Thursday, June 30, 1904

Soda Springs Chieftain

Location: Soda Springs, Idaho

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Text Content of Page 1 of Soda Springs Chieftain on Thursday, June 30, 1904

Soda Springs Chieftain, The (Newspaper) - June 30, 1904, Soda Springs, Idaho "v v The Soda utttt E SUKE to be on hand bright and early on the morning of JULY 4th, and come prepared to stay late. There will be fun for everybody and plenty to spare. There will bo speaking, singing, reading the Declaration of Independence, recitations and music at the Uowery in the morning begin- ning at 10 o'clock, sharp, Ball game, races and other sports in the afternoon, with a grand pyrotucnic display at night. Then there will be the dances at Fryar's and Gorton's llalls. for which the best of music has been provided. An effort hus boon made to the day as patriotic as the occasion demands and to provide urn use in en t for both old and young, so that all may be satisfied. But aside from this are Soda's line mineral springs and shady nooks. These alone will afford you pleasure and the water will strengthen und soothe your nerves, invigorate your entire system so that you cannot fail to enjoy yourself and find it worth your while to visit us on the Anniversary of the Nation's birth. Come and let us show you a good time, as Soda never had a better program prepared and it will be a success in every particular. Harry Horsley, H. M. Lau, D. A. Wood sill. L. S. Marriott, J L. Thicl, H. T. Dor- rien, W. C. Mackey and Joe H. DeWitt, Committee. Fresh butter always oh hand at Whit- Co.'s. Skinner Ben tier are prepared to do kind of soldering und stove repair- ing and guarantee good work. Little Tom, Pontela, Confidence and Lillian Russell 5 cent cigars at Ander- son's) Drug Store, i I Fine hue of ladies' waists, skirts and j wrappers at Whittier CO'H. I Will huve in a line of children's triua- j'mocl the first of nezt week. E. D. STOCK EXCHANGE V. T. SOX, Fresh by the rtozun ut Whittier Co s _____ _ __. OM newspapers for sale at this office 2.j per bundled All kinds of fireworks and -ith of July goods ,it Anderson's Drug Store. Misses and children's street 3 30 to ,U II D. Whitman's. An es- pecially nice line. Miss Ollic Hale of Gentile Valley is preparing to do all of drem Luak- j ing at Harry Horsley's residence. tier's is for cheap shoes, First-Class Bar and Club Rooms Livery, Feed and Sale Stable innrlen for Stockmen. Toarlitii anil Commercial for Choli Waynn, and Herman learn Hotel ut S A M. Dully llxrvpt RATES REASOXABLE Soda Springs, Idaho TI B A Salt Luke City Thursday to visit and letnrnod Tuesday. T. P. Komnns returned last T'lwdiiy from a visit will) friends and relatives at Paris, Idaho E. D. nho b.-ift been bud up Passenger li.iiri No. went in the! If you want a wagonload ditch oast of Cokeville, l.i-it Mon- ii bushel of fresh lime- The very best day, hut 110 one was The after on th-j mark, t for all kindf of work- noon passengers were abandoned on yon can get it of Lumltfi'eu Anderson, account ot the reck h was cleared Lund, Idaho. .Shipping ,-tntioii ,it Bun-1 white shirtwaists, prices Iroin 7.1 t-j up in time for the tiniiiH. croft Idaho Ladies black pet'icoats, Fine commercial printing at Chieftain j office Priet s are right Come and see our now line of ladies VRKO. o, CALDWELL ANNOCK ABSTRACT Co. Pocatello, Idaho MONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED FARMS ABSTRACTS AND Land Entries, Final Proofs, CONVEYANCING J Contests, Etc., Attended A SPECIALTY. J to Promptly. UANCIIOKT HIMNCIf OFPirK Will ttr Open Jnne 3. 