Thursday, August 2, 1900

Sumner Press

Location: Sumner, Illinois

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Sumner Press on Thursday, August 2, 1900

Sumner Press, The (Newspaper) - August 2, 1900, Sumner, Illinois j IN AUYAM.K. fAlO IXADVXSOt. (The umttfv IH THUS FLACK will IndleaM ABRKAK8 ovca ONE YBAS oa MtaerlpUoa. S131NER ILLINOIS. THURSDAY. AUUST i, 1900. VOL. XXV. NO. 33. i talk about -t u-- sec just Si. fit." t-0111- HUB week. Heia on hia way hone I I from Cairo on hl9 1 bv _ae TniteJ Who Visit and AM Voted. j "VJ'S- J Christv went toSpriog- Po-ti f of L'-I I s Laara Putnam rat to Saylor m" SETTERS, Satnrdav. ey. Monday. I' y t-sst letter 1 spoLc of too fit is a nice stale, bit Eana rjieats ail f.r beautiful r fn w i11' i j. i i -irrtii in I M i !r i' yrl f itisi It hat's .1 Kr-lni'i 1 I t I with m t-m >n i s. lit u- n Irnr nru! In Ip-nni'im In dr toad" w n Hlmnly or m I-.I rw unit ti IT W. H. WESTA1. ill' mill Ihf farnilv nf f J n a o lo ifindltlcn In I ID ht-r mirrrKinHlricpi lf ih m ir H FURNITURH TALK their fnt-ndu pint-ant jf if H thin I jff'if.1 'r. cl" M'HS. to ptit 1 1 h' IA (hut no no 'f-r vKjil her ll OfJ lYillnw tha ik- moter aKonM rianhtPT rt itmlrH IB rr I. H P> tTtrnlKITl MI rvriniilp fMrni trn> I hen nPtywtHM who ilo tri 'tir f ___ in charge I .lif BnrklwaTa Arnka to to -if hu 'I urn- U i, U in Tint liml Mltrl hi 11 I JI.IIIM in.I -if- t 11 h Id ixl Sfnth H-n ihnv Tint Mr H M n I HIM Kafctr m tn rh TIWI 'ill- Ilir i, p 4 ihr Ukr all n I ha I IK, Ir Afwrij an n I h IT liuikii I" mwH ihink thai

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