Thursday, February 20, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - February 20, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia ATLANTA. GA., THURSDAY FEBRUABY SO, PRICE FIVE CKNTb. TAR HEEL BLACKS !E WHITES HAVE HAD TOO MUCH K! Orelt that re xv'H TX> tne VotlTtjr In W hHe "Wen Mn} Be -mis ruarj 1 [Special Tbf f lati.naf" in hive been put int (Bees in tho sta i lot those men alone, and remain in his room until 1 returned, as I w us going out to the cuuiUrv and would be a couple of hours, and w as absent about three hours On mj re turn I went to faam-iders's room but he was gone I asked Deputy Langford who WTS there where Sounders was and he said he didutkiiow buthe vis afraid he had own aw iv is the last he of him he was with Mclarliu I went over to tie courthouse and there found the sl.nff of C.adsdeli county, who lal in to a.cumpans Saumler, in.l Ins ns, ner to asKcd if lie luuw where S Hinders was He said he did lot that blunders told him ho w as going t tafcea.lnve into the country and would be lack it 4 o clink ER1NC.II.GIV TIIF BODY hilo we were talking i man named Mitch 11 ilro ii] to the courthouse with Sa mdcrs s Kidh dj in a ind turned the body ei t the sUntT S lu i lers was shot through tleneik i lie 11 tol ball, probab.j aJS-cahbre suffer under rt being precluded Irom asking or making a correction r, eYeliate adjourned without taking any tion Sentiment is growing among mem n 1 tin blieks f tl rip i s w 1 o are ii J _ to jlc Ts j 1 the ie i 1. r i who serv e.1 twelv P In smite, ivsthe v.rsum Ham-, u iv If hv his U cker- 1 knew who did and he said no Ue would Hike uo further sti ements Tlu b dj carried out of the 1 ai lorrie 1 into the and M iti lull drove off Ile.nied afterwards, in i inliibli semice th it Yaunde rs was Inn ui Itoiiuinalnwrj witbMitche I I f, und pockel MeVirlui an I I f. und 111 isumdcrs s poCHCi, 1 ever> barrel loaded and a so a card hi'i h M. 1 Un h .d left at tne hotel for him ON TRltL FOS_HIS LIFE A D. KErZEB CBABGJSB JFJTEH SOW- ING A. CROOK. action of the senate thereoa PEACE IN IOWA, And a Uernoerailo Speaker Presides Over DFSMOI-SES la'lVbniTrx 19 the inouncementwas made that the THE CASE COMES UP IN DECATDR Tl.o School Medual Stndemt Say He Sot-KHl tte iMddenco Against Him Is Bad. tick and deternune what have the DECATHK, Ga. February j- For the first time since ho made bis escape from the DeKalb county jail last fall, u Eevier passed through the prison door this nioriuneeniontetothe county courthouse to aiisw er tire charge of murder The tnal is now in progress and presents many interesting features Onthemor-ungof the 2d of April list 1 man ivas found dead beside the jGrorjna unl- oad trick at Stone Mountain His lace -was .orubly battered and bruised1 liator Gaudier produced the indictment she turned her attention to him And that indictment is the only one ol me kind ever drawn m Georgia It reads as all other indictmenta do Atf me bottom, hut still in the body el the paper, is a Photograph of the dead man TheJpaper says v, April M '89 with force anj wtth a steel tool and with a pistol did aJorethoufit tall murder a ?5 rceof HAWES IS UNABLE TT IHSTEV jt.ll GVILT ll'OA J Oil Wl ir WHO IS SET AT LIBERTY AGAIN The Murderer Cairaot i trtiui ID tiu> lieu Her Is Released anil dis- At the evening session of the house at th. i7th roll call Hamilton (democrat) via unammouslj elected speaker Mr Chutloj of Mills, and Johnston o: buiiue members who were in the jleadr. ,f Dn k of Ihe pris