, will, inlor......on II wja tioloilon, Ilium Him iiiveiiiigiiiiuii which its ellnS. ..nil uiulcrlhe wcinlil of Ihiino -OUT _ VTAYMJ of tie 1 JIL fiilliiiiing H nn cxlracl of tin C, ni-i PLf-ch. in cply (lo Ihis Or I- TiViglil ifonco griefs X 10 U II i.lll t do, m, o by oy III, II tJciiLrmlir. H.. Ihuiijliiuru fall from kr, l iw.rt Iho kino Uf Jilt NUiUl.lVbM Iflic, Let 23 I C U R 2B Al By OBO poor Urn M A, U bn pl Tiid by Iy III. Democrats of gi menl ol our syslun of in ed lo ila deformity'.....i'n'l'he no nuinbtr of llie Bemoiral, llio llh num. r on claKsificJlloa was publisliLd Uo fi'iile racls to show (lit, VILW-, of tlit U ltd lion jusl WLrr lliv fears ofll.o c r, IS 17. bul auout llns LOIICUI., men ULLiinio open and, oulrafjt papirnnl.....a riillimiig J oftbavcdtrclt I Upon ytllr bcantuiioH form Tour ato lilip Tbal slli en, ,lo, Ala I, U spurn my ff3-t. ril'uiarry Molly Mpy. Or clio lo I o A JoNATIliM firr jnlclud Fort Oft. aHlh, 183G. Ilio TO TIIE'FIIEKJIEN OP INDIANA. In order lo induce llie lo rally ,n ibLapproiiLlnnif jru.l Whig ruea.uios. Uiinlt ll.e impruJe Syalem and i-lecl a Umlid Sluaa Sro ihe aamc piipir-.ays Th. Inniii.1 DEMOL-RAT. ivbich from cenlnl.position, occopi.-d a pli IM an organ of llm IJcmocialic parlv, held rorrnlly, ,I10 gieai advoc ol HID u[ IH30. ulod uilrnelH liava been eopied from ll (irtnl, a ,iewof Ilia Urn, onU'c1 paity refcrenco I ol. our alFuira und lliu ov Iho Slnlo. Bill llio following rslraeu, will 11, of lir.l papers In advocnlr -a elasiificalioli of Ibr pulil ula limo loo. whm ilia pohcy won hare lliu And il was joined Iblt cour.o by most of Jeinocialir. p, JIBM in lha Hlalo. .But lilll. was siiid hy nflcr pa.snge ol Ihr improvulm- bill, umil iha.spring wiulo, had .el llm classilicalion l.all .d, to bo htlil that spring in Indiaiiapol, Indiana.Democrat coraiiitneticed .eries of iiumberM, detailing MID ganco of ihe syilem. Iho .....omit pa 10 migmoer. and oilier odiecra, Sic. lo 111 paper, dated March 1837, ive find II, "Ijnl ttio ga on tliu irliin are one vrurk banig colnjilelcd. a, jaailt iolrrcit I. be ptld ny'tajdin, lion will Hup, (japltul tvill nol flotv Ilir couliarj oat Bill be la Ibeir muriolll oflb. Slale loalold un I'V Tbi. ta A drfauful can be l.j -The editor could luive pro'diclcd aui- orillillgs, under reeltless c.xtie.i offiVH been sur- prised indeed, could he thi-o have anlicipule, Ihal inorH than lilieuii.millioiid would IIJIVL .been almost iinlirfly loal. .This paper fron lluilliihe onward, wiia excluyivoly to llie causo ot classilivation and llie toppoi ,of clnseilicalion eandidales for Unvi.-rlior__ giving coriioua cxlrucls from all iho .clussili ijiilioi, papers in Sims. Iii ihe nuiiibri .dmed Sib of 1837, we liod Ih, folio ing Mruct published from the "Luuuvilli Public which will show bt-l then any extracl laktn from the Uomoer .how slood at.lhat 111. 1 ublic AdveiliaiT riio Indiana Deinociat ofllie rf i, iaiiaia il) .-rd c.i.fl.1. mu, u, The; VoiiU Bol bave loo ninoy nut pennil lo fall. rapldly complcteil, would pay interest" of ,vldc leguialou of; laUiaoa nudcrbleoU Ibis j.oilil qtuie aa well a? ,R Keatocliy, I'bo U, ,Tlio believe every public expenditure i, nncemnly a load hrifiet al-u loo to (roiled will, Ibe of a Stale miprovenienl like'llie jtreboat.' 