Saturday, January 10, 1920

Twin Falls Daily Times

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho

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Text Content of Page 1 of Twin Falls Daily Times on Saturday, January 10, 1920

Twin Falls Daily Times (Newspaper) - January 10, 1920, Twin Falls, Idaho ONLY IDAHO TJHAT RECEIVES TWO LEASED A NoTvi jvi Yesterdays TWIN JANUARY 1920 OLD f IttlWATPEACEWlTHGERMANY The allies and Germany officially at The final ceremonies of conference after four e nd were com Offer Each Citizen Gallon Whisky Free If Congress Will Act oclttckrin the foreign and were completed at Baron von Lersner and von heading the German signed the pro amount ding lmi r the sinking of the interned German fleet at Scapa after which the representatives of the allies signed as I ft Then the plenipotentiaries to tkc Clock where they filed the ittkSWoates of ratification ofjhe treaty of tfiis next signed and the treaty was in tiiJK formal to tlie world conflict wliich biRnn in Kentucky hospitality didnt jar congress todayfromits The offer of the Kentucky Distillers association to give ev ery person in the country u Ion of whisky free if congress made it didnt find much hope eVen amonR the wet mem bers of They pointed out that the house is twqrUiirds dry and the senate even more dry and that nq look ilig towards a hast anv chance of GERMAN STRIKE SttRTS RUMORS OF REVOLUTION Storm of Denunciation Follows Suspension of Socialists By Republican ed i i t y A n i cans did nofparticiimtp in tho P1NCHOT KICKS IAI OIL LAND CASE Takes to Task Attorney General for Not Appealing Elks Hill Oil Decision Gifford in a letter made public to severely takes to task the general for his failure to to supreme court the BO The first half of the ceremonies was carried out henenlh he glittering i chandeliers which had witnessed ihe opening of Hie peace with President Wilsons address more tlian Pershing Denies American Lives Wasted Any Time erai letter dated No vember 21 to Congressman Fuller of denied that American lives were need lessly November armistice or at any time dur ing the The letter was nnifle public Reports in Brussels Discounted by Delayed Telegram Front Charles Evftns Hughes and Other Leaders Correspondent Protest Attempted Expulsion State Committee Hastily Called 8 therail why mens union here JO Consider Situation conference todayannounced thai1 HUGHES SAYS ACTION IS OPPOSED TO FUNDAMENTALS OF AMERICANISM Ihe strike which has heen called in western tying up all rail road lines In that isnot au They asserted thai the strike called hy minor officials In the It is not helicjed here the spmul rpen niTHlier parts of tincouiury arc exi peeled to VWall the result of the con lenders arc of the men iirniiiK for higher American who had played such an important role at ihe open Ing of the the alck of pomp and the absence of crowds in the streets outside the foreign of all was In marked contrast the conditions which had ed theo pening of tjie Baron von von attired in frock were shownto their places at a small green table in the office of the for eign Stephen Then involving a controversy between the government Mid the Southern loific ijsiiinpany 9Y61 ft iformal protest against acres of The qaestldn have been estimat I am In formed that momentous action 6B paH1was takefai without con sulting has said of the naval petroleum reserves which your action would seriously impair or that some day they tur the tide ot war and even without notifying him of your tentlonl In ley were handed the protocol by Paul bf the peace con while Lloyd George and the Japanese looked PremierClemen ceau then presented voh Lersner with a covering the alfies pledges and quickly signed Premier Premier brilliant gain COAL OPERATORS SEEKING POLICY Meeting in Executive Session to Dcfllne Attitude Toward Pres jdents Commission jtfA J were meeting todayin executive session In an attempt define a policy which they follow the coal j3oramls sfon appointed by President of oblntoh Some favor Gernian fleet Scapa This ended tlio first half of the led by the party entered the brilliantly light ed clock The premier quickly took hiiTaccustomed place at the table at the curt of the Upon a small green baize table nearby lay copies of the the instrument which put the treaty into It was a ing reinforced by numerous and newspaper The copies were handed to von ersner who affixed signature ehalfof The allied dip then began Clem riceau the He was folio w by Premier Lloyd George andthe apanese Then the envoyi nine smaller powers signed Jn the Iphabetltcal order ot their the representative of each power Igned his country automatically eased to be at f At the conclusion of tliese cere nonios a was handed von Lers er andmnother to Dutasta for do ilnted by a wide of among the taking a course In opposition to the coal commission and refusing to rec ognize Us operators hlowevi to secure a program