Thursday, February 19, 1885

Alton Daily Telegraph

Location: Alton, Illinois

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Alton Daily Telegraph on Thursday, February 19, 1885

Alton Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 19, 1885, Alton, Illinois VOLUME 24. A Ll ON, ILL., THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 19, 1885. NUMBER 219. Lucas Pfeitfanbert cr •ARCHITECT, HH KH KL NI PKKINTKNIWYI AMO HMH AS MAL HK AI GUTS* am, O’    I'ii I rd ut,. turn fluor WHI of Pima, third floor. A.FKAMKI.IX HK I DR, ARCHITECT, Driiutfhtaritan and Oonrrul Hu* |i«*riiit**iid(*iit. OFFICE-Rom ii I. «*•!•.mil st ir] .it T. P. St. batt«% I’o.’a a»*>re t'ulliUun. i P. ll. Ho* Mi4.    0 A AMMI' IM. J UH IM BAUER, ••cc* as**o to ktiKK Morral tv* (Min mr III Md M an uf adorer * FURNITURE. IEC0N ) STREET. 0 Voton' »I\V WATCHES, CLOCKS, Jewelry, Spectacles. St arling Silver and Quadruple Plated Ware he B*st Go ds that can Fully Warranted by ll. It A ll E NO POISON IN THE PASTRY IF FROM WASHINGTON. fir» I if J I REPAIRING PROM1TLY SKI LI.FULLY DUNK. A Pcraomtl It in iii tlio IV unions Hunan h'nriililn>ii a Gold* pu opp iriunltjr. The Lab >r Contract BH- Sigil W« Hit* a Ha?j? 'An Iacr ave With ant A t Eqa f ilout. RAC TS ANI) AH Wit'in flit. ami oh l.i-intl n Inn I. \if ** itMiiiuihi iiiriittiii nit, J. HOWELL Ic SON. UNDERTAKERS Grand Clearance Sale JBLU T2 TJS2ZD. Vanilla. I-cnw.n.O- ,o|f, .lr .liTM-f.llH, CrMM. P.44Ihi>. Arr. .na tfplltnttl, .id aal rally «» th. trull Opum rn hlch I hr, arr oinMa. FOR STRENGTH AM) TRI E FKCIX FLAVOR THEY STAND ALONE. ST Tm« Price Baking Powder Co., Chicago, III.    st.    Louin,    MW. •‘•tm of rui.4. LIN* or I ASK KIS, COFFINS, RO Ii KS 6 Kl NKUAL GOODS. l*f«T" OII hill 1. Pl-.ral Or.ig>>«. un) St* lr, Iorwr, K»all.'* |»r<'|a*r|> anil c irri iii) |*r** OF (wed (.**■ I., ......  »h    in    ut.    mn Orrick i HHK* ft OM, 7 rn. rn Ut 7 |». ■a Al £lf hour* i tin Ii tonn<l at lim r«*«i*u»**#e iii lr. Hnu< l Hut*, a Maim rim. t <iftt«*>, mc I door Ii nu K ’ >u it ti, , >n Unite airiM-i, _    i»?Mw|v W2BL.L. KL UNK Undertaker, 7 AND HK ll,EM IN, SUSP teadv-Made Coffins, Me tai Ic Cases, Caskets And Burial Ruins ft For Lad UM, MnUwaan and Children. Office and Shop on State street fcarlU.i- titrant 'tub!*. P*»> k an I Kiioa 1 '<>>>r fiirnH.n WHI atta nit to ta d Clines al Fief Goods. ALSO OVERCOATS. SUITS.- PANTS ii ml VK STS, TOOTS, .SHOES and SLIPPERS. MILLINERY, CHIN V and Ii LANS WMK;! Cl.OAKS, of all kinds, at half price. Oar Puts ill AW Tm. Cli ll See RHEUMATIC LINIMENT K Dr. Price's Ona rn Baking Powder Dr. Price** Lu pul in Trust Gems, Beal Br, Hay I ».l. arca tuLr MT o-mocama. WL JUJU. ULT < dr qVeuM. New Machina and Black smith Shop. Machinist** mid Emlni'im' Supply Deput FOURTH ST It KET, BET. BKU.* AXP “ITATE "TREEr* STANFORD & EDDY. Prop're. Tnt*.* |>la ta,ir<- lit Int'.’'iii..* lh. [nil.II* *to-i» • br. hart- fit***.I up fM rutin'll n**>* to* An 4 « ii>Mi|.|rV HUfliin.' - --.ta (elver# f!>*-v arr prepared I*. n la lh.' Ih>,i ■••anfi.-r ail 1*1 lira a.nk, ali i ill* r* |. iiHtiir-rf otnvtonarv an,I |...1 nhi riifliMM, hi) I and farm rn .. Purr* , •!.>«.ii .1,1 nai.d im ti,.., lawn m >*.•.* and ocarina ma»-ht'**-« Wa ail a -<> h*wii .ti, *, in I a *» . auf Ma iliini-t*’ an i En. #r* -sui ml I#*, ll..mi Im**, lr»,n lto|»e ann El I* Mica, hr ta. Ox*!*, Bi* ain and '4 <1 -r«. m*. -*. H if*,.-, lf.tar Steam !’»