Monday, March 10, 1890

Alton Daily Telegraph

Location: Alton, Illinois

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Text Content of Page 1 of Alton Daily Telegraph on Monday, March 10, 1890

Alton Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 10, 1890, Alton, Illinois VOLUME ii*** ALTON, ILL., MONDAY EVENING, MAUCH IO. 1890. ING WELL Moro About the Disaster on the Lake Shore Road. THE CONDUCTOR IS RESPONSIBLE. 4£ WANTED that MONEY Aaa Now Watt for Dr. J. W. Enos' Sanitarium, ALTON, IT «T a. mmoodow that he ha* ©atabllshod In a building purchased for the pB. 1WUH -nomni j jurpo#e m SANITARIUM for the MITIEST OF ILL CURABLE DISEASES BOTH MEDICAL and SURGICAL. ««narl«nee during many yeare ha* oonvinoed bim that all dieeaaet a more •uooeeefully in an inetitution of thin kind, under the t£?55»K»n, and with th. .Id ct mean. nototh.f JuJtt.omm.nd, limn when th. puton* ar. u«n by their medioU adriaart * ^^piJld^roral.^SAMITAluUM I. high, end th. nunrrandliig #* #** UoJJu EuSoL It I. readily ruohed by th. Swjond .l~l hon. Mid ie near the Union Depot MThSS    ere    ae perfect ae I. poMibjefrom jowled©* of eaiutary ecienoe and the requirement© of such an    ' ■featXW in all it* form*; Oxygen and it* compound*; • know! tatatottom NuralnsT,'.to*    ■"pro.idod u'mjy In- Wind by W ' ^aition to .uoh Other aa may bn deemed advtuble. A LARGE SOLARIUM pereonal attention. Hr Ordered th* Engineer to Atop th* For et Hr ti Fart of th* Trula In I»ir#et Vlnla-tlnn «»f th* Uh lr*—l»l**a»rot«« Runaway Artltlral Im Hltcimala—Eight F*»*gl* ll od Iv Mn it-Tw« Women and a Man Drown. <1 la Iowa. Btrrrau), N. Y., March I*.—Tb# patent* it the Pitch ho* pi UU, who w ere injured In th* Lake Shore wreck, are all doing nicely Mr. Bn lieu* la Buffering intro*? ly from narc-3Uh .hock, but will recover. Hi* brotbar-in-law and Dr. Moore, of Saratoga, are with him. Rev. Mr. Meyer* wan abb: to ba moved hi the Tifft hon**. Th* condition of Mia Heath, of Bo*Um, ie improved though her broken arm and rib cauao her much pale. J. TU. Minick, of I’lilied#’phi#, whom right arm wee amputated, I* getting along nicely. 8. H. Fisher, of Holton, will be out in a taw day*. K A. Coombe, of Philadelphia, I* pretty sick man. Hi* bead Mi badly cut and hi* bide In Jared. He pasmd a fairly good night and i* routing cany and no daageroe* mulla are aspectual. W. W. Branch, of Charleston, an I J ulna* Ktagel, of M*w York, both with broken arm*, are much Improved and getting along well The others Injured aru all doing well. Th* Cond ae tor Wa* to (Heme. Coroner Tucker and a jury vudtad the •nm* of the wreck and made a thorough examination of the road and the grada Th* bu,,I, at alii U held Tuesday aC A* additional fact* ar* learned it clearer that tho rrepoosfWl lty for the sota* d-nt rest- with Conductor Bough tatting Ba rut** governing the twee of a train br aking in two spatially says: “The tor ward part mud not at »p until the engineer I mire the rear part of the train bai«topped " Prom the ?tatements of th«> pa* rangers It U evident that no step wa* taken to a*certain live portion of Urn detached jwrtion before the forward part wee stopped What a raeaeager hay*. Hyacinth* Beaucbemln, of Sorel, Que. va th.- train ri.n along fur three nituut.-. Aer it broke tai two He then mw the conductor |atli the heil rope to atop th* train. Beaued min ran to the conduct.