whereby thff op erators will go before the commission with a complete case and fight tor thejr contentions most oslt1 In the archives of the foreigp After the final formalities the Ger mans motdreH the old mbassy 4n Rue De where the German officials are now installed for More conservaUve ifcLfIrBt tlme 8ince Ulc outbreak of IVO 7nfrhe f is expected that diplomatic rela Martens to Testify on t Bolshevik Activities Complete annihilation r ot the forces governmeftfo naaclng and lurnisblngbfticers to Bolshevik armies and expressing HIMMWERS WAGE DEMAND Railroad Shopmen Wages Have Gone Up Faster Than Has Cost of Living The union iho claims I The spaitacists arc lalunc advant age of thepresent situation lo renew their Factories arc closed because of lack of coal and thousand 777 Mispriisii ol the New York assembly is arousing he slaliRepublican coimuillc consider Ihe sil Speaker Sweet I the asscmlh who the dexlared thai Ihe juili ciary commit tee which will decide the cases of the five socialists will lie named and will quickly pro ceed with its A storm has arisen against the action of Sweet and his advisers in attempting to ex nl five socinlTst ininilivrs il ici I inriiiiiln i mi I Ills I i I vMMI Hli BRYAN DENiS l SPLIT OVER PEACE TREAf i BOR4H SCORES SUPPRESSION to a Reiner dispatch from Brussels a new revolution has hrokcn out in Germany and the socialist government headed hy Kliert has heen Travelers reachint Dnisspls from Germany were snld hy Ihe Mrussels the Hunter agency to have drought unconfirmed reports that the socialists in control and had jiroclanied a general General Mines of Ihe railroad admin istration has made reply to the rail road shopmen in answer to their de mands for increatied wages to meet increased living itwas learned answer declares that statistits thediVision Wtabor of 10 The International News Service from Ber lin has heen cut off three days on of A cable dispatch from Frank Berlin correspon dent ot the Intetiirttional News Ser was the liOhdon UtSf IQUl One of the latest came from Charles formerRepublican ominee for who contended Kit such action would do more to lenuriiKe Ihe spirit of revolution and itrengthcn the advocates of violence iati any conceivable propaganda Hughes declared that the sus eiislon of the socialists who were not iTiised of any Is an action the socialist party ynd is pponCTlto the fundamental principles American He predict that the suspension of the socialist would fereally increuKc le membership of the socialist The socialists plan to raise a fund f to conduct a legal fight nd a campaign ot propaganda in be alf of the five soclulist Says Issue Is Too Permit Personal Contentions Creep Into 10 WVIliani Jen arvivrd here today denied that he has with Irisiiient Wilson over the trcaly lie ilescrihel tlio Issiii toi linportinn To allow per sunal cnniciitions to creep generated his the Jackson that while wages of the railroad shop men have Incrcaued 106 per the O08t of living to these men lias in creased but 102 per It is understood that Director Gen eral Hlnes also informed the leaders that if they press their demands he will be forced to make a public state ments to the wages and the increas ed living The railroad nhppmen are untler to he piepaiing a counter state ment to Director General Mines in which they Will attempt to show that the statistics which ho has quoted ro The Brotherhood of Railroad Clerks now attempting to force a na onal wage and it is un erstood thatthey may combine with 16 shopmen in an effprt to secure revision of the wage and of ving While the director generals state icnt was in the natuie of an ansster o the shopmen it does not close the director general has tn leaders that he will grant urther The epott will not be made public until nal settlement been from Berlin at 0 oclock last It Is believed here that this discounts the unconfirmed report of the Reuters correspondent at Brussels that a rovo lutlon has occurred in VICTOR BERCER IS flRED AGAIN Ions will be resumed ignatory jriowera the Borah Ame vision which prevents the suppression postmaster out thoproiess of a hear e publication of writings advocating a complete expose pr ana pwraecuWon tho PERSHING GETS BIG RECEPTION Kansas Oily Citizens Turn Out En Masse to Greet Hero Conqueror of General John J Idol o Missouri and the man who wrote finis in the half completed book o was given Welcome equa if not Jng anything yet extended to tha at his home not ex here Kansaq City turn etl out en broUi loose the people literally wen mad with The distineuished expectcd arrive in spectacular fathion at Oclock this spiang a coup detat in his advance OW and at oclock slipped into th elty undercover of House Votes 328 to 6 to Exclude Wisconsin Representative on Ground of Disloyalty hous9 afternoon voted to t Milwaukee socialist elected from the Fifth Wisconsin The yote was 328 to Tnose Voting for Merger were Representa tives fllsson