Thursday, January 14, 1926

Twin Falls Daily Times

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho

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Text Content of Page 1 of Twin Falls Daily Times on Thursday, January 14, 1926

Twin Falls Daily Times (Newspaper) - January 14, 1926, Twin Falls, Idaho FALLS IBAHO WEATHEB Inii iNifjiii cloudiness to and prob silily NUMBER Unftefl Press Associations Leased Wire Service TWIN JANUARY UniUd Juror Who Helped Convict Was Averse to Death Penalty Slayer Has Escaped Five Times With Life Unless Stay fs SALT LAKE H fate of Ralph coii the state prison at tomorrow rests by a narrow Ezirly this aft with less than IS in tervening before the convicted slayer is due to face the rifles the execu the state pardon board went into execujiye session to consider what is regarded as the last shred of evidence in Only the transcript oj stenographic notes retattnirto the attitude of a juror in the Seyboldt conviction wili be considered at probably the fi nal session of the is also intimated that a majority of the mem bers favor holding to the previous de cision not to further interfere plans for the execution tomorrow City Attorney Folland was called upon unexpectedly last night to answer an appeal to save Sey boldts life which was broadcast from a Salt Lake station iby JJamoa a local The city attorney was seated in his home he the If Ralph Seyboldt is executed Friday morning it will be ju dicial Juror Avcrsito Dcnili If he again evades facing rifles at the last minute it will be due the fact one of jurors who helped convic him had previously in any This was made known a special moetithg of the board of pardonst of which were ijastliySWnimdiied by Governor George Dein yesterday to hear possible new The juror in the case is Bur In 1924Burnett was 6n the ve nire called for service in two murder That qf Falter accused of causing the death of in a holdup was the At that Buriiett is alleged o Jiuve dis Two More Miners Escape Alive from Awful Explosion DegnanMcConnell today reluctantly gave back two two more of the 101 jniners originally entombed in veteran miners experts had there yras no possibility of the entrappediminers being Cecil and Burl came Weak and trembling from 23 hours imprisonment in the McKimrey crawled out before an amazed crowd of nearly 2000 spectators and two hours Hollis was dragged out and re stored to consciousness by a This makes ten ofthe 1Q1 alTve tocome out dezvons with Tim maw of the mine yielded 14 dciul bullies by The rescue of two men Tlmrsdny added xcst to the nsciigrs jiiijd renewed llieir workin of fiudini iridic Four companions ill tunnel were killed by the but by some miracle MclCinney was not oven knocked Without a light the miner crawjl ed blindly through the dump filled arid death strewn passages for 23 i Just before he came he crawl ved over thu dead body of hia fa IQd slate mine is on the ground to conduct a state pfbbe of the BU that Secretary Jartline Plays the Roll of Peace Maker Be tween Factions in Coop erative Marketing Confer ence Farmers and ers Says Some people here believed the accident caused1 by the fire bouses who of a II Secretary gas pocketin tho of Agriculture Mine today assumed file theory is that tin flro boss rolc hi llio rift Sfiid the mine was iui i between coopcralivc farm lenders on he could clear the gas pocket surpluscrop bclQro theminers came but tlinL one of the miners came in before While not meiiimiiin llio milplus question in his wldrcss to delegates the scheduled time and walked into the pocket with his open Unlike many of the bigmining tho DegnanMcConmlli people did not carry insurance ra the lives of their Ing to JanTBB MnGonnelL pne the owners of tlie The firm K attending the National Cooperative Marketing Jardine said he was interestedin not only farmers co operating but in their leaders coop said the experimental stage of cooperative marketing is elver and that throo piolijoiiiK be by agricultural organization a corporation but is owned They were Corn Belt to Be United by Great Agricultural Meet The gest agriculture conference in o the history of the carrying promise of 1arreaehinK political eco nomic will be held at lies m January appeared assured today 1roiii a snney made by the tai tod At this cnnferencer ciillefl Uovornor John Hammil of Iowa will lie made to the entire corn farm the busi ness men and labor organiza tions of the middle into on solicl force to for lln rights of the farming II MAY BREAK WITH NICARAGUA ItrenU Will lie Result iciierxl morro Vho Aspires