Friday, February 21, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlanta Constitution on Friday, February 21, 1890

Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - February 21, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia 1.5? f> i-, _ .w a _ PRICE FIVK CLXTS. PAGES. BUCK AND DABNELL. THE SALE OF DUDLEY TO HARRISON Colo Brown Telia Interesting Corruption With UepubUcnnlsuiIleeMs. J.SHINGTOS, February 20 Tbe app nnlmcnt of the negro Dudlej, as post- man, u VmericuB is one of Harrison's per aip.mtmcuts It was done to reward f 1 is vote at tho Chicago convention, H. m-c n u k thought it necessary to hold the ol tint cotion in hue 'lliat 1S k i them m Buck power, m order that leu vv 1, allc to fulhll his dicker with Ilar- flu'ho was the presidents personal anm nt m utvva-s told Colonel Jack Brown a r4 i republican located here at thouopnrt- meut tl morning l neivvN's CUBIOUS STOHV Br.M, us indignant for he elaims a, me and allhougl, a says tie a t el la. k t 1 ii the place Ul ilxmo excu an a negro o> or him am! Ins people ,so, ha.-, a son who would like Brown to put ttje ..ix.uiids of tl, t ttju ..l-ouiuls ol 1 llullev hi-- i rulv bcoii rowa.Jecl I nventun the uitcr- i U ison bhcrnnn l ml the expenses of Jl k tie entire I e r, a (Ulem itioii to C ._ and put "P s Sr Turner called on tho president yesterday, to introduce Dr Dun- can w ho came trom Albany, Ga to tender Mr Harnson an imitation to visit the Albany Chautanqua in Much The invitation was from tho major and citizens The president did not believe public business would allow him to accept, but promised to hold the mat- ter in The postofhce department has decided to in aiignrate a free mail delivery system In Bruns- wick on Apnl 1st SFNATOR BROWN'S PBBSENCK Colonel J W Averj and family reached heretoiiaj Coljnel Brown's secretary, and c omes to attend to borne of the senatoi s business lie thinks Senator n will be able to resume his seat m the senate within two months Dr II L West, of Atlanta is here THK LAST MAM TO GO The last one of Cleveland s Georgia ap- pointees in ofhco here was ed todav Colonel James R Snead, of was the unfortunate victim He held the position of chief of the loan division in the trea-sun. de paitment at a salirv of 82 000 It is under SUK 1 ho will to Chicago K J Webb was appointed postmaster at VI pharetta Milton o( niitv todaj Mat Davis's nomination is expected to go U tho senate tomorrow I p by nn-rtMM.OA r.nii Fibmarj 20 [Spe al j Henry Un e w i Mow 11 up bj dvnaunte Martin 3 w 01 ks on the Ki.oxville bouthou railroad m i- tho pi i c. know n as the Pern enti irv on fie Hiiwasse river Rico w assing bj a pik of d-viiamite cartridges Inch wen ami in s iinn-d ,t !t Hi. s; tl is n no> allhoaskel i L ts i l .-sti Hu i be-.nle 1 1 s u !i_nit u at irpetbigge I H m i. i Ul i t r the l.eng i an l r ie 1 a-s Ihat f tl o <lom ti it wh le lie uicl 1 utk i 1, v s I 1 cm till jou something moil 1 ntii icil ah u rep 11 bail mill l -11 >ou kn low it -WAS tin if -ot the attornevslni V, I 1 "i i tel v u Iho prc-i Ii it h' i.lthi t loFd but Dune 1 1! i k w. lit l> him ne I t.ll bun if he t 1 ,1 strict atinifi hn (Darnell) emild tel to the next fiom the ninth A -tn t t'ntis now ntr.sei tel by C 1 ne taiillr Buck str i _1> rt. minuend, il it still inuOi rg i-h .11 hue >re. ll c 11 n ,smu w is cii it i I t one a 1 I i ill t, iFl 1. c iilel fion tl i i mill if midcd t tc -itt in THK Tl 11 F Mini TI i Ml nn s i 1 hi II VIM rbeii lie a t -i 1 tl itwlKM Dai I i to n r be ill in I 1 i s me r ti I "nti! 1M an 1 Ih it s whv Pirncll w is jPin i 1 if li r Huns >n had ilu 11> prnnii nl ll t i h it .1 5 s i i think of that 1 m 1 Camller who had w i i' 1 is talk I think Piriicll will not do anvthin, of tin sort mludMr uidh i if hi d. n t lo will hue to get out t