Tuesday, February 18, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - February 18, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia TUESDAY MOENJS glfftJTION. THE GIFJES FRESH fltOOf Of SIS wv jam iDDS LYING TO HIS OTHER CRIMES CounllnK a Quorum, Though It 18 Not I ai.a Depending Upon jgSuto- servleut February 17 Speal er Heed continues to rule with an iron were two incidents today evidencing -the fact that it is conceded on ill hands that ISiackcttKeed is the house of repre- sentatiMS that hostile only member, and that tin others who hold seats ire merely hon- orarv members Tho hut vv is when the clerk of me liouse th been Either inidvcrtentry or Tli- went to the senate tins morning a batch of bills that h-vd 1 by the house prcmeditntedly, as the clerk was introduced an 1 I lac- d the bills in the hands of tne ret-iry of the senate, he sa d Mr President, I am instructed bv hous< of representatives to mt rm the senate that tho speaker of the house has l a-sod the follow ing bills The "Uiiied senators vw to-quick to letect the. 11 r and laughed 1 c utily Some one on tin di i i eratic side TV as hcatd to s-iy N the speakei passes all the bills in the house docs ho HIE OTHER INCIDENT The (tner ev ideiice of lleort s iron handed mini n is ill the house It had been thought bv ev" rv one ho hid gone to tin limit of usur pitorj and ai'iitrary ruli igs He had cer tainlv gone further thau the most liberal con struct on of general sarliamcntarj law even bv the, i lOsidmg ofheer of a county courtlousc n.ttti would illow Yot todiy he went lartl ci" Ihe question of ttiilig a (late for the cons 1 riuou of the w vrld s fair bill fame np Aris 1 iti iiwis introduced that it bo cinsid en 1 U iisdij ind Iridav and that the final vote bo tiken on tho bill M uday L poll d maul if Mr AIills tho vote upon the rosolu tun ns taken by tellers It stood 114 in the Blhrin <tive and 8 in the negative No quorum vi u il c 1 II i without a cill fir the aves and noes r Ktcdsimilj ran Ins eve over the h use ai ann Cathoun Lee and others of like reputation vvtll not only inspire the confidence of the south, "but of the whole country It is of the utmost importance to the south to utilize and deTelop its vast natural advantages and resources for manufacturing will "be one of the chief objects Ol aaX organiza ..jien asked if his position as president of tho company would conflict with his cougies- iion il duties Mr Cartton said So__I would not have accepted the presi the secretary tbeinterior --commendea the passage-of fhe-ttiU was read to mncn m arrears TtuseA The objection was promptly an attempted evasion of the civu laiv as to metCeST-examiners coming under law, and in the debate which followed sev flitnresbed themselves as willin 18, "PLATT PRICE FIVE CENTS. deiicy if it-was to conflict with my duties in congress lams that this new position ill afford me a di nblc oiiportunitj of people a'i 1 my section E U COliXTIJJCJ B aembers expressed ote tor the repeal of that law, but nnwilb amount upon tlie ev as.on of it so .few. Among those were Messrs OH sfndSichards, of Tennessee, and MeKoa, of Georgia, defended the -sesvice law ItVeneinies might laugh as would but the law had given us a better of ikbhc servants Pnbhc opinion IB YORK VERY LIVELY LAST HIGHT candidates for t belief in the virtue of the eie in e vi uch a place m the American mind toto. ero for a moment this direct attack CooSc'raiion Jammed -Witn, People ol tto wiio listen to Orators Settms Their Cltr's Advantages, YOKK, February in many ias sneh an ovenj-lleTmmgandenthusias- Js meeting been heldiiKims city, as that took Cooper -onion tonight, m jSxosfoi holding the proposed world's fair in NBwtTork in 1892 The large hall was with citizens, and unstinted applause greeted distinguished orators who addressed the meeting m favor olNesv York. The platform was occupied bv members of the general committee ot the worlrl'sfair, members of the executive and sub-executiv e committees, and the committee on arrangements Financiers