Tuesday, July 2, 1968

Englewood Bulletin

Location: Englewood, Illinois

Page: 1

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Englewood Bulletin, The (Newspaper) - July 2, 1968, Englewood, Illinois Triendly Skies' Draw Raves In Golden Ager Vacation Trips BULLETIN 10th YEAR NO. 33 Published at 639 E. 71 St., 3-1040 lOe Per Copy Week of July 1, thru July 7, 1968 Working UPHOLSTERING a chair, and apparently enjoying the task, these three ladies are getting special training in free classes at the Fifth Ward Citizens Committee Office, 1189 E. S3rd St. Workers are Mrs. Ruth Earnest, 1170 E. 63rd St.; Mrs. Velma Jetton, 1169 E. 63rd St.; and Mrs. Ruby Gomex, 7026 Paxton. The program is co-sponsored by Woodlawr, Center YWCA, 1170 E. 63rd St.; Woodlawn Urban Progress Center, 1030 E. 63rd st.; and Fifth Ward Citizens Committee Office. The free classes offered under the "Outreach" program are sewing, typing, upholstering, knitting, crafts, and cooking. EUPC Maps Ambitious Program For Summer Youth Involvement 'New York Holiday' Packed With Thrills LIFE CAN begin it 60-plus, a They're still recalling with I group of senior citizens residing nostalgia their recent ,New York at the high-rise, luxurious 65th holiday via United Air j and Union Senior Homes attest first in the "friendly skies" for in thrilled and happy unison many of them. these days BACK HOME from a week- end of a life-time are 65th and Tutor Has Bout With 'Con Game' There Must Be Another Way THE CONFIDENCE game is no respector of persons, status, or background. Its operators are clever manipulators of then- nefarious trade; their manner and demeanor above reproach; their tactics disarming. Dr. Lucille 7917 Yale, a retired math teacher-counse- lor at Englewood High school, THOSE OF US engaged m tne business of news-gath- 6201 Stewart lor 29 years, can ering, fact-finding and generally living in the Woodlawn community, have had more than our share of soul- ers out to fleece her of upwards searching during the past three weeks as various members of our community, representing opposing points of view, were forced to air some of the sordid aspects of life in the big city and Woodlawn in partic- ular. WHILE M 'iNY of us have honest- ly expressed the views we hava for- mulatsd over a lifetime of living in sub-standard living, some of us have become rather embroiled in the chasing of false and contradictory is- Dr Foster's story in capsui sues. No one in his right mind will disagree with the fact form follows: that Woodlawn needs all of the help available. Likewise bj it is most unrealistic to attempt to offer placebo cures thp exoeriment 'o her'home She was then V Each was referring to Satur- And, youth had its day! For tude for the unswerving support IN ADDITION, the Push-Up and Halsted for camera, films different approach to the experiment. referred to the company's pub- day June 23's ideal weather for 20 teens and sub-teens were we have received is a heirt- program for the summer will and flasn bulbs, and to Semnr If the paying of school drop-outs sizeable sums of tax- ,jc relatlonj alde William Far- an eagerly looked forward to warded in a tangible way for warming demonstration of be conducted on four sites, of- c 11 i z e n 's Mobile Service for naver monies is not paying off in redeemed youth, then row, 8022 Perry. community 17th their work with the 77th and What our theme implies, a bet- fering educational and recrea- "Safe transportation back t PPrtainlv wnsihle to trv something else The BULLETIN also con- Ward's Citizen Committee War Lowe Avenu3 Junior Block ter ward, solidarity, confidence tional programs Enghsn and Mrs. Madkm enthused. it is certainly sensible to try something else. FarrQW_ who a on parade. club. Receiving citations from and above all friendship and math will be taught by ac- Is there any reason why we should not ask ourselves warning headed: EDISON OF- CHEERS and bravos resound- Mayor Richard J. Daley were- loyalty." if a whit" minister is the best font of knowledge in a FERS ADVICE ON CON MEN, ed as glamorous, flower-be- GREGORY, Ronald, DonaiJ MRS. DORIS Morgan, 77-19 credited teachers during the morning, in the afternoon trips MSS T. decked floU and colorfully and and George PridgeonjTyronne Lowe, A BULLETIN community cit- izen was recently promoted he over at Wilson Campus Those of us who grew up in Wooa.awn ana oiner a..- Park vTherTTbriel, rineFeily, Kim-Miller; "our many friends and neigh- Tate, blaek conrnur.ities, under more deprived conditions, weileri superintendent of the est-packed program was held. Velma, Linda and Lisa Pndg. She commented further: Ordinat0r of EUPC's Communi- certamly did not have the advice and counsel of a white UU1 ty's Chicago-South division This year's dramatization of eon; Cassandra and Debra "We also include the business Development program, he rhir.._n ritv it an in us on 'our lesal difficulties' "Periodically we get calls unity in the 17th Ward Demo- Lawrence, and Theresa Davis. establishments throughout the >dd d requcslmg infor. Chicago City College, it was an- minister to advise us on our legal dilliculties. persons who have been crauc Organization, paced by Making the presentations on ward for their splendid par-.ci- WOODLAWN S youth gangs are under the scrutiny of con rnen posill the entire country as other cities watch and wonder Edison representative what kind of operation is going on in Woodlawn where a you're in doubt gang has forced two of our supposely strongest institu- is leg... tions, the Church and the Police, into an open hostility mate or not, ask for his idenl.fi- and warfare. The gangs must be laughing up their cation card. sleeves as they continue their pillages of a much-divided, adult community, lor just such occasions." 'IN ADDITION, it introduced alderman was enthusiastic, and port. Our hopes and aspirations promo.