Tuesday, June 14, 1904

Hawaiian Gazette

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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Text Content of Page 1 of Hawaiian Gazette on Tuesday, June 14, 1904

Hawaiian Gazette (Newspaper) - June 14, 1904, Honolulu, Hawaii VOL. XXXIX, NO. HONOLULU. H. T, TUESDAY, IE H, WHOLE No. 3698. RUSSIANS AR CALLING OUT FRO ST. PETERSBURG, June division .of reserves has been out. Half the force if going to the front and half to central 'Jtussian garrisons. RUSSIAN LOSSES. ST; PETERSBURG, June official statement of losses jn the navy enumerates 44 officers and 920 men killed, '13 officers and men wounded j army, 36 officers and 980 mett-Jdlfed 'and 103. officers and 2080 men wounded; so officers and 696 men captured., RUSSIAN BARBARITY. JT TIENTSIN, June official.protest has been made to St. Petersburg against the incessant robberies and outrages committed Russians against Chinese in Manchuria. l. CONDON, June 'clockwork'mfefrnal- machines have found in the dining room of the palace. r THE COSSACKS RETREATED.-------- V ST. PETERSBURG, June i iw-pA Japanese infantry brigade and squadrons of cavalry- marched against the south of 8m- yca on Wednesday. This force was checked by Jhe batteries. Later A battle occurred on the east side of the cityj? the CDssaeksretreating. "The Japanese loss'was Tie Japanese loife at .Saitnatxsa was ST. PETERSBURG, June lait division of reenforce- jnents for Kuropatkin is expected to reach Liaoyang on'August'ajf. INCREASED JAPANESE--ACTIVITY. LIAOYANG, June is increased Japanese activity in -the neighborhood of Stnyen, west of Fengwengcheng. It is believed this is a feint to distract attention from Port Arthur. RUSSIANS IN KOREA. SEOUL, June Russians have occupied a garrison near Chang-jtt, the Korean defenders fleeing. f HEWS Htotel made to At, Port for the pnce of rice has increased LIAOYANG, June ia.--The Japanese-are constructing a rafl- -way from Fengwangcheng to ShakeoW, near the mouth of the Yalu .aiver. BANDIT ALLIES. TIENTSIN, June Chunchus, (bandits) are organizing to wreck the Russian railway lines. They number aooo and are led Japanese. JAPAN'S STRATEGIC ADVANTAGES. TOKIO, June which the Japanese have occupied is a. strategical point of great: importance, which, controls the road 4o Liaoyang and Mukden. RUSSIAN TACTICS, ST. PETERSBURG, June is reversing Ku- roki's flanking movement north'of. Siamatsa by sending troops from Mukden to turn Kuroki's right. ST. PETERSBURG, June is rumored that a naval bat- He has taken place Arthur, in which two Russian and four Japanese battleships were sunk. VLADIVOSTOK- FLEET BEATEN ST. PETERSBURG, June stated here that the Vladi- fleet reached to within thirty miles of Port Arthur on June 7, it encountered several Japanese torpedo boatJT and two bat- tleships. The Japanese vessels attacked the fleet, inflicting damage and compelling its return to Vladivostok. DISTRESS AT VLADIVOSTOK: ST. PETERSBURG, June distress prevails at Vladi- vostok owing to enhanced prices .of food. NO RELIEF FOR "PORT ARTHUR. ST. PETERSBURG, June Kuropatkln is makmg- tio attempt to relieve Port Arthur. RUSSIAN LAND VICTORY. HAICHONG, June Japanese flanking movements Around the Russian left from Fengwangcheng were repulsed, the Japanese losing two battalions. BATTLESHIP CZAREVITCH REPAIRBD. TIENTSIN, June battlethip Czarevitch is again ready itor sea. The gunboats Giliak and Bobr are sot destroyed. A Tokio despatch of June 9 stated that the Giliak had been torpedoed and destroyed at Port Arthur. AN AFFAIR WITH BANDITS. HAICHONG, June Cossacks came into conflict with fifty bandits, hilling fifteen of them. One killed. THfe RUSSIAN DEAD AT NANSHAN. ,-f 1904. (Received at p. ,ft f aS. .11- ir t r-'rf'ifx a' f TAKAHIKA -A RUSSIAN SOLDIER CAPTURED" BY A JAPANESE OUTPOST. FlfiHT MOPPED SAN June A. Honolulu is herejweking to engage Alexander-Craw as- chief entomological ex- terminator of die leaf-hopper in Hawaif.v Mr. Thurston has offered him a salary of per year. ___________ Alexander Craw has long been connected with the work, in Cali- fornia, of