Thursday, May 1, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlanta Constitution on Thursday, May 1, 1890

Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - May 1, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia VOL. XXI. MOBSING, MAY 1, 189O. TEff PAGES. PRICE FIVE CENTS. COMING TO AUGUSTA. 3IISN I KIP. THEY LEAVE POLITICS BEHIND, And Vt ill Take n Sail I P Augasta's Canal, and WUolo Barbecue Specially Prepared. WVSHINCTON April ton leav e here m the onmuTfor Augusta where thev will spend They will arrive in Augusta at 10 a m Fri the correspondents Mr James L Taylor general passenger agent of the Rich moiil m IDmville railnad and Hoii John M VI en if Mississippi tho great wit of the bouse will he in tho party Hero is a list of the partj He I V Hailv Cmca0o Ti.bimo r, H n I ouis t lobe Democrat lem-, t.eitli Iidi-inapoli J nrnial t 1 1 I altimore Hera d A w Urn i st 1 .ml 1 loi cer I rebs H --i 11 r 1 1 ort rih Oii'Ctte t Henry 1 itt-sburg v munerual Gazette t l I itxrf 11m a0o Times 1 t 1 nmU New Fines Hi mi-. MiMieehv Tiledo Commercial tolm- -hi uver New-lorl Hail and kxpres' all cr ellman thie Herald J I linn New rk 1 veiling Post H 1 irt lirooks New Haven Kcgist-r p N I mtert 1 ress AaMUaUon. t Hauiiltoii Urookljn rimes -H II licll II tbl urg 1 eauer H Wall >.r Cleveland Leader support of his bill This act of justice, he said had been too long postponed If the gov eminent w ere to grant a service pension it should grant it without delaj The total num- ber of persons put upon the pension roll under the provisions of the b 11 w as 440 000, at an annual cost of 000 Ihe object of the bill w as 'o render aid to cverj soldier ovei sixty two years of age toeyeij disabled so'dier without legard to ige and to thewnToi bof dcceibed solders who needed Mr Jarsiioj.of Missouri opposed tlie bill because it made no dibi riimoation between a soldier who sery ed three moiitus and a soldici who serve! three bccaise it made no distinction between dlsabll tv ansms Iromser y lee m the aimv ami dlsabi'ity resulting from THE POLICY OF HATE XOSTERLD JAB KE-PT A SECTIONAL DEBATE AHEAD, In Wlilcn All the of the Ke publican Pally W 11 Disdiarged- Tbe Federal April al There the immoral bill The Momlt bill w is igreed to as a substitute foi the senate veas IS. na 1 Mr willi btiuctioi s to the oMiiimltco on invalid pen ons to ren> rt bac k a i cr diem pension oil 1 lie motion to recommit was jeasio avs llil li TH1- Mtt The bill the societin of the in euor to place on the pens ui roll the iiiiiic of anv officer or enlisted man ot sittj jear, ol H N H I man at the rate of a month All who serv ed umcfy d us or more ill the ml'ltar5 the I mted Uev elanel Flaln uealer Marriek Ohio State Journal .rd K se Jerse> Citj N.ews K oulahaii t uited 1 resa Association M Ilimsen Post Amob CuTunungs New I f ir el. illiland Cmemuati tuqulrer '1IT New-iork Stoats Zeitung I M I Itmus Ihilalelphia North American W 1 salt I ake Tribune ILirrv est Jlon 1 ost 1 t nthi Haltimore American I 1 (ilbun 1 lulauelphia Press i New York N O M. Kansas City Globe I DMi-iv Cincinnati Commercial r-uctte t l_rrett INT V C NSMTLTIOS W M Hau H 1 hiladelilna News Charles b iovvle liostou Traveler R T team Hrooklv 11 S I 1 MaiFarland 1 liiladelphla Uccord. Inmes R -koung Philadelphia star J s Conner l hiladelphia Times v onant Boston 1 ost H s Davis. "Minneapolis Tribune H doling Western Cuu n Telegrai h com Markle Milwaukee Fvenmg "vViaconsir IV 1 Curtis Chicago News s 1 Hudson Philadelphia tvenlng Bulletin W I I ampler. Washington Fvenmg star I an Antwerp Minneapolis Journal James I Taj lor 1 ledmont tie locks where the finest old fasliiomd Ce rgn barbecue ever served m this state will be 11 them________________ SWILLING THE 1 tNSION ROLLS The Hoube Passes tlie Senate s Service Poll sion Bill T.V vsnivrTON, A.iril iO tho leading of tie ]inrnal tie proceeded to vote ui i the as-age of the bill for the riou of worsted cloths as woolen cloths I 11 was i as 1S8 lavsO the speaker I o ml g l qntrum The text of the bill ib ai secretary of the treosurv be ind he d ai I hrc< ted tn i lassif row established in the pension ht doll-rs per month fot rating of dolors per nioniu unon due proof