Saturday, May 7, 1898

Fort Wayne News

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Page: 14

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Text Content of Page 14 of Fort Wayne News on Saturday, May 7, 1898

Fort Wayne News, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1898, Fort Wayne, Indiana JACK BURGITTS HONOR. EJMUM. .'ICOJOIII I ri, KB, by Int. Lit. and News SMS purchases, packed them caref villy into i vice.] u starfedi down the street I PAKT I. to return to camp. Ho looked bunk I -H -was to Uie mining ilays oi more tjliln lo no one. fol- lilnek Sort, wheji rumors of gold iu him, aud lie walked in several dif- hills were first whis- directions befom ilnnlly striking jjered urmnd. that Jack Dnrjjitt and a .traighl, path that would: lead him to .Dick Hamilton formed1 a partner-shil! had ami invested their check jwiplo territory to work in, for other provisions to last another jtaoro liclils of operation iu moiith, inchiilirijiubiitbottleof very in- j.CQjifamio had1 attracted most of the different wlii-shey and a dtozen plutfsof and only a few and'then they alsosetoilt. upon iguino -mem kad piniu-il' their faith to linviujj no fears whatever jBlaek Jtaik uad scattered themselves WOuld earc to follow them, [along talks of tin; nrishlioriiig. ..Jf doll.t Ililvl, ,llis wash Hie precious metal. I said Jack, as they Irmljrwl UnmilVm anil Burgrilt penetrated a up stakes ami g-o u bit fur- iflozcn inilen into <thc hills and settled into I( OIlp mun j-opoij ttc bank of a. tiny brook- whose wimh Uvo tuOusan' dollars' wutli ia leazda showed traces of jjold. Tlicy built thrCB wcekSi to reason there's ift Bhanly, eoalaininu bunks, a [Q jest as Jikc- Hablo unt a bench, rifrgnl up ,i rude, !y Jo in Ohio, ami longed to be able to Assist, his old1 mother and numerous brood, of younger chil-' 'Jltcj hud mot- by accident, umJ, (forming of those .sudden friend-! iertDiHXJ their search for go id. After a month's linrd work.'tlieirpro- trade li lor a further supply of gro- ceries. Ttcy rcaliwd Ihry hud not. been vc-.ry but wcrrloo inexpcri- 1 "We'd best {five, it up, ol' Diclc would say, at times. answered his "we said- we'd .stick the month out, au' so aiirl whatever Jack decreed v sure to be convincing to bis friend1. When two weeks had passed Jack took an afternoon off nnd went Into tlie Mils with his gun to bunt for game. To Dick's surprise lie was back within. the hour, destitute of game, but willi jui eager expre.ssioui npou hds face that betokened a discovery of some sort. he. .said, hurrying- up to his partner, "guess wliiiit I've, demanded1 Dick, witlioutat- teraptinff to guess the riddle. "I've seen ol' man Hiuvks goin' over to Black with a sack o' dust so heavy he could hardly tote It.. Au'it's on'y two weeks sense he put 1 wo thou- Baii1 dollars in Brown's Dick down upon ;L rock and gave a long-whistle of amazement. "Where'tl yc see he inquired. "Not. inore'n- thirty rods aivny -over by the. edge, of the bush." "Did lie see "No, I kcp' out. o' sight, lie want, no um: io wee, where lir come from." For a few minutes lliey i--at regard each other thoughtfully. Then .Tack whispered, "Dick, that, were Ihe doggondes-l heaviest bag o' dust you ever Again then: was ;i periml offence. "What'K we best do, Jut-kV" asked whisfcey at In terra IB that .before long the big bottle was entirely empty. After that they grew surly, and al- most quarreled with oiio another over the most trifling things. Burgltt smoked his pipe persistently, and lay upon the grass hour after hour, buried in deep thought, while Hamilton made iierce inroads into the "navy" as he pondering upon a rocli. "It don't seeni said Jack, one evening, "ft-r that man to be inukiu his pile while we're no thin1." responded alowly, "il don't seem right." "Some continued Burgltt, "wil light outer him some day, stick a knife In him, an' jump his claim." "Very agreed Dielt, soberly; "secli things happen at times." The con versa! ion languished here nnd both returned to their former musings, only to resume the topic the following morning. "As a Jack amicmnced, abrupt- ly, "I b'lieve in honest. Mother allus said that ;i man as Icep' honest would prosper better in