Tuesday, April 8, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlanta Constitution on Tuesday, April 8, 1890

Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - April 8, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia THE ATLANTA VOL. XXI. ATLANTA, GA., -TEN PAGES. PRICE FIVE CESTS. DUDLEY AND HIS WIFE OF A SCENE IN AJfULLINERY STORE. W W nnillejr "nubs Mrs. Harrison, and "1 Knowl-Nlip, of president Wife Lea. .s In a Miff. TON Vpnl ,th th r i-t> r fest.v ities couies a story which Akf i 1 ill a fair ,m nbir of well know 11 ladies in Washing n v m, h for it-s orrect.icss and it is ain't 1 by the people directly interested in "T, w 1 known that the president has 1 should, r toward Colonel W W cks ,'Tur was sent into Indiana Coloiie itall, sharply by I uktuaUof tlie comments concern at, r ,1, tu IT h tnd way and seems totlukl, will make thin_- evt RKCIPIKN-T mil imth. VANCE AND THB TWINS. The Senator From North Carolina on the Montana Contest. WASHINGTON, Apnl 7 the senate, the louse amendment to the joint resolution for the renun al of the iiav al magazine from Ellis slund, N Y was concurred in Mr Evnrts presented resolutions of theJSew York chamber of commerce, protesting against the pending for Chinese enumeration in the census as absurd, barbarous, unchristian and cow ardly Mr Hoar moved to proceed with the Mon- tana contested election case Mr Hale asked him to give preference to the Chinese enumeration bill, which it was important to have disposed of as soon as possi- blMr Hoar intimated the Chinese census bill could not bo dispowd of as- Mr Eiarts desired 0MreIlIaIe'OIa-sked Mr EvarUs whether he desired to debate it at any length Mr E, arts Hallf then gave notice that ho would move to take up flic the Chinese enumeration bill a-, s as the Montana election case was disposed of THK CASK The Montani election case was then taken THEY WERE CHECKED A. Dinsioir iir TBEIB own KAAKS. THE SCHEME OF THE REPUBLICANS THB WAR ON BUCKET SHOPS. The Chicago Board of Trade UslnE Cipher To Rush a Pensl y wonld be devoted to D ah tnet of Columb, i matters They then sent wraonal and preomptory order to every repu lican to be in his seat RATS EBUMMKD UP the 1 resident-elect stiodo up r d. 11 .muni! i" his piping v ,v ha liio business to interf.ro with He hid no right to come into tins Ind St2 I, it a vr, nl was said and Msiblo sign of baptism The bumpkin, after sci it. with ail an f triumph Vn 1 si slid Mr .d for a while, answ ered, the pri' it t u, ral feature of the case I th.lh. irhebas persistently ignored DuJ.v 1HF SI.10HT S.T THE B t LI, I v 1 known how at the in neural bill 1, U i km nit Uetltho saint Hi 1, 1 Mrs Pmllej as they passed 1 president, '1 party The hvlknownea.il other oil f tnntmv 1 hi families Ind be. u lt. visiting terms Utl, t oh liol T) that mini, r.lie week, at hU h -at mil w stto.t oil twenty hours m tl, his effoits to i-llt I ndi.in dolt-it .ntogc.urfo, II ir T1s n dwwtln r of hn.nlr. Is ot c t lat ns V. h n the deed w us done In en V 1 a, the alfront of the. pi.sul.nt at tl bill and, like old lino r as re idy to bLliei e that time would mat, 1 things oei. M, S HI DI FV'S MFMOKY 11 ,t Mi, Dudley is not a politician She is 'il vho her husbind, and thinks he as smart a, they make them Slit coulin .tunderst.nd what m her estim ition an -ct of cruel ingratitude Colont v went into the pension business, and JMr, Llulley hash id her cm le of ac ouaiiilances to entertain But all along she lias has thought that Mrs H.rrison hadmii.h to do w ,th the pr f me B, If m, h. rev is cum the decision f, rwhiel 1, 11. v is so will vis t rstei 1 and said Dudey, you knovv me 1 in th Ur steely look directed full at Mrs JTun n Mrs JJullty with forted com If r, r, plied 11 ITirns n 1 t h, r musing is cut si ort wlnn the 1> u swift tui.iel Hid sl.irjly is she v m know von vv, 11 who 1 an, Tl j- s lints wife left the