from Wall street Mr Bayne hoped that no repubheani try to ev ade the civ il service law They c not afford to ..do it He asked to I j mechanicsand -ll I laborers vied with each, other in seeKing to ICO la-l s Sev oral objected to Mr Bajn OUT erai request Tlie j eas and nays were taken niion the paisaga of the bill, veas whoop things up for the fair and for New navs lU-no quoiaim So the .house at o netpnsionay anulhci Lively Bay In the House of Rem- it xentativcs TA February 17 {Special Vf er readi tho journal Mr Carlisle robe in 1 sii 1 that nice the 20th of Taiiuary Ins side f tho house had been protecting everv mirnii gaRiuiist tl e approval of the journil on the ground tl at it contained an entrj made bv H rcction of the spciker showing the n unf s of ic rt 11 i i lembors present and not v ot mg lastliidiv the house a le ot rules prov iding for such a practice this tho demoei its had protest! d and vvoul protest as ail unconstitutional practice But u vi as a question which ould not be de cide I in this house and w hciiev er propel cases insc it w ould go to ome other torn n It w as tho purpr se of this side of the house to see that tin-, (ccasion should bo made in a shipeab lerniit it U be lnnlly and decisively Xh rctoic he now saw icoson h the house __ _ BLAIB SPEAKIT.G AGirv o'clock admission was refused to ne ex0ept speakers or members oflhe committee, meetings w ere held in Eighth street, in the main entrance to Cooper union, He Talks Three More on HI. BIB- and in fact on all sides ,the_ buildmg-men Otlier Matters Before Senate- nev er spoken in pnbhc before chmbed i H passi 1 upon why the 1 ur ha 1 a l lit piove 1 !ht tun the iiamu of le nun present let ho ba d II 1 l r decides that a. qiu ruin is-l resent nnd tho 1C olutioii is alopted 1HI PROTEST WVS VAIN Tie lemriratb l rotcstel and tho question opint 1 up i debate It Tvas however urkrl> thoiK'int Judf-e Cusp and Mr (arlisk who shove I lip m the house tod IT 1 th in 11 strong arguments against but n arbiti uv n ccedings as did others but of cjirsc 1.ecd s followers supported linn and otc I tho democrats thus, even sustaining that ruling It goes even fuither than Ins own code of rules There is nothu i in them that gives the speaker authority to count a quorum unless an aveaud novoteis cilled Then the speaker has to call out the names of those preso i" and not voting enough added to those voting to in ke 1.3 members tnder this ru ng if bj actual count there aic oulv ten members in the hall, and tho speaker Bees fit to announce the chair deci les a quo- rum pi csent there can bo no appt al and b isi ness e in go oil or in thcr wol Is this mill-, absi lilt 1} sustains the words of tho lion u clerk m the staler and not the toube pisses bills THK Dl- VKK PEVIOB-11171TO Ton ht tho democrits are dc 1 They fecf'that tl ej can do iioth n, at all vv thout Hi cd s permission He has eoiie an build id ier cent farther than U ev coull hive drtamodof ml they don t know where he will end H if the minority ciuld IcLide his future he would be given an oppoitumlv to onfor c his rules m a place scv cral leagues below w hi re McGmtv is bupposcd to be holding forth at present T1IF NEGrOfc-S ARK VI The negroes of North Carolina are raising a great In vvl because the admit istration las mv e i all the offices 111 that state to white 10 publicans There a gang of i doyen negro politicians hero fiomtl at stite an 1 they arc riising inich of a rumpi s Tl ey saj theio are 140 000 colored v oters m ISorth Caiohni and they have not a single ofhce Ihey send theonlv negr5 to congress in that bodj jot he c o an olhce for a constiti ent abov e a lob as Hborer to haul wood or clean spittoi ns They ST car that alth-m h male a dicker with so-ne of tne white rcl ubhcanb m tho tir heel state civ in tl em the control of patronage for the trorniU of asdid Harnson delegation in "12 the m i i v ote of !North Carolina will bo cast against him and the delegates -will go m btructcd fir mother man THt SOCTHFFN 1 AND COVP1NY It ib Coivicssuian