1'bey will go le vtirldtd (luring tltlv toiirllilrss Hurt for ujfah II; Ib. iirieni of Iloei'e'rV'ao.l Corn C'rickon alio." Commeni On liloso remark, ij iy. Unfortuiia.el, for; Indiana tiona. hore poinletl bv.ti but loo true: -'In-lho 'Doinoernl' of iMiiv 17. 1837 W find Iho to internal Itnnruvoinaiii. U' s place not icco, I a pohcy.' The 11, morral, aflcr the dl-fCal of Mr )nmrmt. Ihe date of ]Glh de- nidiKpriiiiipl.. ullo gnninii; or e pnnlic moil be rljulfiid piculir tl.e rvil tbc her Kill; ned lia- "via, llie evil ,la) i ircri.iru at a lar morn pe- under worle do ibal Tltlel, prmh-iieu now bo ii-lert-hl of Irl.ioj-, 8100.000, k annually or biker, nod for -.vblcl, Ililerem. mrij tn 'luilnim, I, moK- ,-ell lor dtbti tooKacleil iou-iefct Ibertoo." fill r, Sysleni mid Wliiir nr'rlv liimilatcd uilinna Dcmocrnl was considered In I, called in 'tvei It.cSllll, anu'l'b lay befcr, IIII Ibal vril held llio eoli.o cunliol el llu; S I. iv, Him, ,11 duiiim llio ,vbuli! of IliuitH.ud Illl) HIL v, inor I uoi 0 v, r, of bolh of NIC L epl tho of 1S3U, vilicn, liie I'lalic parly bud u ninjoiily lloiisc, and by their will IIL aLH, elereiieo to Iho IliUlh of llio Jour dlbe jusp, oil opeialions upon ilin public Vjl Ibo forces of [lie I-'cdcial pally wcic u ed lo pievonl a tllspenaion. Every belli ll in Ihe Mouse, except oilf, voled Ir, nd Ihe system; and eveiy whig, niil, i voled In coiilinun it! 'I'hi-, v ICCIIIL- Jc irrf lo I _ II.. of el January, fa and II 0 carry dr-unstnlwll atld dcatk wlici-tvtr lie tltilrmrnl ja They piousrvreln.nedlliauksio God ,1 this uWriicliuliIil had been liefaaled and s for cdllura of llio Oeniocral, him ihey were Uliaiiimnosly d from the olliceofpiiou-rsln Ihu Whig unit System parly; and J. SIIOHK, a "whole sysletn who msincil claimed llm In.iinr oilg- aled the means of paying fitiiittciul italemcnt indeed, Then foil Ihe amount lo b year, tilt, of taxes -led lo meel llie inlercsl on a d provldiofi for completion of tbo Tl, llouesl and leuriled closes' ijius: If net per cenl. innl iniprovelllenls hy an" md I.MHe be nhuntrd "i used so Kuccrsefully by Goi-ein- lllc 'eqnired 111 Ibal Oil ihe21si nf aiiiv. 1R.1li- rlnldh Oil Ihe 2lsi nf Miiy. lR.1li. public din- er was given at Evnusvillii. In Oderll PO who voli-d for 111 Hem of 1830, in pursuance of Ibe Iw luring immrdiaiel er Ihe news of Ihe piuMagc-of Ih. bill. fl'bal Ibi. InerllM: coiaineuj ll: veruor (Noble) of ,.f a ceooral ' and Ibcy liold m e pairiolie services of ll.iwo nf tl, "lleral voted for Ibal aj-MCU "ItrM.lved. Tltal bis boner, tile Cnvcreol bonor Llcnt. end Ilin oteoi rs ol Ibe rieueral hiipporle, lull fo, iiilaroal Im ioviu-d t rlake, fa public duinrr Evao.ville, o, tdiiLBiIa) ll.o -llbol Amotiii; Ilia loa.sls drnnlt upon that oc- iion wure >hu following.- "The Governor oflhe Slate: Ag thu cj ulivo of Ihe Young timiii nf ihe Wosi, lias maintained the digniiy of his slalji.n; a warm and zealous ndvncnlo of internai be merits iho approbation of couniivmen. Ninoclieers. The member, ol Ihe General Assembly Mipporlod the iulernal imp.ovemeut hill 1S3G: The woiks ciiiileinplunl by will be enduring nioiiiimenis ol the wis ol Ibeir and ivill bear Iheir lias In posterity as honefaclors of their miry, as as ihe produce of Iho nr the -merchandize of Ihe merchant, II lie wnfied upon Hi. bosom jho eanals. borne upon the swifl wiooed locomotives he Nine cheers. Our Li.ilt. Governor, Hit hftil services in the calls, of Iiili'rniil irovements, call forth from hia fellow cit- Iho