*- amies 0aimed: "For (lode ak# don’t "tup th# train or we will he telaeooped." The conductor gave no heed to the warning. lit* chmn in ran to th* rear platform and tatald Ute douched ttoajwm gaining ground rapidly. Harried to th# pnearngHfa to Jump and then •ame the crash. The hodtee of ftti- of the victims ll* at the morgue. That of Mr*. Bancus ta. at an undertaking astaMUhnirait. Babv Dewart wa* "#nr f »v»-rkh during the night awl owuhl nut be plated, continually oaring Im "mama ” IIM Ie klumi taal Libel. Ma*cocTAH, Ilka, March Kl-Dr Louis N ic bul, an old aal prominent physician of Ibis town, has been indicted f<« criminal libel, and thereby hangs a lain Fifteen years ago Charka Trappe contracted a bill for EIS with Dr. WirboL The doctor tried hi* best to ©oiled It, and failed. Recently Mr. Trappe died and his family wa* paid •>,100 life insurance. Th *i I»r. Niota.! renewed his efforts to roiled his bill, and again md with iii aa co. rn The good doctor waled wroth md had a acor# of tin signs painted and potted con-'p nurms’y about town. The ttgns xmUined the name of the delinquent Tm pi a and wound up with the advia*:    “People d iou id pay their honest iei.t* or not live in an honest community.* The sign* were putie>I down, sn I t .<* inereaesd thi doctoir'e wrath. Ile had another painted simitar to the first, with the word* sodded; “Putt* ing this down is not the way to pay debt* The grand Jury took the ewe upaod found a true tail for ©liminal lib*! against the phyff- ifwvRif'Vtfn Crim. IU;......... Pl UTU linn i ii. Services Over the Remains Minister Pendleton. of AN IMPOSING FUNERAL CORTEGE. Now Open POR THE RECEPTION OP PATIENTS. Fe further information addr*** Or. ENOS at th. SANITARIA, corner .I Georye snd Third sis., Alton, III. Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castorla, Ks-Fresldeat Mayes, ©evermore ae*! K** Hoveiaor* la Atl.-eUaaee—Tire Military. ralltlral €labe and Vartou. Awwlall"** Tora I Hi* to Pay a tart Tribal# to tbs Dead—Aa Ot«l«1 tree Frtas4, Ha*. lea*# M. Jordan. Praaauaee* She bul (*imn*HATT. March Kl —Th* remataia of Minister U « .g© H. Prodletoo arrived in this city In the evening, and wore de^wlh-t in state bi the chancel of th- ( Uriel church. A detail in .rn r-ach company of th. I Trot regiureat, under ©oniman t of Lieut, liana SENSATIONAL SUICIDE. Cleveland Mea Mill* Himself Immediately After HU Marriage. Cut vans nu, Ohio, March Mb—John N. Hodgson, wa* a young book keeper, with three boo*** and tot# and a bank aeronat, For siren years ha had been engaged to Addle May B'shop. Friday ha want to Mire Bishop’s home awl proposed that th* mer rings take place at onca The pair vie!tot the probate office, #e>ured a linen*©. and then ropmred to the reeideaoe of Rev. Dr. Bprn-her, of the RooUd Arenae church where they were married. They then return*! to th* Bishop nsaWrare. Mod toft th* bourn* few minute* later, ami going to his room shot himself tai ll# hand nm Itod The tenia did sot bear of the suited* until Saturday, and whee sh© weat altar th* body taunted that Hodgson's relatives ear# In po ss. lamina of IL limey he rsnfevH bv the brid. No one knows why Ha kitted himself. ludgson AND DIDN’T GET SHOT I A Wee# Polilog Iweldent Over th* Dakota Building Lots Tor Sale. Corner Main and Dry, 150x120, for $500. Eighth and Market, 60x120, - - - * $450 Ninth and Market, 50x100,.....