ofMisslsslppl Sherwoqcj of Ohio Voight of Wisconsin Mann and Griffin New t was harred ongrounds pf Howas exclud ed tlie house last fall hut was Money to 6uy Food for Europeans ed did not remain secret how and by the first break of dawn between s and wildl cheering Missonrians were stormin the gates of the union station to catc a glimpse of Missouris noted greetedat th6un ion station when ho stepped from hj 10 oclock by Mayor Cowgll nnd Bw committee ot 25 representative citizens of Missour City and state of Kan flooded by the old 104th bam which flaw service uurtJor In which Immediate old familiar tun Favors Theory of President That Radicals Should Be Per mitted to Blow Off Jan Suppres sion of socialist aimiiuiiits in leRiftlaj ihe anKctnltlits was scond in the hcniito today by Senator Ke ti admit five j irclied I lit1New York a iViany ontVIImtlonK luiif already eoiv Mass riieetinKs were held here to ny al which the five assemblymen1 ellvered In an Interview Assemblyman one of the suspended legls was reported to ave said that he socialisitswere Inking a vole on he question of affiliating themselves Third Internationale at Mos to so 1 He at tin lire lor cialist I am socialism and hej lievi it would aot he u Sen ator Ufirah saCl 1 believe the best way In meet socialism is to demon strate that this republic can meet every emergency and keep the integ rity of To violate tin constitution to protect it an admission that wu not have faith in the the am in favor of president of the the theory of United Stales persons of illogical and radical views bo given every op MJitunity to air WALES PRINCETON AM N CLUB Demands Punishment for Wallace Murder Jan United States has issued additional inatrttc tlons to the American in Mexico City with regardto the der of James an by a Carranzista soldier several weeks This was made by the state department The in structionswere not made Orders were given that tions ifor Iho ftiosfc energetic and speedy efforts for punishment of the murder of Wallace be raJfttetay the American the state deparl nient Investigation had shown that Wallace was murdered by a drunken Carranzista It was WEAEft VEIL WORN BY GREAT GRANDMOTHER A bridal one hundred years old and worn by her grandmother and was worn by Miss Lucile Conway of ls when she was married to William McDonald of Port at the ftomeofher br Conway rec tor of the Church of the Covenant Here i WAKE ATTEMPT ON LIFE OF IRISH SECRETARY unsuccessful attempt has been made at the Ralee office fll8re Nt secretary at law of Ire It was learned here this after grappled with masked assailants and fought to a i form He is the sen to icown Irelanc Of JSlWr for the purchase Armenia aslced Snjllvan wounded in one eye JOttK N Jan has cen learned that one of the asso lalions fontted by the Prince of Vales while jn this country was with 10 celebrated Cap and Gown club of rinceton Albert Edward i an honorary member of the under raduate having joined just before he started for William of Brook a Princeton who served on lie Washington reception itroduced thePrince to the Cap aticl lown liny dinner in that fh treaty be ratified and signed without ihe Republicans and i he hhould con pinmlse Olfd ihe allies wouhl nlllingU accent 8UPh n t The Democrats should pass necessaiv dtylaPod iao with all the reservatjott which their political opponents dgeni necessur notrii poMtical issue U should not be pohtponod until the presidential I dont said the attitude bf neftspapei seek to dragthe discussion treat down to a persqnil I stated at Washington I not a candidate for presttl t aeeniB me enoughtohe Wfitll1 iwn merits iiilefOHted uring the befitthings fm There is no reason why the vccacy of a compromise by me should be interpreted as opposition to the The president Is an offic ial and his recommendations travel byihcir own weight us say of b tlielr own Inot by political The constitution elves the presi dent the right to make recom mendations to just as it em poweis congress to pass laws and the president to veto them The president and the senate are on each other and In a jrrisls tint the country needb the wisdom o1 both isv In to his home in f ARREST IRISH rOBUfS LARITE IN TWO ROUNDS OF GO Mor is of stopped Bill Larne n two rounds here as In tfce first round Morris closed both Laiues eyes and scored a knock In the second round Larue went down fof the count of eight vhen his seconds throw up the This is the second time barue been knocked out by STEAMER SINKS Fight Starts sault by 10 Jtner ccss New York is re arrestshave battle between of the Connaught RB Royal Irish Fusiliers Worcestershire a dispatch Iron News bcoek last nlghV Sticks and much damage It wtta sal thte attack sault u and his wife from the to have struck a mine sunk with the loss of 700 The officers of the steamship line here were with out any flfeort s record here of the steatnw Princess

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