If n Carltin of -Vtliens who is president of the Southern Investment fanes F (ampbell of Ohio is l the f rm of ]ic tribe should not bo ap is dine N( ml- COMTI1TTFVS The spi iker aniifun cd tint this was sus i nd iv ml the committees were called V pou motion >f Mr of Texas VehiHof the jnil ciarj committee the bill was pished for tic ill ef of irank A Loe hon the "VV orld s fair committee w is calle Caiidlcr of M issachuictts, offeied t ic fol pen 11 ru irv ir M lowing resolution Resilved Ihitlhursdiv and Tri lav Oth in 1 -1st alter tlie i rov al it th st t a ulc f r general lit I itc i i I ills f an 1 til t a vi te I M mdav L hi il irv-4th 111 tli bj the resolution BU! lultte I u th. report unless the h lialllnvo If tciinii cd I v a v >tc that the rl I s f nr sli ill I t 1 hi I 1 Mr Mills oflcvis dcmimleil the vcisnnl navb tellers were apiiintcl an I the result was inlioul ced is v i 111 H SPP AKfar. KFhD S FT S Mr Kilg ic made the i oint of lo qnoiuiu Tlespcakci rail lisevoi rapi lly OM i the noube and in n few mnunus snl tier arc 173 membcis i re ime than a quoinm Ml MeM Mm i" he i tilv ]i f i th i i i s ,i (i 1 1 u li rs is i nieilns of as 11 ti the jr. sei r ab en l t C i qi a il it vv isiut H 1 f i tl c chili t at ru i 1C ]i incur oftelleist determine tho pi tracks and shouted with might and main February ChaiidlerH ontotraeKs ana slionreu wnu WTonstothe senate from' of holding the fair in New York eui-iuua i of August 18'K> the sami laiiy franchise Referred the committee 011 priv ilegeb and elections original bill presented to th MUSIC AM> FIRKWORivia the moss meeting in the hall was Called to order by James W Tappm, of the sirb-comrmttee, wild outbursts of applause fol tl e regimental band played popular THE rlCIFIC BAILED HM Mr Irve from the committee on Tac; railroads reportol back adversely the tno Pa- I and some-one sent up a skyrocket cihc railroad funding bills referred to it from j3Ighth street and Third avenue at fie- 111 lieu of them repoitcd an original bill osy qutmt mtervals A large list of vice presidents the subjcci, with tw o reports one of those rej ports touching tho I mon Pacific s inclobtoQ. ness and the other tho Central 1 icilic s ikbtei'ness The latter report he said n been diafted bvjhe Seiitlemaa f.oinMn.neso to theVople for ratific-ition, and that it was the avowi 1 pin pose of the democrats to employ fiauduleut methods to_ deprive sf.loWBd, tl e regimental bann piayeu uupuuu- and patrioeic airs from the balcony of Cooper bile a throng wasponrlng into the Tne Drop -Winch Dlefe 1s3ai Wnen He Ala February IT A crank came today from Charleston, vy Va., to see Dick .Hawes He gives his name asW Ju and says to isa civil en- gineer by trade Ee claims to have seen and talked to everv noted mOTderer in the conntry lor ten years p'ast 'When tho sheriff refused to admit him today he offered to one thou- sand dollars that he would see ffoe prisoner and talk to him before the day of execution and would also witness the hanging The man is evidently crazy Sheriff Smith has again taken extra pre- cautions to preT ent Dick Hawes from com- mitting suicide Although there seems, to hav e been no occasion for his fjxtra watchfulness, the death watch has been doubled, and a man placed m the cell with the prisoner Hawes was not brought out to testifj against John Wyly, the latter's preliminary trial hav- ing been postponed nntil Monday From Hawes s action during the past few davB, it is thought no is going to try the insanity dodge WILL DROP MNF FEET A lively official wrangle has grown out of the building of the Hawes gallows, and the re suit is tnat two have been built instead of one The county commissioners, who audit all county bills, let a contract fe- the erection of a gallows several days, ago When finished it had a drop of nine feet Sheriff Sm th was told by a -physician that such a drop would jerk a man's head off So he ordered anew gallows The commissioners told "him the} would not pay for it and he must use the one they had built This