• kina. M ill 'll M' laJ, Holt* 1 FmWh Ka git*# Onorni.n, nu    apiol * •*»« REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, Rudersnausen A, Sonntag. AT t th* ii r.».a r Im L » „ ,, K [ rt* *. Ii, . A [ I K W JA. - '• , Mara. (I .I I, urn Ii •! cr in >a, MtHMapMn I .wk A' !■». “I"* "I. .ml ■ I ll .« I I IAU. . a „l .ll K ,*1)4 «|| rning, aa***. z»aAURJC£m*8 AGUE INSOLES] [l II » ll..I M**l I Mi I'M K .-nWI.f . iu I J .ll ... ’ ......  i.    I I 'I It K< TIOXSi I |l-N.f.    ,»t    ,    ... I’,, rn. ..<iaf I ll mn 4 ar. Mg »).«• war. amy.l I* K am nag ».«r *-.u, IM in a] 1    I*rn an ama *«’■ *•*»• na) t '*•* 1 IfM I.* a-.. .i onkni ■•4 a- Ila knwiU mom ex* Im UK tm*- Wa i . . a a. Hair 1.11 The Globe. ■ lr af! A. .ll pfUfK, rn 1-f lUifi'Yiinu fa, i-WI «iim. hr K l ta, Hi *•!« OMO J IssKii B’y ■ THE I >1 lf KCI VMI I \'l IIM l<. Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST. ■ SOLID • ‘All TIC VNM to * Cl cill intl! mid I .oui** Flu la TFX Ho Ka. wnli Ttirmiah inn, ©ii and Haile r M# riling OwMlMN. Mu 00,40. rn ut 1 ara lair an* dan of itnaari a* m TWO DAILY TRAUN To Wftfhin^ton in 28 hours To bait lino* e in 29 hours. fbi- I# FIVE oOt’K* ffl ll Kl K limn Urn fuM- • *1 11 mr ■ \ ii ny 4*4Hair Iii**-. , HHK l*\4 E\l*Ki ar,,,,. ut, i-r» train r««ti-•fai >f Blit’ a<-it*-« un' F.tinr* ai*-*poi,, WHI "YUII I • o il' > • '* latin., I .... BtIIK ' Ii IIT KXM!KH* tia*M<-* ,*«**. ti ..*agH I ■Mil . Ill < ll Mfg*- ’n I ll I I 111.,. ( £» o€r 1. a t**>n I** 11.111 * ttg* Jiam to tim X ATPIX At. C *HTAL lace Bull it Sle^pliu C irs ar. nut It) thta lit-.*, m mg tit r* l»rr*- ft oui BT. LOUIS TO NEW YORK •“UA I Lf aa ■ Without cha. gte in ll*Ult«, ' Ila* * I Route t«> .lack ai ut\11 lo Ahi* WlsrEk It).* 1 Ut I * lh THE wl’TM E\*T ahi' I* -ii 1 I ■ 1**11* I 'WW'. ., par .1 t .ta and Paia* *« n.***|*tng I'oar-nr a tty ti ta It*tad from St Louis to Cin’ti & Louisville Mn*.    HWU wiXWifWiwwa ai law ti    j*«tnt» Wit ; morning and • rrumg ) aprra* Ti*lna. Win I* «' «• ll dr) and at** |dng Para Ut tXli." 1 not ga, Allan?.*, 'a annati and JaU'k ••avtin* a Hmiit chang*. Xu K»fri«a nr Trnn»l«ra toy fbi* k* utr. jftt Fa** TI' krt«. (tnt*'*, or aav imrti atar ti ftarti.'Hon call **n Tii-kt-i Vgvnta <*f . nim--. K Itnr- anat. Hoithwrat md aunt I. ar Rut in ut Mtwla ai tai • tm f **«r‘ * m* w w. re taotn, it k nu Am u, b|Ym. A tfoaUM anatoir.    iioa'1 Ft** Am 1 dnvt 1 mat I, O. GO TU WALTER’S H SIC STORE FOR Fine Volins. Guitars, Banjos Aciordeons Ceiioe* Harps, Drums, Flutes, fifes, Jicco o\ Musio Folios, Music Boxes. Guitar, Banjo & V Olin String*. !*heet lassie & Music Books, VVi- sn* •Lowing •ome ti I pritfht. lh. *ti ti in [{im Hood JM’fUllf for thi* if..ii.Jay Hans Cat slog ut*. I’rill-a ami Iph; t Organ*, with tho now pa* n THAN ANV HOLM-: IN TIII good* h arrant* <1. HARO Al.NS IN SKC Automat ic Inst-umnts ! *• Its ; i *i■* in I ire ^ both Squaw ami a.i*l Walnut. V rrj liitntimMH-    to* u. Old iiris i ttiiK.nia fakt-Q in t-xYbangr. ilia.* fr i*. New aud Klr-gnut htvln* in HoalS^Petlal. WK HELL CHKALI K UKnP s tii*faction guaranteed. All )ND*HAM> I X> PRI MKN TS. •I. Ik«»fl 111 111*1 & S Hi, pi \111 STOVES DD UMAR:, **».* t tnt tnt ll. X KOI {KUTH, I ll* lift af, IVW- Cion N polloi Bank. Frttal id!} un lot Itta [tai nit -ag rn *i *• > tH. tilltot bwii troni t a no ta* hi lair Far (tai#. A rhrdra fn-ni "I Macro*, aith fr*t alo** t«r>pm* , amal*. attnat**d    ti.    iii.* oo»t at | Bt ii n* a Irk t; ti *11 ton co., Mo ■ar Hair A on** iP.r* fr tniM ii «• Min/ Ii »ii*»» in gortd I coadtttou, In t' tp|*inc*« «mutton to Ainoi For malt* t Haap i Tun mat lrof Calif. W. P Widtlrj loo •lour- an I man-nn) r ».f. U mom-.. « I a.I*, ci. art* cr-lla «, Mi', « ain-, of gtptMtnd, Mu*! d**-ii atom |»M»t« rtv In ti*. • ny Far Hair. A rf.