Wednesday, May 18, 1898

Fort Wayne News

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Page: 14

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Fort Wayne News, The (Newspaper) - May 18, 1898, Fort Wayne, Indiana A CONSULAR COMPLICATION. EUISA.BETH U L L E N ICopiTlgiit. IK'S, by Inf. Lit. ami XewaSer- "She's a-comhig iu very hiuulsoiiii vice.l Cap'u Soper is u master hand to tack." SYNOPSIS. j ..Sllt; ,rot a bone ]n jier teeth, th Anthony Smith, a nuttve of Haheport, .viirnmlv' linn Maine, has cpcnt many i" UK, Span- Aiiranuy ish and French West Indies. On his ro- "Cap n ZebedtfC don L need a pilot-1 turn to HaJtcnort. had. at that time. any port, he's ever once o brisk West India trade, Smith was an- SU r f" fau U, also tiio postmaster of the town. Anthony ship came in. fccrvcs his throo masters in a cuusclentloiis yM. captuju stood in a line o while prcHlOIng over the Prenuli agency he is Monsieur Antoinc. In the jiost-of- war breaks out, Sonor Antonio receives word to turn overt lie archives iu the Fivnuh bgent and dcriart. This is done through Johnny Joan, or ao is in Smith's employ under the three governments, Antonio bundlos up rtie ar- chives and give them to Juan, who takes them across the room where Monsieur An-tolno rccdvcs tliurn. The latter gives U receipt, whidi is yiven tu Antonio, with the assurance that Frauee will carefully guard the records committed tu her care. that Johnny Footusous ami practices baseball with the tocal uh-.e. PAItT IT. On a Mjnarc-hewcil timber near the rdg-e of the whajf pat a row of ancient mariners, talking1 as tliey had (allied for the last twenty years. They were thoroughly neijiinintcd with one an- other's ideas, but certain subjects seemed made to be rolled over and ovpr in their months along- with their o- hacco. Now and then a man stowed bis opinion hi his cheek and sal bileut, but not us a liuie. When other topics failed, the peculiarities of Toiiy Smith a continunl resource. And just now the great national affairs, in- stead of overshadowing1 his personality, Deemed to bring" it more strongly to If phi. "I guess" observed one uf MR- "that (here ain't nobody in this coun- try, outside of the city of Washington, as much interested in (lie waraswha Tony Smith IP." "Well, yon know there's throe of hiii to view il from all wwl an Other. "Queer acting, ain't lit1'.1 Wasn't mental attliclions in his family, thereV" ventured a stranger in {own 8 Massachusetts skipper in for repair to his .'-fhooncr. He was promptly dis ciplintid. ".N'u, resjiomted lhe captain whc had spoken first. Mood on boll tides of (lie house. Anthony Smith i n very likely voting man, excellent, ii every respect. Anylhinp yon observi that looks sing'lar in him is due to hi: stay in lhe West fnjys. Manners am customs IK different there from ours of conrse. and Tony stayed Jonjf e 1o kind of soak Y-m into his natu The other old men nodded their ad heMon (o this diagnosis. ".Now, th.' other n Ihrm, in support of the (CP was in (hi.- post- uflicc talking about affairs like a jj-nod American. Hi, appeared real every thing done that right. Raid lie knew al about- the conditions in Cuba, and wouli! be glad to do every thing in his power to help. His had lived down that way for oight any folks Hvi aiming Kuigenonph to prl well acquaint ed with ih.-m you always emne to lik< tin-in. .Jirnl :is thnt.iMie gan to rain hard; and Tony he weir into lhe consul's mom to shut his "win- dows sn as not in !i-t. his desks get wet, or three of us fnllmvcd along, (alh- :iif. Well, sir. just in (In- of arc- mark I happened to look sit there he stood braced tip stiff against the desk where he keeps his Spanish papers and he was frowning terrible to behold, lie never spoke one word; but his countenance scared me, I tell yet Then T remembered thatin that c tho room he always runs of UK- idee that he. is a Spaniard. I kept-my mouth shut; but Cap'n Tiles lie went right, in and used prclly hard language about the I at his Moevf. but I couldn't steer him off from rocks, not lialf a point. this lime Tony was fixing things over by 1hc other desk. Tor a minute I ex- pected nothing bnf that he would raise hand against Cap'n then it came to me all at nnce, and I wasn't a mite surprised to hear Tony laugh j r.s pleasant and says he: 'Pardon i Captain, but it is my duty to ri-main absolutely rientral.' Ik1 had lo tin: Fn-nrli side of the room, yc HCt'" added n particularly bfatcn old .