welcome 'plaudii; "well -done, thon ,d and faillilul 1'" wbich Ihe Lioulenanl. Governor res- ided m.a speech, ol which llio following ixitacl: 'I'be censoinnsiuiM, fellow oiuxens, tbal I ,uly had a. majoiily in one bianch of ll Legislature, yet wo Jai-itd Iho l-'eder branch to yield u, nor and llio wo.ks were su.panded. This of itself tlluugh to siilisly ally wil legard In the tree posnioi, of parlies on ih, mud in band. uxed m ih laic niinouklr, nllhoujli Ihey slood -innly pledged to liio nounirj- ilial tl MU to I, ,ol ho to accomplish ilivir igam resorl lo falsehood and deception. The Id and jaded, and nindhrolnii y of LL.IV, ttia ught lulo al I 111.18, (S.gued) J. JOIIKHON, Cumuollee of of lulcrual Inlproveolenl In ISM. lha chief Knsinoer. Mr. .1. L tnado a very learnfid dioivinij iho li.ilnliijiiH and ih, 'I." llie sysicn, ivl.ul, bo cuiiiplrlril in 1850. From thai w, Ills eatimale tin, year 18-12, viz: 37.11011 1110.000 "'E lloa l.appy of loo, InX, a .oi.rco eria.lloc Poi.lic Opinion j cbBngo, annlbtr maj-aiipplaut nio in cllbns, or prove himself mnra wortby ol r confidence; bill wheu all Ibos. liave failed cerlainly Ibal in layiaetbe leu of. syilem.lbal (air, will re- will always afford pleaiiiro and coasolation L'ivlll Dot Dcoi'ftil'a llio Profit on, capital, Ltleial parly m eamjiaign. ill be told lllnl 11 is for you, Ih are lo be levied opon I Ins is only aoolhnr niana-UUe In oblai our consenl Ihe iiiiuuaii......f n -TAX thev atu well convinced you ool pay Jf di.cclly levied. ,1 ,s Ibu rutifiniiM' and nol Ibi ifaclunr o, p.odocer. (A. lax pan ol Ibis giaad of la.valjon oolv ed by Ibe ,s a high ,ax in ,h, -bapo prole.Lllv. duly on it. .-all, iron, spic.-s, id viu loos olher and indiapeOMi- blu uilicles, in common use. Bin >vc appio r-nd i: will be s.....e limo before people. id o-pcciiilly Ibe Inbntiug classes, will-be jnvillced even by llie Boplnsliy ufwlng that III, lol Ibei, mlr.rr.l lo llie only fl i be to OVcrlglowl! Olllllll of ll not illis bul in hold ili.f ih, p h, b ,1 II, l, tun In II u A National 11 III 111, and mako ill lolls ,mil labor of onwary und plod of ilm coniniunily. Ihe "peculalors, nod niplny. To revenues and i, to be. I, ad Ihniugli anblller, bul loir eluaa, n-iil, salaries ao, coitimeltsurale wilh lliu debt of millions and to ,t-h iiiri.uilis and puiMIn such policy. a nI iir) i Wr trl Ift'o "L dL-ngntd mbu poct- oanHu.r hlsonn-pmposor." 11.1. Mllchon ,1 r-" "P- bnd proinisiii" 10 ryu away as Boon as H.ould he liberaicd. I wo persons itat An.................... ivllli uiiniaoly pnaillii ibserviriiey lo Uritul, nli-mtees a llnpllOilS and o adopt sysiiim iifcailcos Lrglslal......... all mural .....I liniment anil obeying only ,ly humlneU lo ledvlal irpie. l.lalloi, sol.inif, ca- ami i-oercllin dflhu dim Ilieii lo e.iop '.I.....I'1" ibu of .ucecli ocl, Ibey ibus piovule iluoouh llanlunpl Illeil Iliitn-sl di-blA, lor Ihe "u'.iiiii u tiiinj -i "ll'llly blKhrr mm, r I r, I t h but nol 1 i r, p Capl: Willu, Iron, Vinunmslu, th, ,1 7 lock (oomioir I r I uas or Mra, and a lino boat' nvo iiinnilis I in ibui ling tbo day.....d slep, .oy nl losbl. Ulilll, some lime' im Oclober. -I' Ki.inml with a M'liulo I woro'oui cr.-'vs my' liavio-r in. Ibo, idles wilh I'OIUT. i ,1, M op: stti vei 111" s'ide we w, ot lip I'Vniii tllt' I' imollier rn'lnd "ill, two In .nlrr'mln rocoghizancns of Hvelve liundred'. dollars ULpltd bad had it enlerod carfio oul p, bin in place of running away i." ..j Ih, jont-mik In. 111. 