Monday, August 11, 1890

Alton Daily Telegraph

Location: Alton, Illinois

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Text Content of Page 1 of Alton Daily Telegraph on Monday, August 11, 1890

Alton Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 11, 1890, Alton, Illinois ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH. VOLUME AND an in. Ailed an rapidly Hat ii rd ay • id thosr p.’or** will ho *< [Hiesibh- * Yu* I'resident Welrfi Mid V ,rt .     rn * n    l»«’l    qnU here an J that the com patly had al I.TLtelfT i * W meu Th**trlk-> a include train men ami yard men No HW. r h fT* Btn,ck *<>'"*Uhl In hen. _    i    from this city f iv** ai, TWELVE THOUSAND EMPLOYED OUT Ifhahle freight win -- I    Shore r, ad Practical Tie-Up of the York Central Road. New d I Dm ti ?/     k    * m    to VeroV    elation on either the V - p° , , ky * B, l Northern, the New J ! N ** w V, ’ rk • n, l New I *° railroad, where they take their chenar ut getting a train. go over and perth* Writ The Ever I POPULAR I Sheet Music, {CnAS. J. PKG EN JIA HT, Hole Agent.) CHOICE SELECTIONS CARKrUIXY AT COST. *ff-We mutt have Room for our NBW stock of ALBUMS and PAPE-TERI BS now under way. Heuoe, we offer our present stock AIT COST. KuPSMi RES OK TI IK PIANO AND ORGAN. Third and Piasa sis. ALTON, ILI, » hopi tick Waite, by ... ny Away Galop, fey .....'* Gertrud* Dream Waite, by Impatience (Banjo Galop;, by In Uw Sunshine, by, ..... Jack rroefa March, by... . Moment Musical, by ........... riavful Honda, by... Bu satan Grand March, by !!.’. s, ‘tr of Affection shower of Hoes* Galop, by..... , “    “    •    W aits, by .... Wreath Walts, by.............. Be., Ae., Ar ... ..He Lulu  Wains, Beethoven, streabbog . .... Lange. ■ ■ Knight. .. Schubert. .... Greene .... rrands liartmann Hireable »k lh* Whole Sjretom III,., he,I. ,I an ,| Pm-•ei.ger. un to blurt for Tl,em.elve. The W«. w Torii *,„| I hleago (.trotted Train l^ft In m Tuner!—The rim Intimation of the Trouble — The rn Hilda of tile Mt liker*. New Your De. Aug, ll.—Without a word of wanting IS,UUU Knight* of Labnr em ployed on tile New York. Central railroad becween New York and Buffalo went on •trike at 7 o’clock Friday evening, and Ute acy road of the Vanderbilt system waa at a stand*tiU. Trains were abandoned at whatever point of the road hod limn enarhal at that moment, danger signals II aahed I heir ominous red light* over every mile of lh* St>j on lh* line, paaeengere were left to shift for themaelveo, freight left to perish or tempt robber* and the great machinery of a vast railroad wa* left at Die merry of the element* thieve*. and ruffian*. There wa* orts exception. I*** * r «ny of strikers, strong in number* hacked by the sympathy of thou. ■and* of their brethren, reliant on the pa conjury "apport of * mousier organ! an turn, feared the str<mg arm and the wrath of the United Beatee feat mail train* were Ai     Tr *‘ ,M O'* Oft Al IO .« S*,„r Uy >iMM|d trmJn otw " r '* w '* B” 1 < ff. Ihe ll rat one haring gone »«S:30. It i« saki that the SA) train for L sDU sE     n, “ ,r Ul * b Brd * M and ti. ™ LT* ,    *“ *»*> said thai all of lh * ,WlUh toWMt W.Ut out nT*?r >ra '*- Ukl °« chart* of Lot teltS*" Wi ' h tbrrn - that the men rn*,, K ** ar * ’**l" ,rt «‘*‘c*d switch st?    *’*<'"«•»• they do not have the charta. AI cr ady HU t ,f the la.wtta'wt H*If 0l, | t ‘'* V * •a estimated that between 400 aud SOU only •re out in this city.    * No WHI# *t Home. ^‘MK N V., Aug 11.-Th. etrike on the Osatral does not affect any railroad TJi'lT I 1 ®?     1W# •" *    "«*oy £° r u     ,br    th. non    J?     ,b * y    h * w    *•*"*•$    no ■mite to .trike an t all of them are at t' W . U ,V 4< ',    . Mmt    1 " c * 1    running but tittle    behind    time    - A Bargain. OTHER LABOR NEWS. The (.router* .od J etwee*. 11.- Sot unlay morning’s convention of the SITUATION AT ALBANY. Tw« Th* Ac., .. Giese ie. THE LATEST. TH® Stepping Stone, by Sidney Rotenfeldt. VOCAL AND iNHTItr jIKNTAI.) lorn Copy OUR SPECIAL TERMS: 10c Per Copy. 25c for 3 Copies, 50c for 7 Copies- • $1.00 for 15 Copies. «    rase     un    Am....... Hon, or Mulled Fit EK to A (It! re mn. any ta. J. Degenhart, Third and Pii*a its. - Alton. HI. Mixed Paints I Oils 8t -A GENTES FOR THE— Louin Varuiah Co, Fine VARNISHES •ad JAPANS. Charter Oak Slows and Ranges ibL Pa nor For, r iftJ^- HuiMlo ‘ ? 10(1 and V? i t T 'ii l * n S i? r ^ in « ^“P* Ne. WHI * tm* Sewiug Macbinca; ISO each. Agent. ’ Horae for the —FINK LINE OF CaiTiaaes. Bog® and Sjrioo laps sa. u,. B«t HOAD CART in the World for $10, ft K. JOHNSTON, Hardware Co government. .    allowed    to    me    use obstructed, maline.! by actual etriker# ( The glgual OI vest. The clogging of th!, great railroad Involve* the switchmen, primarily, the fright handler*, trainmen, engine rn, a^nmn. and laborer*. Two cipher w.^le, Webster'* DieUouary,”,I over the wire* at « J© p. m , and t**« minute* «f:«r ward the system was biockaind more tbrwougly than lf an enemy had take. it during on international war When th* word wa* given for the great trike the pride of th. Central railroad, “the N\. w York and Chicago limited tratn” of vc*tl-J»lad parlor tun., wa* thundering through the great $*,< «,OJO tiinnrl which eitteurla from .Vlindy right h ot r.t u. Fifty ■•evefttb at reel,    to    the    ca trance of the Cirond Central depot. Th* red light of danger flashed. The train wan brought ta a „taud*tiil Tbeeu^n er r and llreman     from th, cb and brakemen left their p at*. FaeavMger* Kurr«-,| tm Walk. *    ***• •*«plny*»> walk*-,I over the track teUiedei«t, and the poawmg, re, amaaed ti tnt* aud,ten top, were in a panic I h* ewHiuctorofthr train had no mtim..tma of Use prop,Mad strike, and for a moiiM*nt * *‘ ft tbe lrata   .... witk the engineer, who explaitierl ii,,, .it-u ttion to him The contlucUtr then mu trounced to the pa ow..gem the iuaUlity Jo lh!* grrnt oorporath.a to mova them the lot eight bb toke id their journey arter carr, mg them **f«iy, pruotpDy, and ruth I ikurioo* surrounding* nearly l.OiJUotife* The pMaengeia left the train in conf ae ion. rnroiigh th* intneate rn#*,* of a myriad nonly by th* glare of danger atgn.l* the pa**,-ngen.~ meu, women, and children - had to pick Ibrir w»> through rain and mud arni all in* danger aud dtrt of an immeo** rad row! yard to Un* depot. Tim road a aa eurwd and th* atriker* damn.-l by every A Labor I* roe I a ai at Iou. Th* Beat intimation of astrion* trouble WM given Friday afternoon, when th , proclamation w«. i*ued to all Lltor ur -gan^*Glon* < m t!« Vanderbilt system < "- VVork «« ->f ell or, up,Don* Sth^YewV^k r ' ,H ? mnXO: lb- Offsm L o a    n'ral ami ll u t. .,1 KD.e In na nr,ai p, i***gn. .    railoMi    wlUuh mean* the •Xlertuinaiiu* of    |»U,r ur^aoi- •»«n« railroad employ**. Whit* t a**eeea«»u| Attempt* to Mare Ti:,Ism Militia la KaaHl nM «. Al BANT, N. Y., Aug, ll.