Friday, September 14, 1900

Advance Hustler

Location: Advance, Indiana

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Text Content of Page 1 of Advance Hustler on Friday, September 14, 1900

Advance Hustler (Newspaper) - September 14, 1900, Advance, Indiana THE HUSTLER. Devoted to Tlie Interest of Advance and Siirroinidin«:,' Coniinunity SÜBSCRIPTION TSg/JT YE/^R. NO. 46. ADVANCE, INDIANA, FRIDAY SEPT. 14. 1900. VOL. 1. f\LWf\YS SOMETHING A(lvaiK'»\ Ind. .. ^ To tlip Ihistler and com- gi^'-i" lïf NEW AND up-TO-DATE:.......K....................... A '■'ciï -'V'V A V'Vi 'M ¿ri At Sullivan, l.ea[) & Dean's. ^ Honest iroods. Honest ])riees, ^ ^ Partk'ular scvleetioiis^ ^ ^ Xuinei'ous values, ^ § § ^^ Ö n .s LA/ ? Deeiiiig Coin Sin^ß^s osüe see ha^u! rake Cf\MPf\IGN llie liveliest Hue the iiuirkel. niotlicr 1() stand ]).v ¡ind sec l»al)y in his innoeciisc. siiftVr divalli. It ^»MMnf/'d nianv tiincs l)('ì()i-(' (]oath iinally canif to liis rclicl' tliat wc »-onld no lonuer stand it. )ait. oh! onc comfort, tliati Jod liivcii <om ci 1 forì. in liis little snfÌHi-iiii:- conntcnancc. wc tiiink w iìiìiì cH'.vw seed (nitters ìov saic. tliink wc conld scc tIic snllcr- in.u' of tlmt Ilol_\-c]ìild. .Icsns: —^—-—— suitcì-iii.i:'on the c?-<iss foi' .-ili nianKiiiil. and wc. rltroniili JIim lia\-<' lio});' (>f <'t('r]i;i] liic in )ia})i|inpss v.iiii inihcr. Porcelaùi liiied licls for glasscaiis, tiiilids niotlH'ì'. nahy. sistf'rs. bi'oili- cis and ii-if^nds. !.ct iis i(»in fox wPóX sealers, tiii caiis and sealing wax. li;ì]ids in tlic ('lìi-isi ian \\ar- _ _ _ _ _ __ i * shoes on Yon can buy tliem w.- n.ayni.vt on tiic ^t i^e^.soiiahìe i>i:ices cf Side oì snitfi'iniz'and smini'ss. - — — — Hf\TQ FIRE INSURANCE. St ]•( •niic^i ('()!iij !;niit's J'r< 'iiipi .\diii>t lii'Mits Tor run Pjrticuiars AdclrcES Clias. L. Harris sorro\v and ]);ii;i. and. Insl --- OÎ ajl. dentil, ll is wci-lli TlicCon-ivssional l.hiilinir =nid .-an-ct it in CJlirLs.IC.Me Claiiie. lndian;i |)()]is.lnd. on l.olli si.i<-sis.-nlcnialcd to i'<> way imt i.y tiic An-. L>.- 1 <)0(» imi.n>ssnnpiviudi.-<Ml,HM-s(,i,s T.J.Hudson. i \ '¡'ii(' to im'orm of t lie (ÌC foi-tlioii- nnlirin-- vi-li^i-y (^f Hie McCormicK Willi tlh' idea that neither ^nv l.oim t o die. To t his coin-side would l.e sni-prised to sec t he ot hei- eoilt I ol t he ' tiienexi iioiise The mar- < ^ne only leni-ns t o m;iehin.e at P.-iris. which \v;is Li-ill is likelvtobesma!! either 'ovin- kind- pni.lished on ilie L^L>iid in l() ■ I'V sa.lex].erienees. ^^Hlici- CrawfordSVille.Illd h lonv.dewith Chas. ^V.'a-ain heo-'.pnce lo ex- | , , ,v<.rld. nml .r ■■■ ])ress onr thaiiKS ' I Yours lies]) which will soon ajtpear in 7-> \\"ard Daniewood has a; Xomeii and Ada Mc('lain <>t hers. .\o other itart of the broken M 1 1 >!i 'Cli . . irfilllei^ l^ anrl- tì^ld tnals at (;ouloiiini.^rs. I and uinter cloTliinii- now on i ■ \ . . . ^^ —¿.^^.v ji ìRBE>R .■xliil.ition.u ciia's. MH;ia- V'"!'''^^- ......! wl'-i-" won tFe TitfïTîe.t^ nie s Ll'1'< »cerw ^■oiu h ( •! ^ \ l)hìce is vacant in onr medal and- . ; " , , home w h ich c?in ne\-eid)e lill- .n-o v. . 'ri.i i,.;,! A new ..a!:,, Clm^. Miller's Lit tie ( hn rlev Willmm Ih-oshnr. s,,n (,f John K. 'ondnctedI.y thedepartnieiit Mollissn, r.roshnr. w;is born oi the S.'ine. and bein- -ov- Oin H. Oci. in. 1 Si)<). j)i,>,l Sepl" 1 K -rnmentnl and IIh' i:\p()siti- I'.IOO. .v^-ed 11 moinhsand on bein-a -o\-ernment- en- 1 .I.v, Whii.ii ¡sth..i, i„s.. Opticans and Dealers ( ; ! I ( ' i 1 ( » I t r ( , I I ! 