Thursday, May 28, 1903

Soda Springs Idanha Chieftain

Location: Soda Springs, Idaho

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Text Content of Page 1 of Soda Springs Idanha Chieftain on Thursday, May 28, 1903

Idanha Chieftain, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1903, Soda Springs, Idaho f J> fii.tr1' TTO Taetuaad Acne Will for Entry -state land board was held re- cently at which Messrs. W G filer, E. B. Critchlow and George Long, representing the Twin Tflrila company, discussed the contract between the state and that corporation. It was decided that the first portion of the tract, consisting of acres, would be openet "for entry July 1. cause of any apprehension that the company might fail to <sar out its contract but merely a ia 19. winy jniy itt. i qm its contract but merely i A protracted meeting of the Cosiness precaution. States land board was held THE WOOL MAXKIT. Washington County Wool Sold at Top VmljU Hi I i mar M _ Filings may be made in per or through an agent at Sho on that date, A represen tative Of the land board will also on the ground to receive en tries. A number of details in con- nection with the company's con- tract were talked over and agreed upon without any friction, and the representatives of the cor- poration left for the east on the arterhoon wain satisfied with what plished. had been accom- Afi a protection to intending settlers, the state will require of the irrigation company an indemnity bond insuring the f ul- filment of the corporation's con- tract. This will enable settlers ahead with their taprore secure in the knowledge that they protected against poisibU failure oa the .part of to ib. land U not Wffl Oo Higher Washington county's wool pro- duct is rolling into the wool ware- house in this city at a rapid rate. Over pounds is stored in the warehouse at this time, and more is being added daily! Several carloads have been al- ready shipped to eastern pur- chasers who had contracted for it early in the season. The larger portion shipped from this section is consigned to Boston. A number of sales were made the latter part of last week, at prices ranging close to fifteen cents per pound. A. G, Butter- leld sold 400 sacks at cents; John Neely sold 250.000 pounds t 14 cents; E. A. VanBicklin, 400 sacks at 14 cents. Thsss BHHK Into HI. Body About 10 o'clock IsieiJ Saturday night wdtiBwwwereafait atartled by the Cariboo Hotel witnesnes of oocowence it WM ktrned that "Sid" Oiah had accidentally Act himself with which afterward fatal The accident wearied in the club room at the rear cf the bar room. Gish was abont to take a seat at the gaming tobto and was was in the act of shifting M- gun from his hip pocket to his belt when the weapon wwia gome manner discharged. The ball stored bin right "We and passing entirely through hia body dropped on the floor. He WM carriad into an adjointey room and Dr was drened and the inured inan'tti'ade J-ooinfbrtable aa porttble. But little nope, howeter, was enggafaed for bis and Club'Booms jjygryi_fted and Sale Stable Hcadquarlert for Stockmen, Touristt and Commercial Travelers. RATES REASONABLE. Soda Springs, Idaho. llTJCTtj sales were made to John Johnwra, representing Hallowell, DouaM Co., of Boston. There is yet several thousand pounds to be brought in, none of which has been contracted for. From present indications will go higher. Many sheepmen, who have not con- tracted their clips, wtH bold for a larger Signal. Tern ypqrlw brojufei to Th. foiwral wu Monday after- noon at 9 o'clock at the Presbyterian rdi, conducted br Her. A. P Hay- were ied in Moand ottmWy. MTBppjw, on bA of Poartelfo U9, Frrilpbal CWCT of Tes, of which order jfcf deceased was a member, provided a and other floral offerings. fht iNoeafed and fonr young ohildrea to nwmr, his untimely Atmtli NATURAL LITHIA WATER Gem of Table and Medicinal Waters. Bottled only by the Natural Mineral Water rarer Springe, Idaho. another and of yearling ewes of good breeding and looked well. There were 8809 head in the bunch and all of them were sold without difficulty n, two lots. Part them were taken by William Van Boskirk and the balance by Joe The price paid was not given out, but it is understood been about 13 per head man. City, WM hit sheep in- I her sister were By the time Lead- have concluded the business of teadiaf each other out of the party, gvuuine democrats wffl he rare as grandfather clocks, Uberfe Real Bargains .-'..If is a wil Mfttx M it kere, wljew tU of Udlef ready-to-wear Oh? ie too large, we .oMtttoptfM. ladies' Mdto Most Dp-t0. ta Soniheasteni Idaho ie fdaee it at OMB, do so naif noose furnished bTt MiaaPratt's school dosed_______f 4 program and pietdc was the Mis. Pratt hue re- tnrned to her home at Downey. Bdwmrd Campb.ll is patting for Pond Uiis week. About tatty sheep shenwa stopped OTOT night on tbeir way to Brown oorraL Mr. Yoe of the Henbey oatflt is :n theotty. Ow. Goodheart brought oat load of water and beer for the Owl Clnb Bflsort but Monday. jjgJisM I "Wild wen I the fadlMpoUoe' tUa tbeball _, mam turn vp aa4 ainet bfm. found him but he leaped on his horse when the Wild BUI" f Artel i. Sprfag, Orotmdf. Two frwn Depot. Just Postal Card That is all that ia neoetMry to place at your couuMUd tte finuat and most complete stock of hardware in the Mate. We are doing large mail order bnsfhew and make a specialty of it. AH that you need to do fe to drop na a Itne and we wUl qnatt yon the oa all in the line of.......... Hardware Tinware Stoves Mining Suppitee Sporting Camping Outflto Implements Sheepmen's Supplier Mt klsMte of Tim order. BELCHER, PocateJIo, Idaho. 8.00 9.00 Ladle.' made SoiU How ndlans find again, Tke tketiff awl wenootalsoonttoksMllbr the bat the Indians wen qokker and decisirela their meO. of eaptnra tkm akeriff wwld allowed to ben. R was that the 'Wild BUT tad vowed oa ate slejen and A OaidwmD wot M aitra i. of the to The greatest they knfry. Wt kwke aU Visit Pocatello to oar store and make it your bwd- will cost you nothing. When you mall orders send them to will good of them. We are anxious to do pm- to win your confidence and make you a cos- tomer. At this store our policy it bow cheap, but the beet possible for tba price. carrythe largest stock in Southeaatern Idaho. We guaran- tee satisfaction with everything aell. ua. from Mkl If W. A. Jones Dry Goods Co. West Center Street POCATCLLO ___ neen, kowerw, CtaMberkin's Qmgh Hcmdy tvAen, aU win be avoMnL Among tena of tkoaaaixUi who nsed revjMdy for dieeawa we kave to lean of a single ia which showa oosjchiaiwjy It to a eeruin prvreMlTe of dangerous It wifl a ooM ait of the grip t. Wa any treatairui It ia ant sMVi to take. sale by DmgWtcr. i arc right POCATELLO, IDAHO. Everything in Dry Goods, Shota, Utflm' and SPAPJLRl

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