Friday, November 30, 1900

Advance Hustler

Location: Advance, Indiana

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Text Content of Page 1 of Advance Hustler on Friday, November 30, 1900

Advance Hustler (Newspaper) - November 30, 1900, Advance, Indiana THE HUSTLER. ^ Devote<l to the Interest of Advance and Surronndlng Community. SUBSCRIPTION 75g Pt YEñrR. NO. 6 ADVAjNCE. INDIANA, FRIDAY NOV.30,190a VOL.2. Ixhanksgivin V^Well if this here aint Tbanksglvin' ♦) I'll «woller niy old hat. y^l didn't know .twas half so soon. ^ Now what <lo you think o that. /^I'ni standing in the dinin' room, Near two lable» three by ten, ^And they'r load«>d down with pstins, ♦ Thank thf Lord, to no end. Well Grandpa Ris come here a bit, ^ And look at this here table, ^Ifihe ain't iiist a beauty. I'm tellin' you a table. kdiet let me ruiie thii winder tbade, ■ So we can hare «onie light. We want to take a brief surTejr, You know you've not much «ight. So I'll tell jrou what it here, Aq your eyesight is a failin' And if anybody come«. We'll go from here a ■•Ilin' ThistirRt thin^ it apuddin' 1 know its for yourself. She's as rich as any banker, And nerer «pen a shelf. The miceknow 'bout her, But v-ou will bye and bye. This next thing here's-a honey-A home made pumpkin pie. And this, a crusty cruller. And a (las8 of raspberry wine. These arecnokias cut in squares, My goodneas don't tbings shine. And here's a plate of aausaKe, Boiled ham, and its sliced thin. A stack of custard pies, A baked guina and a hen. And here's another row of pies, Ked jelly and strawberry cobler. Another plate of good meats, A turkey hen and gobbler. Well here'B a bowl of ptrayy Thats worth its weight in gold. And here's an old home coffee oak«, And the story's not half told. This is a stand ut honey. And these are celery sticks. Sere's jams and yams and jellies Well aint tbiogs in a mix. And there's more stuffa comi«' Grandpap please op« that door. In all the land of appetite, 1 d on't see room for more. And there's a roll around curley sake, Withj llr smeared lietweon, As light as any wafer The goodest ever seen. And here's a bowl of chicken broth, As rich as yaller butter, With crackers crumbled in, It's rivaled by no other. An I h"re' 8 some punch penady, A dish of candy too. Two stringe of homemade taffoj. (iranipap gist take a chew. Well the smell ut this here dressin' Mades me want to take a bite. I'll say life aint worth livin' When you loose your appetite. -—.Max, Ind. [The worst feature we can see to the above selectioa, is beeaus* it is too much of» tantalizer for ths typo. My mouth watered and my appetite expanded while setting the piece. Ed.] i A 3151 W.SanâLulaM.Lasley, Opticans and Dealers In Watches, Clocks and a Kinds oiJewe LOCA.L Stephenson, Dentist, Jamcstow*. V. r>. Sppncer- W. M. Hurt of Lf>])anon liiive ()])<'nfMl ii|) a r<';i!i'statfM)iii( <» tluTH nnd i nro spi'iiiiiiii^ (jiiit«' trjUi«^ , Koful thoii- ;m1. ill t his pii])er.: j A Into repoi't from Tuion ^ parries «i<\sirp that wo inform ^ the pt'oi^io lliat rnioiif'liiiri )i ■ will not b<' (l«Mli('a.t<Ml t lie Ist. i Siiiulay as annoiinci'd previously. Tiit»r»Mvill ht^prf'ai'liiTijr however ain! protracted meet ii)^ will br'^in on M(Mn];iy ni«rbt. L. \V. Kii'tl(\v glial antfHK his work. know i>y juist (loaline-N tliat be is reliable. No less than fifty rnr loadw of «rraln, sttx-k will be Hbipi>eil Vroni this station in this month. 'U aaâ îmm iiìaclilii8 o Jamastown Dentist. H. E. Sherill of .\iax, will leav« next Thursday for rStatesville N. (\ to visit relatives and taKe a hunt, lie Nvill be f^one two weeks. We was ^-lad to gx^t his subscription this week. Chas, Miller ha*4a new eign. ISIEWS. Ben Shawley in very poorly T ncle Ben Shawley reci«iitly met ciU'i of his old school mates of 00 yeara ago. The telephone Company recent ly met and made a large order for supplies. Dentist , Jamestown. The T.^lephone Co. are atill extending- their liseB and will soon l.ave a large liet o' •phone.s out. Every person in well jileased with the «er-1 Vice a ad / very patron leasing his influence for a greater ex- 11 si on of the lines as they now see thebenefiVsthat are to be derived from it>. We can set in our homeH and talk to almota any part in the state let) tlie go9d work go on. I lOvei ybody subscribe. ' Dentist at Jtimestown. Frank Bateman will soon have liis room remodeled. Mr. J. V. Ross and wife rs-turned home Monday. E. Yanarsdalhvent to Ladoga Tuesday night. Luramie Canada is slowly improving. HURT. Spencer & Hurt Real Estate Agents ® and Sale Criers. ® WiiST SIDE SQUAKK. Lebaxoit, Indiana FIRE INSURANCE. Strongest Companies Prompt Adjustments Reasonable Rates >^For pun Partlouiara Ad4r«aa*^ Cfhas. L» Harris Orawfordsville, Ind o«l Block. •• i •s

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