Friday, November 26, 1897

Decatur Daily Review

Location: Decatur, Illinois

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Text Content of Page 1 of Decatur Daily Review on Friday, November 26, 1897

Daily Review, The (Newspaper) - November 26, 1897, Decatur, Illinois J. VOL. XIX. NO. 282. DECATUB, ILLINOIS. FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 26, 1897. TEN CENTS A WEEK. A FEAS1 OF FOOT BALL. Thanksgiving; Day to the Long Haired Gridiron Hero What Decoration Day Is to the Scorcher. At Chicago. Chicago University lil; jMiriiifiUM Wist-iinsin Itunkci-s'Athletic Club HI; Knick- M. hic.iKo Athletic- Chili 52; Now Clul> O. Al riiiluclrliihia, I'll. Cornell O; iViina -I. At t'iiii-iiinali. Carlixlr Indians IU; t'iiii-iniiati O. Al MoiiimnHli, III. MoiiinmUliCol- IIS; Knov I'lilh-gi-O. At Kansas Hi; Al i-soui-i L'n- At Omaha. Wcsloy- uiislll; otlaua 12. Al San l-'i-aiK-isco. Suiul'oi-d -K; li of I 'a I Hill-ilia O. At Itlufl-., la. Nclirnskii II; O. Al Ijal'ii.votlc. 1ml. I'anliie Ci; tlni- At lYiiria. "I Illinois Uuicka II. At Ili-mor, Ciilu. Athletic CIlll.S; ado fnix-l-silt O. At Mivw. Iliii-tiuoiilh III; Newton AiliMir Clnl> O. It More l-'aiiK- to Its Owner in AI-IIIH- Came. :M.--C. Hef'-liliergor, half back foi the Ciiiu-i-ily of made n name fur himsoll in foot lull hi-tory today by making three place kicks iu the iiiinunl game bet uoon tho Univer- sities <if Chu-ago nnd .Michigan. One of Ilirin was so dillicult Unit the attempt would seemed foolhardy had not his team been so well in the lead, One was made in the first half from the 17-yard lino, anil two in the second linlf, one from the line, the b.ill Ihc time be- iu flout of the goal Hut tin- kid; which brought the 1.2.1100 people io their feet occurred about fifloon minutes l.ili-r. The ball that time -was not more limit (no yards from the side line and fiom goal, nnd when tlie strong limbed half back and Gordon Claike drop- pod buck w ilh the evident int'-nt ion of nt- toinpling the play, Chicago supporters The ball was clean- ly ami Clarke placed it on the line. All instant later the ball was sailing hifli in the air. It dropped tuecn the posts nnd a new football rcc- oul hail been madp. The gamp, which was played in the Col- i'onm. was a kicking contest from start lo linisli and in punts Hersliberger easily showed bis supeiiority over llannan of the Michigan team. 'An exchange of limits would invariably net Chicago from to 20 yards. The rifflit end of the line piovrd to be Michigan's we.ik point nnd when Chicago was running with the ball, uiosl of the g.iius were Iheie. llennctt nnd Slooklo were both worn nut from the hammering directed ngninsl them. On the other end Toal7el did splendid work, and if anything lind a little lielter of the nrguineiil with Hamill. Outride of 'I'oet- and Quarter Hack Folvcr, however, Chicago player" outplayed their opponents. Cunningham was utterly nimble to hold bin Cavanaiigh, who broke through, fre- It took an hour nnd five minutes io plnv tlio half, which resulted in CIWi.M'o. 11: 'Michigan. 0. I'inal -.cove -Chicago, 21: Michigan, 12 The line up: Chicago: Volition: -----left end.. ...left tackle guard. miaul ..right tackle---- right end...... Clarke Kennedy.....left halfback......Stuart Hcrshberger .light halfback.......Hogp Gardner.......full bat k......llannnn Substitute-, for res, I'.akor, Vingrce, Barahee, Kgnn. Touchdowns-fliirdnor. Snow, Place kicks- Hctshhcrger, Ifer-hhorgi'i, 1; Toot- 7el. 2. Hnvner ot Lake Forest. made by beautiful runs by 1'ccle anil Coohems behind brilliant interference. failed to kick goal. The last touchdown was made by Cochems, IIP making tlip prettiest run ot the day, run- ning and planting the ball lichind the right mid through the nia-s of Noitli- wcstern tacklers and planting the ball lie- hind the line. Gregg kicked goal just as time was called. Total.score: iscousin. 22: North western, 0. The line up: 1 'osi t ion. North west orn. Wiiconsiii. J''orrc-t llayard Kiordan Holmes Dean Cocltcms I'eole...... tl'Dca-Trotl right end right tackle light guard center left guard led tackle left end quarterback riubt hall back left half hack full back Whitney Andrews Levings Cutler Thorn IVrry Hunter Mhl.crlor. Jaokstm Sloane Gitrrcv Morle'r Speed ('avanangh llowdish Webb..... Hamill Michigan: ......Toetzp1 .Lockwood Cnle.v ('uuninghani .......Snow Stceklo Iteltnetl Filvor WISCONSIN VS. NOItTUWKSTHtiN. lOviiiiKlon Hcholai-K It.