Thursday, September 30, 1948

Soda Springs Sun

Location: Soda Springs, Idaho

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Text Content of Page 1 of Soda Springs Sun on Thursday, September 30, 1948

Soda Springs Sun, The (Newspaper) - September 30, 1948, Soda Springs, Idaho Caribou Commtat By K. II .P. A Consolidation of The Soda Springs Sun and Soda Springs Chieftain Official Pupcr for Caribou County and Soda It Is to Ix- expected that the i.i-Ule will Ijemu ta boil pretty soon now on the con! roverhial I.SMJI- nl .si cession of part of Han- iHiek County to Join Caribou county. The people of Caribou eoiiniy are in a paradoxical in tin.--: l.vs -e. the UJ'e llol uroVld'1 le'-al mean.--. t hi- delight last Monclav as they were workinu at the Exra Lakr-v and Bill L' places a short distance r-as1 when a large moose r.o; zl- :i -nriy walk- ed up to them their actions for a wi.ik- tin n trotted away, clearing u. hh'.ii fence- with the of a helicopter, and heading- for the river. Tin? kib itztT anpc-and to be about a two- year-old, but was already form- idable enough in appearance to discourage any notions of havincj it tor a pet. The moose Ls a bold and impertinent animal, but the .siuln uf i.-; highly ur.t'suul .so ciosc t-j Garages Adopt New Credit Policy Nine Sida Springs and service operator.; this week announced n joint credit poliey which they hope will help to curb a run-away credit situation which hns been to alarm proportions duriiiK the year. Under the nc'.v all cjvnts will be considered due and pay-.ble by the fnth of the month Anv account not by the 10th will become pa du''. if nor paid by 'he 20th "f :h- month will be1 put on n til tj-e ol.-i accoun; is pai'i up A ppnker-man for the rnid thf1 -.vas ncionved bv joint at a tin? of tiie uroiip of onerat'-rs. H? snid were to adon' sneh jr.eps- ures but w-re virtv'ally forced tr, ber of aceounts beimr rarrif! on h-'s b'-rn deferred for lev" (H'l MF, XVIII NTMIiKR SODA IDAHO, THURSDAY. SKITI'lMllKK A Fire Permit Season Ends Today; Season Reported After full of the people oi f'aribou eountv for their co- 1.1 rat ion cliirini' past sum BIT' Mahoney. state lire I'deji wi-k ailtl'iutleefl 'he lire reason is etuled This Mia1 lii'e.'i may lie on and farm wi1 taiii1 an ofli'-lal p'-'-rnlt on J lie 1 end of the fire season Jhr'iill'.hoijt the Oottotiwood diMtrret whieh'.s party, of twelve southeastern I- d-iho roiinMi-.-; anrl is bounded on tile south b" the Utah .State line, on the bv Hie Oneida coun-: 'v on the ea.-.i, by the Wvo- st-i'e line, and on the, 'tie area in the vicinity o! Ashtun pa.-: .-ea.s jii ha.s been e.s- b.Kl. Mr. Mahoney said, with (o fir" liaxard. ;il tii'iiu'h there have been no dis-. fires, d '.e rnaiillv lo the j a 'e1'1 'i! ri-.sidi-ni.s in report-i I i.e.--.. and the willingness of! !'.--es ..ver-c a little ics-i 11. he sniti. a.lthotmh j for lire was th( iri .sis years as ieri area. maintains here a- v t.hi'ef.1 men and j i-niiipinent truck. About j M' vrious proportions >rked bv the crew and of volunteers. Most' loss was about 24f> acres 'rain in the Soda Springs .-u1-: ea a'ld privet" ranue hind' and fence, in the Paris area. j Mr .YUfhom-v has left, for Irs i in Burley. when.