Thursday, November 22, 1928

Decatur Review

Location: Decatur, Illinois

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of Decatur Review on Thursday, November 22, 1928

Decatur Review (Newspaper) - November 22, 1928, Decatur, Illinois PAGE FOUR. THE DECATUR REVIEW TKurs'day, November 22, '1928. Features Listening In Thursday Programs. KFK3 Mllford. Studio orches- (1060-283) Baltimore. Dinner mu- alc. (TOO-SWJ5) achneetady. Dinner mu- WHK (1380-115.7) Cleveland. Blue Hash orchntra. C.M p. KSTP (1460-205.4) St. Paul. Dinner pro- tram. KPAB (770-389.4) Lincoln. Dinner concert WCPi (070-309) Chlcaco. Federation of Labor Hour. <t 120-20) Milwaukee. Dinner mu- ilc WOR (716-4223) Newark. Orchestra. WSM. (eSO-MI.J) Nashville. Studio or- chestra. WTAM Cleveland. Musical pro- Sam. f. W8M (tM-Ml.1) KaihvlUe. Loveman Players p. CNRM (730-411) Montreal. Concert or- chestra to CNHO. CKRT and CNBQ. KSTP (1460-201.4) St. Paul. Trail Blazers. WCFL Chicago. Talks; enter- WMAa' (S70-447.B) Chicago. University of Chicago Lecture. WCCO (110-370) Minneapolis. Common Berne In Religion. -..M p. KPRO (SM-S45) Houston. Studio. WTMJ 1570-926) Milwaukee. Stngtns Plremeo. p. KSTP St. Paul. Sweetest Maid WBAIi (1060-283) Baltimore. Melodeers. v. WIBO (1410-202) Chicago. Bonn and Jokes p. KPAB (770-3194) Lincoln. Orchestra. WCCO (110-370) Minenaoolls. levin Craftsmen. WCPU (970-309) Chicago. Dgnce music. WON (710-416) Chicago. The Gang's Snow. WGY (790-379.5) Sehenectady. "The Joneses r. KTHS (800-375) Hot Springs. "Why an WBAL (1060-213) Baltimore. The Mary- WCCO (810-370) Minneapolis. Pianist, Minnesota theater. WISH (1120-268) Milwaukee. Studio pro- Atlantic City. Subwas Boys, dance trio St Paul. Police band KPRO f 550-5451 Houston Studio WON Chicago Musicnl Me- WHAS 1820-385.6) Louisville. Studio con- cert WCAU ut70-256) Philadelphia. Pica- dlllr Revue WHK (1390-215.7) Cleveland. Day's or- (650-4S! 3) Nashville. A. Kent Boys audition. CNBC 5) Calgary. Studio pro- (640-4681 Los Angeles. Concert or- 720-4161 Chicago. Pat Barnes: or- Cincinnati. Showbox or- WOY (790-3785) Schenectady. Organ. 10 4.1 p. WSB (740-4052) Atlanta. Organ. Hollywood. Feature proBTfttn KEX (1180-254) Portland. Salon orches- KJR Seattle. Salon orchestra. WON i720-416i Chicago. Dream Ship, Banders Ntcl'.thawks WDAF Ts'lO-492) Kansas City. NIghthawk frolic. RADIO DEALERS' A dependable guide by which to buy sets, batteries, tubes, parts and service. MAJESTIC and PHILCO ELECTRIC RADIOS Radio Department, Basement Store We Fix Radio Any Make, Any Time Complete Lire of Accessories Main 1294 Open Ereningi CENTRAL PARK RADIO East Side Centre) Park RADIO ON EtSV PAYMENTS New Modeli ATWAIFIt KENT. DAI FAN ALL ELECTRIC Sneakers and Radio Accessories C. W. MILLER CO. 941 E. Mate St. Main 488 Thursday Chain Programs. 7 p. Lehn and Fink Serenade to WJZ, WBZ, KDKA. WLW, WJR, KYW, WOAI. The Song Shop to WEAF, WtJY, KSD, WSM, WSB, WCCO, WGN. p. Champion Sparkers to WJZ, WBZ, KDKA, WLW, WJR, KYW, WREN. Hoover Sentinels to WEAP, WGY, KSD, WSM, KOA, WOAI. Sonora Hour to WABC, WADC, WGHP, WOWO, KMOX, KMBC, WBBM. Milady's Musicians to WJZ, WHAM, KDKA. Seiberling Singers to WEAF, WSB, WHAS, WTMJ, KOA, WCCO. p. Swanee River to WEAF, WFI, WRC. Maxwell House Hour to WJZ, WHAM. KDKA, WLW, WJR, KSD, WSM, WSB, 9 p. Show Boat to WABC, WADC, WGHP, WOWO, KMOX, WBBM, Wayside Inn to WJZ, KDKA, WLW, WREN. Halsey Stuart program to WEAF, WGY, KSD, WSB, WGN. p. The Fortune Teller to WJZ, WBZ, KDKA, WJR. Palais D'Or orchestra to WEAF, WGY, WWJ, WOW. 10 p. Slumber music to WJZ, WRC. p. Park Central orchestra to WEAF, WOW. 11 p. Guy Lombardo's orchestra to WOR, WADC, KMOX, KOIL, WBBM. WJBL Program. p. Opening music. p. Late news. p. Dinner concert. p. Sacred program. FRIDAY. 