-ullv I'.calco by TlM'ir ISadgcr ISi-otlircn. Chicago, Ills., Nov. :i fich'i ankle deep in mud and n vain nml before a vast crowd the University ol team doleatr-d (lie North- westelli I'nivei --lly by (lie decisive score of 22 to 0. Northwestern played their liesl in the iir-.l hull. The lighling during the en- tire game was in the players' teiritiiry and Wisconsin's goal was never for a moment in danger. When Wisconsin had the ball, which xvas most of the time, I'eele, Cuchens mill Foi rest went through the lin.- for gains from 3 to 10 yards, Coolieim especially distinguishing himself by his lerrific line bucking. For Northwestern Hackson, Lihherlon, Perry and Sloane played (lie but offensive game and and Captain Hunter cov- ered themselves with glory in defensive work. made two touchdowns after twenty-five yard runs around I'or- ry's end. O'Dea tried two drop kicks from the field for goal, but missed thpm both. Wisconsin made lipr first touchdown in the first half after n hard slruggle by Coclioms taking the for fifteen yards around the right end to one yard line, and he was pitshed over on the-next line tip, Gregg kicking an easy goal. In the second half Wisconsin made her second touchdown aoon after play began, and Gregg kicked goal. The third was s n A icit Tlii-ir Host '1'uclk-s N'M'ilcU lo Bi-at Coi in-II I'hihidelphiii, Nov. of Veiinsylv.inia foot ball team defeated Cor- nell this alternoon on l-'iankliu licld hi a si-oie of tour to nothing. 11 was by far tho faste-t game thai has been ph-.yed here tliis season nnd shows Cornell to have a icmarknhly stunig team. There was h-ss eiithusiiism Minnifestcd bv tho 20.01X1 persons present last Saturday, because dm-hi'.; t'ic half Cornell did all the playing, bnl, in Hie second half romisylvania u-O'l llicir guards back formal ion with terrible ef- fect on tlie Cornell line. After nearly every scrimmage in which tliis formal! m was used there would be a Cornell man stretched on the grass. The-." tiresome in- ten upturns were the drawbinks to an otherwise brilliant game. Of ciur-'e there was considerable fumbling, di'e primarily to a slippery hall, and nKo made a bad mess ot two quaiicr- b.u-k kicks, but this i.iHer Mas also par- ti.illy due to tlio muddy ball. The litst half ended ivili in: score, and the ball on I'ennsyh.inia s thirty-live yanl line. The indivi'l't.i! stai-- on il Coiuell eleven were decidedly Wilson, Windsor. Whiting and Vumig. For I'cnii- .sylvanin. Hare, t.'oodman and Outran.I did the best playing. Pennsylvania's touchdown was not made until after twenty-one minutes ac- tual playing in the second half. For any team to hold Pennsylvania's guards back formation in cheek is a great leaf and only demonstrates h stiong Cornell's le.uii really was. The teams lined up as follows: Pennsylvania. Position. Cornell. J-oyle left end Tracy Goodman.....left tackle......Lucder Hare........left guard Heed Ovoi McC'racken right guard ......Favelle OtiHand.....right tuckle .McLaiighlin Hedges.......right end .MeKeover, (e) Weeks......qiiarlerhack C. Holing Jackson lett half bnek Wliitciic' Jlorieo.....right half bnek Windsor ilind.s (c) .....full back.......Wilson A. M< Clung, l.ehigh. mnn and Fi.rtosquo. Touchdown --Mc- -Two people iissoiulili-d in n r.iin nt Hankers" field (his nioriiiinr Hankei-s' cl-ib of Uii< r-it v- feat the Knickerbocker oluh of New York, by a wore of 40 tn s. T! V w Yorkers fairly outclassed, tlip Hankers going ihrougli their center wilSii'f dif- lieulty for long gains.. NKUKASKA'S CIJCAN I-'iuislicK the Sf-UMin Witli low-Ji nml Not a Game Ijost. Council lilutTn, In., Nov. Iowa, 0, and apaln Nebraska finishes tho season unlieatcn. champion of the West- ern Jiitor-CollcKlalo Football association. The name was n much closer one than many lind looked for, Iowa putting up the most stubborn defense. Several times the ball was secured within .1 few yards T Town's poal nnd forecil hack into safe territory. Shedd, WlRRlns, CowKilt nnd Icncdict were the hriRlit rtnrs for Ne- braska, and CrillUh. licems and Myers did work for Town. Tlip neld was n