Assiini nii President Clyde Bacoft De nounces Statements of Head of Forestry Depart ment in Annual Address Before Idaho Wool Grow R b iriiiTto trol of iiiinlf on Kcsigiialiim tirely by the Degnim nell McCon TRADE BALANCE B0JSEM AIR FAVORS MAIL PLANS OUT United i States had a fdvorable t ratio balance tor commerce dc partpient officials imports were valued at 962 and exports at Ex ports increased only The Cincinnati Reds will make this city Jieadamuaters during u spring training series in this vicin qualified himself for service by de claring himself cbe opposed to ital Later when called to serve on the Seyboldt jury he is al These contentions were laid be fore the pardon board Seyboldts attorneys Asks for Facts of Italian Attack on American Citizen An investi gation of a report that an American citizen was attacked by the Italian consul at was asked cable American minister at Itwas alleged that the American was attacked for failure to romovi his hat when the Italian conaul en tered the anteroom of the Italian con The American entered the mistaking it for the Hungarian office adjoining FAH EAST ECMPSK i4WMlc natives watched in the sun went into eclipse today in the Far It carefully observed by the Su matra according to a ca received from Benkoelgn by the Royal Pbseryatory at LOST IN MEXICO Trejo Nayarit today estimated that persons had perished inthe re cent Nayarit floods find that 9000 oth The property loss was placed at Bull jand other festivals ate N being to raise funds for the flood Earlierreports that 500 or more their lives In the LONDON Natlonaliza of miner was WORLDtOtJRT STIRS SENATE ables stirred the senate to heated de bate todayrlvhen the world court might force southern states to pay of re pudiated Civil war debts to British demp declared he could prove that the court could assume jurisdiction over UIB repudiated Confederate and ro construction bonds and order south ern states to business and Leon chief repre senting Pasco121ko mail were here today selecting a landing field andmaking arrange ments for the opening of Headquarters for the service will be at Contracts obtained by Var neyprovide jtliat all equipment is to at 1 BORAR ASSAILS Of AND THE WORLD COURT f 1 Adjustment I pioduclioii to market j of marlse condi tions or market B nf bargaining pow er of producers to deal effectively with other Jardine pledged the agricul ture department will voutinue to ex pand its services to aid but cannot he re sponsible for development and con duct of the A paternal atliuidc of the govern ment would be he Cooperalivcs can stand their own Agriculture is in a better position this year than it last year or in I am confident we are making Conditions in Monlanv the during the sjjx months is still room for improvement in con ditions in the corn H AVreak iii rclatluuK botwcen ed Slates and Nicaragua was consid ered inevitable if Oeneriil i rhamorro unconstitutionally control 01 that country following the resignation of Iresident American Minister lOberliurdl re ported to ilalc depaitinent todav from Jlanagua that President zano had yester days action of the Nicaraguan cong repub lican party is departing from the forty jear old principle upon which it has accomplished American adherence to the world Chairman of tlie senate foreign relations declared in a speech today launching his at uiJon Borah argued that no court could accomplish international peace until codificationof internatibnal law had been agreed upon among the SIGN TREATY An ex tra dition treaty supplementing the pres ent treaty the United States and Cuba was signed in Havana o der and Secretary of States of Culja de The treaty has in view the better administration of justice in the two THE POLITICAL BEE TREE ress in declaring the vice1 president y barringVice Ilcsidcnt Sa from country for two TniTCT 1C rl AIM TRUST IS CLAIM Assistant Attorney itiicral Accused of FenchiK in Test i mon j Afiainst AlHiiijjiiiiu Trust Snnutor Gnrawaji ArkansaBi charged that Assistant Attor ney General William Donovan was in his testimony be fore the senate judiciary commit tee today regarding delay in the justice depart prosecution of the Aluminum Company ot Jiy Secretary of the I characterization us Donovan If you are not fencing then I do not know what fencing Cara of your answers to know what you are Facts Justify Joseph examiner for the Justice testified before rhu senate judiciary committee to day that he exorcised every possi ble facility in his investigation of the antitriisl the Aluminum Company of America and believed his