Monday, April 28, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlanta Constitution on Monday, April 28, 1890

Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - April 28, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION. ATLANTA, GA., MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 28, 1890. TEN PAGES. PRICE FIVE PAETIS VN and pleased nobodj, and with the knowledge that hi9tmn and opposition atteinjitnig to overthrow him it in not unnatural for him to be ill it e annoyed, and displeased with hnmelf Indeed the nun showed all this in his imn-lu-r In pa-ssuig him and shaking his hand the person was romiiidul of an ice %ault He does not one s liand like Mr Cleveland did He Dimply his hand out and as it touches n draw 11 There is no scnuino shake of the h ind It is simply a sort of touch -xud And then jou nre m front of Mrs H irn-von, but jou cinnot touch her hand on iniiot get that warm onie snulo ind h iiuiili iKc Mrs eland used to bestow upon IK r t itkrs It is MinpJj an.Kl i nitre how of the lit id ind jou nass on to nimble w ith the But ran t doth it tt hist It tikes time tow um n must sh iko the fr tf thi him- r on You ft.el like i <_ iltd 1 uk I tn Vnui ui How i 111 i iimiiK nts stand ist in tho lomi JlR i-s w< nth i fnl l i 1 u] on lit u i it I-LJUI HI hi-, ju nt (U m His is with Inn ind lu i-. g tttii up s> t> sj ik Jhtn nil I r I 1 f thi 1 Vnd htiL, is in irm> nil ii iu full di ssunii nn his sword it his M U n 1 i 1 o w tlks with him s it T i httlt ih th w ust nicsi t n t t ul n N, i it in U i 1 use lm e ll ll I Ust 11 II t lit IL ui t i IK h 1 it m ltd n 't how i r i tnin m IK Mm i 1 i Iv w'm is s is IH 1 in il in n 1 In Utl ll in w i> i bill i tr i n sin Ii in of di i nn i 1 in this is ihtu w is tlie tt 1 isi I i i M n J hi a wno di t hne nl t I a i irt hi I Uu> SI.L in I ini'ipf i in V whiU usi. r i LI tn n is in U I i 1 ii i o ih uiatir tlit i ii Hit idnimiij i it-u n. Tliore is consult ribli itonu nt 1111011" tlio I i' (lie Vmit.xli-. N n tl i< intl 1 tl n di p i tmt nt lier< 1 i c t ts t tm in N fth n mi t in fn in t'u ihsli t <f tin in _i 11 Ji Chciihim J h it lit "iU nt r it is gt nt r I i 1 i 1 th< tl t t i i. UK nt J Jit nl <i H t w mi- i m i uii 11 il LIU 1 tin 1 is It riisul i i low it thi timt V i attempt w 1-, m uti. to fi rt tht, b to t ut J uitli h in h it th H lulh 1 in 1 tin m i w ist 1 i I f i niUm unij hit will IL of tho ncvt is aw w ith int( ILS[ tr> cut 111 tho sei he n h is nt In mt, miw to r the appointment The Texan in ITe s i in vjorit> It i t Inn-, w fr mt t but the c fioiu tl it st t i of ipilic.ii) f r my little ofhtt-. at tin u dispi il lint tin Toxin wlun hi oomes ind iftLr he h is bt i IIL e i fi months is t i different V t ti tun LLX is pipn st lit 11 >r r In s1! si. i 10 Ins P is friLiuls liipfxii to liop ui then JSilJ would In, a I hcv w on Id IK t him w ith held 1 lit TcTin is quit to V itrh 011 "Rill" miju liorp iwp He marchPd into the i ress il'ery one inci with his pints in his led toj b t is m bun on h s hoiil in 1 a, six si t i in Ins rt ir po( kt t His o >it j i iviU wcie 1 tlown with cutnUes lie f, t ill t' P IK vi the hoj s h id too in i lit is no w ritti n up is i He tli hi t s ji, th but t t rt 1 1 med tt> x 1 1 mi un i nr t im._m in n his in ik( up ind tht ci ndoiits fn g o bun tht. r i em il> till but h m t sinu 111 1 Ink d U is n m nl nn 1 Ho ttnsM s in 1 stii K il i Hit ilu ms fio n the I ly