ll) he is killnn, North LI linn omios Ix-en en he s t. hbli d the ha n orth a id this i thuth. e n 1 p irtv 11 Noith t ire im I Kei, us np a urtj r_ai i If ue d) it loi r M r im ill f thi 11 nti m MI i t f st unpin., o t the re I mm "l the x u Him nciu t t tl e i m i nr state II1 II ir bib1} be the first negro IT vu XT CO i mittte of the house ti 1 i i I iig tint the Vtkms i b I 1 c m c shiml 1 h e Ine-silnv 11 is SAiel th it i U u t ah lit bv nil II at Mr leud iton -.hill v iti 1 e site fir the wirll h fur It i e i mlusioti for weeks tl it w ll 1 1" u it. 1 11 I lie n i f tl e f tin i t rv is is il, i Mr Ii dlt n w U hi al 1 I his M it until the el se it in xt i tho hstinct un 1( rstaud that he 1 j r 1 ,iti i in iv r ol t 1 n U w rl Is tm 1 H -'en, t i tin world s furl ill mi. s M a nil will bo Mr I n- i i it Ii, iti n i i tl i c 11 u F re 11 Ue 1 i> w n i 11 ty t hav -oner mentioned in colored mull who the sheuff of M t> fn vi, Utioii if the postal laws and l.u'r'fethieli'both feaun lers and my- ,11 i, 'ir n. possible from asbissmin m on liter dirk I hid irrange.1 with tho si. is we enerll Mil tod ,y thit no 1 t vkcn 111 this malt. the t 1 iftel the 1 re ijelit s leturii fro n Li _ 1 1; I t 1 1 II. in 1 It w 11 1 1 im rotir. fr. m though a repu i takes 1 i M I t in H s b a Ii v t 1 Ivnv ill the I re si ou e Mr H nr s I tl M I K 1 f r I i ill 1 ou e r_ i 1 i ill nit sen 1 an- i ns t "tin sin Ui un 1 ri iv f M i- v H lc 11 the hrs bitcl i J V. a a nk r v 11 1 ivo 1 ik re tin in hn tsef Vtl insf r lie. t 1 t tt hi 1 Hi Iv 1 wers II irt couiitv wi ti 1 siipi isor of tl o seeon 1 r striet lie 11 Tuik s mui L nel the i Iv mm in C eorgii wl celnf r iris dint Hisreviire. I (v i sveiv ate The oil uiai lie i 11 iictv vi tig' IHI- A1HI-NS 1 1 I i 1C EelLPIM) Mr I nrlt 11 s 1. II to e I ihlish a fe lenl cou at Ml ei tubekn u is tlie eastern liv is of ll i Ilium il d-stnet (t Ceor, pi-vs 1 tli 1 11 e t xlav uniii motion of M rlt i lie llrcilv las a-sstir ill ce s tl w i I i is 1 e ei ue I i f 11 MI JC en mt es ue in Intel i ne i 1 sir it Bulks (.lark F'hert 1 rill hn ui-i'i Hibersham Hint Jaek i M 11 Mil si i V> i I At the 1 Urn Tivvus I lion 11 1 Into count L i i t f th. menial 111! H will s on iiitr In e a bill fo it Vtl s i i re-oilier I i ulel Iv Mr C 1 t u A I i i i M ill Vit ir 1 t ii 1 tl e animal dimiir i f the b. II eru s eietv (.J nit a 1 irjre lelegatii 11 hire in tin ute'ist it n f >r t e (-i t 1 In ins nv tl t thore, Oeo reqilist -who was accused by Dick of having murdered the wife childre i for 8-MO waslrud toila., and charged The only evidence of importance Wjlj was that of Dick Hawes hliiuself IN THE STIKD TWO HOI- RS was on the stand nearlj two and told m substance tho same bo told Sheriff Smith and his brother Jim two weeks ago Haw es corld not look 5 h in the face. ana thatirrattempt had been made i ,retl after the bod} upon the n.lroad track over winch dld the pnsonet say to on yoar trins were moving every hour U av from Oonyers to the Mountain.! lie was Ihe dead mm was found early m the morn- oafced ami before breakfast nearly everybody m was handed some papers. Stone Mountain had gazed upon the disngurea _ remember getting this off the face j prisoner9 to the colonel asked the marshal les taken from sitishcd it had been used m accomplishing the j j here is his watch the dead man's clothing was I 'In mj secured two or m Conyera." three railroad schedules Mr Jolly testihed that the dead man had tor an hour or two nothing