Friday, November 9, 1900

Advance Hustler

Location: Advance, Indiana

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Text Content of Page 1 of Advance Hustler on Friday, November 9, 1900

Advance Hustler (Newspaper) - November 9, 1900, Advance, Indiana THE HUSTLER. ^ Devoted to the Interest of Advance and Surrounding Community SliSBCRIPTION 75g Ft VE/VR. NO. 2 The Hustler- ADTAVOE, INDIAVA. Ghjas. MGD®ni®lS4îtor ■»l*r«4 at the Tost Office at Adran««, iM&UKama Moond olast mail mattar. ADVANCE, INDIANA, FRIDAT NOV. 9,190a VOL. 2. Toor par«'' dìsoontined at tb« ftlrstla of your r»uhnor4ptInn unica« «tbar-wlM »otlfled. A l'Ine \H-notl tnark ( X ; fwU )«wlaff jonr naiua danot«B the exfUrattoa ofjrMf ■ab«!riptioD. rrKM» OF ■CABH RATI.- Qna Taar ?»« fttX Montba..................... Ttu-M Moaibt.....................«>® OaaMoath ............................»«a ■agto Copy ..........................••• ▲4T«rUainK ratei ar« Tory Jow and ar»-ikmw» on appileatloii. The Indian Massacre on Kerr's Creek The Story of the Bloody Tragedy as Related by the de-ceudaiits of those who Suffered. Bv Rev. Samuel Brown. How soon do the exciting scenes of a past generation pass I into oblivion amongst the living! Who, even the ritizens of Rockbridge, as they pass down the beautiful Valley of Kerr's creek, know or tlnnk anything of that dark and bloody day, more than of the Valley of Kerr's Creek. They could see the smoke oi the white man's* abode, and mark the encroachment upon what they claimed as their hunting ground given tliem by the "Great Spirit." With passions thus excited, they were prepared foir l>l)e deeds of Has Jamestown a dentist? Yes. What is his name? Dr. O.E.Steveson. Where did he graduate? At the Indiana Dental College. Where is his offioe? Opposite Phenix hot'l. D«f«t«d to tb* int«reat of AdvasM •■« pipwimlty. _______ graph ia niark«dwUha bl«« _t«a that vnu ar« lo4»bt«d Ut «t BUbaoriptlon, and wa w»)ild to have yoii callaod ««ttla. a hundr^ years ago, when death blood before them that day. Has-and dejstruction in their most | tuning down the mountain, they horribl« form swept over its in-' '^ere on the head waters of the babitanteV j Creek—twenty-«even warriors There is reason to believe that j marching in '^Indian iile," as the savages had, for soma time, seen by Mr. Irv ire. Their de- meditated a visit to this settlement. Some WMks befor«, two boy», Uo.- ther isrere returning from school in the evening, when they saw a naKed man near their path, standing behind a tree, and trying to keep the tree between him and them. Not knowing «hat it it meant, they were alarmed, and running home told what they had seen; but it was not thought of much unlil after the massacre, when it »va.s believed that the person seen was one of their spies, sent to examine the condition of the settlement. The party of Indians which separated from the main body at, or near, Oli Millboro', in Bath county, made their way directly over Mill Mountain, ^bout two miles north of where the turnpike now crosses it, at a low place, still called the "Indian trail," and falling over the waters of Bra?ton's Run, theycros«-ed the North Mountain where the road crosses it leading from T<exington to t?he Alum Springs, and where » large heap of stonee isBtlll to be seen, touching ti\e road, evidently put thereby the Indians at some time,probably as 0 T r^l101 r' between their tribes. 01 J BWBllL I do not think it a stretch of im-! agination t o suppose that these inQpninp i painted v irriors made a pause lUaUUiUU p^g »tones, per- hays the land-inarK of their fathers . Here they bad a full view L W KIRYLEY mmmr. Lebanon, Indiraa. Palnlefts Bxtraction of T«*lh W,SanilLulaM,Lasle7, Opticans and Dealers In Watches, Clocks and all kinds and Sewing m Supplies M termination seemed to be an in diaerim^at« slaughter V'if eral burning and deatructioi? of property. No prisoners were made by them on this iirst visit. All who wer« mad« prisoners were taken in the second invasion, two years afterward. The first house reached by them WHS thatof Oharles Daugh-erty, where they murdered ihe entire family. They then i rs-oeeded down the creek the home of Jacob Cunningham where W. Moor»» and C. Harpsew live. Cunningham was from homo and his wife was killed, and daughter about ten years of age was stricken down with the tomahawk. Thinking her to be dead, they scalped her. She revived after they had left and lived; but was destined again to fall into their hands, on the second invasion two years afterward, when she was taken a prisoner and carried to their towns in Ohio, where they put on her head what they gave her to understand Wfts her own «OHlp, and with great mirth and rejoicing danced around her. She was afterwards redeemed and brought back by her friends, and lived for forty years, and eventually died from the effect of the scalping. Her head had never properly healed, and turned to a cancerous affection. These strange €HAHT SMITH has a rebtau^ your pati^îiagé. Candies, Ci^rs Etc. - m-i^ J. C. SMITH AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIO. ADVANCE. IND; ou want the best sfcare In town go to the leadin« barb«r Ify Ito Ghas Miller The neatest hair cutting Agt. for Eshleman's La Shop in south end out. Laundry Continued on 4th psg»'. Dr. j. a. HAMILTON, of Advance, treat* diseaiM of theEYB BAR KOBE AND THROAT. Does general practice and examines eyes and fits BintableglasBesfor same. Read the Hustler éÉLiuk

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