$350. Bluff Street, two lots, each for - - - $150. Alton Bt*, bet. Fifth 4 Sixth, 60x120, $500. Higmand Park.. 0no Hundred Lots ranging in bize from fifty feet front to one hundred feet and thirtyjfront, all very deep. Prioes from $50 to$500, on term* to suit purchasers, One of the nicest residence plats in Alton, Over IOO Houroh and Lots in different pnrts of tho city. Call and sec list. «1*o»OU Mal, SIO Lottery Mew Bunt anes, it D., March Wk- ItoprvwnU Ut* Walsh vigorously putted Attorney Omeral Goodwin’# atMe la oaa of th* arar! dors of the capitol Friday afternoon for having mentioned his name la with th- recent tottery scandal. Goodwin mads no effort to reUliata Le tor there were report* that a duel woald grow out of th# effttir, but it la not genera’;/ *>*•*•* that the attorney general, though not lain* lu courage, will attempt to get even according to the code.    * SAD END TO A FROLIC. RESOLUTIONS UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED By Ha Good Citizens of IIM ail Vicinity ' 'iii lamp Jersey Counties. Eight People ttorfoaely Injured la a Bun away Accident. Balow!*, Win, March IO.—Eight par*®* w re seriously injured, some of them fa tally, In a runaway ace! lent. A party of eighteen people was out driving In a four-horee sleigh when on# of th# reins broke and the four spirited boree# dashed away al breakneck quad, running Into a sidewalk airt throwing th* occupant# of the sMgk out wltt» tor rifle foroa Eugene De Mar bell teetered Int,-mal lnjurim wide© it la feared will prove faUL Mb* Minnie Pittman wa# badly cut alout the bred and to unconscious. (Lh-rf Pittman'* right leg wa. broken near th top Mr* George llttman w* rot ai tout the head and face, and Mre. A rn Brei n# nl was t-rriblv gaabed *eFoeeth« top of th# brod. Fire otWv wert injured, but not esrioudy.    . A MTorhmwe Blew* to Pt*e#e. prrrwHi <-», PA, March WX*A .pwial from Franklin, PA, *ay*« J P- MilcheU, Kiwi th, a nitro-glycrrine handler, wa* btown to piece# at IO o’clock in th. rwjrulng, at an OU well nine mil* from Frao^J* the Bt lx>vto Grimm learn. B# had hankd illy cerine out to the well and wa* pramrtni Vput to a torpe-lo when, in rome «**>*« nn**r, it eiplodwt Th. bol tor hr urn-ira* wnw-keri. Fall. of the man’, renmlw w^e f,u.#i mor** than JOO yard* aw*y. He hare* a wife end two chi kl ran. Trouble at a Prise fight. . Hr how, Mich., March lo,—Andy Traverse, of Detroit, and Aagu* King, of Port Huron, fought eleven rounds with hard gloves at Point Edward, Oat The fight was to a finish, and King failed to •how UP for toe twelfth rouad Both mro were badly nerd up. In the eighth round George Peter*, King’* *erond. kicked Traver*# In the fro*, and Traver**’* second drew a revolver Heriou* trouble was averted by i th# onlooker* Th# UUU was wHuman! by a small crowd, Ut th. Ult!# v-afov. one aud King was badly pounded. The •IOO. Omaha Lfoemew aa forth#. Omaha, Eek, March MI-More thro. IO" linemen mn ployed by the Wmtem Union and FAJtal Telegraph companies,the Thump ■on-Houston Etoctrio Light company, th# Omaha Motor R*Uroa.t company and th# Nebraska Telephone company have rtruek for incream in wagnt Th* toUgraph and telephone linemen demanded an increase to to , m u ,,rl,<«r,«r WM l«    i*,.«d th. electric light men demanded ga ha per aay. The Foetal Telegraph company have granted the lDcrmwe, but the "ti#* conation, re-fuse, and not a lineman in me ©tty ta as n rn tnt.t# re good guard of honer during th# Ai half-IWAI ta o’clock ie th* morning th# of the Episcopal church for th i I.