Tuesday, October 20, 1970

Mt Vernon Register News

Location: Mt Vernon, Illinois

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Mt Vernon Register News (Newspaper) - October 20, 1970, Mt Vernon, Illinois TEMPERATURE Monday high 67, last night's low 50. 7:00 a.m. today 52. Rainfall Monday .40 of an inch. Downto^vn at noon 57, humidity 84. Ml VERNON REGISTER-NEWS MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION SQUARE DEAL FOR ALL-SPECIAL FAVORS FOR NONE A NON-PARTISAN NE\S^SPAPER FORECAST Mt. Vernon Zone - Partly cloudy tonight and low mid to upper 40s. Wednesday partly sunny and warmer, highs upper 60s to low 70s. VOLUME LI-NO. 20 MOUNT VERNON, ILLINOIS^ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1970 50 Cents Per Week - Single Copy 10c PROBE BRUTAL MASS MURDER NIXON IN SEA OF STUDENTS-President Richard M. Nixon, center foreground, is in the midst of a sea of students at Ohio State University in Columbus Monday. He made an unannounced stop on the campus, scene of student rioting this Spring. (AP Wirephoto) Stewardess Strike Halts TWA^Iights WASHINGTON (AP) - Strik-mg stewardesses manned picket lines at major American airports today as federal mediators arranged another meeting between Trans World Airlines and the Transportation Workers Union in a renewed bid to settle a contract dispute. A minute after midnight EDT, stewardesses and pursers began walking off the job at key airports across the nation in a strike grounding TWA's domestic service-about 425 flights daily. TWA had said it would seek to continue most international flights. Neither side would discuss details of wage demands or offers. The dispute also is said to involve work rules and fringe benefits. A Pan American Airlines contract with the union provides top salary of $851 a month for stewardesses and 1,073 for pursers. President Suggests V-O-T-E NIXON TURNS 4-LETTER WORD ON HECKLERS Shoots Son To Death !n Bar CARBONDALE, 111. (AP) - Carbondale police charged Alfred W. Murray 55, with voluntary manslaughter Monday night after he allegedly entered a local bar and shot his son, William, 32, to death with a rifle. Police gave no motive for the killing. . The elder Murray is being held in the Jackson Gounyt Jail pending an mvestlgation. My Lai Triol 2 Testify Yanks Fired On Civilians FT. HOOD, Tex. (AP) - Two former soldiers say they saw S.Sgt. David Mitchell and 1st Lt. William Galley Jr. pour rifle fire into a ditch crowded with South Vietnamese women, children and old men at My Lai in 1968. "I seen a woman get hit-the side of her head blown off. After tliat I walked away," Dennis Conti, 21, a Providence, R.I., truck driver, testified Monday. Conti and Charles Sledge, 23, of a Sardis, Miss., luggage plant employe, said they saw Mitchell and Mitchell's platoon leader, Calley, fire short bursts of automatic fire from their M16 rifles intp the ditch. Calley has been ordered court-martialed on charges of murdering 102 unarmed civilians at My^Lai. His trial is scheduled to begin at Ft. Ben-ning, Ga., on Nov. 16. Mitchell, 30, of St. Francis-ville. La., is charged with assault with intent to cominit murder. He could be sentenced to 20 years at hard labor if convicted. KANSAS CITY (AP) - President Nixon i3 fashioning the taunts and jeers of youthful hecklers into part of the political weaponry as he campaigns for Republicans battling to take over Democratic seats in the Senate. His targets today: Tennessee, Indiana and North Carolina. Shouting knots of protesters have provided a backdrop for the Nixon law and order message at every stop so far on his six-state campaign swing, and the President is telling voters to retort with Republican ballots m the Nov. 3 elections. "I say don't answer in kind," Nixon declared. "You don't have to shout four letter obscenities ... On Nov. 3 in the quiet of the polling booth consider the candidates, consider their record the year around and if the candidate has given encouragement to, has condoned lawlessness and violence and permissiveness, then, you know what to do." That was Nixon's advice Monday to a campaign crowd in Columbus, Ohio. At a wmd-swept rally in Grand Forks, N.D., he urged, "the great silent majority of this country to stand up and be counted ... "Remember, the four letter word that is the most powerful of all the four letters in the world is vote." In Kansas City, where admission to a campaign rally was by ticket and the demonstrators were kept outside, Nixon Continued On Page 2 Col, 6) QUEEN STEAMS TO VICTORY--The Delta Queen, lier boilers straining to drive the paddle-wheel, gains ground on the diesel-powered Julie N. Dubuque diu-ing Mississippi River race at Dubuque Monday. Although the Julie led on this stretch of river, the Queen was ahead at the finish line. (AP Wirephoto) Let Fire Sub-Station Contract Mt. Vernon councilmen voted 3-to-2 last night, to build a cut-down version of a new fu* sub-station-at a contract price of either $43,400 or $46,000. The new station, in the northwest comer of the city park, is expected to be completed before March 1, when the city expects delivery of two new fire trucks. Mayor Holland Lewis and Councilman Kenneth Martin cast "no" votes on awarduig the contract for the station to Fulford Construction Co., afer bids opened yeserday morning were about $18,000 higher than the city's estimate. Voting "yes" were Council-men Paul Partridge, Gale Martin and Russell Laur, Fulford's bid ~ $55,804 - was; the lowest