bad condition on account of rain. The nttendance was JarRC. The line up: Nebraska. Position. Iowa StrliiRer..........left end........Lnmberton Tears...........left tnckie........lilnckmorc FT.ipsen..........left Kii.ird..Walker (capt.) Mel KltflU Turner..........ripjht Riiarrt Blnckliurn Toward..........rlRht tackle...........TCea n Wiggins...........rlffht end..............I5by lowplll.........quarter back........Griffiths half hack........Deems Benedict.......right half back__....Myers Shoild back..........Houbs KILLED THE GOOSE Now Spaniards Complain of No More Golden Eggs. REICHSRATH IS SUSPENDED Wednesday's Riotous Scenes Re- peated in Thursday's Session. Madrid, Nov. clause in rela- tion to (arifTs in the government's pro posed scheme of autonomy for Cuba pro- vides for the creation of a mixed commit, sion io he composed of Cubans and Span- iards, which is to fix tin-ill's. The rates fixed by the commission are to be adopted by the Cuban chamber of deputies und then approved by the Spanish cortes bo- fore they become effective. Should the mixed commission come to n dead luck the cortes is to he iubiter of the questions at issue. Premier Sagasta has received over n hundred dispatches from persons and or- ganisations in Catalonia, Itiseay and otln provinces, asking that the autonomy scheme bo suspended. A member of the cabinet, said today, however, that opposi tion to the scheme would soon cease. he added, "the proposed re- forms opposed by n number of per- sons hit by tlie past system e amassed great riches, but the government is deter- mined to carry out w hat it considei-s its patriotic work, and its decisions must be respected." It is expected the ministry of the col onics will lie abolished after application of the rel'mms and that colonial affairs will be conducted by the prime minister. ISIOTOl S Scones ol' Arc Anil llousi- Is Atljmi Xov. the lower house icassoniblod today after adjournin; yesterday from the scene of unprecedent- ed dison1 r. all the ministers were present and tlie approaches to the pros tribune weie blocked, doors' having been erected since the disgraceful lighting yes- tor in and about the tiilmne and throit out the house. The entrance of the pres- ident of the chamber, Dr. Abrali.iiiioviii- was the signal for loud and insulting salu- tations, which were followed by vehe- ment Leftist shouts of "Shame.'' Ahrahamovics made an attempt to speak, but German Nationalist leader, interrupted him by shouting one else must take the chnir, not this swindler." Schocnerer, lender nf tine section of the German opposition, then yelled at the top of this voice: "I demand the right to speak, which I am entitled to." Thereupon WoliV rotoitcd: "There is no such thing as a light in this house. It is trodden under foot by his Jtamcliikes." As the uproar which followed showed every sign of increasing Ahrabamovic adjourned the house until afternoon amid n storm of "Hurrah" and "ISrnvo." JIEASITUKR FOR As soon ns the silting was resumed llii they have been, and people should thank God it is no worse after the exper- iences of tin; past four years.'1 Johnston presented statistics to prove the assertion that prosperity had turned, referring to the large crops of wheat, cotton and other products. "The created values in this year in the United States weio estimated at fourteen he said, and then dilated on the Kioatness of this nation and its mission on ST. LOUIS LIVE STOCK. St. Louis, Nov. 000; market steady for natives. strong. LIVERPOOL, CHAIN. Liverpool, Nov. No. 1 red northern spring. 7s 8U. firm; mixed, 3s spot, earth. tie advocated >iving the Catholics the same civil rights that every man enjoyed, but that this church ho warned to keep its hands oh" tho stale. In the course ot his remarks Dr. Johnston roferiod to Spain as "a burnt out nation, the basest of king- doms.'' He referred to the danger of corrupt parties and instanced the Uctory of Tatn- nuiiiy iu New York. WILD INDIAN'S WORK. Commits Three Mmtlors liis lliniic. Diiluth, .Minn., Nov. has just reached here ol it shocking Indian murder that took place on tlie Fond ilu Lao reservation, forty miles north of here. A Chippewa halt-breed, named Anamasin, left the reservation several diijs ano mid wnit to the town of Clo- met. Lute