1C iLllcr, d.gre. of po- ilLiil and pnvale iho l.'su'r .Tl" As miposMble "y iho publm will no dodhi L.mieai dn, Irulhoflho ils Gtiziilio. catiyiH, inaii'uhoild faVo' nnlur'o hml iVas.ono ,f h'-ari-rsaueiiiivoly liNluoiiig lo hi. .efiwrl. am.ini; whiiin, was a HI. who Ihua ai'come'd' lite uforo'aaid nl, did didil'l you comt, t n rich tin nil Ves. llu- people iveH'proridad VVIiv1 do'yon lislt the ilie of ibe and I ace they il-Snl.ynUMdomi.tonp.poinu -.Jl'llo .I'lbil rrdcrtll wliifi pa'My pan of we inle nlnird or II tff Xllrtiit ill lu iJ.-inn.-n.linlf., I mill luver ol'liia co.lniry. I "ill lit) tuculluciiul l.y IVIlnw r us llm IVik-rnl.parly -llie "You miisi Idelni luiiho here rifil n (Kti'iid m Ulnjur K.'mrmoclhij-'bim'm i" ..flifce.-.. "Not nt all." rc- 'li.'il iho toll niniiny luru: bui u.lliidixinc nu.w.j-FiiiQ Tufker fiitiiituru hut no pnper Till I ttliirl. Ihu nlrL-iuly K- niifMr doliidii mill .1 I niouupulititH liutu ID nryii. (heir ivirl y.tu give yiur Nefor D ftte'Chiirf s 1., our c'ttiiiliiiiin in 1842. Ciinini- ild llio HClUiil (jomnicnl is nceil .orlnflhi! Co....... ii .Innunrj-, 1839: ,0, and reil (InllaiH fur 9, .11. aKimiiM n (her i- aii cxUaet from ilm It. lillueof and MCHII X of-TOcrnl. on cacl, for Mm 1B3! oais -17. 411 ait o rc.ili7S..d iiiiEcioiil (nil Ued ID tlm ItcpoiL of tli itcliarco ilia f.tili. e year 11.50." wns scried by R. Hub- iintl tnicw uf luxalii.n wen itieH lliu siipju.Hiu'on iho sy.ileir o-jlil he hi 1850. Iho connlry lor on ri inxnlion would noi, and nivei- ueet tin in complete operation. uf iho WHIG policy, tins n "protective und llui'liilion.ig lo lubor, s.xiuen hour- JUT day, which only ihi-iii ii huro IVilh rcgnrd In ihe ads <.f llio prcacnl mcli. havu hud n I In., u it "ii.iii us i purjod more Imsinest has oeeit lone lliau al any preceding session. Om ncu buliiru you, and 11 IH lor you in pus-t jmly ...usurcH wliicli worn iiL-cod.sury tor lliu rcliiil'iif Ihu in llu-ir piesi-nl pecuniiiry And wliilc 'we iicnrlu-nnj lo llm voice of disi a. nnenlgq A. W. EDS. at w cnlllltry, it lias bl void llm opposi lu nllcvulu iho 17j J On Ihu Kiitiinujlir vl- L-xprinluJ. ilo will ilulocl, und Ihoir pulriotic lovr lol. ihotly ami n niorul huto nf autli per'jl.jy injure llirin pt.ico (inof- nil V.-tii upon MO ir.'iiiplly tj.-ciiiig from power tliu anlhora wild ,.T( The ia with panrtln. it in ihuir liulk-a oul west anlvoi! tn tiuirry nn inun wlio tJotu not lako n und (tirilt.iri.inrc, llity ivoilt nllow -KlNiw io look ill Ihcm who on-os the priii- fcrnnire limn oimycnr'.i Kiom llio Wf.sliiiigUi.1 pnpor wu open tlieaa days if ilio fllailw; nnil wo suflW with llio .o'hcra, il w'tl sci', nj. jiso in' roiiipliiining% i.lion, who. M'lio ivioTif-in Ilia: piililio" If h r.-ro.-mdofiri nut dikn f sh.ill lur ,he on. l-uliauu wiJjh nf frr.. lo -hi, i, ,norO aubJim. jb nu- ui roluinm ;1 Wlir hairfrighlcnDd to dUUi' U> min. ft vinltff, pnfl hb.irtng undfr vWbn; nyomeut of uniiiimnili system ..f 1H3C M V M To f.-i 1 rln-ill ull iis vigor, WuUve bHm'vu .1 n't' L( poi-l nn.Mm .Wiva-.l ve ib, iho 5J 34. u v.umalt-J wo' iTnd .lo will dulocl, und Ihoir pulriotic lovr lol OOU b r" 53 3 4 OOU iftlifl roftil-hiii'i.-br.W.1 fiinslicii: 'The'cfui iflluii- nl' -in pit. length ofibo

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