4, 17 and IB. Mr. and Mr-. Jack fiivens urrived in Boise, Sunday evening und spent MOJ j day with Mrs Qivens' parents, Mr and i Fine Green Apples -tl 00 per case. Williams Mercantile (Jo. Mr.-. .Mitchell. They left the r arly j recenrd anofhrr consignment of this morning for the UlucUoot, drCL's acd waists at 'they will vi-it for .1 few W- Fl'.vars. before going to Soda An open rate ot one for the round Dr. Kind's New whito ujiwliii r.nd'-rwear, belts and gloves. Baby bonir'ts. Pillow j m.'l dresser scorfs. C W. FKYAH. I That Throbbing Headache Would (prickly leave yon, if you used they will spend I h C.ijiltal New.1-. Owing to the Mtrike ol the line-men. L- Pills. Thousand j trip h.i.s been taade by the C'ri gon Short i of Hifficrers have proved their mate-less j I'Lineio all points a svidiuu of! merit ior Sick and Nervous Headaches i nii'fs from Soda for July ith. the Rocky Bell Telephone Co. j bug dales July and fiuu.3 that it will be uriablr; to complete Tliiuit to return .July .-i- (jiy lino betsveen 1'oc.ilello fur -wist week is uble to be at his i and Ketnmercr this fall It is the com- pany's intention, lunvevcr, to pur :iii As our stock hoou be moved Thcv mate pniv "nlo.ivl and build npynur with iinttl I health. (Jnlv cents, money b.ick if .Jiiot cnreil. bold by Andorsjns JJrng .ore. place of brnineM Hg.iin. s intention, lunvevcr, to pur K-v. J. H.' Mr-l'liornoii of Hois Fork and ulC. B Wilson were callers at Tin- cunnecun- Soda, and ftiul office yesterday afternoon. II HurnlfV and wife departed Tues- IH.M lo vihit relut.iveH mid friends in ,ire oifniig and ricnf ;i c out. Willi.-Hijs Mercantile (Jo. The work on the bulancc, of rhe Fnl! line "l cushion covers. lino will IMJ taken up as early an p in the I'ari.i. fdnho, retnrninx home this nfter- ,T A occurred near llenrr. Idaho, Tueoday afte-noo'n ut John Fewbaner made it trip ,it the hotJle {lt by to Lake Qty and Fowiinjlo lust Mifif) Ethel Macr.-io, World's Fair Rates -Gt. Louis. A rat< pfftlTr.O lias boi-ii mfde from Soda Spring1} and return tor the World's mbroidery" .-ilks and Fllir'Ht" diivut, ruiitcs B D to reiurii niuf-fy days from date Kif Hale, bntin no case Liter thun Def-eni- Williams Hotel MRS. ANNA C. VVETZEL, Proprietor Best Arranged Family Hotel in the City. Mineral Springs on the Grounds. Two Blocks from Depot Rates Reasonable Soda Springs, Idaho thlH office, carpet Mveepeis und iron niecs lit iJi: audO. JJ. Mr. holy .Snndtty, retarnniK home on Tuesday Alfred G. fleatley were nnii'-d iu At the Fourth of July meeting lust Umds of matrimony. The cerenioin liiml urrniw-uieurrf were nia'W tor perforiued by lie, J. H in churgt: of ilie Epihcjpu t-aiiii At .Subscribe for TUB CniKF] AI.V. rimmed tin; celebration and u good program will Ii'ew hue of l.ilica' dress Lat.'j i wei-k. K. D. WlflTVAN- ber 13, HJJI Tickets 10 b'j ou sale on of edch week from May to j Ifithi on date of sale. Pureoli veoil at Anderson a IL Drewery ha.-, re-opened the pfoolo- ry for .itiiiimer und is prepared to do nil kinds of work in bi.i __lint1 and (cnarantfes it to li" the ijest. retidered. rninnjon ui Furk, took in The Ciik'ttniM erred week in j of in front toe litf( that both truiiiH iniide rtjrjiic-ctionx jlli'1 mM'lj married i-onpl" will probably ian cJiuicli next S.niday at 1 i it m and j for Halt Lake, au it is only No. fi wbiub their home mi the KnaKe river M Suuiiuv M-Iioul at 1U a in. Ai) Notices. I s at th- P.