9 a. Morning request hour. 12 on KYW U020-294) Chicago Insomnia club CNRV (1030-2911 Vancouver. National Concert orchestra KSTP (1460-2054) St. Paul. Midnight club KEX (1180-251) Portland. Kremer's or- 1970-30B) Seattle. Meyers orchestra Daytime Programs. Kolster Atwater Kent and Majestic Radio ON PAYMENTS Improved Radto S 4% a. Tower Exercises to WEAP and WGY. 6.01) p KPAB (770-389.4) Lincoln. Breakfast program. a. m WMAQ (670-447.5) Chicago. Setting up. a. ro. WOI (560-53341 Ames. Markets; music. KSTP (1460-205.4) St. Paul. Musicale, setting up WOPI (970-300) Chicago. Early Risers club. a. WMAQ (670-4475) Chlcaso. Morning worship. a. m WHO (1000-300) DCS Molnes. Hecord "WLW Cincinnati. Womens' hour. a. Dr Cooeland hour to WJZ. WLW, WJR, nnd KYW. (870-345) Chicago. Markets. WENR 6) Chlcaso. Sunshine hour WGN (720-416) Chicago. Home Manase- WMAQ (6SO-447.5) Chicago. Overture WTMJ 570-526) Milwaukee. News, organ to WEAP, YVSAI, KYW and KSD. U-'KI a. KFNF (8JO-337) Ehenandoah. Dinner program UON (720-416) Chicago. Morning mu- WLW' (700-428) Cincinnati. Music: mar- WMAQ (670-4475) Chicago. Home eco- nomics. (870-3446) Chicago. Home sen- iccs WJB Detroit Muilcal matinep. WLS (870-3451 Chlcaso Dmnerbell pio- 6) Chlcaso. Voca! and instrumental Farm Home Hour to KYW, WEM and WOC. WHO. I WMAQ (670-4475) Chlcaso. Melodies I talks. I mention was made of any change dur- ing the evening. Santa Claus gave' his first radio ad- dress of the season, from WOC. In introducing htm, McArthur expressed the hope that the Federal commis- sion will favor WOC, at least to the degree where Santa Claus may be heard satisfactorily by listeners of the station. Trade and Smith broth- ers, showed their range of talent Wed- nesday evening, with a guitar duet, "I Must Have That Man." The Millikin Hour was one of the best programs of the evening, and the Millikin entertainers had some real competition, with the Trouba- dours, the Palmolive players and oth- chain organization going at their best. We liked particularly the piano duet played by Frederic Butterfield and James Bergen, the playing of the string too, Mrs. Hadley's "Ave Ma- ria." Mr. Hadley's "The and Miner Walden Gallup's piano solo of "Moment Musical." Rupel Jones served as announcer, and he was an important help to the program. WLS went for a'half hour without announcement of call, during the pro- gram sponsored by the Swift com- pany. Mrs. W. K. Bdb'yT 2111 East Whit- mer, reported reception of two for- eign stations Wednesday evening. They came in near KOA, and almost on adjoining waves. In her opinion, one of the stations was in Mexico. The other, she believes, was HHK, Port Au Prince. Porto Rico. At any rate, this last station came in at ex- actly the point on the dials where HHK should be heard. This is real DX. We'll have to in- vestigate, and we'd appreciate any help fellow DXers can give. Federal Radio Commissioner Cald- well, speaking in Washington Wednes- day night before the Washington So- ciety of Engineers, declared the re- cent broadcasting realloration, which faithfully carried out the redistribu- tion of wavelengths and other radio facilities according to population, as ordered by the 1928 Radio will be cheerfully accepted. This infor- mation is furnished The Review by The Associated Press. Three unusual lists of stations have been received for Wednesday night's reception. All three of them include KSL, Salt Lake City, and WPG At- lantic City. DXer C. R. Bennett, Includes: WASH, Grand Rapids; WRVA, Richmond; KNX, Hollywood; WABC, New York City, and a number of oth- ers, less