of the fact according to such ru re'illations as Hie secietarj of the prov ulc shall be p aced upon tbe list ot in tnited tlH3 rate of e ght d JlUrs per month It pio- v idc- tor a pom on to the widow of 0115 when she shall arnve it the age of bixtj she shall bo without other 01 suppoit than hel dadj llbol CL--TO-MS AmnNISTl'tTHI LILL but Kon World recentlj mlblislied a series of -irl c'os jjn mg a true account, asitalleged, of Hilton eonnection with the A T Slew art estate The following letter was receive Ibv Attorney I ellowi, from ex-Judge Hil- ton on the 23d instant I to cjll vour attention to lie series of Uhel- ous articles H upon the late vleiaiuler T and upon nivself wlueh appealed in tlie New- York M from the Hth to the lath mstjnt- The articles as will appear on tjie moat ta-iial conspiracy, has been discharged from custodj hammer and planes at the close of work been too much accustomed to i re-tcnta- The Italian anarchist Cipiiam, who was toda} ,t was to inaugurate a stnke tomorrow airy regiments have been sent to Vmcennes jorSly sealed from Fontamebleau and Melim 1 The prefect of the district of Rhone has in structed the mayor of Ljonsnot to receive any deputation while disorder prevails in the streets The niaj or has therefore, closed the hall PRECAUTIONS AGAINST DISORDERS bv" the" action ot the builders exchange., who refused the demand of the carpenters, as The master builders hai e or tiou anil abuse to be disturbed by the utterances of sueh inendai ions miscre ints ind L inn >t compelled to buy from abuse I tat ill, either b) the paxment of or by in sueh an mlaimms sheet urvouUll limit or dignifvaiig them bv bringinga tivil --uic 1 ,rlil eL t do not go skunk huntini, foi leai-ure It is stated above Seveial 4-ine irshall tho [Imeiiti Offered Adopted W.sniNCTON 0-M, from the committee foreign lelations reported to the senate the condiment resolutions ie most the piesident U mg t ate will, Ihe govern ments of Britain an I Mexico with a view of securins treatv stipulations for the prevei tioii of the entry into the L mted States of Chi nesefrom Canada and Mex.eo and lie asked for its immediate consideration Mi et it go and be pr i tea IHt CUSTOMS BILL The coiicuireiit resolution weiit over till to moirow and fie senate resumed consuleiatloii of the customs administrative b 11 Tho amendment offeied vcsterday bv Mr Dawes that in case, of the importation of books and periodicals m .everal but one declaration of entij shall be offered josterdav bj Mr i r that the general. who WATTEKSON His Add CHARLESTON, ie at tne Orand Opera Ho BERLIN, Apnl government taking great precautions to suppress any dis orders that ma> arise from the celebration to- morrow by tho workingmen The troops ught tbe trades here BOST01 CARPFNTERS WU.L STRIKE eame tne capture of which scarcely chase Besides however much sncli ar tides raa> gratify the tastes of the envj aud 1 know that thev do not _eiier 1113 inn >pmions of decent men except 11 iiiapi for the writer anu Che pubhslier nt till i Ihe base motive of these articles is quite ai pare to anvone who knows anv.thin0 ol tlie su lournoliato pructiced b> this liitl th '-nnned to libeling me I bbould itli conteuiptuuus bileuce but ie memory niy rtejr Irjeiul lives Secure a conference I "whose nan e was -i fo' ih-e'v-anous distncts m trouble is threat I iSfe SolsS Employ Mgli ened are being paraded and put through a association not only have refuseel gacitv- and business success when hi) is in the tactfc, for the sup- determined underbuy pression of noting Ihe detachments of I e e a irjtc of tue troops around Potsdam have been supplied J WILL START UP MONDW with ball caitndges which they will use if BiRMiNrnAM Ala Apnl Bir I Ocean, anil I know tint tncli mfau mi ibels not oulv false but absolutely witlout tue Itf est foundation in fact I owe it t) hh uiou CHARLrsTON S C April iO Wat terson s address on the subiect of Money and Morals was delivered at the Grand orera house in the presence of one c f the mosu bn liont audiences evei assembled in Charleston The was de oia ed with plants and hanks of roses The distinguished speaker was greeted throughout the oration withap plause and humorous points of addrev, com ulsed the house w itli laughter The olksblatt, the workingmeu s paper ports A iriiu A j.