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Location: Decatur, Illinois

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Review (Newspaper) - November 22, 1882, Decatur, Illinois r THE MORNING REVIEW. VOL. V. THE law allows yoa to eat quail on toast now, and yon can do to, if your pocketbook will stand the pressure. THE woman suffrage amendment tailed in Nebraska by votes. The failure of this "reform" is being charged against the young men. THE official majorities in this state give Smith, republican, for state treasurer, Baab, democrat, for superintendent of public instruction, 2.869 majority. DECATUR, ILL.. WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 2 V1882- THE Wabaah increaaed its earnings the first week in November over those of the corresponding week in 1881. The Missouri Pacific in- creased nearly in the first week. BLESSED is the farmer who taketh and payeth for a newspaper, for he will glaan grains of wisdom there- from, and will not fall a victim to the patent wagon tongue man and other slick swindlers. GOVEBHOB ELECT Penn- sylvania sets a good example by de claring against inauguration pagean- tries anl saying that his inaugura tion shall not cost the state a dollar. Really are., we coming back to the good old clays of economy and sim- plicity. ______________ GENERAL SHERMAN says he don't want to be a candidate for the Presi dency, and don't want to be Pres- ident. Old Tecnmsey evidently sees that the grapes are hanging pretty high, and he is not going to risk a fall in his efforts to reach them. Shrewd Sherman. They it a kn I.nSalle County. We hear of frequent demands'for moreV stringent election laws, but a' careful examinntionjot those we have will show that they guard carefully the purity of the ballot. The trouble is the law is not enforced. The Ottowa Journal, n staunch republi- can paper, gives an illustration the way they do things in ita CDnnty. tt says: "Abe White was a republican judge of the election at Sheridan. During the day, while the voting was going on, ha left the box ia Charge of a friend, and taking a horse and buggy went north of p Sheridan, got little Johnny Kobin-j an-1 brought, him down to the polls. Then one of the other republican j judges took a republican ballot .vhich Johnny had never had in his never seen, in I voted it for Jonny. Jt is safe to say, Johnny never had the ballot in his hand at all, and if he had, he in j tended, it is said, to have voted the' democratic ticket, vvhereas the vote put in wa8 a straight republican." The Joitrna1 continues as follows: Mr. White would feel greatly amused if some cold morning he found him- self snugly ensconced in the boiler iron mansion on acconnt of his ftfforts to swell the Mission vote. White has msde himself liable to criminal prosecution, and the au- thorities ought to RGO that he is shoved through." THE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. MARRIED. PANIC-STRICKEN. The 'terrible Scene at a Providence Rhode Island. Two Killed und Many Fatnllv ant Seriously Injarpd. Loss Tim suit against Beecher for fail- ing to furnish matter for the second volume of the Life of Christ, which had been knocked "higher than a kite" by Beecher being hung on the ragged edge, has been de- cided in Beecher'B favor. The court thought no one was damaged. THE Inter-Ocean is not pleased because the Chicago police raided a colored house of ill-fame the other night, without first making a raid on similar institutions kept by white folks. It seems strange that a prom- inent journal should make a defense of institutions of this class a ques- tion of party or color. I! a raid has really been made in Chicago, it should be followed up till all insti- tutions of this class without regard to color, and previous condition be purged from the city. THE vote of the 1st district of De- catnr in the late election will be recounted. As the law provides, B. K. Durfee, an elector, will osk the courts to order a recount on the ground of palpable mistake, neglect, fraud or something of that character. The writer of the above in his ef- forts to be newsy is unjust. Neither Mr. Dnrfee nor any of the demo cratic candidates are charging "fraud or something of that character" on the election board of the 1st ward. They do say that there is evidently a mistake, and the members of the board agree that there is an error, and to obtain the simple justice of finding out where this mistake is, is why a recount has been asked. If a contest is commenced it will take broader grounds than this error in the 1st ward, and a recount of the votes of that precinct. thin city, on Monday, %'ov, 20, ISS'J, hy Judge S. F. (ireer, fit his office, Mr. Gnnrge F. Baker, of nail Mrs. Maria J, of Decntur. this city nt the family renidoiu'o oa North Wntf r street, on Momliiy, Nov. at 1030 p.m., of consumption, Hattip llurrin. need 14 years, daughter of Mr. ami Mra, (iPOrsn Harris, lato of Tnylorville. The remains were interred in the Boiling Springs cemetery. Funeral at '2 p. in. K. or r Regular meeting ot Ca-iir <le Loon Lodge work in tlio First, Second, and Third ranks. A full at- tendance is desired. Visiting breth- ren are cordially invited to attend. HENRY McCiEiLAx, IA M. DUHFEE, K. of K. and S. Hard Coal. Orders for the best quality of any size promptly tilled at Robert Mc- Clelland's yard North Main street. Office at Cole's drug store, nov. 17dtf A full supply cf Mt. Olivo coal al ways on hand at Ed. Martin's coal yard. Oct26-dtf Flour and all kinds of mill foed at Penniwell Son's, on Prairie street, opposite Ullrich's new block. Order by telephone' No. 133. Nov. 10-dlw. A WASHINGTON correspondent of the St Louis Republican says that "Secretary Folger has been giving much thought to certain refunding schemes. Unless taxes are reduced very materially, a big surplus would be left on his hands, in spite of the proposed appropriation of 000 for arrearages of pensions. It is surmised that the president is not wholly satisfied with the plans re- specting the refunding of the time bonds. He and Judge Folger are understood to be of mind respecting the importance either, of reducing the revenue or of provid- ing some way by which great surplus may be applied to fhe re- duction of the debt at the present rate. Pretty Mel} ail of the debt on which the goternaeit hie an op tion will haw paid llls where the excited girls were congre- :atcd. The persons in the rear crowded and mslicd thcbe in the lutof jumping and many ell short. Others were injured by being umped upon after they had reached the roof- THE DEAD ARE: Kuituvj. aged Vii. Bessie Cobb. Both tlwjeo tii-ls strui-k tlic ground between he two buildings and died In a few mlnuto. IX.TtliEI) iUE: Mary jumped from a win- dow and fell on a picket fence. She tor- injured acd cannot survive. Mary Hurly. Delia Gassett. Emma Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Cuddy. All Uicec are young women, and are prob- ably fatally injured. Thomas Mann fell short of the two-atory building. lie bounded against it and fell to the ground. His Inju- are one arm and one leg broken. A man named Smith fell to the ground and was hurt. Mary Davis jumped from the roof and lad her leg broken. George Grant, of the llrra of Joseph GrantA Co., jewelers, jumped rom the fourth floor window to the i-oot of ,he wooden building, and had his leg broken. One man, name unknown, au employe of Grant Co., hung from tlio telepUoae wire until the lire department arrived. The ladder raised under him proved nve feet too short and a fireman mounted to the top and caught the workman in his arms. Loss on building and Btoek, MAKKBT BEPOBT. VYASHMOT.ON, Xqw are somewhat the prospect that Colorado and Nebraska may send (senators here 10 succeed Chilcott and iSaundern, who are rot in full sympathy with the republican Sarty, Recent advices from those states in icate that. It IB an even chance whetue men who are out mid out Independents wll be elected fir not. Hpeer. Nov. 20.--The yester day prints the following narrative regarding Congressman Specr, of Georgia, who is nowhere: lie takes his overwhelming de- feat for fair to middling well, and ftaw' tettoeratlc Mr. elected to congress on the Independent 9 Water st 'QtlLW Al REFAUJ BOflfS f V. Largest 3 Lock} Best Goods, Lowest ci NEWSPAPER! lEWSPAPERl

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