Smith refused to do and said ho w onld pay for his gallows out of his own pocket, wldch he did, and it was finished today There are now two of them in the jailyard, one with a drop of nine feet and the other w ith a six feet drop THROUGH THK BKTDGE. ATernble Accident Xear WicMta, Kansas KAI.SVS CITY, AIo Februarv 17 special to the Star from Wichita says The engine Galvohton exprebs WHAT THEY WILL DC SJEFOltT OF TBE PAK- SMITH'S ANSWER TO MR The Oorernment TV1U Do Nothing; Bat tlxe Xtepart and Spread it Upon NOTTS. II- ___ secretaries for the meeting had been prepared by Mr John Ford and Secretary William McC M Spear Tho list included ,ny subslaiitial men of New York John U irili w as permanent ch urmaii and one of t nt i e I tl o nice of di ins Mill president Ampliation f r a charter was filed in Alexandria to lav It w is signed by H H Carltou of C >ii_ressman J S Coth ran of s mth C ir lina ex Sixth Auditor ot the Treasiirv D AMomillo of Ohio M V Caklwell f.rraerlj >f Oeoigia John H In man ot >ow rt. and Governor James E Camibcll of Ohio The co npany will open offices heie 111 a dij or two on 1 ifteenth strce Here ire the o Beers H II Carlt n Ha president Oovcuu.r lames E (.ainubell Columbus O .nee presi lent I) vi m lie Washington treasurer M 1 (akliv.ll sccretarv Dire turs-Cilvin Biici of Lima Oho n Va V J Jlcisee if v-shlauil N C and H S Cbamler lam ot Uiattmoya. Tenn Jonn H Inman oi Jsew v. c rk an 1 the f ur il uvc n imed ofhcers The caiital stock is hxcl at with pnvuegl ot mere ,mg SI 000 000 The V ism ss of t ic company is to buy aid sell lulls the southern states or ti act as agent for ho dciii e to sell or h 15 The company vv ill also make investments md t3 prime object be t atti let c il ital to the south Speaking of the eompanj tonight Mr Carl- said "The Southern Investment company is now B fixed and u ei eri r- se borne months ago Mr M J? Cillwell, fcrmcrly a gnv eminent ofhcul mi ier Presi dent Clcvelands administration and now a successful estate agent here, and myself coiiceiv ed the idea that such an enterprise could be made of incalculable benefit to the southern states by TV ay of their further de- velopment, besides prov ing a profitable busi- ness to those who invested We at once set to work to see w hat could be done oa that line, and have succeeded in organizing one of the strongest and most reliable companies ever Mr- MiMillm qm led Iiom Hie rule touching m t us t i sus) end tho rules which uqums tin t tl o mi tion si all 1 o snbni ttcd to t n 1 onse to be stcoll led by a majonty, by telleis it 1 i nml< d Plio spcal ei inquiied if there was aiiT ouiei csti n thCnditlen in 1 snelu nuke Mi MeMillm ici 1 i 1 th it a majontv bv tellers h i 1 mtsecoii led the moti. n ai il that it was u it coi i] etcnt for the speaker to make anil nun by ir his jencil lie sp< ikei i ion lid that i has secoii le 1 the mot to di b ite on the motion w is now ill r ler vfessi-s McMilhn 151 mil Mills Cannon Carlisle Blonnt Ii Burrows leteis Her btitot Alibami Luekalew of Pennsylvania and Vdims of Illino s argued fuither upon the subject MU cuisr 10 T.IE Mr Crisp of Georgia aiguod that the rule taken in connection with others clearlv con tci iplatecl a count bv tellers alone, and not a j( mt count bj tellers 111 Uhe speaker Thevcrv obiect of the rule TV as defeated bj the con struction which tool fioin the tellers the tf count The house did not want anv voting bv implication Ihe rules had been adopted disnite tin protest of the minority That mint nty should u least have a fair constiuc ti of thorn DIM I EV SOME RET1ARKS Mr of Maine said unless they c c to go back upon the decision alreilv reached the house must agiim sustain the cf the spe iker to count i quorum "The speakei said that the provision of the sccon 1 (lanso tvvcntv-< ighth rule wispecnhii 1 he iiiiestioii w is <nc hie that icicatellv p tsse I ill on bv the house Liidei the con ti t ition a quorum was necessary to tiansact bisiniss AV hither it was nercssir} for tho 11 the question m disj i tc Sim States Icputy foi tho northern dis- the credentials of PJukhurn f r 1 s now binitoiial term from tho 4th of Mirch Ibll which w ere placed on ftlYho emto then loieedod to business on the i-a on 1 11 ill 1 1 is c 1 jbout two dozen bllR (Uli obioet. 