>od and crmr. Rh-nt I-nu of Uh hi- < » ad pun I im pitn ufo, M. (iiarlra Coanijr, Mo oft aeron in endivittloa Far Mal*. A double CHM atoll bl lh dor Id o* lM*nM WH’ I mom* and i-l-ll r- in • aid no. Illloa Had convell*, ntly !<»' ,tad (ii ttatv. Far % ola. IM acre*.d land im** Ina Ct, limit" «W ( At ate ara*-*. A «. rn "tor* (im.or- ii ad I lo* luiu an aith * ti t-had "iou- baa tint, and a • »..<■! rt br'. I and irama lacibnj bona*-, "Huai, d on I na . a-l apfattf Mtata «|r*-rt bd aam nth nnd 7tn «i *-* i., alan ,1m brlcti toliM-k "I Moi* * on HoottMl at*,-. ’, i""»n>.i Ifanr) nod Kid jc atnmta, knoan rn It .mar’ row Far not". j A •mall (rami' da* ion - to >u«m wtthiu n na till* k« at tit* depot !<•* AIT} • or aa-a. Tho Mm mary (min d«i-iitng h...i*»‘ *IWt at'd on lh# mmii ha cut dti nor .to r Urhth and Alb' Mtcuat". noa .«•>• od >.| iv Mr* I >ii|ilf. ■d» arm* I rfnivl I arm in - land, and un >'h#-i tract id WF arrau, to*da udtwtp*******1 attorn* In tforrt" •<*. hut-.-, at lid t d fin (na ara ia«t*a. ttv. I* — ihlr*t ( I''it c« on ttnn-Fmr anfa, A • inn «** Uh a • *- .ll .ott-.-n land, *1 In I t-H.tii mioii rn-ii M i ii*.-n. »r ti.•• co.,at* * rmMl ta.. *t, rj lr *um 'la. luny ho»***« un it "rte. J*.Wk* I or Ha I a. a * a.*-"to. name (not tnt* and goad tmh minding*. *4*uat*-.I on a "ne «•*-* tra*d of -round In Ina ii ol Brit atria, IlalhWIHI loan'*, t I-, Millable lot »t«»i* gar ta nan. Far "ala. a 4*Bvc,itmi im..n 4g ig a, *»**. rn*mt all It* iidiraiL.n att.iaoxt an Hr Drthtltu moi. ’ id Ira I mitt Ait. im )»r aam. Fit# 4*m StfiiH | «* in I ap* i Alt *a. fw'i'i# cr* o#h! 7 air#- >1 'a lf, arith a I % «t< o * ‘rani** la. tug anil gi*.*) af*fin# anlia 1 ii 'or 4«'t» .tnt I.UFf#*"#* d LAI It I Hard (Mal Ba*, tmno.. It Hest n I In- I on n CV. at i na it .THI I r, Next DtHir l«t Hotel VLi'IlMun. ‘p. .1*1 OlVatlttu git rn to I'UUI !< mo. Al it rn tu I Sin** • ti DU. C. H. ItHHLA.VU, Driif Int, > I 111 lip ST :(.K|. Al T* tx. ILL. *n*cr at rn a Ilia.. I la« p. Underlain Patents. I To ny I*-ram- aOtoliirf o> •• min luff. I yiianl im im*a Im* iii.m l-at»r.*v»* a.-nt* , ic»igM». I alii • sac ut# ira at aga and -.a* f collun" Mud male ant. n ato . - for l*at#ni i All ruMnltelliin, la p#r*>*n ar toy tut*#!, lr*- VJifioy D taw# tai i’a Bl lot a N w Sand-ord oi S v? Coirvag — Joey* tntii’t Water Supply. W *a»fiMjTCN, D. C., )>’>mary lf.— Ii la ex pee I'd (bal t i*tuoriow l’tnaloa Km im mr Hath)' in- alii ulva le>tltnoo» bitore Mr. Warner'* Peuaioti, Kouutv iud Mac b-pay I urn tai tie. . w to tell wilt make ll raib#r aaeomfortobl* for Fen* ii a i omuiiiM oner Clarke. Tho two rewtlfiaea    ara at    lop x#rb« Ada, an.I Ha lib. ne clalfB* that Ina «clio aa durn' I -e HIU, ii nu were (a-lorseU by Mr. I^i, Hilo wa* lh ii Aet ny « onnnla- • oner of IV ii-tuna, an I that when toe • 'kc I Mr. ('lark ' lf be "boul ! com* ply With a reijdcat mail* by at* B cr* tar,    of Hie    Ti anury Mew ami a*, to loi md [mil* and iu at>ot* Ii j ri peal. rn. Mr# Clarke repped In the I aitlr/native, aa • addedt “lh* ad yon cab for the Soya.'* While lite bu it la of a pc. *onal iii tract r, ii la tieing aid tor •Ii P i* worth by ll. tone Stic members of til. ciiiinaPti e it* rho** Hie connection of tin Bi iiHiob Office a db th. late cauii*algii. Th* I. t> r 0 ottraet BUI. W 4»ii!h<.n*k, I) C , Fe • rn ary lf.