ship imino d, ttlv nil Mrs Dudlev rtsumcd her .si. r tilepir b.ses AM en she 1. ft tl e st. it was with the air of one who! il njht.d v iv, i that foi ovci y ai In 1 been tlnust oil her lui bind _ SostiiiiK-.lthcW.U. Apnl 7 the I nited THK DEMO. KATS DRUMMHU u, By accident, after the'ihouse had tornene i, Judge Crisp got wind of the conspiracy on toot, and conneu were sent out m all direc- tions to drum up demotratic membcis Speaker Heed, alxmt 1 roeoenirea Chairman Morrill, of the pension committee, who reported the senate dependent p, iisiou bill with a substitute, granting a p, nsi, n t. per month to all soldiers and sal lo, s vv no served ninety days and are sixty two CHICAGO, Apnl 7 board ot trade gave another tnm to the screw which it is applying to bncket shops in the matter of quotations It has been the custom ot large dealers to post nuctnations of grain and produce in their offices tor the convenience of customers. Jtt was suspected that these were being taken advantage the bucket shops, and consequently source of possible quotations was cut off today, and as a consequence the bucket shops arc get- ting quotations less frequently and less promptly, than they have done heretofore The result is that the bucket shops show signs of distress It was five minutes after the board opened today, before they obtained the opening price, and so far, it is claimed they have been five to ten minutes behind, and then get about eight or ten quotations more The board is greatly encouraged, and senti- ment is almost unanimously m favor ot raa- ,cal measures m order to accomplish the end sought All suspicious parties whether on the lloor or in the corridors below, are closely many who were found carrying messages to the bucket shops have been summarily bounced In sending quota- tions fiom the floor to the various effaces and abroad by telegraph, ciphers are becoming more common This pro, ents the messengers from giving quotations avvav, and also obtain- ing information by tapping tlieji.res. STOPPED. CAPTURED THE CITIES. THE DKWOCKATS SUCCESSFUL IN IN OHIO, 1ND1AHA AND MICHIGAN, Their Kotiro Ticket ID Several Places and Make in Other The Women in Kansas. years of to all widov and to all ciilisti d men of of the itever Strike of the Carpenters In Chicago-No Trouble Reported Cm, AOO, April 7 -The carpenters' strike took pi ice this morning according to pro- giamnie It 13 estimated that between s-------- Carpenter work on R fro mental or phys.cal disability Ibis "ml arfl ollt Carpenter WOTK o b f. w agreed upon by the al, !arge ]obs lican load.r, as the cheapest method trouble reported from an. It this bill was passed before the old n be heard from the ropublle ins ,.Wo aro Orgii..7ed, have, p enty o '.....nil- 1 -----ov a figbt to the lasfditch, C.NCINI.ATI, April 7-The %oto at the municipal election today for judge of the superior court, clerk of tlie police court, direc tor of the city infirmary, magistrate and members of the boaids of councilnien and education was N ery light The republicans at midnight seem to have a majority of one in the board of education, of two in the board ol councilmen. both of which were heretofore overwhelmingly republican The democrats elected all other officers by about 1. 000 major ity, except clerk of the police court whom the republicans elected by majority SUCCESSFUL A1 rOLCMBts- COI.IIMBI s O April 7 -The city election assedoff quietly, with not more th in sixty ercent of the vote polled 1 ho democrats ect their entire ticket, by a majority ringing om 1 000 to and make substantial gann n the council Tlie city on a poll ib from -'00 to 400 republican A SUK1IUSC FROM FT AND CLEV FLAND, O Apnl 7 -The democrats oday at the city election, elected then entire icket DFVIXKATS I.EAD Mil HIQ1N PFTROIT April charte, election were held veiv generally throughout the st it, oday In many instances the issues