indicating a solu- j qmte_a_rolf of and l niipromise rtaehed later f Joseph KiC t.hruarj 1 I -Mr I OS DON t.hruarj 1 I -r 1 Gllll Lir the well knn.Ml home rulei ami mem of tho hoiiM. of .ommons for the west of the couiitv Oaxaia til tsine s Mi Ii! i i 1 11 c or i elde I the n or t i lt t 1 i isc n tt n tho si i II it i i for a piillc hi r it 1 7 I iv i tike 11 fre "e 1 ml ia 1 (lie illing ittin i ii ti tbo (net Uiat ills nis -In f mrlli public ti 1, I ill i iss 1 f r I wait ll.lsscssien On n ti ii c f Mr St.nklnl.jF 11 iji i r i pill he it I u sii Mieh was ill n 111 mil 1 V sill 1 l t e 11 it su lie I b t t e e ell itllli bill II iske 1 bun if ho would J lell for i H t i m itive scss in 10 unless 1 ml obliged to 1 ivc nil t mo eUjs lift Lxeeume ,s B t t e line with u lie ounUble v it tins time ue hid tn. ot them 1 hoi e tbo sen will nnw not 1 im sijmg rl aiubtu i I not insist c n tin motion for ssion m I Mr Fl nr went on ha! boarded the accommodation the evening Lfore at Clarkston and bad gotten off at Stone hon I saw him at Coiiyers thtre wab a the dead man Uut who was the other" Among other, to nose and turning the side towards Slid Oon't you see the scar The defendant and his attorneys were aberiit Ainonji tjbitun _, i 'ilie wercreTOatedAiisMr Heury McCord of At- courtliouso who diel f, Mr Meadow proprietor of the hotel tated arffii tLl 1 N Ii it mo i Mr Dilj I in track w liking towards Cony. ofhcets and Mr M( Corn ore tiken Ironi tlie <qo tiken from the deid and tn i e in some 7 C iiidU r attemiitcil to ill I <1 Toun T ebiuaiv 1 iffeiiioon Takchtiiles i btm uorknu for a fir me everything, dian c yoa tho dynamite, and you time to 30111 tlie o-ttd in a brnad smile UlClj 111 tllO UepOL Jie.- of aimed men ue flockinrf in II bo male t i bru K the athVi h 111 eflnrtwillbo male t, Urn K tnc piVsonrr here it is thought_l.o will be Hliehed lsiw liuli The of the pij ers and Judge (-lark a 1] r rt till tomorrow mm in up instructing M ir al Austin to fetch the re the city that Then what did jou do with htr I refuse to an er Do >ou how she was killed1' Agaiu liawos to answer and when tne ittorueys for Wjlj pressed the question, he appealed to the court to sustain him m hia refusal to answer tlie question Under the hot fire of TIawes grew pulled uer ousl> At hia mustache, and at limes his words wen, almost inaudible He seemed mnrh rplMji ed when he was tiuallj illowcd to leaie the staTid WYI T IS The courtroom was crou ded t.) its utmost capacity, and hundreds of ladiea took iJ- last to see tlie notorious murderer When the evidence was ill in the court pron annouiKcl 1 he do fen l-uit if. discharged THREF rill-EUS OIVKS Tlie IPCIS on wasrerenod in ith three floors by the cirnnd and ncnrlj MM pn.s b. inters lent 1 on the- suljict of their cu All tint he would sa-i was tint him inth mw k v as tojav ofTered S. jO f ,1 aut lligrip] an 1 i full e lit ssieiii but chn. d the pi M osiuon Aftxrthe disthirie .f Wvh Jim lla ha4 a 1 >iig c nf< ren.e with Soli, it ,r H i .k bat the res lit ol it e juld ing bin too th the llitira reading of units an I loiters a3 t) in Ihe s. comminting upon f r Mr laftti m be i 50 id )o rnieii ___ tho THE Till, tlie M Utcis f TON I nmu a BiU and OtUe bill n u the Uns'JterSon the ballot rtform bill b) a ote of 1 to J hj Ho Disappeared Mm 1 ebruary I our weeks F H Smith ilaiikingL otNeWVoik cit} dopincd ilorge plantation store at Llui; disappears! An iinestig-xtion of if irs wliich close! list night shows a. deficl