-alt. evidently C.'sipt. Kxrn, "1 wish 't my ship would mind he helium and turn round as quick asToin At. (hat moment somebody saw a ver- I rounding the point. Hy ivell-known features of her rigging she was made out to be. lhe ".Miranda .7. Cap- lain XrbeuYc Soper, of JIakeport, mas- ter and owner, on her return from Mn- where had gone four months earlier with a load of sprnce htiooks and salted flsh. Her captain was when on shore, one of the ch'orns 'of c'.dcra who sat on tlie. wharf to proph- esy, and lie had been missed. His wife, for whom his ship was named, had accompanied him on the voyage; .ind her return with an assorted cargo news was eagerly awaited by the t.-wing circle. A topic, of conversation was not easily let drop by the seaboard ftnge.f. "First man thatCapt. Xebcdce will want lo see is Tony remarked Captain Nobody doubted it. Then the, chorus took to professional appreciations of ,tlic UUUTKV of the schooner. his wife. Hut everybody was surprise to see a third person with the excel lent couple, a walking bundle of wrap that still was recognisable as a youuj girl. 1'roin under a "pumpkin hood, and above n worsted muffler, gleamei a pair of magnificent southern eyes. Cuban girl! "Our young friend. Miss Manueliti Garcia, of Mrs. Soper toll the captains. The stay-at-home mariners now en joyed the glory of informing Captain Zebcilee that- while, he was on the sei war had been practically declared. "'Tis a mercy that we hadn't been overhauled for ;i and I feel to AT THAT MOMENT SOMEBODY SAW A VKFSKI, HOUNDING THE POINT. be- very declared the uiau. "Now, I must see the Spanish right he continued, "for I've got a let-tor for him from an oh; "riciid in Mutimzas." By this time the local nine had quitted tho field and came down lo the Johnny 1'ootc, as ex-clerk ol the consular agency of Spain, spoke to Captain Soper; "Spanish consul's gone away, sir. Hut he, has left Ins papers with the J'rcnch consul, and you can sec him. He is there. And the postmaster, too, Johnny added, as an afterthought. "HcyV" .-.aid Captain Soper, for the moment "Tony Smith is there all Cap- tain explained. 'Oh, yes, yes. uf course. Miramly, you sec to geMm--- tlic dunnage load- for your sister on ahead to sec Tony. overhaul me af the post olli vour father's ox f "Vcs, sir; 1 gucfc.-; so. Father's just- gut back from tlnMvoodlot, so thcv are 1 ready ami answered .iohn- Kootc, used to eini'i-gcncies. The. sat on tlic steps of the office alone and in deep thought; when he paw some one cominir near, he a small object neatly behind ionic forgetting who lie was just then. .Mr. Smith had been rioing of mind one of lhe rjarettcs of lljo dejiarted An- nio. He arose quickly. "Glad to .sec you. Captain Soper. AVelcomc home ngiiin, In- hailed, i-artily. Jtut over the fine first careless rap ire of the meeting cast :i shade of melancholy when Cuplain Xebedcc, without ceremony, handed n letter to lhe postmaster, who at once paw the handwriting of -i Cuban friend. 'From old boss. Don Serafiito tiarcia." said flic captain, cheerfully, tod many years that- lie hasn't r-Pen ve, but. lie remembers ye well, Tony. His wife has been dead for some time, id he was terrible put to it. to know uliiit- to do with his little gal. You rc- nber MaiineKta, 1 dare Phe <t havi: been :i mile of a little tot. lime that yon wen- then- in Malagas, ihe ain't but sixteen nuw. Well, n'wifu just took to thai swoet, pretty rrealiu-e. and we've brought her home ,vith us to stay a lit. any rate till he troubles in Cuba arc over. The vay Senor Carcia talked about, yon, Pony. I thought kind of desired that von might, t.