mt tilth 1 i (k J' nits c i ut oxt i h it uni t i ip tin i hi-, I w hit h f in 1 1 sti i Ul t ii n (1 e I i m win ii n uiipii its t) i_ ti r f f thi six sin itei, now tho Ki %s f i i iit( i U h is IK t n i t ins i nn itn 11 unit ed b it w ht n it is 1- n wniniho I OIK st ust tit she will no i t f fii nits f the Him n f un r L pi LSI nt I JH nt i m Ji dis b t f .r t1 t pu tort n f this i i bnot f ol In bitllo ships lie K on is thsi u-si 1 it, 3 i tht rj is a lull in tho om 01 itu n mt i 1 usst 11 u h w is sitting in to bib imm i ailed to his i ipi 11 1 su I S f ither how bittle shij e JOU 1 lure w is i h n_ mtl i nbirrissii ld gl in i foi wluih he is noted ind iinnlj I file 1. mti tl Stitc 2c Ins i grnt n inbLi of ships I hut none Iheu Hie silenie w is ilcn c ViosidPiit Harrison i-, 1 imi us the si nip ki i ors of Mi iiLttm as, 1 1 nig w ii it is k i iu 11 am< iijj i o 1 shopper She n ei moio th in in ir H t is i fh S bKinso she is the presidents slit lois IK t t vi LC t to i iy moie i irt ties th in o her t t le s is Mrs H uncoil i (cris'oii'ilJv fiom i ilow n toun mill nor who is somew h it hi r TM :nore sue 1 on< s 117 tho iwrlliHisf f 1 i hove lit i n lino is "M xdim 1" br 1 lie il 13 Mis Hariison up t) the milhncis shop in the w Into In use irri entered m 1 i rV k to son e bihj tip She w mted one it i MeKee M id mi Jvoiir is not in it the time ind the jpil, i ot knou Mrs Hin son pulUtl n omc t ips xutl threw them u tho oiuitf i in i in xu in r tli tt w nil d 111 tin ate th she did m t cue w hetln i he sold the m or nut Mrs 1 i-'iison h okt IthemoMi- so-leelcd urn uid isketl the pin G One ilollir and 1 1 xH the c'erk One tlnllir iintl .1 hilf Mis Himson inijiiii It is crv ttj but Ui it is too One doll u anil -x 11 aittr is enough I t jou answered tho petulinth the iff of that c tp jou tan t ikt il tn not, IS JOU llkt, Mrs Himson blnshed, liesitated i t iniife mil .ilkod out of the bt< re .Jiisr tin n M uHiu hi hr in 1ml en RASCALITY MAY HAVE FULL FONSECA'S GOOD THE WORKMEN OF to President Harrison br the Jacksonville XI mee- LADY'S TRAGIC STORV- Mr Morton to (tip I'ow er to Count Quorum Wh.ii.xr the IK-publlcau Ord. Him to Whlclt Dcftrny ot and of r ubl lea Offenders Be Triell in Strsuigo the Socialist taw There May Be Uvely Times Between tbe FolIcA and Cite vii, I.K, Apnl 27 Tlie following open letter has been addressed to President Harrison by the editor of the Times Union in reply to statements contained m his letter to Attorney-General Miller KSO-NMLI F Ha April 27 18W Tolletijarain lYesident of rite t mted bir it is with surprise and with injurj that the people of 1 riMd this morniugjoar Jet'er of April 24th atlUrebM a to Miller and t statf ments ith rt fere nee t tln_ in wlm. h thej are onvmci d must up tlm-i mtni It nj n mir it ent 1011, Mit the tict that the Tii I mon t te iiewt-i m n ui ui iiiteriiipdtjfe i with tti th Ie oi 1 oritli ami the puhlu, RO K! tbej lio'd m e-tjem uiakt. s me ieel sure tint prompt >rt t defence ot exit anation, Ir nn tins tpurter will, at least be ai pict i itetl 1 tht. in, ind may diiitostt. i ul to vm nt r aj pear to n 11 callrd for tuulfr the cm tes If to enlighten mi even in tlie sma.Mtst partit ulir u the true eomht jirex-ileiit m fonrtountief 1 shall twl u ore thin p u l f r ol adverse criticism incuired 1 j taking tli S p saj th-t m the four i ounties named tutus in to r s f- the tin 1 uulth tt tlu i ra nf tin 1 mttd stitew