1 U) i. eluding the following To en ab e tl e so< t f the interior to locate 1 11 ln l i 1- u] n Ian Is ill sev craltv r i i -v, 000 a statue in 1 monn oJ inies Madison 111 the citj of W ash UlgtOll BLAIR BILJ' The ertiioatK nal b 11 came np as unHnished huwms at 2 o clcol, and Mi Blair resumeu his ar n nent in support of it Mi liliir oc upied about three hoars but d il not close his aigiimi nt me hiuse aniiidmint to the bill to have Mitisties of indibte Iness obtained m tl e next i onsns "is 11011 concuired in ana a e nfi lenee is i ko 1 Messrs Hale Davis and Bcrrv were ap- p mite 1 conTen cs oil the part of the senate The senate a Ijonrncd __ political juggler appears tictans a tnefc and taon is there should be pteced as auotl cr teach poll iffy -ptwposi ame n diic nt to the vr ewton was killc.l Engineer Wand and I ireman Smith eich 1 id and several passengers wcie, m jured Aielief tram and six doctors have gone to the scene of the w roc'x The support of the budge through which the tram plnnged had been burned away dun the ni-ht it is supposed bv tramps, leaving the road intact A posse is scouring the country for the miscreants, whoever thev may be _________ A Fatal Fxplaslon. JAERATTS, Va February IT il The boiler of the sawmill of J Spencer Smith, about three miles from sen ously Injuring three workmen John Harnson, the fneman, is thought to be fatally injured NedHollowaj, who was bearing off lumber as thrown against the saw and had his arm entirely severed from his body He also re ceivedawound on the hip feovoral others TV ere slightly hurt and scalded Tho mill is a complete wreck Some portions of the boiler were thrown to adistancc of fiv e hundred 3 ards from the shed__________ Struck by an Floctrw Car BOSTON February evening as GeoigoH Bradfoid a wcilthj roiidpnt of Beaton street, vvwciijo.mg a horseback ride on the street betw ecu Biookhne bridge anil St Mary's street, an electric c ir came up be hind him at a ripid rate frighteuini; his horse The horse slued and w hen the dnver of the car struck his gong to clear the tnu k, the am body of Conferring W Attorney Genernl VSHI-.I T >v 1 1 nruary 17 <leii anil District Mtomey Florili uiived here toli Stniipling of Florili uiived here tolij to confoi with the ittorncv ,enenlin regaid to the admmistra tion of election laws m that state and m re gird to the assassin ition of Deputy Marshal saundcrs Thev met tho att jrnej general at tlio dei artmmt of just ee this afternoon and detailed the circumstances atte-iling the homicide Tho marshal also suOm tied a writ- report in regard 10 the case but the attor general lefuscs to gii e it to tho public jnbt ten iiev at present Must Keep Off tile Lnnd W VSHIJ.GTOI. February IT president this afternoon issued a proclamation directing the remov al oi all cattle from eraEini; upon what is known as the Cherokee the c tv IMummer I want go to Cooper union and tell the citizens assembled there tnat if the meeting ratifies the proposal of Chaunccy M Depew the state committee will adopt it I consider tins to mean that the senators will vote for the world s, fair bill, and out of this turmoil, peace an I harmouv will come, and we will go to Wash ngton and demand our rights DEPKW ANNOLNCFS PEACE Mr Depew advanced to the front of the plat- form and said 'All our differences are now settled all difficulties are now removed 1 hue cheers for Thomas C Platt'' The effect of Mr Depew s resolution is as follows There shall be made an amendmem to the worlds fair bill that 110 contracts will be let, no sums of money expended, no appointments made and no committees ap- pointed except by a of two-thirds of all the appointees of the bill At the conclusion of the meeting Mr btann moved a vote of thanks to the presiding otheers and committees