Monday, August 18, 1890

Alton Daily Telegraph

Location: Alton, Illinois

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Text Content of Page 1 of Alton Daily Telegraph on Monday, August 18, 1890

Alton Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 18, 1890, Alton, Illinois ANI) MOTS Some Interesting Figures Based (Mi Census Returns. forty-two more votes to oount. The.Ever JQC POPULAR Sheet Music. (CIUS. J, MICU RN HA RT. Sole Agent.) CHOICE SELECTIONS at cost. OlRKrui.LT ARKANUKD Po BFOIWBrr AM. KOR TU* mu 0KTrV(i , * r EM OK THU *(A*W« must hays Room for ow HRW stock of ALBUMS ami PAPE-TORIES how under way. Henoe, we offer ow present stock PIANQ AND ORGAN. at OOST. < hopsack Welt*, by............ ny Away Galop, by......... Gertrude Dream Waite, by Impatience (Banjo Galop), by In the Sunshine, by........... Jars (Tsars March, by . . .. Moment Musical, by...... Playful Ronda, by . Russian Grand March, by «,«, ^tar of Affection Muzurkn by nix leer of Moeea Galop, by. M M Walt*, by. . . . . . Wreath Walt*, by ....... .... sc., ac., ac., ac ... -De I Atilt Wallis, Beethoven. .Streabbog ..... iAtnge. . . Knight ...Schubert. ....Greene .. Trends, Hartmann .‘Greabbog SVo. Prr.-at Indira lion* th. Me.her- *«P of th- J.*,, „«»«.* of Bagreeent** wa I III Be SAS—The Heat el Political plra — Astonishing Growth of the Aonth.rn Mate. a. * howi| by ** enumerators. Washington City, Aug. la -Carua, !!?"*•    * lo "«    <® «° ma, ?. ,    *    about    the    electoral    mllcire Uh and the mber territories can ba left out and the total population la still near •uouKhto m,0UU.0(S),otake tho* fig,*** Urn.? ; U : linK Mnt Th * tandanojr •tem. to be to ^ umt) that the next coo- SIT im? * ppwrt, °nment will be mule and thaiti    ° f rt, * )rr “ wi tnt ion, m * f * lb ®mhip of the house ai reprcsenutlrw will be Aged at MS in thin event th. negt electoral a^lewe win have 14) member*, an inerrant al r« • two. Up to IWO the number »„ #■ £' on the returns of that year the “nT wm 5if ^ 2 lr— * The Unit of Representation. been admiti" n ‘J 1 " ?" lr »Ute which had .S'.T '■ th * which h«ve Im™ addnl two Is on practically the vim* bai. i population While IAI,.GO „?*>> ZZiS f**pre«entaiion. It ta lo W bp EJS    uo    matS £=Sjjrfsss5 he'    f * asas-t-fiwABJVi ProbaMlltla* Kl.,a E.«mgh Th.    „ 4    jr< roman Killed Several I’aeeengere Kart. » i A ** A * A2, ' )0 . Mich., Aud. IS.—a fright IwwTte r Urrfl ' i Frif *' iy ’ c : ° n U,r    Central ra road fonrtasi, mites east of this city, I ,nto an °P«» »w|teh. and with a f i \IT * p,,t * ,w, *bt train heavily IT troiLT \ fr !f ,,t,nI Wrwt Th* 11 rn it-I 1 tram ha " f «» right of way and make* eu *°*" and «“ an were not at all apprehensive Th,, freight train was on a long siding i iSLsn ^ «»iM5rJsra midway to the long .witch ie a ^^jwlteh lading £ the ^ Th- k Th * *'"'*• an ' 1 Injured. plun^d J *.7d mOKUi h a,ln * ot tb * limited Olid way Its lenwtl^S ‘ h * *?* ht six fiwfwht    j    ,    *****    through ro JZL*’*?*!'"*2 end «# 7k JT    PW’WSd    Into    the    •« Fbi! tSflj/lftt* Wag f I* *4. .,„i Sm^Tn irmir.s MIW hup,, th. kUM    it.lH-n o- >h. ii—it—i,    ga* SSt’isr' *>“•(« H~« a2?u S D^“ a rt ir*hSsr' : ii c ' T" ZZ!X! , <!! b n Kr^nt a ' m r 22Tn-St" f ’ V A "«S, • D * tw><t ’ h*Ufrmmm, arm cut West Shore Switchmen at Buffalo Quit Work. central roao badly crippled.  ______ tit A Bargain. —Glee. Se. if it — I --- r, " ,w    K »»ngh. a > *"• wye ddT Third and Piasa sis. ALTON, ill. the latest. Rilling OW the Senl*. »« rtiha* Au,. Kp !.p°,     81 p *° 1 ' " , «' h ! "®* arrived from OunalaakA ear* the lu^rr Vi rr ri ‘ **    - l in ronaefjuenoe ny (which »________^     C ‘*m ,n rrcUl eompe ,/ ' wn,r n lease* the *aii mokcriea f/.m *>«T>'*k»T*Th fln ' N ""  Uk *’ M,, ra . p.-^" A ro":„:x7 , iM,r The Stepping Stone, by "«*• ' Sidney Rosenfeldt. VOCAL AND IKSTRI MKNTAL) IOC a Copy. OUR SPECIAL TERMS: 10c Per Copy. 25o for 3 Copies. 50c for 7 Copies-$1.00 for 15 Copies. .t-i TitI    *°n    of    the    I    al,i ju " 1 "Ummw in an add!-*inh « e S^T, T b * n,< *' ^""‘mentof e irT!u 0n;C#,t With certainty I he sad electoral vote of most of tho *rat><« SSSsSsS StlsSSwK m&zgm i-zartxrts-jiht everything in prcahtentlal election*. ORO WTM OF THE SOUTH. by the Catelome FURE am Api»u«>n. TZrZ. MuU< 11 rKEE ~»; Chas. J. Degenbart, Third and Pitta att. - Alton. II Ready Mixed Paints I Oils — AGENTS FOR THE— 8t. Loris Virnlsh Co. Fine VARNISHED sod JA PA NM. Charter Oak Stoves and Ranges Black Dismond sad Asbestos Roofing. Building and Khnat. nf j    _ (wee, Lift and Spraying Pumps New Home «<1 Whit, Sawlug Mazuma; WO^.    T»5m Celebrated Metter Farm Mm. —FINE LINE OF— CaiTiMes. Bilbies sod Sjrisir fapos Bm lh. B—t HOAD CART lo th. World (or Ile. ft I JOHSTON, Hardware Cb. lArdwni^ and I."____ an.    .    . A*—fating Figure* T.rnwl I C. n.„ |Cnnn.r .tor., C,T I Autf ,K —Theenum-erator. return* to Rupedntendant Porter of the ceovu, at the southern -tate, show* •n unexampled and astonishing growth of XT**” **»«- «rZT rn™,J Thl irr 1 “*    “ Mw 0*ur.» a r -r^i ^ th< * •°° th »*“ hwA • genuine and ,ub*Untlal Ixjom. They Stto .how that the .tate, of AUVmm^ Weet v lrgiola and Tvanrnm*, whom it *-• euppmml the g^ateat lucrmme would (or pnpnUtioa. Th. .tnt— th,, «, „« diet!neily mineral producing are larireiv In the ,ead. Texas ami Georgia are fir*! stile     r ‘°°-     mW * n    -uutbsnt state, with the .xoeption of Delaware will secure an additional and some of them several I mmGate la Tout. Lpon tbs prnpoeed basta all throe UteterSit ijr H *. nc ^    has Smi aTT b#r ‘wawsss Iwlng awl-*V,MO. Arkan 5« SLtLl “‘Tr- JLT 1 : ***** c LmdmTimS^’ ^ntucky, a«,uxr, (, «h. Maryland, 4-V.,<)ou: Mte ^ North Caroltaa. Mt uu>- will v? n,Un *’ '*' Va<W) - Virginia. MR08D Vt eat Virginia, IM.UUD; t. , r    ' •***«*. «a*n i, TE7SJS, that the increase ot the aouth will exoowd U»*t of the -tate* ,rf the northwrot KSU ntSna i    way    to hai SSS maT n K th * l . n01 ant oTg^L    *«    tofrfen*    with *    oontraband    vessels. **• Trouble Cs.,.-., ky Ordsrte, Wrot ST "7 l# Trt * * h * •# the STJir^ th " "•* v * ri1 r *" ,r *' r —• Tl ** *W*he Greeted with day by £..r,rr - -    " o'T‘    morning    At    I it lh *r iU tUn * n “‘•Central yards system 7a°th. “7! *??. °* Wwt •J^ten, in this city followed suit Throw the move^ mlneat. Th. chrdiHf of the W M t shore Si I'* tr «* hl *• tt- moat serious ^ tral*« I" 7‘!7 n, l*‘s^y cripples the ST wa. I ,Ur f ' ,rW ‘ rdl8 « bright. here wa* the worst tangle of train* and I h a I Ta 't" th# C5 ® ntr4,,1 «P° t Hat unlay that bas becnjron slnro the -ink., ^xsn • week ago West »hor, and I 'cut rat eo- trate duc'a'iJltTb '****■ Tb *’ Wl Um KroTt roTd tkl k stoppod at Chicago thro G.