have not ittn to txenise thoir lawful lun l J In n tlit. e of inr uforuiiti n i- U n t tl il rhamulsiu tin dcpHrttiunt t tl e ona of the ra nt eoun. fur tins fli-tiut Mow ut rthv of tiedcnii. Hit >o jre polM H is to 1 e ol purstt utioii d 1 ist tlio ip lointed i Loiiimib in ojcn i" 1 i un n of the I m Utl and m >thtr ofih f r of J is t ourt h is on rt i utlj 1 e ilt IIH d Tilt this court idertd his to select foi jur tr-t tine and tritd Hep iblu an 1 t r oi PU i iolat) us fit thr stttnte wludi rtiittt that the st IK ti n fchall 1 e ind< e without rt tr irtl t i afliliati uf 1 iitltr this arrangement the and u tanietl twenlj two repuoheaus in a tutii ot tweutj tlupe nieiiibt rs lutl ttmiiit-t for politit al oJFrii-tt v r then ftiuntl 1 the wli ilcsalt ui nianj 11 taut u] n thi mo t iinrthalile and the pp ire known tt> nt anj oniii shrink in in appearing Jt r tri il iicion acnurr tliuse m-n tutcd to t it t tii ind inn ent i'i! M ot these men rt po aim in is hliniliir rt mil tunic il ojit side their niiiiif dute tommunities aiit! o ifmut td with ill flu ult% in M emu K 5 ou wonder thatthe> evaded urtit 1 hat innocent nun pieRirni prnations an 1 hardships 111 a H rcatmcnt t i court and h open tlie dtiors ot the {teuitiotiai j for tlic-m If in instances men have tteen rendered dtcp rait miner e ciicumbt cm a woiultratit' FUe i f ndftion in these coun ins has hetn trtilj ilepl.irable ind children in ttrnr UK-- Ji feared at any daj or hour their ones murnt dragged fr re a pirti-aii eourt ind lit, madt to sulTer inimecnt t> They Ind the SMI patii% of their wri pe p e and ot tue state in gtucral >ou t c n the--e tlnnffs 1 he j c iplc of se ount t.s ire iut Hireling ol) trut t ns turn of court pro i Thoj I to 1 em j; re-q e for i iti I nidiMdu iliits in nit u i il tCLlf at fit ll 3 f JJlM Jrt-nidnstiKMi8 (.oil TtJinii; iinlliw r tjiPit nm ssl> ni r ]ii tiud in n t mhfispiU! h t> ittn i of the 1 nn- I In the to Ml n i i it Ii ul t et n that i 1 f l is r tu--cd at oi MiitMlati MI- HIM sti iti n jr t it 1 h n< in im j i the elletl that tin vt ie treaa il like IILPII in r t har_< il with tin i ex otu the nif p f thi. t f nir nti< il i not t fit r a y ubs or am it to su h ext t u n It i- tin ir t aid tu in bringnip; wr Mif, d t punishment 1 ut I 1 no th it 1 'i< t tli ir stntiiiir-ijts I as lire u that taiin. t ro spe rtM-tm o n> 1> n no m in IAOII i, ul tit 11 Fein rs n and Madisf n on-tituU. t court tn n t tc out justice n t t 111 I the ptople >f Horidawill hold it in ts liuinvput is do ptople of anj in tht unn n LIJ re speetfullv, I n N 1 torTnuta I iinm KfcHSIXT THI1 a Revolver to Her fleari, and Orders Her to onernt WWIIN T 1 '7 [spi cnl The tepublKin ft! i'i- in lor the enartnu t M ui n Senat r 1 1 I ii ll.r t.K.k tl.o In H ii tuuUutil a i "t "it r' ll c It pros ill trKll if tli 'CMC Ul question Jni 1 U i .1 t r tli s, niU. llu> t 1 i i In sliort du naolu t, nl 1 Urn t iKl iti in mudi Ihesanu i r cl" h l" swell r1 is <h in i mon mth tho proiisi n t i n l i i 111 ruin lli olnti 1} gtnis tin 11 mil n n mrli sui-lissfii h filibu-4 i H T( t Mill U ti. Mll.o out ill the ol 1 i mi, i i Ii v iiluih Jus operate! in 1m iU i if lijing biiMiiev. in the u] 1 f fT j i t 1 ti Vi 1 thf <.tnito lias teen uri' i 11 '1 I tr I till U ingsx-iits in I 11 tlum i ti i mn< t fcetl in i i i i i n 1 11 is t u i< is feast, r n i 1 1 1 ,rl llio sul J( t In other" r Is Hi 1 t n i m is C( isi lit no rfea-sin