tho .th ho now hoi Is in 1 turn it oier to E 1 AiiTiir f rheis ill UL 1 to thi president I, Tc ti i i fi in the ninth, an 1 tl it I e 1-i 1 nil i ihce TIIK 41HIK IV THE VTI- It nilcrstood that w i thin a d ij or tw Sinit i l.illv Chaiiiller of New H imj will inlr uliuo m the senate some a n >i f il abi. ill Ihe tn nl 11 k( ip a fu'll u 1 1 line of lie i 111 11 <e of tin- i mm is a str ml 1m r foimejl s i t >ns The SMiiullcr- ill Couit ivv'JuKK riliruxrv 111 ird lulv Inn U 1 in iiiilHtiiionts u list lill Ja lies A Siininiins uid l'ii-.nt I illuh of U e I II 11 bink il i nilv with ci n-pn nv in difvini; the st in binkina I vns irraiits in i 1< out in 1 Semite oonseri at-ves -voted tor socialist candi- dates in order to spite Virchow Liebkenecht and Singer are elected The latter, a socialist, defeated Eugene Kichter, one of the mow distinguished of German politicians and leader of the Gei man liberal party Pmger is the man whose libel case tho Staatsburger Zeitung made a great deal Ol n, ise in December last He gained his case and the editoi w as condemned to paj a nne, and this hue the emperor remittel, using royal prerogatii e to set aside the verdict of tlie court of justice This made a great sensation, and Singei's candidacy became a sort of rally- ing center for a protest against surh au owi r H's election was an almost sai 3 consequence THK In Huiibiug bocialLsts Bebel Diet? and elected In tins city the is In the first distnct tho progress st 01 ilnhst, district 1 lofcssor Veiehow, Ih (All the siciahst candid ite 1" 010 the tandiJiti H 017 third district pu.gros.sist cai .Inlite 17W, soc ahst, 1'2'W 1 all tluse dislruts, Iherefoie Biipplemcnlary tUiticnsarenecissir, In Ihe fifth utstnc 10100 ami tlv 7240 At a socialist i hmis is elecle 1 Vt Munich v s, 1 ilioii is noce'sai-y m the lust d.slriit tl. district i soc ilist is ekcleil S'i a nalion il libi i-il 1% elected leipsn iwM.iKlilec'ioniHin-cevrfU H -nssist is o'Ktid f r Nurcml 10, Tihst is ehcted f r Mi ei and he would se: to escape It further stated that the man lie had shot was dead Policeman Har- ribon confronted the prisoner with these lacts, and he denied all Then the officer secured a diotograpuer to hm o his picture taken HE GIVES He was placed un a rhair, and, just as the first picture hae beea taken, he cned "Mr Harrison, you are a sharper, you've got me anyhow, so I might as well tell al! The ofhcer told him to go ahead, and he said that he had shot Rube Johnson, another negro, in an altercation over a game of billiards in Marking's pool room, at Daren, Ga some time ago He said that he shot liiu m the right side.bnt did not know ho was dead until he told ot it today He is still in the guard house, and will be held to atvait the ot an officer from Georgia A VtKY GOOD SHOWING JWHST Enterprises Started Intne South Witlun a Week BALTIMOBK, Felruarj 20 list of now enterprises oi m the south, during the week, as pnbSshed m this s issue of the Manufacturers liccord shows, undprecedented activity 111 the sales of mineral and umber lands in large tracts and organisation of a com paiiy with local and outside capital to build new tow ns anil establish new industries This aetn it-i is general oxt< ndiiig from V irgima to Texas Heav 5 iim stments in iron enter noithorn non-makers are very Among the laigest enterprises re .urK V buonl tilt p som 1 h 11 h was in t 1 ill l h Kir 1 t r i It, I i t ;rand lire-, i v in tho lust ih ,n rth I 1 Is 1 iti i 151 c 1 hef 11 ImUi anil In Id m bail e leh If th nus n ill be sc Mirtni bill t t i tin t fnniisbe 1 the pii- lombs pns Tlio M SI KIM s 1 la I I 1 Th f tin Vlori 11 li i i tauinii OIK in d tod iv w itli l Ohio I J T ill, i of Mobil 1 nli ink st rr of w "i ik cm in 1 Ki i Will mi K I. 1 e- f ISnffil lilshon nt of hew Biituniia Dr n of