- i a OVPT and t t-I the workmenlare determined to act m a of UaiT peaceable manner tomorrow All attempts to to continue work at u, hey may deem proper am that the orid companj that Tosfiph LMlitzer who IB said to be novr create disorder the paper says will fail. MINISTFR CONST VNS TALKS LONDOI. May 1 Pans correspondent of the Times sajs that m an interview Minis ter Constant declared that he bad no fear con eernmg Mav day The discontented he said in Europ dent of is tbL nominal editor OB well corporation that -William I .1 I ueul "l a q, vice president that Tohn A Coekere I jaiuea i. the rates offered bv the different companies- aad Donglas A 1-ovina These rates are 18 and 19 cents for day and o( the said paper and th it one Turner night hrakomen respectiv ely, and and-, cents for day and night conducton, The men are accepting terms and will soon catch up on delajed freight can be found at Broa.lway purchaBed the papers I seui over the at. ?he World ooninom_.I cussed at much length The d scusbioii tun cl argelv on the ol thf h h pro "dert for it had beet, stiuck ou that the sentence hi- Lb1 s aitu rize ths all imi orts e 0 nav s (l artv v ote except tl at of Mr who" tcdiii the .ye will, the i.ukmcr i i remv or frienl cool in tbe old so thought and Ictus stall I 1 v al that was all tbat was upright action ,ml nd the fftec.itl, tl e r ht to b, g intend to purs" country w ithout delay It istimetostr, attempt to start a peroia iiciit conHagia on aniru THE C4.EPFNTERS STKIKF ILLIL, Tenn April 30 .aUdinthejomtres II as corrected is intli lutioii recalling it from session the senate ad jcmrned IN HONOR OF LEI All Confederate Generals W UI Be Inv.ted to Come RieiiyloND Va, A.pnl -0 ]-lso political hues wil' be drawl, as has been i poiica u, u atcd w oul 1 be the case in the issuance of i vitaLous to the umciliiiB< of General Ice on f r d s sake let ns pass in the oration representatives of the press and im ited attended a banquet at the Charleston hotel (overs were laid lor 00 pen] Ie and the ban piet w as the most success fi 1 affair kiioyvii in the south f )i many jeais The toasts yy ere as follow s AI- atterson responded to The Orator of tie Day Colonel Screws of the Montgomery Vdi ertiser to The Ge" the N.OIV South One and Inseparable Somcrvillo to The Western Inuon and Professor Charles R V ilhams of New assistant general manager of the "Usociated Press to The Associated Piess The engraved es nvitations are now estimates were never liberal enough and he undertook to say that the expenditure under the senate and under the reason tor cms prucwcu.utt cause the gentlemen feared discussion" He it, for if thev u.dcussion theie vvw would appear Was it because feared the amendments YiucU supposed the soldiers .ev y Mahone and Lonestreet names have been gotten they had been re order they are reached on the list of the southern mil tarv The confederate camps the governors ot the southern states and all of General Lee s rela.n es will be asked "it'wM decided this evening to erect a grand to accomodate one thousand persons to Sinittance will be by card There will TKAGtDY IX COtBTSOOW A Her Husband, TVho Was In Court for Seating Her MFMPHIS April V sensational shooting occurred m tbe police court this morning re suiting m the death of lake Ackerman a well known thief lughwajman and tram robber charge of wife beating This morning when the cose was called m the police court the prisoner mid his wife were stand ng side by he intended vMth frien Is to sack sho_ps and banks In consequence of tins revelation the number of watchmen in all the banks has been doubled The Laboi exchange is guarded by tho police THE OUXRDS M t oquet president of the chamber of deputies lias mstiucted the questors of the chamber to leceivc deputations of workmen who come to present their grievances when such dci illations arc couipo ed of n tt more than fiye peisoiis deputation from a btieet Rssimblj however will be received In ad dition to the regular Paris garrison ulnch will bo held m their balracks tomorrow in readmois for service eight cavalry legimentb hay c been placed at