wrer mrely of a lo D whose ev 011 snrli a stir in hir.li or several years, was disuus-st i t the Cliarios- on presbytery Arransem.nts were bv tl, presbytery or the installation of Plunk It tid Kev. Ur Brltt pistors elect of the 1 Irs' _ I bparta chur. lies resiMCtivelv Those m- en stiu" cerem nuts will ot. ,ir earlv Mav piesbyt.ry agreed to the pro tue-d hange in tlie dirtct ,rv of wor PKKaBllKUlsN SO, II Til S The first breeze of tliesessi >n IK nrred t.wlsy n the matter of voluntarv ,s, ui nis in htircb h .me keen ros-s I rn w us ,nd ilKod by the Kev Phinkett mil 1.. Mr severa, ladies wire out an i ,t is siiI" r 1 ions osav thev showed n nnci.st in tl.t div .ussi.ms The question w s tin Ulv s, tiled >y i compromise the pi, sbv t, rv 11 t the, rmation of presbv ten ns IH he-so be under the superv of th. pr erv and report ill then d t tl it nncvver, 1st 1 to tin s i. In i" llic jusbM. r> will hi h tl h a f idjo rn ut v t n, v lhe next m, am.. illil, 1 w 11, Hi. l.iberti chin, 1, it si i, r r t ,v e b, fore the third s, 1 .v pt. r g. ther the eel, in tins v 1 as be luhtful s.ssi.m t tl e Pi 1 n i s oeeasioil of mteitst t. tl.pl r mil utli e a de- an 1> A NK.HT of Th. Which Ends al >lly for o COIM t rne.l CARTKRSAII i K da An altercation too't place n< I'm. I county.on last biturdu injii be Ooode Jr and olhns the latter received injuries fiom died on buiiday ev It se were and g -t ,11. lisp" e or a Ionian of ,11 npute le g t oll.ns and while on top i, Una in w Inert wlnil, th it both ublicaii can as swamped as loner The asserted th it they were alu ns who had I ir. I tl> b. i mo an I tliey t tl II wire, undei without fimshmg Ins argu THfclB TK1P SOI.TII. Tlie 1'iocramme Arrancc.1 for the Pan American Drl. WASHINOTON, Apnl 7 -Member, of the Inter nil Amciican c. on tlitir proposed smthtin t, V, to 1 ly an ommoi dgment of the xt, l the- judgment of the 1 nit I1- circuit .ourt for the distiiet of fc h ,r u. i in th, ist of 1 ce ap iKllint U.hardW Simpson Mis t al p__i____ urlndi-v April h'V'.now'iiu istlie Mitimr.ry ot theU.p ,t Old Point Com Point Comfort at 21 at Richmond p n lelurns the city i hurches mil or We Infsdij night to oigamze a fare coin- (Inrlestou, S It IVL Itichmon.l at iv April a a leave 1, irlcnton 2 a in Apnl 23-4rnve at Augusta, G I Calh, nn's wife, died ill April 2., A, rive at Maeon, Ga 9 a m .o sitst tins U1___ A I. VII RO vrTcOMMIsMON DEMA'ini I> The 1 trmers' .f North Carolina Tako Action. HAIKI..H N C, Apnl 7 ]-Tho hrn< illiim.es of the lanous counties of tin s itimetoii hatnrdiy and adopted the 9 a'iiiir'riie partv will go by steamer to leriian ilmauid leave rtrnmdma. Hi P n. leave Ma, m, and arri.e at pn vviath of the 1 fi w of tilt... v f h the itiimsito two-thirls the Ohio m. mbus pi.M ut v ottd for it COMPIl-Tr I Msit. .1 bv IVople Killed. TON low, reported tint Istown Illinois Ins been swept avvav In itvelonn lh.ro are no particulars tx, pt tnat twenty freight tars wc.o to ..ton's and tint the whole has wined fiimthof.cn of the earth, and that many people The wire, are i, md-it this hour ,t secn.s probable that no rmation will be secured A Kentucky Mil Lousvn 11. Kv Apul 7 -It is just learned here that Ha, p., sPeirj, Henry county, wr- d, bv the tormd village <.imposed of less than two doze, houses ib a eoiisileriblo distmce from any railroad _____ LATKST FKOM THE The Break at Clear. NFW ORIKANS, April 7-a. Ticajune Arkansas City special says The water Ins bet nou a stand for the last thirty-six hours, so the cutting of Boggy bayou levee does us no damage The parties who cut the levee await the action of our levee board JMews from Catfish crevasse, bay that it is feet wide and btill widening Tho weather is Killed by Electricity. St JOHNS N li Apnl Ionise A Well. FOET WAYNE, Ind Apnl 7 -A light vote was polled 111 todays township elections The entire demociatic ticket was elected by an