—Prom ohsser ration* at the a) moat cont ruling ital ion of the Central rai.ruad line*, It ie evident Am lh* strike cf th* employs* I* going to t» one Of the mum atubboni and tormld-able of the history of the country It t, here that trouble is expected, for her* are niaaaed th* beat at tb* road’* detective* and numerous Pinkerton speciala The pnwance of the latter mr re. to aggravate tbs case for the Knight* of Labor are bitter foes of th* Hukcrton secret aer vie*. The railroad WtborMm ber* are inclined uo mon ’ *° tjuu> thr Ch IC AUO, Aug. * salon of th* biennial I Brotherhood of Canwuter* «■»» elation of general odi -era awl selecting i     ltl * next convention Bt little being the choice. W. H Kliver, of W# t* Ble ' t, ‘ r1 ffcucrai president ,ie,L.r*r* Secretary lleUnlr* w H « u p •«: MuatPm for Mother lerm. “J.    O' Francisco, wa. H irke ?rf i t L, Pf, * i ' l ' >nl ' •‘»*lT»- R Burke, at BrmAlyn, second vie* dent. Th* coov* n lion th Kin* d e. I BEM UKE (Thick Walla) barge Cellar. with Water in House. pre*)-adjourned it*.*** ** , F #rl, ***«de"t ItlMeli Ray*. sn!    T’t 11,    »u    per    ti, tend rn ib ^ ! or ,llta diction, admitted to th* L nit cl pre** repartee 8*tuniay mort,lug that thanks bad amu mad I mom arri mum aspect. “No train* of any description are running and the Buffalo !° thm mor ® 1n «."'wW Mr. mw IL We bare arn*, out the road > ultimatum la the matter, requiring the iS selvee dlwbarged. We believe we shall br able to HU their places. I do not know when we ahull be abl* to sarod out a train. ) <>U understand that our position In rh* I*     lf ““ •• beli *«‘ we hi,vt • right to discharge end him a* we pi rate « e discharged certain were labor agitator*. •n inch.” And Thew a etrike. Probably. FOIT DoDqx, Iowa, Aug IL-The em- p.oyee of the Ullmd. Or«rral r.llnmi on •ll the Iowa line* have decided to organ, r.e j Irenuwl     k * «<w» them fL atren-th a- an organisation The W “ toaUfUHWd by the cmier Of rid road cond IIC ore of thin line at a brdltef ‘T 1, r " l    ami alter,de,! bydetegoue from the three low. division. [rirj!!     !bc,u    • ll    lh#    «B.du, tom, Md will be a LOT QOzIfiO. ««A ‘STS£J8S>“-*« i4 . Handy to f| I Iff jiff j,; I ^1 must be sold. Damper* revive* a ( a*) right Law. - kw V* ut, Aug ll —Bnm«*IU«»mp*r*, preeiU^ut of the Federal iou of Labor, on duly ah ad in-*«ed a letter to Speaker flied, requesting him to urn hie influence to rn eurr the paaaage of .« Intonational copy. right law. and fating .bat bo„.e bm]?. by ‘ ^••Fivwmau .si, u «nde. of Cmiiwcttcttt, w a* entirely *ati*factory lo bi* organisation ae it coreml all la.inte Iii inter-*.    ----- men because they We shalt not yield engine with six rill lie Attempt la Baa rn Train, inc first at I,-,opt to m-nd a rain through was made Saturday morning and wa* unsuccvmful. An cai* loaded with started out ol Weal Albany. Hardly had It guae t wenty )arris when the engineer wn* compelled U)    ravrm*    hi*    laver, th, m    '     Wilh *    horde    of men who Mid oat    a word,    but    rvfuaed    Ic ii*-Mi »Ti.     tm,u lKo PP«l th* men boarded th* engine, and in a few min muss there was nod a mao visible, the strikers*^ >li( * flpem * n having joined the PlrsNl the fill** Men. DHX van Colo., A Ig. IL-Burling! on firemen on tbi* divisUou hat* not iw- longwi tunny organiaution .doc# the grew! I til LJiL f* 4, ' 4,n, ‘ , *“*• quietly jollied Lti l     VUV    ' ,nWi * U    ‘•SM,cd till* and aa order