prominent. All were received with loudspeaker volume in early eve- ning. DXer Kyle brought in, addition to :he two included m all three lists, and the usual number of non-important itations, WBT, Charlotte; WIBW, To- peka, and KFUL, Galveston. DXer Whitsitt, between 10 and 11 o'clock, caught WCAU, Philadelphia; KEX, Portland; WIL, St Louis; KFI, Los Angeles and KLZ, Denver. The fact that stations were so stingy with announcements prevented him from adding other "catches" to his string. The DX season is here. On your mark! Get set! Go! Germany Will TakeThe Air Erects Powerful Short Wave Station for World Reception. is about to broadcast all important happenings to the world. After February, 1929, people in the United States will be able to hear President Von Hmden- burg speak, or a Zeppelin arrive, or the state opera performed, by merely listening in on their radios. The German ministry of posts and telegraphs, which has a monopoly on German broadcasting, has let the contract for a powerful short-wave sending station to be erected at Koenigswusterhausen, alongside the long-wave station now used lor broad- casting within Germany. The wave- length will lie somewhere between twenty and thirty meters. EARLY EVENING HERE. The government plans to broadcast all important happenings, and espe- cially to offer a daily program exem- plifying the various branches of Ger- man culture between the houis of 2 and 4 in the morning (7 to 9 p. m. Decatur in the hope that the millions of Americans, both north and south, of German descent may at an hour convenient to them experi- ence the thrill of hearing offerings in the language of their forebears. YOUNG FISH IN EXCELLENT SHAPE Washington, Nov. young fish situation is better than it was. Henry O'Malley, fish commissioner for the commerce department ex- plained this today in his annual re- port by saying that the government had made progress this year in hatching fish fro meggs and in main- taining them in nurseries until they get to be 3 or 4 inches long. Equipped with this extra length be- fore being put in streams, lakes or ocean areas, it is the belief of the fisheries workers that the young trout, salmon or whatever species they are, will survive to dinner table size in far greater numbers than be- fore. ST. LOUIS WILL BACK RACES St. Louis, Nov. an- unla international balloon race for the Gordon Bennett trophy will start from St. Louis next year, following a decision by the St. Louis airboard to accede to the request of the race committee to raise to finance the start. ALLEN A. STRIKE LEADER PROTESTS Kenosha, Wis., Nov. Louis F. Bueenz, leader of the Allen- A strikers, said Wednesday that an investigation of the activities of de- tective agencies operating in Ken- osha was requested by the general strike committee in letters sent to Governor Fred R. Zimmerman and Attorney General John W. Reynolds. TOIL! KENT SA0IOS RADIOS Complete New Seta On M Uw M Pw Ridgley Sales and Service 4UZut Prairie Slain 1279 Get a Used RADIO Reasonably Torn la the CliMlfitd Section of Thii Isiue! ChlcoBO. Luncheon j Luncheon mu- Vocja! and Luncheon musicale. p. WGN (720-416) Chicago. sic. u. WENR (870-3446) Chicago. (1480-202) Chicago. program WJR (750-400) Detroit Recreation hour WSM 1650-4611 Luncheon con- cert (except WENR (870-344.6) Chicago. Popular oro- erani. P. WLS (870-345) Chicago. Hour (except Thursday and WGN (720-416) Chicago. Women's club. B. WMAQ (870-447.5) Chicago. Artist re- cital. p. WOC (1000-300) Davenport. Horaemakers Hour. "fuzzy" effects if you own a Peerless Speaker. There is the Peerless Mag- netic, the largest selling inde- pendent speaker in America, at the