the disposal of the gox ernorof tl e citj These troops will be sta toned at palace of Eljsecs President Carnot s residence the legislative chambers and at other points where disordt r is likely to occur There will be no interruption by the authorities of street traffic throughout the p alloyy ed RIOTS FGARED IN SP 4IN MADRID April occupy all the principal buildings in Valencia Uneasiness prev ails in the provinces, and many families areloavm" their homes J.O disorder, how ever is expected The gov emor has issued a proc amation calling the attention of the populace to the penal code and other laws regulating nots The anarchists committee of this city has invited vvorkuigmcii to assemble in a local music hall ONE PKOCFSSIOJ. IN LONTXJN I Apr-1 M processions of work in hero tomorrow except one which will day will be made aiilioirm mg This bank is tcmporanlj sus- pended The failure hai not caused mum of because it has for three been in difficulties A run upon it ______ which caused it to lose 4108 000 loun, work The builders deposits It is a state institution, and had rant the demands but it is branches w altered about tlie (its Ihe deposits, of the niam ofhco and branchai aggre- gate The bank is all ed to the Insurance Company of America and several other financial institutions oC eitv and today a suspsiision is due U. ru- mors which were set alloat on S iturdav, af- fecting Ihe creditor Prebident Metarlane of the insurance eompanj William M Smith, council nine hour, per A I.1.1EE BUEAKS And an Immense A olume of Water Is Cover ing tlie Ground NEW- OBI FANS La April JO -A Picavune erevasse is now between 200and )00 feet wide and widen ng This break will prove lisas trous to the river at West Baton Kouge and Eberville aud also put grosse Tete levees to a bev ere test DISTRIBUTING THE RATIONS WibHTNfTOV April Proclor today received several telegrams from Captain Webton, of the subsistence department at Isew Orleans m regard to the steps taken for the relief of the flood sufferers He he sent 52000 rations to Omega, Madison parish today and that tcmorrow he will send rations to St James and 20000 to Livingston parish He estimates tnat the peo- been forbidden Qt-IETlNG DOWJT IN AUSTRIA VIENNA, April 30 alarm is subsiding Labor jourualb enjo-n the workmen to preserve side Ackerman spoke to her and at the same Factory operatives at Komggratz have time handed her a written request for some aeclaed to work tomorrow clean clothes The woman bent her head for an instant to hear what he had to say, and then, w ithout warning drew a revolver from beneath her cloak and presented it with more e each! He also repoits that he w ill tomorrow toad a steamer wnth rat oils and other s-ores for Ktflsh Point Lula, 1 riars Point Sunflower Landing, bkipwith, Ixewton New Kansas Ben Lomond Arcadia Chotard Roll- Fork and other places m Mississippi, re- ported as -needing rations for twenty -days Captain Westoii was today authorised to continue the purchase of rations as fait The s Cotton Eeview tORK Apnl 30 opened at a but e soon c foreuher bill he did not see any substantial take'nOTVof the committee oC the whole with the previous question ordered upon it ine name had been true of the great court Dill m If this was not a confession that the new code the changes In the price of silver await of rules had failed to facilitate the business of of lee'siation at Washington vi iijiuj rf mtxmtntr I IDE rr___ hit commuea to flaeluate The market ithin narrow limits leportM but Id in most sections for the favorable growth plant or the germination of seed time somoaMdBH otliers seven pence tlie house, he did not understand its meaning Vpplause on the uemocrafic side r rom this time on, he would protest against this svbtem aud insist upon the rights of mem- bers ou both sides to have an opportunitv f discussion and amendment which every just code of rules must secure to them TUB ARGUMENT FOR THK BILI stann euiwu Mr AfcKmley argued that the resolution consumption was justified under the present code of Not only this, but jt was justified bv prece- dents set by the house over whMh the gentle man from Kentucky (Mr Carlisle) presided The repSbk-ans wailtea to do the public ness ot