b stun l.o iih i inst n of Cini iniiati 1'rofessoi S rib 1 i O 1 i .wn i the ill tho tn ops nnrcli m- n An i said Bronii lked up dui over the Shan n ii It is the repuhhnn I m 11 ll.i tii 11 w c Ll c i r ,11 of I' fTilhw th Ihe oidn n.illv mliidv HI Jbe pe .pie wereal I urn l.n km until it wii aiilioniHOd h l tin mm IIM< snni.lj one of Iho mill He I bv Ihe eu.poior to test tl t iHiiiiu v of tlio garrison to repel a !Tn I, a ick b, in oimmj The t.oops pro- culedto Icmplcnof where thev uinained !iml h.mis in maiienvres 1 hev iftirw ud mspictpd bj tho emperor, au I rituuic 1 to the li-irrifks at mglitf ill V! Rf VOTF 1II1.IFD 1 V HIP vi i th< r w is f n onble to the Pi IOIH ixpir lino .hows th it tl e le( 113 qn hpt'i il 1 on tin il ti i i f 1 11 i nl is Orh un numvilil Of tlT soil tinn thirtjMlil n 1 twciilv one an line 1, u-d mil eie ibint w In 11 tl c- v< own t ik n Ihe mi mori il H s oil the t mil m iv 11 11 i ,hi 1 i un II o -mil. imlerimtih pi st n I tl i 1 nsi 1 1--1 bill mil it is n ,1 1 .1 i 11 it against trusts vMll he i issed it tins si i n____ mlrtfvyctte I M-AV.FI ib Vli lehrnm lt rdn the '4 hunt is VI ibann s I he 1 nfajt tte ci Hi gi ol M il and will I 1 ml i and haicapl r n He exci, tl e true pi intin., 1 he I ill Vrb I number f tre< te 1 hers mstituti and it is hoped Alll S I I ll. enlists .1 the elemcnls is-uil dnv out the other vote The .lists lul f.r idlbeclosini. whereicrpos U Iho w Hsh ihcio sn ,11 liu, Mt iigiiill e One nl in tin in 1 llm w is the i om in i of II anil o m I" fiction wh x ui bci i i i th< i u h tiles tin apl Ml' of the i irtel inttc brick and tile w orks m Br insvritk i S '00 0011 phosi.hate compiny in Honda cotton mill compinj m Geoign -10 '100 mi p miking company in South Carm i S100 eottoii mill in North Caiolma jejOO 000 etlo machine compai.Y m Homokc, i in w iron furnaces at Pulaski, Va two others at Johnson City Tenu one it Fristol bv Pennsvlv mil iron makers, one at Bedstone Clip Va md a lirge uuinbei of otneis taking shape at othei points BGigantic enteiprisps re ouinng miiiy millions of cipitil barked ill mam i isos cipitahsls in 1'iuope as m tho north ire being foimed for open tioiis in the south______________ TLIKETHKJlEFORTrKS. Kelly, the Cronln inspect. Says They Hail Fverjthiwff They Wanted Our AGO February 20 Chicigo police todav are ilrnost leidy to admit tint thev h e mide a mistake a.s to the identity of. Kellv who irnved here fiom St Louis last m 'lit md w IK. is supposed to be tho much wuiKd uidmdual who drove Dr Croiiin to tl o lilsrii pi uagc Kell> is v ery prfnl bit is mi lined to be resentful i i bpeiking of The words electrified the audience as they fell from Rev lere s lips The court room was densely crowded and the scene was intenselj thrilling Beside the prisoner as he spoke sat his wife with one hand resting on his side and her eves riveted upon him, horror plainly depicted m her face In front of him was Judge Clark, carcfullj taking m every word esery gesture, everj change of countenance Behind him, standing upon tip-toe and crowding close to the railing, the audience eagerlj hung upon ev ery word He spoke slowlx, carefully and distmctlv and his voice was the only sound in the court room THE CASK RESUMED The court opened at o o clock, with J ulge Clark presiding and a larger crowd than that of yesterday present Just before the judge mounted the the prisoner was brought into the com troom His wife walked beside him, and the two into ohairs at the cud of the table near Colonel Olcaton Reviere looked quite fri-sh and for awhile talked to his wife in au undertone Occasional! J a faint snule w ould apl ear unon her face, but it quickly went aiaj, leaving tint look ol deep sadness tl eie which has touched so manj heart Mine the tlial began She vn- Ttuid in a brown Bilk