—Th/* J foreign Cl utract labor btl , aa It pouted tit# he aa I#, provide* ti ,t ll a lait be tin* 11m ia1 V> p C| ny th# pM«-aif al aaai*t (he taun'Kration of any fmaiKiiera Into the j I ni id total*a ii i or la .or contract# |*r«-y lo i*i. elite cd into, For oecy miring* -in• ti; of .bi* act 'ber* "hail 'ie renovated 111 I e coll la .1! l l. I III e I totatC" • Un • j OIS .oho, ml < vt v "hip in tau r knowingly brin.lfi|i Into th*- t'ulievl total*'" Biwa tieup. r tontrwrt •.iImm, anal) t.w Hne>l iftcd i for «• u h lab n r ».» broiuot. Tim lloa*>e pro* i-i.iii ylt ut • a Mot iv of tile (loes re. >*.*n d to the pi'r*o« pfic*c<-atmu the J "oh I* » ricken oui, aiol ii I* made the i d * >d the I O' 'n ii*-# I* -tiki A It or-n y to brlsg * ii a (tier * Iii - st. Bhat. W ilaw# a lf .v? f H’l-llKiiiny, ll. f-chtusr? IK — ll •f « M# to be u Beroll) nm led Inst tl/c loM-i f 'lt want of the c-m ti* -a navy-— t Wit! lie met Iii the next (our year# proto sin* *M,Ok* *v.ll be *|» oi In putting oui (lotiiii ii. .anan In aunt aor of reap* et i .I* al..ip - ll I* aaXBe.tr11 to Con* yiet" that tne WwaMlKton Xavy-yard la one *»f Ute be#! place* ta the world to bu Id two or loft • of the ui-w vatwela. ti I* siren |y toe tar*I ordnance yard Is the a** mirv, ami Ila p. tnt a* a navy yard la no leeiied. Att innrau* WiikMt aa Kqalwolaal. WaaiiiviiFOw, I), C-, February Ii.— ! The liouae Com uitlee on F#B#Iona, I Itounly and Ho* k-p*y,l t-Mlay examined Mr. Bowyer wb** la iu charge of atatla* tic* and aper lo! agent of the Pension Ollie.-, The * Sect ut hi# leittmoay was lo sh', a ttoa there Im I oeen an Ho caw Mc tat aa bandrmt and fifty aprofal a xenia by the *ct on of the last aril ion, which ha I In. t- a- d the Md ot tho sa* v tee Hfty-two |*.*i cen! , while uh* Inerease la the work accoid)dished was bot aeren pair eeni Vnrnw Dorah*laiar'a BUI T9 WiiHttiilnx, D. C-, February IS.-* lion. Edwards Pierrepooi was beard by I th' fl msi t omaii'P e on ('oiiuMie.WalKbm I nu i .M a*orea u*-dsy in napport of Dora* to iiucr'a n.-w oliver dolls bdl. Hearted it# pdMeiyp- aa ae«#e«ary lo Five alablllty lo lbs currency, arid sal-1 if It mu not pU'vesi -neb ii g * ct tyoil l make an • urn •eaaton n#e*-a«wrv; awd if «uch a "canion 1 wa* n* t bad, there arual I be oertooa flu UK-tai diet arb iiiaea bcfure the Bait regular aeaal«m. - O.biott IC sham. WisHivimis, I). C., February II.-l*r ii* I ii ut if nocnukc to na (or" say t mal M «-r». Bt rat I, Garland ami Lamar tow a •u aly been wi ci da- rn* na era ol Mr, ( ,ev * In ll a ('obi Bet Non* of the «en-tit-m* u na m d «>.! admi? thai sue i it th# , ca**, ic r. on th# other hand, do .hey dc tv it. Mi ksrs. ttaiKlad, of Pea myl* vaula, sad ll *itt, of S *v Fork, are quoted oy t>icnd# na having aald (kit J miI bu* man will surely be Invited la* kl lh# ne .*■ • *t<thei Ch y*an* a Water. W|4|uvftox, I). V„ February if.— ! to.ct la f i I .I cr, ii, sit. ease of J no. Ta.bult v*. lb l ull ii f my*nne,W) T , incindis'x Isl ho i a ait f«, ha* dividesi ha f-i* *r of the I w i of lh * line. I Ie la d in .ii "iltMi c utviii" til# I.* rvoir which ay, p*t* m • bt ye. •• with waler. work they Imported goods aud paid the duty on went in order lo keep their own men out of employment. From this, he deduced, that there were other evils than I butic imiu.d in th. bill agal list which ll wa* necc** iry to protect worklnxmeu. Titty *bould bt' protected from cotntoioa-tion* of inuialaiturtra which pre* em cd their receiving a intr share ol the beneflU of the tariff. Mr. Butler, Hr oppoetUon to tbs bill, made « *tn»«g fr< # trad. speech. ‘ If,** he sidled, “Ii WM th# pur [Kist of th# Den. ole to help work lag m#u, why give hint a altadow when he t»*ked for a aubsUBc#? W hy take f H,V,0"0,«Ak) a year out of kin pocket in larif do lien an the mc* es-srie# of life and offer bins in I exciiang# thta crude, liKtp«rsUr« biti.