Sunday, June 15, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlanta Constitution on Sunday, June 15, 1890

Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - June 15, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia PAPER CONTAINS GONSTITUTION. FIRST PagesTto 12 PRICE FIVE-CENTS. NORTH STATE, Greensboro is growing as no city in Here THE JStORTH Thepeopleare.aUuartedinthegIfiat.marchofproSressandeXtraordinaryia- aOffered seeking-proiitaMe investments. IRON COMPANY has just been organized a 5. I ct. ODELL D w. c. BENBOW. JTTLHTS A. PBB3 JAS VIOE-KKES-. ATTORNEY, THEO. F. KLUTTZ- INANCIAI. Jvu GRAY Presi THE CAPITAL. -7 Build at SI any people ores in jtixtapositio THE COMPANY IS Iron, and flie titoi foundrs Iron. Y" 11 in Vlnrltlia at ,_ 1103 seen wiv It can .be done cheaper in ado of native ores. Becanse save la a ton ol iron ant ot less than from two roak'ingipig iron at Greensboro. StatiOTcasno .4.... JK 10 cpsW in B Buchanan Iternaces. n (y> Buchanan ra _.iiinV, in Tennessee Alaoama is ores of those points do not _ tatesmorB coke to doit .additipnal costs Ukes from to 2 thSestcerrail mills mate theirs, which, is another advantage. 7" this company's furnaces a dustriiil era in the soxith. OF ATLANTA, GA. SBOO.OOO No'oEdgewood avanue, Trader's Bank Building. uraufiBS: j R NUTTING( secretary. JOEL KURT, President, A- SWAIN, Manager of Agencies. UiiiECions: _ R. ,T. Lowry. J. W. English, George WlneUip, J. R.Kutting, B. A.. Denmark, H. T. In man, ATLANTA, GA. and DALIES. TEX. ___Manufactures----- COTTON SEED OIL MILL MACHINERY -----AND----- Castings Specialty ESTABLISHED 1875. I Columns, Lintels, Sidewalk Grating, Open and 1 Glass or Prismatic. Fertilizer Machinery Complete. First in every respect and guaranteed as represented r r n M6 gggt Eighth 8treet.flliattmoogtt.TeDn. PASSENGER SCHEDULE Cotton Gins, Feeders, Condensers and COTTON PRESSES, Tanks and ond Mills, Shafting, Pulleys and Boxes, And all classes ot Mill Work. lor circulars and prices. VsnWtatleGIn and Machinery Co SUWANJ3E R3ESTER ROJJTB TO J 90tn Meridian. '.depot... AT PaSka.'lInion Vefot AT .St. Augustine :OBTH. 7, 0 1 Up 5.SOpm 7 p m ID 15pm 18pm by the Following Directors W W DEAPEE, of Draper, Moore OKAS. :S. CTNGSBEEET. of Bates, Kingsberiy Co.0 B. GCiKDON, Governor oi Georgia <r Otim .13. 1 43pm I 330pm Ho. 15. 8 26 ain -I 10 45 a m 1 B. AT valaos'ta Junction, S. F. Ky........... ArTmon.-JunctiouB. W. K. j7 OOa m 3 00pm 30pm 50pm 12 12 p ni 118 pin 2 OSpni <5 45pm 10 1 00pm. Ho. 14. 1 00am 11 (Ham 401pm ana J3. J. aaOGE. Sen. Zass. Agt invest in the Atofa National BuUding and Loan Ass a, INEWSPA'FERr