fitting her well roundel! form er- fectlj, and wore a small hat and gloves to match THK TESTIMONY Marshal Austin of (.Oliver, was on hand with the leceipt he had forgotten and Ihat pa, ci separated tl o piper, fi un I up on the de id n an and tho pnsdier tan envilope to Emoiv A. Co w is laced in l.eiur, hnnvwsson, ml a 1, tie, tn tin same film was accredited t the dead man Ihe letlcr an 1 tl e on elope w, re m the sal, e handwriting and b> them the two men wen linked together Dr Sumuij wa.h placed upon the stand again and prodmed the watch crjstil whcl, he had the blood taken from Kevicros ha' sc. 11 af'cr his arrest Tin he pla.ednr it is natural f jr a oil l hia left in his is if is left-hailed it is as natural fr r him to use his left hanit in his defense as it is for a in in whc is tx> use his right hand 1 threw up my left hand and caught the instrument m it During tho rec tal no one lisUnel more at- tentivelv than Mrs I.e lire in I as r-cr husband m his npproiehed the battle between himself and the i her interest increased uutil lost t. a'1 about her she gradually arose t. hrr Ilifni, slaiidmg there, she heard him sav At the same tnut I dretr n pr fro m> ng it hip pocket and put l flrel As he-nttered tliar word Mrs Pevier gruautxl aloud, and dropping into niRIED HKR 1-ACF I> HKK and sobbed aloiiti Oiilvasetml tb >nsh dn she wuv t4i her feelings anil a-s she rnseJ her tear-stained fitce her hu-sban 1 w is SIMIU As he dull! t fall and in some wij 1 no know how I w reiiche.1 the instnu ent from his h mils Aj. I had the instrument tn mv hand at the time I stepped bai k i step anil began ti. strike is nj i llv as I ci-ild ana 1 continued to srnke until li and when I saw he was fallin the instrument and ran gan falling, 1 threw down ,.l thce 11 I aJ P ill oidet w is Hi is 1 Ind itn n tint the Deiitsch it bos! two seits al isti i I .ss ('mv to give all matters si T nal lull, for political effect and now the pla i i to m ike it appear that the son 1 is 1 lling defiance to feJon! power tin the old rebol'ious feohns is croppng on acaui It is a last rt sort for the repubhcai audits lead, rs aie w illini to stoop ti anj crime to keep oil top so to speak Sin n in as t handler anl tlnseof his ilk aie ai- isl med lo Iving on Ihe south and mak iv 1 ttk diihiulties 111 remote localities appeal t I e upheld and 1 in by the on ir Voopli if that section But in this congress UK aie ' into the bu ness on a 1 irger seal than bi tore and will use everything possiol fur p. itical capital Ihe truth of this In been ie nonstiateil bv thescnalorial debate o o the killing ot Marshall Sanmlors in Tloi dj [senators Fasco and Gill both mf lo ab! speeches oil benator Pasco'-, ainemlnu i to the losolution of HiuiJter calhnj; on thf ittornej general for nil the f lets in the case 'ihe amendment iio.s that th" attorney ge also send to the sen ito copies of instructions liehnJ giv en to t'io federal judges anil mar shiN in Honda C handier anil Hawloj dc n juiieed this amend nent as ui attempt on the pirt of the senators to make a sort of lefl h.nlel apo'i gv for the murder and lo a le -in Chandler then ranUel and ton, his hair ill his usual stj le accusing the people of He nda of being a. set of cut tl roats and murderers and stating tli it ho was glad he had not 1. n with Siumlcr fer 1 e too, or vny othei re II us, would 1 ave been killed A P 153 4T CH-V.MM.KIt iitir tall made a most effective reply He sal 1 that Chaiid er assumed the miucler cime r om a public sentiment It was not so 1 he sciiato- f i urn New Himmjnie, said Le is the vic'iin of a ilnordered 111 a0niatioii id wild aud his words with ill grace from a man w ho c.itcieil Florula at luid- ii gh and pillaged her people of tne electonal (handler arose at this, and sail Mr Call was ittt mptius to discass