** He asm-rted that lo eatry lh# I prlncipala of the bill to Ile logical conclusion, it would be necessary to puni*h the alien laborer who came b< re under contract as wed as the company or per* eon who oroujht him tm lie moye*l aa an amendmeut a *n'>atitut# for th# btu to this effect; Inflicting a ti na of ti,OKI aint ' one y* sr's Impti foumeut on the laborer, . and a Coe of ii oh) u the einp oyer, wit,! various other penal ties. Th# am mime st offered bv Mr. Lap- 1 ham, striking oui from tie bdl th# pro vt- ! UM that one-bait OI tho penalties rn* > cover, d abou t jo lo ti*# p* r*^ bringing aud* for viol Glo M of law, ai^^iractk ally limiting the pow* r of pr*»i*#< Iition later th# act lo the Lotted tout* a lilatrlsl At* j torn vs, were adi>jn#d ON THE RETREAT. rho Force* at Unhat, Which Wan to Hare Attacked .Retain* neb un Munday, Tails Back to th* Aba Kin* Well* Before Lory* Re microtome ut* Uadcr El Main!i- Headed for Korti* The French Pet! R-puiaad Pour T B-kua M isttonng th# Chinese Mea of-War la th* Po, On motion of Mr, Hlalr, It was Tks Soudan. OX THI RXtBBAT. Kmrri, February 19. Onvral Sir Fed vers Puller, who wa» expected to stuck Mo mach on hunday last, sends word that the rebels appeared Id such force as to make the re#u t of sn attack doubtful, and In the nbseaoe of po«tt!ve order" to move upon UM town he con-s Me red It adv!-abit to ret Ira (rom his sms'-wliat expoaed position nnd • watt reinforcemento Ha thare-fore a ham to Bed Uubat and rvtreaud raada **     A, ' a    Kin*    wells.    The    move- i>*. i I ti ill A vt A,lilt as. A I, VV V I’M (I N ii a v o, HUY YOUK I -My Ii. Ba *»x, Urn. lamta, Mo. Wast. 1‘oao. Agt. Flour, Bran, Ship stuff, Chicken Food. OF iitoiRoiMiimi;!! - Ami Get tile Beni. * (’»• I 'It I A MS Atoll* si HD) US*# HR. K. CIK ami CM, • *i») "i*-L.i* Mud surgeon, Hi am* . "-I io v« r. (Milt rot ii A to I» ti# toll} ST# OlMNr* U. A. HASKELL, M.D., i’ii.v"ician Mud surgeon, if Ii to milton #T.. A (.Tog, ILL •I lo I. and • p.m. snet-dw* Ll L IS PFii(FFK\|I| 4tf#*n 111, I I »r** • m, wi* KIhLK P4« «%*i Winter & Spring irrangeraeat Tin* Htcnnier ■I. A. KY'it 11:, w ;> 'I * * ASI* HRT VII, IIC AUCH IN KIA PLK Alto Is FABI IV ii ROCERIES, IccH, Skim In, via im I udo In etc, Lori St.. Alton, III. a*# ii *, * in il.T to .!*.us liittviii on. OM VI....HI Iii*' -pr- *4» git.'# will FOR ST. LOUIS MONDAY, Wk.litoKst.Ar Atoll "Alt KDAV, st I **‘el ck a. rn , sad **». I,..i,i*.*n r* turn iHpo* Ap >, And I* avtng Vlion Inc I' »r(i4 #, J#r*e* La <11## rn *<*n an*l •«* point* «v# Tuse**lsy sa 1 ! Thnradav. **« arrival a tho • o'* I*-* k'not "I g M sin *o ii "t irftai*. a%. ra# ta in** i*- rn ti •# •**«*ii*>it Of!**-■Unuteab#* rs* alant. g I r si. Liana, f AKB T«> tov. I# d:*,    -    -    •    vee iuM'suTair - *    -    ...    ;j Twaatr kul>aa    ...    .    .    p, C.W HI LL Ag**, t. I * hi •••• WAsditoiituto, I). Fe ruarv Ii.— Pm Ump* hen *»« a «•< re piCM-nt at pray-it- I bt# ll or ■ ii g. II !* >*■ It*# tov cs!l loi «ti»i idee*, aas lr,impi ted, tw*»iMy-**ix to» ii a I *ia M.r* iii iu . .sci * r. A Ii.'** ii quorum VV .*»    *. ll t-41, aud the < Ira r pi, "cut, ii g . *. utk<u ol til# Ila ■ *• I.