overwhelming majority Kt ports fiom tilt country indicate tint out of twenty trustees were elected In the democrats TOLFDO flOSF TOLFDO, O Apul 7 -The municipal elcc tion here tod the city a democratic common counc.l and a republi, an board of al dermen with a republican majority of one in joint ballot Henry Cherry, rep' didate for police commisiim, was was J C Giibben, street commisbi vote was very light DFM.X C VRRV EV IE EVANS-VILLE, Ind April 7 -In the munici- pal election here today the dem.cr.ts carried eveiy ward m the city for councilmen and city officials Township c'ec.voii retmns indicate tlie election of the ontiie demociat'c ticket DFMO.rATIC INDIANAPOIIS INDIANAPOIIS April 7-In the township elections held today, the democrats elected their entire ticket The veto was light T1IF DAY IN KANS1S KANSAS Ciiv Mo, Apnl 7-Municipal elections were held thrxvlioul Kansas m cities of the fourth class Pepolts liom stverai of these indi.atc that the women who are allowed by law to v ,tc at ity ccc tions cast .bout two tilths of th, votes Tl.i y had no candidates in the field of th. ir own s, x. but allied tUcmselvis ge icn ly will, one 01 the other of the part.cs in the st At the cli< turn at 1 .st ye ,r the women run the full In ket and elected it U the prc out election the women dt< lined to run for re ,1 They sa, 1 thev had pla, e 1 the citVs affairs in good condition and w ere Hill' to let the men try and Keep them so They worked at the polls tod ,y and earned the election for the TIIL M'ORtOOU TI'.IAI.. It Will Take Place-In Wanenton on Wednesday. AUOLSTA, Ga, Apnl 7 ]-The April term of Warren superior court was opened today m Warrenton, Judge Samuel Pumpkin pres.dmg Solicitor Howard is on band and has a busy week ahead of linn Tbe criminal docket is a very important one, tins term promises to be a notable ore m a r. c! ever until hund ,v v, senously hurt V claims to have tiled llfatb from a COI MB, s 1 fm tr ,1 of t 1, tel Hnrt took pi e It w is not kn i I, tint I U was o mi 1 rs, u, 1 that n, s. H-duI use ,1 at i Biooks was In Ins ,r, IIR, n Ins vv and seeing tin trim 1 out a ing to stop them vv is 1 1 t n Major Brooks is olio >t n o tial citizens __ K1ION.S r 1 J. I) 1 in 1ry- .1 killel l uiiiueu- CHl H H St l (1. ,101, he! 1 MS ,rj i Philip's New to tbe The P avter Sin, 1 to serve one y. ur v I'll, I, p s chui.l, A gentlemen of the i. >t' and the folio m. i rs w r, 'I K s, v. M T i ker jimioi w u 3, n me, H DuVson Eivvard 1'irson, 1 II A E hi rev en, John W Kns ci C, anil H T F. ar The annual election of git-- sent tin the next f v, strvmrri rlav it St r f the eu i 1 T. T II. I gates HE ESCAPFDFIvOMTHECtMP. Bat After a Two Hours C tured Colonel Towers rpccne 1 IH t an attempt at estapewliuh w-e is Itecap- ot as mido by m K hce ck April "27 -Leave St Augustine at "vondiv April at Tarapa.Ha, 7am at I'ensacola, Fla 3 1'tnsacola U night at Mouile, Ala 8 he has been an inmate e.. Chattahoochee camp wllh a gang m loading is no doubt of prompt conviction tl, 1, ,1 1, ,s- lul, .Ttnecpni...-, the alliance that r.eu Itural mtere'sts ,1 North i would moil In tlieireiti n of a railr id 1, r -tatr anil Uso the- of the bill pending m congress lilerelore n n, it "the nil before congress known as tlie eu tit uuiy 1 ill______ the Joff Mansion. Pi Ajiiil 7 [sspcci r, the 1 ulics of Holljwood to t r tj touiicil New Orleans 1_> uiglit Saturday, May Birmingham, Ala 12 a m _Incite Cbattanoogi 12 nipilit ,3p n, Tbursd.v Ma> 8-Leave lloanokc 7 a and arrive V asliington, at 2 p u, for Blchnrilaon. ,F, Al.. Anl Ps crushed The engineer was unable to stop the tiaiu in time to them A illage Knitted By Fire. WATFRTOWN N bns- ,nS" ofuie illako o. Theresa, twenty miles from th.s city, was entirely OJ bv lire this morning vvere bunied, mvolvnig a loss like 000 to, f W 000 About tw enty buildings were dwellings the_remaiDder stores and shops. The Nejrroes to Meet.