other qne tions than thai bef >re the senate Vcs, responded Mr Call 'I suppose you wi.ulil like to h your corrupt mctlioil-5 bv which jou stole the electoral vote off Flonda in torgotten, but it will live C handler made no reply, and the debate ended Tho Chandler resol was passed, but Senator Fasco's was v oted dow n The Sharon postoffiee matter will, perhaps, be tb.9-2iext sectional issue that will be raided ittrniid Major bol I almi-r stale siipeiui tendent of e lucation has coniented to be pr( s cut and holes to mi et ev or% teacher ill the i m'litv hcie on Iho occasion provision havibien made" to enteitam all who ma> attend _____ Slie TV Ingeu Her Man. BiKvilviiHtvi Via tehruarj Osc u colored killed hv Fetcrsin a t ible negro womin Ihewomina used him of sti Uii.g Chi veils fromlur and he nphel that he would kill fi i iimi -P l> rt> miv "PPnr it bos! two soils 1 1 in.! it is n t imbki H tint tins pirtv will 1" o ill otheis throughout the c miitM nit iptofthoek turn is tie enornioiis ind nil mrnasc m the sociihst v ole I his p.rtv Ins streiv'th m I ,ros who. it wis miVn .wii bi f >r. mdotlior ulies will hive ton ike tiru e lib niturn nnst them to stem the tide of the supple ntiiv chetims tho vote in Le rm alone ih -i rlim ,s iroshown 1 ho sociihst vote th, IX utsclie freisinnigo (Mill indll elenscrMlneshaielost 5401X1 I'lmii Hismaick entered the polling e ev civb d, a, t fr jcars Bis amseventp-five age five v i irs is a long time L." likunht polled ma tho St L. urt' reporters c pretty near owning tho four heiievei thevwanlcd mo .1 en bef i I p thiVs'u m tho jii'cr anil I n is til en bof, ro tl om Bv thtii tone would o I w i i s ..rang bi fore the C7H ot Rnsi, i and dpr i mib, roscope and Iheii 10 the stfij of the analjsis exhibited it to the jurj THK nFlI. .SHOPFVS The stitp res pd its else here, and the de with a witness w ho told of Reviersgwdcl.iracter previous to the nii.r dcr 1 h th 11 T nas sub te 1 a lire of us ircl them ill mil then imagine my uu, another followed and tlieu Colonel M A (andler Colonel Gievton and Keviere put their heads Iclose together For five minutes thev talked earnestly m low tones ami then Coloiiol (.leaton mose saying make vourstatement riveted ujion the Ho pi iced one hand upon the til e upon the back of the ur and II, n sill up 1 he, as he stad upon fiom Ins chair to tlebuK.I the cliur m which bis wife was bhefwas looKing intenllj into his f ue a, da' This man was known to mo that is I KNFW HIM AS SIS I MH 1 The place I boarded in la Mr Pros- ton s w. Alexander street 1 mtr ..luci 1 hi it AS Sinclair That is the name I km w him by I never knew am thing ib .nt him until I went to Augusta lo illenil Ui tints ind I me! him tiler. U a nglihi al tin a.rc-uda in i Kevn r sU.pped 3 i 1 il nil Th< re w is 3 ,ow LalKlllg in the amlitme istbioe hearj the statement j laceil the r estima i it As he sat down his w ifi (a Jit h bj the hand as though she w mill h 1 1 linn forcaer Ineall nievsfoiirimlaininii Keviei s hei 1 las IH ut 1 eai w I to si i n itloiu 1 I. it n ai ise s iv. ing: 'Mr Itevier if joii want t m iki anv stave- meul about am IIH in v anil v wh} jou are, jour uc ct t books f r some store in tl e coin trv I ilwan mil g. 1 WAUL stlu ii V-, I vvhil n IIKV! 1 il 1 ma le it teaching s, xj ill kieping b.jls I went to 1 had vv hat mone> I tin itj i it w i! 1 uka 1UPV1 MVWVVlll the me I eal coll, 1 In l'i i -i s.s -in i 1 fi then anl tl in w is no w iik n Ihe v u 1 I i an i ti Vtl into thn kuut 1 c il 1 _ 1 i ,ploy- ineilt anil 1 hi 1 mom V I th n, I s I u t to pi! MIJ i vpeiisis hu k ll i m it vi n I. r VAhl c m VtlintuJ il I wi 1 nt'o- nun nuiei! Marlm H w t> r 1 il s [rulttiios tlowir- ml shrubbetv s nlhn- of thai sort anil I was silling i H ills in_ no i n ml I coull L.I I In in r i Miirul, ami I 1. 