*• _•. I*>I«tta*«* nr./ g th# p.aciiig of (iitut on IU. * ,r* d ital At MiG I*, m the He oat* went into • v chii* c Mf-*i itit ■'usi » r the iMnnina-Ikm of ) I* * up • r f**r Jndga of th# lip- I ■ ill Court ut tim V nm rn Distrim of G<*‘ ma Th# d*w»r# were op. ned with-oat rn turn, and th# betta ta resumed the #4. i-hi. r<*tmo ut u*e bdl lo quiet Utica to I) « *44• ,e* I, * rill* Mr. lA|*t»ta (milliard the npposttioa to (Im I* It. Th* i. KHI wa# iii us eoa-Itt isil aud “U «**< ..M-fc, when I ,e (ur-eign Coo tract labor Id!! came before lha Senti#. Im th# C4-»ura» of debate. MePheraon mal# a slate hp ut, on .rh wa* received with exclamations of "urprfoe by Senator (ii-org. and m « ra ile said oa rvpra-se itstiirn being ma*ie thit Sato*.r# a ta y!a»« (scion. * ae/.* » >t -uffkienUy pro- 14 (ted, i Max M# theres# <1 th# duty *>• pi* un, ah*" ijkin th* mmufociurvrs Im .* ttstel) d* ma i t.* i that lh# Iat**»r- I yr# »b.mid • to a reduction I ll t< a p* r sent. iu Uh-lr wages, j H ,#*• th* hmm !<iu* • t, lh* rn t in fit* im era lr*! import-i Ii* .gigna t * take th pimies at ih..» ' aunt on., aud w..#a that <iid bo! the duly of I tilled s it. " Ii strict .Ult-cry* to pro* i ul< th* #e case* at UM »*■ peitoe of the Lull d blat a Mr Ha wk** bio* * *1 lo rebr the whole bill to th# Judic srv I *»nitii Hee, with to* , stroctio'is to report tat Isl* r than th# 9*Hh lust., a biti wliieit a«iuid more cf. ; { (eh aaily reach the code realty aimed at. I I L(i>#t, The toll! was th - n |*a*#ed, At S‘l& p. Bl. th# to* nile Meat Into ex-rent ive -< -"Ion. ami after < iacu** ng th# j Mine of Hon. Emory Hpt #r ( if Cteotgta) in '*# Lnlted h at*-" l*i*tikt Ju tg. for , lh# Northern I hat rh I *>f tiioigia until ha I p**t als o’clock, reached a rota, i which reaulted in Mr. Sp* cr’a coflflrnua* ti**.i I** again#! i.i Mr. Ila ** v*.t*d a-.alnst conflrmstlon sod Mr. Umv. i (> f t. .iigit) hi favor thereof. Til# i ma od r of the vote aaa j *hawn on pant'sn ground#, lh# Repn’ I-j can* vo In.' for aud lh# ii. mocrata 'ag dust CMtilirmatkm. When the do**ra w. r reopened at «:♦■* p. ut , the to#ital# I ndjouru* I. How* On MMI *•# rn bl‘tv! IB' •nt|«uati*ti of yes { tents*'« *. ""Ion, the ll »a*« In>(Modlately I S wi /ii Into con?.Hitt## of I toe whole on th# 1 My. i ami hartmr *>t t. Mr. Hayne (of Pennsylvania «i#ik*' In 0(> . isiikm to til# large appropriation ! »r ti I.<nv* i Mi-"i**i|»pi. Mr Potts {<*1 Maryland) sp-k>* in <*p-poMiliou i*. the Ii •in . ,mu I anal pn>j*et. I Mr, Billia (of kentucky), from tm* j lf!*, r an I ..ti ( • on Ok I tee#, submitted j a an-.*11(1(1# f r th# entire Galveston harbor damn*, ll approp tate* taoo.tvio for examtna Ion au l *«r.#.a oi to# ' ba rim t by a - p -clat tatar* I to toe crest* d l*»r Ii# pun#.##, who "bali teport tot on* I I gr* sa lhr*<u .rn lh# to,*, i. i*ry of War On a pit»p .wit i«*n lo a mead th# tab*; •vt i; ti #, no «('«■ urn * *t* *1 At IOjW th# committee arose and lh# : House adjourned. At II a. rn. th# lions# waa called to offer for t«v*tev ’# s* "»ion. I Alt* r son # ii. l.-iy th# Ii*.Mar |teased the bitt appropriat a Bi no,out) for a public I bu I Id I g si I ha: !itn-. ga. Mr, Hk*c. from tm- ( <*mmitiee ow For* I Sign \ffilf". I#*wyr*ed a bill cr* al lug lh# new Vr nu cl in comm *»*»»x Mr. Hewn ( t N w ) ok), from the Wave aud M *n« Ooiuio ti■■#. i#port#d a biti amending the tans act ©I Maw-h, I iii rtl .lion to th# duty on ton ma na toil teen Plsc. I on lh ct lei* tar. Mr. Rogers (ut I ria ti-ae /, from the L*>ninilite« on Peuai**n, Boontv ai-' Bick P y, r» ts'Cie I bick U* th# Kenai# . in# bdl