c i U i t 1 t li tl i i 1 i t il it i M u Now n t 11 i '11 mtriilm turn U {.rewnt Hill i r isip f r sciiiH time tint if l r uis Ul i i i 1 nl in i Mil.misinti gernini r n_ t' L itsliucrc fcohell 1 11 il "si Hi 1 l cotilel t i 11 u 1 r tl" nilis ti talk tliosi tliea-Mi-is t U itb 1 tl s it im_lit be net cvurs 1 ti'k 11 u 1 11 t f ,r a t rj llg ttnii In tin r ir, ,1, iniKr i s nho cin ilo tint F r Hist UK s, n a r M r_ in s loko thirtj six tours on t' i tsl is In i i lit sos, ion lit Can In ff 11 tli inlt nr tl rt V 11 it( r Itutln Can follort mill ft ill if iqu il others CTII tl H Hint Hi 11 ith 1, efforts anil tin si ik in on (Hj iftcr day nut 1 th st ssu n 1 s s The rr; ii1 hi i is ki i 11 ll e i1 moi mis poulil and wo ilii f, it ll i MI is in Ihisnai in 1 tl i rt f ,n tin Llin Ikr rtsolu tiou It is an i i linn th it i it oils nit isurcs lire onfxt Itisiniiiili neo tli it tin n j b-licans are dt ti rniini 1 to i its i intiinil tltc tlOB law Tie lint ritsknoii tins unl Mill HOW exert thtir tT r s t tli fc it tht is of the It mil )r b-ibli bo ilet nit tl b> the-n to to talk the resolution to death The isit n of tins reso ntion is looked t to 11 nli is in H h mtiitst as wis the fight on ti i il pti n f rules in the house it the he in in f tin s i i i 1 t i i ill! t f [if Billlinil i istlnu ol v sold tr 111 the time f n i TI is 11 i t mi f ,1 U the nitrodiit-tion f I bill r >il 1 t 1 it after tht tirst <f nil h r IMi ill i i n i 1 ,11 ,n tllur os mil fr, t us in uit v-ontic i -n i ]ti ml i itoni tut nr fcrakes The r i 1 ittnnicis 11 h 1} i ir d hi f re the i minim t thi tlirlijt i lolt st i nst tlicias Itu h 11 il i 1 nt u t) the fact tint i mi ti ur 111 ,s i gentn teiniiiiUi in mini ti Slifli Ijnkes hut uf t. nt l-irtcnlu patent hriVi 1 1 1 u i e i i t i Hr i i i i tloinn 1 tli it u n, us MIS askt 1 t, ,1 Was ti i is, u n __ 0[ v lull ,u it silt h it si is smb. a mono! 1} ,1 t ,ini_, tl 1 ittsl r, ir n kn f uho libiralli sub tr It 1 t ,11, II in s n 11111 ugn tund is tletily iniiiesttil in tlio Plrtirur coin uv 11 h Ul onus ting air bn'e It is s utl tint lit emu nee (Mr 1 I 1 ,1 i r y sit lt t ls )f congrtss uti e u ti n tipottit tht hiibi.I fcrakiiiiru Ir m tin, s 1 i si I m grow n the i MI Ilirrstiis hist a] The n- v imoimt rf TOmmfnt liore M, Hirr htmthni thouftlitit the ti n, 'i UJ YOUK, April 27 Mail from Ilio do Jineiro bring- the following On April 1st, at 1 p m his excellency, Qmntmo liocajuva, minister of foieign cilled for Mr Jatnes Fe'uier Lee, d of tho United Mates of Vmir 01, it his hotel and took him m h t e to tho pi ice Iti inntj, w here he Ii itl inanhuKi of rti ntialissnno ilui t of the pro-MSH nal Mat-ahal 1 onzci MR Lf E SPh VKS On presenting joint resolut on of l_ mted btitos and house of engrossed un beautiful vellum, Mr sail Mr lam charged with the ajrree ible dut> f n 1114 m eotct Honr> hunl an ilit IIP ntlt ateil i >p> of tlu- jnint ution nt the vintx mllimscof thisoftlit I n led Sl >t Amerii i m asii mblnl whiLh was T] prme 1 tij the j r ph n the frcoU ex-IIIVM t f tin thp !