11 1 • II • 1 and paiia. ¡s ;iii smiles. ^....... li .I. FOR E'SHLEMAiFS 'idi'^ -I'-h are improviiu:. machines shown a1 i1r . In G-o To a.M.lhii-oir a busi- ii i.. ( ¡ods eî ernal -aim for Ile-S I J-ip 1 O ( "'s-iile J\/\on(l;i V. { ' ! 1 r Ì S1 S; 1 X'S : Sil 11 ■ ■ l" 1Ì i 1 1 e e h i ! d - ' i , "^IST" À Mr.Meronon.]! of Max '-en i o une ni:l o me. forbid -posit,on u. add be <m hand , 1 Ikmii not ioi-oi Mich is ill,. <-<>llipele. 1 he Deerin-ma-: 1.- ; ! e( ; A i 1 M'I'Î I .ass|e\- 1 ij; TT rL. 7AGEH ( 1 ; ; y. iN'îc Kob.'i-is \\as in Craw- the wriK^r. \ (! ;>\ nie 1 iiesi Iny, i'ii; i'be Martin says ilje { nîe k. ^¡lI■!!lin is ii ! >. i '.' ! re—i >r\' Ivin-doin (li 1 b'n \"en. ehine was liron-hl to i he Sei-\ icc:; \\ t-rcci nulncled by licid.hnt 1he<-rop was in sneh coiidition that it did not enter. The opport nnit >.biry Ib ;>iniid. ;:n old ].i- ^as f he best-t iia t conld be Olle.'j- oi 1 Idseonnt V. , 1 ,1 ,,, ,.11 , . , , , • loiind anvwhere in t lie w orld ' I le( I ol n j '()] ||( n t hei- lionie north Ol Ma,N. 1!)(H). h n-some oi onr e(,mpet itors ^ ^^ lldianpo. ia.L': h!-barn this weck. at t he n-e oi NT wnr.-. 1 who ihink t hey cnn ben t ns. w .!s n Sunda sejn.o] moiithand l:;dnys. 1 i'ia 1 t(. ha ve (haiionsl ra tcd the , i(ni last Satur<h!\- at ''' ' '"A l/}'"^- fa<-t. ddiejnry wascom].osed a <inas oiJßvvelrij üEä Sewing machine FARMS FOR SÄLE. l'.-vi,^ ''shriKwin'Mr; .......OREAR Brothers. |,.,ris ., „„.„.l,,.,-ni, T. I!."(i,„n-1, ni w.-n,1 ni^rx.-,-,,' ..... l.y i!..V..1-- sii„-,.uìrn„HMÌ niHl a i-..,.!.'- ............. "I cUliC-^UA^ lì 111C nne i I !;-(•( nir T.p" in ' O.K.Barber Shop. Vour will is iiiy Ib'da-ed. Ihiclinnan. of its pnp.'r. the l{,.li^'ions <>>'''«'t'ii'^'^ ^^ V am! dohnson. The Telcs<-ope ior hiiy y(>ars. loiidt'nree thousand miles \\ ns -ixen ]iy ! he Xew L< An open face, sl ein away. :....S(}!fAt Ueiue At Tiie.... [•,...¡,1 winde!'. w;ii eh w il h D. Voui-stnily. S. Whiialan-'s name on ini- '. WMÎ .Ifiilma r-.^.-', ra 11 aie'ncd i o oreiiiechain wit h '■MMÌ ÒL.dh sw,v.aMn,ii^>:.n,;nn A Remedy from Natu- " s,„viauy. .•aid sw : \ a i oi lie;-. .\Selh ^"es Labratory. i-'lne ime ol^rellels. Cok-e Dund- rOih^îiraîH IdKnnas make. Liberal n«- Lielny s (".'l.'iy N.M-ve Com-, ruiï ('inv--ì, in th.-world. ^^ ^'ii ;'.Mlnil;>r. lieturn to nound is scii-ntilìr coniiìinatioi! j Au'iMit Foi- bùK^Û^â-K Xn; l'an (ira vbill. ^f !i;i 1 invs Ì!.-;ì Uh ¡vstoi-ers. (•«-! - ; .TV coro;; cascar:!, saurad:;. ha-iElite Steam Laundry. '' ol. ;vill hops, daii.lelien. m:-;ndrake, • ^ = V, :. ■) V V Ä f i Î' • X f ^ f ì-^v' <iroands:i1 .Xew Loss Se]>t. Sickly chihli'.ai, wcarV AV(aa-ii 3 V • / X . (. » C V J ' 7 hoid a p:e-ni'' on the |-\iii- sars;ipai-ilh'. aiid cliaMioiiiiK^ | iä liOLsilî8 ■^"CO-.L A G riGNEER- - • ' v,^,, in\-iìed ' tire;! -and hroh-eii down incu--------------------- W' ' ' " ■ !ir.d in lhis -reat cia.npoinidj Air.l-Mwnia! .\t ;;ison is hard hcall h. suh ¡i.aali anc! lia.i^Miiass. o q jj P(?QP losuiior i» alter n hi t ¡e ."-oid hy Josejdi ! :r(;s |U lUOi Ui UluGl. inaili \vi:onn-; been i'ivsh no! eriet y. accoi'diniz: t o j;. h Ü- I il- !;.!;:! l'-cv o u i" j ) o Ì u t o t vie\v. Hesays Von can talk ovci'the wire ne ah ìis rm-n: d 1; an- ^kii- McKinley is n land i-ob Lebanon now. n;-d;,y r ad rep:)r1 s 1 l-e west Io si id lîc ill existai!« e. iter and {»ryan a re(-ei\-er of stoleii iioods. and tliat^ Ik V ■ vili V!){e for neither. Ora Servies was hei'e fi'om \'ee(hM sbnr,Li" Wednesday.

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