rejiiUi i u the lay of attarway a. ag* iit*.ei< . in p« n*kM) ami other ma* a. Mr, Jiorr oft#. ' I a #u‘»*tHn.e tate ul#il | os a bar csqn*, ** hic ti was v«*t* d down lh* ll mi "*    * ca * I Iii; my*, I I re- fa*ed to con aider th* bill, and it wan pl ic I 4>n lh- c en 'sr At two ob lock ha morning hoar woe set aside, and Mr. H till * (of Kentucky) moved to g*> into Cornin! ie# *d th. vt b* »ie on lh# r *"*r ami halt**! bdl Mr. liatcb na (et New York) antagon-•itcd Ilia with the naval app (Variation i bill. Pending a yea and nay vole, Mr. Hot ut** (of 'I -* i i) r«- Min# I th# genera d« fie'* ne* so r /i s ,! 4* i bill, ami gave noli**# th it he would t all It ap a mr (tic naval bill his th p .* d >*f [Itta de:...... y nill *r >r**pri it * 11 J 'lr ll I lias avo I'M! Wa* disagrees! lo: v* i«. 102; nay*. I th. Tit# llotm# i lien, cm mot ton rd Mr. Bdl* Is* w* bi int • connu! tee of t’/e **h«*ic «*n the river aud harbor bill. The commit* tea amendment r*-spe«-/ ing i,aiv* »io,i har-to*M *v a- it reed i*>, I th * > " Mr. dolman thru ufbi ad an amandin in providing that the rn uiev *lwi( not to #x.»* a    * d until    a i i,    * i r i» creek cl by    lb#    «*wn* i*    cif c r ain whir**    * on ii.*    u h    **|d.,    I'ii* ** a%    < j clad. Mr    I)    mr- *    <■ ii gas)    r>*«e and    aaid exc kiliv that h hid gone to Mr. I Human •* / I a"k#*! uh • was the author | ol the staicftu oi ow wiik’h ba htwf his am n rn. ii hr. ii ,*:i to .1 giviu him th* nam# «*f Hotovrt VI. xaud. r, a f< *1 d Bt of Ii i Kpriuto. Ark., formerly of T* vast tbs? he hid said lo Mr. Hoimxu, an : hi* -aid lo lh Hon*# (im Ups mea Bad (af! hie country for hie ooantry’s j Bomi “ I ti# man," he cont nu#d, “waa I mant wa* conducted so promptly and an-I • spec lei!* v that the Aralie did not notice It aalii several hours after the march had j I*# .-an, and th# coin ms wo# not molested. Ii' Intend* in farther retire aa far aa UskduJ and there walt tor orders. It is now betiere*I mal ba will ha la-"tm- cd t>* oontiaaa his retrograde oaovr to Hor ti, and that no farther attempt to advance will he made antu the r# log regiment* of the expedition have arrived at thin place. General Huller reports that the Mahdi ta advancing toward Metamneh with 9.000 nu n an I wa* within twenty miles of that piece when the En git* to began their ra* treat. Aa advance force of I,/OO men had r* sctoe I within seven miles of Ga-bat I hey wert* armed and carrbd ive Beld pieces. Chiao. ar malt(i yore nuts. Pahi*. February 19.—The French fleet was repulsed lour tun. * before ll enc-needed in sinking or driving off th# Chloe**' OI. n-*/! vy, ,r In the rnga^emeot ta th* Niug po River, Franca. TMK HPT Y os IXXSALS. Pan?#, February It.—Th# committee of the Chambor of Deputies have rejected the propus a1 to lucr, as# the duty on ••reaia Boe land. STIIX I ITI VU, BPT DV INO. Lummox, February ii.—Mrs. Lowell was "till alive at midnight, hut her death waa bout ly expected. A TK* I OF HMH HA to CB. A Orosi Huller# Tournament ta Be Held a Hew Yorh. Mew Yoni. F( torvutry 19.—A military test of physical endurance is to he made in this cliv in May. The plao originates with Edward Paysou Weston, the pedestrian, and ta indorsed by Prof. Dor# in us, General Hancock, David Dudley Field, ex•P<o'tamaler-t tea#rat James sod others eqnaily ell knows, ae wall aa the command:ne officers of a majority    of    the rift meets la    the Aral    and    second divtaloae    of urn National Guard. Bargwm-Gsacral Francis, of London, hue arranged to selart leu men from the volunteer regiments Iu I.