11 him I winlil i. In i I <Ltl pr fr 11 tl o sali of Hi "on if "ilJ ti rinsl inojiej W( borrow! 1 or he diI in 1 1 SIC.XEDTHK M TK I. in f r .1 "We l.orr wed Ih fr in some bai believe 1 c al I Pink i 4 an 1 an ll c n n v re oived the bank w n om lifij ilol vv ho a< used h m of stealing Ho vvcili.ff iml Hid to borrow a gnu Tho vvoniiii he ird i f it ml w itli a revolver she w iv 1 i I7ier an I si ot him III the bT k killing him instaiitlj JUie w was ai resti 1 but m in ig< d to get avvaj from the orhcei ami is s ill at 1 Anotlier Ifro Journal. Turn IcbnoryS) fspel ll V milt Iio c vis hel 1 last night i.t which it w is dici.'i I to be the Iinbh itionof iweikH )iev ij.erhere it aneirlv date The t be liss tn in MO I1UO and of lliis-e" Ins al n i Iv bien taken Tho name of the piper will be the Naslmlle J nmial and it willal those prim iples tint will most hem tit 1.1 raei It will pi bally be nijepeiidenl m polities Isew R illroftil Ooime i I for snciess in the sec ond elections at Stettin Breslau and Bieinen The semi-oOicial agency has published but feiviesults but the emperor has ordered com plete returns to be published in a special edl- tiov of tho Kelt hsali7iegcr j It is roi.orted that a socialist is elected for Koiif .sbeig Three cartollers are elected for Iho worms in Dessau tw o Poles for Posen and s.i iiltramomtaiies for Cologne and i rives Moltke vv aa a candidate for the fonrth Berlin 1 in the first and second wards tho soc ihst maionties were ov orvv heliuiug The llni 1 contest was closer, but the socialist polk 1 vo'es VVILI FORM 4 COWrls, I ONDON Februarj 21 Times Berlin coin-spon lent wires In Berlin second bal ill be in favor of the radicals, whom the pi ise wl in I read their "CCOiinLs Ihey saia I ticiihlcJ anil nuvkeil mil turned pale and eov eieil mv face with my hands and llieii threw invsilfoii lounge in a c rncr and moindl If I hail been in bt I ouls a d ly longei they VM uhl have confessions from me by the milln 11 an II vi ould live been hi iig at least nine 1 ater inlhe diy all of Ihe people who had hem reluil on to identify Kcllj as J B bi inoiids, failed to do so and was released IOFK CHILDK1.N SUFIOCATED. Fire With Loss of Life in Ontario, Canada. KIMSTI.V Ont lebruary 20 last i h lire broke out in a two-story frame dwell ing i B .jet street, occupied bv J.l.n L.ston inlfinulj Ihe fire had been burning some tune before it was discovered and when the nil men entered the house they found four childrui dea 1 in bod The bodies were not mm h burned having been caused bj suffocation Mrs Ijistoii, after vain efforts to rescue her children, jumped from a second storj with her babe in her aims Her leg was broken by the fill but the baby was uninjured Laston re ceivcd fatal bums m endeavoring tosave his children The family numbered seven children m all, three of whom were icscncd, after being more or less burned he glanced down at her a sm came lo his taie HP ovvss Rev.ercfi ed tho ju Ige w his lift md behind linn ith thn.nlie ie willnn him mil b s ittornevs weie wi Please toll the court whit you know ibout Slid f olonr-1 f.ieiton dollar bil's HcsaiJwcv i1 1 i iitt'inoxt morning and pn- tif'v in th- 1 ml aaiJ theother hfty vo wou'd use to paj for a bir-Bl of irons anil lie Iilipjsitetl fiftv dollars in th h i il. an 1 1 i t n lit v a ir bill tint he ga e in. m i an H inonev I hail w .s s sma I n v I se it tho mi nej II for ho ir is Vs tollus partieulu tint was tlia m mej or PA.RT III- Till" M..SFV llnl I carrnd t) V ifciisia with u: d ,1 ar 1 II is the hltj T lulllt ,tM tin mllaiow fn m thf hink it the ti bill weltletlO" Ihitri lifty Mar i ha IKV, ofi ursi v! i u.d o ill .n .1 u V. al- thniese Mr Revicrc Slid f olonr-1 f.ieiton flie prisoner straightened him elf up ail 1 looking slo vly and carcfullj ovci the