the country Talk about considering measures i The democrats considered and did nothing The republicans considered and did something, mat the country wanted aid Tiot speeches [Apnlatrse of Morgan's silk store Mrs AcKorman, whose inaiSen name was Lizae f AcKormau, wiwac nf i will inaugurate a sint.e i.uia Brodenck, came from a respectable tsaulyat carpenters in the city belong tc Camoer, Mo She AGRP: union fora nme- twenty-five cents an hour The carpenters will inaugurate a stnke this evening All the o the union Ni-M'SPAPFRl late of vanous bagnios throughout the cotd try, but was always a staunch fcend of he- huiband, notwithstanding his cruel treatment other She killed him, she says, because she was atraid he would murder her if he got out VFAS A NOTORIOUS CRIMTJTAI. JACKSON, Miss April 30 Jake Acterman alias "Jew W killed in the police court m MempKsrtSoday by the woman who claimed to be his wife, TOs a SifeGrosan, for ten years, npon> the charge otattompfed murder, {jrogsn <parabned lowers- van t 7--v s J f ShrevenoW CHICAGO, Apnl 30 committees of the new bosses' association and the striking car- penters met this morning to further consider the terms of the proposed agreement for the resumption of worE, At the close of the ses- sion President O'ConneH, of the carpenters' counsel, said that an agreement had heen reached upon all points of difference escent two and that it had oeen agreed to submit those to arbitration Each side wiU choose a Sinclair went under jesterday Her back levee gave way, and within six hours many acres of fine cane were flooded are comine out of the swamps in droves and being mercilessly slaughtered-____ Tne Levee Improvement Convention. VJCKSECKO, HUB. Apnl nver improvement and levee convention meets to- day Last night over one hundred and fifty delegates from Louisiana, Mississippi.. Ar Icansas Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri amved. and this morning's train will swell tto hst to three hundred A canons to map out the business for today was held last night by resolutions to con- gress that the question of nver improvement Ind navigation is best aided from a national standpoint by an effective system ot levees TUey Hare a Test Case. Apnl SO Star tonignt savs The democrats now have a case they may get mto the supreme court to test the con- saimfionauty of the act of the speaker in SStmTmembers who do not vote to make a onortua They retrained from voting on the Smsdev worsted bill and it was passed by 138 amrmative votes, the speafcer counting a quorum It is the purpose oE the importers to rSist the operation of the lall, if it TS passed bythesenateCTd-receivesthe president's sig- Jj_ tn courts. matter before congress_ A Fraudulent Paymaster NEW HAVEN-, Conn Apnl "O Willra'n Moore, paymaster of the Farrell Touiidry company; at Ansoma was arrested jesw-raay and teld in hona on the charge of em- bezzlement It is cha-ged that he manipulat- ed the pay roll, drawing S20 per week fora ployS, while the men recived bat S2J5O_Tho Tho-amoi.Dt-.sthought to be aSte large Expensive living and lugli- teed IS-ttinFlorses "arc the causes g'ven tot Moore's downfall nature B7 whBnanareempt nmae to the courts, the JpJM'll QJU.C 1U. fm _'., and they will choose a I toroosed on by the bill, they can get purpose "President O'ConneH the question before the supreme court, added that ycristicd to'tbe names. A.pnl 3tt house of ae sumed, next Monday. Bopresenlatrires from. all the Backing fiouseSJheld aconsnltation, ana deanefSSttSeJi employesi may stnke H want to. attention! was de- mandoS nonse last night child He. MaMcx. Ttte JBamcs. arift one The Kraastflck Trtutt Compaaf BECJ.BWICK, 6a, Apnl 1 [SpeciaT BECJ.BWICK, Tho Brunswick Saving and Trust was formed here today It wa do aOT to 3J uankmg trustee business The i 030 000? with the pnTiiedgn of it- TheTrectorsore W E Itay. C Dowmiv, Jr B Burroughs, J E dnBlgnon, Jtf J T normTx Durham. Omcerv. W B Kay, president W B Burrongb., vice-- nresMlent MiHory P BSng, cashier Tha neSeS stockholder is General Henry E. Jackson, ot Savannah_____ TELE GRAPH Cold weather nas delayea the conon crop itt {tlaitts are uesutoy

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