Tuesday he returniil. '.nzod with liquor, and in a lit of drunken rage attacked his wife, who was iihi.ut to give bit-lit to a child. Ho ilrngae I the iroin her bed and threw her on the Moor, where he beat nnd kicked her into a state of unconsciousness. The brutal treatment caused premature labor nml while actually receiving the blows from her husband the woman gave biith to the chihi. About tho time Anamasin had finished liis work an Indian named Peterson hap- pened to bo passsing the house, ami hear- ing :i noise, broke into tho room and at- tmpted to protect the prostrate woman. Anamasin seixcd a heavy club and turned his attention to t'oteraon, who made an oftorl to got out, but before he could do so, it is stid, Anamasin knocked him down and literally pounded his head into n pulp. Ifo then took tho body anft threw it into n creek near by and. IP- turning to tho house, saturated the door of the room in which his wife and child lay, with kerosene and applied the Then, with the evident intention of eov- <rmg up the act, he closed and locked the dooiri.uul left the house. A number of neighboring Indians by this time became aware that something was wrong, and breaking into the house, succeeded in getting the woman and child out, hut the rescuers barely escaped with their lives. Itolh it-.s. Anamasin and the child died half nn hour later. A stpind of Indian police started out after Anamasin and caught him about, daybreak on I he Clorpict road. He showed considerable light and informed tho po- lice that they could not have him alive, whereupon one of HIP police tired at him, inflicting a slight wound. He was taken back to the rescrvnfion ami looked up. COLORADO INDIANS. Governor Appoints ComniisMon to In- vestigate Kccciil Slaughter. Denver, Col.. Adams appointed Attorney C. Jtoa- man ol Denver, Clmles 10. Noble of Col- orado Springs ami Judge .loliliun Wnld- reid ns a commission to investigate the recent Indian distibances in TEoitlt and the theatrical manager, was arrested and j Ttio Illanca counties, his purpose lieing is held for Indianapolis authorities.. Tie determine whether any blame attaches is wanted on a bigamy charge made tho game wardens for killing Indian Mrs. r.lnnolip Rosenberg, nee Mitchell, of 'hunters. Chicago, who says they were married Nov. No news has been received nt the army 1, lint after living with her a while headquarters of the department of CoF he tired of her. She says that on Mnrcli 1 this year llosenberg married Jessie Crawford and he is said to have, another wife in New York. Hypnotic, inllnencos on liosonberg's part are Iillegeil. He says lie married twice, but was divorced both times and will return to without requisition papers. rnrlo, or ill the state house regarding the reported departure from the reservation in Utah of a party of In- dians for the purpose, of taking revenge for (he killing of their comr.iuei by tl7e game wardens. Indianapolis A Mit'r <llfl 'nun friiijr, fol. received today states the .settlers are pre- pared for any move flint the Indians may niakp. Has Ixivni-iiig; Vei'dicl. Chicago, Nov. verdict In Ihfl for- to Settle. Washington, Nov. min- ister, who hns just arrived from Honolulu, expressed, the opinion today that the trouble between wnii would be smoothed settled now without difficulty or irritation. I The court held a short secret session Japan ppems, he says, to be disposed to j today at which tho verdict was'made, have the matter settled in as amicable and dispatched to Washington. It la the a spiiit as possible. The amount claimed general opinion that Captain Covering by Japan as damages is not exceeding j will meet with nothlnr worse than a Japan and Loverinp court martial has been out and can warded lo the secretary of war. {reprimand. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK. Chicago, Nov. Strong; natlva sheep, westerns, f3.Wf4.7u; Uinlis, 5.75. Receipts, left over, market r.iLher slow, steady to 5c hlslicr; liB'ht, mixed packers. heavy, Kccclpts, sli-iintf tu JOe higher; beeves, cows and belt- ers, Sl.S'WI.SU; Texas steers, west- erns, stockcrs and feeders, J'i.lfl ifi4.40. KANSAS CITY LIVE STOCK. Knnsiis City, Nov. Receipts, market (Irm to JOc higher; Texas steers, 1.05; Texas cows. 10; native steers, native cows and heifers, tl.25W4.33; snicker's and f.