audif nee fall a jear ago I went to Vngusta to attend lectures at the mehcil polligc and while there I met this m m that was killed at the Mountun ami I knew hi ,n tbaie a gam bier Igmibedwithlnnat- A shudder came over Mrs Ke vicre mdthe prisoner observn g it stoppel A second only was lost and then ho resumed .sod. conservatives aie of the two evils e llkelv to support as the lesser P-1 1 bi hi this ifternoon resu ma vie >r) Ihe tollowiiis is soon bj mull 03000000 12040001 s only o ie cinie t run aud that 1 v l rh n _ me will be j.lajtl at ,-me, inir il.U Organising a Co-operative Store. MOM f Zl vi On ebruarv For the past month the iinmty almm c has boon < up s-uVcriptious to stock 111 a ivj stirc Thej now have enough bed and todav bj an almost unanimous THE ACTIOXS. Tne French Cabinet Ijndocided What to Do with the Fretender. Feliruary 20 meeting of the cabi- net was held todaj at tho palace of Elysee The mm' ers discussed the question as to the conise to bo f< llowe.1 in the case of the duke of Orleans but no decision was arm ed at M Itouviei minister of finance promised his col leagues that he w ould place the budget before the chamber of deputies on Saturday I Matin s that M Bouv icr will ask the chan bar of deputies for the vote of a million f rams ferine purpose of bringing about the balance in the budget_______ Bribing Bodies Tjp. RIS lebruarj 30 three bodies been taken from Hie colliery at Decide in THE FIRF KFCORD. r, VINFSVIL.L.K, Ga February 20 A slight b'ize wis discovered, at about 2 15 o elnpk this morning in tho drv goods room of Messrs Barnes Evans Co by Deputj Mar- shal John W Whelchel The lire alarm was turned on and the fire department responded promptly and the fire was soon extinguished It was cmse-1 bv a spark from the electric light winch is situated in the middle of the store some light fabncs wis under the light and a spark filling among the s blazed up, and had it not been for the .1-1 without repeating .i _ At the Arcade gambling house there After I left I THEN WEKT TO ATIAST4, and after I was m Atlmla awhile I met 1 im one day theie on the streets and we gimbled there a few times in nev vv I ilrew Irom tho bank I was RAISI-D i% w II M s r i s l v and lived there until I w is ab Us old I we'll OIll v os' anil s ij. 1 s 1 belie e m 1HH I iir hi k county famce that lime I ha i livi ton and Gwinuett c unties until list veai ago when Ivenll. 1u_ula t itu ml le, tures al Ihe in. In il ci I am novr twiiitj jears 1 i The statement ib nt Iho in mov li 1 I ate thoimprrssion lie fust slau men i TSOOUC seemeil t IH In ve it j. wasot UK .pin n 11, mho inom-j found in IU viers pfsse s.. n beulgcl to tlia 1 l v l.r pi.I llttla lcc-1 to tie cinn ru u n <1 nl' inadenianj rcpo U 0113 ami e ujnnelne 1011- junetion" THE AIIOI MKM PF U-.S tic eiiJilKoin tho i cm iK-gan. (.loaton f .r ll .1. fi ns< md for an hour held Ihe ntl( I l on of th< a uh< i. B. lol'.n.l blew art f lljw.d for the prosecu- tion and Koviir stitement I I.IO.X5H Sol cilor Caiidlcr m I. llir h-iesl .rgnmeriC overheard 111 the Oekii.b m ll us. Ho look Itevicru BtaKincnl in 1 and mil r liaroc- it as nnlrne tl ro prompt act] some store ai PYRIS hai e been taken from Hie colliery at ecire which the explosion occurred Tuesday night In addition eight miners who are badly in- jured hav e been rescued THREE vote decided to locate their store here on aiiomitof the super or advantages of this plice as the most central and accessible town m Uie ootiutv________ Opelifca's New Jail. OPELIKI., Ala, February 20 Wo on Lee county's new jail commenced today When the structure is finished it wdl cost about The work ramdly and by the first of Maj; the building will be'finished. The PawIySJail company, ol St. loins, Mo have the contract. A Double Execution In Hanglnsof