fSMOOOO The lirhiu compaiij s attomej who has been hero has left for iNcw 11 Butter itent1 w rth ofOhl fioni the i omnnttee ill pitcnts- i i i nted a Ie -epoit upon the bill pro- iuli f r the n, pc iitmi nt of representatives n tl e 1 irt f lei mtod St it.s to the inter nati i I mil L nfereiieo at Madrid Si nil 1 if vlibiiinans in In half million ml r H ri Kcj rest lit it attt.r bofirc tl f in i Lv a'Ll- ,T. u Ii 1 In. anUMCl-tst ibcsili-i-issfiil J- Ii Ktl'OJtT M The Kill S of launders "is par Horida. Fibmarj 1 report of J )hu K Mizell tinted States mar lial of ill to tbc <si unlers vis ma IL public today Hi. ijjs thit en tho 1 th inst he received a telegram from Heputv 5Iar 1 11 M B launders itFensicoU of S uth Mr Ic'crs of Vrkuisv. to its coil M.kntioi" iltl oivh Mi 1 llttirviorth declare) thut'eoffiU-noiihl be to dpnv tho tinted Stitcs rei rcw iititi 11 it the conference Mi RrUell ff Illinois ohairmin of tbc jmnntioc on oltcti 111 notice tint IK w. nil ill up UK (leitunciso of vs 1'ciidlctoii f oiisuU r UK n IK edi esd Mr Hull mhchtlf of tho mduiarj n inillcc cilkd up i bill tn regi lite tlie L lined Stall s courts in the dibtrii t .rohni ml it uis pa-ssel Dii in' in inti 111 the cillof in "Mr O Nf H IViiiisvlNinia cutset sen oil line f" tin rcpubli II side by all 11 un in tint its of thosjcikc to silcn Ii in tb it v n puhl in rcj rtM-iiti tn e ba 1 been elected to succci. 1 the late Kcp resciiutnelvcllej bj i larz. r jrojorti n to the niiml ei of Mr KLllcv rt. in Till- Olvl AIIOMA BII I Vt 1 clock the hr isc into comini tLt f tho So for consideration of them tlie of in issistai of -uir The hill fTvoribly re t for Qumvfr 1, e orte 1 fro n the committee of the whole to tl 1 tl e Okl ,h. mi lull w i, t iken up tl In. 1 i Uvrc lit fl I leive laektsoliville that l ........Urs U v HP left Ji k K u tin TO i t1 k tia n 01 the iii-lht tl l tl t ik w tli 1" u Si i i il Dei 1 f r! a tl tj irrnel it O i J iloitt Jo <-k next m rn MO He i M tunics Till- 1 IUF 1 1HI- tN IKV I tbehou Ian 1 HrrSauiidcri irr e I OIL an L istboun 1 trail aboiu i 1 ou Hit late --epreseiitati ork THROWN J KO5I i t 1 e learni 1 HIS BlOf.V pho Loss targe I ire in f.ew Urleanl rv. ORIFVNS Fire broke, ou his m >mi 111 I 01 j Wo'fsons croekerj indfm.r stores of the Tonro block anilstieet 11 crc burned out rbejiiereoc jpicd as follows Werlm pianos oldlei-y cupels Theodore I ilientb il o-i iplici 1 irouss lirothcrs haU, iitimlted it all JUO insured Judge K.olley s Successor. HtiAnEiPHii Febnmry I'l The full i ote vesurdai in the fourth concession il hstriet for the unexpiied term of the He Tud e William D Kelley nas Peyburii re p -4 S10 Ayrcs democrat ll> 441, TimbhWtoiK prohibitionist i H 1'eybum s plnrihty K W KellejMilurality oicr Ajrcs HangirB of Ellison Mo VIKFVILLK Kj llu, 1 uso Then it o adjourned xx II I, LOCK OUT Ihe Reporters f rom El- ISIIINCTON rtlrnlrj I'l -The reports oi tlieiitui t fie the ditunsistirdiH irinted in the pipers todiv is 11 c i i e if tlie question hems considered todii Vm i f tliu measures sivfcosted as i likUvto i .mill ditii i leir tho scna.e the cipitol d 111 exe iimc i ssions of all lersrns except sn T Tis 11, 1 Hi so i iihooe duties re e them to lit present One senator nas t ind took In n to his room told him that I had reason to that there a pic to murder him, and he must pay no attention to tha pretenses ot friendship, but its men hers and employes or eiso furnioh a statement of business transacted for publication L nder the present