-ikc a notion lo marry her. Well, his letter will speak for him, and URt go along now, for here are my women folks." They made a picture as the ox can up tha .street, ihe two women seated aunong a heap of sea-ehes-fs, miles, nnd a queer, foreign-looking mil black trunk. The baseball nine ind resoJve.d itself into n guard of mnor. .Tohnny J'ootc bo re. the ox-goad, md gce.'d and hawed in a friendly ftush- on <it the big, lumbering animals. "flenve to, shoutrd Captain Soper, uud the, team was halted. "Here's Tony Smith, said he. captain. "Make you acquainted vith Miss (.inrciit, Mr. Smith." One blue, mitten, so spacious that it lad an appearance, of emjttiness, was mlled olT by .some, force coiiccn.led in ts miife, and a slender lilflc creamv d was timidly extended toward y. Maniiclifa had learned that ii ilwayi rtook.MiMJi. be took her Blight fingers, the lifted h Bhot a BO 'brilliant glance straight into his eye end down into the heart of Anthoi Smith, of Monsieur Antoine, even as f an the heart of Senor Antonio, late co snlar agent of Spain at ITakeport, an now in parts unknown. That glau was a formidable is su posnhle that in Cuba there may be mo of the. .same sort. "Which is a. danger be reckoned with by an invading: hos Tim leain started again on i way, Captain Xebedce walking behin "Von be sure and coine tip to see tliis evening1, .Airs. Soper calli out to him. "Thank you, ma'iun; I -will wii if 1 can. lint this is my bus he replied, vaguely. lit- watviied the group uiifil it tiirne the corner toward the Byram hous Then he. thought of Don Scraiino Oa cia's letter, and went into the post olli. h. read it. Hut it was addressed to Senor A tonio Smith, consular agent of Spa! fit Hakcport, V. H. A. The postmaster sighed. "Xot forme he judged. Then he had the right idc "That letter must- be consigned lo th French consular He looked around for a messenger but Johnny by this Mine WHS probabl helping to unload Uie ox team, so thr Mr. Smith was obliged to carry in pe son the letter. He laid it upon ihedes of the French consulate; then ecate hinib-t'lf and opened ihe envelope. TJo Uarcia wrote thus: "My very dear and esteemed frieu "That's one of me, noted Monsieur Antoine with satisfai lion. "I am committing no jndisen lion. The letter is not of a persona But as be continued to read, the Joy; diplomat begun to have his Kcruples After some, generalities concerning tb state of the island and of business, h ;aw these phrases with nlarm: "To yon, mosf excellent friend, I wisi to recommend nay only daughter, Man leliia, the eye of my soul. To a fathc DC it permitted that-he speak if your heart, dear Don CInp, went thu palm of JloiiKic over lhe fiiKiiing words, (Ii :ib might not behold t-ht-m. "This i loo personal by lie declared, iiivc no right to learn the private, af 'airs of ray ex-col league. Tha ivould be and hi gave a very Gallic laugh and shrug. But Postmaster Anthony Smith hat leartl what Ca.ptain Soper had sail about Don Seraiino CJarcia's hopes, an seen the baseball nine returning nun escori duty. Mr. Smith ran to the "nor of oMiee. "Say, hr (-alien lo his icHHiim. "Von nin liai-k and tell Mrs. that 1 shall have pleasure of illing- on the ladiev this evening." Tin-: THAT MAX is not layy wiiosfi Hvei is rpid and whosu bowels are clogged up. u umls PIMCKI.Y ASi! JtlTTEKS. Its causing and stimulating properties will :kly restore activity, energy ami An enleHaitmienl. will be given by Hie Linmdry I'ninii (ho evening uf May ItltO.MO-CKI.KRV. The >var f-eai't! eau-e.-; heailaehes. This remedy cures I hem. '-I-, In hv Clro-s Jt PeNeiiS. Tbt Ptcktd to Dwii Lut IflCttt and Audience wai Stajiding room was wold at tho Temple hist night, and another good iierformnnt-c was given by the VjuiDyke Hilton puny for fen cents. This is the bwt show of lhe kind ever in 1'ort Wayne, and is better than many 10, 20 and e shows. The tnusieal specialties and clay modeling of prominent men were piecing feu turps, also "Queen uf tin- Night Dunn-" by fiu- the best we have ever Mjen. 