report vindicating tlo was justified by the SHE TO Ilnii In Sugfttsietl fur Tuk iuga Train From Southern Idnliu ev Route to Blp Pacific PortH Califoniiaiis Who Are iiud ttlmt We the people of southern Idaho should unite to get up a train with advertising and the and makea trip over the new lino of railroad to San the Rogersonvfells line as soon as to show the Golden State this country is not only on map but that it is very much Mayor Ashton stited thai he of this by President Ash er Wilson The new line will open about a rntfnth fron noV atid plans excuraloji in the iraeau There was some talk of flXcvmsfon from toe ports on the occasion of the df arid the cowraer there favored com way at some but at a It felt here that U a go frgm southern ft jjjJuWjitir the spirit of rec Ntrffcing MSBdS ei s By Staff Correspondent IDAHO Clyde president of the W o growers assQciation to day in his annual address Be fore the thirtythird annual convention of the organization here afternoon took op portunijty to assail the recent statements of chief fbseiter of the govern which criticized severe ly the stockmen of The statements were published in the Saturday Evening Post and dealt for the most part with the grazing Bacon struck directly at Colonel Greeley when he stated that The forestry serv ice cannot be operated and disciplined like a military bat Colenel Greeley in his statements questioned the right of small herd owners to obtain preferential and unas sailable rights to forest graz ing Bacon took ex ception to this in his address and declared the small owners were entitled to the grazing lands of that nature as much as any other further criticized tho colonels Htatomenta which IftttCT liaii lot it llo luiowir ffiuf the V forestry utrrvice should exorcise de tailed supervision over livestock Idaho Officials Give Out State illdutitry in hi declared raent Slfowing That Taxes Are thai the should not in tfitcn will which direct liacon Kuiil1 llio livoslock in Ulc forestry ftorvici done away but it did want i defined policy the righls of the sheep and Million Dollar Fire Consumes Piers in Galveston Harbor 11 hnali rd I al clii in in I hi I ire which i a I In u i Ic I mil I henla hi in ami i a i i ha I iin i i if i icK ni warclinllsi near ihc nl ihc In carloadiiriiciuh aml at nf cnimn either dfsl d ui da nia A si nuiK nnri In a ricd iness district Inn had resulted there at tlie waterfront conflagration No lives were wiiul Hi i STATE TAXES ARE LOWER IS Lower Than During Peak Year but This Is Not a Fair Standard to Go By Other State News i hOin Upf siini actually Levied and apportioned among the counties to be colUiUd for Bkiic purposes it is the office of tlie In the peak year for taxation as well as sundry and most other costs of they weie there Mais hejui a The tola shav ings now Kveu though tho state tax iff a reUilJvoly small part of the taxpayers Ibis is read ily a of it represents 20 per of the amount deemed for state pnrposos in State Treasurer Bankii and Clnef the drjf of states office this range Continued on page Livestock Breeders and Be lie Ucviovs Work for Tho program was taken up with Bacons annual repofti the delegates detailed Brought Together bling tho man into SALT 1 H livellock bieedcf and F closer contact with the livestock sponsored each spring in Salt Lake City by the Salt Lake City chamber of a nonres ident committee has boon Oakland and other going ovcFoJjcse leaders in livestock activ ities in varimiH intermoontain Btalps will work in cooperation with the show management and the committee of The nonresident eommjttee includes men from Ut oil r Qalorado and springs Intewnpiftitain the ninth is be conducted wtih a which is ap ie to excess previous years The representatives from Idaho on the nonresident committee are as rolldws Alex Falls Boise lttUam j Hurley Waited Max JIpateiiUBlaclrfQpt Rexburg Temp Blackfpot review of the asso ciatwn fop11825 what been a complisjhtd in tho way of aiding the Donald Twin of the assoa pavn his which dealt diuclly with the shipping eitinn tinhl specific Before thp Halph A gave the addiessMrt rppnse by James eastern Idaho Uraxing fiiild gist the state university spoke on private bitpport ol public inveatiga tionh referring to oxperimWtaiioftit in thp livestock SIcpliHti Hpeukfi lion Frank Twin Fallh discussed at the luncheon to day the Migratory Sheep tie told the sheepmen that they i not be taxed to in county after being taxed in He v taking their homo many of counties v were Wanshlp Pra

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