# powwsger* walked in as they did frmn the same train la*t Kat„T &35£«5w=S UU* itime, ami the lag train bo.,** „r*. fam^ aacoofuroia^rota, ,,, ^ Bl T ‘“* Mlchl- gas ta nirat through train die to leave here al 0 *1 got away at S IS and cl her trains were even further delay, d V» in tem.*.- cum ,» mu, -    lr, nntTter litr*** 1    *    Harrow*and Train ■Mater MnUmey were out at Item Bnf __  <    •—    th- Trowble. •«'7 a *MII'Mr. h ik-    tb.™ ariot-1 i m     mea    wtr *    ordered Around herefrom the Erie si met de,*^ SWI Bm BEM SHUSS ■—ti Ci5luJ V,,,ls( w,,,, vv «l«r In Ibtuw IjOT BOTTI PQ C, ISTSSS^BP'roro. „., ldr u. MUST Dorsey & Mann 310 Belle street Nebraska Demrter*11* Tleket. .A*"'*. N,lt - A, o ‘“-TI,. It !y*.^W Mimuin,    | „ , clock Friday morning after Ida, Ina rn nominal Ion the following Uckit Gel -rnor, James R Boyd of towsnt_ govsmor, Dr. Alexander ftuwo, Norfolk; iwervtary of slate, Frank W te"'    ‘II-T .£|«oTr It c„!h i    ^    treasurer    VV    n cr*i d! °k l .;* U#,r,K)Ubh ; attorney »,* to.,.net,UU, c 'n’ ‘K^S2“i UnL J itssss^sw^-w* not UklThe KdT**' , , h " r vkmm hm did not Uke the J„h, and sent a dciegalion lo ^.iwrinicmu.ot lhirn , wm asking h m to liM * Kr, “    Mittijr? uumnilte (I.     rUrr *     uf (he st her llSSSjTa Mr n*«rolred arni they stem k. I go-.* (h . I»rL it     Wffi w,lh (hem and will , • an i by the,,, Ro don't »*. .„ rrrl l7 , 1 f 1 loviM* r    «»rop.    I dub*! know I “f, I™:    "    roe sr know    the    swt>, hincn    ere out WARM AIR FURNACES' Alt!) ANI) HOFT COAL. iwJtU" “-sa-Nwii: euirai and Weal hour* ro,uia* Greeted with Jay. ii of h . ,,r T     fr,    n»    Bi    ack Hardware and Farm Machinery, Alton, DI, “•I'M* to Cwagrroa. WaeHixoTON City, Aim IR-The rom m, ‘ rn,IlK    couAldem. ttoni of the river and harbor bl|J~ the pending garotte., bemg on r rf e'. pro . ^u-^hSTu^CL sE lUwMjr for „1M l , rldg “' ,, ; M '"VrV, b r >•••-, n.,. »i    «»»••• —JtcMu - In the house Holder of Minnesota auk. tolltel.nlh C,H ‘J; rtn 7    on the bul - i, ,    " * national park at the haiti- i of    '     r, *curted on the Nat M, k'-r "“wa: lib™«    ■** • 1»w*riim Cannoli of i”lS? r n ‘ f anmmKtee on rule. ported a resolution for th,- «—___ eons Ider at too of the anti lottery Sill t-ca,,*d YI* the Hewer Kip*, ARI*, ML, Aug IN --Shorty McGill a P ckpo,.k-t, recently arrested In Chicago and brought here got away Friday mom. ing by going down the sewer pip,. a „. ^°tod with the (iorot TIm* teEb ontopleted aud aet #au,nuu E.1 N\,rri.' ^.flned in the rom* ^ made Ute 32 attempt and was found head down to the MctJil has been arrested twelve tim™, ail(1 m- ijT 00 * 1o triaJ    »c.|wdfrmn roudhr *£ h 7T tWW y **™ NP E ««d wa. “a5^JL?“ o * ,o ,h 5? I - . . •• pho,,,- message fmm Black It - w stmTk n** I lb *    • w *tohm,    n had sri'i&r"** ; h 4, sr, -« toiuu «7to , r-^ r ~' uA . w '"' *» b > r*. *■ '* "-".—I A detail jsa^T     lMr «»o*Am«nL I to Kit i .i i    were    .ret    out toRj* Buffalo to prerorY* ort, r . • olTioers wen- numerous steu) thr jegtral d«p,g Huprriu tendeot Barrows fappsMl Ie Have Baaa Karder-a PiTTbH! Ro, f*a, Aug. IR-In the to Wn of Homestead, tea miles sam of here th* raomte Joh,, , R Hh ‘^ Ul w ** ^•God Suuuay raomlng on th# raiiro-,i .