of the mass meeting and the audience dispersed, cheering as it v ent for Depew Miller Stann and Plummer w onderful revulsion of feeling concerning Thomas C Platt was apparent LOVIVON Febniary 17 thehonseof mons Mr Parnell asked for information as to the fjovernment's intentions the report of the special Parnell commission. William A Smith government leader salii that the gov ernment intended to ask the house to adopt the report and thank the cornrmssiatE EOT its just and impart-al conduct Mr Smith s ausw er was greeted with cheers counter-cheers and laughter He ilsosnid tha government would ask the house to tho report on its jounial [Cries of Oh Oh The debate ou the additss m reply to tho speech -from the throne was resumed lam O JLJricn was the speaker lie de- clared that the ha 1 L.rowif strong undei coercion During Half nr s ti rm of of- as chief soti'etArv for Irt'aml had been subscribed bv the pe to car--v oufi theobnctsof the The buvott stiU prevailed evcrjwhcrt an 1 tht naiionalis s tnumiiht leveil 111 I slllets in u h h the ster minstrels wi h T Kussell as 1 lies, and Major Sanderson as banjo pi iver, vvero ac- customed to perform A Lliri 1C ssi i Lord Uaiidolph Churchill s liq lor b 11 hard at tho olubo and puts strut hnutatiow upon the liberty they have hitherto eujoved m the sale of beverages It does not include a compens ition s, 11 me th it being A measure vi inch he ho.ds Jie eriinit nt should initiate The Isews de-scnbes Mr Smith s rpplv to Mr. Parncll b question in tho In u f mini n s the most ludicrous confession of iinj i enca and imbecility that ev er procecdi d fnin i re- sponsible minister upon a ei ions rn- 41 qn irtcrs at Jfls od dunng the iiding wcti lust vear lull Foreign win it-sare rithcrstrinff. Corn owing to cm rnious bhipnunts from has drop] cd sixience Oats have axUanced thioepence dry 1 i Llibh w is well held Pump vvaa quoted as low as _as Foreign white in I rod TV he its met with easier Hales Floiu i> de- 1 ri. sed Aincncaii corn was sixpence l >wer. Oats advaiu ed sixpence LeHM-um? HIM 1-llMes BKPIIV February 17 IB semi al press in biuiultineous aiti les bus rep ited the 1J retirement of 1'r 11 y liis- marck from his Prussian orhce an I tint ho nil! retuu onlj the office ot chinccllor of tha empire groat attention has been paid ta thin because it is consult- red that s 11< ng is the: pnnco nl mis the rlhce of clmiicf'loi tho ad- mjuibtia'ive bituation IK unchanged Tertro I.oMnff STiM Mind Fob 1" The Paris c of the IScws pavs IJom Pedro b iierv ous disejsa increises and partlv unh nges his mma He lives in duly exportation of being called to rule Bra7tl and rices m I realize the recanous state of Insowii hniiids He r. fuses ti re- duce his imperial s ntc md m lint ins 1 is ox.' I C11.S3S on a Orand scale Britlfch Coal Sfrlte Febrnarj 1" ur hundred thott. sail 1 miners in f nat lintam ha o decided to adhere to their di mm 1 for increase ot ten pes cent in wages It is probable the men will strike Should thev do so the coal output will be decreased thrie-qi artcrs Drowned JH.ARRISBUHU, Februarv H Kobmson, mail carrier from Raw Icj SpnnL.s to Franklin, West Virginia TV as drow ne 1 w bile attempting to cross Dry river at Haw ley Spungs, which was much swollen from lecent rams The deceased was miss ng from f naas till Sunday attomoi n, when las horso was dis covered a few hundred yards below the ford on a small island, where he had been since Friday Tlie body of the carrier was recov- ered along with the mail pouch The Damage by An Explosion KALEIOH, N C February boiler at a saw mill at Ahoskie Chowan county ex Ploded instantly killing the colored fireuian and putting ont the eves of Poell and mjimng another mail Pncll is vorv seriously and It is believ ed will not recover BOB BI.I W LK FOI Brunswick ta Iteportor Him BRT-NSwrCK Ga Februarv 1" By appointment a Times r t Bob Brewer the colored despcra lo wh i iiiscd tlia Te-sup-riot on the bauks of the Satilla nver. Ho acknow ledged hiH crime and threitone4 that other men would die If they in'crfercd with him LICKFD tc a< t was the questic.......