*indol to uke part. Twenty th a*a.-,<1 tloUere wi I be .|#ted In prise**, tbs con teats to take place at Madison bqtmrs Gardes Lorn May AU? to fifth. Earn    coat. et    will aover Ave and    one- halt    dave,    rest betag enforced    be ta «-eti I and tam Each competitor wtl opp*ar Hi aUgwc nuliorm la heavy mao bing order, carrying flfty-alt p- unda The Amt prise in each #1 nae ta 99 odd. Among th riaa*#a of competl* I*in wtl! be members of military regild* nut Iron; ('anmia, WI senna rn, lUinoIs, Obi.) and many other Ntatcs. A (hemline Casa ol La prosy. Porn i a md, UBR., February ll.—A geuutna case of oriental leprosy baa jnet beati nte#ov#rv-d ta the eouaty jail. Th# peAient I# Ab King, a Cab ••#• prlw oner, who is hold on a c large of aa-miu I to commit murder. The anthorine* of th-- Ktat*- Pvi’tu Bt (ary refu*e*f to receive him, and threw him bock ob the eouuty anrhttrlil**#. The path ut preaeBU a I us houui# apfesranee. Ile is now Mutated from all hamau habitaUoa. Toe Mwah Buatneas tor the Capital inca# ted. PoBTLamu, UBR., February ll.—The Tacoma Kavtug# Bank, of New Tacoma, B’ T., made aa as»lgBmeat yesterday. The liabilities are not known, but arn en iiruat* d at from #40.000 to #50,900. Ti*** bank baa b en in existence Shout on# year and w.i# started by VV deem A WU-fl*y, ol Has Francisco. Wilson recently withdrew The .aa**- of th# Is lure is too ii.atiy loans fur the capital invested. I*’ 4 I an im I ti unity (ii «* -/•■ ne 'Ord rf at i'n Ut >. ..I-:, i : • Mi, P**»t A PftpiB 'v*n1a sn I «*th#r#, an ii uiurti ***» tltt*lr»n, insisted t **at t'u* iv:*- ii*. I *|o *tmu - I i< I • ;*! privilege. Mr. (a ll '*-# mi I lh it in going obi of th hat) In bit i tern snacked ! »y pus matt, vin.* bad, wtlb * t>«i•• a sui ig i ii-i lid#, *akl he woald ye# him aga it. (I* Kibler. J He was r« sdy •*» rn* et hun, ut Atty to* tv es##.    (    Retie wad laughter-} V in ut* ain* imiui His to minor Lerna in the biti were offer- d by ni*-iut*era r#pr«-s*"'t tig til- I**' *    >'-    slit- reels I, nome of wit c i, in- taiitg int approonatloaa bf -m* • am ant' rn, lh#) *v> reach in Del h-- comm '<*• II <* u w I* • * a luurruw r<»-. r* co (• a topi* d. bai aa a it. i tiuwa. vt ti bout • •in’* ta controversy, a id sI ti p. in. me * until Un o'ciocA to fu MT'MI, M IM., Ex< cut i# Connell l*i a* a lay of Is* 1 Pi “J#’ 1 . brwary 19 The i n|4|#dated April humiiialkm and ~ THC BEST TONIC. Th!* medHne, fsmMBfaff Inm with pere v-gstot-la tun!' a, quickly sod C*.mj*lri*-Iy ' Hr#* (Iv apr I* "lit, f' flip. ", ll ritkarM. I.*. Bur. Hi**»4. HilirU.i hills sag Fevers, ae Neermlele. Ii ta an uiifail n Htnut# U .uh B«ra«4 Out. Nkw Yuks. Ft bi tar. 19. -A Are this ilteruooB Bt th# ic-|teac# of Mtnum Ha .a, u* E at To <ih *’rc I .-an**-.! a *»•# al #to,WM to banding at d furvninre. ne r<-toady for DiaaaoM at (ba h tim iimI l iver. It ta In. ai na I .la f r |>Kea*ca peculiar Is Wnanq and all **h,* !cs*l ie<l*«>l*ry the# ii .loc* ic.tu ■<)*■'»>'*• tedh,cameh#a<1** i»c or I - -line «m*<M ’■ •!* -vtkrr inm »*,i./'/**»(« • I uric..*n l i irjCcv ti,.-l.i<»*l.«*lMiu’a'** beapediie, a11* the "**!»»iisti‘ n at B«#l. re-ii* .•-* Heart),'.*n ai d H* I. hiug aud atrvngtb-eit» the muarI*-* awd serves. )'.<r Iiiicri»itic>!« I • vcr». laavilud#, leek of i i-rgy, Ac . it he- r».*"4ii»l. a#- TI:. I*, i u)m i.a> trad-- n a-k a* >t * .«eed id '.I.**on #rspywr Bde mumm. w, ail av mum* a rtNHSaa rn a,itiaea>. aw

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