'i'.t- light, "A Tallow a com- edy, will he played, introducing many specialties. Now ninsiotl acU and views from Kdfcun's vitascope of our lost battle ship '.Maine. AMUSEMENT NOTES. One of tin- most interest ing uianifc.-ita- tiuiis oi tlie later theatrical WM.--OII in Xew Vork ix the continued of .Mrs. J-'i.-ki> lit the Hfth avenue theatre, .she is drawing larger aiidienees than sho did a. year ago in " of the rrbervilJes." ilrs. Fiskc's prc-scnt en- gagement prom it (o exeeed in du- that uf last year. She is now ng her eighth week. There, i.-i no ngn ir diK-reasc of interest in her acting, and Yom f ho outlook hot weai her .ilone, will abridge her season. In her ilniihlc hill, "Love Kinds the Way" and "A Uit ol Old Jfrs. Ki.ske is de- lighting York's best theatre pat- discriminating lovers of the best in art who Blum the theatre when ihe superficial and the meretricious hold in it. Mrs. l-'iske's present season In Xew York has proved beyond question, in short, that she, has won in the me- trojtolis a following wlinsu patronage is it once a compliment and im oncourage.- nent fo flu; highest endeavor. It is ?uch following the appreciative vupporl which other cities have given Airs. 1'isK-e in tho that will inspii-o n lier a IILMV variety of artUtie efl'orf, md the more .surely enable, her in the rulurc fo maintain her position as (he iiojt oiiginul ami enterprising artist on ihe higher line? of tin: theatre in this Country. Alr.s. .Kiske's great in 'acf. .show.-; fhiif, high ideals, persistently niul illusf.rntcil by genius, win Tfiignition and reward, even at a lime vhen arisfocratin ambition and effort arc lisC'Ouraged by many of thosi 'al control. Advanced theatricals in >c in n. raf.her ludicn re J.ibrc. wliieh has presented all inan- icr of literary and has won much irnipo and much approhiiuin, now conies orward with "Lc Petit nil adap- of airs, llm-neft's "Liltlc J.or.1 "auntleroy.71 Jtt-ally America is a mime i conjure with now in dramatic The continued .succors of "Hhuie Acres" s an object, Lo theatrical n fin- value of native plays. This is Mr. A. ]feme's sixth nnd lust, .season in Shoii! Aeies.'1 Jfr. Jlernc and his coiu- Kiny will ajiponr at. Hie. (iruii.l UK; last uilf of ncvt week. Seats will he mi ftili- .liHulsiy al tint J'onihrokc. I had a hitch of fen men liaul.-tl i icfm-c me in the (inlicc cunn the oth ay cltiirgfd with cock lighting, t lim -imply liccail-c I wMied Iheill fo "i 'icliibcr Ihr ma lull. Cndy (Ituiruln liitl) i'-li-.l in week t-linrgwl .illi imhiiig up ti-nti Hint flii! hnr-c.- (miii-fted with flic show might not. ti imlitieil in the cm-. Tin; .li- hailed Col. Cody, tin- work was hi Nine, and severely sciircd I he t-ninplaii nt. Tom Murray, the comedian, who ha id with fjivat public favnr in Londim. a- -eciircd the Ainei-icaii and Canadian lo four JOnplish meloilninm.--, "In ic Diiys of Croimi The khnenth II. The pailnership uf Lillian KiHM'll. >clla l-'o.x mill JdVerson DC Annelid cinls lis week, when "The liay" nishe-- it.s season in Xew York. The M-IISIHI of tin- Coliried has Hlc-I at the living I'aLu-e tln-ati.t in w A Sorma n-luriicd al ici; to ii'eniKiny. Snl Smith will sj.cnd lhe -IIHI- iT at. Ituw.iirds' May, His mnn- Kivd Hcrger. has gniic to his home i Washington. A dramatisation of Anthony .Hope's 'MiroMi" be- prmluced by thc-Y Kui- ixi Theatre Stock company fall. Joseph will ojicn tour in The Uivals" at the Fifth avenue llieairc i Get. 30. cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because Una great remedy can cure them all. It ia a cure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure he- gins with tho first dose. The relief it brings IB marvelous and. surprising. U makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure ia certain under the use of this groat health-giving foree. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by Otto G. Klinkeuberg, drug- gist, Fort Wayne, Ind. mtw The city street and park fortes were pajil yesterday. 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