_ mti d -.tales, tlm> e tlir tin ir rtprtstntitiMs ti) tin t irth U M ut nu i t tht y Liitt toxiard the I L p't, iti ui J ti Ui tin n inendh wcl n 1 ir I i t uimiiut m tut in ot the tnd-t i uijfi >u 1 1 It tli l t uinot p runt t tl MI' t tint the Insh ]i >pes 1113 i HiiUiMiiiu clienslt ftr the limit J 1 m tht piths of j i it t ui I i i itc-i tl will leal n i iznl under tlit-i t i n intinifmii t-tfjiiNtiee ami t( r Hie ri0lit, of all mm -fH I FP( V M rshil I oiisci injl ed ith It t n s l j i u Hi It jm I accent the ituUli ilu ,uiiKiiHa of t i ilfil M ilt >l 1 1 i MI the mil i us l m K I tl il tie u t 11 gtmrmmitt tlir ii 1 H i nt lit. nt The scntiiuint I Ji tlMl Jllp 1U9 Iti ttt t> titr (imtiiiitid t> n 1 i ii 1 and the I nlteil s will lo Iicntil irnurtl, I hope iml tin-it m ue mtnnite iml t uriUal, bj reisnn of IK 1 >i 11 ut u il rt tpit e-tt i tn and tonhduice nil tin t ie mti i t iinm a the t ui t. i K n J >1 the pr pom ot Auitr.cin niti us Bt in i pit wh ilw 1 i lil n pst uj) d it! limns 311 1 v.ith tl IH 1 1 111 pi pit., will retire with JnhUfO '1 rntitnile tins new pr f ut finn Mnp .11 the p-irt 1 t ic Tiul i! ii tii >1 th 1 mtid tten of in migiiss f-m in 1 t I is t sijrit il pi >t ot tht. i tteem fUirtu us the illu-U i r "i I ut >1 tli ie jiublu rnatnelntl st i ti iv "s tin on h j ur iiitiri iidtimi the s-nm uf L, >il MI TIIK n i ss The isionxl p iiinient h issued a tie crce setting forth that to the tletn meut of public orler mil tnniji JlJity, false re ports ai tl a1 inning minors o been eirru-li'od, tno mimfost and nnpatnotie of onus; ccnsurablo that sm h teports and mmors mo highly injurious to the foreign credit of we ik i n irt mltdciK e in tht tif insti tu inns unl in the sec it ion ti x te I In iiiluns tin ieS nt M uslnl M niuel h n <li 1 i n t i hit r of tue pr JMSIOII il iniiH nt u st luti Jbv thfi 11 iij ind n n thi i f Ilu n Ui i hi it 1 dot re< s J fh ir it- n e f f It inlii _ 1 i-.s LIL 1 t t ill por i i h t i i itt ii i 1 in i M i lit 1 n in- t r t i i h i i in n ut! 1 1 is in 1 ui m f i i ii t tin instiliiL t in <_ 1 Mi nil] hut i J i Vi tic 'i lii t i-. i i i n is ex in jK.isoii.ilUK.i 11 1 n t mi Hi m _u hon in ill t mmiittc 1 in u i 1 i 1 n 1 t i Urn t the f 11 i t il ini i r 1 ill arnstt d mil i d t u i t i] it il t i tl t. i in i o fit here trit, 1 tl inbu al 11 siirnti il b s nl it nt ot iiiitu L ill L m-e diciei t t i i t d II ill f i r HIM m il p i V I >NSLCV M VM I I I 1 1-, lltr DT-tKI-V Ml P> tho dicur1 of Deoonibcr .Mil referrol to, 1 e ions nm ttnicr t tic ises tin rein spec tici 110 't r ill the (jowrnim nts The offenses sjif ctfied in tint (U no 110 is f Ci the nj nl Hi ind the t rmtr iiin0" u bnp; or ihcttin.. In word, writing i leeil tuil revolt or military nibuborduia t! JIl tempt species of t> k ul is or H< Mifrs_into ur-ts cnntrarj t ilu ir tlntv t then superiors or e to a riin 1 In in i nn uf warnings iguiLst ex ceases Cl incellor von Caprivi made arrangements to secure nmty of action hetw ten the T arioua authorities Alrhough it is expected m official circles thi t the da) will pass precaution will bo taken for the prompt aud ruthless Minprossion of thsordeib Tioops will be kept vi thin the birnctvS m order to d a collis'on with those taking part in the ccVbration, but they be reaU> to act if reunited 1 he emperor TV 1 11 return, to Bcilm oil April lOtli It was his intention to hold a grind spying of the irmy on Miy day but this has been postponed until May Aid, ith a not to the workmen Socialist leaders heie continue their cfffrts to the men agnnst the suspension of work Bcbel Jjiebknctlit and Singer, the contrnl committci of the partj ire ictn Jj onentiiig to its manifest tuoii Noth ing like a iinammous demonstiatiou through outOeiminj is now possible nnmbeii of woikingmen are found where