wa* received from hee,I quartern discharging .ii th* offend era Dorsey & Mann 310 Belle street. WARM AIR FURNACES! HA HD AND HOFT COAL. Xktr Un- P fwomrrt Iteii tar ^"ItK, Aug. II. l*he employee of Ute P.unsylvabi i freight y.r.U, In Jerary J «u I,av, reeved rn ■ tsaimssma! per will. auuuuucem rot n iner«aew<i ii Ar* A nether Falter*. At ll o’clock an attempt wa* made to mute a train in the drj^ yar,| A poem or pot tee were pr«wnt to await lh* com iil'UK .ofJsrtmviM Foster Tho atrik •>• blockaded the track* and defied pouoa. the “M»all I move tharuri asked the sergeant of Fueler Fo*ter looked at the men • miaul*, and limo mid -I .hail not give arty order*. Mr. Birne!I also seemed afraid to take thotespoariblltty, and the train did not Th* »<11 ■ppretiate the situa i u. Hardware and Farm Machinery* Altun, III. REDUCTION SALE —or SUMMER SUITS AND PANTALOONS JVI ADK To ORD KH. PERFECT FIT AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED tte? frzirn ° n ,w u , * U) »    »    *hort |wrk.t anti! they to •xtwroslaae a1) roher arg,, uim Hop, ag yon that th a ai t on on the port of th* -— ■ mw,a. m , I, the aa dblEl* itt Sy S'tSVSi 11 * 1 IT Wl “ ,Ur “mxh. •it) of t o-opei at jug With us to ml mnklt this ■Wu.1 a, ,ha, on lh. part at tow , ur p.„u , ne^i fully, tmrs P ° rah,U -Th* Kin pti vc Ho a an. D. A. SM, K. of L Dernaad* af th* Mil her*. Immndteteiy after th|* wa. I*.awd * *et demand* on the Central wa* presented nod repN tcl. Th* demand* ar*: That the wage* of all men employed he th* earn pony in any capacity working* for hw. tb.n #1 SO H r ilay .hall Z i^ZJZ a11 .    ^nte    .hall TT elv * *°    of    |air month    That th# mea employed in the yard mu vie* al Troy and (intro Island .bali recede the ■ame < onijH-iuiatkiii ne tbi rn- employed | n like enpiicity al Ka«i Alhaay and He heii-tettely. That all firemen on ris nhoc-i conn.-, ted engine* .hail m#.v» it JZS P.*r aute .1, engineer, run,,,* wL*71nmi^a V‘n U *' r * r " nU,n « *** cnginw shall ramie* a 1 , cut* , M . r men u VT" *    ** F    mile '    * Q(1    •“ ^ive d^.w“ g T y    •hail    re criv# double pay tor over time. Put |*« aa tim Grotiutl. At 5.3i) Kaurday morning detail* of pollee began to arrive at th* sub notice •iatn.n in the Gmnd Central Ue|a,t *,„! reported to Capt. JfcKlwate* in a'! *0 nuen T hey were dtetributod about the yard* sud at the .,.*** leading h, the de I-*f pttrittg th* night matt* rn hall htva •trnighieue,i out in the yards nasi n full of ■“•N-k-J lo take the places Third Vue hie office The Militia Warn eg. ^.    “““h*    have lawn warned to be ready for call Two thousand rounds of ammunition have been distributed among four com pan ic*. Squad warrant* have been bested and the men can be gotten to gather in an hoar's tint, aifiJlSK J” tL *' f* r •••op# •» Wen! ,    *•     ,a • u ml»r—have struck and the shop. ar* closed np. AT OTHER LOCALITIES. How Mailer* Ate Guta* «* *# STKACrsK, N*r, M A^ll.--Th.r. had no strik* of railway employ** de ta this city at lo a rn Baturdsr 1 There wa* much in,crest .bown sml™ tlw ( niployt. at both th* Central and West Shore Cation*, but there we* no in terference with train* so far rn th la THUMPED HIS WARD’S lover, Hat IK* I..un* Owe* (Jet Away aah Probably Happy, Pin.a, im. 1%, Aug ii-a wiiMitioaal alojv, nieut Uwk , bow fa.te Tkttraday nigbt, when Mi*. Annie Kra % moo Butler tiled, aud Barile,Hic went to Buffalo, to be rn,ii ried kin Kress I* an orphan ( •*** llv,v| vr *(h her uncle, I a* .po id Krem, of the K <gle hotel. Hbc I. only id yeti rn of age aud the n*ir**« of «» ODI. O.l* wa* th* barker ai th. hotel. When her un- 1     Wvrm    *h**'Ping    cumpaoy- », discharge,! Ut tv and also «d ministered • thrashing to him. DeggwU tbe DM Man UoMsebaw. ^ - U r^ lll,r ^ ,<rbl w1h '° (ha couple had thr I /'* ,U>u - Mr Kr «* caught them aud gave Oite anther heeling and LUI ti ll!??