-c-d.-is. hulls, Receipts, market Hi "c higher; bulk of sales, ics, packers, tl2.VTi mixed. liKhts, Vork.-r-i, pips, market slroiiK; lambs, muttons, 1'i-iil'ci-iHMl .lefferson City, 5fo Nov. Vianlc Jackson, a negro, was oll'eiod pardon by Governor Ktephens and declined it. lie came from St. Charles county for crim- inal assault and has been in prison four- teen years. When the governor asked him if lie would like lo be pardoned for Thanksgiv- ing he said that he would not; that tie did not wish to Iw turned into the world dur ing this cold weather; but he would like to get out next July when it was warm. The ollicers, he said, were kind to him and he did not want to go out in the cold weather to begin life anew nmong people who weie not his friends. The governor decided to let him stay and gave the pardon to C.reen Thornhill, from Lincoln county, un- der life sentence for murder. SkilU'ul Skin Grafting. Carlinville, Ills., Nov. case ol re- markable skin grafting is going on near Atwator and promises to be successful. Ed Carpenter was seveiely scalded by a threshing engine and bis brother was killed outright. One of Ed's legs was se- verely scalded and over 100 srpiaro inches of skin peeled off to the bone. It was soon apparent that, to save his limb and possibly his life the skin-grafting process must be resorted to. and Dr. J. I'almer Matthews of this city undertook the task, lie has taken an inch of skin from somn thirty of Caipouter's friends' arms and in a few days will take seven inches more from others and He thinks the young man will he up and around by tho first of the new year. Michael Wins Another. Xew York. Nov. 25. Jimmy Michael, the little Welshman, for the third time this year, defeated Frank Stnrbuck of I'hiladclphia tonight. These two raccis met in a twenty-five mile contest a carefully prepared, hoard track in Mad- ison Square Garden and the "Rarebit" made a runaway raw of it after the second mile. Ife won in the good time of minutes seconds, thus hciitini; his own Chicago indoor rocoid of 2-5 by Starbuck was three ami ou- third miles behind at the finish. Over Iti.flftO people witnessed the race. Corwin Pi-cpariiiK for Sea. San Diego. Nov. 25. Captain Her- ring of the revenue cutter Corn in, now in this port, has received instructions to have her ready for sea as soon as possible. Some repaiis are being made on the ves- sel, but she will be ready for service in n few days. No explanation of the otdei was given, but it is believed that she will bo scut to the Arctic to assist the Hear in her expedition for the relief of the ice- bonnd whalers. General Clay Dines Alone-. Lexington, Ky., Nov. 25. General C'us- sius Marcellns Clay's child-wife, Dora, ate her Thanksgiving dinner in the lowly cabin of her brother, Clol Kii'hardson. at Valley View, instead of sharing with her bountiful spread at neral yesteiday sent aged hnsbimd his White Hall. The her an invitation to dine with him, but she replied by messenger that she WHS not able to make the trip to White Hall. LiK-ky that He Wasn't Iliii-ned. Savannah. Nov. 25. An unknown negro was killed by lynohors near Itlaek- shear this afternoon, his hiMly being lit- erally riddled with bullets. The negro outraged Miss Itehie Davis, the 17 year old daughter of Eli Davis. I'iglit Story a l-'iiko. Lincoln, Neb.. Nov. 25. Hob Pilxsiin- mons and Martin Julian, v. hn showed in Lincoln with their company tonight. denied the report sent, out from lUitl'alo of another fight between l-'itzsimmons and Corbott. Stole a Mull-. Wnycross, Ga., Nov. John- son, a negro, was lynched this evening by a mob near Reroven. He was in charge of ollicers when the mob rode up mid de- manded the prisoner. The negro had been nrrcsted for stealing a mule. Dr. Miner Itu.vnioiHi Chicago, Nov. Miner liaymoinl, one of the founders of the Northwestern university, Kvanston, died today after a protracted illness. He was 70 years old. THE WEATHER. Washington, Nov. Indi- cations for Illinois Friday are: Rain, turning to snow tn northern portion; decidedly colder: south- erly winds, becoming northerly. Local Temperature. 7 a. m., 45; noon, 47; 6 p. m., 30; midnight, 56. fSPAPEJRI

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