- had been dcudcl here it ha 1 b tn discus e 1 trim jne cnrl f the countiv to the other and precedents without iinnib'r had Ixcn cited on Each In this hou e the q le turn was set- tled that if a m ijcntv vns j resent tod i biibi ness theli I resciici wa all that vv as riqmied to make a q u rum If thev decline! to vote their m ution conl 1 not be in the pathn ly or those who did tl on dntv The idea t! at siki cc eoiild be stronger than a negative vote seeiied to lave 1 eeii unKiiown to oni ancestois It seems to bo modem puliamentarv fiction which had ncve- bi en able to stind a decision of count where business questions wire in volved He had never seen a decision of a count vv Inch v as idverse to tho posit on now assumed by tho house The oulv question re inaniing was one of detail by what method must bo remov ed forthvv I'll upon notice He also dnec s that no additional herds be per mitted to enter this ten- torj after tms date Mai-viand WMre Capo J. i FnrRicK Md Feb-uarv party of men numbering about t'urtj and nosine as vv, hite Caps surrounded the house of Dcnu s Davis colored, atBrooklnll, a small miles from this citj last night and calling for Mrs Uebecca Bn obey white forty jears aid thev accused her with undue intimacy with Divis aud threatened to kill I er She opei ed the door a little way when a Colt s lev olv er w as fired by bome one, and the STKC OGLING In Order t< tOATICS, of OTflTf A His Wife and ov er w bul'ot struck her ill the loft breast, below the coming out under tho light arm iobablv fatally wounded arrests heait was, pi The Prisoner w as Acquitted. ICVIEH.H N C, February There has been a great sensation at Smithfielrt the mst few on account of the trial ol ot AD El Dorado, EW YORK, February 17 steamer Fi- nance, from ports to- Save Tlieir Insane Asylum LITTLE KOCK, February 17 S o clock yesteraay morning fire broke out in the boiler room ot the insane asylum near this place and spread rapidlj throughout the entire bmlding There were ne-rlj 500 patients in tho building, all of whom were remov ed from the different wards to the first floor, prepara- torv to taking them from the asylum During the removal a scene of pandemonium reigned 1 he patients were screaming, cursing and sob- bing with terror, as the keepers hustled them from floor to floor until they were in compara- tive safety Meanwhile the water gave out, and onlj the timely arrival of an engine from this city prevented the complete destruction of the building One including the boiler room, pump room, engine house, laun- dry, dry house kitchen, bath rooms and pan- tries w ere destrojed, entailing a loss of about S35 000 There is no insurance EA Freight Brafceman Acquitted. CHATTAKOOGA, Tenn February 17 cial preliminary trial before a justice of the peace today, resulted in the acquittal of J -Smvelv, a freight brakeman on the Cin- cinnati Southern railroad, charged by the coro- ner s jury with the responsibility for the total collision on the Southern road, on Saturday night, at Melville, Tenn In that accident Corbett, tho HiKli for day bnngs steerage passengers, most. of whom are Germans who went to Bio Janeiro to better their condition They aU Spumed dtsappomted Captain Baker of the Finance, reports all very quiet at the variovs ports from which he sailed __ A Charleston Man Shoots Her I ncle CHARLESTON S C Februarv A double tragedy occurred here tonight ISapoleon Laval called at the store of B leldcmanni Co and asked to see his vife who ha i been scprated from him for somo time When the woman came down, Laval shot her, and then entering the store shot Fcldemann Both of the vic'ims are thonght to bo fatally wounded Airs Laval was a niece of ieide- mann, and had been living with his family for sometime On being arrested Lav al stated that it was merely a family affair and that there was nothing more to be said about it It is probable that the wounded people will die The affair has created a great sensation as