- he re-- ;ides durinit '.he winter months.', lie .said he hopes to return next vf-ar and that improvements will; bt1 made in the fire-fiRhtinf? ar- 't Progress of School District .Keorganization (As of Sfpti-mbtr 10, Fiftv-Uvo elections liiivi? corn- biiK-rl school into districts. Tho i tji.ii-. simply i-nit'il'y 10 i'f Iv i. i uf it v. !y l.'nle'l. 11 ll.e !r i ai'- fur TlVelll -f'ullr i lerl jj 1 H, I r. Bancroft Group Assails TJlfort Float Hospital Bonds And Voices Determination to Secede Unit or rinjie districts to the Plans approvtd by Committee: Elections pending- j The Cotton wood fire district is on; of several in. the state jated under the Clark-McNary i act. and the service is under the ;.supervision of the state forestrv department and is paid for bv the federal and itate govern- ments. The fire warden under the act arc clothed with full leieal powers to enforce the fire regulations, and may ar- rest violators who btiild fires 11- lesialls. even on their own uerty. and bring them before the stale courts. This and That Abdut People You Know Soda Wins 13-12 day at 2 Over Lava In Thrilling Game i The Ladies Aid wiil meet at Mrs. Hiidretn. Mearle the home of Mrs. Alien Tigert Steele an M.I.S. Lvaua October 7th. Each member is to Salt Lake Citv Wednesday. asked to bring dishes and silver for a pot-luck luncheon. W. H. A. be hc.d at 1 the iionic ul Mw. Gracu I Primary is being held at the Thursday, October Tth. Mer.i- Presbyterian mame every Tuei- bers who cannot attend arc- ask- ed to call Mz'j. op. 'ho rre'dit 'vdirv were Call Com- pnnv. on Motor foreman v. Wlii'.man Garage. Service. Service Oil Pefi'iina fo nnti L A Repair LOLA REANNE WILSON WEDS SALT LAKE MAN Mr an Fimor n'y rinu'rh'er Grant of I tk" Ciiv Tliev wre ivi'i NV-vn.rin Sep'vrniv-r Thr. nsvi O'.j of H-'-mtv The Springs Cardinals broke a losing streak and show- ed ?ome encouraging abilities Wednesday afternoon on the home field fey defeating Lava Hot Springs Mountaineers 13-12. Climax of the game came as Darrin Monroe receiveed a punt and ran 40 yards for the winning tounchdown with 12 seconds re- maining in the game. In the first quarter, shortly af- ter the kick-off. Soda scored for the first time drring the season as Joe Christophe'.son made a lino plunge and Karol Stevens place kicked for the extra point, making the score 7-. The Moun- tainrt-r.s back in the same qtiartrr with a score, making it a 7-6 rally. Dunne the second quarter the ,'wfi '.earns seemed to be playing a balanced game, when La- intercepted a beautiful pass int'-ndeed for a Cardinal and 80 yards for their second scorina touchdown, making the 12 to 7. i drove hard in the third quarter to even up the score but Uho Moun'aincers held thoir own and neither team scored. With 12 .seconds left to play. Lava from its own 3 ft. !.nc ar.d EKirrin Monroe received b.ill and ran 40 yards for Thf v.inning touchdown of the crarro which put a one pint win for on the Scoreboard Nellie Lou Kelly, who is at- tending the Idaho State college, 'at Pocatello, spent the week-end here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kelly. Mr. and Jvlrs. W. G. Ward and son Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kelly transacted business in Salt Lake City Saturday and also attended the football game. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Peay and son and daughter-innlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peay. were vis- iting relatives this past week in Soda Springs. They are from Riverside, California. Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Moore and Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Hadley of Lago went to Ogden Sunday to visit with friends and relatives. Mrs. Grace Powell of Denver Colo., formerly of Soda, has been visiting here and returned to her home in Denver this week Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Matthew.-. went to Salt Lake Wednesday, for a weeks vacation. Mr and Mrs. Curley Kennedy and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Beus went to Montpelier Monday for din- n-r and dancing at 'he da. Word hus been received by Mr. and John Buich-.