* bU *'** * W * SI * gb '* m « n •Jrtd to break away from him and again mjoinc I her lover The uncle I hen »eut to the etal ion, bat failed lo find them J'Htefi a aterrt distance and flaggwi th* irate It *u»«*Hi and k *‘ k thr, “ »» board, and they ar* now •upp-wed lo be married. Mr Know wrigte ' r/ ** J ,WMr * ***    • bu, »* ^ at—"— unco* alway* on hand •very cane to put guaranteed. **••0od-hand Far- PITTS & HAMILL, 3f5 BKLLK Hl'RKKT. heu dared flees af (be fans ease set. Hic too, Aug ll Saturday was rinsing day of the cantonment of the Pa-triorcha teBHaa^ sod was devoted to the •otnplrtlot) of unflni.bcii p«>rtl«iaa of the programme. M,v.t of the vteitom, how ever, had departed aa the trip homeaar.1 u    Hosta.    son.    * pro* re us me for the morning and after fvgaidlng the hand U) br taken by local employe* of the mad Syracuse I* not look.-d nja»o ** am,*,* the stronghold* of the Knights of utVte railroad woik All te quiet at Ik Witt. Th* dairy train going east ai Ii a. in did .'t****. C T* ** c *P t ••'•‘“te and laft for the isst. Two trains from the east the Little Fall* accommodation, sn I Na a atm overdue. The etoek train, achwiulad to leave at 7 a rn., Is suited at because all the pin* are pulled noun. merit At» o’clock st night IU jewel of aud distinction w*. conferted Mayor Lregwr with conanierahle * 4>ny . This was fdiawei by the award. lag vt pr se* to tbs degree staff, of urdlnat* I olge*. <antou* end •uh and thr event w*. IhaBy wliStelJSJ • <>l»play of fiiwwork* Bb wilt, Hon lbs night oui in til of men obtained of the *ir, kl HK yardmen I*runiilk til \\ »*I * [j wim ut At Tray, St. I. Toot, N Y . Aug IL—The Wa. m. train left ham Hat urday morning with Cape. I-loyd'* company aa board bound for th* military encampment at Peekskill and a full complement of pasMngani for New York and Intermediate station*. No other train, we moving cwt or west on th* I rn ira I Hudson Even th* tell |, 0 * between thu city and Al teny, oiwrated jointly by tb* Central Hudson and Delaware and Hudson, lust ft* mefulnr** a* far a* th* Central Hudson asctioa was cooueroed. War *. original 1‘ark.tgr Kus***. Dx* Moi ais, Iowa, Aug. ll. -Constable* •aloed thr stock of a nun,Im ■amber of original package house. Ha,unlay I kl* action is L,n "T? ^ i P*-aage of the Wil^m Mil, wbl< h th* pre* l< I un i made <>t«rativs by hie rig Mature Friday a great deal .d,Will grow out of three seisure*. as Ute 1*^1 lawyers so*tend thai the Iowa (waring u[Nit, ibtnortatiuae wa* set •ride by thr teteral e-url’* drclsiuu in th* original package ca*e A. J. HOWELL tUKALKS IM CARPETS, ]CIJRTAINy 4 . CLOTHS, RUGS, Ac. OIL Our Prloe« WILL BK FOUND LOWER-Considering Qualities and Styles- UKK' KT    '«     Al >»». ‘K4I KXTKirr of our NALES Butine** on * VERY CLONE MARGIN ogniiml fact thai nm hand ie by far ll coo sequence at the *?. .* r * •••bUtl to do it I* • vote Al Beek aster. RocgssTkn. N. Y., Aug 1L-Arai»tant Hnperintendenc tJooid. of the wrateru dl-vision of th* Central, .ays that all th* night .Vol our of ,b* .trikm ofTtirv!!! UTI * rr i ium> '>*    '*••»    “*•    riiu^on ■»wut «br cern,irony * yard* or ii. the vin., a-. , T -S?     k    * ml    ***• by Fr,da> night or    ‘‘’Work.    