new Peerless Dynamic Power Speaker, at Hear both at any Peer- less Dealer. Sunday, at C. S. T. OVEH dueeri" In their Half' Hoar of Harmony wit! fignin glva 700 n iog meliaga of mel- ody over the Nation- al Brosd cat ling Company, Miten In I UNITED REPRODUCERS CORPORATION Peerless Division. Rochester, New York WMBI CHARTERED TO TEACH BIBLE Springfield, 111., Nov. of State Louis L. Emmerson has is- sued articles of incorporation to the Moody Bible Institute station WMBI of Chicago. The purpose of the sta- tion is to preach and teach the gospel of the Bible over the air. Listening In Uncle Bob, of KYW, and Peter Mc- Arthur. of WOC, had quite an argu- ment Wednesday evening. Of course, they did not speak to each other, but they argued, just the same. The real difficulty was that Uncle Bob wanted more than his share of dial. He wanted KYW's wave, and a part of WOC's wave in addition. Mr. McArthur wanted WOC's wave, and as much of KYW's wave as he could get. As a result, listeners heard both voices at the same time. It was ex- tremely difficult to separate them. KYW, by the way, came In with its old-time power. Presumably, it has been given an increase, although no UR-i? El ORE HOPSE WEILS Co. 134-44 East Main St. ---------DISTRIBUTORS FOR-------- PEERLESS PEERLESS MAGNETIC REPRODUCERS DYNAMIC REPRODUCERS SEE THE NEW PEERLESS REPRODUCERS Both Magnetic and Dynamic AX OUTSTANDING RADIO SPEAKER FOR TONE QUALITY C. W. MILLER CO. 241 E. Main Street. 2 Blocks East of Transfer House Seven-Inch Rainfall Costs In Kansas Kansas suffered the largest flood in many years following R seven-inch rainfall. This remarkable airplane photograph shows the White. Eagle Refinery at Augusta, Kan, under five feet of water. The flood wrought damage of more than Protests Policy Of U. S. Reclamation Washington, Nov. an effort to stop the creation of new farm land by reclamation processes, a resolution urging the transfer of the bureau of reclamation from the department of the interior to the de- partment of agriculture was intro- duced Wednesday before the Nation- al Grange by Albert S. Goss, of Washington. This is the second resolution on this subject brought before the Grange since it has been in con- vention here, and national officers expressed a belief that the policy will be adopted by the delegatee when it comes up for a vote later in the week. Grange leaders said they believed that the department of agriculture favors the reduction of new lands by reclamation, while they held that the federal reclamation service continues to bring forth new reclamation pro- jects. Strong opposition has been voiced in the Grange sessions against the development of the Columbia riv- er, Washington, irrigation project. HALF MILLION FOR STOCK SEAT New York, Nov. 22 first time in the history of the New York stock exchange a membership sold for more than a half million dollars. Wednesday's seat brought an increase of from the last sale. AMATEUR FINDS NEW COMET Cape Town, Union of South Africa, Nov. discovery of a new comet in the southern hemi- sphere by an amateur astronomer named Forbes, living at Rosebank, was reported today. Its position was given as right escension twelve hours and nine min- utes, declination twenty degrees and forty-two minutes south. It probably will be named after its discoverer. CONTINUOUS TO AFTERNOONS: NIGHTS: A MOVIETONE PRODUCTION NOW PLAYING SEE and HEAR I low is the time to replace all your vacuum tubes If your radio set has been m use a year or more with the original tubes, it needs fine reception) a brand new set of RCA Radiotrons. And don't impair their performance by leaving many old tubes. RCA, Radio tron "Radiotrons