the parties are well known and prominent in business and society circles Will Submit It f o tlie People. BICHMOXD, Va February 17 bill was introduced in the legislature today to snbmit to the qualified voters m Virginia m Novem- ber 189O the question of limiting the funding of the pubhc debt under the act of February 14 1882, commonly known as the Riddleberger bill, and the acts amendatory thereof, to July 1, 1891 _ Jtunped tlie BICBMOKD, Va February 17 special dispatch from Pocahontas says a local freight train lumped the track at Pounding Mill, Tazewell county, tins evening Tlie engine and five cars were wrecked, killing Captain K D Peck, agent ot Hall Coke and Coal com- pany Engineer Sam Glowers and a brakenjan, NEW February (oihott oi San Francisco boste 1 Kilrain in six rounds to- night Kilram agreed to knoi k orbett out in mx rounds for a purse nf S 30D ot wlnctt S2 500 to tlie VT inner Corbett outfought ram at every point The Augowta, Gibbon and ACCPSTA Februarv 17 [Spioal A, a meeting of tho new board of directors of Augusta, tribsou and feandcrsville ro-ad today Koadmastor Hamilton Wilkms of the railroad, wtM elected general manager George Adam was re-eleou-d secretarv ana treasurer and Major Will am Oary was re- elected attorney for the road Caught the Knffine, ALOUSTA Ga Febrnarv 17 ['Jpeflal A small bov named fetalliugs nine j oars old at- tempted to run across the railroad track m front of a train on the and Knoxvilla road near the King mills when he wascauglie by the her and seriously but not nec- essarily fatally _ Of DIVORCE. The First Throueh Train. JT C, Febrnary_17 -The WILltlNGTO, J> VJ first through tram over the Cape Feai: and The completion of the roads op immense territory to the trade oi---------- THT} FIKJB 3BECOKD. Engineer Crow and Brakeman W H Gray werekil ed, and Smvely was held forcrrminal neghgence aHe testified that be flagged the passenger and returned to his train, and warned the conductor against a freight, still behind, but that his advice was not heeded. The Snn's Cotton Kevlew. ____'OEK, February 17 were a httle unsettled The pretty sharp decline m the fust hour was due to unfavorable advices received from the continent and England. It appears that Europe, with all the hubbub that has been made about increased consumption, had taken only bales per month more than last vear, and her spinners have now much larger stocks than last February This wonld maacate that "a crop of bates will go around, and today wagers were freely offered Siat our crop is bales, _wrtB no takers. StiB, the fared so oadly; anil Ah lure is comedy and plcntv of it The of Divorce or tbc Lotterj al Love was the pla> and It wo-s d lo' Mr Arthur Itehan s splendid comed> companv The play haa had a wonderful tm. tms country and m Europe where it expcneneej. a marvelous run At Daly's that home of all that is funniest and best in comrd> produced with great suceras imrtcr tlia name The of beban in j i tin- it upon tte road chose the nwral tran-Uli'in of the original Frciu h name The of IJivorce vrtiich K, tUiniulsb it Iivorce, vrtiich serve iron? comedies, Boch ofLove and others with somewhat S 3 February a year of total abstinence Of the liquor terfhc in this city the city council met tonight and granted fifteen hotel and saloon licenses TELEGRAPH BREVITIES. SaraBernliardtisniJnPans, and has disoon- tmued her performances. The Chicago baseball team yssierOay defeated Uie St. Angusfeie team easd j, by a score of fiia> teen to two. The rnriT first production at I Oieater tbat mocli of the popnlanty t Seater w due Mr Eehan e name te- hvnoDomous with "uccew in bis line and ha TOvBwonms eueeess by always pvipg tha IB the worth of their monev His company vear is made up of the very best coaiedicns, SliSorinance ehowerf tbat tbera TIPVPT na? Ijeen in the Boccb a I.TET cimjenw1 ftomnanv EvervpartiacxcctUmtlv atta is a Buecfess. The cwiupauv audience noticed it, waa the enforced absence frc ra. tbc. cast most innv as m tact a firrif alt ai> are excellent. SPAPFRf