Th* only u,rii who have Al night tin- pol ic** at thr Grand retral     Ml ? hen- arr rtfie.-!, troggagr handier* depot were reinform* by a d.«e„    Of tem* pongee train man. Stew mc, These were detailed to watch th . i w    arr being pat lo w irk in place af the aa far a* Fifty «,».h I* L.° ,brkr " 1 l“    tnkrr* and all of the la,ic, K Drat b of J, U U ad*. Ct l-Vg LA NU, Oh MI, Aug IL—J. It Vt ade, the millionaire ami railrnad pre**-dent and ex preehtent of th* We* ta rn I mon Trigraph eonipaay, died here Hat-iiWl WMljtt at (he agx of 79 Ha bren 111 bu, three day* wnb inflammation Of ho bowel* Mr. Wmta wa* pr„m,,,c„t »» * i»hlla,nhrop..i aud puhlte spirited H 01 ” 1 ” 8 * - 0F «°»»s ANY other house in the cm. VO 1 11, AAT- BRUEGGEMAN BRO (Successor to A, Brueggeman.) pHfitif Tailoring find Ctnf* Furnishing Goods Emporium, I Nana htrcf t. S, 221 Fifty-ninth *tr—, J(ot on* of “?!“ mw • -trik « r »W •uything out cd (ha wdm*ry except rxtr,,,,. qaiatnera By ; l Lm * 1,ad • 1 *"**    ^    >*non* hoteb- Kerry hotel was eruwded will right tm th* Keg. x / ]h ,* i f‘ ner *l *u part mend en I of tho New Wk Central and Mud*.,,» l( !VMr railroad ZZrJLT"** th * '"“owing .ll , »r H 1 **    c«o«p:cu.coaly in •JI rte ii. ut*, office nosf ehop* of the road throughout th* -rot!na length: It Is the Intention of thi* company to fight thr i*v**nl Mtrikr to thr end All employe* who remain loyal to thr cum-irony will receive ail Un -   who refile t* wwk ara beiig [rol l off and discharged. At Negate. Burr aux N Y, Aug. IL- Th# Central Mrik# reached Buffalo .Saturday rn..rain* At ta    j________«    .    "a- Tbs Vt Mw* Mian alo,one. I Utter, tx, Ck, Aug ll. —Rachal Merrill ho* i-rwughl suit agaiiMi Ltedoey Keiiy a pri«»G out henkee and trim wanufacturae it.™*' 'n    * m,U * ’* f< " «•••- J"- *■• ii»te«ity an t *»* -sq.a-m death ot I r , l,l4 t. b ! l , nd by rifiklng him over th#h rod eiiha billiard cue i slurs. •rn f)i spared to make up in UU At IO o’clock the ti*pot was full of delated and discontented trawler* The 9 o’cbick train to Niagara KUI.. DRI of vrier.n* •■d •xi-untonikte, managed to gwi .war at 9,m The New York limited also left. out it wa* oeiayed st Lut Buffalo. The Michigan < >n:ral g.< oat a train a few minutes before ll o’* ack. and a Beit Bae tram left about the same time Terribly Petal Molter Kagleetero. llbUWA Mont.. Aug IL—ID- the explo-si«m of a boiler ta Clark A «te-r'. aaa mill Bito, Kiiietoa, Friday, O A Keegan wro m*te„liy kilted, Jnmra Coniff and Hte.rga Mn obeli fatally injured, and tan other* more or lees (nj ire I Tiro mill l«lly dratroywi Most Stvle*b guaranteeing A Perfect Fit, Reasonable Rates and 'Complete Satis&ctio wa# to ri U - troemwary protec * mw who do hot go to work will ITO toiroid. red aa bavin* left their stunt**, I Ie-I p aa th* Marl*«*. W H i T r I'laiss, N. Y., Aug Il.-Th#re I* A eomptets rte ap on th* Hat tem rail-roed No trains era moving People wtio A Urea* Kaser Sula lier VALO, N Y., Aug ll. - Th* great poew Bal Poinier has heel. sold by hi* owl.rn, R F de r*, toasyiidl. ate of three gent I)-men, J-d,-i M Sa‘chdr.1 Flu in l|o and Os < rge f'orG-r. The’ era I bro ie euppoawi to be #7,.*gJU H. C. G. Moritz, 112 Third st. N Ham j t-oosid

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