the long run. Hut when I think o' the oP lady alarin' her life uway at home to bring up thai lot o' brats, un' how eomf'tablc I coult make her if I Iiad the dust, I'm 'mosl j temptetl to jump ol' Ilawhscsclaimmy- F.elf." Dick looked at him curiously a min- ute. lie whispered, hoarsely, "I've ben thiukiiT o' ihat- myself. With Mold 1 could go marry Susie; demanded .Tnck. "I couldn't bear the sifflit o' her clear ryes el' 1 knowetl 1M stuck u man to git the Jack moved uneasily upon the. grass and turned his back to his pnrl Presently he said. "ItV near time HIP man tn make another trip. He must hcv' quite a heap o' dust on hand by this lime." "I was thinkin' o' said Dick, willy. TO BB CONC'LUUKIX HE ROBBED A GIRL. SCHANE IS IN TROUBLE. Xaow how valuable the, little Hamilton, at last. hag of g filtering atoms might be. He i my mind. they barred the door of Uieir shaiitj 3'011 we "'hat ye think of and started on (in1, twelve mile wnlk tu it. -It's plain 'nongh that that ol' fcllci vlftiigc. I nas struck it rich, while we're, :i plnd- QnJucj Drown was in those days th JACK. ftf J aslw'd him; but lift's out. in the grocery now, ye. wantcr sec how he don't help ourM-hvp. .So I'M get bark Jooks. Tam'tmy to tlio trail sujip-r, an' watch till other forkxrs Kt-erete, an' yc'd better IJ.iwks overnight. For Constipation us. as for Files. It docs ail this pcntl: nnd promptly, yotitisno miracle It relieves the inflammation, turo does tlio rest. It is worth it. weight in gold in every I'amllj Over 10O doses in a 50c. bottle irial size Sfic. Ask for Circular Sold by Drufrtrlsts. B. F. JACKSON CO., froprlnton CLEVELAND, 0. tid WILMINGTON, DEI Solil by All Hmsnrists. JIfycr liros. S. Wliolcsalc Ageuta. TO THEIR LESS FORTPRATE SISTERS j A tUKE ROAD TO BEAUTY The Mlssos Bell, ot No.78 Filth J York, now oiler the jmblic generally the i Complexion Tonic which tlicy have so long I used fiuccesafully In personal treatment. 1 THE MISSES BELL'S I Complexion ionic bM almost Immediate cflect In clearing and 1 brightening the eUn, It docs not cover tip tho blcniialips pnwders J and poetcs do, but is a colorless liquid that, J when applied to the sVin, does not eliow. I It cleanses the pores of the Skin of all poisoD- j ousaudforeiRti filllngsauddlssolvefieiitlrely freckles, pimpiea, blackhcnda, moth patches, i excessiTeoIlini-EsorrednefisInthesfiin. lit I vm IB so simple that a child can follow dirce- J tiona and cot the best result. The llieecs Boll have placed the price of their wonderful I Conxilexion Tonic at 81.00 per bottle, which is sufficient to clear tlie ordinary skin. 5 ONE BOTTLE COSTS YOU NOTHING If the cflcct is not exactly us claimed, EO that you take no risk in sending forJt The price, plucva It tvitma wereacn of all. It will absolutely clear a poor coin- pleslon and beautifj" a pood one. This gen- emus offer should be ncrcptwl liy nil. Ladies can address The Wises Bell on all matters of Urn complexion nnd hypicueintbe strictest ponfidonce, nnd satisfactory advice 3 will be riven promptly without charge. An interesting pamphlet Trill be sent upon re- I celpt of stomp, jSddrcss all commnnlcatlona aou send all Oldcrs to Tbo Misses JJell, or I THE BELL TOILET CO. J No. 78 Fifth New York. For sa'c in FOIL by JJVueae ftmUe, SO Cullioau St. FriifiiB MeraotT Sichtly Emls- iianu. uto, oauawl hy pnm uhUBoa, utvw Tlxor find siro to plininkon oriiiini. und qolcklj oat lurrli rentncen Lnst Jianttooti in old or r on Off. FnalljcBrrieil in pocket. Prioo f J.OOnpncUoco, Bli for fa.fHt'rith a written aactranlfo to career money ri-funtlfif. linr AH IMITATION, but Innist on hivvina 1NBAPO. If jour draituitt linn uat tot iU ni mil send it nreimid. UIH1JOO Ol- I'ruprs Ctileifo, HL nr IfMlM Gross Pcllens, Cor. Calboun and Wayne Streeta. HATTERSLEY SONS PLUMING, OAS STEAM AND HOT AVATBB HEATING AUTISTIC AFOOD MAKTLES AND TILM FLOOHS AND 48 East Main St. HOPE HOSPITAL. Itefttlj icrettij enlufed. Tbe mtw ftrl hrited ind rent lilted in ihe mo it KXH- ner, ind the routni ire furnfihed rlckly aid mnm- fo-'ibly for the exoluiive UK ol prints fktluto. rbe pttronige ol our own people li talUltrt. Terms reaiontble. 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