- hat m case of any further ,des should turn out and bring the murderer o piinibhment TELEGRAPH no oouui. i" "-.-I The grand jury didn't act today on the Mc- but will no doubt find a true bill l.rego u Major McGregor is still ill the Augusta of people next w eeb After the tnal of McGregor for the killmg of I M W Cody is finished, then the tnal of Ashle-w on the charge of assault with murder B S Codj, will be taken np The parties in these cases are prominent and the greatest interest prevails m the county Oldn't Know it Loaded. AuotSTA, Ga Apnl 7 j-An an- fortunate accident deal with world s fair matters which resulted in the >ynuBaMJM Hon James M Jeffries, judge of the eighth judicial c.rcuit court of died at his home in West Point, Va yesterday Jmhre Hughe., of theLmted Richmond has decided that the Virginia dressea beef law is unconstitutional bricks Sifnday whea the roll was called after woiking hours, late wa-s found missing Guards were, mme 1 Kev Ricliard Henry Fhllllps, 1> D at his residence m >orfolk, Va., jeaterday, aged eighty fears Bond offenngs yesterday all accented at la for four per cents and 10J1 for lour ana a The ways and means committee IB in recemt of remonMrincea agamat the proposition to tax Mei lean lead ore It is said that Governor Fifer, of Illinois, will nce to In consequence of the inundation of_ the machm- erj- at the city waterworks of Dallas, Tel there is almost a water famine pievalent fifteen Charlie Spears, son of Dr M L niieen, Khowmflr it to his placed about the camp with orders to keep A I'atc crawled from un a and made a dash for rtv He made Ins ap- pearance withm a few feet of one of th. watches and a bvclj race ensned After two hours rnnmng through the Pate wa. capttired and brought ba. k____ THE U UtK RET. The famon. in Atlanta for the flnrt time la-t proved to be everything that v as i .1 1 ,r it Tbe great praise the j.Uv has re from one end of the UK not a bit ndoubtedly one of resented on tlie invasion of Germans Bodies of Turkish troops have pillaged Chris- chnrche. and The United States court, which was eye e eye "didn't know it was and was at ha> mg k.lled his fnend He w but r.lea.ied, it havin roeednpn himuudmas a he'negroes are greatly up. and MBdame TthcbrlkoTa. Apul T-Madame Tcl.cbr.koTa, ivl w is ilported 'o have been exiled for her 1, t r t the ,s now at in the Cau c ui ler strict p >hce w atch She was con- 1 thither huu.edly m a carriage isohaltwas made except m the air Hor food was abominable She wfas. onstantly guarded bj gendarmes and not allow to oue Bom Pedro Improving. CANNES, April 7 Pedro is much bet- ter to lav He dined with lus family. He re- ihe neg: that to save thei such action as that e .-I-, manhood they mnst take mains ui The Segroe. are Cotng. TIAT FIOH N C April i FRASCISCO Apnl 7 freight conv- FRASCISCO Apn fttee associ ittee ol tne J.Q6 UnifcKu t Kaa ,ts flrat nession in Augusta, Ga., iSiourned over for the term _The Sharon adjourned over for __ ofllce case was the only one on the docket It appears that Emperor Willuun'a rewnt order reference to cominuas.oned onicers to tta rrm> does not increase the pay. scale of private incomes to com- missions _. lawyer, arr been clearly an accident P.ome'a Sew Council. KOMF Ga Apnl 7 j-The new mfvor and city council were ir-staHed The followinK city ofhcials were re-elected A NevS T clerk, K C Hough, treasurer, McGmder maWhall J Brown, deputy yesSrdayto serve ont his mouth''., unprlsomnent today Tbe house committee on pensions yesterday Admiral The will be Georgia nd Crescent route Bir Davis, W L Collier and L Colonel >ot Kecooi' tl.-rrd. MH-LKDOKTILI-K, Ga Apnl The statement circulated in KtWon and other places to the effect that the WBent resignation ot Colonel B- C Hambet, as steward of the asvlum here, bad been 'withdrawn, .8 an error

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