-tt from, their soi; Dick t. v.iiu i.--; in ih'' Lii'niy nu-aicai ro-pj in: Frankfort. Germany, ' he is; to bo married to Aniiiu Burke.: a native of F'rankfjrt. Th'.1 Caribou Chapter uf the Ameiiciii War Mother.s meet the Ajr.crican Leaioii hall Sat- rday. October 2. at p. ir.. Installutioii of officer.-; will held ACA Electiiiii To He Held Soon, Chairman Advises el iri 1 niiail of AnTieultural committee, this week reminded farmers that ACA elections are just ahead. of Idaho should he- men they want '..n administer Mle 1049 a-jncultUMil coiiservation ijiid pricr- .siipport i.roKram." Mr. said. ouilc'ni fr-'in A. V. .vlrCor- ; of the state i-o.-iimiiter- r-enniids [iroducers th.'it ejections for eummunity a.nd county commitLeemeti will be hekl in all counties in Idaho. In eucli community of the.-e counties farmers will elect a community committee, t.o admin- ister '.he farm program in that communii.y and to With tiie county committee, in the ad ministration of tin1 program, in the county. Also at tiie com- rr.unity ejection, will be to lit'.end a county c'ni- v.-lvrc! (he courity cotn- '.vill Iv elected. Mr. Lewis that, now is the. time for farmers to appraise the work of eonimitteeincn who are- now administering tiie If they are dniiiv, a Rood job are doiiiK it as well or better than anyone else could do it, then the farmers in the community and county should them by turning out at election time and tfive them a I vote confidence... If -the. ccmi- mittces can be impioved by el- someone then that be clone. Tn the wo ids of Mr. McCor- "One of Uu- real pillars of .-ux-n-.'th in the- farm program is 'lie elector! fanner-commit- The wav to keep this is tnr fanners to par ieip.'f: in elections and see to it that the people best qualified to .serve as commit! are e- k-cted. The calibre of commit- toemen we elrr.L this fall mav have a lot to do with the future i'.f the farm rin-Kram. Conserva- of our soi' and water re- is vital to '.veil-being of I! 10 Mii'ion Vv'e m'ist have cnmmi'.J'-'-'-'en we ean uet to norgrnm. the nation's dine! effort lo assure the future fond ijiiiiei'iii'i lu.'iitic-iit.s who have ojj- piwd ;c (irojected bond issue by liannoek county to construct a ho in J'ocutello and iccelv- in Downey and Grace, v.'i.eK issued a statement as- sailing 11 it- propoHuci bond issue and reiterated their determin- ation to secede from Bannock county anrf join Caribtni in the November election. The .statement was authorized at a meetiiu; the lielU 4. Another phase of tlic; as- pects of tiie bond issue was be- iiit; heard in district court in Po- catello Thursday Jiiuph Harrison I Oil CJU'FN I.ALI ATIN A away party v.a.s hold for Owen Lallatin this :it the home of Tor- I'e.sev, with Mrs. Mark White a> ivi-hosti-ss. It. priven by th'- t.DS i-horus iiirls sroup. "f which MLS.S Lnllatin was president. were 23 present. For en- tlv uirls nride Gw'ii a of cutovts from riescri'o-iu1: her r feet i'i1.1.. ivi'-s-ii'e.'I Owen wi'h luvelv uift also. Re to public light on its true mer- litigation which has been going on for some time. "On Tuesdav. Sept 21. Ban- nock county commission author- ized sale of in bonds to erect this hospital. This means each individual will have to pay taxes on this fund at the rate of per thousand dol- lars of taxable property he pos- isesses for the next twenty years land this amount does not in- i elude the added cost of Interest lor upkeeep on the building. i :'This bond issue has been im- properly advertised and illegally i "About one more week will [conducted because fully half of wind it up" was the concensus j the people who signed the petl- i among grain men this week in jtion were not even- taxpayers or Soda'Springs