differ with those to mike demoiistr it ons 1 he aim ne[ workiiiuuHMi in JJerhn is to rk a half d on Ma> 1 t All bur hou-os tnd restaurants spice hn% o 1 11 d for celt bt i turns on the opening May 1-tt, at which the police, if the c ah t 1 iu ts tufojcetl, will bo present Tl e sncietvat Chemnitz hire oteti ijr mist p irt in the demonstra lions lleSilesiau luiners liave iletnJed to work IT iiin ll In S iar ami 11 ideii the tlij will is i Ii ilf hohtUv On the other hand tho st ci il sts of Himburg Altoni I eipzv 1 Frankfort iiersist in a demons'r iliuti A miss nieetinjr of Hamburg workmen, hel 1 tod n c 1st will ho dismissed Thase present at the iinammouslv relented tho jiroclnmitu n and decided to take a holidaj jilcdgine; thcmsclx es to support inj of the men who sulfer through the emp'o'v edict Ai the police of H imbugg i rohibit public the trules arr fri exclusions ind ruial sports, wht re flee cut ill be to uleis the hour-.' oik d iy A number of tirms heio ind in otlu i (enters ire 301111111; ution 111 ing tlieir men the option of u hohdiy on i tlition tliAt thcj will not resume woilv until Tin olTer has been a decided check t m wht) MC inclined to take M xy day for 1 holid iv Phe r tuisistory of the church IH Prussia his sent cittul ir-, to uistnirt 1114 them to preich sueiahsm on April mli 1 In 1 ihor icciHtion ipiit from Maj d i> me s nore uilintiri ti n.itciuns oiiEresB ST TFKSI i m April Pns nts open lime h The Pniioi of tit i will Ihrt e luindu 1 IP gitis uill he pit M n n pu stitLs 1 he imiim i] il hanuuet exclusions fe o i tr no lit u 111 in 1 frthr-ti'tr t u in nt nt iht dolt A trip 1 1 Fin ind is r >pnst 1 to t iKe pi ne ifler the close of the Fia js Tim town all agog oier a mo'-t sen i ic ti> irt occasioned bj the erratic and tiotait c making of <_, n Ifubbv, a conne-lman -AH I (he locil for the MaPon bteJUismp ai e a rospectah'e stiid atiractitt widow, Known in st here and duiKhtorofC oiuli: H Brink, f irmerly of ;N C tit Mr Hufr-bj i nder cirrmustanres eh she Htro startling and in the extreme. Mrs Thorpe lint during i morn 11 vith Mr Huhbj he drt A i pistol and threatened to s'ioot her if she did not at onco consent to inarrj him After foit i consent In -iKo threateiifNl to Iitr at altar if she made anj objet-tu n rr refused to go through with tlie iiiarnigo cer< He then her to his rest o i Sov-tiith strict and sent fi r tlu IU Mr t, rots to me nnrrv them Vr ross rr ponded in pei son ind Mas nif t Mr Ji mdcd lam a hc< use sT all tins Mrs Tluijo hid it hope-lessh silei t on a 1 hi r hi i resting 011 her h ind and aj p ireiiih 1 111 Sht stood nn at t1 r> ro ,upst of A] i Cross, ind 111 low tones mi 1< the IPSJ ons of n aiwl distress bint Iitr t 1 tlie rinrt o i her ind nising her t w f i told Mr. CIOSH, as he completed tho t n mom th tt tho m wis agimst the wi }m of her i olonoland Mr> I, 1' Hunk Soon after the ffrcinony Mr wenl to the hotel ill mrornel Mr and Mis BimkfifUi inirr JJui nc h ab-fapnct Mis Tin M si t M f. I in i4 u g from tin h iiiHf uents t iM them of the thrrats i s ke down coia-pieteh, tiid <i i Tn i-! r i uai nut ".gainst Mr Hi bt t no j-Kst hislxcii Mrs. Thorpe loin i n-, with ht r tho Efj-mont hotel an 1 Mi inakei no explanation r is mere than the fat M indicate, inasmuch as the bride anil groom, if such tho> are ha 1 been much getlu r, and op mon M is tint a 1 ne affair would terminate in a niurh i jore usual in inner Mii Thorpe came