*d were perform#*! by Dr G.leon end Dr. Forwet TU aotU. ni was sun t aw I th** line of march to Music batt wa* Wk * ap bi th* following or tor; The Lls, of Harsh. WeU-rli hand, ti r a ootninulre of p**IW, Chi Phil Dei!"ch, comma!* mig; Governor Camidell aa*! staff; First IIo^iTnent bond, Cel V B. Krai th ani staff; F.ret r* ganef t »r iufrowv, O M. a. t b.«wr. with irol-hear •r# •ur'ottmteJ by the OSS Waeiwanl «kH» to hollow square; lh# immwltaW* tandiy *« ! relattv.e uf lh.* d#e#naed la ©erriagm; flret arriage—Mayor Moehf. G*»rarn**r Buck arr, •*-Pre*. Isnt Haysi, and ea-Oo v#rn« r J, to Furaker; ee>n4 trrkv;* es (tov •rnor J. D. Cos, es-Governor E V. ^vf # es Gov *rnor B M. Btobop, *l Min A Taft, I#- 1 #*-Lieut*»i*ft Govern.*r Lyoti; third carriage— Mayor Berry af Newport, Hon. M. Houck, llou. M. M* M»h**u. au l lion. Mr Uralgtowl; fourth romage-u* G rniM, Italian. Frenum) ami Norway and Sweden «*e»h ©tilth* awd iwelette*. EaUe-gwrV I "to* I, HaraiHou county tar ae-SM-uttlon (hncinnatt MemorUt aawwiinUon, iiwml^r# i4 Cturtnnatt cham* ar of «*nc asarea, member" of b-mrd of trai- en I tram i-.rtot-ou. memlers Badder*’ ewehange. I it. ctunatl Pmnror mmvdetkm, Grman Pemrar awm- UU®. d#l«cati-® rominon coat aU, city, county, "ta*# ami f-iera: * fib la!#, ("itoli club, Blain# eluh, Du- kworth «Int*, W et End Re pa bb can flub, Y«-u«; Men’s tom*-(retie club, Bhat man cub. J ti fan ©stab, E;li<At and Ruffin Huts, foJ P K’.n#*»n ©I** 1 . Halstead Auh, Jam#" R. * kraft* it club. North Cincinnati rtul^ E#*t E»-l thrawcraiie dub, polit aud organhutto-** from Coving urn aud Newport, carrtagee, prtvatr and pa bile. Th* HemeHel Kervtee*. Th* great hall where tbs po tails- memerlal mr vie** were held wee aulUbiy drwpei aa*! S ^Hfalque adorned with evt-rj r*#n# an I tnokal pal ma. Th* eatogT wa. pnm.mnmd by the Ufe-fong friend of lh* deceased, Boa. Isaac M Jordan, rftor which the* were anoa more oooMgnal to the family and were taken to Bpi tog Grove ©sroetory for In ten nm I. ALWAYS AHEAD With tho aim of loading iii my Line Blini liens I have Iloccivod a Large Stock of of BYZANTINE RUGS The Latest in he Market, in ell Sizes and Coisrs, A FINER ANIK BETTER RUG than the SYRMA RUG, at the Same Price. The Ciiixona of Alton *»<l Vicinity »r« Cordlalty Invited to Call and Kiaminc lb ewe RUGS I •« »ot afrnU of an In^ealiwn af vhaif Quality. j9L. J. HOWF»T *T a im mo iuds us Ruts FSS* Its* TS in Ma. and Tw* V.ueg Worn.. Drawer MisaaAPoija. Mlnn. March IO -A special lo Tho Tribune from Mason dtj, Iowa, Fri lay a* Jam* McIntosh, of War Id’s Fair Matter*. Cbicauo, Mare© W.-Mayor Cregi-r hte reoel red a oommunlmtion (rara New * ort, •eating that Ora proprietors «i A* Artor house ara prepared to open ap sutoeripUoa took* for world's fair stock the awunent the •‘nth* inurn* the UU. He *k® rveef vrd a UM (to- A I. ie**.*"!, “ll ssaretnry of th# board of oi® J 11 * First regiment, •Tlvania, .Utlng that th. herd had^rid*d unan.mously at u* tort muling the* the ^Ure regiment shall ie preront •» tog of the world’s fair ta Chtoago la lMel THE CHARGES SUSTAINED. Ctaee to SJT*! Spirit Lake, accompanied by two youn*: la dim, daughters of Jamm Evans, WW# driv iZtrr'" P-Kt Okoboji toke they drove toto sri air hole, and all ware ta the water several hours before their could be found and recovered. WHEREAS, It has Weaned hi* ltoyal Nibs, ■ rn vrw’jHWMt'' ll ' • To remain with th© mf Good Peooi© Vicinity" *FOR L()r # t^hero    , pie of I his Yearn after Bey sad Hor*# Drowned. Bv A V iViUJW, Ira!, March IO. — w htt* ah temp"H( •© m.k# a -taort turn .rn th.: Urok W th. cr *ek with an »*|»rsm wagon Georg* fUSif g -HH lA yfo”* drovs hie horm too BMtr rh.