condinon of things, injustice is often done to a senator by the publication of a false report respecting his asuon in the senate, and he w eompelled to Ji'ired thiTtheHatfield outlaw gang foreed him to engage in the murder Knocfcs McCartliJ Out Ti XNI is< o Februirj 1') the Demp sej Mctaitny tight McCirthy was knocked out in the twentj eighth roaund n IPU The liw a urt bmlrtinjrs at Allcimaar Holland haic been ilcstn sea I y hre The 1 il) r trouble it Wobnrn has been settle I Itlinnt a 1 kout plot ijrimst the life of Prince Fenli naiiu 10 beh veil to be on foot in Soha, nip nresiik-nt lias "die to Plttsbnrc to attend penmg of a free" library at Allegbany Citj 1 'HM, 1 ofTeriiiKi SI 4" Odd, ill accepted all l lor tour pel cents for four ind a Tli president William F B Mi rssun-rvis r of tlie census I )r the seeond Oeorgia distriet An explosion occurred in a culherv near iJ; niKht ft is not known hi w IIVM fest but already thirty four bj lies have been reeciered six cavalry e impan es, of Virginia nit 11 Eiclim ,nd )esteril j and organized the first n 'imcnt of en airy Tlie iinenean otton Seed Oil company filed Trti ies at Trentrm 1 increasing its lapltal stock from 1WO 000 to S30 KK 000 The I nil n socialists held a public meetmK ,eittrili passed a vote of thanks to the em ol GerniLi) for the imperial rescripts The x. ircmia bill for the inspection of liwred 01 crone htmdrcd miles from tlie state been signed bv the governor memliers of the international Amenean eoiferenee believe they will be, readv foi adjourn- ment earl? u? A, nl and then will come on a trip baa granted a pardon In the case without having paid the special tax "West by charged these, two strangers Here qiientlj idculibed One iv is tho dead man Th( other is tlie pnsoner, D ReMCr Soon aftei 1 evier rel< he 1 Mono Mountun he iv M led to Veal s b ill where, ho AVIS pi ice. under guird Ihcn h b clottiing vrv, searchei cTrefuflj ind upon his eoat ind silk hit stain iicro foiinl Thee Dr Summy examine closily and then saul Tliose arc blood stains Revier s i oat and bit 11 ere then taken from him ami others ucro glim him On top o the b it ere three or four spots Hrgei than largo pin be id and o ie f these Ur Summ remoied This be lla.ed in a gUss and ift. dissolving it mule an examination nith mn roscopo As bo Hi 1 may Jin. magnifyin olass tlie doctor rcmarki d That is blood and human blood too <J thit there can be no doiibi the evidence befoio the of mqnc indicated tint Kciier had done the hilhn ind be ivas sent to jail to in ait the action the grand iuri Thedeidmin howeier could not be irte lined and buued it Stone Mountain B fore be ivas laid aivai hoivoi er, Solicitor Ca dlerhid severll photogriiihs of his face take ind those photographs noiv play a promlne part in the trill The two men Aiho were at larkston ca ned a smill bitebcl and a package ibout Icon mehes long Kci ler had the satchel, ami in it iiis something which rattled as he threw it t A er his shoulder The other man ca-ried the pi Kige ind paid for the tni suppers cilnbit ng imite a roll of bills Id not be found, but Rework toxins been .narked by close Thfi Mayor of Cedartjwn lias a FalL CBEABTOWN, I ebmary 1') il J Mil ir Uanij.ton n out driving bin line sorrel marc this evening ind cormm: in after Ii tlie auim il teKjk fright and run ivvav into the city nt the t< p of her Kjx-ed up W ind street dashed across Main street out. the- BiuevialK ill front of the birbernb tl r .vvlfig Ir Hamjitin i ink nth on the brick pave- t hnnsins bis ngbt hip s' il 1 r an 1 J the vehicle t Chipman s ome e vihcro Drs Fnglaul and Chai man mmlsH red t) him. far has failed t> make its case hesuito so far has failed t> mae is case ns stron as it w as presumed would done However Solicit, i Ian Her and hi, associate Colonel Stewart have suceeedeJ in pUciiif iSbin well coached b, attorney sind maintains the same s.lei.eo w hen lirst arrested on the cf Generate fc-lecrricity fo FlertTlc Companies Jrom the ofhce he was ___......