-e.sbyler- j call iii Merr. 11-: ar.d rie oi 4" OF JULY! From July until July loih I wiil sell JfcWELrttf AT COST, and Candy from from rsc a pouud up at MrtJsmiiioii. j BJaciefooi. and hiivc- the w. Mint Merrfcll. a, niece of F. M. !ot' Merreli of thi-f city, here from Old "_" MIJ.TKXJ visiting relativui and enjoying! our climate ami M-uiH-ry. j O. F. Uiie went txj Suit Luke City last' atf-nd to tniitti TH uu'l vi--it hin home Tueudaj- Houii! wool not long tlivn from the Mat-kK the ami j Marnhid WiiUou liopci to iiiive the llnef or lix-Mted lt< v. Kstdie will hold fw-jvJM-Hiit the church next tuiituiatf. Hiul i-yeyiiiK- Mnw Iv.ulie will ut the uvuaing A largo of ware unl'Mi'l'iil Mt the htin-k yardi itoix morniug mul will di'voiir (he finite th'.1 balance of the IKIIWJU. M Ii. wii-j him IK-I-M on n n.i.< nion in JkliiMoiin fur tluj tvuriily- utoiiilin. IK hiii brother. T. A tutviuy iu JSixJu on Suliirdfty Tic-- dipping MMOU in About over for are invited. EADIK. Pastor. Startling Evidence. j Fresh lej-itwiny in threat i ant b" coming in. dec! 1 he in town j'KTnTpri for fit Wl.itUer'ii ami ci'lrl-, iij be The ipecinl Htt-cntion of the ladle.; to our new -itock i mLroidi i; linen doiliiM and ivniu a Jj iJ. Whiimau ii. Dr, C. G. General HtiM'k nf It) Of-Hll I.IKI.IH, Nlilrt In Itrltn, t'roiJitt Silk In MllCJnlun mill MimlfK, Our itf in HP KorHiA In (i And iK-ul ;i-< can In-fduiitl. iiKrr f lin-ni, 4 Fresh T. K. (far Steam Sheep Dip if b Class Condition; We Hew Kiln of Lime, and are to Handle this to Satisfaction of alL PLElf TY OP COOJJ FEED. We Keep a Compete Line of SupjpifeB Always on Everything First-Class FIRE The i j; ujfii lor bufiii'v-i at V. Tlieir thei'j) dip, efc are ill Ifi i uii'l they linn. as J urn CLOSING OUT toia j line of goods aud want the- i room. MUST BE SOLD! :s your chance for j at ANDERSON'S DfiUG SME lie writes1 I IsroTj'-lii'i- for three years and dur-jun d I1..'- without Tin-n J taking 7s ;unl a wholly d nsi- Jx'jnally ef fi-ctivi' i'i I'infc und tbroai I'- nuinoiJii and n-iei -on HerbertypcncerandToruMwrewKftrHi Blank notcn. UUnfci, receipt 'j for a ijiiarter at Aii'lt-rwiu'M und warranty at otfU-e. Kiilphnrnuidlc-i. Mine Vitrol, Woc-1. j "HELLO for Tsir. Toilet and at An- j toilet stationery, euudy, ifrttm s Dti'% Store. ftitd 'jiwuc paper, tron Onvcn To at an 'if the pla'-e re mote ir'it'j cisjliKuiMli, a ii to in ,n-' iiui H iyiickii'n'h Aniii'n ItVShf i" <t UU eailli. i'x-. <it .More iitaratiteeii l. Tr'iij] ?Kit ri lin .iH L-II.I! bcrs h.i-. to of <l work, ib'' fall dip. Hhij..ini jit5of nhi-ry out of fwvo ot Ix'-n hriivy .-July I having U'iidcft, ffw wii; ,-n; lliat will j'MM hinci- N'-w L'tty (MiK- of which lunl'- ici Ow v.-iiuM fly or IV dt-viJn in tlje 'iif tr.'-tn in r.i; oilt'-r kuM bill th-y r Screen Doors! We have JiiHt received o Ship- tnent of uttnictivc screen doors In different Let UK fit you out. The nrc right. Gorton's Supply Store fttnrc nf STOCKMENl INSURE HIGHEST MARKET PRICES Far Your SHEEP AND CATTLE By Consigning lo Clay, Robinson Company Live StocK Commission South Omaha So. St Joseph Chicago Sioux City Kansas City Denver ki-'j) j y r.i' an NFWSPAPFK!

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