* hank. and boy and Joree jrere drown d to th# bmsk water, wditoh I* twelve feet ii nap Tho body ha* not yok been ra* Sharp Competition. Be it tut u » HE84)LVEI), That we IntereHtK. when In Neea o- v ikIUNO CLOTHING, BOOTH, H1IOLS. HUMM ligand DBY GOODS, to Call on Oegtat l'*d»r a *^d Beak. Mii-iRi. Va. March WX—At Summit JST«b# Norfolk fo^W-tern railroad, about two '"'tosfrom this city^a •A!>d fe#nk gav# «f S^wUl llwU lhi«H .OOT#*! mea, J<^“» mow rt and Alga Griffin. The Bret mimed two war© kitted and Griffin*. W was brokes^ Aa Kspreas Ageat Missis*. De VTO*. Olton March IO.—J arnee Citer an, lh# Unitol Htelee express agent here,    ^    _____ dire i*| i ar-d from ¥ *9    I    jUMiMa    mad* and ami rn nx Cdngmauk aooraata tor aday m I *****    ..    .    ...     "-- THE GLOBE. AND BK IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That in order #>■# awhile longer we nil of us agree t »    j    LOT A. HILDlBBAND Tor nil their Unit a Copy of On* bt wfnito IHE uLUUb.. ROYAL NIB*^ with at to said Vt M. at LOW I‘RH EH, and CITY BF ALTOS ASB Committee. Hale d* #f a Toang l ady. L..., M.. , mr* * m .„    IU    na*-1 *# "•    ,    «.,i    u> I#*lone to NoraHootla. Use, ami tuppuara »o    . , ., .1,, ttii In h.-r room at Wbdtosi wa* Iou    poMMiad ioigo.g to U^. G unity, anc na. , -ZZ ySLriM. m. -to* j» .'■yvas; nation Tk# fto* l *m* tor- tort Tu*cday IrL H-*al. n an i ajpltod f<* tbs room# «< rh* Wo«Ml» Uau work. A lodging wa. -* cur ^ f JJ\ Jf 3*"- was wk*d to call again, hut did rad de ro    ------------- viftjr Tear* a Mlal#*» r * CrM»a»i.#»to Ud ' U * T '°    . f H ( iroua ml jhrat#d tbr sssrttsaasWaS tim he had J#**    "    ** bM*ure t Rim natty ra—wt Sfty y#ara U.h*d^^by*Bleckhl*S«#»* P, Kl I.i V. Mar I id. .-Wil.iamFRto.coA- ur d, sad *’*»'* ior4m * “** $?* VTJ Mn i,tv-r un I #-#r»ta*» match. Th* ochred BtStST— a#aa .iv"*# <“*r- “J", -bu I, —    "to g n .I h^lnwns. Jordau Uwu gave It up. «ar ; tag to! had tnawgb a preside*! Oak es Talk*. MunnarohM. Minn., March HI—Th* Jon real's Chipp*«s FalK Win. special says: PrltdrotUak- of th* Nerth.rn I’mnftu, 11to night her*. Ha stetei that th* baaa af th* Wlaoonsin to th* Nagthsrn Pacific would be siguad vary IMS Ma deaied the report that the Northern Pacific was negotiating for the austral of th# Baltimore and Ohio.    ....... tK« Trial #f Hie*#* Dewreaa at Chtraa*- CHicatiO, March Ut-7tro formal trial of Bishlp Newnan of tU Evangelical -teureh open th* ahflsg* of “akohristiaa rondnc*." liTeoos. to en MOL Th. trtol U*gan Wednesday, and, th* result af the tovreti l-*to. wa* avsre* to the btahop, Rte* A© verdict err! red at bp th* trial ooaf#r*«ros of Af teen minister* aes to lh# off#*» uijwrg## war* #**t*ln#d lit .hop Bowman has aster ty ignernfl th# esNW# ff<*f*li#|, •Vt. disdain lug to atteal or mala* any for mal A*f<-rw#. Ii* has been att* nding to coo-ftesurt wi#% ta PunosyIrani# end other •a# laru rtntra    . Th# ©hargo* pr*terr*d. Although th* Undine of th# vsrdW Is 'hat TI ROW ABIDE. YOUR FUEL KATERS AMD IK VRNT IN anti Un ”»iff Builders' Hardware a Speciality. I have the Finest Line of Carpenter's Tools in ths;City. . Charre, having bara ro«toto#d ta* bares* pended fnm bl* office ar a bishop and from th* vocffWWkf th© mtalstry until th# aest Mrerai rmifrenroe. which wfll meat In Hsp-teniber, HW1, Bt©to*v Bownean treat* th# whole affeir as th# war© of a f#w malcoo Mute tart utter ly at vartauroc with tim arotl-owmt af th# great, domhtetlag i*a)urttyta Ibis tar©* Share© #*tebli*hnroat. The Third Street, opp. Belle. Telephone two before his ieparture No shortage baa Treasurer N*laa‘s Khorta## Br. Lot is. March W.