_____ friends ill a to the residence of Ins brothi r s wife Mrs. T Gibson in wheio Dr C h ip- ,an Is attending bun Hislnjnr s are very nmfiil and he is suffering greath It is lOiijrht thcj nn not serin is Hi w u> knocked ml eonii etelv sluime 1 f .r tho time and must he c I t ned f. r a t, while THt It Llkcl} to Afiroe on a Jurj Still I exked I Muos Oi rebriuirv 1 i Ml] 8 e lock, tonight tic nr> in tie- lejvv-n- thal case hid not agree! and mrej In-ong it bae k mt the rmrtrxm and rej-liir0-ert Judge Miller on vel in ir- I "1-.U _Iiter -If defense vt 9 o e o. k tbc jun, i imssib e f >r them. The J 1 1 e e rdc reel tl e sheriff to keep the jurj locked up tbe J r> balance of the nigh' in 1 tl e j i V the, i me I'ublle opu, 01 is that tin Tlin.alttm.xn at 1 o 1 ,ck it waa rnmored that the mr> stood lemr f jr lolmitary manslaughter and eight f r ae pnttal It was rumored at 'J o elock tonight that the jury stood six lor voluntary manslaii acquittal to Juuge Milierthat it %vas nd worl wil, be 0ht. r and be opened prob- rooscri a short nmS and the incendiarism In North Carolina. THE EXPIOHfO I, arrow of a Mother and Child from I f VVFTTF f-a February 19 [Special There came near being a serious accident aS the Ghattocga re mines about seven miles fnm this place on vesttrda} Mr James Tones a miner was thawmf, some d} naimta cartridges beh re the fire in his house, .her. that thev were them Just as she moved and iv ent to from the fire two o' the n ex- the back ont of the chimney. uouslv vi as i Masonic pin eujoMiig fine health ant1 is Black Bros tobacco factory, _ Virzrnia, which was taken charge of irgMiKH nrrwwtetora be the 0______ with swindling in over i liptw ecu Colonel Milton Candkr and Colonel Gleatoii He 11 as dressed neatH and hi- Imen m bt AV as as iv lute is could be A large hung book asser arres _ from his collar and npon it displayed conspic- He appeared to be s much stouter than hewasajear ago As he down his w ife drew a cba r close to him, ai d Anth interest watched ei en thing It was 11 o clock when a jnry was finished, and the prsouer entered his plea The jury 1 J W "Wiggins stonecutter of Lithonia 2 W A Ei ans, fanner near Lithoma J J H Mitchell, firmer Panthersville 4 D H Guard, carpenter, near Decatnr 5 B I Dai is farmer, near Decatar G John H Brown, firmer, near Decatur 7 J P Ijiird, merchant, Decatur 8 J Ij Bom, farmer, near Deeatnr 9 J 1, Phillips, merchant, Lithoma 10 A 3 Almond, merchant, Lathonia H F M BnoVwell, merchant, Decatur 12. J M Braswell, farmer, near Xdthoma. The pnaoner's Anfe Avatched the jmy forma> boa mtb tlie keenest interest, and with compheity in the CroBir nied in Chicago tonight Mrs tie bi whot I "U'-S 4th, were given a look at Ke Iv Loth, to one t. de thereby I-id of tbe Uocicn- Oa Jr.hruzrj 1 DrLo the longhaired f1iHrv.b fr tie it two month, or has aTid unbearable sjjecUve states. s Tie oti NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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