of three bids. City Manager Ray Botch reported to the council that he and Engineer Harold Hoffmann held a negotiatmg session yesterday afternoon with Bob Fulford, He said they eliminated several items from the original specification to cut the bid price down by about $11,000. Engineer^ Hoffman said that, with the items deducted, a contract could be awarded for $43,-000 for the building, without a mansard roof, or $46,000 with the mansard rpof, On the motion of Councilinan Partridge the vote was 3-10-2 to award the cpntfact to Fulford, wiih the city manager to make a decision on whether or not to include tiie mansard roof in the contract. City Manager Botch had recommended that the^ council a-ward the contract. In making his motion, Couh-cibnan Partridge said he feete the city would not gain anythuig "by any more delays." He said he had learned that increased labor costs resulted in higher bids than tiie city's estimate. Explain No Vote Mayor Lewis said fiiat cuttmg down items in the original specifications to the major extend of $11,000 makes the city's fu:e station proposal a new proposition and that he favored re-bidding on the cut-down specifications. Councilman Kenneth Martm said he also believes other bidders should be given a chance, rather than negotiatmg with the low bidder to deduct so many items from the original plans. Deductions included elimination of outside sidew^s and drive,kitchen cabinets, ceramic tile and many other items. Get Liquor License Councilmen last night tabled action an amendment to the city's dram shop ordinance which would have made a liquor license available to the proposed new Howard Johneon Motel at the 1-57 interchange. The tabling action came after Mayor Lewis said a license is ah-eady available without amending the ordinance. He ex-plianed that he is resctadmg the Hotel Snmerson license because it has not been paid and that it will be issued to the new motel. In other aciton last night the council: i 1 - Annexed to the city se- j ven lots on Airport Road, inj the Summersville area, and property owned by Juanita Jay on Highland View and Airport Road. 2 - Re-zoned for busincK three lots in the 2800 Broadway, where one owner plans to establish an office and others to locate a Dairy Queen business. 3 - Authorized the city manager to advertise for bids for new police cars 4 - Heard city manager report that he plans to purchase equipment for the city to cut weeds next summer, in cases where propery owners fail to cut them, and to obtain liens in California '�2^�'si^/'A, '';V<i<v.ii- \ -.........---- SANTA CRUZ COUNTY SHERIFF'S inspectors check a luxury automobile owned by medical secretary Dorothy Cadwallader, one of five persons massacred near here Monday. (AP Whephoto) For EMH Students High School To Have Jr. High Classes Mt Vernon Idgh school will soon begm conducting special education classes for seventh and eighth grade educabl6 mentally handicapped students. The high school board last night agreed to undertake the program-but only for the rest of this school year, Supt, J. D, Shields said the high school was asked by the grade school system and the bi-county special education dis- Plants Remain In Mt. Vernon DOWZER ELECTRIC TO MERGE INTO SOLA BASIC INDUSTRIES Bomb Hoax At High School Mt. Vernon high school had its first bomb scare of the school year late yesterday afternoon. Supt. J. D. Shields said a female voice called shortly after 3 p.m. and told the switchboard operator: "There's a bomb set to go off." He said students were sent out of the building, then sent home. No bomb was found. Principal Archie Woodrome said the school receives at least one bomb threat a year. trict to undertake the program for Jefferson aiunty EMH students. Shields said he "told Arthur Edmison district 201 would undertake the program this year, but it's up to district 80 to handle is own next year." Edmison is the superinentdent of grade school district 80. Shields expressed some dissatisfaction with the high school being asked to provide a pro- (Continued On Page 2 Col. 4) For Sewers $175,000 Bond Issue Is Okayed In about three weeks the City of Mt. Vernon will offer $175,000 worth of revenue bonds for sale to finance construction of sewers into the big Summersville area. The city council last night authorized issuance of the bonds and advertisement for bids. "We expect to advertise for bids in about three weeks and to open bids about the middle of December," City Manager Ray Botch said. If the bonds are sold it would give the contractor a chance to do some preliminary work this winter before the major work begins next sprmg. The city is offering to sell the bonds at an interest rate not to exceed seven per cent, on a 20-year maturity. The principal and interest on the bonds would be retired solely from revenues of the Summersville area served by the new sewers. It would cost sewer users in that area $4.10 per month over the 20-year period. iiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiKiun SNICKER-A-DAY Love may not really make the world go 'round, but it manages to make millions of! join the Hevi-Duty Electric Di- MILWAUp:E, WIS. - An a-greefnient to merge Dowzer Electric, Inc., of Mt. Vernon, 111., into Sola Basic Industries has been approved by the directors of both companies. The Dowzer shareholders will be asked to approve the transaction at a special meeting to be held in December, 1970 or January, 19?1. Approval of Sola Basic shareholders