Thursday, October 15, 1903

Soda Springs Idanha Chieftain

Location: Soda Springs, Idaho

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Soda Springs Idanha Chieftain on Thursday, October 15, 1903

Idanha Chieftain, The (Newspaper) - October 15, 1903, Soda Springs, Idaho tataFtfr hel held at of ifor ward iter-Mountain last week. awatfdsd for sheep as follows: any age; Knollin, first and second registered bucks Nos. 1408 184. 9, any J. Knollin, ad second. of one buck and four -A. J. Knollin. of three ewe J. n. of three grade ewe lambs r. Knollin any age; F. R. ,nd second. any R. Gooding, nd second. of three R. Good- rst and second, of three buck oding, first. of three ewe lam R. Qg. first and second, isbire of three John McMillan, first. any McMillan, with registered No. 706; scond. any age; But- d Livestock company. i, any age Bntterfield ock company, of one buck and four ewes Her field Livestock company, any age; rfield Livestock company, J. H. Jtoeage, Mated, we If tiM striving for, tt to fwred their earthly mission win failure unkws they undergo change of spirit sad eliminato the knocking feature which sfK pears most TABIJI ock company. ae ewe ock company. fat sheep, >r J. Kaetiltt. i fat J. KnoUia. of five yearling grade -J. H. DreS-ito, Malad, It is a matter olf pride gratification that American watem have forged to fMttt among the best in the world. In point of fact they are prob- ably the very best. Fine waters are to a urge and increasing extent displacing spirituous beverages at meat gain alike fpr temperance and for health. So muff wholesome, so refreshing sjftft so palatable are the table of the United States that all im- ported waters suffer by Yet foreign waters continue be imported in large q as tbe result of habit aud preja- dice rather than of I discrimination. It is quite the truth to say that of this country could get very well indeed, if not a drop of foreign table water ever through the custom yet the pending reciprocity treaty with France foolishly vides for a twenty per coat doction of tbe tariff on waters! There might excuse for this propoetttaf for tkt after reading Beg- this morning, I walked out my corral and petted my i they switched off the with their long, bushy toils, not forbear oongratulat- them oft living in a region although intellectual cul its not Us crowning glory, barbarism as exists in l Is unknown. There is hi these mountains who mutilate a horse in iner you describe, and which, i tears bt my eyes, I have so seen. A man anywhere calls himself a gentleman the same when he is tbe of such an outrage humanity, and no woman encourages it can lay claim tbekragtag to gentler sex. road or in the park I will ride in company with male or female, who anted on a dock-totted animal isffttMX That feet having stratod by chomtac aocrat, I am, bad I a vote Massachusetts it would be it for a humane governor, who i such as example, not only to Hitaff, but to his refusing to ride himself, or aay of stoff to t a mutilated I in the i coming treal Hbrsrtss Pfctfee UtEYOOA rs comes from Weiser that have Just oomptotod ao c light plant and water- system whteh wiH be op< under municipal eontfol; JUckfoot that Ameri Jta Power, Ugbt and Water is now furnishing, rfcts tor that city, Iroa FatU that about rt their aMtnatoth svgar jr. Apropos mtmf iCMi'ef MM Mshowabyoar thought if win piawahea fvosi latii- ad aaaouoce to tho world toaUy to of tksgr wm (CttyOM. girt who deprived of Srpattof their t jsh thnts hhn stonsrftsjt ttr no reason lor viting tbe increased importattw tbaa to thsJf wtttt of foreign table-waters. L4( Wastora rtMh girls, who rather than more, ty would an excellent thing, ao4 a patriotic and if Americans should thai native table waters vided at ail banqaeto and din' ners. Why notf Good protec- tionists a point of urging ottd consumption of mevtic products. That should bo applied to table America is world, and should of roauoos, sodtostop at tstok- a. copy of "BUok take it home, and M There will be repeutent sin nors to your midst, and penitents will bring as Infiostt rosa thai will make them tis. JOHN CODMAK. sjM OBI froiD tt who was If rapasslt "Oh. I Jerk of UM fiusXs Soda Springs, Idsbo." Altar SONS) months' obsarvaUon by English tea to MM fisM adapted to Ji had ao fstat of whvopiag Hit, W. of fiittpt, Dr.KJtag's SO Itffftk sjrsatt aow bviag JBB Agtimbtaa ta of IsosUag fsr salve Imru pfMtv Otto MA. box of BachtoBS i ssa. k'i UM sanh, al att "ftt, tt tftS BlV. RAWJ Ottsl of TaWhviad Uimrhisl Natural Mtrtewa MOWPY TO LAUD wi r J% m j-.- w-% T-E. J' f, v iNEWSPAPERl fSiEWSPAPERl

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