hero to re si IP her patents cral je ti in her i arly widowhood, and hoi auiuuntance with Mr Hubby ultivated bv be miu h in Ins soc oty at the 1 otcl olouel I.i nk 1 or fither, was formerly er i f ilniiiij-ton, N. C and IiteK in I treiMiiei of tha Ci-eoflote Lumber ind on strut tion companr. of this tity, but ifcsigncd tl e position ei ka ago He his daughter s icni on if the ind1 tlircatttis M'tuinary ou Hubby when his health I> CH AltLOTTE. He Creates a Sensation by Denouncing Holiday CHART OTTF N C 27 al Jones jirc irlte I tlm s< nn< us to nf it fi< i in the laber-n icle In tin ifHriKon the sermon was to nn TI with UHUIS MI 1 pro cut Tht list err utcd i sens itiuii n r( iroiiM d unit li tiu o) i <ili7tiii the of M n U iti MI f the Meek' I( dc 'ic The 201 h of M ij is a U U hohday ID Noith C CuvioTTi N C ril 27 INS tter> IHOII SJJK 7 >uts i J ttj ii !i charge tn the rn that tht Me 1J u k to Philadelphia n w i J 1 f< itix n tmt of them for imp i i Mr ster pere admitted that iat ol that nnrt were bntildi 1 "It is purely sen i bus I din not connected with it The Jo jlle T( nn 2t> [-spe a! Mr William O of M> i t-i of the Jiiti nal the Tin and C niico union, is hem and v, tli a of tlitt stnkers called on a 1 bi s in tie <rly, njth a MCW to l! o which haa now lasUd two KV 7 contractors ref? v to of the men but i n w f w ede to tJ o men deinji. 1-, ali d i 'i local union a mcttm_ 1 'erj.h 1 U, re-maifi out Th< rt it i s tm e front nnmcroui soarre1- in a f n lui -n to re-n am out several Jn (1 ueaii unip of i ew roonVss i e being damaged by tbe weather I P M is A] nl 1 ho mniiii ip 1 eleotif ns pisst 1 off qt t th Iu the suhmhs the police 1 sti t d niimln. i of Uile mist ind IJou 1 insist p! ti n Is I'IOM h nt n it liirmstidt Tlie tjueen rt reued a tlcput iti >n from the derimii ui on tjl whithblic is the honorary Tiisult of tli< Jliof. Apnl 27 hhtional deaths from the not at IJi ila make tho total nnnibtr of M m lias been threatened with Census of tho Ileiuibllcan Mcmbcta of Congress PHIT Apn1 27 The 1'rcss Ins in ie ted senatorf imj r< r< tor the purpose of a-sceitaming the ot tl e intltviilual members as to fie nccessit'v of pj-wniR a tariff rcMaion and reduction bill as speedilj as Tho result suimmriyed is is follows Total number interview Work Mapped for the otttiacrst-ti tn of tlie Tno Houses. Ajiril 2" Tho senare to-moriow will resume rt nsulontiou of the land grint forfeiture bill, with tlie expeo tition of oming to a ote upon U before ad lomnment It is the intention of its fnend3 to it disposed of by TuesiHj night in any After that will como up the cnslo ns ailmiiiistmi-ve bill, and tliid piobably till out tho remnn ler of the wefk There is coh-sidei able opposition on tho dcuircraUr side to the measure as reported uj the committee on fit lice, and it thatJlSenitor I artjj ha-> an amendment to propose, so that the thiiices seem good for a debate of three or f< tir days The sih er hill is the next measure of general interest on the order of business, ami it will be taken up th s week if any time remains Although therepubhcinsof the senate are not yet igreetl upon ill tl e delays of the sih erhill, it is the measure, which thev ill will bo prepared for consideia-tion of the sen bvtl e time tint body is ready to e-iitertain it If for any re ison the sih or bill slio ild not rei ly when the administrative customs bill lias been disposed of, the bills for tl e mission of