—The ooin»»mte off-notated to iuvretiiato th# sffahv of th# state treasury ©t Jeff***, Ma., Saisted ommt tax th* oath and announced a ihurtago of IU) OOO, which H wee said would be Incrre#-edfo (ho,"UU altar aa ^amination of att booh# and pap*"* I® G*« offlre._ StkauiSKifffo* 1 !    * r ® attagad «lan torous ,i##ortino# #gain#» hie    miut* I*™. H»lw*p Bowcaan was aho chargTO with t- ling aune falsehood# about ctonreh-UiAiuUrrt and »*fa»g an* hrtttan .torreMore while iMi,versing ©• r#!ig>« | u# #uhj*cta C#U*g* Oratory at Crawfovksvllla. CKATroMMBixa, lad. Maruh BX—EW fpnuvl uraUwieal ouitest af W abash aoitaga was brtd Friday ulght. M.U ag place over erven oorapsfotoia, tei " reprint ti® ooH^T at lite date arati to b* bmid n#st imratb at indtanapoi* Imp*rial Trswpe Daaertlag. tmasurAl, March id- Th# imperial BWP# ta Form— are drafting on aroount uf th- lr pay being in nrreara They are i.JI,.,.j I Im* rohtts, whiah «oaM#« th# tatter ta make a vignrou* -tend, Rctaforocwrat# sr* being tent by the goreru.nrot. IV ante Fay for th* Berri#*. 1.^, Iud, Mulch IO - A big ran Bon was caused here toy th*- Hang af snit* •gaunt hxty-eight«Ria«Mof MttUtownsktp lh# n«-ty. by Jte-h itemrar. th* ownte of a or nit I. (TFHwloa wWA to*    A    * 4c- f v M .|®i*.trrat*"—’i Ttenaightore^ialraro Ojai lh* Jirarsh total* o»arffow«i batorag#dlh* the real#* and they drove Hmm# from th# IpSJ ground Mstoro tefftal th# cate lo it# suprvraa oourt. The daHMo© a* arar t gave a nrptalnant a UU# to ti** marsh. St<»aor now propw*-* to get revengo by arak by um uaighUr* pay for att the b«rrta# Gray ever pi- had. A preaehof ta TvaaMa. KxADifio, Pa, March IO.—-The Rev M- L. Frttoh a well known ***<*»*: rested fur tar ©any. H# Is sam to ba * ktep- twnaniac, and to have taken a peat many article* from stores, eh*. lh, induna taate League Cam pieta. IU sti*!»to*. ted. Mare© IO —The to-** 1 © •ad test C SS ta the tiuttana Btete Baw Etal tongue ©ss tow# organised bere. Th* clubs are composed of salariad ptaysrt sad wk becked by oapitni. lh# 4agte-F#rla©a#ea Traatola- Lummi*, March NX-It Is •warted that lh* poets©"**# minister ira# fatted to* secure any moiw* lion t4 Hug I# ii-IN etui at* ta hh aegmt*' tote with l>>cd Raiubury. and Witt rerurt. IO Lisbon si m Th# poputar fsato ta/ a re ii fcfftand to Laboa.lh -xtreoraly n» rn- inf, ss th# h#t •’f G fnUUrs. I •___ Vale. A. L. Floss N SPRlSfl SUITS. I | B na* recti fluff t Inrgt nod wind glee k #f ( I© 1 bk. Hi til Ac prtTailiog sbnd©©, for J»i»r»to»C HtilU, which I kin prefer©* M» ra.ka ap Aa UM bionable es, dUARANTRKlNG Most A Perfect Fit Reasonable Rates and Complete Satisfaction. H.C. G. Montz, 112 Third st. Will IG rare ie Wert. N* ire *. N. IL. More© IO-Order* Have tart. it * -d lo ring th* tab* re Na- hue o-t a?, sd a H .nday,aud A# mttis will start Th, He’* *.re att Brady to to a, an I th# sri .'i-n # rom:ul*a*f Witt *.«b ait a roiunai rf w ©to to ttrstof ti e WW# • huh wmI i Gluily iwa'tai vtory. II. A. HOFFMANN. No 100-102 Kart Siivmil ai* MB » Aug Wa fffftt toitoi    _ ■J, 1 ..-”:.’" Prim*

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