—.a rooming tm the (ted th* dncfaw, have found Aulu* Krtiro < aku    ^    round ti- *!',’*     hMd . Md contend drlth T.r^r.     0,1 lk * teaek after deathy HH rots was an Osage man sad th# -nTm^rtfriVf f 7 U ‘ rn,ly clal ‘a (ber he a?“ "" '.'x-Tr it- moved teu.    ^    irains were being Hlryeie Rroerds Hrohea. HA^„ n , tw ABt 1(1 _ a t Im J k ““ 1 “‘ l *"“»•««. I— th. tost 5-mile record at Charter Oak r«srk making the distance in )gjy The |gagmil!!LI Ll'gJl — *Sv s? Urie was paved by fast ridein, p J Baria of IteskoR broke the I mile aautoar tmng through sit right, ibough lata New Khaee tv lh* Sir I ha, The Action of the switchmen si va s new ‘is: spread beyond the k nigh la af lei,., Th- men who went out si* member* of th* Mulu.l Al.t ;u,u, *„ ,7m. „i“ C^ST *7    “•    ot    uiZ ?T"V “ *•* Grand If-ter Hwroney ut he Bumhturn's organisation who sci*, i«rSL."j2r To our frtemla would s ir wa a— in • ver °^ w ^ P f^3te£? t PITTS Jc HAMILL. 81« kkllb HTRHam A. J. HOWELL PRA (.KR IN the "word, going the dtstsnr* previous record was t.87 JA msnt of the wheel club and I In ‘im Tbs The ten ma-begins Rspi | Afloat!,,* at Albaay * Y -*"• *fow York Central wad*, bualnros fa con-WM-ued, th* stria* here Is broken, fur Weal ' ’    — w    w*||    unjqi being ***** Mr, Hit cleared out "The road Ratarday morning "ig lASeli York Lard salisbury to Mr. Hlaiar. „ u ashivcion city. Aug s* _j Aird | hshshury's Ii-, letter to Sec re tory Blam. relative ta it,,.     7    *«*u* -U“« uIU mule PU bite Iou the English Mtnimtm in ,k.    .. f-ngll*h REDUCTION SALE % -OF SUMMER SUITS AND PANTALOONS MAJ)FO r JXA OHI >KH. PEEFECT FIT AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED has b*eu__ i'r7'!'VT, r c '"“ ,h ** SiS SSI’S?, r ,h *    osH? Tit , ,m *i Britain the matter b* left impartial ar Mr rn ion.    to    left to 1'ieetdentlal favrow U CITY, .Vug. IU—The pm*. dent ha#-cut to the senate the following mmitoauoas: Col. J H. luster, ehtef purv*,or to be surgeon genera arith toe rank of brig*,!I,,r general. Milmn T%nn*ylvanla, Ie* he **- rid?    ,' n    * he    to    adm,    h,    apl    La] ^»i» of the United Htatea _ —    for# algbt the train# ait Gear,. «. Che Hte.te Ta, Idea.    J?' 1    ««*l„g    through    ‘ail    |1-17'" u»u.». A„ d s-iroa^.nw.    ro,    .1,    !T&Z    r.™,. day evening addrrorod a a .u#t enthu.lwtfa !???* ,r ' tn r r ' ,n *“>ted-nts w-., lKk .    I tutrix:iZ*    e hU remark. he said that bv had found ' tfomJh toe' “T' n,i '* ^b# a. (I II nag his prwwnt Stay In th/. ountro ^7- *- U ^ i0 ° 81 “»• ™*i tost the that tov Siagi, tax prlnoipi* was progrrol' ever are’,'Till ^.Ti" Tb " •**’ke»% hew ,~ . „,-„c    SI and then thee* •hi l.    • , r <,r '»vrs 1 °* u lo * r * w *»* ■» * general shat- > CARPETS, CURTAIN,, (ML CLOTHS, RUGS, sd -—XI    I—    «. Prioea WILL BE FOUND LOWER-Considering Qualifies and Styles- Than in aav ash— a -- OUST    halts rn    •<    0>* Bu st oraa od g VERY Clos b UADofv^ • ft * b| to! lo do wa* («. im    ,1 r A80IN    —aa* hopeful for tend Lawn. the MB "!“ S™ 811 ™* - 0P WOODS ANV oioxa Boom in thb cm. A Word from the farmers’ Aillaaro. MI-, A„» H-H.U-U, Ul"** 1 CM—nm —IJ-mn—d — , o'clock Frt*y until Monday moruing a I 1 ” K r r '""-’ Aiii«S ... sn im it (am! ai,,) r»-f.