when queried as {property owners. They are also i to the end of the harvest sea- j trying to cinch payment of these son for Caribou county's bump-' bonds on a group of people In er crop of wheat, barley and the southeastern portion of this cats. county whom it will do no good. i Nearly five hundred carloads j "We, therefore, demand fair :of the polden had already representation of our side of the 'been shiiped by rail frm in the rause of this Ban- city since AuRtist first, and in nock county hospital bond issue 'addition to this an the grounds that we are se- 150 000 bushels have been mov- ceding from Bannock county ied to market by truck, both that anything to do with I aimers and contract haulers. hospital will benefit us Tn nf this henw move. !none whatever. We do not want imJnt n< the elevitors !to be burdened with payment for ,mem ___ _j hospjtaj we want a fair iii there is considerable farms. __ j i I on j hearing "of our side of this case in court actions Instead of the decisions which have been hand- on pure tech- legal Miss Pr'.-vo. V- '11.11. wl: -vi'.i ;'Mi-nd liriii- iK'-r I nit.T 11 Kl IIOAIK SCEXF. (IF nitllK.t: 1'AUTY Mr. Pr. .inn b.i] wero v .it party W .-fi thf- Lar- Weather has been virtually apamst us Ot for Completion of thee inlpalltlcs ln tnis harvest following last. wceks'which hi- so fa" ;rajn. which delayed operations lthroupn 't'he' lower and higher .lor .several days, but eliminated ;courts of 1nis county and state, a serious _ __ preventing us from a true hear- iing of facts on our interests .lust mcnts. Fern Tipton. Younp La- to satisfy a few influential and dies president, and Richard Tor-'selfish Individuals." cesen. Younc Mons prsident. A meeting has been called for extend a cordial invitation to 'Monday at the Grace high school everyone of Mutual aue. !at eight o'clock, at which the subject of proposed secession of EASTERN STAR BANQUET the Grace and Bancroft areas HELD WEDNESDAY EVENING from Bannock comity will be discussed under the auspices of Soda Springs members of ;tnp Farm Bureau. th- Ord-r of the Eastern Star cmer-ained with a banquet on Wednesday evening honoring Wnrthy Matron of lOaho Fnlls.'-'1- 1 .T ,1-v; p er. F W LurciHiryr.. and so" Hebfr Laii. W O Va-rl Rurke Mrs Enimri Hrnrr. I flPriel Johnson. Olen Fc'' Shel- don Oi.i't.erton. Bill Hors'rv ar.rt .Tny Allred. Dr and Mrs Allen Tigert. Th'-ki-l. TT'.wavd IJor.'V T Bal Ralph M- 1. A v.iv: -rrl Mrs y. Mr-- A P V'-'N lo'v.t-'1' 'V 11 :-7i- Mr- <V-- MVTrM. is expected that somr Soda will be present at Trpetine. as the matter af- Elsie this area directly although Caribou county residents haw Th1 b.'ir.qiicl was served at six no vote in thf matter of actual thirty bv the Lari'ei Aid in liic ;sectssion of any portion of Ban- Maso'nic'Hall. :nofk county to .1oln Caribou. Sine .-if tV-.o M.-nors included' the Grand Conductress. LAUTS Gouah. of Pocatello: Grand Chaplain. Lola Smith o! Idaho Grand Adn. Mae Cox of Pocatello: and tlv past Patron. Walter Olewc-in of Poca- teHo. Thr re were visitors also citizens b-irn during from ihr Betsv Ross Chapter of jpast wrck at Caribou Oovoty Montprli'-r. New M'ltll.'.' A.. i'Ml S'-iTtl of Vf-'.ir wd! be heir? a' r n S rhnn- Ortohfr rith ,-tnr'. a' 7 SO Tliere will be rhnrinfi .uiil refresh- To Mr. and Mm. Raymond Gallant of Grace, an H Ib., S n t jjj.. one of Its mrmbers. Oertmdfr jot. flrt. born Frcf-man. rhown a Grand To Mr. Mid Mrl. LaVern Reprpsffntat.ive. to to i dcnhtUof OfeW. Mt f .warp. fflrl. Born veie lighted with In bouquets of flr.wrfs Af'er the sjvshin. s- n-ed K- Gacnn. Rita Pnrein nnrl nrrnirr- PlCkren. O K S Golden Rod Chap-

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