are the Heart of your Radio THE PRIMITIVE PASSIONS FEATURING OF BIAN LAID BARE JANET O'BRIEN THE CUNNING OF A LOVE THIEF THE WOMAN WHO HAD HIM COULDN'T FIGHT THE ONE WHO LURED HIM USED EVERY WEAPON THE GREAT CONFLICT OF TODAY: THE HOME VS. THE TEMPTATIONS OF THE OUTER WORLD BIG ADDED ATTRACTION FUNNIEST COMEDY IN YEARS Laurel and Hardy in "Two Tars" MILTON HERTH ORGAN NOVELTIES AFTERNOONS 2 TO 5, 10c-23c NIGHTS 1 AND 9, 10c-50c NOW PLAYING SENSATIONAL ALL-STAR KEITH-ALBEE-ORPHEUM BOOKED VAUDEVILLE AND A THRILLING PHOTOPLAY THIS IS GUAR- ANTEED TO BE ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOWS OFFERED THIS THE TALK OF ALL DECATUR" CENE CREENE _________WITH KOYLE AND FRANCES THE 9TH WONDER OF THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD HADJI ALI THE HUMAN IIMUU1 MM VOLCANO THE GREATEST ENIGMA OF ALL TIMES GERALDINE and JOE in "SOMETHING- DIFFERENT" SCREEN- SEASON Dedicate Catholic Church At U. of L Champaign, III., Nov. High dignitaries of the Catholic church today dedicated the new 000 St. John's church. The building, in red brick colonial style of archi- tecture, fills a need long felt by Cath- olics in the university district, whose old church was overcrowded with 000 Catholics in the University of Illinois student body. The Bight Rev. Edmund Dunne. DrD.. bishop of Peoria, held the mass dedication ceremony, which WAS fol- lowed by the celebration of solemn pontifical high mass by the Rev. James A. Griffin, bishop Springfield. David Kinley. president of the un.- versity, spoke on the university and the church. THE RIVER PIRATE" With VICTOR McLAGLEN "The River the great Saturday Evening Post serial, made into a greater photodrama. See Him Hear Him TREE LIST SUSPENDED DURING THIS ENGAGEMENT ONE ENTIRE WEEK, STARTING SATURDAY NIGHT WITH A MIDNIGHT SHOW AT "THE PICTURE OF PICTURES" V-1-T-A-P-H-Q-N-E BEINGS YOU THE GREATEST LIVING ENTERTAINER AL JOLSON r IN Singing Fpol" With JOSEPHINE DUNN and BETTX BRONSON America's foremost entertainer soaring to new emotional heights in an absorbing drama of a father's devoted love for his baby boy. You'll smile through a veil of teara ai this lovable story Is unfolded before your eyes. TIME OF SHOW CONTINUOUS DAILY 12 NOON TO 11 P. M. ADMISSION PRICES: SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS: ADULTS Sdc CHILDREN 25e WEEK DAYS: NIGHTS: Adults SOc; Children 2Sc AFTERNOONS; Adults Children 15e A PREMIER SHOWING OF THIS GREAT TALKING PICTURE WILL BE GIVEN WITH A MIDNIGHT SHOW, SATURDAY NIGHT, NOV. 24th. STARTING AT ADULTS, SOc; CHILDREN, 25c TICKETS FOR TOIS SI'ECIAL SHOW ARE ON SALE NOW AT THE ES1PRESS BOX OFFICE Matinee NOW PLAYING GIFFORD PLAYERS IN The Record Smashing Drama of Love and Thrill Heaven Featuring "Billy" Janice Meredith Joe La Valliere Bob St. Clair ON THE SCREEN: Dorothy Mackaill and Jack Mulhall Water Front Abo COMEDY and VAUDEVILLE NEXT SUNDAY: DEL PHILLIPS And His Gang And 6 PROFESSIONAL VAUDEVILLE ACTS Children..............10c Adults................-15c CONTINUOUS DAILY 1 TO 11 Today and Friday Barry Norton and Dorothy Janis IN A romance of villainy, heroism and lore on the brazen "FLEET WING" The story of a young shejk who defied tribal custom and desert laws and won from the toils of the harem the girl of bis choice. Mack Sennett Comedy Latest News Events ALHAMBRA Today and Friday Emil Jannings in "The Last Command" Janningi, the Incomparable, sur- passing; all previous performances as the mighty general in "The Last Command. SUITABLE SHORT SUBJECTS It's a show- you should not miss. Alwajs lOc and 20c CRESCENT Jacquelin Logan and Clive Brook In "Midnight Madness11 SLICK Pir lOc and lie SPAPFRf NEWSPAPER!