-rred. it nrotmta “    * "*nrvren<e v against educational or property qimJifira-     1,1 «    (nwrai Mn fur electors, bul leans toward the Au-    R*»h|bte of Isibor •-“nrrsri■?*-*? 1 * t>voc *tea equal toga. ?!:“ n "* r '7 of • uon co prrsHM and ^orporationa. down. fewd*rly al M*« York. JJJ* V, '.7' , Au * ,h *»rAod Master Workman Powderly arrived hen- Friday but 'ip to a late hour Mrtttrday bad not bod a rooferenro with Vms 1‘rroldlm •’ W>    Iteavrai    exrcuGv#    la,*nf    of were la secret .'faturday at the BL -AT BRUEGGEMAN BRO’s. (Successor to A, Brueggemac*) Artist ^ Tittering and Gent's Furnishing Good. Emporium, ^1 l iana Ntroot. hhe u —■ %,»* _ WM,, Au*. It-M— Carolin. LsM»rh was liberated from th* loaaa* how pilal Khe Was I .iran*,ruled July » on proceeding* »n*Utute<l by hsr husband ^ t < L w‘*y* 1U, f7, l ™, 1 r 1 r 1 U> K * t bwr out Of ta* way. A medteal ootnrii -*iof 1 examine,) ber daclarro that she Is -ane And that no evidence exists to «h(,w that abe was ev*r otheiwfae. liar c.ftlllente !!f 7iZ^7tZ m ^ 1 bytm,l,hy “ lci «* ll,- Wants t* Moon th* Trot*, .,^1'? am °- Au * “-“roe sr >ri(w ha ring com# lo the ears of D G Mi N^r concerning the habit# ami ,-haracter tetfaltotLL lr 1 I m,vd n “‘ lhod ^ IU mg '**urn He* pff'DoiH Ut hip** . 1**11 «ad invite the dis.!?!ite il5£ (to®* to • pa blk debate la wbic?StS answer all charges which have broo tnsde OgAlnst his .laude,vl .jnmro    “* Montana*, tefawr Output. Bi rrk, Mont, Aug is -The total out pat of oof>pm for Moo* nut last ysar was Th# Droglrok Hrohea. f Lkvgi-*gD, Aug. It —The deadlock In tbs Twenttelh district ftepubllcanoonven W y    Saturday moruing, when nominated fro    — mmtteated for coughs., on th* snLrt m WOK ll (he min S‘Jj?3±5.2» "V^il’LK; -    Iii.imero    « M IIIU) do. cl    uuo,(iu> pounds toatfibatoil a nim , *<renter degree of th " u, °* 1 eatonaiw and valuable In the world. Cloud botel Be Trouhl* ai I hteag*. Cli ic a no, Aug Ii.-Them bas lima rn. toroatem af work In th* yard. of th* Uke W*ors aad Mteblgan H.,uthern rail ma,I , tburity, and lh* switchmen prufem ig •J^cd^yorderto.trter W.,liT| ”    . n *af» there fa \nd will i™ trouble with to# Itelte .ore ,mp|„ m Kaasro Grate Shippers Nut Happy, KASSA* CITY. Mo., Aug to- The g^a .*** crolr * J ageJT^g'a little favor They^LSP* Ii WUb » «w uta.-v^roirr £:? i»vai m.rkeu To IW —     tb8tr will not b* affected SPW SPITS. ■tokCle ,r sir;    r    ii    s TV    .    ■    _    •    '  .......*    P"P«M <» -k. sp I. rn GUARa\ NTE KING A Perfect Fit, Reasonable Rates and Complete Satisfaction. la (tea lf uu.irrg Years GM. Ba ha arn, VVI*. Aug. to- Mrs. M id- 22roukfS if" * tm tent health and is an e*u-u,,v ? reader. it a .    .    *» esicaaivt r War husband and lim-- so.i* years In the war. throe .    ^ to* 11 l *^«*v«re4 by fir*. ' AU * Tto^ttea Paper mill, one of the moat complete ■to* 1 ^ oqoipped print sad book t«r- r mille in the v a ||*y, w „ tell? * P m S !" m!-Jr Tho Are started insuramaf AW imI* 4 * on ,,m    • ,SW -°W>: lf) Ail FA!) (iii Aft) I lf NI. Iii*' filii) wit) 1 built immediately. IUHI wUI 1,8 ^ H. C. G. Moritz. 112 Third st

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