preventing the importation of insect pestisr. He -is an expert in entomological work. r L mmm SAN FRANCISCO, June D, Spreckels at the Hotel del Coronado ard it is annour-, ed that he w-ii; be 'mable to make the trip to the Republican -vtS1 i f'f H f .if o! At the request of President Boose- Governor Barter yesterday con- ferred at Washington with tie ney Cteneral'8 Department In reference to the Hawaiian Judicial appolntmenta. Besides4 the commissions, for the three Instlcea of-the Supreme Court, the cohunlBSions of Judge I4ttle of "BUo, Judge SdlngB: of and Judge Hardy of Kauai have expired. fudge -Hardy will probably be reap- polnted. Somft few yean ago hft- spoke dl retiring on the SCOTB of healtt, but it Is understood that latterly be hag ex- pressed his willingness to serve another term. If the appolntmenta are delayed much longer, there may be complica- tions ensue in the Parker Ranch Htr- gationr' Should fudge Gear-grant Bam Parker an mJuncOon against A. W. Barter as msaager, while there to no tccessor to Judge Edlngs to Injunction now in maminst there'wfll be nobody in .vful control of the ranch. _ US 1 PEACE JUKE CTUVE, lUty XL-4OSS Aclrer- nn. an American, who mis been by the Unlvtr.il Union to Bnropean In the Intcrwts (A PMCC, tnd <was by of Swiss Confederacy, ta Ackerman him with an from tbt tTnl- rsn I Peoee Unton and a Swfiw ting worked In itllk br American Central Committee Demi to Hard The Democratic Central Committee held an animated meeting last evening- in the Waverley Hall, a practically full attendance of the twenty-six composing- the committee twins-present Among those prominent in were tj i1 Harry.Jueii, E. M. Watson, fe. B. Kidfl. J -V -V CoL McCarthy, Ji Pren- dergasiv MrCSpitzef. Franjc H, Bfflnger, Jtcderidt TerrlH, othe vice-chairman or the com- mittee, acted in the absence v Kawananakoa. The question of ways and means generally discussed.at the commence- ment of the .session with the reports of the treasurer and finance' committee which-werer anally referred back tor presentation in proper form and Win "be brought up agate at the next meeting, which takes place on Monday evening- next at the same place. Unanimous -opinions were expressed as to the advisability of carrying out the work of organization without wait- ing to hear from the St. Louis conven- tion And the -committee individually Will go ahead With the promulgation of precinct clubs. Glowing reports were rtod from va- rious districts, including Maul, the Ko- na, Hilo and Hamakua portions of the bJg island and from Molofeal telling of the willingness of the Home Rulers to Join the Democratfe ranks. that there were many only ftwaitlnar organization. Speeches generally talked of the mo- ment being ripe for taking advantage of a big stump in the Borne Rule party and the whole trend of the went towards the Importance of or- ganization, finally adjourning- untrf Monday evening when a full attendance was urged by tBe chairman. was no suspicion of bnt harmony daring the meeting though, some of before the sijnlpn -acknowledged that they were not -un- prepared for snch a contingency. The Hearst question wag -not touched upon. CUSSIR THE UM FISHES Mr. Seale, the expert ichthyoloctet at the Bishop Hxwemn, will cluMUy and give the Kdentiflc names to thfr flriuv at the Aquarium. v" Mr. Scale WM tonrierty aHtftmt on the U. S. Fish Commiraion and haa pub- lished -everal works on Pacific among them being of Otuutk." in which twenty new to dwcrtbed, and "New Hawaiian ST-hei" In wren new of Bbiwmltan are .eicribed. Mr. Seale is now; writing an extendTe work' on tba "BlaltM the South and will go to the coast by tht Ren. With of from Btsfaop liosenra to compare with vecf- svcnred in Samoa by Dr. Jordan. Dr. J. E, Doerden of the tZnlTcrsttr of Michigan, Ann Afbor, wBl investigating oonUs Hawaiian Tslands.. Dr. to OM of the bert known .ntbortdes On and MUttUrU. to Bruce VaOow. HopktM TTnlTw- and has the Ph. IX, A. R- C. Dr. Dnerden will sail rotn Salt for Honolulu oa COMMtnEEMUI'S TO CARTER 5; iNEWSPA'FERr

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