HopUins. Pa, February School, and Thomas J Cole were hanged to- Mojamensing pnson this morning Ihe drop feU at 10 Ot o'clock, Schoop was hau-ld tor the murder of Anton Sdulbng, and Cole's execution, was for the murder ot -Walter Me Pa February 20-Timiiam Seeley Hoptana was hanged here this morning tor the mnidcr of his wife and mother-in-Uw The drop fell the first tune at 10 15 The rope broke aiid the condemned man agarn fastened up The drop tell succesrinlly the second tune at 10 18. ?u of the fire depai tmcnt, the liana _nd Mock would hav e been in ashes this morning The block in which the store is located belongs to Dr James W Bailej E ii EIQH X C Februarj 20 There is much excitement at Roelcv Mount, growing out of fires which are alleged to be incendiary and have caused a heavy loss of property Monday night Hackney Bros buggy factory and John Parker s stable were de- strojed as were also eight frame dwellings There w as no insurance on them The loss is S20 000 Sunday night a fire burned K D Armstrong's cotton seed house, causing a loss of S-i.OOO w ilh SI 000 insurance The citizens became alarired at these repeated attempts to burn the town, and the military were under arms The nicendianes last night set fire to and di floral hall at the fair grounds half a mile from the town The mayor last night telegraphed to Goldsboro, asking that another company of troops be sent to their aid GnifFiN Ga February There is a large fire south of GrifSn, and from the tops of the buildings here it looks as if the whole town of Milner was in flames So bril- liant is the light that tbe buildings and rail road cars standing on the track can be easily distinguished telegraph opera- tor, who can look square into alilner, say He ai te 1 1 told him I J the eMilemo can fully that a convict on wh ii he sat down Colonel Milton andlor cii fense and argued tlial Ih' 1 bpen sufhcieutly II H. ihon tin j icr 1 t( J f r Ihe de- li as And Id until after the business h mrs of night An when tho time came for the gambling I to! s go and dowhat wewere going todo "And he then told me two tables I wauled lo run was the afe in the ixwtofhoc and the one in the store "Tu.oXk e ark audthebodj retire.1 TK twentv rive minuti- an 1 vv-i u, lo the a i n no sense fil 1I.TY WITH KI Tho jury rein niieil Llock, when had agreed ind" tl it U wa tremli in. and as li-heard th. t HMit-.ioc hegav, rt.vvi, intr v a, a. lull ho was lak n bar 'o ill in I kill him I, J wmild ralhor die tb-in serve tl 'Tmmghout tho trial ha, -4 we got to the crossin; WE WBKE QltAEaEL.0.0 VV1S VYlitvIS J J T ramdlv and lie asied me finally nidi P and I told him I would go w not help Kim to do the was goin leave him He says 'VTben M not help me-and he an oith with it-that I should not In e to great faith in hm a, (a tal and he sei t. n Sa.< i U, him Clark tl e jury, and Kf "Mrs11 tl e oourthon-e when C ouel Candler cone iidcd 1 j Mountain fche knows notb ng of the vrjjc. Revier' passed Ilir day 03 the tral was in mide an inquiry as to tl.r w, oa there can be no doubt of its being the business was completed last mgliC. Damage Tlie in Morocco is tail bill yesterday Jahn overall IDS more failed s Tucsilav ,11 roart trsj as are Oelaved A tra.n with ,fA in ta- ace, 1 ban t i Tbe Portuguese Elections. LISBON, February for mem- bers ot tne chamber of deputies have been fixed for March 27th- The cartes wiD meet on April 19th- Major Serpa Pinto and other PoTtognesa African explorers are favorite can- didates ol the progressist party. isrerons man, ana i turoeu ,B naa JmetbJng in his liand. and U -a as dWfe andl could not see what it was. He lt upraised, attempting to stoke Here KevSare JHSised a second and cussed lus eyes aa it to rfstt oat ugly ptoti'je which 3? i

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