is not required. Terms of the agreement call for exchanging six tenths of a share of Sola Basic common stock (NYSE) for each share of Dowzer common (OTC). The approximately 195,500 shares of Sola Basic conunon involved have a value of about $2,100,000 at present market prices, the companies reported . Dowzer is headquartered in Mt. Vernon, where it has three plants. One repaii's distribution transformers and voltage regulators for power companies op-crating in the surrounding nine % state area. Another makes mag- 1 i netic cores for distribution �'-='�-'''' transformers. The third makes pole-type and pad-mount transformers tor power company dis tribution systems above and below ground. Dowzer also has a plant at Huntingdon, Tennessee, which makes pole-type transformers for customers located in that area. Frank H. Roby, Sola Basic president, said that Dowzer Electric will be operated as a division of Sola Basic at the same locations and under present management with C. J. Covington continuing as president. It will FIVE SHOT AND DUMPED INTO POOL SANTA CRUZ, Calil'. (APi -The scarf-bound bodies ol cm eye surgeon, his \vit'�, two sons and a secretary were found .shot in the head and tossed into a swimming pool Monday night as fire destroyed ths doctor's $250,000 home. In Saratoga 30 miles away, a gas station attendant was found bound and fatally shot in the back of the head two hours later in his station. He was identified as Thomas S. Dececco, 19. Officers would not say if tiiey believe the slayings were related. Sheriff Douglas James oi: Santa Cruz County said only that he was contacting officials in Saratoga about that case. Mud and poor visibility from the first rain of the season hampered the search for clues in the five Santa Cruz County deaths. Each had been shot once in the back of the head and the physician had a second wound in the upper back. Their wrists were bound in front with brightly colored scarves, James said, and scarves covered the laces of three victims. "It was like an execution," said Sheriff's Lt. Kennetli Pit-tenger. No motive was established. Patches of blood stained the cement apron around the pool. The secretary's body was floating, the others were on the pool bottom. The victims were Dr. Victor M. Ohta, 45; his wife, Virginia, 43; their sons, Derik, 12, and Taggart, 11, and Ohta's secretary, Dorothy Cadwallader, 38. The killers left no lotes, James said. He said no sign of struggle was found in the house. phonograph records do so. Ilfllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllillllllllllllllllllllilllllllll Canada Is Pushing vision of Sola Basic in makmg up a new transformer group under H. W. Eikenberry, who will also continue as president of Hevi-Duty Electric. located atop a hill overlooking Monterey Bay between Santa Cruz and Soquel, 100 miles south of San Francisco. At about 8:10 p.m., two sheriff's deputies noticed smoke and went to the home. One driveway was blocked by Ohta's Rolls-Royce, the other by Mrs. Cadwallader's Lincoln Continental. Both automobiles were locked and the officers had to push them aside when lire-men arrived. Live Oak Fire Chief Tod Pound searching for a water 'supply to extinguish the blaze, According to Roby, "Dowzer ifound the bodies in the pool. Hmm � was of particular interest to' The sheriff said he believei;; Unt rOr I errOnStS ^^^ic bacause of close po-|the death bullets came from a (Continued On Page 2 Col. 8) -0- -0- -0- MONTREAL (AP) overwhelming parliamentary support, the government continued Canada's biggest manhunt today for the terrorist murderers of Quebec Labor Minister Pierre Laporte. There was no npw information on James R. Cross, the kidnaped British frade commissioner, but the Quebec government renevred its offer of amnesty for his kidnapers in exchange for his safe return. His captors, a different cell of the Quebec Liberation Front from wer company ties developed through the Dow7;er repair ser-With I the cell that kidnaped and killed � vice as well as its fine line Laporte, made no reply. ; of distribution transformers not Applause came from all sec-1 manufactured by Hevi-Duty Ele- .30-caliber weapons. James added it appeared more than one person was involved in tiie killings. The Ohtas had two daughters tions of the House of Commons in Ottawa Monday as Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau vowed to subdue the terrorist threat and explained why he revived the War Measures Act on Friday, putting soldiers under police co;nmand with almost unlimited arrest and detention powers. By early today, authorities bad made 1,627 raids in Quebec and arrested 341 persons since Friday. ctric. Products of the two divi- away at school-Taura, 18, at a sions will now premit Sola Ba- college in New York, and Lark sic to serve all segments of i Elizabeth, 15, in" a California the huge transformer market except for the very large ones used on high voltage tran.smis-sion lines. They are of no interest to the company at this Time." Dowzer earnings for the calendar year ended December 31 were $158,082 or 62 cents per share on sales of $3,234,631. Sola (Continued On Page 2 Col. 7) boarding school. The fire, so intense it left nothing but the structure's shell, was visible for miles around.h Pittenger said the victims were believed slain in the sun-deck area near the pool. All were fully clothed. The doctor was wearing a sports shirt and slacks, his wife slacks (Continued On Page 2 Col. 5)