Idaho and will take its p'ace StiinJai, tccoixlnifr to the regular order of business it t'cMoted to the eoiisitleration of biJJs on the f alendar to which HO objection is in dp, but this ordei may ery possibly be set aside THF HOVSF PROSPECT Thefuluro of tho house to pass the legislo-tu e ippropnation hill baturday it to COM e up tomorrow as unfinished business 1 he ions question has been ordered, so that a ote on the of the measure will probably reached shortly after the of Ifce day begins After it 15 out of the way, district matters will ocenpy the attention of, the Kock creek b 11 coming up as unfinished b is ness The present intention is to press the silver bill, and it will probabhi be called upon a resolution to be reported by the committee on rules, allowing two days its discussion Carrjmg out the caucus plan, the pension committee is to be given a day for the consideration ot the service pension bill, and the committee on public bnildiues is to have the same privilege iu order to dispose ol the bills it has reported. The dipomatic appro-pnat-on bill will probably be puaed with Tfttto discussion, mnd it inroires no cfuuigea in law. Ho time has been to the rirer harbor appropriation WU; but there yeforln sul t, j tni a itl At iidi In addition, tin re uere nearly hundred imidorncd cir n c nt nmiifi There were {oity cai-r if'orned with flowers an 1 ribbons, antl fnllj one thousand horsemen a Mc'l to the scene The tmmtitj of iloveis 11 as enoi imms, four i arii ails coming Irom Jilapi Whldi the ei-dict Adverse to the Kali-rood Apnl 2V TJie commission decided tlio ol Stone and Carton against the Detroit, Grand Hai, en and Milwaukee Railroad company m fa% or of the complainants Tue main ooinion written by Chairman Cooley, Coinmissionera Morrison and S making a charge for a shorter distance to Ionia, greater than to Grand Kapids, Mich the Jojjger distance TJje railroad cojupanj is ordered to cease and desisi from making such free cartage at Grand Off a It ridge. XASHMLLF Turn, Apnl 27 [Special Tho bo'> of W AI ens as found in the creek neir Box p tit ion on the Jvasln il'e, ind St Ixmis mlnij, ens i" the tent ths-ippeare 1 from i freight train morning It ts tl oiiTht he had been mur-dere 1 b> i iiejru tn np on the He Knocked from fie tram by a Gonornor JFletnlng. t, ria Ajril 27 ernor" has appo'nted Ge icril D Utiiiies, tho present comptroller of the treasury, judge of the judic a! circuit, headqutrters at Pens'cola, to succeed the lite JndgeJSfcLel-lin He also ijppoiiited ex Governor W D IJ (ox haw comptroller to succeed General Barnes The appo.iitmeuts are both excellent Money Order Clerk N J, 2T rsl 1 States ommissn i er owe is cilled upon at his hotel herp it a h Ia-.t night by Caspar boer, ch r f r rk of the im IK r order department of tbe N< came to surrender himself a defaulter lit the Bum of about Strike Arerted. CHICAGO, April 27 Al! fears of a strike by tbe employes of the United States Express companT finally vanished today. The men met, ana by unanimous vote decided to accept, for present M least, the new scale of wages announced bj the company to take effect Hay Effect of m LotruriE.tJ' April 27 cloudhnnfr struck at 1 o'clock roonuug Tha and tbe and many to a of Witliin fifteen watw Much ot KKW YOBK, Apnl 2T J O'Brien, tlxe repabhcaa leader of the assembly trict, died this morning hotel on. Coney Island.

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